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A 'Kind' Greatness? | Guests: Steve Deace & Gavin McInnes | 12/6/18

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Hour 1  Vowing to live everyday to the fullest?...Remembering the 'kind' greatness of George H.W. thru his son W? ...It was April of 1988 when Glenn leaned about 'hope' from H.W. Bush? ...Blaze TV's Steve Deace joins, topics: Veggie Tales = Racist and Dangerous for Children?...Annual Whiteness Conference?...Global Warming madness...credo of progressiveness?...child like thinking from the Leftist state of mind?...a NEW Great Awaking in needed?    Hour 2 Communism...is coming soon to France?...Paris, the city of Blood?...Effie Tower or Guillotine? ...Wall Street Woes...Optimist vs. Catastrophic views going forward 2019?...just normal year-end market adjustment(s)?...is a 2008 event on the horizon?...Trump is being Reagan like on tariffs?...playing chess with China, but just not convinced Trump is a good chess player?...thanks to Capitalist principals, China has grown into freedom?...Trump Tariffs with China; he just wants a better deal for America?   Hour 3 Christmas Hating, The Most Wonderful Time of the Year?...Outraged by Rudolph?...Nebraska elementary school bans all things Christmas and Arbor Day?...the Memo Ban List? ...What's the Elliot Wave Theory?...when and how, our social moods drive the markets?...rational vs. irrational theory?...there's safety in pessimism, therefore many gravitate to it?...Flashback America: Going bananas for bananas?...Polarized polar opposites? ...Something's Off with Andrew Heaton...not a morning person ...Teaching A.I. to kill people?…fear the goal not the robot?

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Get your life back, get out of pain, try the quick start now. It relief factor, dotcom relief factor, dot, com, back yesterday, the the first funeral for George W Bush happened in the air, the national cathedral, and it was everything you think, a Bush funeral should be like or would be like. There were no snarking comments, except from the press. There was Oh lecturing anyone on politics. It was just truly humble. retelling of a man's life. It was, it was kind, it was decent. It was normal
the press immediately jumped into pottage see how Hillary Clinton and tramp tramp behave like can you shut up sincerely shut up? Here's a guy George. W Bush, who, I think, has liked by every single president. All of them, like George W Bush. Here's, a guy who reason to hate Donald Trump didn't say anything was polite, was kind Where's has reason to hate the Obama's because look at what they did to him. They just trash for four years is the Bush economy well of Bush additive, screwed up so much he now
responded. In fact, yesterday he brought Michelle Obama Candy, because the last time there were two funeral, he did it and they become friends as he was describing his his father. Yesterday he talked about who he was he said my dad knew how to die young. Probably because twice in his life, he almost did, and he said I think, those brushes with death made him cherish the gift of life and he vowed to live every
day to the fullest. Dad was always busy in constant motion, but never too busy to share his love of life with those around him. He taught us to love for the outdoors. He loved watching dogs. He loved landing, the elusive striper once confined to a wheelchair. He seemed happiness sitting on his favorite perch in the back porch walkers point contemplating majesty of the Atlantic. The hurry isn't he saw were bright and hopeful he was genuinely an optimistic man and that optimism guided his children and me each of us believe that anything was possible. How many of us are doing that with our children? Now. He talked about his service to the nation. He talked about how he didn't judge people.
Dad could relate to people from all walks of life. He was an empathetic man, he valued character over pedigree and he wasn't a cynic for the good and each person and usually found it dad taught us publics Chris was noble unnecessary that one could serve with integrity and hold true to the impasse. certain values like faith in family. He straw We believed it was important to give back to the community and the country which one lived here you that serving others and rich to give her soul to us. He was the it is of a thousand points of life when he lost he shouldered the blame he accepted that fail. here is a part of living, a full life Buddy Let us never to be defined by failure. He showed us how setbacks can strengthen. He and on to describe, and I urge you to read
this eulogy or to go back and listen to it again, if you didn't hear it, the first time go, go back and listen he's dead. bribing what a man should be. You don't hear that anymore. Andrew Heaton, sir, in today, Andrew Heaton as a new podcast called something's off with Andrew Heaton. Theirs is there's a story from Vancouver.
The traditional masculine values are being ditched by millennial men. Can you tell me as a millennial what our traditional male values? I I'm not from it? First of all, keep minuses, Canada. I look at this in its from Vancouver to this. It says young, canadian men and I highlighted that men scenery wholly masking the values that are distinctly different from those of previous generations. Some of the inner. I read the report, but I'm reading through the synopsis of it. Some of it makes sense to me something. I'm not sure of there seems to be this kind of shift in emphasis from physical strength to health, which is good on my end cause I, I would. I would much rather try and pick up a woman at a bar based on my you know my metabolism self. I get ahead so that there are good riot and yet I you know, I don't know that it's so much that we are actually altering what
It is to be a mail so far as its just sort of bad. To think about it. I do think there's some. that going on right now we're it's you live, before on your on your show that I moved here from New York And one of the things it was interesting to me about that experience was I didn't go into. You work thinking it myself as a white male I am, I mean, I'm graphically white male, but it just what an important I didn't know daddy. I did. I am it's for those of you listening but can't see me. I am a storm of man is that Europe has its. I mean I'm literally wearing tartan truce right now. So it's a nice, it's uncomfortable lights. I've got a pocket square on this, but it, but that wasn't part of my daddy. ask me when I came in New York at Samara comedian. I do not talk about politics, the time. I left that a kind of an hammered innovate, and it's not does not necessarily good that you're a white male yeah. They amber that India is brought up a lot like or, if will say, for example, if I
the contrary opinion that something that it's like. Well, you know you are coming from a position of privilege, and which is If side, you say I'm from Oklahoma, there's! No, village at all in that yeah that the age at which there too, like I think of the phrase multi varied analysis, comes to mind. I data the young lady in New York, who she's from Oklahoma as well and she's Roma Chiquita shut up to carry the like what we were doing. She could not collar dad her dad does not a phone he doesn't leave. Is that port- and this is this- is two years ago. Three years ago, president on a phone, if she's get hold of him, she has to call her now, But we're right him a letter and I think like that, I don't like its fair to lump that kind of thing categories. I am it's not fair to lump us in the same category of like a hedge fund manager, when my sister move to Wyoming She used to have to go to a phone Paul about five miles away from her house machine, the phone she too poor to to put a phone in
and she had a drive to phone Paul and she would stand sometimes you know hip deep The call and say a merry Christmas. We thought you know we're like move back to civilization, but I mean is that privilege? Is that privilege I think in general, whenever you're your instinct is to engage with people by negating their ability to make an argument. It's a bad thing it's one thing to go, I think that you're wrong, the thing to say you, you are just forbidden to venture. outside of what I believe is the proper narrative. So did you hear George W Bush is eulogy jobs, most of it most of it. So I urge you to go back and listen to it. Tell me That is something that we would all say I want to be like that. Then I was apparent. go to the water.
The photo I'm sure it's been making around, but the photo that I thought was retouching was, and you shall quieter This George Register, Bush was a guy who really didn't like political theatre. he was raised by his mother did not use the pronoun I very often, but I think it is 80s. There's others a great photo of him Lee bald because one of the secret service man, his son. I think head got leukemia it's all. This could serve, I'm shape heads in sport and George H Bush just did it I wouldn't like a huge national story, did make the rounds little bit, but it wasn't like he did a press conference interest. You wanted to be supportive of this kid and I think That kind of you know that deep character that was very much concerned with people around him rather than agile, bringing candy tumors hello. It was good that was used. W Bush there right yeah, yeah, that if that is in his dad I mean he was thinking about. Her how hard it is to have,
a funeral that goes on and on on and on and on heat George Hw Bush died. They put him in a car, They fly air force. One down, put him in the back all family gets on board. The big ceremony in the laying in state in the rotunda of the capital that I have a giant parade to go to HU, the National, the national cathedral. as to give a eulogy. Then they take the body after the third twenty one can in salute. They put him back. AIR Force, one. They fly to Houston where they're gonna proceed. and and and then another funeral I so hope that, in the middle of all of this George W Bush went take I stop it quick trip
I Miranda and was a cat s got snickers allowing like bought it, for we shall barber. That would then be the most saree. Sir, a bizarre. Beg for the guy resignation? How great is that? Can you imagine seriously think it? the burying your father, who you were close to and and having to go just through that, and yesterday you have the clip. there are just of the last part of his eulogy put play this in his inaugural address. The forty first president of the United States said this. we cannot hope only to leave our children, a beggar car, a bigger bank account we must hope to give them a sense of what it means to be a loyal friends, a loving parents. a citizen who leaves is home his neighborhood and town better than he found it. What we want the men and women who work with us to save when we are no longer there. that we're more driven to succeed than anyone around this or that,
we stopped to ask a sick child had gotten better. state a moment there to trade or word of friendship. What I remember you for exactly that and much more and we're gonna miss you, your decency, sincerity and kind soul will stay with us forever through our tears. Let us know the blessings knowing and loving. You are eight and noble man the best father, a your daughter kid and then our grief, I don't mind knowing that dad is hugging Robin and holding moms hand again cigar. who has put. On a strong face all week, And been lifting other people up, Now, if you saw yesterday when he was accompanying the casket and everything else, but
dawned on me yesterday. The last time I saw it Last time I saw him look like that he had this. and almost like a frown, but he was biting his lease lip and you. Tell that he wasn't. I mean he was engaged in. He was trying to hold it together and I realize yesterday as the as they we're doing another twenty one, you know, cannon salute and. Watched him and I realized I haven't seen that face- George I've always wants one other time and its when they- whispered in his ear, were under attack. Remember he sat there and he kind of frowning bit his lip back? I it's working hard to hold it together all day and one crack there. I think it's a lot of the time we look at this kind of stuff. We we almost dehumanizing people on it.
You know it's ultimately, that's his dad died, which is really sad form, regardless of the political connections. Regard like it's, not George, W Bush is neck past not. There is a former president. He is blitz incidental secondary, I'm glad they did mean they. They did secondary funeral in Houston, arrest college station, the George Bush Labour, I'm really glad they did Uncas that's got it's gotta, be very tough to have to put on that that that level of of public facing, decorum when you were burning up inside- and here he is doing a job as a son and a fall. our President of honouring his father the way his father and mother would have been proud. Instead of. Instead of wallowing in his own grief, I just I find this family remarkable, do shoot out of curiosity,
what do you think George W Bush? It can be remembered for like I've, I think I will be the cold war and character I think those yapping links have been really stand out. Yeah, I think so, and his son will be remember. Your George W Bush said to me. I'm. here to be the most hated men on the planet for for the next fifty years good news there is that is met eclipse deer were safe, sir. He said I am prepared he said, because I know that in fifty years from now, they're gonna look back in realise this is they did what they had to do? They did the only thing they could do, and he said I'm. I am confident that history will remember, and you know you, George H, W Bush. I think History will remember. The guy when Clinton came in, they started changing a lot of a lot of policies in the Middle EAST,
I'm sorry! Now in the Middle EAST, in the Soviet Bloc and George Bush It was not something we did. You really think about that. No image to his great testament, like I mention this, I did kind of a post mortem of of Bush administration on my podcast earlier this week and I met not that when you think about the collapsed cold war, you dont tend to think about it. We think about this when the Berlin Wall, but we don't really. Think about anything else attached the great testament of George Bush that it wasn't a bit it could have been herbal that could have gone off the rails. That's a nuclear empire and nuclear empire disintegrating in that gone real, bad, real, quick and, what's amazing, is not only do you not think about it? You also done think about him until you up and go wait. A minute wait a minute. What was outlined Then you realize oh, my gosh. He managed that thing. That's truly his kindness first Lee,
the managing of the collapse of the Soviet Union a distant second- and I think that's exactly how he would want it to be such a little bit about lifelike, Look you want to be able to go online and in a dual your Christmas shopping and please world too sleepy meat loan. I just want to go on doing Christmas shopping. I I I want to be able to use the internet in ways that makes my life a little easier The last thing I want to have to worry about is somebody coming in and hacking taking all of my stuff. You know scamming me in some way or another or holding my you know, holding my hard drive hostage. That's Her life lot comes in, you need live your life. Somebody
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It was daughter was being born. and he had just run for A prisoner was running for president and eighty eight in April and I think it was on sixty minutes. Then he talked about Robin and was the first time I heard him. And he's he spoke about the sanctity of life and my daughter had just been born, and I remember watching, I think, was sixty minutes out. She was home for maybe a couple of days and I was holding her and she all connected to wires and everything else and and and I was just I just so beside my site is didn't mean everything was up in the air
and- and he talked about the sanctity of life- and he talked about his daughter and He just gave me such hope that mean it was it was one of the lowest points of my life and I don't remember what he said just remember feeling there's hope. This is gonna, be ok, no matter what happens, it's all gonna be ok, it's a remarkable gift to give somebody truly remarkable gift All right, we have Steve Dace coming in just a second in, and we might, I think we might have to talk to him a little bit about dumb Bob, the tomato HU we found out is extraordinarily racist. Because he makes he makes vegetables of color look bad.
I don't know anybody's notice, but all of the vegetables, six cauliflower vegetables of color and a podcast for the blaze tv it Steve Dace joining us now, hello, Steve. How are you We want to learn how you dont, will you don't sound, happy Morgan little matter about it, my that yeah That would start over again Steve. How are you I am Can I deserve our? You have their turns out. That's fantastic, also line I've just watching the DOW spiral out of control, only down- I don't Four hundred and six points known foreigner, twelve, nobody, no big deal just a two percent on the opening bell, so nothing to worry about Steve.
I don't know if you know this, but Veggie tales is racist, it's funny, I don't remember that watching, although those with my kids, although those years when they were little, but I think I'm blinded to it because of My I headed normative occasion. I think we are all aware tendency very girl, so a group and fetch it again. of students in california- an annual whiteness for forum. Now we were I'm pretty sure, don't you think Andrew that was were pretty sure. This is there not for whiteness. No, I I was confused when he says that the title of like the annual whiteness conference or something I thought that's in it, you need to start, you're Leavenworth? I think it's about whiteness and probably not a favourable capacity correct. So now they have come out against veggie tales and said that it is dangerous for children actual dangerous for children?
They said that its Bob, the tomato and Larry the cucumber You numbers have been through a lot Glenn. I should leave them alone may so that they are their villains because they all of the all of the colored vegetables are are noted in the show, as the bad guys, it. Is this I'm not seeing the seat. These are there in comas. Is that what you're you mean? What you say that articles did know it's she'll cucumber in an actual tomato sauce receives much better now. So do you never picked up on that Steve? I didn't bite, you know, there's, there's a couple of days is it play in stories like this every year on my show. Glenn we always go in. We start a new year. Would like a thief. I tried a model myself. After my all time, favorite bans you to end the Beatles and just reinvent yourself, you not just doing the same they'll pay. It's worth our theme for next year is no b s eye and and
other things and we started yesterday on his coat with Katy Turd MSNBC What do you want? A meaningless life is because we want to focus, says so wholeheartedly on on global warming and- and I think I mean by bs in these cases is forced them to live by what they claim they believe for. Well. If you really believe that it is that whiteness is raised, and you're out a university remove your from the university they drop out of school so that some. when have color may have your spot when Kirsty I stood on CNN while a couple of ago, that- She has been a beneficiary of the white patriarchy. If you really We need that Kirsten quit your paid gig CNN, so someone of color may have that spot. If you really believe that we know what happened to native Americans were so absolutely dreadful and terrible that you just can't even then give up all the trappings of west and civilization,
trade in wifi for wampum, enjoying the local reservation and, if Peter really believes that all is meaningless because we won't make a global warming are single minded focus. You know, don't take that gas As laying a you know, Suv be unmarked out front of thirty rock home to your passion. They're on the Upper EAST side, quit your gig I urge you, know, gravel placard and go out there in Times Square Bang, drum and say bring out your dead these people, don't believe any of this stuff. They may feel it, but they don't believe that's no enemy wing and are there there postmark put our post modern, Glenn they're, just attempting to dig struck and destroy the previous is existing norms. In order to me wait for the new normal, that's what this is now. just a second Bernie. Sanders Bernie Sanders spent too, hundred and ninety seven thousand six hundred and eighty five dollars with APOLLO jets, private jet,
ardor of service one month and you're telling me he doesn't believe the things he sang about. Global warming he's gotta get their quickly willing it is when you have three homes are while you're suffering for You know the idea that the working class that requires a lot yet travelled it get back and forth to those that did the thousand dollar honorarium taking gates Stephen I'm gonna have I met a push back a little, but I will posit. I do think that that generally Democrat, so progressive do believe the stuff there espousing I'd. I dont know they always live up to it, and I- and so I would say, the gap is one of hypocrisy, but not of actual. You know sort of cynical lying about the ideology, their professing cynical its cheats immaturity when I was a child. I thought spoken. Reason is a child. When I became a man, I set aside childish things when we were kids, but we really loved that song. Did we really love our favorite team did we really loved? That ban will yeah and we were eleven. Ok,
Christian what love was we were immature. We were children credo of Progressive ISM is very simple because I wanna, Whenever I want. I will justify whatever I need to reverse engineer, whatever philosophy I need deconstruct whenever cafeteria, Your christianity, I need to choose from the menu we're we're Leviticus. Both is terrible to gaze, but also the basis of my immigration system. At the exact same time, I can just do whatever I want, because I wanna and then when I would I when I finish it- Tonia Graham she's long March through the institutions. So I can do the college campuses and I control the media. Forelegs good two legs bad becomes score. Legs are good, but two legs or even better because I wanna it's really about coercion, control and power, and that's really what progressive ism and now you're watching it to borrow one of its own terms, transition it transitioning now proposed modernism
legalism to cultural terraforming, and you saw that with one of the most powerful progressives in the world this weekend cook the ceo of Apple. He was literally talking about platform in people that he finds objectionable and look at the terms used. We put this work with this video, my facebook wall. He used the terms and I quote thin. He used the terms and I quote judgment. Now I'm old enough- and I think all of us listing older to remember, we could use those work anymore. They were intolerant will bear using those words now dare call walking this now? They are now in their now spreading the new time religious. So I I happened to agree with you Steve that With the exception of this, I think there's a difference between progressives, I think we're out of the progressive era. I think we're in the modern era, and it is the truly radical a postmodernism that have control or the hands around the throat of the culture and then they are culturally
reforming. I don't think it's the the bridge progressive. I think the progressives like Bernie Sanders. Who was really a progressive is really more of a marxist, say, would say as much he's assessed by the Socialists in it. So you know the average person who claim to be a progressive, I dont think, is in that category. I think there's ten percent of this population that would like it. take us to hell and they would be the end, they believe that it would be a great thing. I think that striving it's a bad idea to view any any large group of go? People's monolithic fairly? yet the if, even if really like the libertarian party, there's different camps for them, libertarian parties certainly different camps where the Republican Party there's different camps within the Democratic Party and I would really like most most Democrats want America to be good. They like America, there there rooting for good thing.
However, they have a different way of doing it. So putting all of them into that kind of anarchic destroying the these civilization thing I think would be overshooting the mark and I dont think that its ill. I, like your opinion on this deal, that what's happening in Paris, goes to show that Eighty percent of the people in France believe in global warming. They believe in it. However, when it it actually comes down to it and it's going to affect their life. There are like Oh no! No! No! No! I want to do something, but I want them to do something I want them to pay for it. Not me That's where a real problem comes in and- and I think what you're talking about Do as I say, not as I do want that. That is the child. Like thinking of, I want things without com, two or want to pass those consequences on somebody else and in this has been at several states,
cultural evolution. It it's been a coward tabling honor a deep scale. It that's what the welfare state was the first salvo and you be In this notion network, at a deep all from a safety net to a full, fledged welfare state and at the heart of it, is this notion that I to subsidize other people's poor choices. That date the end. Before you're not accountable for your actions and we're decree. things like marriage penalties and we're good instead to buy things like out of wedlock, birds, that's the first and We shall that I'm entitled to something that doesn't belong to me rather than face accountability for a poor light. Choice that I made you meet you the next stage now where this mindset becomes institutionalized and that's what you're too king about right Now- and this goes to the weather. the marshal was for this year, which was world view, and we started off. Our are you're talking about the seven deadly world using the last stage in and they go in stages and the last stage
secular humanism or postmodernism, and it's always the whatever it's been called in past errors. It's a temporary, Staging round, because we want to believe in something transcendent, we all have the Blaise Pascal describe gods it all in our heart, and so this is the final stage construction in order to prepare the culture for the next transcended truth to come. Do you like it Europe, the two transcendent True there about a quarter century ahead of us on the evolution scale, the data to new trade then the truth are cultural, Marxism and an Islam, which is what we have done, a lot of former catholic churches now or mosques in Europe The same thing is going to happen here as well. If you don't see spear, revival in America in a quarter century. We're gonna be is actually where you see France, exactly where you see the UK we're heading there now look at what the so called conservative parties are in Europe. Look what's happening to the so called conservative Party in Amerika there really with there were just not that far left party said. That's exactly what's happened.
Here and it's unavoidable. Unless you have great awakening of the likes of which they gave birth to Liberty in America. In the first place, I will tell who think you're wrong on Europe on your analysis of twenty five years. I felt they grew that far by I really don't I mean look, how fast optimism this morning and then you guys PETE all over me, Steve, like so much Steve Days, follows this programme on the plays tv network. You can check him out either just my watching tv or watch online. His I'd show all above all of our shows are available on your time and Oliver outcasts are all found at the blaze tv, so just go to blaze, tv dotcom, that's blaze, tv, dotcom and programme men
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and how I change them, It's a good thing. You won't have the stuffy. The stuffy knows I'm going into this a filter by saving time and money, it's filter by be why dotcom filter by dot com, so I you know we have Andrew Heaton with Susa, Libertarian and and the host of something's something's off within regions in the EU. are you you were you can the problem with what Steve was saying, they're like I could sense, yeah yeah it, however, if you're looking at this as the politicians, not the people, but the politicians- ok, and find that true at all, but that there are a lot of politicians like macro He might believe in all of this stuff, but he's not he's not gonna. Take the brunt of it
None of them are gonna. Take the brunt, none of them, it's the let them eat cake kind of. I will soon you when you brought up the french fuel protests it reminded made, you know tee boon. Pickens, have you met hey a city, but if you need it for those of you that don't know our billion or friends, I've I've only I've only mention one type of TT boons of philanthropy stolen and oil guy. I guess now like a gas guy from Texas, but big donor, and and universities in Oklahoma, where I'm from at him when I was working for Congress and he he was giving a big deal. I think he was trying to get subsidies for gas recently. I remember what it was, but but I is my hand. So you know has an environmentalist, I'm kind of concerned about this, and he was very but a snark. He said you everybody's an environmentalist. I ask you to pay a couple hundred bucks and then he just kept move And I think it was dead right about that other. He was absolutely right about that. Everyone environmentalist, when, when being an environmentalist, disliking captain planet on Facebook and then actually it's like by the way, but you shouldn't go to ITALY, because that takes a lot of carbon from which, by the way, this is true, like recycling garbage recycling and ran for second recite liked it to have any type of carbon impact. I was
I think you'd have to recycle like a thousand bottles so evil. oh crazy, when you say that, because I truly Yet. I do say it is. It is a spiritual practice like going to church. It is not written in empiricism, but that's exactly what Steve Days was talking about up. Ok, so this hang on hang on EVA taken, we gotta take a break Eustace. You don't want to miss the rest of the programme. We ve got a lot of great stuff, including the latest on France and the economy and some of the radical stuff. That is that's happening, but you need to be aware of coming. Am I right today about home title, lock, title lock that there was an FBI, agent and retired FBI agent who came here he bought online, a fake notary for my town he had went down. To my town, got the dealer where you can transfer titles. He had build it all out. He had done all of this
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well. I I really want to talk to you about Paris. Do elections have any consequences at all? to George W Bush one time in the oval office, and he told me don't worry about who's gonna sit behind the resolute desk. He said ultimately it doesn't matter. He said everyone elected would always be beholden to the same pole nickel restraints, they have the same basic advice and they would see that they really have no choice. He met this make me feel better, and I did it. I didn't it didn't work left there going. Oh, that's not good way. What, now maybe there's a little comfort to know if you know Bernie Sanders wherever elected that he'd have to deal with that same realisation, but on the other hand, what happens when you know the pub- figures, all of this out, and what happens to the social contract with a government. What happens if we, Look at voters never get a repeal of Obamacare spending.
Ever gets caught. Taxes are never lower. They never get a border wall. What happens when progressive credits never get a single pair of thirteen dollar in our minimum wage or free college, how long for the social contract is burned. People start going out into the streets. I know that crazy, but look at Paris the pair yellow vest riots began in November as a protest against the radical climate change agenda. Now not not the agenda, the actual paused to them. Now the media's now reporting it. This way. but this is a stunning rebuke of the climate movement they apart. They play. They imposed a gas tax that was part of France's version of We know what Americans like a Cassio, Cortez and Bernie Sanders are hoping to get done with their new green deal. But the French said first, Yes until it was imposed on them. They're like whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, no
so they hit the streets in droves, a quarter of a million people showed up That's the first riot burning car smashing windows, even attacking police, those numbers continued this past week in and it actually forced president background to first delay his fuel tax for six months. And then they said no, no, I don't think that's good enough and food We cancel it yesterday. So now are the french packing up their yellow, vesting going home Oh now, there bring down the devil. Alex System in France has lost its social contract with the people, their tired of it. he ignored their dry. Up a new list of demands conserve, We are calling for even lower taxes and more jobs Rolls rioting side by side with conservatives are now calling for smarter taxes and a redistribution of wealth. Let them eat cake. Is that the guy Tina here sharpened.
Francis largest Farmers Union has pledged to enter the riots starting on Saturday. All of the major trucking unions have announced their plans to join as well to protest. in overtime rates, every frenchmen that Donna Yellow Vast is planning to March this weekend and nearly every one of them has a different complaint taxes, wages job. Ups immigration this month, There is growing and it beginning to spread all over Europe. It's almost like there would be a caliphate established. after the arab spring, which would destabilize the Middle EAST, which would then spread. To Europe and begin to destabilize Europe and the left, and the right would begin to work together to collapse, the be system and then it would spread to America G. It's almost like that good, that was dismissed by the political elite and everybody laughed at it
This is what happens when political promises go empty year after year after year after year, it only takes one spark for the powder keg to explode It usually happens usually happens when there is great suffering economically in most of Europe. That spark was the immigration crisis. Wait until they have real economic downturns. the economy worsens in Europe and the progressive policies, like the climate change agenda made things worse. The social Contract broke apart election do have consequences and those that are elected if they never deliver on their promises. If they ignore the issues that voters care about Paris Is the result.
It's Thursday December. Second, your listening to the Glinda programme. We are sure to have given Mcguinness Journey S. End is running a little late worrisome. different time zone. Oh, I was anxious to hear him talk about the Paris Riots costs sure what he would say when I saw the. If I'm collagen and I'm thinking that Paris, my just beyond the eighth republic or which has Paris, had several republics. Now right, we're, ok, you're humbug, number, five Lincoln's they can they just kind of reboot. Every few years saw you wouldn't see. Wouldn't I wouldn't surprise me: If they have like a new constitution within six months or so, and they kind of reorganising no nineteen sixty eight, they almost became a communist country. It was really close and I could see this happening there. You know that in Europe they only have right or left as common. and fascist its them
the ground that you have the most amount of freedom in Europe. You know not here in Amerika, but they don't have the American they will have. You know they don't have rightly said: we have a very different system in France, we like they they its effectively illegal to fire some one in France. Is it effectively alien? I'm I'm not being hyperbolic issues varied in it. it's one of those I know where companies have whole floors of people who they are can't fire and if you were, if, if I'm an employer in France and probably never will be, but if I am, then I'm going to probably trying higher freelancers as opposed to full time people that I can get rid of a funding to, or am I not higher anybody cause, I'm worried about getting saddlebags someone that sabbatical they're all sorts of these bad economic consequences that, to a lot of stuff happening over there, they ve got a it's. It's a much more interventionist, statist constitute notice what they were talking about, that workers now are saying that we We are demanding that you don't cut, are
over time. That's why I'm think this might turn into a new constitution, because if it was just, we want lower gas taxes than that's a one issued, but if it just every one in France goes like into one and also refrigerators are too small becomes out. I starts getting mad that it's like that point. They might just have to restart everything right, but who is whose HU. There is talking about more rights, more freedoms, I mean in that list that I just gave their the things that the government should provide or should guarantee. You know it's weird for France used to be, but before England, France, what the the kind of bastion of classical liberalism of enlightenment freedom like up like fret of Frederick Best Yacht who wrote this wonderful essay on the could the candle makers lament where he sat arising outlawing the sun because it puts them in a candle makers out of business french there? What I don't I don't know what happened. I also don't revolution, it is there and they did. There is like knocked: that's not an acceptable strain of philosophy anymore. You need every now and then
Marxism really kind of I mean Marxism was around before marks, was marks He just kind of codified it, but it you know when the key team and you see, the blood path that turns into your like man. You know, I don't think so. You know Paris, the you probably that I think this is well. In fact the Paris had fun. who's gonna go to the Eiffel Tower at one point was temporary think, as was for worlds fair. What I learned in this is amazing. Is that the Eiffel Tower was one of like three finalists and one of the other finalist was a giant he attained to celebrate. French revolution and I think what aid romantic comedy should be so different if it was always the Saki a turn. In the background, elite link as we think of Paris is like this. They love it like it What are the giant ye attentively? The city of blood would in turn be has such a great offset of the statue of liberty because it would be like her head would be the only MAC they would fit in it and other aim.
it's it's. It's not necessarily a good thing. What is it's happening over in Europe and it is because people are being regulated and tax to death. Now they're asking for it. There ask. for they say they want these things, but then they don't want to pay for it. They want somebody else to pay for it. Well, let me go you? Let me give you a story. from California, California now has just become the first state too who too, mandate. So her panels I saw the on the roof of all new homes. Is. Is it I've, I've, not what, through these specific legislation, is it I'm out of their homes. Power has come from that were thereafter x, amount of panels per square footage as a matter no know, and I can see this is a things like again like the I'm, the I'm. I think, a bigger on unforeseen consequences that I am on libertarianism, it's not even
much. Obviously can you get everybody just think about. What's gonna happen, if you're gonna force people to do things so in this instance with with an environmental and solar panels. Solar panels are still tradeoff, you're you're. Do. You have to extract heavy metals to get em. You to do all these things. It might be the best thing. I'm not saying it's a bad, it's a terrible idea, but would it I I could see other better ways to do it like if we're, rather than strong, arming solar power in state. If you want to take your tax dollars and put it towards something what if he gave everybody a subsidiary voucher so long as they had some sort of green related technology, but they're making a very civic way of doing it, and that may not be the best and most how about about just not taking the money yeah yeah. Just studies do yourself, you know who did this there? There is no use either Germany or Berlin, but I think it is all a Germany mandated solar panels. well now, solar panels, these outdated old, solar penalties, giant monstrosities. They can there are no good they're just there.
just decaying on the top of these houses. Solar energy is not ready for primetime, yet we're close, but it's not re for primetime. The batteries are not there. The the the size of these things. I put solar panels. upon my house in Idaho I've already, replace them. I've already upgraded this system. The batteries are leather, their fortune there are a fortune to put the batteries in. It's just not ready, always what you should do, as you should by some spotlights, like you party was get some of those spotlights and in programming
in the China, Russia, as free energy right there, Glenn you're, welcome and I could shine him at the solar panel. Yes, that's what I'm saying so that our powers itself now, let's get that's good, think that's good think it he's not really a morning person in case I see have I rise from sleep as if an open aren't surgery. I am I'm forty percent human rights. That's a high number aren't. Let me tell you a little bit about relief factor, one. percent drug free created by doctors for key ingredients that help your bodies fight against inflammation- and that is that's the real secret our bodies. r r the inflame inside they. This is information this. This is not food. This is not I'm gain weight. This is all inflammation I wish quickly, art with relief factor. Wills will reduce that inflammation in the first three weeks, since
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happening in Wall Street and the economy, and maybe are you would you say, or little more optimistic than I am sure I think so, nearer you're, an optimistic catastrophe us and I think I am an optimist and occasionally catastrophes, but so what is happening with Wall Street down now? Four hundred and thirty three points yesterday. rallied right towards the end, but it was glee all day long. It was what's happening so Because of that one is. This is more of a normal correction. We are, see. You know we ve had a long bull run. It has not, you know how to say the current retrenchment for quite some time. It's had a couple of times this year when it looked like it was going to get into correction territory and then didn't it slipped right. That ten percent line recovered quickly, so that the what So far as this is normal, we should expect this to occur. It is normal for a market to have two retrench for
irrational investments tuning too need to get taken out of the marketplace and more rational events was come. Take their place. but the one school thought, as this is a normal or healthy retrenchment. The schools that looks back about seven or eight years and goes it's not possible for this to be a normal or rational retrenchment, because the more for the last seven eight years has not been a normal or rational right. We came out of the financial crisis and did abnormal irrational things we built the more with four trillion dollars of printed money. Are we two trillion dollars of corporate money back into the United States, trumpeted that brought that money back in from overseas and the companies some of that money and gave it back to the workers. We saw those press releases when they occur, but the majority of that money. They took it and to avoid paying taxes on it. They invest it in their own stock. Now it was no longer a tax that year, it would be a capital gains for the following year.
So two trillion additional dollars went into the market that otherwise would not have been there in stock by banks. So there really are those two to competing schools of thought. Why you'll hear from Maryland? That says this is a normal, rational retrenchment. Even if we see a ten fifteen percent decline in the market, that's a healthy retrenchment an early next year. Those gains will re manifest themselves. and then the other one looks back a few more years and just as I'm not really sure that's the case because you didn't enter a healthy, pure and so Does that mean for percentage of loss they get back to where we should have been if this was a normal, healthy retrenchment, the downward. Have to lose more than fifteen percent to twenty under its total value from from where it got to in terms of an all time, ok and some analyse say as low as eighteen thousand before we
back to where we should have been. If a healthy retrenchment had occurred into around me, ok but we're not. You don't think that this is a a toothache, mate style event that is on the horizon? Not yet, I think there's actually. No time left. I do think we're going to see some declines That's the floor today, for example around twenty four thousand four hundred. sixty somewhere in that range. It should it should level out right there and we should see, support support and then we should surely gain back in the all time high through what we ve lost today or or into tomorrow. We should get back fifty or sixty percent of that of the next few weeks and I think we'll have a relatively light end of the year season going into next year. But then we have President Donald Trump and Trump doesn't like markets, do not respond to what he's doing you know he made a major arrest yesterday or ask him Canadian friends to make a major arrest on behalf of the: U S: Justice Department of China,
a very important. China's very important chinese person, not just from who she is. As I see a foe of one of the largest corporations in China and the daughter of the FAO number of that corporation. who is also a major party member in the Communist party? The founder was so The Chinese, obviously can't not respond to that and then trump being who he is we'll have to respond to them and the way trump response is publicly. It is not privately through diplomatic channels, its through where our Secretary of State is his twitter account, yes. Secondly, so can you tell me what. what she was arrested for, no, they have not disclose specifically other than potential violations of the sanction. We have against IRAN, but nothing specific. Only There are potential violations and the
The treaty that we have with Canada give them up to sixty days to apply for her extradition to the United States, so they may hold her for up to sixty days unless, of course, the chinese protest and they gave into those protests. What would be our reason for doing this. Of course, this depends on how you, who you ask when there's a spirits. He corner that you can find on zero hedge. That is delightful to read some morning. Them is a great way to wake up actually, but if you like you off your face and accuracy theories are a great way to get your your imagination stimulated idiot as it is their fantastic, but you know a couple of those that are out there right now, as this is a more protracted chess game, the Trump his plan against China. This is tantamount to what Reagan did to the Communist in the Soviet Union tromp his plain that long game with China, he is not look before a good, healthy trade agreement he want
to bring down the party in power, and that is effectively the steps he is taking. That won't take one step or two steps. Its fifteen chest p his deep and then that parties in real trouble. I will tell you that you could make it ace for that. I am not convinced that he's, a chess player. You know he seems like more of a checkers got a guy, I'm not convinced sees a chess player, but The moves that he, as maybe you could make ACE you can make gay said he is he is gone for something much bigger and it's the collapse of China adjusting. Can you want me through how that would work exactly so he's unease is arresting this high profile. Chinese citizen. and I am and we're we're having a trade war. How does that result in the communist parties, doubtful pang on justice, and we take a quick breakin we'll come back because it isn't me interesting answer. There are much of the answer you have, but it is a very fascinating.
Theory will get to that also I want to touch you live it up, waves and there's this wave of pessimism that we ve never seen before we haven't seen in a very long time, not even during the great depression it's that when we come back yesterday's funeral of George Bush was, I think, thirty, two hundred people today it is a family service of twelve hundred, here in Houston you should be so lucky to have fifty people that actually care show up at your funeral We are with just a wheeler. Who is one of the guys who does research for me and watches the economy for me and just stock market and tries to explained everything, and we were taught about Donald Trump
and his tariffs with China he may be, may be playing a a game of chess with the with China and it's not just about a new trade deal. It's actually about taking. It least, a president's g out The key is significantly damaging. Present that person in China. yeah. I China's an interesting economy because it is still a classical mix of us wrong communist regime, but over the last years. They have adopted capitalist principles in order to grow. That is how they have been able to grow. Is by saying what we got. Hong Kong and Hong Kong's working. What is Hong Kong do while they practice cap, Because I'm so, let's do some of that and we experienced this court. Unquote. Chinese miracle note tromp, as a strategy we talk about is playing chess, rosy, plain, trackers and trust the strategy must his. You know If you read his his
books from the the cities, but especially the part of the deal which was used in Wall Street and one of the things you learn from the Movie Wall Street? Is that these wealthy businessman want to acquire or partner with companies, and they don't a company that having a chinese miracle and say I want a partner with them. I want to acquire them, they say I want that company but I want it on its down slight, and so what do they do? They cause it's down slide. They do things to impact that company, so they can buy it at an added A deal for them, they want to buy it at a discount, so they'll by out supply there's that are supplying that company and say what would you no longer getting aluminum at this discounted rate they'll could deal with the union for the union to go on strike. They'll do things to that company and from expresses. in the book, this strategy that you do to acquire accompany it, a better deal Donna throughout his entire career, and I think. We're seem very much that same game at play for him and it is working when he deals with economic,
use and diplomatic issues. He looks at European union? He looks at England to Canada and Mexico, and now he looks at China and says I do want a better trade deal. I can't get that at trade deal the deal I want for the american people that I think is best for us. I cannot get it from this. Venus regime, so what do I do? I take the knees out from underneath that communist regime I hurt. where they can't hurt me back at least not in in a grand scale. Yes, cars are gonna, be a little bit more expensive over here, but over there I have five million people out of work and those people protest and those people support the Communist Party, and so it does it. Significant service to him in elevate in his neglect- gaining power in his position of power with them. To do things that weaken that regime, he doesn't want to do right China? This is not some racist This thing he's he's not trying to be an imperialist. He does.
The better deal for the american people and the best way to do that is to weaken chinese companies and to weaken the chinese regime. So a dangerous game here and when Reagan played it with the Soviet Union, he had factor in the same game, he had the Pope playing the same game. I don't think Donald Trump not sure that even in his own administration he's if he is poor this game. Express that everybody, I'm sure, I'm sure he is not here. Is five million angry unemployed people in China to to make a difference submitted its of large population and in their there? So suppression of any type of descent- I dont know it's it's I got repaying- is looking at poles, Ewing, oh no! They don't like me, share it It depends on what happens in China, so China's Christine market now, because you do have people in China who have independently grown wealth. You have chinese people over the last fifteen years. That used,
live on a rural farm and work for the Communist Party growing in a rice and then now drive a car in Shanghai and just like us. If it come giving up that car they now no, I can have a car. I dont want to give up that car. So if you with five or ten or twenty million unemployed p. In rural China that is not covered by the news media and where people still are poor. No, it won't matter if you end up with- five or ten million unemployed people Shanghai Andean, the larger metropolitan areas, will matter significantly, that's really what happened to the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union collapsed on the protest of ten. million people two hundred million citizens, but ten may, in people protested. The entire communist regime collect their depends where haven't yet and their very the one thing that the communist have known, and this is why I think that their there you know they have their total surveillance state by twenty twenty. Is they
can't handle there so fragile that they can handle any real unrest. I mean they this why they built scope, cities they built those damn go cities, because they can't have this stop because they know if it stops, there's been enough. People who have built those that are looking and gone. I don't live. Like this wait a minute who can live like this, They see that they were. not that I the chinese regime has been far more competent in terms of retaining its totalitarianism. Then the Soviets were not used. Gorbachev, and this is not a slander dragon by the way, but when we say that Reagan wanna call the cold war, I think that that you're giving communism far too much credit, absolutely Reagan too much credit Attica, two, it's gonna communism, claps, pics, communism, stupid, but but what good but she did. Was Gorbachev, looked at this of fraying soviet empire. Anyone, here's what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna give people more freedom and they will love me in the government as a result of this
was they went beyond what now that I've got more freedom. I think of myself more's ukrainian than I do the Soviet, a soviet system and the whole thing and put it China Learn from that model and China's gone we're gonna give enough economic freedom that we get some money going, but we're not gonna give any type of their. No. You knock in any rights to protest or anything like that, and if they manage to keep that grip on power agreed in the meantime, differences. This the union built itself as an empire. They went and conquered numerous countries around them. China is insular. They have not come heard outside their own borders since world war? Two I mean they re. they are a cohesive set of of independent states with with different cultures internally, but they are cohesive. They think of themselves as Chinese. So that's a great point. The other significant difference, though, of course, is what Glenn restocking about with that total surveillance state they want. Snuff out dissidents at one person they dont want to wait. Two. it's twenty thousand people or Tiananmen Square anymore. They learn that lesson so that Are they want to be able to find one person in a big city
and find them right now and shut them in their either getting it. We talk previously unobtrusive covered a lot on the whole credit rating system. The social credit rating cigarette have wherever, if you're looking at the wrong Google, Our challenge is your greasing unpatriotic pornography, whatever the thing is it can begin to algorithmic. We determine that you could be a problem. Personal words, gonna grind you to a dust, make sure that that doesn't happen. So I find, interesting Emmy switch back to well before we move off of China. playing a dangerous game because they hold our treasuries we're having a lotta debt, come back up for sale, there's no real buyers, which means we have to raise the interest rates and end the Do have the leverage to hurt us now we have the leverage to em. If we go down, we both go down right, that's correct, so, but it is a very delicate game, but we're playing here
It's a very delicate dance of its chemotherapy when we're gauging in right now is chemotherapy, you might kill, like the cancer but the key, may kill you as well. It's a very fair point. they do hold a significant amount of u S and they have a. No pun intended Trump card to play that Trump doesn't have to play and that's labour trying. Can bring a massive amount of effectively slave slave labour to bear to shore any shortcomings, they have even technological advances. They can put a hundred million people to projects if they need to. At best we slave wages to overcome A saying hey were no longer gonna. Do manufacturing of this type are no longer going to trade with China, so they have that card that they can Play, but that card is very dangerous for them to play now that they have
reduced some levels of capitalist freedom and and wealth into that country plain that card is very difficult. For them to do is certainly more difficult than it was before. They inherited Hong Kong and started to adopt some a list, and and how long do we have with the american people when but how much of a leash does does try have with the american people on, for instance, farmers are hurting there still saying in a lot. I still trust he's gonna work out, but there really hurting when, he says you know hey we can affect you know we can take another ten or twenty percent on our iphones. Once that really starts hitting in impacting people, know they're they're not gonna, put up with it for very long. I agree with that: it's very much like. We just saw with with France and a ten percent increase in gas prices. There was an assumption that all these people support a green economy, cumbersome they'll pay it because they support this.
When the reality gets there in your pain, twenty percent more for your Iphone or if your apparent your for kids iphones, that starts to have a significant impact to your disposable income Another thing I wanted to touch on that that you brought up, and I just want to bring it up because we we talked I've or six years ago about the fact that the FED had run out of bullets the FED jumped in its aid, the economy. They point four trillion plus into the economy. They learned a bunch of money out of zero percent interest and the lower interest rates to zero, and they were out a bullet, but they re low That's what I thought: interest rates or back up now that the fifth has interest rates up in the in the domain of off loaded, some of their dad s out more than a trillion dollars has expired of the debt that that the FED bought the Treasury incidents that I didn't sell them back into the market. The fidgit, let them expire and got paid back by the Treasury if all the profits from that sail went back to the Treasury. If you believe the paperwork that
so the first the fair, has reloaded? Yes, China, Colonel he owns in the neighbourhood of one point: seventy two true trillion dollars of: U S debt, but the FED could step in and bite Now they couldn't have five years ago or six years ago they were out a bullet, but now they could step in and by the they could reload their balance sheets back to four trillion and by all. The chinese debt. If the Chinese decided to dump on the market to punish we when you say that they were out of bullets, do was there some sort of statute limitation on the amount of money that they could print? I am unaware of such or now you just you can't when you're at zero, you No more! You have no other place to go. You have to go to negative interests right after just start saying. Please take this out. T I'll pay you money to take which some some countries deadly happily in Europe that happen quite a bit and in South America and most of those who stabilized back to zero or or zero plus interest rates. We certainly could you nose against.
And that type of ammunition in and go zero? The United States never has, but we could than the other. Challenging thing is the other bullets that the federal always spanned is just printing more money, and I dont mean that the type of money printing they did was to pump that money into Wall Street. They they printed abundant. but really they just bought securities and gave loans to big corporations. Very few of us I mean, MRS Porthos Wall Street really needed it. I mean I'm doing. Ok, I've gotta go anywhere on, and rightly so, but they could do that other type of printing do the helicopter drop that with you know, has been talked about for a long time as the last ditch effort of trying to save an economy, which is also a great way to to rob anybody. That's actually stored up wealth at any point because you're late, Inflation is just taxation: our legislation and way of life. I'm going to print away, I'm I'm! I'm! I'm gonna! I owe money and saw me to make my money less valuable, so
effectively less a less money, but if you ve spent forty years trying to amass savings account. Well, as forty percent of your saves a cow gone, Germany taught us that in two years and the twenties and our country has taught us that over seventy years sentiment same lesson- art, back in just a second? I do want to talk to just about this. This sentiment, this pessimism that is, is really kind of put it damper around the entire world and it's a fact- and we haven't seen this kind of pessimism even during the great depression. So we'll talk about that coming up with just a wheeler he's, my researcher, for economy in the stock market and and how it all fits together more just a second first, let me tell you about lifelong, not data breach major, hotel Jane chain! massive data breach exposed up to five hundred million customers
Just maybe you know who that I mean what what hotel chain has five hundred million customers their passports. numbers there, so security car, the credit card, and all of that who do you suppose out One of them could have been Mary, I could have been married, anyway. Billions of records have been stalled through stolen, true the last couple of years through just just look acts in the system. It's going they hit you and you can't. I mean you can protect yourself against everything. Life now with Norton Security, lifelong uses, such technology that they ve built. Only they have to detect and alert you to a wide range of identity, thats threats, the the Norton Security addition protect
you're devices against cyber threats like malware people trying to hijack your systems now, nobody can prevent identity, theft or cybercrime or monitor all transactions at all businesses, but these guys are the absolute best and right now, if you go to life locked out common use, a promo code back, you get an additional fifteen percent off your first year. That's promo code back extra fifteen percent off now at lifelong dot com, we're. Gonna talk some more about the economy, but but but more about these psyche, oh of what is going on in what's happening. in the world were entering a time of pessimism that we have not seen what was the name of this wave held Elliot. if they're Elliot wave theory, but
It's a really interesting thing to see its tied to the markets, but I I think it's more interesting to look at it. Just as a as a gauge of society and what the what it actually- could mean in in a million different ways, we'll talk about that? up in just a second also Rudolf? has spoken route of the Red Nose reindeer the actual, but one the lady who played rude off. I did I didn't know it was a woman that played that I guess I could be offended that I've been lied to my holds that my whole year, my whole life that there was that the rude off was a boy still arranges arraign. Why I'm not sure I was making Genoa thunder within my child to take it up so that try to render to toss. She has spoken out about all this nonsense back and forth and she basically said, don't watch yet. You know
Don't watch it leave it alone, will give you all of that coming up in just the same its land, and I want to tell you about something that you should either end your day with or start your morning, and that is the news and why it matters like they show you're gonna love the news and why it matters it's a bunch of us. They all get together at the end of the day and just talk about the stories that matter to you and your life. The news why it matters put forward now we're ever you download you. Back your Christmas is the gift the just keeps on giving for the radical leftist. Now those lives there. Ray, goes on year after year were decent folks across country. Just try to enjoin celebrate Christmas Skinner, the most wonderful time of the year. Why, the most wonderful time of the year. Why is it because?
You got generally act like a human being for maybe a couple of days You know what I'm gonna pretend to care about people, gotta to be nice to people. I've got a smile and say merry Christmas Do you the most wonderful time of the year that militant grass. His tone was likely get all and it's a little exhausting. It's got to be come on you're, not really outraged by rude off. Are you really really there? What you got gone on your life I mean that things went on the earth. Nine nineteen sixty four and first of all this the first year that you ve noticed at Santa was a jerk in that. Where were You don't like Christmas of its totally fine. It is I'm totally fine with that. But could you just be cool the people who do like Christmas, tons of people out there. The celebrate Christmas and their tired of there
happiness being held hostage by in extreme minority. Sometimes just one person going, I dont like that, no sir. I don't like that at all. This year, a self described, unintentional Grinch who stole Christmas is in to win Scrooge of the year, the principle at Manchester Elementary in Omaha, Nebraska US and no Omaha Nebraska. She sent her teachers a memo this week outlining all of the Christmas related items and activities that will now. Be allowed in the classroom? And you will not have an extra scuttle of coal? The ban list includes said: Christmas trees. Else on a shelf boatmen I am for execution for the person who came up with elf on a shelf myself but sing.
Christmas carols playing Christmas music, making an ornament as a gift, any red or green items? Oh The planet and communism icy reindeer Candy Keynes now not because the sugar will make the children hyper, because I, as Holloway was ok but, as the principal explains the candy Kane is shaped. Like the letter J Ford Genk system She also rights red is for the blood of Christ and White is the symbol of his resurrection gosh. I am so offended by her memo. What kind of stuff is she trying to preach in case you try to cheat different color Candy Keynes are also not allow, because I still have the first letter a J visas. so why is this principle going out of our way to delete any trace of Christmas in her school? She says quote: I come from a place.
From a place at Christmas and the like are not allowed in schools. where is that Russia, where, where is that her list Quote aligns with my interpretation of our expectations as a public school who see to be inclusive and culturally sensitive to all of our students, No, you miss under the word understand a word inclusive. What about inclusive and set in and sensitive those students. Probably the vast majority who do celebrate Christmas I mean you're could have to celebrate Ramadan pattern the food or whatever the Hell Addeth, I mean against Ramadan. That's fine! You wanna do Ramadan! That's fine! I don't care, I don't care, it teach my kids about Robert on king. Stop with a head on Christmas. and Christianity.
Can you ask yourself. are you the only one that doesn't feel like Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. Now, I think, gotten less so, since I was a kid, but that just might be, I'm getting old and grumpy. But I know what I was a kid: it was the most wonderful time of the year we gave was. It was a. It was a tough. I am of new expectations, new hopes. It was time. I remember when the snow would fall and everything would be quiet outside and it just brought. Peace far as I'm concerned as well: Knowing the day after Christmas, doesn't help anybody's mood snow between Thanksgiving and Christmas, this delightful. Why Christmas, I do
I mean doing. How do we miss that Christmas? Has the word Christ in it. Christmas has been diminished over the years, no offense rude off by rude, often Santa and everything else. Those are still wonderful traditions, but we see a break Christmas to remember what crazy. Cool. Do Jesus grow up to be. Crazy. care of you even believe it. What a good gift given to humanity that you can? forgiven for even the worst things you ve ever done, I live in a world where there is no forgiveness. I dont want to live in a world where I can. I can. I do something stupid and it's gonna hang over my head for the rest of my life, and we were already seen that it's called the meat to movement.
You say something in nineteen. Seventy one to somebody, God forbid. That's hanging over your head Christmas. So most wonderful time of the year for reason, and I don't care If you think it was Christ that brought this peace or you know, I don't care You know Mohammed the robot on dog, whatever I don't know what, if, God forbid, you'd have any kind of legend sprang out of anything islamic they will kill, the makers of that route off the Red nose, reindeer fetid, and but none for more? right, so I don't care do you think we got here- it worked, it worked. It creates magic and hope and kindness purchase. a few days out of the year.
Leave it alone. It's Thursday December sex. Your listening to the Glinda programme were Narbonnais vermin, you're, an arbitrary family of tobacco. Definitely yeah and you have you have the same feelings about arbored yeah, it's yours, since most water, whatever their just I've by bothered about it, would take it take this neutrality as arbiter is so you don't exactly model? I saw you so you everything with arbiter. You must eight Christmas because, That'll thing is around cutting down trees. You know whether, for the kind of the anti our or data that are arbitrary enthusiasts, you know it's a lot of its research, birth and renewal at all, so eventually you're gonna get them you'll, you'll logs. That's it! Oh! It's! It's! It's it's a to holiday! That gives you a lot other holidays already. So so, we got down the Christmas tree, went to a tree farm cut down the critic
three and then put it in a bucket. A miracle grow, Next, we have friends say I did that Last year and its hid, it started sprouting roots again and they went they planted it. and lay an end end and grew this really cool. That's really cool and so my kids are like all we can use that next year and some like doing I mean, I think, cutting a tree down once me like Sprouting roads that can be like a com or you just before, torture is arbitrary. Ordinary tree rely on buys lack strong that Europe gets happened. I start island right now. What will now destroyed Rodrigo outside of like not some time now, is to be taken Turkey would you kill over and over again, I want to feed his work and what, if you built like a new room in your house with fifteen foot tall ceilings, and it was the Christmas tree room and then you just like hide the tray, the rest, the years
He betray on there and have a like a glass ceiling right and then just like put gauze around the tree so this camp. and then, when Christmas you just take the Gaza. Nato have trouble, it'll be a weird thing to having your living room. Just this kind of like this. I guess you could dress it as a ghost poorer for Halloween. I say we have one in my living room. We have a Christmas tree and then the rest of the year after Christmas gets redecorated as a dodger tree, and we our Doddridge season tickets on it and Dodger Player car, you have an actual tree. Welcome surgery on our mantle. While you go all out well whenever the hooker here, what's it would do they kill you for Christmas tree and, oh, I M not sure I think salute Leah unless it's plastic, unless plus advocate So we have adjusted Wheeler joining us and just in does research for me on the economy and stock market and and
I've been looking at stock market in Saint, oh, this is this is exciting and and as we were exchanging thoughts the other day. You told me about the Elliot Wave and I had not heard about the Elliot Wave, and explain it here sure So the only way is is a theory. The postulates that markets respond to social moods, positive and negative they have had it explained best to me. I think, as this imagine, you have the capacity every day to a survey of millions and millions of people, I in the: U S and around the world constantly how their feeling minute by minute. How are you feeling optimistic or pessimistic, and you could do that survey not just by asking them questions you can actually delve into their subconscious and how they were feeling any given moment, are you optimistic, or are you pessimistic
our Anne Elliot in the nineteen thirty postulated. We actually have that measure. We do that survey constantly. We are constantly measuring how people feel in terms of optimism versus pessimism, and we do it in we do it in the stock market. You do it and other financial markets and money markets. We do it with bonds, those MA its move minute by minute minute, in fact. Second, my second based on how people feel today feel optimistic, or did they feel pessimistic at tat instant? and you can start to spot those trends overtime. So now you can see this in things like, for instance, gripper currency right now, crypto currency though it has all of these great things that are happening. people are like. I don't trust, crypto currencies. I saw what happened last time and still there Ray pessimistic on it. and as soon as that goes away and people like you know why. I think this really. There is something to this all of a sudden, ill skyrocket. Again, that's right caress, that's exactly so that's an individual case, but the
It wave not only does for individual cases, but for overall sentiment right, correct in that is, as is an index requirement. Is there an actual way going with the earlier waves? Currently at six point two, or is this just a theory of of looking at the market as a reference for the other certainly are analysed? Who have tried to create composites of various things like the DOW industrial average they ESA? Ninety five hundred bought you various bond markets, they ve tried to kick a composite since, if we add all of these together, this is what the wave looks like in terms of Anne Elliot acts of one two hundred or one two thousand most. Www additions, though, today about the father of of Ellie wave theory is a man named Robert Proctor. They just simply leverage the markets that are already there and what they're looking for our degree, of movement between a top and bottom? What are Oh yeah postulated is the markets, in repeatable recurring waves, it's not randomize. The Ark mood is not some random set of things that just occurs
completely random all the time. It me in waves. We as civilizations, move in cycles contracts. cycles, for example, and mark follow those cycles contract. have spotted it in a very different way. He wasn't looking for social mood or or how people felt he was just look into pure economics of of the model. He wasn't thinking of why on markets moving this way just said, while they do, they do move this way. He created these long k waves that that analysed, still used today are unknown. in addition to that was simply that one, driving those markets is not, you know, just structured economic model. It's gonna move this much in than this much. What a lot of financial analysts look at the way people feel what drives the market? Our social mood is the driver behind the markets, not the markets, the driver behind our social moon, its It's why there is way your creating a bubble. There comes a time when everybody starts jumping in you know
and its irrational. It's is banned and it's just because the mood is so high that things are gonna be great. and is so everybody jumps in. That is that's a negative effect of the Elliot wave. If you will correct so that that you know, we ve heard that, of course, from analysts, calling it irrational exuberance, the famous Greenspan, close beer in animals and all that stuff, yes and, of course, getting his bare enamels. This has been studied, of course, as far back as as markets had numbers that you can track overtime, that the tulip mania of course, hundreds of years ago, and and we can look at the the european stock markets and the british stock market leading into our stock market, the brilliant the fascinating, thing that comes out of Ellie wave? Of course you can use it for financial, an analysis and hunt. roads and hundreds of financial analysts do either
lots of newsletters you'd go subscribe to. There are people who will bet their entire portfolios that the markets about to decline, twenty percent based on what the Elliot Wave theory says, is going, open and based on how many people are getting into the market. That's a bad sign. It everyone's getting into the market right now, very like we saw a nice little trouble coming, that's right, you're! In a bubble, the taxi driver is literally taking their fares that they earn that day and at four o clock their stopping Wall Street and dropping them off to a broker to buy stocks. They don't even care which once just buy me some stock and It would be a very clear sign that you are in a period of irrational optimism, irrational exuberance, it is not tied to fundamentals of of the markets or of individual stocks. The same thing occurs at the bottom get tied into irrational negativity and There is no reason to beat this negative about Bitcoin. The fundamentals are actually quite strong, related to a currency and the new markets. It is having the opportunity to expand into in South America and Asia in Africa, where
jumping right over paper currencies and going down there. You know they're really going from food trade to crypto currencies to bypass the government in than he can get other well needs great for them, so There is also a rash, irrational negatively around individual markets, but that's the time you should buy it from a wave theory perspective and we want to sell the peaks and you want to buy the troughs the other That comes out of wave theory, though, is the socioeconomic negativity that you see Kay That's where I want to go next? First, let me tell you about our sponsor this half hour. It is gold line. We were just talking about this sent off the air, not a set up. I have I have this the silver bar You could call it it's a its aim, a whole group of silver and it is from the canadian meant- and you give its like a credit card. You just stamp it apart, and then you have less liquid.
Rounds of surface the silver. So in our view know I'm afraid that there's there's some sort of breakdown coming or if it's, what make sure that you always have some sort of of something that is enough, worth something the the yeah, the silver maple Flex bar from Canada and the Canadian meant that you can only get at gold line, and you just ask of you see it for a second cause I want. I wanted to check it out. I you know I travel for about my my mother. His asked me repeatedly to travel with a gold coin in the event that absent bad should happen, I'm ready to get back, and I'm I'm has to do that, because I am afraid that I will lose it. But something like that. Where
Not you know, I'm not walking around with two thousand dollars my pocket, but rather in a kind of a fraction lies system that I could break part of any too like that. That kind of strikes me as a neat thing to be done. If you pull out a gold coin and in all the sunny like how could you have changed for that yeah yeah? No, I didn't. I need a minor out. I'm giving eighty nine lives and I'm not gonna work. It's not going to work. The silver maple flax? Also they have the gold legal tender bars, which are kind like little, clear that you can actually carry like a credit card. It only available goldmine collate. Six school line rather important risk information might make sure that gold or silver is right for you. It is right for my family, one eight x, x, gold line or gold line dot com
I'm just a wheeler who is talking to us a little bit about the economy and what's happening, we ve talked about China and what the speculation is. This would be great if this is what Trump is really trying to do is trying to pull down China a bit and make things very uncomfortable for the communist regime, but I'm talk about this. Elliot wave as something that were now seeing go into the The mystic side of the alleged were Elliot Wave and it is it's all in sing right. It's not just one sector. That's right! and if you think of looking at financial markets as a mechanism to measure positive up, swings in mood and a negative downturns in mood, one of the interesting things about Ellie waved it makes it differ significantly. I think from other forms of technical analysis
the most forms of technical analysis and most financial market analysis or just you know, general social mood analysis look for exogenous events. Something happened in the outside world. That made us feel bad terrorism, who up the World Trade Center in two thousand one and we a period of negative social mood. The funny thing is, market started crashing eighteen months before terrorist ever blew up those buildings. The markets were crashing in two thousand. The attacks worn until September eleventh of two thousand, and one the markets were crashing for a full eighteen months and eighty percent of the total value that the markets lost in in total going The end of two thousand one happened before the September. Eleventh attack attacks, while not prior while so one of the interesting things at in looking at measuring social mood, not just for financial markets, is the fact that things like wars occur. When financial markets are depressed not before ok,
Let's have him lay this out and then tell us what it means or us right now and for the future back in a second. Just an wheeler is with me in, and he saw somebody who watches the stock market and the economy and the fat and everything else in and we weak in a cage several times a week, usually with what does this mean and we were talking about this- this pessimistic mood that is come across. The country in the world- and we when seen it we haven't seen this way since when I know we went through a kind of in the sixtys, but a pessimistic. Are we right now is a world it. Growing significant limit the. U S is a little bit of an anomaly right now. Finally, markets around the world peak years ago and have been declining for years we haven't seen you know,
all time new highs in any markets, it really accept the: U S and a few emerging markets for quite some time. A lot of the Europeans its peak in two thousand twelve and they ve been declining sense than we see a lot of that past pessimism manifest in what goes on. Those countries, France, it. France- is a great example, the the the I behind Elliot Wave. Is that as that you know neg it, social mood and that pessimism starts to take hold, and we as a society start to herd around that we start to. Well, that's how the the group is responding. The group is passed, what I need to be pessimistic to, and you start to grow bond to those groups, and if your group is pessimistic and you're just going to feel that way, because there is Fifty in that heard, their safety, and that group and sir, I think we ve started to see the very strong manifestations of that. In trot movement there so pessimistic now about about him and about the future of the World or America,
at the very least, with him in power that can't find positivity anywhere. They just can't can't seem to find a happy note to talk about. You know for any particular topic but there are really looking. I dont think they're. Really looking that's right. and one of the things that occurs when you are feeling pessimistic anytime, you depressed it doesn't depressed it doesn't matter. If a great comedian comes on tv, you dont know early find those jokes funny that day, but another day you would have found those jokes to be hysterical, and so it is one of the encroaching things that occurs with irrational pessimism and the negative social mood that occurs is that it become all encompassing snowballs on itself, which is why you see the build up to financial market growth is often slow, steady, there's some spikes in there, but you know that the clock- the model. Is that, though, the raw? to ruin is rapid
can build a market over three years and lucid and thirty days as we saw ninety twenty nine, as we saw nineteen eighty seven we sought again and into does one we sought in two thousand eight are we on that doorstep in in America right now, and that's it the question. Is there so much that you're fighting against with pessimism, because so we're we're wired human beings by nature, we feel lost stronger than we feel gain. I effective there been attempts to quantified and since I think it's like, we feel lost twice as hard as we feel gain, which makes us naturally pessimistic, naturally, risk averse, under its I've. I'm I'm actually going over this fruit for what I'm gonna be talking about an on my podcast later today. This kind of pessimism resolve optimism. There was a report that came out. I believe it's these I'm an abundant in abundance index, under these this came out like maybe last week, a cup of professors went through a data from the I M F in the World Bank and a basically Thanks cheaper over the last twenty years, everything's become precipitously, cheaper, everything's, more abundant and for the asked majority the planet, or I should say that
For the majority, the planet, the the like wages, have gone. In terms of value by like eighty percent were black were rolling, it's really good, but the the amount of negative stuff happening all the time if its anecdotal is, is broadcast more, and so we intuit that I just where this fascinating, a piece about a thing called sentiment: mining where there's a I assume an academic he went through and he came up. algorithm on the New York Times, not to look at the content, but just to look at negative and positive words. To my that, try to remember the tone of the New York Times and you can use This kind of plunge from like, like nineteen sixty two pretty up? a stick and it just now all the way down and it's not it's not correlated with any actual material abundance or harm everything's been going up in terms of you know I the bad things going down the good things going up. I have to tell you I have, but I don't know why. But I have been blessed in this last year, with much
appreciation for things like honestly. My kids they're like yes, dad. We know about the damn bananas but like You know nineteen nineteen thirties bananas were not a big deal. Nobody really had bananas, they were, they were him. You know certain areas of the world you by the time you got them, they were you know, brown and machine, you didn't have them, but sit on my counter. all the time and I like bananas when they're just yellow with a little bit agreeing in them. They start to get brown. I'm done with em My son is the same way and we ve been so, picky on bananas, and I so he's started doing enough, I mean it's, you dont want to live in my head, but started looking into bananas either. Very bananas have is trailing your brother, but, as you know, the we wiped them out in the nineteen fifties was enough:
That's easy! Now, there's just where we wiped about rights that Cuba, then vegetables, s rights, you Terry terrible manner, but anyway, all of the things that we didn't have, even when I was growing up stronger You had them once a year. You had them at strawberry season, Everything whenever you want it now and it's oh cheap. In my every year and our Christmas sock at the very bottom in the tone of the Christmas sock. What we received was an orange us to you. We got an and that was the time of the year that we had. thus to a fresh orange and our household in a nope into poor. How hustled is great because it gives you at appreciation, when I haven't we, today, and I get it from Starbucks for seventy nine cents. I feel I feel extremely blessed and lucky that I grew up in
What were the orange at the bottom of my Christmas sock was the best present I got Irishman. I remember going to California, for the first time I was I may be. Was six the fresh orange juice and fresh oranges, and never had that before you never saw hand squeezed or introduced an end. Even this didn't have that. Maybe if we were lucky you, you know but he would buy a cart nordic Fraid of oranges and you'd split them as neighbours. By its knowledge, it is now Andrews, right, by the measure of oranges. In today's households, where all rich in the thirties, then we come up with an orange and that we should have any of you to go further back. It's even more amazing like I was. I was doing some diving on on, let rather than I need the prices for things. We can get the man hours for things and if you go back to like one thousand eight hundred the man hours you need to put in for an hour
Rob artificial light was like a whole day, so imagine buying a candle like eighteen hundred buying a candle. That's your whole day is working to read a book for twenty minutes, and now I've got like a kindle with. I I was last night. A guy came up and looked my candle and had six hundred bucks on it. I think I read fifteen of them. We spent a lot of money evokes I've read, but nonetheless, That's just amazing that we ve got that much information. that cheaply available to virtually everybody, to bring it back to the positivity negativity in terms of social mood, one other thing you said that is: is spot on land in in Glens book liars. If you have not had the opportunity to read that we cover this in the introduction, it is just that we are drawn to that the negative events as opposed to part of events, we on the constant look out for a safer tooth, our ancestors had to spot Sabre tooth cats. They had to see them. If you didn't see the Sabre tooth cat in the brush, you and your family died. That was the reality. So we, a constantly programmed to be on the list
four Sabre tooth cats that are going to rush out of the bushes and kill us, and that's why love global warming. I didn't see they're coming interesting, you talked about an earlier, but that's why we are addicted to those things. That's why we love movies, that are catastrophe movies, where the earth is destroyed and allay falls off a cliff, because we are content. We on the look out for that and the person the spots, the test, the Sabre tooth cat, is the hero of the village. I think this is something I like playing around with his ally. I like thing around different mental models. That's different than kind of the traditional right versus left, which I think is out motive. I dont think its helpful. but one at one of the model. This isn't an explanation for everything, but I think it's an interesting model is rather than whether your conservative Democrat look whether you were optimistic were apocalypse and you can you can see that in both in both sides of all camps, that there are people that are prone towards we're all gonna die, and there are people that approach goodbye, some Red Bennett, So it's interesting to kind of look at how those mingle with each other book.
I'm somebody who, while first well, I know that we're all going die? it's just a matter of time, whereas I, like Microsoft, might come up with a greater anyway. You never know you know, I'm I'm, I'm I'm very, very optimistic on the future. as I believe in people and I believe in I believe in our saviour tooth cat gotta survive you're, going to survive, probably not going to be as bad as you thought. It would be, however, You know. I also know human nature enough to know that it's never been like this and we recover and we will give become better assume You know he s eye doesn't kill us all will be better, for it will be better for it so So who am I which? What side of my I think I'm gonna give you
If the optimism- but I do think you you'll Lynde yourself towards the apocalyptic a little bit- ought no clear, ok, that that also, yes, I think, you're, the apocalyptic you're afraid is thereby ass. I hear you're you're bored cataclysmic, your ear, your drawn to the cataclysmic side of things and what why I've such a delightful guest, like you know many congenital answers- and the thing is, is that you have to have both you have to have both in society and that's why? we're we're so polarize. Now, because everybody wants only their point of view and would you after have you said this morning you said you're not a morning guy. No, I'm not I'm, not I'm not in what was your theory by more okay. So all right bring people, I'm so happy for you, I'm so impressed that you woke up this morning and you did your taxes and then. Jogged around the neighbourhood walk the dog all before I woke up, which was like rising from death. No, I
think that too go back to the Sabre tooth model, our cousins or our most of our great grandparents. There were filling up saved. You tigers, There was a moment where raw getting tired raw around the camp fire. Some are there in the sand, giddy and set our also tired, but I think I heard a tiger and some valiant evening person like me when you guys go to sleep, I'm in a sharp and a stick and stay awake and they killed that tiger and evening people saved the species, we would all be Tiger Food and the neanderthals be the cock, a walk if it hadn't. For us and done in the industrial revolution happened. Pox came about morning, people took over well done something off with Andrew Eden. Its podcast that you can get now only on the blade is needed. Is that the only rant I have ever done? The only tirade I answered, I ordered an evil is which is charming. Ladys guy jogging, just wait
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in your home by you and trust me. I can do this. you can't do anything. I could do this. In thirty minutes and there's no country no wires, no strings attached. It simply safe, back, dot com, this holiday, Oh ends soon go to simply safe back dot com. Now So yesterday we told you that there are couple of going on that matter, her card in Microsoft, have have a team together to create digital identities? I heard for a lot of people- there were saying- oh gland, stop panicking. That's not a bad thing, ok, sure, Mastercard announced, voting driving, applying for a job, renting a home, getting married boarding plain what are these all have in common, my answer was all the things that social credits in China can stop you from doing theirs was
need to prove your identity, and that's why Mastercard and Microsoft have a team up to create a universally recognised digital identity. Ok, sounds three the difference between one eighty, four and brave new world, but maybe that's just me. There told you also yesterday? There is a gun bill that is now circulating in the house When in New York and if you will by a gun? You have turn over three years of your social media history. and your internet. Rich history to buy a gun oak. all right as that common sense, it'll make everybody feel better. They say you should have seen this online. Well, yes, but then again Who is judging this and what
is the definition of hate speech and what are the parameters of this then today, another announcement from Microsoft microbes top lawyer says it will never shy away from providing a high powered weapons to the? U S military we Microsoft have the military's back now again, good. I'm glad Exempt don't think we should be teaching. Artificial intelligence to kill people, now- maybe that's just me, but I'm alive old fashioned. If we're gonna kill people it's actually have a human. Do. It panel
I can do that. That's that's a job. You could go to an american right or to automate that rattle, let alone ever run off jobs, and they they keep saying that you know well, it still has the human kills, which I mean the human still have to push the actual kills with that. That is the big thing you on musk is big on right. Cause he's is not specifically military, but he's he sang a, I might kill. All of us don't like like be careful, and I know you think that I am, I am a pessimist- would have this one, I'm We don't really get super robots, killing people. I understand that the costs for some some concern their fear, not the robot, fear the goals of the robot and if the goal is to eliminate all hate speech and those who are. pushing hate speech, fear that goal because will executed with perfect Agnes and it will not stop until all beach stops. Doesn't some good for humanity? Glenn back
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