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8/25/17 - "Wake Up America!" (Bill O'Reilly & Attorney General Ken Paxton join Glenn)

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What's up with Matt Drudge? ...Oh yeah, a hurricane is about to hit the Texas coast and Texans are ready ...Which will come first Civil or Global War? ...The man on the street interview that goes downhill fast ...'Colored Standard Time'??? Bill O'Reilly joins Glenn to offer his thoughts on the tearing down of America's National Monuments ...Why aren't these leftest college professors being called out by the media ...Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton joins the show to discuss the recent decision regarding the Texas voter id law ...A repeal from the state is coming The Glenn Beck Program with Glenn Beck, Pat Gray, Stu Burguiere and Jeff Fisher, Weekdays 9a–12pm ET on TheBlaze Radio

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The blaze radio network on demand here's what you need to know today start the day off with Harvey whose Harvey a storm that is about to pommel Texas. All week we ve heard this could be a major hurricane category. Three and above qualify as major the last time that the United States had a major hurricane make. Landfall was two thousand five. You might recognize, that is being twelve years ago, then, If this one even turns out to be a major hurricane, you might ask recognize. Two thousand five has been the year of Hurricane Katrina, and the time just before Al Gore's inconvenient truth came out in January of o six
if you remember in that Oscar Award, winning really well done Movie AL predicted, because of climate change hurricanes would become more frequent and more intense. So EL wars, dire warning. We have set an all time record: for the lack The dearth, the scarcity of major hurricanes Not only that, but there has been an unprecedented lack of hurricanes any time. Since Al Gore's maniacal rate rankings years back even as Al Gore continues to profit from his climate hysteria with movies seminars all over the world. And his investments. He continues be proven wrong on virtually all of his major claims, and As we build up to this hurricane, if
your media source isn't exposing those simple, provable undeniable facts. Definitely time you find a new media source, diffusion of entertainment and didn't lightened, and these things the Glen programme. So here's what's gonna happen. The great state of Texas Text she's going to be possibly pummelled with this storm, and Texans will gather together and we will take care of each other and we will heal each other and we will rebuild
and then we'll move on with our life, because that's what Texans do it? an interesting thing to watch Texas, prepare for a hurricane. You know what to do and they know that they can from their neighbours and their friends and but here is looking for the federal government to do anything. Did you go see the who It was said: oh, if does Matt Drudge May I ask what the hell happened with Matt Drudge indulge from what happened? Does anybody know now, couple who made you see those that the headline was first major task, oh yah, down Trump, and this is he was making a big deal yesterday out of ours. Tromp even ready. You know what well New Orleans I've been ready. It was
New Orleans fault, it wasn't the president's fall and I would have said that under under Barack Obama it it was foreseeable? That could Katrina was going to happen. In fact a year before and if correct me, if I'm wrong stew alma to the day wasn't it I did a an episode on radio of the ten most dangerous cities in America and most of them. From all kinds of different things, but mainly at the time- it was due to terror and everybody was expecting. New York was going to be number one. I think we did it over two or three day period and we yeah, and neither one the other big whenever was hung about was allay for the big Fourthly, there was another one and I remember it took the audience by surprise
because it took me by surprise what we did our homework. The number one most dangerous city in Amerika was New Orleans. And I said it is way overdue. For a major hurricane, the levies, I've never been repaired, they keep asking for you. No more Ex dollars to fix the levies, but they never fix the levies its agenda. Bull, we should we should posts that that episode and it was a year later that Katrina happened only bring because a genius all I did was I got to go with my research demon, said hey guys what the most vulnerable you know power grid with terrorism, with everything else where, where where're vulnerabilities, surprisingly, we found New Orleans so whose fault was. That was George Bush's fault. No, that was George Bush's fault that was the corrupt system in the city of New Orleans that concept
We asked for more bond money, more money to fix the levies than never fixing them right and then waiting until the last minute, what is excess doing today I can give aren t you that Texans abandoning battening down the hatches and they are ready and if Galveston earned or Corpus Christie or anyplace else. God forbid is damaged. In Texas. All of us will be on the front lines to help them. And federal government. We don't need your help. I dont need to see a FEMA truck. We don't need to see a few, my truck though you will readily absolute oil. I would assume they will be if it does get as bad as they are saying its right to be correct but do you have any doubt that if the FEMA trucks didn't make it Texans would survive. Course Texans it go to survive. I wondered what to spread this message to you.
So all we we could. Hit by the biggest hurricane we could be hit by the biggest, a financial hurricane can even be it with civil war and global war. I told you yesterday in third in the next three months in the next ninety days, do not believe it is probable, but it is possible that the United States is hit a massive two thousand, eight or worse style economic rash. That happens in October, Christmas, we could be it in a global conflict, because, enemies would see our weakness and our distractions. We could be a global conflict and because our enemies, areas with inside the gates between the NEO Nazis, the white supremacist than the black supremacist could be in civil war
Christmas, it is not probable It is possible for a reasonable peace person to think. Major economic downturn civil war global war that could happen, we're gonna make it should we choose, As long as we remember who we are as long as we remember we're Americans we make it, we get we pull together. We come together in the end when that Yes, sir down, that's when we're at our best. That has been lost in Texas. You know that you know the other story on the hurricane. Is that if it turns it could it could? Actually? hit corpus, then go back out into the Gulf get some more brains and then come back and hit Galveston but it also could New Orleans and what are the What's the story, a new Orleans
nor Orleans sorely prepared wasn't as possible. How it even possible corruption. Horrible javelins! That's why it is and it has nothing to do with the federal government it has nothing to do with the last eight years of Barack Obama. It has everything to do with a horrible, corrupt state, local government period. That's what it is. The local government of New Orleans wants to spend their money elsewhere. Did you see in Connecticut there have been problems. There have been problems. Making payments on all the loans. And so now Connecticut bonds are starting to look bad really. I would have thought Etiquette would always be able to pay their there bills, I mean they weren't wasting money
yeah. I remember they had a big controversy a couple decades ago, because they didn't have an income tax and then they set. If they just pass this income tax, then we would solve all the problems financially eradicate and then it fast it wanted to a fact. So how could they possibly be in trouble? So here's what to state government said this week. I love this. We may I've spent money on things we shouldn't have spent money on. Nah. I won't hear it shut up yet they say there were just worsens US finishing paying for prisons that we're closing down just crazy, just crazy. So All you have to do is just recognise who we are also I want to there is something else there we'll take a quick break, I'm gonna go to come back part of that, is Oh, who you're standing with no well you're standing with
because there is a others, an amazing thing going on that People sound pretty reasonable. I'm in a place of a play, some credible audio, The guy sounds pretty reasonable in this little clip that I've heard and then all of a sudden something comes out here like what because I need to use the word most in. Annabelle anymore, because I every day something is the most incredible whatever by all accounts. This. If this doesn't, in a very scary. Slash, hysterical way. Show you you're, better open your eyes, because it sir it's now I think it is is just now what think it is nothing will. We go there next. First, let me too, you about. A guy named buddy, body is a army that he's
and his life defending the country is daughter. Had a boyfriend. He was not enough. Thoroughly good guy. She breaks up with him He comes over shows up on buddies doorstep and he's a gang of thugs and he's gonna tee. The family and bodies, daughter, a lesson or to now What would you do? You are an army that You have the capabilities, have guns in your house and and a violent leaning. Ex boyfriend shows up. Wants your daughter wants to it's her and the family, a lesson, and it's got a gang of thugs on your door What do you do. You remember, you have a gun in the house. I remember you, defended your life several times in the past in your country,
well. You were probably call the police and get the gun ready. That's exactly what he did, that actually what he did police show up. They rested buddy. They arrested buddy. Now here's the thing: He had a membership in, U S easier, that's the United States concealed carry association he knew then. This is one of the reasons why he joined up He knew that if God forbid, I ever have to defend myself. I am going to be looked at as the bad guy in this country because he has membership. That gives him access to a network instantly of the pro. Second, amendment attorneys: he gets up front bail up front. On the legal fees, and the peace of mind that somebody is in his corner. You see a God buddy.
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If you sign up for the newest letter I get only now, you need to know what glanced back dotcom. Aren't we a bill o Reilly, coming up in just about a half hour? Also Texas attorney General can Paxton, who I love this guy. He is going to tell us a little bit about the latest decision regarding the Texas voter. Idee law can pass, will be joining us for that answer? of our number three. I want to spend a few minutes here, sharing with you, a guy he's from South Carolina. These go North Carolina motives, insult girls, have these going down to South Carolina and he, to restore the confederate flag. This it's just something that I just want to play. You gotta be careful who you're standing next to, because sometimes people will sound totally reasonable, I want you to listen. Do I don't agree with him, but
we should listen to. He sounds like it the normal guy until one thing slips through his lips as he's explaining tulip brass that the fettered flag is not racist and he's not a racist. Listen up a winning feel about abortion does. The same thing sub symbol? Again, I don't Lee with assemble racism, I don't believe, simple slavery. That's my personal viewpoint They feel their business he'll be Locris exile, uniting us everything so right in that sounds, American yeah I don't think so, but that's my personal view and if you want to view at a different way, I understand that as a reasonable
the economic strategy mortal worn Luther Woebegone, so that more Luther king. So let us stop good. Ok, yo yo! It's amazing about this its clear that that's the way he refused refers to our way to king always because he wasn't trying to make a point. He's just like I see you know, I see in the streets model the Coon King John said that no right here, right now and maybe not just here- you should never say those things or those things, but barely you do. But why would I want to raise is, but I only I love everybody. I mean you know, I'd S, friends, you know what I just want to. I just want to tell her what do I don't believe that send it Sir
I just want to. I just want to tell you that I mean the banks are out of control and they're. You know they're colluding with the government's and and and the and the in the end, the corporations and their getting It's an we're nod, and you know why. Think that everybody really come to understand. If you don't agree with that, that's fine! I mean you know. Since these damn jus bank I mean I shouldn't, aren't at heart ass. I know I love the Jew. Is I I just think they all should be shoved into an hour. I had other room, I man's that's what I meant as a credible given cake. I mean this is z, shining through yeah. That's really really, and I will say that that's pilots, and that is in effect of the way, but I am Hunter percent behind people who say: let's out these white supremacist gets less mock them, let's, let's, let's expose their viewpoint
You know there's these weird things now, whether like there's he's twitter, counselor, taking pictures of the people in the rallies and they're trying to give them consequences, their jobs in all those other things. In others are weird, but one does in the end, is put these people back in in the closet: they dont admit it I'd. Rather here these videos I'd rather watch every one of them walk down the street with a torch right, because, instead of that they are, I don't know I want to know they are so I can avoid them. Yes, I M going to cause. A lot of them are proud of it. Nato Probably in racist, I will tell you that out of this should tell this should tell why people I mean you know you probably I I've told the story before and I nor member what city was in I want to say that, because I don't remember for sure, but I was here with the linkage Chief of police The head of this theatre and somebody else. Maybe somebody from the mayor's offers honorary member and
stand in stage and we're talking were you there, Pat restated accept age and what it was in it? That's all Eliza is about allowing wasn't it actually is whether it wasn't it Nova. Scotia now seriously was not a global legitimately represent. Wasn't it was not we're? Ok. So stand back stage and they said we are on C s tea. I said I liked to start the shows on time. You know we'll come here. Let's start on time, let's you know and I can dyke, actually run over. I hear from time to time, so we start on time and the head of the theatre and share for the police or whatever else and around, they said well you're on Cs T here and I said what we see as tee and they said. Here, I'll colored, standard time, colored never run on time bomb and, unlike what
What what I mean it believe it and this kind of thing we're- this guy is talking and he sounds kind of reasonable warning. That should be a warning to for you too. Cup on who you're standing next to they might sound reasonable, but they very well may not be and also America, pick up this stuff is exactly what our neighbours are talking about that. We never see back in a minute bank programme. Where it is talking about yes, Vienne here what's your name, Mary Steel, Nosey, radio states, Eu Citizens is sage. Steel
he's just come out their revamping sports centre? As you know, if you listen to me for more than ten minutes, I am not a sports fan at all we have had a. I mean. You know pattern. I had a mental breakdown earlier this week more me than path, but you know I'm just I'm so sick and tired of being pushed her and and accepting it and This path pointed out to me the other day. I say when you, when he there's gonna, when there's gonna just stand up and say enough is enough ESPN, because he s paean continues. To be the arbiter of all that is right and wholly and just and they're wrong. When you you know I understand you want to stand up and say hey. This is wrong. This is an injustice and we won't tolerated fine, the chink. In the armor or take
the guidelines and moving around, because your audience, you think, is too stupid than they're gonna be offended by a guy named Robert E Lee, and maybe the worst example that allow people pass over is big the guy. Who is announcing the Venus Williams Tennis match, you said she was England in guerrilla warfare g. E r and everyone. I go for a few people on Twitter thought him g o r, I l L, a gorilla and because a few people didn't know the word he used. He got fired grand assembly so. Yes, Vienna has just gone over the cliff and as I have been saying for a while the right, Just don't suddenly become righteous, they just refused to go over the cliff with everybody else. Yes, Pierre. Will not learn until you push back now. Their ratings have gone down and I think because of this people. Don't want that from them. You just once sports, but
the other thing is we don't go after their main money source, their main money source. I'm sorry, yes, be and is very, very profitable, but you know it's more profitable and more important them. House its own. By ABC Disney. You go Their disney- and I promise you ve we'll stop, but you have who actually have a credible threat Tanya in item but at last night- and we talk How people you know necessarily want to do. As you got a five year old kid, you, don't you have your daughter, you ve MR she's gonna be a princess. You're gonna go to Disney world and were saving up for it and then to makes point with ESPN. You say: I'm not going to take you to Disney World, explain that to your five year old nobody. Wants to do that and everybody wants to have that magic. But there comes a point two where you're going.
I have to say you know what this is. More important is more important, that she has a culture that she can go. The weapon that makes sense and isn't silencing people forts stupid things. It's more important than the Disney experience, and I dont know how it explain: a tour, and I know I'm going to miss the magic more than she will, but gotta stand, and so I that point. I don't expect anybody else to join that, but I'm going to Disney World. I will not go to Disneyland, I'm I'm going to swear off star wars but I am going to do my part. I will do as much as I possibly can, and I am a huge, my kid they're still begging dad when we can go back to Disneyland. Never were not. Until he s pm
reigned in its current state. Save your money, kid! That's what it's called you you'll know when you buy a ticket okay. So now he had so here comes Mary Sage, steel and she is talking about a revenge sage. Steel Yes, Mary! You now has anything to do with an airy. I don't know where you're getting that from Mary Sage, steel. Now I was gonna marry her because I was gonna marry her because I had excited about sanity being restored to can end. She said what they want. Erected on my comp, ok, I know who the law, but she said You know she's going to revamp this because she says the people she talks to one more sports, it. So true, nobody and, as she said, nobody is watching ESPN to hear about Charlottesville,
I mean if you're here, if you want to hear about Charlottesville you're, going to Fox you're, going to MSNBC fairly we're not going to e S. P for that? She says she says. For the most part, I think we leave social and political issues to the news networks. Thank you. Not everybody agrees with me on that. Not everybody I work with agrees with me. That's my personal opinion that Sports are where we go to escape I agree with you on this here's the thing new turn on sport centre. That's what it's not what you want to hear as a viewer. I want to see the highlights. I wanted furthermore, a chill that's what I want is a viewer. That's what I believe most viewers want when they turned it. S began its less of this so guide great and so now the obray. So now the business argument is people say well, you can't do highlights because everybody has seen them. You know what it's that I think scape is more important to me,
more and more people every single day pressure. There two kinds: there's the Scape, that is, just the empty calories of just going to eat it, I'm just going to watch it. I know it's bad for me, but I do not want to look at the real world anymore that's an important escape for people as long as you don't become addicted to it. Times where you have to escape. That's where you P incomes in green escape, I mean cheese ban, you're, you're, founded you're companies, foundered, came up with fantasy land. Fancy football escape. Let people escape the other. Kind of escape is being able to Us into a safe place I don't mean a safe zone. I mean a safe place to where you're learning and your empowering you're not being fuelled with anger and hatred. Those things are really important.
This is why I go see movies all the time, You said to me: I got home late last night. She said You know I didn't like you wanted to go to a movie this weekend and I just throw tour this morning and unlike no no no, no, I I don't care We ve seen the movie a hundred times. I just need to go and just escape. You know I think that's really important when, when, industry says you dont want to watch the clips over and over again. I think I don't again. I don't know anything about sports, but I think you do I they give. You have people who are playing them. Who are funny? or commenting on it who are now, getting political who are just happy. I think people will go and watch a clip, show yeah and is more to it than that their stories there's back stories. You know, I think, just the focusing on the Fox NEWS msnbc aspects of it. It's just wrong. They had to show that they can. They lie. Remember them. Launching this. When I was a kid called
so the lines which was hey we're here we're here we're inside the lines we're talking about sports all the time. Here's one show to come some of those other things It was a really. It was good every day you get kind of and the interesting store that was outside of like what they were doing every day on the field or the court. Then I think it became a daily now like all their programming. It's like ray thing they're doing all the time is talking about. I would raise issues and ethnic identity. It is why, honestly It is why things I think, like game of thrones, are so huge right now, there's no time There's no nobody's preaching to you. Nobody, I'm telling you you know all the I've styles or from the mid evil days in all bets are off when people can go out and each other people and it's ok, it's ok. I'll bet. There's no there's! No,
nothing relating to today U turn on television, I watch something with the kids we're watching what is it a good places at the thing you told me about the good place He had told me about this, and so we saw what I've been looking for, a show that we go watches you know the family and it's the kitten ain't character goes to. Heaven goes to the good place, but she could he finds out that there is a mistake and she should be in the bad place, a boy and You know, there's like this computer generated a I that kind of his your guide in Heaven and she's like a pig, you tell me what's in the bad place in the the ices no, but I can I can play as few seconds of audio of what is currently happening now and clips and is just screaming in flames and horror? and so she does everything she can't stay in a good place. So the ay I character,
they were watching, like the third episode, the guy character comes in and, and he's programme to give interesting tips and tidbits in this particular up. Some of the veto of things at Vienna, you're trying to be more reliable, more less artificial and so they say something there trying to get somebody to go and do being explorer and you can be an explorer like Columbus. Just the a I just two interesting sir note because of the rapes the murders. The genocide and the unity of the power, whatever the hell he's in the bad place boom? Thank you. Thank you for destroying my escape. I I don't want that. I don't want you to jam crap down my throat,
I dont want it from the right and the religious right. I dont want it from the atheists and the left. I don't want it just let me be in peace, police and it so bad coming from sports guys, because they don't study stuff there studying football basketball evolved? They don't know what the hell they're talking about these political honestly and you have to do. Into them babbling their nonsense in its it's embarrassing honestly giaours hurts it would be honestly if we decided we were gonna, do a sport show, I'm on the show yeah, yes and I am talking about sports. I have no idea, and everyone in the audience will be like oh shot him or look. It happens on the show right, like you talk about issues that are associated with sports and you have to fill in the details of the story. You don't know where to the emphasis on the words you don't know what the
I mean the gunman even bashing you here, like it's, not your expertise, you don't no doubt is able to hear about it with these guys and are almost always left right. I mean I don't know why that is, but there are almost always. Is left of center. I think that, because of the that's the default be, this goes back to you know Andrew Bright Bart back when he was alive and his work actually did things that were positive and he, but like he talked about politics being done screw from culture. Yes, when you don't care about these issues, you go with that flow and the flow. Everybody says of horse you should be on the side of the argument should be on the left side of the argument I mean I mean, what's his face, the guy who's on lords, o Donnell talked about those years ago, when he? As you know, I am basically socialist, but There's a really there's really in depth brilliant arguments for the curtains rid of economics. The issue is, have to be educated and actually look at them too. Her stand them. So that's why we went all the time and is because
Ninety per cent of people will never look into these issues in any depth, and I knew you find us all I'm sure you do GLONASS. While you talk to people in the end, they consider themselves to be liberals. They consider themselves to be progressive and you talk to them. An individual issues- and they don't sound like progressives at all because they put no thought into its just it's like they marinating in this culture where that is constantly said and reinforce as the only way to go- and you know it just makes- It's the meat taste that way they ve been marinating for a long time, and that is why than that Why? Those who are pushing hard, because I personally I think the mouse only wants to make money. That's it just make money here. Be an easy way to make money stay out of the controversy. It's the perfect business for us, that's what the mouse would be thinking stay of controversy. But are so many people that have
deep agenda who see culture. Is the way we ve got to make is Disney movie say this this or this we have to have ESPN, say this this or this because they leave the culture, Few, lose those if you lose those positions, those are big positions to lose. That's, why I don't think the average person India's paean Is you know of a zone One way or another there just being too do not ever go here, but you can go, play here and its becoming fascistic in and stupid, suicidal business, wise, suicidal if those who watch ESPN. Will alert Disney, I'm done with you. I know I oh you own, yes, began.
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Back programme Billow Riley's coming up next, Miller. Riley is he's going Explain to us why Donald trumps speech in Phoenix Wasn't so bad and justified and needed to be said, wait to hear Billow Riley's Ree tap on the news. From the the mind of Bill O Reilly comes up next, this is the Glen Back programme. Mercury.
They'll, o Reilly has a lot to say. So do I and one of the things I want to talk about is this new book. That is our calling killed, killing England, the brutal struggle for american independence. I have read much of it, but I have skipped around in it and it is it's an easy read: it's a really good red and I know a lot about the American Revolution and George Washington. As you know, I I wrote. George Washington. This is fantastic.
I am just just tremendous and its available now killing England by Bill O Reilly. We talked to him right now, fusion of entertainment and didn't might- and this is the common values. The great thing about Amerika Bill, O Reilly, and I can have fundamental disagreements on things and we do. We have different look at things. We have a different approach on things in a very different viewpoint on certain things, but we are friends we get along because we bow I know that what we both
Want in the end, is a strong America and a a country that can come together again on some basic principles, so has I say this now I bring on the Anti Christ himself bill O Reilly, hello bill. How are you from weeping weeping after the introduction of a year in my short pants you have the correct. You know one thing swinging when will be released: the marketplace on September nineteen of outward suspension way an advance guardian you can. You can order. Reorder on Amazon and the wily dotcom. That's really good and in other ways and I'm glad you reference George Washington book as Well that in my house and read it now read a long time ago, but I was lucky because this whole statutes, which is much bigger than statue yes much bigger than statues Hoboken at all,
Well. That suggests that ties in with killing England, because going to know exactly who George Washington Tom, Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin Warm as men and how they conducted themselves throughout their lives. And then you can determine whether statues of them should be pulled down all right because they are for Washington endeavours another here in New York City. As you know, Christopher Columbus, Peters stipends is the latest they're running while day the far left- and I mean while so there, we go there. My opening remarks itself. So little zealots lit. Let's start here on the let's start on the statues, because you're exactly right This is not about. This is not about oppression in pain that these statues are calling. You view, to have a real discussion about the confederacy and- and
and what that was really all about and whether you know better what's his name Nathan, Bedford Forest it is a guy that we should have a statue on. We can have that discussion. The answer no, but we should. That discussion on who this guy wasn't who others were absolutely but this is really about taking and tearing down the entire american story and discrediting the Tire american story. It's even more than that. This is about naked power, naked power. So seeing now the rise of laughter Well, what everyone called Anti far You signal rise up because The media will not challenge anything they do.
So we now know that there are college professors, the latest guy Clemson, it's up your liner who's calling for violence. Violence always throw the country and if you have to burn down towards or kill cops, go right ahead and do it that mass working? Why are you so They contain university wires and the press made him a front page story. This is a college professor. So the far left The air defies understand it could do whatever they want now with impunity. As the hate Trump Media is a hundred percent focused on getting president drop out office. Do you know where everything else go now? As far as your points concern the far left hates the country? Yes, we have to start their early taken America's exploit, tear it its supremacy it's you abuse minorities ever since its inception, and it has to be pulling down? The whole thing has to be almost like czarist right,
and the Soviet Union everything else to go. I will first thing a drastic. Oh he's, any remnants of what happened to this country and out evolved it what it is, and that means history, is gonna, be revised. Ok, so will revise it. Schools are already doing that and now voltaire down all the statues and demonize people with whom we disagree- Slogan, a demon, Robert E Lee, Stonewall, Jackson. Ah, you don't start figures. I thought of the confederacy, that's our starting point, but don't go, go, get Columbus and Select most we'll get we'll get Jefferson right, Gabazoos, slaveholder, washing so help me help me help me help me help me. Separate the! federal sea because I personally, I don't believe that the confederate flag is anything
but a racist symbol. I'm sorry, I know a lot of people don't agree with that, because they have been talked into that's their heritage, but If you read the Confederate constitution, it was not states rights. You had no right to join the confederacy. If you wanted to abolish slavery, you need and to expand slavery, so it wasn't. The defence of our. U S, constitution. It was about a new constitution and defending slavery. That's historic fact: now, That being said, I M bothered. I understand, because you know we people have to justify in their own head. You know where my people, years ago, bad people, good people. What am I come from that? screw with people, and so they they do want to look at it as their heritage, and so they have glossed over a lot of things, but I have
I don't have a problem teaching these guys in proper context. I don't a problem looking at them as all as individuals, but all of them were. Traders to the? U S constitution, and all of in the end, were whether they wanted to admit it or not. Fighting for are the evils of slavery, agree or disagree I agree on the hierarchy level, the job. Davis, love all ok, but I don't agree. The troops. The ground level, so. Let me give her a little quickly, a little perspective that ten percent of southerners own slaves are trapped, slaves and a lot of them have one or two day. So. Ninety percent of the south- You have way threat in the civil war, the guys who were fine. On the side of the Confederacy more mainly between the ages of fifteen and twenty too many
or illiterate, They really didn't know much and they rally to a cause. That said, you have to defend Virginia. You have to spend South Carolina, you have to defend out. That's what the rallying cry worried, though so I saw him ass, so none also. So I will hang on. I will agree with you on that I'll give you that This is the kind of the discussion by the way America should be having. I will agree with you on that that the average person didn't know didn't buy into it. The difference that we made between talking about Germans and Nazis, we are not against Germans. We are against the Nazis and mode german soldier right were not prosecute the after World war, two corrected. Those who were direction then lay waiting, understand those who were directly involved and knew what was going on. They were her prosecuted. But you didn't know what was going on. You were not part of the atrocities
you weren't you weren't, held responsible for those atrocities. However Germans were very clear themselves. We, do not appreciate you holding please Nazi flag and saying. Well you about me a family. They didn't fight for the death of all the Jews. That's a no go zone. We do glorified outlawed, yes, nazi symbols, I guess a launch correct- and I don't agree with that here, but we don't need to glorify that movement. That's a good course! That's a good word glorify. I think that's what they achieve so people who are running around saying that always a war, northern aggression- and we were you, know unfairly treated, that's just great, in fact Abraham Lincoln, is really responsible for all of this. Because a Lincoln basically said luck.
His over I'm not gonna have war crimes, try hang Lee and all the generals are married, another doing Jefferson Davis, yet bang except you know, like I'm, a pariah, our rights Lincoln. He was the guy. That said, if we want to have a pine tree, I would get we. That reconciliation right and reconstruction answer. I was assassinated by Both- was a fanatical confederate then judge and came out. I didn't know what he was doing: and the whole thing deteriorated yes decades into strife. However, right now. What we have to deal with is that the South and Texas in parts of the MID West are not bad people, direct descendants. I'll bet
people were active, didn't be demonize directly conducted himself after the war in a very very honourable way, to West point. Graduate people should know about Robert E Lee statue doesn't offend anybody. However. The statue of Nathan, desperate forests in New Orleans does start. He started the coup, clubs, quiet right and we can't even get should we take. We can't get people on you know in the media, on the Buber, You were right and I don't even go into the all right. I mean just up against that line of the all right. There still holding up William Bedford, Forest or woods Nathan, but remember they Nathan, Bedford they won't even admit that he was the the key that unlock the door to the clan that that he was? getting people alive. He's a wiring differently. Even talking about why even we about fringe groups,
see the difference between the all right and the anti files I the media are demonized. Anybody not only far right people, but conservative The mantra last week was if you voted for tropical racist okay, so the media's already done that on the left, you can be Joseph Stalins. First cousin direct and envy calling for overthrow this garment enemies, not gonna, do you do aiming to now american people date. One extremism in any way. Yet when they reject both looks yup item both groups numbers are very, very low, I said I I can't I guess I didn't business forty two years to expedite about sixty five I've got in every city, every country I've never met awaits other than covering. Yes, I promised us, but never yes, yes, I dont nobody, nobody
senior- yes, I think so, where are they are taken? but the world. You know I mean it's just insane: ok backward bill O Reilly from Bill, O Reilly dot com. You can hear his take on the news every day on his nose. Spin news podcast he's doing some really exciting things, and I do want to talk to about killing England, which comes out in a couple weeks in Just I've read only a few chapters kind of skipping around and it's really really well written bill O Reilly killing England and his part Ass did bill O Reilly dotcom more in a second first, this year don't need to lose any more sleep because you're up all night sorting through countless Reza Maize and cover letters with zip, recruiter, dot com. You have powerful technology. Your fingertips that efficiently matches the white people to your job, zip recruiter, is differ.
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Hot civil war, if things don't calm down and simmer down, because we have people on both sides the I'm sorry, but the all right is an alternative to the right. It is not the right principles. It is socialism and fascism. That's not what conservatives are so you have Just like you had in Germany, you have the Nazis and the Communists really going and try stir things up, free time and Lincoln was a great example of this. Every time we have entered those periods, the way to survive to have a third force step forward, and that is one that speaks write directly to the people who, like you said, don't want anything to do with either way of those sites and can speak com peace an understanding that how do we get? How do we get there in this?
situation that we're in right. Now, where quite honestly- and I know you and I disagree on this- both sides kind of suck at that I don't know the Nazis, and I mean the parties they both sock media's playing its role on both sides. Right is very were, I would say, eighty percent of Americans are person readable? She that's a Keyword persuadable, persuadable if you're, just a fanatic no matter how many facts said. We can reject everything, yes So that's twenty personae, my colleague, eighty percent of persuadable, an unvarying, some very open minded summer, independent summer locked into whatever girl, Basically, there have those people have it. Having legacies we're gonna countries you walked Now it's important that they know and a lot of them down, because the news agencies are solely responsible, what's happening
what's happening? Is a concerted effort to rewrite the history of this country that George Washington was a bad man Does he was a slaveholder? He was a brutal guy right and he did this and unheeded, and the same thing with Thomas Jefferson and the same thing with Benjamin Franklin, your rid of them. Are we You don't hold them up anymore. Now, if you bring in Martin Luther king and John F Kennedy, both flood men, who did extraordinarily good things, are right. Less than one year about that in no way by getting back watching and Jefferson, so the population who doesn't want Country run down and change dramatically, Hassler about men and that's why road killing England I mean we tell in the most micro away. What George Washington was we like as a person and the guy, I shall give just one demanded that he be called his excellency washing.
Gave orders tat. He was to be addressed as his excellency and get all that's pretty haughty fora for a guy. But every time we give you something like that, We give you how brave the man was and what he unbelievably accomplished. Single handedly the same thing with yummy perspective on you. Can you may perspective on being insisting on being called your excellency, because he also insisted on being called the president, which was basically like the type look sharp manager at the time. Well, He was a commander when you commanding the forces in the economy. Congress gave him the forwarding, he knew right away that he had to be feared to keep the The rebel army intact, okay, so bright itself, so that this is to be feared right
and this is a key because Iraq This is a key at the beginning, because during the war he's like that, but soon as the war is after that he's not that man at all now he changes into bad back into a guy who really like the trappings. He really like the trappings of power. You really like the ceremonial garbage. It wasn't him, but he knew oh, that he had to be respected by the grand Tack Rebel Army which a bunch of people stage, including get along So you're gonna call me your excellency, because then that title of respect is going to be universal and then I want to set up a gallows in our camps, maybe it was waiting, I get home- I wanna title it wasn't playing around. I wanna talk a little bit about that. We're gonna come back, and I want to talk about the gallows that he put, because there is a great chapter in your book. Where you talk about
What is now lower Manhattan? The gallows in him sitting on the horse s, and it's a pretty ten scene and you don't think of George Washington. This way but I also want to ask do you believe in the rear you ve done do who believe the stories that of him just being shot at never never being wounded. He had this almost Other worlds, kind of image of the guy absolutely invincible in your research when we come back I'd like to hear was that reality, or was that kind of? Like call me, your excellency kind of built up to make him into an invincible man back programmes.
Men back programme, so let's go to a bill O Reilly Bill, rarely DOT Tom he's got a new book out. That is well worth your time. Find it on Amazon is comes out in a couple of weeks called killing England, the brutal struggle for America's independence, a book that it couldn't be timed better as people are starting to come after Thomas, Jefferson and and and and George washing, in all the monuments, everything that we hold dear now is the time to learn at gang or work. Lose it and personally my view is we. Have to be a very unique and peculiar people in our approach. We have to be as unique as Martin Luther King or Gandhi was anger on both sides, if you get angry- and you start to have arguments, no, he's going to listen to you and no one's gonna stand next to you. You have to fight We have to find a very peaceful life.
Nickel way to be able to communicate with people and a good way to start is planting this deep inside of your children and yourself Bill O Reilly. In England, is available and bookstores. In a couple of weeks, now in Amazon, arbitrarily dotcom. Ok bill. As your doing your research on George Washington, I find miracle after miracle after miracle and and I believe all of them You know he comes off. The battlefield he's got a hole in his had he's got two holes in his jacket. The men begin to look at him as absolutely invincible, they look at him as the sky. Is it Ben anointed, from God to leave us because he's on the just horse and the white horse and he's having horses shot out from underneath him. But he lived. Do you billina those stories open to be true,
yeah where they are to reopen killing one with the French in indian or graphics Defeat where Washington was a member of the Virginia militia and hat. Three horses shot out from under him, and I will tell you yeah. That was a problem not only because of the danger because washing his hemorrhoids were so severe. Tat. He had a ride on the pillow, get a pillow between himself and the circle or you couldn't get on a horse by Washington was an amazingly brave man That was very, very important, because in the beginning of the worthy went along, he was on the run on the retreat and It will fall apart if their leader had not been a strong. Is Washington watched with the last man to be evacuated. From the battle of Long Island, where the british one girl Rebel Army upstate,
work and new chasing them in and they thought the king of England thought that was can be the end of the war. Why should you stayed on it beach, the last guy out, and so yes and ironically, the same thing is Robert E Lee. As the confederacy would have lost a long time ago. Had he not been such a powerful present presence on his horse. About that in killing Lincoln Marge Robert, You know obviously different causes different times in history, but the strength of leadership is what I think Americans need to know about, and when you get back to the statue situation, there are gonna come for Washington and Jefferson, and this is no doubt that the fanatical left is going to try to tear them down because their their responsible, both for those men, are directly responsible to the freedoms that we have today and in the hard left hates those freedoms. Are they
the government to one everything that's about. So I want americans- and I beg you, The two were kind of synthetic go here. To know about everything about how efforts. I want every bad and the good I want to know lie to you. Wanna know it all in tow talent, you, you ve, been debated in totalitarian right, so ok yeah. He should that you want to think I do. I think I would have been John Quincy Adams against slavery from John. I want to think I would have been that guy right, but I don't know it was a different, time anymore. Eyes were different. So as having a I haven't, you conversation with somebody last night and we were talking about this- and I said- and somebody said you know well, people have a hard time understanding Thomas Jefferson, because he compromise: yadda, yadda, yadda, ok, tell me what the argue and is right now in Congress. Both sides
their say. You want to get something done. You ve got to compromise tell me where we are on that. I think one of the biggest evils of our day is planned. Parenthood tell me where we are on that we're we're not we're. Not earning everything down and nobody thinks that's reasonable to do that. Some do I don't we need to continue to educate people there's more slaves to day in today's world. I just got back from Mexico City, where I did interviews with some people that I'm gonna have introduced the audience to in a couple of weeks that we are just breathtaking. Two years ago, one of them was a literal chain around the neck slave, a labour slave Mexico in Harare, conditions, she's now named one of the top one hundred most powerful people in Mexico by Forbes magazine and
two years ago, she was a slave, we're, not we a Please stop talking to me about oppression when we don't really understand oppression today, too, We say we would be these abolitionists, but there's more- slavery happening today than ever before and most people don't even want to look at it. They don't want to think it. Why, if you're and if you're, not an abolitionist to day for real, slavery, what makes you think you would have been any different than the one, still more our founders back then. Well, I'm here you going to give in to the reality of today's. Ah, then you can. You can basically make the case that, biggest spreads. The world is the Islamic Jihad, and we all know that arises in Al Qaeda and Taliban have slain enslaved people and we know that happening, but one
again the worldwide outrage against that is needed. Is it not why should it? you? Don't we don't? We do need a report ties yes, ices is bad in there. Everybody in the media, ass reported humanised to some extent, but not nothing like it should be yes, and so you're right, I mean it America's who are good people want DAS for themselves, their families and their country, it'll work so they can fight back and they can dig it out debate other and make no wonder being lie too, on television and in the newspapers, that's really You gotta know when you're being. Why too, because he's dopey college students, they don't know they walk into the classroom and ears, is crazy. Professor told him all kinds of garbage citizens, and they all know they didn't red eyes. Gleamed course that meant anything. But is that they don't know. Why can't you so bad, I told you watch. It was this that there's a radical left objects
and other any radical right. People teaching in colleges can I see you, Mueller boy, you can't even get a job I've been a college, just a moderate could serve at it. I mean it's so insane. Ok, billow equal need now go outside. The educational system report explicitly shows like yours and mine to get some perspective on the coming. So the civil war in this country has already year Calming Authority, Miller Let me ask you: I was going to ask you about Afghanistan, but I would rather go here. Tell me the importance of this and this you're gonna love this book from from Bill chapter six New York City, New York June, twenty eight, seventeen, seventy six, eleven a m. Soon the news will take another life twice thousand new Yorkers or now, where the George Washington has sergeant Tommy turkey's death warrant, much of me,
patent has come to watch the disgrace soldier hanging by the neck until dead men were children, black and white, rich and poor. They ve all true two Washington's military, encampment and lower Manhattan. They came on foot. Horseback, push cart by carriage. Just to indulge in Colonial America's favorite form of mass entertainment, public execution, This warm Friday morning, some spectators enjoy a picnic others all across the greenery of the common very drunk despite the early morning, our pickpockets which there are many enjoy a busy and prosperous day the Sir Thomas Hobbes last moments as a terrestrial being, but there is little sympathy for him. What is the meaning of the story that you got really well written by bill? What the meaning wisest was an Irishman who is in a colonial army and then betrayed a washing machine.
And joined the group that wanted to assassinate him so kurdish by so what we're getting Mr O Reilly is that all Irishman should be hung right. So why shouldn't you know? spies and AOL uncovered the plot to assassinate the general and He was the leader of the crew and we sense by Washington. No doubt jury, not any idea. Why should hang by the neck until death now There are many appeals, you know, differ, clemency and tat. You know, trade is key to the British were captured colonial officer, nothing, but why should you said I gotta make examples of this guy and, we're gonna not only hang a to hang slow, okay, so the different you can ask somebody, tat. They die snaps almost immediately you can hang slow and inner up there. Five minutes kick and that's what Washington all
and why should do himself came out and stood there while, as happened in the message, was that traders to the cause of India and it's gotta be tolerated. That was the message. You know it's easier. This object and everybody in the colonies believe me knew about it. That was not just one, isolated is, if you, if you are banning the battlefield. Why should you without your hung or shot right on the spot? And that was what that's, why said the brutal struggle for American and right. Now we ve got some kind of powder keg, more people look at these will look at it. Is like there's a look at how Mean George Washington was an and look. Bad, the colonial Americans were they went and watch this for entertainment, this was not. This was the way the world was, I mean the world, up until America was much more game of thrones than any
we can relate to now- that was more hours of the day and the Boolooroo existence life expectancy, was forty forty two as it is in Afghanistan right now. People were, you know under violence a day. It was a whole defrayed men tell I write and more was way way different. That then ways than it is now- and this is what everybody has to understand- it can't be holding people accountable for what they did through a hundred years ago, two hundred years ago into Hey society, you can't be tearing down every part of America the history and reshaping it in your image up today, Bill O Reilly? The name of the book is killing England. The brutal struggle for american independence, great book, also Bill O Reilly dot com is where you can. Fine bill every day and his nose been news bill rally. Thanks for joining us bill, O Reilly, dot com will talk to you next week.
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as Bloomberg is now reporting Obama. Careful, and will be sold in every you ask. T next year, yeah illegally, when wired will be sold so your legally required and after next year there? is one insurance company, one ensure that has agreed to do business in every county in the? U S Congratulations all the choices and competition will get from this bill. Amazing, by the way just a couple counties? Forty seven percent of America has only one care carrier, forty
seven percent of America and Europe that will cover tat is good. At no competition is going to increase in its gonna. It's gonna, be guy Obama's said this to nine million people that you refer to that might have to change their coverage of cuban mine out of the three hundred million Americans. We're talking about would be folks who this video, the congressional office estimates, which would find the deal They exchange better would be a better deal, so they get they would change coverage because I've got more choice and competition outside competition is now there's by Last year there were we'll be one ensure in each county. That quote has agreed to cover those people in that county, but when you have up to one
without even do let me say this is a Trojan horse. I mean it's right there. The right road to single Baird's is that its work There's a few things that we have to cover before We call it a week in one and amazing quote from Gary com Who works in the White House and he's being pressured the jewish guy, you gotta, have you gotta, leave you gotta leave. You have, We hear his quote What he said yesterday is one of the best
things I have read from anyone with any kind of power in a very long time give them to you here coming up in just a second also a Texas attorney general can Paxton is on with us something happening big here in Texas will get his look on it, and- and I also really want to talk to him about the statues and the mercy, Hull House, Texas, dealing with this, and this story, I got a blame, my problems on somebody that is that, what is happening to our incredibly dumb down society? I gotta blame it on somebody it because it can't be me the university up in Canada that is now Lamy. Laying the blame squarely. Your fatness on how food is marketed man they hit.
They have reached the conclusion that marketing by the food industry makes us want Delicious, not nutritious food research this claim, the industry is essentially committing something akin to criminal entrapment by Making us want the food. That is bad for a lot. I would say the Glove Heller I don't know I can't usually get. There was a time I couldn't get close enough to hear your voice at so round. But if your poor is because the rich, is holding you down if yours, stupid, it's because the curriculum, is too difficult and making you feel bad tromp can't get anything done. You know because they won't let him if you're fat, it's me, of the advertising you're just powerless. What are we turning into America? what are we turning and do as human beings? If we accept this,
you might as well roll up the streets of Amerika, call it a day for civilization, because we are response Simple we must be responsible. We a people to stand up and accept personal responsibility happens in my life, maybe fact by outside forces, but what I do with it is my responsibility I can either Take it and build something, great and learn great lessons and be a better man. I can let it destroy me, it's my choice and if your media sources in telling you those things it is dead high time that you fight in a media source that we
I'll tell you those things. Diffusion of entertainment and enlightenment is the Glen programme. What am I a one of my favorite taxes? Is our taxes attorney general can Paxton He has been. The attorney general here in Texas is twenty fifteen. He won the election as the the states of top enforcement guy and he is a chance. Of the tea party movement, conservative principles.
I wanted him on the day, because a Texas is under attack. The new voter Idee bill has been overturned in the Texas Supreme Court. I think it was in court was not can? Was the Supreme Court no. This was a corpus Christie, district judge appointed by President Obama. Ok, so tell me what up and tell me what people are fighting, what you're fighting for for the state Texas and what happened So let me give you a bit little that this was passed and two thousand eleven. I was in the legislature actually in the Tec, this house. My path, goal was to prevent fraud in election than other this controversial topic to prevent fraud, but that we are trying to do, and so we started recordings. But why do we re loud seven different good idea that people, it is, if you couldn't get want to weaken the following. We will give you one free,
all kinds of ideas, including driver life's motor ideas, can still hang on, and then we have Texas ideas. You can use, and so we ve been using that successfully. There have been no cases that we know of were there's been discussed. Nation, the elections, but despite that, this judge found are war discriminatory, and so that happened excellent abbot with the attorney general. So we took that up to the system. We drew a fairly liberal panel. We lost, and we actually, we actually at the whole court to hear it. We end up losing ninety six, but the court gave us a roadmap to fixing it. They said if you, if you'll, put an affidavit in their allow people to come in, and basically where the day they couldn't get a photo idea in that they are the person they say they are, then your photo editing. Laws are good, so we did that the legislature path that the governor signed it and unfortunately, this judge still said, is discriminatory.
So is it true that this judge requires a photo idea to be able to get into her courtroom? It is truth, also true that the circuit does as well. Also almost every shuttle courtroom you go into. You have to show photo idea. Apparently that's not discriminatory. How did you do you ask any of them? I mean S lead to hear the answer to that when I was a nice is given a Tory lit yes, sir! They now. Let me this isn't about this criminal. This is about fraud, and everybody knows that that's the issue and it you don't have photo id. It allows more people to vote that. Aren't that shouldn't be voting and that's the battle. That's the true battle this. This idea of discrimination is, is it's his fault, because there's no evidence that way. There is no evidence in the trial record of any discrimination. They did. Justice. Part under Obama came to Texas. Looking at advertising, please give us will they can find them so who has ending in this case? Why why? Why doesn't
Many have standing if there's nobody who had a who, as an actual episode who has standing at the very the question, and yet here we are with our four ideal has struck down through. This is something we are going to appeal. We believe the circuit will uphold it, given what they already told us and given the fact that we, the legislature, change the law to satisfy them and, like I want to change the law, but the issue is a relatively our change and it'll fully with with a really solid I d like him and allow us to prevent fraud. But again it will have to go back up. The first certitude hopefully get the right result. Can I don't I don't mean anything I wasn't really actually a There was an honest question who has standing? Who is whose funding this, who is
selling this day. How is this? How is this being brought to the front of the court every time? It's just private, plain of see who soon, and climbed discrimination it sam if it did again. You ask a great question, because if there is no harm. How can this be struck down and the other thing you need to think about this Julian ECHO law, this text falsely tremulous, had to go to there are all kinds of voting in people debating in an my fellow guides, the steps necessary. You can't do that, I'm taking over taking a realistic. Like your by space, so can we where it where it where, where where we headed, while I still think we're gonna be successful, because I think the first circuit gave us clear guidelines on and think that the part that they were concerned about- and we addressed that and if, if that didn't do it,
So do I can't exist for some reason so Billinger or Bill Rally, and I were just having conversation about what's happening with the statues around the country and with it we need to have a an actual costs rotation there. You know if, if you were in the hierarchy of the confederacy. You know exactly what was going on, but just like we didn't, have a problem with the Germans. We had a problem with the Nazis, we didn't we didn't go. Try to erase all Germans. Did try to take the Nazis out, and you know Germany went so far as to saying that you can have any german symbols, no statues of any of these guys, no matter no matter Are they were you? that's it. You're a nazi you're out the confederacy if you read the Confederate constitution, was not about state rights. It was about slavery period
those statues like Nathan, Bedford Forest, who was the being over ray general yeah. He also started the clan, whose things need to be talked about, and we need to find the right way to deal with our history. But we are now seeing violence and people going like Saddam Hussein and putting nooses around next in pulling down what what? What? What is the state of text thinking about all of this, so we haven't had a lot of controversy about it. I know it. You t took some down in the middle and I took from statues down. I always think I think you through hit the nail on the head. I think discussion and debate about this. It is a good thing rather than the soil the middle line at a decision was made by a few people. Again. This is our it is our history batter, good and hiding. It doesn't really
I think, is very effective. I think knowing about it understanding at an inn looking to the future and in deciding what what was good about- What was that about history? I think that's really only would you aren't? We hide it and bury it. I dont know that that really accomplishes investors. Investors as a Texas, attorney general? Can you explain? to those who might be listening. Who think that you know free speeches great up into a point that we have to defend the people's right to as a poor and points of view. It doesn't mean They can act on all of those things, but they have a right to say things that are despicable in arm in arm thought in fact those are the only kind of that sail in kind reach that ever needs protecting
and I have no, no, no, you ve gotta be levelled at the foundation of our countries, open the first member, both religious freedom and free speech, free political speech- and you know it if we start censoring certain people than the question is what is at stake You know you can't go into a movie theater in your fire and create chaos and in and harm the people, but the on that I mean wish we fought. We had people die to protect people's right, to say really bad horrible things and that's really what's the matter. Country. Great people can believe whatever they want to believe in making the live. Here we ask you this: You said you can't go into movie theater and cry fire, but here's Nancy. Policy. Yesterday, I wanna get your opinion on this is to and nine that organisation there we re Because the constitution does not to say that a person can shout Young was in a crowded
Theatre, so we know we know you began to cry fire, but can you cry Wolf and crowded movie theater, I'm really are you heard the gazelle? Do you really believe there's a war I'm going to a movie tonight. I want you and I am going to lie wife tape made and I invite everybody to go into their crowded movie theater tonight and just yell Wolf. And see what happens- and I don't think anybody he's gonna- beat it to the door. It's maybe it's just me last question: how's your because I like your wife much more than I like you well there, I hear that accommodate having great you actually consider your run for attack the centre, Carl and outgoing, really
you gotta come when? Is she coming to the studio and she has to bring her musical instrument, thinks you place a guitar right? Yes, you put a deterrent piano, but yeah Choke she'll, be happier ya, know I'd like that. I'd love to have her could probably she she hasn't announced that shit may do that next week, so real em, they were so. He made me you get tat doktor. Yes, that would be great. That would be great Texas, Tourney General can Paxton. Can thanks so much thanks for your hard work and thanks for standing up for what is right. We know you have a tough guy, God bless. Thank you brought me. I have a great day. You bet concealed is our sponsor this half our Europe, repair bills, always fun experience right when you bring your car in and they say a. This is you know that it's it's gonna cost year five hundred dollars, you think yourself. I love this Experience, I really do new water pump. Such a back over five hundred dollars, replacing your air conditioner fifteen hundred dollars
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Glenn Back Wanna see Glenn life? If you're coming to Texas, you can join us. Mercury studios in Dallas for taking a glint tv show to reserve a seat in male tickets at the police, dot com. With your information, that's tickets at the police, dotcom, mercury, the programme s. Seventy said Gary comb TOP White House economic official said the Trump administration must do better in condemning NEO Nazis and white supremacist following violent protests in Charlottesville, yadda yadda. He is a jewish American who was president of Goldman Sachs before becoming the head of the White House. National economic council and he has got into the financial times faced really heavy pressure to quit because of Charlottesville. I want to read his statement. It is absolutely unbelievable.
This administration can and must do better inconsistently and unequivocally condemning these groups and do everything we can to heal the heap of it. The deep divisions that eggs, so in our communities They have come under enormous pressure both to resign and to remain in my current position. I feel come held a voice, my distress over the events of the last two weeks as a patriotic American I'm reluctant leave my pulse, because I feel a duty does to fill my commitment to work on half of the american people, but they also feel compelled to voice my distress over the events of the last two weeks Citizens standing up for equality and freedom can ever be equated with white supremacist, NEO Nazis and the K K K as a jewish American, I will not allow NEO nazis ranting. Jews will not replace us cause this due to leave his job. I feel deep. Emma
for all those who have been targeted by these hate groups. We must use eight together against them. I think that is tremendous. And I think that's where most Americans are. Let's talk about the Nazis back. We all know that if you Dont know that you're a problem, We all stand united against the Nazis, but America also for that. Fought a longer war, again, the communists, the communists there just as bad. Their sins? Their crimes are just not as well publicized but go reed. The big What is it the black book of communism, where it detail all of the atrocities of communism. Their king from exactly the same evil cloth. One is a national socialist one is international communist, but it Lee
instead, the same kind of death camp. We all know this and we all have to unequivocally and clearly denounce both sides. The problem is, the left is playing but see with the communist in the right place. Footsie with the nazis. Stop it didn't them clearly the first time and every time on both sides. And then can we just go back to work and do the things that were supposed to be doing, I mean: don't we have? We are not I did on this. I just don't understand this. We are not divided on this hate. We not divided on you know Jews, whilst I now now ha. No, You need to sit down your problem, and we're united on that
and everybody who is in the media or in politics that is crime, in two separate us on those things. We are against the shutting down the burning down of campuses, or you know, businesses Because somebody wants to go speak at a university and communist doesn't like it. Sorry we're against you. You believe in black supremacy or white supremacy. Sorry where, against you If you believe in brown supremacy, why supremacy: black diplomacy, if you believe in an organization called the race in our view that by the way is Loretta, supremacy of law. Color over another is ancient his
free and it belongs there and don't let it come. Crawling back out from its fills shove it back into the corners where it belongs. It belongs in that case, hatred and away from all Americans back programmes. The claim that programme very glad that you are here today. I am a little. Concerned, I am going to the movie theater tonight. And I hope nobody does. This Nancy policy has just come out yesterday and said another thing that you can't cry in.
Crowded movie theater. I find a nine that organization there, because the constitution does not say that a person can shout yell was in a crowded theatre. You can't shout Oreo crowded vice Wolf loudly. That's all like shower cause, I'm gonna go the movie tonight and my wife filming just to see what happens, the panic that ensues, and I held responsible. I know I know, but I think text and I would like you, I like you to join me, I'd like you to join me in this effort over the weekend. If you go to a movie or if you're in a in a packed anything I just want you to stand up at one point: cry Wolf. At my arrival of this
yeah. So just and then please you know Facebook post them, so I is sent him to us, so we can see them, get em to our attention, tweet them and make sure you make sure you have tag credible, credible, What, if you go to a movie, the very like red writing hood. What did you go to a movie that has a threatening animal meal? Kindness can I can, I just say something see. Yelling fire in a crowded movie house is not really speech that that's on freedom of speech, when they say there is a limit. Freedom of speech- that's not really speech is also appropriate if there,
in fact of five years in the crowded the planet, but hang. There is a second reason why you can't you can't do that is that is a warning that speech. That warning is so, if If you go to the wall and there happens to be a fire alarm, you also we'll be arrested for pulling the fire alarm because you can't do that It's a warning. It has nothing to do with speech when you can't view can't say anything. You can well no there's a fire alarm. If I see the fire alarm, I can't pull that either its status, each issue it's a warning issue. You can't you can pull a fire alarm. Now I d No, if you can pull the Wolf alarm, I dont know ten percent of. U S. Leaders have a wolf alarm, but that's a state that a lot of people don't know
but you know what I call on you to pull in twenty seven. Eighty I lay erotic leaves little so that I propose listen to that. Wolf warning, you know so asked ends up. It says in a dark, there- are that I I I probably listen to them. How might even get up now not a few you or not? Now, let's turn out to be able to scale its little nobody scared of time. I will say by the way, if you happen to be voting, wonder woman Glenn this weekend with Wolf, Blitzer in the theater really cans like I'm gives that out of its better or worse, deal will for that situation, so they seek as we are accurate, but they will be very annoyed him speaking.
Just a greeting. He actually here's an entire every ivy goes towards the theatre. You have them right in Congress in a crowded congressional setting, move Blitzer comes in. Do I have a free speech right to say was now you have, the citizens can have serious so there's no, it's infusion there. But what happens if you're in a crowded north pole, you know toys enter and you're. Saying Linzer will then ok Ducas, enabling the reindeers blitz in? I don't really is vital. Speak north collagen. I don't know, I don't know. The other thing is. Why is nobody talking about her fitness for office? I mean she is and so confused Watson and send such ridiculous things and nobody says hey, you know maybe Nancy Pelosi something's wrong there. Because seriously, maybe something
little bit wrong there. Yeah. You know you're talking about there. It is, it is falling tromp, trumps sanity into question, but not Only now one would say that if, if, if we I was doing a show earlier this week in when we told the history of why we shouldn't diagnose people that we pro russian budget. That was for psychiatry, we're not so we are now ok, all right now. It's true and I will say to Nancy Pelosi like you look back at those early trump interviews from like the eighties, Mean he usage of every person liking. It has a different way of speaking. He doesn't didn't. You do us actually have all the best words here at that point, he's he's a much he's. More logical in the way he presents himself policies always been nuts right at me now
Don't you ever been conversion going on here. Speaking of people who have always been nuts James Cameron. We have- I am- I am just may Cameron on wonder, woman. All of the self congratulatory back, padding Hollywood's been doing over wonder. Woman has been so misguided she's an objectified, icon and she's. Just me male Hollywood do the same thing. I'm not saying I didn't like the movie, but to me it's a step backwards. Sir O Connor was not a beauty icon. She was strong. She was troubled too. The terrible mother and earn the respect of the audience through pure grit and to me, the benefit of the characters. Like Sir, is so obvious. I mean half the audiences female, so James you never, and her in like a tank top or her.
Your pants, her or cigani weaver. Strangely, that we didn't want to see in take up and underpants you never they wrote. Fully clothed in and by the way. If wonder, woman is objective. Buying a woman You feel about broader, no four for. How do we feel about how you feel about this shaft in America? Now I mean our this Glinda programme, it's nothing but without objectified us all the time I've ever That's all that's really real reason. They are here a little garden. I will say disgusts me, but what am I
closer to make myself ugly make myself unattractive it's not possible. We can have no way out of a right, of course, people like attractive people. I was there with the movies. Do you want for male and female? Please don't tell me that mail Gibson that Richard Gear, that you know even Chris, what's his name that plays in in Galaxy Guardian of the Galaxy rather Pratt Chris Pratt you're telling me that women aren't objectified them. Have you ever seen the Twilight Series, Taylor LAW is mostly naked Lester, I mean it's, how people feel about Jeffrey Zeb. Deliver that I know what do you do when you get
Jeffrey. Would you please finish your back on. Please making us all uncomfortable by he heard Wolf and games like I gonna take off my sure. That's right, I do have my shirt and strangely, just like the Hulk, my pants can stay on and the law east, but cabs- are all broke in Amerika Depart, but my waistline state exactly the same can we utilise a somewhat annoying internet term here, which is few signalling, like is the ship James Cameron, believes a word he just at chance like this is yelling everyone else how enlightened he is its buying a previous right. It's not about actually caring about the environment, its telling everyone that you're signalling to them that I care about the environment. I am, I think he actually believes it. I think I think you get to appoint two
Are you ve been surrounded by sycophants and you ve it's so much money, etc, etc. That that Everybody just keeps telling you how wonderful you're used are buying your own crap candidate points about him too, since when is making a woman out to be a terrible mother, a step forward for women, one of the things Briggs about is the Sarah caught. Her was a terrible mother, and That's a good thing, Is this not the guy who did Titanic and we saw PETE Winslet pose naked for a porter that subject, vine women now the rental: how about that? That's they they paid for that they pay for that. They all went down in the sea, they all not she's didn't pay for. She didn't because the rest of them were objectified, her she made it strangely always doing art and the arrest warrant race sex. What we she was hooked up with LEO, where she
If Turkey is a woman, she can do that she's powerful. So she doesn't matter that she's cheating on her obiang desire, whatever woman, she was free and say a pressing, her sought I saw. We all saw it in similar guy but oppressed she seemed in first class and have a pretty good life. What do you think? A guy guy gives you the hut, of the sea. He gives you that you stone like that, because he's not a pressing you come on. He expects something in return. That's right, like painting view Megan on the countess, that's what he was looking for. I think I don't know I'm not an oppressor. This is, of course, that this is every hollow holiday Hollywood person with the gun thing to say: the hearing and wine about how bad guns are, and then you look at all their movies and its nonstop guns for them. It's ok because they know the truth about
the union is the progressive. It is really is the progressive communist not see tat her to tell a terrier in Reno religious dictator, it it's all of them. I know better. I can do this because I know better but That's the little people there just too stupid and nation do this, but it's ok for mean it. I got it and that's a perfect example of white so frustrating to connect all the nonsense in Charlottesville with the right. If you are a, conservative in the american sense, the one thing more than four more than anything is individual freedom. And the idea that everybody in Washington does it know better than you. You should be able to make your own choices. You should be to live your own lives. You should not be strolled in every aspect of your life by the government. We are pretty clear that aid of really liked control of that country
I mean he was in no way thought he was a big government. I think he was a big government guy. I don't remember a lot of freedoms in that particular regime. I thought it was rotarian Nazi, not adversely? Second, that's just a second ok! Yes, one of the first things he did was make universal health care Yes, sure d, do that and they can they support. That is well rounded. Government guy I know it's a weird, it's a weird thing to think about, but yes, because I often think of Adolf Hitler as A guy who wanted the governments so small that the people had power over it. Now. I know a lot of it as more away. He wanted the government so big that when people didn't raise their arm to salute them, he murdered them and no
are punished because it was really address and I could see the way you interpret all the films and evident and in that way, but may I'm feeling a little oppressed by your point of view, I'm sorry? Yes, I'm sorry, racist Now this piece of mine wealth, simply safe. Peace of mind, is not always easy to come by when it comes to your family. Safety at home. Simply safe is gonna. Make it easy, simply, if home security extended their biggest ever summer sail to September. Third, it a hundred dollars off the simply safe summer package. It is everything you need to keep your home safe from intruders and it has around the clock monitoring for fourteen dollars and ninety nine cents a month. That's fifteen bucks no long term contract nothing to lock you in it is section done right, Damas out offer in September. Third, sir, please say back dotcom, save a hundred dollars today.
Please, safe back dotcom gathered that Thailand drivel eight seventy seven back Gary program ass were prayers for the people in the Gulf region, who, I guess the Hurricane is starting to come. Ashore looks like it's coming sure now in Corpus Christie, Texas, assists the sea wall could be, could be bad, especially if it goes back out into the gulf which they are expecting and then it could hit, Alison could hit New Orleans New Orleans is now it's along the coast, good ugly. You know you know what, most dangerous city in America is now. Besides to Orleans, I've been reading about Tamper Florida while they say that tamper floored if it is ever hit with a direct hit on the hurricane which is high, For there are going to make that circle happen, but if it does
they say it is its. It will be a devastating devastating hurricane. I don't deserve, with some surprise, is dangerous. Now, after Jeffrey left, I was that it was the most day well, when I was there when he was there. No it push that whole the whole western suicide posted down or almost capsize which was a wasn't it wasn't. The Florida was held on by the entire continent and nothing would have fled to Florida with LIVE Ag. Jonathan, ironically it is gratifying to go, because what we're saying, I guess, a joke. Their path is less Jeffreys that ain't over weight is vile ways, for I thought it was. This fact is you're. They see all weekend claims from the allegory of the world showing how this hurricane, after,
twelve years with no hurricane year, arms, MRI Science, Gillis, no you'll, hear that all of course, I'm sure it's already started. There's going to be more frequent and more intense hurricane and we see just exactly the opposite, exactly the opposite record setting period of a lack of hurricane gaps, there has been one since two thousand five, a major hurricane. And so has barely been any non major yeah, I mean really hasn't even Hurricane Sandy, which was working at one point. What was not when it actually made landfall, which have an important part of the story, which is why they kept calling it superstore. Author. I guides the super storm like there's a lot of flooding in that's the real danger. Here I mean there's going to be obviously high winds, but that the flooding looks like it could be really really bad. So, if you're in the path, this ain't, thirty six inches of ringing Linux somewhat some areas: thirty million six inches of rain nap,
is your page went away glad as the disproving of Al Gore's claim from his movie about hurricanes? So has your hearing this this weekend that there might be a fun view and maybe it and I believe I posted it. Glenn back Facebook com, Slash, Glenn Back and England back dot com as well. So make sure you share that with some friends says: the media goes crazy global warming back programme
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