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A ‘Digital Ghetto’ IS Forming | Guests: Dan Bongino & Andy Ngo | 1/13/21

2021-01-13 | 🔗

The Twitter mob slammed Glenn for using the term “digital ghetto” on Tucker Carlson’s show. But the term’s originator — Jewish Holocaust historian Edwin Black — joins to explain why Glenn used the phrase accurately. Dan Bongino gives an update on his fight to get Parler back on the internet and argues conservatives may need their own parallel economy. Antifa got a Portland bookstore to say it would not shelve or promote journalist Andy Ngo’s new book, “Unmasked." Andy joins to discuss the hypocrisy. Glenn explains how to peacefully protest like Martin Luther King did and asks listeners to pray for and serve their communities in this tough time. A second impeachment of President Trump is imminent, but what is this really about?

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Would you not entertainment, Goin back programme Have you noticed that if you ever try to retweet an article or video or something like that Twitter says, have you read the art and culture at the July Caribbean? Yesterday, a lot of blue checkmark people retreat it's something that was in. This stupid, stupid moronic charge that I'm Ty, semite and cheese.
I'm using Nazi analogies by the way that off the table again just for anybody who has been screaming Nazi Nazi knotty, trumpets Hitler Nazi Nazi Nazi, you can't say those things anymore. It's very offensive, well, Jake Tapir Hand, others idle. To explain history, And I warn you: you should probably listen to this segment alone, because you might get a little flushed from your embarrassment. I do that in sixty seconds. You know they really programme. I think you're Kyler ran You only really getting in trouble when your accurate you know you only they all you come after you I I was Tucker last night- and I think I hit them- right in their soft underbelly, because, The reaction was relentless,
they didn't, bother me at all, bring it on. I mean I know, what's coming, I'd No, it's really ironic is, I told all of you in not you, but the press I I this all out in two thousand eight, I can't let you do all of this out for over a decade now. And you're just doing exactly what I said you would do snug work out. Well, for you I mean I work out well for me and others. You know in the short term, but I will least be on the right side of history. When the gods of the cap Book headings. Return least be an all out. While look at that guy so we'll millions of others you fortunately, are going to be on the wrong side. Let me tell you about our sponsor this half our american financing. hey there.
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Trending on twitter last night, because I said. Which was a very small point in this whole eight minute monologue But I said this in the monologue: listen can't have freedom of speech. If you it have if you can't express yourself in a meaningful place this this is like the Germans with the Jews behind the wall, they would put them in the ghetto. Well, this is the digital ghetto you you can talk all you wanna Jews, you do whatever you want behind the wall. Will that's no meaningful and that's where we are that's where millions of Americans will be Ok, now I went on to say I am not comparing the two to the Holocaust, because I've and down this road multiple times now. It hasn't been wrong to compare anyone to Nazis Jews or Hitler's Le Hitler,
in the last four years, but apparently it is about be very, very, very unpopular once again now As soon as I said that the internet went crazy and Jake Tapir said this Nothing like what the Nazis did to the Jews and if you think that you're an absolute moron Glenn back, talker Karlsson in his white supremacist, like them, love saying that term ghetto they like the way it roles off their tongue if people like Glenn, are going to compare what's happening right now to the Holocaust. They should at least have the decency to admit that the air, the Nazis, it like the far right is trying to hide their white nationalist views by comparing the Holocaust with their plight king.
thinking face Glenn Back has been peddling anti Semitism by attacking George Soros, any control over the media and Democrats for years. I just love this. As I mean my prison cell at some point, for thought, Grimes. Oh, He's gonna be laughing myself to sleep every night. Let's just talk about this for a second and Jake I'd like to talk to you and you know, I've, never thought your voice should be silenced effect. I was a fan of yours until really recently in the last four years, I thought you were in actual objective Rapporteur, I dont know how what happened to you, or maybe how stupid I was for believing that but I never called for your voice to be silenced. Nor would I in fact thee what are they call them ass hats
the people that work could see an end that are currently leading the charge to silence the right. I still that they have the right to say those things and be heard, even on CNN so I don't know what it is about: free speech that you're so afraid of Jake, but I I to take every one who thinks that I'm as this is nothing like what the Nazis did to the Jews and if you think that you're an absolute moron, gosh egg. I feel bad for you today because you, just called Edwin Black, salute moron. Now Maybe you don't know who Edwin Black is he's just the award winning New York Times best selling international investigative author of two hundred award winning additions in twenty languages and one
directive. Ninety countries, as well as scores of newspapers and magazines, articles and leading publications with more than one point, six million books in print his work focuses on human rights, genocide and hate corpse criminality and corruption, government misconduct, academic fraud, Philip a philanthropic abuse, oil addiction, alternative energy, blah blah blah editor I have submitted blacks work eleven times for appeal at surprise. Nomination in recent years he's been recipient of a series of top editorial awards from journalistic organizations. Contribute too many things: human rights investigations, blah blah blah blah he's even been on CNN Wolf. Blitzer show pits weird for a moron well, maybe he's not a moron maybe he's just an anti semite,
you see the reason why bringing this up is because he The guy that coined the term that I said was digital ghetto he calls it algorithmic Ghettos: he's? U that s use digital, get out before our unease used several whose similar rhymes needs the same. It's the same thing and electronic ghetto he's also use. He has said this now four years he was on my show. The first time I heard him talk about. It was the we. That he was on my show. He said it'll ghetto. In fact he was on yesterday and here's what he said. I don't you There was a term for it at the time and you said, yeah it's dead It'll get ovation and had always stuck with me because that's exactly what each Would be called an it's exactly what's happening today and you warned about it
You tell me what that means and why you saw that coming well, but grown even graver. Since you- and I spoke- I was sitting in I was standing in the return of the Michelin State Capital with the governor on a hologram stay sheriff ceremony. I coined the phrase the algorithm get. and the hour and the algorithm ghetto said that we will now be in a position where we can scream from the rooftops and no one will hear us B B, because our means of connectivity has been disconnected by the Facebook. the twitters by the Instagram and all of these groups. And now we have seen this is suddenly come into play,
not within a matter of weeks or months, but almost overnight rush of censorship that is coming upon people, while that is weird Jake Tapir for this guy who's, been nominated for appeal at surprise, eleven times to be a moron or is it that is an anti semite and it hard for him to be an anti semite. Domine just said he came up with the first time ever spoke. It was had a whole a cost memorial. And it would be very hard for him since the senses mom, actually escaped on the train from Treblinka and her father are his father escaped from the shooting pit and they both lived in the forests of Poland
until the allies came in. So it's weird that is mom and dad both escape the Holocaust and he's an anti semite strange past Anti Semitism laws, and it is also strange bath and- and I was reading his his speech from two thousand eighteen at the official holocaust comer of commemoration for the stimulus again yet where he does, he ascended to Jake Tapir Logan I posted on Twitter is stewed. Does America you can get their object? Could you recently to J? Can you make sure you put an ad Jake or if you prefer my you'd like? I would love to do that. I bet you I would love to because I know I think, look PETE that we are of course, very. Understanding people here on the programme and you don't maybe not. Everyone- is familiar with this historians concept Deep in thought- maybe you just came up with it- on the floor and and
I just came up with it on the fly. Well, because I've been bright about so many things that none of them can ever it much here, just some time, Zangara show host. So this is not. For me, this is from Edwin Black yeah and he talked about it. I mean he's talked about it for years now, yeah, it's probably something you should be aware of. If you're gonna start calling people who use it, a moron borrowed anti Semites or an anti semite. But if you don't happen to be aware of it and look, there's a lot of facts going around the oven really busy the last couple years. Maybe people have just put: in a mist I agree. If I so, as it's interesting posted the speech up twitter at students, America, Frida share with anyone who think might need that information, so they understand the concept before they start talking about it. That's really good stu. I can't I'm gonna retweeted to Jake Tapir, because he's been busy. I mean he's been real alone item- is idle busy time, your exactly very busy tire exactly right So if you would like to help us spread the word Edwin Black, by the way a whore
but more on an anti semite his glory to this again today, our now on, while the user and anti semite, if you put net one black well, you know the one thing I haven't asked him: are you a white supremacist like we don't? I we don't know, maybe he's a white supremacist, because that was the other. What it was you're, a moron Annette I semite or away supremacists and I don't have any. I have no evidence that he's not white supremacist and in today's Amerika you are guilty until you can face the tribunal and prove that you are not more much much more. Including the things that I said last night that they didn't talk about, and I think what I didn't talk about is much more important where they didn't talk about is much. more important than this redeem. Charge, because their uninformed.
your informed on that now lie Go to the Supreme Court in a few minutes and I'll tell you I said about that and then we have Dan Bonn GINO on and then After that, we have Andy no now Andy as Ben well he's, got a new book out and as it out the note it's his it out, seems like a lotta bookstores, our saying you know it's not out new we're not going to have it here. Yeah! Well, it's just intifada the people who don't like fascists, telling you what to do, what to read they ve had a Dare I say a digital book burning- and we're gonna talk to him about that coming up in just a second and by the way digital book burning, hum poor, legally different than actual book burning,
more in a second I am also going to give you so gonna go also gonna tell you to trust in the lower cause. He's got this he's, not surprised, by it all right. Let me tell you about relief factor Wayne listens to us in Kansas. He was a rugby player. Therefore, twenty years at even know Anybody in America played Rugby, let alone Kansas anyway as people in his board often do because those real football players under say that when pads linnet crying about anyway, He's too heard both his back and his kicking foot started out only as little at first, but gradually got worse and worse and more frequent to the point that despaired dead. He would never feel normal again. I know that feel it unwell and I'm not a rugby player. I've just walked or not walked. My
life anyway, within days of taking relief factor, Wayne fell the pain begin to recede. He says it's now gone, week or so later the pain in his foot went away after taking it, he was able to get back onto the feel just give the old days. So we can no pain for himself see this is what exercise does anyone relief? actor not a drug developed by doctors and seventy percent of the people who go on to try it. They go the buy more why because it works relief factor, eight hundred five hundred eight thousand three hundred and eighty four, eight hundred five hundred eight thousand three hundred and eighty four, it's relieffactor dot com institutionally So some people, including many conservatives, have argued that private companies are not bound by any legal obligation to extend bill of rights. Protections to em
can citizens generally speaking, courts have agreed with that? You don't have to extend free speech rights to a man standing in the living room of your own private home? However, now in all cases in March. Versus Alabama. I spoke about this last night on Tucker and strangely nobody brought this up Supreme Court nineteen forty sixth court ruled that, even though the town of Chicks saw Alabama, what one hundred percent built on pre. Thirdly owned by a shipping Somebody land- and it was the proverbial company town. They ran everything the court ruled that they still were obliged to honour the first amendment rights of the people who lived, worked and visited there. Now Missus March had been arrested in charge would violating a local ordinance against religious proselytizing for handing out pamphlets supporting.
Her beliefs as a Jehovah, witness she p. She plaid that such an ordinance, even though she was legally on privately owned. property by a private corporation advice laid her first amendment rights of free speech and religion. Now, if it is in your home and she comes, she has no right. However. However,. The court said any municipal ordinance that prohibited distributing religious literature in a public street clearly would violate the first amendment a camp. The town does not have the same rights as a private homeowner in Berlin, in unwanted religious expression on his property while town is owned by a private company. It is open for the use by the public, and thus the company becomes limited by the constitutional rights of the people there who are. entitled to the freedom of such as speech and religion conflict.
between property rights and constitutional rights must to be resolved in favour of the latter that So what does that mean while explain later on in today's program, you don't want to miss it and Dan Bond GINO, is coming up. You know and Bonn GINO for being an outspoken advocate for The values that many of us hold- he also is an investor in parlor, he's coming up next persons programme. oh boy, I was made fun of last on Twitter, alot of people. I know he's just sullen Michael indulge my Pavlov's browser again. pillows right bill. I don't know what your problem is. You may not like him so hungry.
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We then come slash. Glenn promo code is glaringly save thirty bucks off your subscription to place tv for a limited tat welcome to the Glenn Beck program. Many many years ago guy was standing in my Fox news, studio off to the side he was wearing by the jeans and a t, shirt or something that he may have come in. A suit but he was not dressed in his usual garb. He was, he was, on a day off any decided to come up to the studios because he wanted to talk to me. my hand and he said I've seen so much vitriol against you. I actually started listening and watching what you are saying, and I can't do this anymore. I cant do my job any more and He was a secret service agent. He actually in the White House. While I was there, he was actually with
Obama's and and others never ask in further details of all of the things that he saw and he's the kind of guy that I don't think would ever reveal those. I find him to be honourable secret service or former secret service agent. His name is Dan Bonn GINO. He has changed his life and become very outspoken. He is also an investor in a business that was shut down called parlour and I want to say It also very clear Dan Bonn GINO said, I think it was on Wednesday of last week. We must never ever. normalize political violence. End quote: he's very clear. There are many reasons for what happened on Wednesday, There are no excuses and in fact it leads to great danger of the republic or to the republic. So let me go to Dan Bonn. Gino Dan First of all, how you doing my friend.
Physically Adon not do I mean real. He had said that if you want me to tell ya to sleep course, I'm gonna do that. Or I listen- that Cyprus share your concern. You ve always been a good friend to me. You know I've is over with you in Israel. We go way back in there. stories accurate. I remember that moment like it was yesterday. You you haven't, you have an amazing memory. I might add, considering how many people you meet so I, but getting back to what you opened with you know, you're right. I am an investor and parlour, and I just want to emphasise the audience. You have a substantial one. You have no idea how pad this was by I know you're, probably thinking or some, maybe not you, because you see the supply the seas, but some people in your audience. Well, how much worse could the attack on parlor gotten it one trillion dollar companies, Amazon apple, Google, all of seemingly toward
it to remove your business from the face of the earth, while behind the scenes is even worse. I mean error, smear campaigns, pressure campaigns- on everyone, Glenn lawyer bankers, everyone to get this company apron, Actually, what was what was closing in on a billion dollar company white from the face of the earth? It think it's incredible. I will tell Dan, and you know this. Cheryl Atkinson wrote about it in one of her books the left. Used me as the guinea pig to perfect there. There there the hit squad, but I don't think they ve it until now that they they haven't when they want to destroy and shut people down. They can do it now quickly, because it is a network that they have, as you said, from banking,
to the twitter mob too. To Google I mean they can destroy you quickly. Yeah they can, and I and warning about this on my show now for five years, where I said, I think it was five years ago. The first time I use the term which are used to this day apparel. economy, they are. Sadly, we live in a country right now, where we as conservatives, libertarians and candidly, saying Democrats too. We have to construct a parallel Aachen, everything from servers to internet infrastructure onto I dance all institutions and I'm not talking about a conservative economy. What I'm talking about is a free speech, economy parlor. Doesn't it made against liberal now, twitter discriminates against consumers. We If you wanna join parlor the liberal when we're up hopefully this week, and we will be back by the way, go right ahead, nobody's gonna ban you, but we
To do that, whether it's an alternative to pay pal, we need to construct an entirely free speech economy so that where we could we get board members free of pressure campaigns have some component so Dan. I agree with you a hundred percent. You know, that's why I built the blaze by You also know, because of your dealings with your own company and parlor, to get the right to actually open their power kit book. The way the left does is damn near impossible and to get the people I mean now in this time to get people to stand up with courage and say damn right, I'm building that is all so damn near impossible, but here's the worst part the money, the billions and billions possibly trillions of dollars to build this in. This structure is the eye
I mean it's almost unreasonable to expect anyone can do that it is claimed that listen, I'm not here to take the blow wind up. Your was zoo here that any of this is going to be easy. It's not, but you know, I think, back to When I was an agent at the secret service services. Now, isn't it after the academy, someone new we're Roger Ales who it you know it's a since they parted by I gave it gave a speech about starting a fox using someone asked the question and said you know what made you think too. Are the newest network that would appeal to you, know conservative, and he had an interesting quote. He said: well, it wasn't really some active genius. She said we had a business model that appear to fifty percent of American. You know that. That's what I'm suggesting here today. For listening with the money and the finances in the cloud? The eland must further
world than other, who seem to be mildly interested at at at at you know what a minimum in liberty and freedom yeah there's a market out there. It's called fifty percent of America you're talkin about over a hundred and fifty million potential customers. For you know a free speech bank of free speech pay pal a free speech, everyday mats report. There was an parlors not done and I'm tellin you were gonna go. I know there is no way they know once we win. This is going to be a in a moment when we hit these companies hard because we're not W. I sat on on fire The other day and I'll say if you against, I will go bankrupt. I will go absolutely destitute. Before I met this go I don't care. I have some very scary moments in my life and they put your horse blinders on me. I know what matters now and it's out money it somehow That is it's none of that crap it. This is the ability to exist in a free country where you can express your ideas,
and not worry about being thrown out of your job and and cannot be put in jail like they were trying to invest, get the IRS. With a begin early brutal, This is not a new story; none of this is new, so Last night I quoted, who, in black, who I dont, know if you're the you know who he is but he's brilliant and and his parents were holocaust survivors, etc, etc. And I quoted as saying their building a digital ghetto. This is what the Germans did in the real world, because I wasn't, a digital world pages You can talk all you want, you can do whatever you want. Just do it behind this wall. They were moved them from society and from sight, and so you can do anything you want it to them and the Excuse was done earlier, haven't a great life there, just separate from us, they ve bill. A digital ghetto for the right and it's only gonna get more powerful. If people do
stand up and say this is wrong. So how do we do it? How do we do this? While unethical? isn't gonna, be multiple steps here and that number one we're going to need legislators who actually have some coffee balls. can. I just did ok, sorry right up there, you don't have that now glance you deal with these people. I talked to MILAN I'll. Tell you some inside baseball, I'm you may agree with, and what to speak for you, but speaking to legit, it is like. I have had been run myself would be friendly. I would guess the made that less than ten percent of the Republican Party understand that is willing to fight this fight. Sad but less than ten percent. Yes, I agree. I may be being generous Jackie, I say I would say five percent I would fine, profound problem, because the accurate with that little squiggly side, this could be less, could write it. Alright, let's so I'm not sure
have the people in their willing to fight this fight and anyone saying all we can rely on politicians for this fight. Ladies and gentlemen, if we live in a constitutional republic, it's a representative democracy. The only vehicle we have now are you, I'm never going to add the ever ever sanctions advocate or not condemn violence. We're under you, I'm not gonna! Do it. If the countries lies over then forget it. We live in an age of what a warfare. That's my country that interested sorry heart! That's the only way to do it. People in there we did make some effective changes. Tea party. You already you got what three hundred the vote on them all and clean the place up did Ivy Dan Dan. I want you to go in red, maybe I'll just send you. The portion of this from Barack Obama in his book and also in his founding doc, means of whatever it is forward America whatever. That thing was that you know was the Obama movement he talk. About how devasted
reading the tea party was to his agenda- and he talks, How few voices, scrutiny four, a m, because we turned America against him. No, he did he did, but we did have and have worked and people feel like we didn't. It was effective format that sets a defeatist mentality Listen, we live in a world the margin, our if you're. Looking for black or white answers like Tea party, good tea party, but that's not the way to with the world works like a thermostat, you don't say in the winter he good or he'd bad. You say how much he now. given the world on the margins, the tea party in the end under Barack Obama, Daddy Budget control, lack pass. Granted it's been rendered toothless by republic is because they watched their focus, but we got budget control like path under Obama? Don't tell me you didn't do anything, don't tell me:
we ve, given up all areas we have to resort to violence are now I'm not interested all. We cannot do that when you normalizes like they have an say all rights are ok, I mean a macabre might show that a whole bunch of headlines were vocs in Time magazine here. I am sorry that bad, whatever sanctioning it I'm doing that. There's a path here to fix it. It's a long one. not an easy one, but no life it. No answers in life are easy. We're here for the fight were not here for easy answers. I've only got about ninety seconds for this answer and its importance as a grit service guy, I dont know if you have seen the posters who I I contend, we're never drawn by a conservative, because no conservative as that much art in their sole but as for a march on the country. In all of our state capitals, armed I reject this
I think this is the. This could be the rice dog fire that is needed to finish the republic, and can you speak your thoughts on and on armed rally in every capital next week include. In Washington DC I'll, tell you this and sixty seconds lets. You know everybody likes the quote: sons do all that stop inundate overplayed, but this way You are doing what your enemy wants. You to do, don't do it. They are very new up. Don't do it, don't isn't that what you do dad we kept for the second amendment, huge, don't do it, I'm convinced they are setting you up a hundred thousand percent. Don't do it march? All your peaceful protests and civil disobedience to the essence of America too,
thing, don't do it. They are setting you up. I am sure of it. Dan. I pray for you. I know you're your health and You can rely on us as friends too, to help you in anything that you need. We support. You ve always been angry that out Dan Bonn GINO aright, Or in just a second well, there's nothin, I look better than driving a car until the doors fall off. You know, especially when it is you know when it is your mode of transportation, you'd love it or whatever, When you run out of warranty, it's all impossible to do that now. You can't keep your car running because it becomes too expensive that My car shield is there and you're getting the peace of mind when you're on the road that, if something happens
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This is the Glen Back programme blood. You hear stew, we ve got coming up next hour. We have Andy, no, we Edwin Black Mile. We have a woman who just sold flag tee shirts online, been shut down, Yeah seems like there's almost a theme here, most developing almost theme. Almost a theme will Edwin blacks gonna, be here to educate those who have been so super busy. In the last few years, that they don't understand the term digital ghetto, it will be interesting to people who were coming across Edwin Blacks, work for the first time in the last twelve hours to understand the concepts he's been discussing for eight years. I e the man whose mom and dad survived the Holocaust. Who is
probably one of the most important scholar on eugenics and the Holocaust so to be interesting for people like Jake, dapper, etc, etc. Who think that anybody who says that our believes, that is a more on or an anti semite. Yet it's it's can the path to Anti Semitism can be a winding one year, glow, usually inserted in the forest of Poland, which has started the force of all well, what is usually, if you're, the other side of the God yeah area summits on that side of the Guardia without blacks, family they were fleeing the Nazi scams, dribbling gotten and the and the shooting pit- and you think like that the normal path to mass, like Jews, yeah but yeah, maybe they're right. Why wouldn't Edwin about that? That will be an interesting Konrad con he has perpetrated for all these years. Coming off as the world's leading holocaust scholar, you know what a con he has led as an apparent
Anti Semite, according to Jake Tapir, so Laura morons could just be more, could be just a mortal lemon time. You know nominated for the Pulitzer Prize, but Morons do get that. Well, I should shut my mouth because well was an appeal in surprise. It was a Nobel Prize that Barack Obama was nominated, for I guess the morons go for the Nobel Prize for some, about american financing. I told you last hour that, because of the Biden. Tax cuts, the financial, but the banking system is I'm saying, they're just gonna raise interest rates to pay for those taxes, so you're gonna get taxed twice, you're gonna get the tax, and then you, can't pass that on to anybody else. So when you try to hey for mortgage or something else here to pay a higher interest rate, so the banks can hey there tax This is why me,
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hello, America. I have, I don't, think I've ever come to a show, except maybe some of our first talk, radio chose more prepared. Then today I've got so much material aid. It is so important to know that. Please just stay with me as we try to plough through it and some voices you need to hear today in just about a minute. We haven't Andy. No with us. Andy is a journalist. He has been at all of the anti for rallies. He was one of the first to say that what happened at the capitol last week was not anti fa. It was people who, to be conservatives and trump supporters
and also echoed everything that anyone who has seen says we cannot condone violence if we get into that, we become them and he is joining us because the giant running at this rate, the anti fascist. So the people who are against book burning and people telling you what to read in, say and think those people who are against all of that are actually now digitally burning and he knows book and try to have him silenced. He needs a bigger platform and I provided to him in sixty seconds programme Jeffrey is from Texas. Jeffrey is from Texas. He's a visa listener of a listener of mine and
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he's coming your way under a Biden, administration and we're gonna show you who is involved. His cabinet picks tonight his partners. It is biting his cabinet secrets. crony cabal. Nine p M live tonight on blaze, tv thirty dollars offer your subscription join, is now blaze, tv, dotcom, Slash, Glenn Andy no editor at large, the post millennial author? asked and this is the reaction play. The audio from Anti FA in Portland your manager came out. Your private property can really be here, blah blah blah blah cares about that, and the bookstore is decided not to sell any knows book. I hope we sell a ton of his book right now. Unmet
asked by Andy, no Andy. How are you served under no Thank you for having me are you, You have had quite a year. I have been speaking or twenty twenty and even the shall days until twenty twenty one, My heart is early. Breathing saw the United States gene, all these people now coming out to condemn the political violence that to happen at the capitals which I do my country, I'm doing we then we should. My response is, where the hell were you last year. Yes, when thousands of rioters lay siege to my said he, They tried to burned out federal Property Federal Court House. Sadly them king was explosives. They came with startling fires, electric power tools
into the building at the response. At times in those you are crowing allowed is now it's at their silence and in the worst cases like indicates, you come, my hair is actually tweeting our links for crowd, funding for bail bond for young people accused are really heinous bright cry. I mean, can you imagine if you have are you rush Lamar? Anybody came out and said: hey, there's a fun here to help get these guys out of jail. You know the way of the worse. The ones that worryin with reinvent we're going to arrest MIKE pants can you imagine what would happen swore I mean we we need only even have to like really speculate. You can show that the big tack mobilise is to work with the far left to silence people. That's. Why disgrace times a border Sir John has been calling for me to be permanently
twitter as they feel really empowered by jumping silence everywhere at sea by extremists. Here our to attack Portland largest bookstore for the past two days ass. It was store to shut down in downtown you're, coming in and make your own. These demands that they are not doing enough to down my book is not enough that the store has already acquiescence, I'm not going to stop it on child and the people. You don't want it on my mind, catalogue, diver, Andy first. While, let's talk about your book, because I want to give you the time to sell as many copies is possible, so tell me about the book first, and then I want to talk to you about what we do. So, let's talk about, but first on now, see what I've been working on now you try to uncover. Why is is vital,
extremist movements raises various names most commonly anti for some of them are more deceptive, be used and call themselves other days with all that happened. Stated agenda and gold the living republic and actually overdoing it. If you look at their literature- and What was really shocking, fascinating watching a real time, sickly living, important and also going to Seattle- was how they were out. Able, at times to claim territory as sovereign territory, separate from the United States not the local governments actually allowed is allowed in Sudan in many ways facilitated the means for that to happen. In the case of Turkey all that Charles capture upon his own, led to multiple homicide, shootings, Clement, Austin Autonomous OWN, that would set up over and over. We see the same. Variable have allowed for this movement.
Come a phenomenon and growing one Ascendant one These are remaining even with the incoming administration and just with our airlines or twenty twenty one, but we can see. Actually they seem. Empowered with had now for riots, import levies, hello! We had arrived on the same day that the Capitol Hill Riot happen in that receive no attention when these extra Those were using many the same time trying to break into that government property, and the book is revealing sorted this whole apparatus and how it works and how the so effective and It helps to dispel some of these men, like thinking that is one big person on top the library that day I did, by Rich Billina, is its non. Actually there, organizing and funding in sources on money laundering is happening in inside with the aid of the attack?
and they do it openly on on platforms like twitter- and in the ground and facebook, and they face really know boundings at all We're talking to any. No. The book that you need to buy do not buy a digital copy by a hard bound copy. It's called unmasked inside antifreeze, radical plan to destroy democracy. It it it it has to bother you that word sedition. and revolutionary or anti, a government, being thrown around by people who, I do believe, committed sedition last Wednesday they were trying to topple the the organised government? and take things into their own hands, but. In tee. For has a very long record I mean it is in
their own manifestoes, that I mean there they To the streets and declared sovereign property, as you just said, away from the United States, it must sincerely bother you that no one is willing to call them seditious on the left and in the media, and in Washington, Not only are they not words, seditious actually praiser lavish. naturally and either and they protect their naturally and one of the reasons why I am going one. I've been working overdrive who got trying to get my book band into in this instance. I would call it is because I think You're very systematic and chronicling be arrested. Happen: employment, fortunately, it still acceptable other record, but among shop, but I've been really things are charged with the names he pretended then get charge ice even nice over ninety percent of them get the trousers dropped. This is a corrupt
system of import man. the local media event release the names and photos of those accused of these high, where No, you look at the disparate treatment of clothes. Nor on parallel yells going after no fly list now which daylight. Why can't? If you're gonna do that you have to do that for Antigua, but they won't. They won't Andy the mayor of Portland came out, I think a week or two ago, and said enough is enough and we gotta get to a fun and Tita I don't even know, if he's sincere and that or what, but what I really think that the people and Antigua they think That they are in charge and running things, but I truly believe the Democrats are going to treat them eventually, like Hitler did
the SD or the USA, they they were marching in the streets. They were brutalizing people. They were the thugs that God things to be pushed through the chaos on the streets and when their job, was no longer useful. He killed them all. I think, me Democrat from playing a dangerous game and that they don't really realise what people embracing and equally as allies. I think in the case of fur you listen gas, Coordinated Seattle, the Portland mandatory out on their viewed. Well, yes, antivirus radical thought. There right here in the name of racial justice and social justice. Therefore, let's go I'd better space to do that and wall? They fly and they actually claim territory cause people to actually die.
in the case of Poland, the merest coming out of a little bit harsher now, but let us not forget that says he came into office twenty seven. China was under she's was that this movement exploded important that this movement turn comment about the rector of American, far left mileage? Show, I guess it's. Four years later better late than never and maybe but I mean you know anybody else because he's not feeding everything to run an actual use Walter. Lastly, one hears dining restaurant. They're going after him eventually so At this, the game that the mission Democrats and playing with and nay, it has had a convenient excuse in. Sharing how many a shared enemy in the top administration, but in those days are limited now
and I can promise that the violence that we found for you, twenty will continue and it takes a very, very small sought for us to see more insects. If, as we saw last year, because all the other underlying variables such Dover, we're too, king to two Andy: no, and his upcoming book called unmasked, I urge you to get it. I've got about, two men in the half left for for an answer to this question? Andy, but there are of people that will listen to you or me or others, and they like I know the problem, I know how big it is and they can see what's coming their way that's. I think one of the reasons- and there are many reasons, but no excuses for violence, but people I feel like they are being backed in a corner and they have nothing else to do which is incorrect. But what do you suggest? What do I think, a
Kind of violence is giving the left exactly what they want, but what people do you know. This is a question. I ve been wrestling with myself, the question right, you have spoken, just sort of watching helplessly as my city was the bar into an alarm american should use for. Burned to the ground, And I'm not sure if I have been an answer for that. Sadly, I was and remains a very strong believer in american institutions, but when you're looking at How- let's say at local level how crowd things can be that allow violence too political violence too, so plainly operate in the people who law enforcement Actually, I apprehend are getting their charges immediately drop just as a matter of policy and its staunchest unique to Portland that you say that you turn Seattle in San Francisco and other
a lot of these up a lot of these places. This is where the the prosecutors have been we're getting their support from from my George Soros, that's where he puts his money where the people ladder yeah I guess I would just say the Euro Conservatives freedom. Loving media Had had organizing in this, in my critic, that is not so much at the grassroots. My boy comes from conservative in positions of power who, I so afraid how the media will treat them that they will do. They would throw their constituents under the Bush before, you just to have a nice had money. For example, I think. I am afraid of their dark days ahead for the country
Those two thank you so much Andy. No again, the name of his book, that is, that everybody should should get especially since the left really doesn't want you do they don't want it to be printed, it's called unmasked. unmasked and it is all about, what's really happening with Antiphon, and please support Andy. Follow him at Mister Andy. No, it's an g o. I think he should be a bond villain. This is so great. Mr Andy, no Let me take a quick, ten second break or sixty second break until about re con ha boy. I can't wait for twenty twenty one. Twenty twenty sucked shut up now, my kids. Have something that I find really annoying. But I'm thinking about using it on them and on the rest, the world they just
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I for husband, would like to not listen to anybody as well. Fifteen percent off now by Paycom Dotcom, slash back ten second stationary. There is so much going on. I'm still reeling from yesterday's news that Colin Powell said he can no longer call himself a republic, and I mean that what that set me back was that shocking. It was shocking. Suleiman he's only voted for the democratic candidate in every election. I can remember, since he was in the administration, but other than that other than I can't. I don't know what would indicate that he wouldn't be a Republican. He said he's a republic it every time you announced the vote,
right, which is interesting right. You just keep saying I'm a republican, but I am voting for the democratic this time and then he does it every single election. Yes, but this time he's no longer republican, he no longer going to come out every elect. And say I'm a republican, but I just have to vote for them. I was kind of becoming like a little tradition for me. I know, like you know you have my reason single. I hereby my Colin Powell voted for a democrat tree and I put a different ornament. The theory everywhere else time and votes for, and now I just gotta get a bigger tree gas been weighed down all the ornaments and all the all the brain. these are just lay down on the ground, are so happy with. I voted for a debit. an ornament and God did not design trees. Tat bear all that wait. No, they didn t. Do it again, I'm still reeling from that, but there is a will. There is a lot of news that you need to know, including answer on things that we do need to do and things. I would like you to focus on
and we'll do that coming up, but Edwin Black is joining as next, because was quoting him last line of called an anti semite core it back problem or a moron. I can't remember which so that's coming up next, you don't want to miss it all right. Our sponsor this half hour is Patriot Mobile every day you come across a cell phone company that you know Not only has the Uno service but is also willing to put their money where their mouth is so they'll take a bit of your money and though they ll say I'm better support you know black lives matter or I'm gonna support to the education fond of sixteen nineteen or our I'm gonna help heal the world by killing babies plan parenthood. You can come across those phone companies every single day. What you can't come on ass is one that is just as good has great
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it plays tv. We we need, you HU. As much as you need us blaze, tv, dotcom, slash, gland, use the protocol Glenn and you're gonna save thirty percent coming up at the top of next hour, a very important message that I ask you listen to in its entirety. So you understand it is not taken out of context. Last night I was on Tucker Carlsson and I said this, have freedom of speech. If you it have if you can't express yourself in a meaningful place. This This is like the Germans with the Jews behind the wall. They would put them in the ghetto. Well, this is the digital ghetto you can talk all you want Jews, you do whatever you want behind the wall. Will that's no meaningful and that's where we are that's where millions of Americans will be
last night boy the American Jewish Committee, the age. I see the constant weapons zation of histories. Darkest chapter is deeply offensive and an affront to the six million Jews who perished in the holocaust. There is no comparison between big tat come these enforcing their community standards and the holocaust period. None period, apology, eyes. Glenn back. I had Jake Tapir said that your either a moron or an anti semite there that anyone who would believe what I said about the digital oh and talk about ghettos, Asian, is a moron or an anti semite. Well, I want to get the guy who actually coined the term. He said digital getaway cessation
it's the same thing, but his name is Edwin Black. He was on with me yesterday. He is, he has been nominated for a Nobel Prize or his name submitted for a Nobel Prize Eel Army, It's her prize eleven times eleven times Don't think he's a moron, I don't think he's an anti semite semite. I wanna make sure I'm in line with the man I Think is one of the greatest Holocaust is storylines alive today. Welcome program and would black thank you for having me Glen so Edwin. I want to make sure cause. I mean I think you know me well enough to know how I feel about the Holocaust and Israel and Jews. You have won the defender of Israel award from Sheldon Edelson. It was presented to me by
Elden and Benjamin Netanyahu, I mean I'm I'm serious about these issues. Am I wrong. Did I say something out of context here you didn't say anything wrong, and I think that the to them, you have this quite ill ill advised. I think it's a measure of our times, not a measure of the accuracy of the claim. So here's why you used the word digital get all it's because I coined the term did get off and algorithm get off and I did that. into one eighteen, as the keynote speaker of four Holocaust day of the official Governor Holocaust day speaking in the return the damage can state capitol in land sing
an I some arrived. My remarks, including the algorithm in ghetto, ended digital ghetto. Before in editorial, which read and in the times of rivers and about thirty other papers and history network news, and I was sound, and I remained even more concerned that the activities of the of the oligarchy of digital control are in fact trying to chonta into digital ghettos I should mention that a get all, even though my parents are holocaust survivor of no use to think it was. A polish word. Is Chile, in italian word a jewish italian word, which originates from the sixteenth century from one of the first get
the name to get out, and that was in Venice, and the word comes from. It is argued by many that the word may come from the Jewish hebrew, word gets which is a divorce, but it also means being put aside from worth separated from during the nineteenth century. The ghettos became much much worse. And during the holocaust they became the first step, along the way Lord annihilation, for the Jews. This, of course, was facilitated by IBM in its twelve year alliance with the the Nazis, which I wrote about in IBM and the Holocaust several years ago,
after when I was writing my book war against week about eugenics and genetics that the word was coined. not a ghetto and was used largely by had thus, Sir Many others who were seeking legislation that would not permit people to take testing of individuals of their genetic bet ground for the purpose of denying them a damn employment credits, access to housing etc, and I believe the genetic ghetto was one of the earliest modern innovations of this terrible place. Ghetto and, of course my parents were in a ghetto. You use this term because that's exactly what I have observed them. What many people have observed? I think that there is nothing
Story about the criticism in evolving hit history in the, racism that you received. I think this was just another byproduct of anything that anyone says is being a trance microphone and wiping out against them. I am very concerned about the breach of the concept that you do not use Hitler S, criticism. Even the numerous leading all cost historians have called Trump. I Hitler and I don't like that I have to tell you this this we can use Nazis, we can use concentration camps, we can use storm troopers, we can use trump in our or I Hitler to describe the Trump administration, but you can't
ever do it. It is that it is so important to me Edwin that we You know that the phrase never forget doesn't mean don't forget- to what they did. It means don't fall get how we got to the showers and the seeds, unless you pull those weeds up early and you king eyes them, no matter which side I mean. I would be saying this. If the Republicans on Facebook and Google and they were in bed with the government and they were silencing people. I be saying exactly the same thing, the These are the sea out waves that start to spread up and if you don't cut them off early, it's too late. Am I wrong, I of course have seen the misuse this term. By so many of holocaust terms, I heard
Schwarzenegger the other day all make reference to a crystal clear, which is something I studied in, not in nineteen thirty, eight, which involved the murder, aunt em, is a mental burning of many thanks jewish live and petitions and also had the the the army and the police. Standing by doing nothing doing Oh? Yes, yes, because this was one of the best manifestations, Crystal knight of the of the authorities becoming part of the affliction in the worst way. Naturally, that started on January 30th, one thousand nine hundred and thirty three everybody needs to take a breath when we are talking about a digital ghetto. That's exactly what we're talkin about we're talking about people who is to Sile
You were talking about people who wish to marginalize others we're talking about operations that are trying to follow the most often steps of marginalization. You know, and once again we are we talking about this, for the digital means it was. The m that made it possible for Hitler to perpetrate the Nazis. That does not mean that this is a nazi regime where work or twitter is part of and not regime, but what it does mean is dead. High tech was involved in the worst crime in the history of humanity. I've heard people talk about what these are. Private companies Google's a private company quarters a private company there, not private companies
companies and they are owned by all of us and as a public interest in these companies abiding by the but by the law- and I believe it was some- hush versus Alabama, my wrong and about nineteen, forty six. private companies- I talked about that last night. That stated that a private company can do not engage in illegal activity or improper activity, regardless the terms and conditions. Are you can't when it comes to the private ownership versus the constitution? The constitute and always must remain supreme will will have you on again. I'm sorry if, if, if I said something, out of turn last night, I don't think I did. I didn't anything out of turning the out of turn it from my friend
and they know who they are. down the rhetoric. Tone down the rhetoric. If you have a problem, give me a call You know who you are. You know who I am keep the high cost of this, but we need to look at the step, and we need to understand that right now, people are are following the step of identification, exclusion, confiscation and that bad things. Tat is about is where we wanted to stop. The purpose of the historian is to look ahead and over the horizon based. What are you saying come before? That's why we are here. So thank you very much Thank you. God bless you Edwin Black, Jake Tapper? I hope you actually here that interview and here it with your heart, not your head, not stir
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How do you interpret things like? Let me let me play this please, this is. This is from project vera toss, exposing the the chief of Council, the lawyer for PBS. Listen to this. Even my only overall republican voters and homeland security will take their children away. What do you think it will put them from supporters? Children re education camps is in these times, which are unique. I mean Tromp close to Hitler is now what do you? What do you mean of that. What do you say and they're? Not the only one why columnists calls for de programming of Trump COLT was this. There are millions of Americans almost all white, almost the publicans Who-
somehow me to be deep programmes there. It's as if they don't break labour, bear members of occult the trumpets called an and we have to be D programme. Do you have any idea how we We start a process. My joints, depleted I'm sorry, but People are saying those things. There's only one way to interpret that and maybe perhaps it's those on the left that should watch their language glum programme, hello, America, what day or poor day things are going crazy. Their voting on impeaching, the president today, for the second time in the house, he's now what days left
They will absolutely impeach him in the house which Mcconnell says he fell to two rooting out. This is a message to all those who are thinking about. While I might run for president, they will destroy you destroy your family. They will do everything right out in the open and you can't do anything about it. It's a disgrace. What what's been going on in this country, Wednesday last week from the right and what's happening from the left is an absolute disgrace. Let me go to John in Illinois. Has been holding for awhile. Hello, John I called because in the latter. A lot of us feel that you now would you painted in the quarter. It feels like Are we really a few choices? One were peaceful and with other countries
in order to we violently opposed, probably billows, but at least we tried, but really what we need to come up with a the illusion that they're not exactly what we have all as it were: deleted bankers and its owner and millions others on our side and I the boy but I'd like to tell you all theater, but basically often require to organise their. With the microphone that leaves a lot of without left corner. You don't work when I tell you want why don't you when I put you on hold and you can talk to one away- produces and I'll put you in touch with somebody else on my team and you
share those ideas, I'm always open to other ideas, but this is gonna fall to all of us, not just some leader. I have also something for people who are angry. What do we do? What do we do? What do we do? We noticed what he just said there I feel like. We only have two choices: Stew, cast Sun City? What what does he known for choice structure is not wanted? What destroys structure? While I mean it's, if you want to get someone to pick the thing that you want them to do, if you structure the choices in a way that they really feel like, that's the only way, I know it's very helpful, very helpful yet of Europe's economic. So I wonder why we all feel like there's no choices but violence. It's what they want I'll give you the other path in sixty six, program gully
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You need to go with real estate agents. I trust dot. Com have a real estate agent, that is screened real estate agents. I trust dot com. I want to talk to you about something that probably didn't make a lot of sense along ago. In fact, I can't tell you how many programme directors, stations you know threaten to cancel. How many calls I got from the average lister say what the hell are you even talking about when I talked about. The leadership of Martin Luther king. and I have done everything I can as much as I possibly can to, he too about Martin Luther King and non violent protests, and I don't think there's any body in the media who has talked about nonviolence longer, more in depth,
commercial airwaves than me could be wrong. But I bet you almost in american history that might even be then it might even stand up to be true preachers, certainly commercial airwaves, I don't think anybody has Now. I think many art trot began. Turning to understand why I tried delay that found foundation, I told you since September eleventh, This feeling that you are going to be the group of people that will, in the end, save the republic I've, always leave that I don't know how it is saved. It might just be preserved in our hearts and in sections I don't know, but I leave it now. I never wanted to get. To this mean everything. I've done is to prevent us from getting here, but everybody is so politically tied to their side.
That. No one will let their shields down and actually listen to one another and we that desperate point now you are equipped to save the republic, because issue, at least hopefully have a fundamental understanding of the kind detention, the bill of rights. You understand it least a sick understanding of em, in history, ma More importantly, what makes this audience so phenomenal. Is that it is the most generous and service minded audience of any show in America, and perhaps the World that's part of what continues to be solved. Fur straining about the capital invasion. Last week. because you're being maligned you I know who you are, this is
most peaceful, generous, loving, God, fearing authentic Patria, audience in America? you are frustrated and you are tired of being hit in the face and called bigot and everything else. No matter what you do. I know I know, I've been called an anti Semite, just in the last twenty four hours by everybody, unjust, firstly, I get it. you are now being tainted by the actions of complete imbeciles, who do not represent you and I fair, but that's the hand that were being dealt and gods in charge, is not surprised. we know the left's current tactics fail in the long run, silencing cancelling taking away rights,
These are the hallmarks of regime after regime after marxist regime on the ashes of history, China is still there because they have taken so called free market which is not free. They took the capitalist system and they come find it With their marxist utopia- and I don't know, what's gonna happen to the people over there, especially seeing that our high tech has joined them to weed out the dissidents. it's not inevitable that we joined them and it is going to require us to take a stand. Just not in the way that most bill, especially if their angry think is most effective, look at the ratings of b, a lamb Seventy eight percent of Americans at the beginning of the summer thought that they were swell.
The numbers in the low twenties. Now why? Because violence doesn't work, I don't know if you saw the fellowship of the ring- but do you remember if did when Frodo says I. I don't want to do this. A he's he's he's lamb printing having to face down the evil. and he's just one guy. I'll never forget, because it was right after nine eleven that that movie came out on them. forget Gundolph Reply, Gundolph said so do we all who live to see such times, but that is for them to decide. All we have to decide is what we are going to do with the time that has given us. We can't decide, while others are gonna, do we
and control the dangerous orwellian darkness that seems to be descending on America? All We can control, room man search for meaning, is our response. And strive to lead by example, and by the way if you know anyone in your sphere of influence, who might be planned, to attend. One of these armed rallies in the coming days beg them not to go down. everything you can to stop them. That is now The way to take a stand. It does not produce anything that you hold dear. It will endanger the republic. It is what the other side, why darkness were STAR Wars yes, give in. embrace your hatred. Don't do it Glenn. How do we take a stand.
first thing I need you to do today, help lower the temperature we could be on. It has been so hard for me not to respond to people on Twitter, today who have called me every name under the sun, because I quoted the leading Holocaust historian last night, like her Karlsson, but see that was the attack on me, that was an attack on Tucker. If you can scare the guy costs from coming onto Tucker. You destroy Tucker, that's what they're doing there was an attack on That was an attack on him, do advent, your anger on social media. At this point it is probably just gonna get your account shut down. I why to write this down. I want you to keep. This in front of you bless it are the peacemakers, or they will be called the children of God thou. that means something today, much more
than it did Six months ago, placid be the peacemakers, be a peacemaker. You have to stay plugged in, and this is the hard part you can't disconnect, as things are moving too rapidly, you just stay plugged in. But I want you to reach out to someone in kindness on social media, encourage some one do not engage with the darkness, be the light in the corner of your world. Instead, you need to be a leader for what is to come. And I know I am asking you almost the impossible- I know you're angry and frustrated, and it is got wrenching to feel like your powerless to top your nation from what you believe is sliding into the abyss, and I believe it too, with everything in me. I wish I was wrong
I hope that I am. I pray that I am. No, this, you are not powerless. You are not voiceless. You may be the voice, only voice that anyway, hears Voices like mine will go away. I am, I am too and to think of how I can't what I need to share with you, WAR and God forbid. If that ever happens, because I can't live with myself. If I was talking about some stupid politically, and I, find my voice, silenced and then saying I wish I would have said this. I wish it would have told them miss. You wheeled more power than you know, not because of your vote. being able to call your congressmen your more powerful. Then you know because
You understand the real problem in Amerika the ring, The problem in America is not political. It is spiritual. and until we are humbled, when you get angry in your like I'm gonna take this in a mile. You are not being humble you think you fix it. Everything is happening to us because we are an arrogant out of control. People. We must hum ourselves. please. You have the skill and the strength to endure, the fiery darts that are gonna come your way or already are, but this the problem with our heart. You cannot reach some one's head without capturing their heart. and no one is going to capture anybody's heart through violence
in your own home and then reach out? And if your able serve your neighbour. you, can serve your local community. You must be a beacon of light in a very dark place. Boy- and I ask you to do something- you really not alike- that's how I always know when things are from God was when I you're, something or I think something and I'm like wrap. I don't want to do that and you just know it's right No, not you know it's what God wants in your hoping that you're like I didn't hear that and he's like, yeah you're right, I didn't notice, you notice that and it's so horrible- because it's. The last thing you want to do. But God is, unlike many of our churches and preachers here,
and tell us what we want to hear. He doesn't have to pee for the church or get collection or be judged by how many people go he will say the same thing: man he ll lose whole flocks and there eventually started, go, oh wait. Wait, wait, where's the shepherd again he's not like our preachers, he'll tell do what you have to do and he'll tell especially if it's the last thing you wanna do we'll talk about it in sixty seconds. Let me tell you a goblin: what is your backup plan. I know that sounds like a kind of a vague. question, but that's what kind of makes it's scary, because we all have to have a backup plan. There are tons of things that could go very, very wrong in the coming months and there's a bunch of things that could go wrong with the economy alone.
the banking sector, that the whole low low, low, low interest rates, are gonna go away just because taxes are gonna. Go up on the bank and the banks are gonna. Take it out on you, they're gonna. Do it every business? Does I've got more expensive, so I'm just gonna pass it on to the customer. We're pretty, king money? wait until you see how much we print in the future gold lying, please please it is where everyone goes when the world has gone insane, it goes back. to a reset it always was reset with gold. Please call gold line now get physical goal, Ask him about their specials right now of five free half ounce, pure bullion silver coins. When you buy a bye, The twenty of them, the five dollars liberties, which is what I buy, call them now they're waiting for you at eight hundred and sixty six gold line. Eight hundred and sixty six gold
are gold line, dot com, ten second stationary I'm just thinking about how many preacher friends I have from all different fake, and I love going to- I love going say dogs. I love go into Baptist churches. I just love seeing the way people connect with God and I said to a preacher it before he. Let me on been the pulpit of of his church. I said You know what I think this is, and he said what I said. you guys know that I'm a Mormon which- The last person, but most christian pastors with-
hey? I want you to listen to this guy said, but you know that Mormons nobody wants to become a mormon, I mean it like, though I mean it's like hey, you want to do something fun join the Mormon Church is never on that list, and I said, I think, guys, just know that your crowd will just go. Oh yeah he makes a lot of sense or she's a mormon and weighing following him there, so they put their guard down there. Just like you can talk all you want cousin. No, but he's gonna follow you there and I like that. I like that, because I think that our connection with God must be personal and the reason I was thinking about the stories, because I'm not a preacher, just a guy like you, a dad who is struggling mightily within own children and his own family.
have the same problems that you have. I'm lucky enough to not have the worries. My job like you have, but I still have the worries of my job. But I have to tell you now some things that I want you to do and are not new, but I need you to hear me I am asking you if you on to stand for the republic. Next, week is inauguration weak. I need you first to pray like you, VE, never prayed before pray or humility, pray for guidance, pray for peace, pray for those people who you think you hate, because you don't Hatred does not come from any good place. Then
I want you to go out and serve some one in any way possible on Inauguration day, especially get your family and your children involved valley. Tear somewhere. Take someone a meal, do something to lift the spirits of hospital. workers, are your local police department help Stranger MOA lawn fix someone's car pick up ash on the side of the highway. Do what you can do, but the most important thing is to do it with a sincere heart If someone asked me, why are you doing this to say because I love my country right, is above the fray- in service, in love, with malice toward none and charity. For all we meet Change hearts to save republic the Glen programme. Let me tell you about flock. Cyber criminals are real they're out there,
and they like nothing better than to find ways to take advantage of you it's Time to take every measure that you can to protect yourself from them, it's port and to understand how dangerous cyber crime is an identity theft and how frequent is and how it will totally destroy your life. we're on the internet all the times, kids school, it's all the time now and nobody can prevent all identity theft or keep you protected at all times, but life. He is the one thing that you can do. That will really be the big bang, freer to any bad guys. come in. Your way you can see
How to twenty five percent off your first year now at Lifelock DOT com use the promo code back Beck, it's Lifelock dot com, call one eight hundred Lifelock or head over to Lifelock dot com and use the promo code back for twenty five percent off now, it's lifelock dot com more in just a minute. However, the blaze dvd com, Slash Glenn, the promo code is Glenn, say thirty. Bucks offer subscription to place tv today. This is the Glenville Programme, I want to share with you, the lyrics of one of my favorite songs as by Nora Jones. and I dont know if anybody's ever really hurt. But I love it. It's called the american anthem and.
the lyrics are just so perfect. Things are starting to become more more clear if you have the eyes and the ears and thee countenance to hear it, but listen to this, We ve all been given by the Who came before the dream of a nation where freedom could endure. the works and prayers of centuries have brought it. To this day. What shall be our legacy? What will our children say Each generation from the planes to the distant shores, each generation from the plains,
two distant shore with the gifts that they were given were determined to leave more battles fought to other acts of conscience fought alone. The are the seeds from which America has grown. for those who think they have nothing to share whose fear in their hearts there is no hero. There know that each quiet act of dignity. Is that which for defies the soul of a nation that never dies. What will be our legacy? What will our children say. Let them say of me: was one who believed in sharing the blessings I received.
Let me know in my heart when my days are through America, America. I gave my best to you. It's never pop. Pillar to stand up for peace because he went home. You actually have to stand up for peace. It's like standing up for free speech, it's really easy to be a free speech on free speech. Abble absolutist. Are you So when somebody says something that you absolutely abhor view say. I stand by their right to say that if you don't You need to change that you need to be that person, because the only time that standing up for free speech means,
Nothing is when somebody is saying something that you hold dear or You love And they're saying something that is deeply offensive to you. The rest of it is easy, I'm a Christian. Why, so for all the dont seen here here and here parts as hydrogen you're, not an American you don't believe in the bill of rights. If you don't stand up for the bill of rights when it doesn't If it you in fact, it may hurt. You. I tell you I've I've I've studied revolutions. I've studied, the movements of people to try stop those revolutions or fang the violence. Sometimes they win. Sometimes they fail. They Always fail
always fail and bond offer, is the greatest example of it. If the hearts of the people have grown hard. why do you think we're being pushed and pushed and pushed think about it not from the darkness? side, but from the light side, why We being pushed we're being he pushed so you will be humble let our hearts me be open, don't know about you, but I've read my scriptures lately. Unlike I've, read em before thing have new meaning to me this week and last week I was looking over something that I wrote. and then I plagiarized from Martin Luther king when we went to Birmingham and I made everybody who went sign it and it is Martin Luther King non a pledge of non violence? I want you to listen to these words. Now Apps in a different way, he wrote one as
prepare to March meditate, on the lives, the life and teachings of Jesus. I hear the preacher user Jesus Freak. What what is it? and by meditate on the life and the teacher. of Jesus Jesus, All about peace, Aimin who doesn't like Jesus, doesn't understand Jesus you may now Oh Jesus supporters, with the onset of that, but anybody doesn't like. Jesus doesn't think like that. Guy was amazing, doesn't know. Jesus. He was all about peace at her is cost too Remember the nonviolent movement seeks justice and reconciliation, not victory but I want to win no, because winning implies there is a loser. This is what
problem is right now, Joe by in one everyone who voted for him your Wrong, your worthless, that's not victory. That's a win We don't want to win. We don't want to run across a bacteria was at some time three walk and talk in the manner of love. For God is love, who is that, when hard prayed, only to be used by God that all men and women might be free sacrifice, ice. Personal wishes that all might be free, absurd. serve with friend and foe. Ordinary rules of courtesy
form regular service for others and the world refrain from violence of fist tongue. And heart trust and a blade? I understand violence of fist Ivan Understand: violence of tongue violence, heart I have to be in good spiritual and bobbio bodily health. Our ten feet although the directions of the movement leaders and of the captain's on the demonstrations. people will say non resume. Nonviolent resistance is a man. that of cowards. It is not. It takes more courage. To stand there when people or threatening you, it is more because were not necessarily the one who's going to win. You may lose.
but you are standing up with courage for the eye De is that your spouse, and the minute you engage in the kind of activity that the other side is engaging in you describe the movement. You discredit, Everything we believe in I don't want to, shot people up. I want a rule of law. I want the people who did that to the capital last week if they were involved in beating a police officer to death or if they were defaced, the capital storming the capital or going in trying to arrest people I want them arrested. I want them to go. Have a free and fair Trial and if the jury, says: go to jail. They go to jail. I think that they deserve it but I'm not the judge and jury, but I also
Think everyone who is involved in all of the mayhem from the summer should have gone to jail too. I want equal justice, not social justice there, a huge difference you are seeing the difference right now so justice will silent some. social justice will compel the President elect to give a speech this week that he gave where I will make sure that those who had to close their business or lost their job if there are any color but white. we will help them now. He didn't say it that way. He said well help the minorities will help women. Specifically led off white men. That's an act of omission. not commission a sin of omission.
I can imagine what the world we'll say about me. If anything, I doubt I'm even footnote in history. No idea what they ll say. But I learned after getting my first real death threats, I don't care what the world says about me I care about what God says about me and I care about my children say about me. and let them save me. I was one who believed in the sharing of the blessings that I have received. Those blessings include freedom and I pray that in my heart I will know when my days her through that
can clearly say America. I gave my best to you, we talk a little bit about a MAC. There are two battles going on: one is political and one is spiritual and the political battle is being fought. by some really good groups that are not gonna, get you in to trouble. You're, not gonna, get you in day, let's march, on the capital or a gun, bad idea. The pole. Political fight needs to be fought strategically and in a way you can win and one group you can count on the help organise that is a MAC. It like a r p, except it's not like a r p, a MAC. Actually, does the things that you need to ease. the pain in cost of your life, but all
So they stand for the values, the car, the traditional conservative values that we all want to preserve. They represent curry faith and reason They stand for solid US solvency in a time when we are just. We just our printing money board. security, sob Don T they believe in the sanctity of life and they have a full time presence in Washington and numbers, don't talk, they scream they. Due to join and stand with them. I am a member of a MAC, they'll fight the good food to become a member to day join me and millions of others. The benefits are great, but the key OZ is greater right. Now, a MAC. I M, a sea die U S slash back, that's a MAC die
U S slash back tonight on glinting with vines and observation just around the corner, who will really be running America blend cracks open. The secrets applied in the cabinet dominates to reveal their corruption there crony capitalism and are marching orders to execute the great reset Watch Glenn expose by his cabinet secrets tonight. Ninety amused: her only applies to slash Glenn We're just talking about the Raising this. That is happening in Washington. The president is eight days away from leaving office and they are trying to a beach him. He will be now the Only president to be in beach twice by Congress, whether he's removed or not, I dont know you can't make a common sense, pragmatist kind of argument, for he has eight days left. You don't like what Did you can censure him? That's
that's part of the rules that used to be a really bad thing. Now it's just tell em. What's really bothersome about? This is FBI, in all kinds of experts have all said this. will only make tensions higher. This will only make things much worse. You are eight d he's away. What are you doing eight days away. I mean if he barricaded himself in the oval office, I would be all for the National Guard or the regional military going in to move him he's not. going to do that. This is a I'll making sure he could never run again, this what banana republics do? you don't have to like what he did, but you all I don't have to like would lose. Cheney is saying,
but let us remove her from office either. Let's not try to destroy her life either. Liz Cheney, has never been a fan of Donald Trump. This does not suffer this like Mitt Romney, coming out he's gonna vote for Bateman shut up really. I mean, of course, of course,. I pray for the president and I pray. For the incoming president. that everyone does the right thing and stops think about themselves and and what the we want to accomplish instead, do what's right for the republic do what's right For our union I dont know how we unite Irene He don't. If you're talking about re education camps for my kids,
because I supported tromp if you're talking about driving people out of the marketplace because supported Trump I can't unite with you wouldn't unite with you. If If you were saying that you know, anybody who supported Joe Biden needs to be rum doubt no, no. that's fascism and else and against that I'm not antiphon, but I am anti fascist, I'm an totalitarian, I'm anti communist ask the Antiphon group their anti communist you know started the rice dog fire worthy and tie, fascists ones who aunt far came out of there also probe communist.
that's why they were against the fascists, ask them You broke communism, prototyping terrorism, or are you for the bill of rights as it stands? You'll know quickly. You know them through their action programme,
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