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A Terrifying Look at What's Inside the Inflation ‘Reduction’ Act | Guests: Kari Lake & James Lindsay | 8/8/22

2022-08-08 | 🔗

Glenn unpacks the "Inflation Reduction" bill and exposes how much it will hurt everyday Americans. Pat Gray joins Glenn and Stu to discuss the disastrous new spending bill. Glenn debunks popular derogatory beliefs regarding some of our founding fathers. Glenn and Stu play "What's Your Line," discussing various hot-button political issues, including the story of an elderly woman being banned from a YMCA pool after expressing discomfort over a biological man being in the women's locker room. Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake joins to lampoon the state of the country and explain what needs to be done to turn this country around. Author James Lindsay joins to share what led to his permanent suspension from Twitter.

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when you are about to here is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment. This is the Glen back programme. hello, america and welcome to the Glen back programme from studio. H, H, in the mercury studios. Dallas Texas. It is a pleasure to be here and share some thoughts with you today and boy. I've got a bucket love them. We began
the seven hundred and forty billion dollar climate in health care reconciliation package. We began there in sixty seconds, stand by you. We all have children and I have to tell you We must abolish them. Men of ad We must abolish the department of add that that has to be said in every single day until our Politicians get it and tell our politicians, particularly from the right go in and know that a top priority. I'm gonna give you some information today on what's happening in florida and what their actually saying about rhonda sentences, new pay periodic civics class. It's outrageous anyway. One way you can take care of your kids and make sure that they know the truth is
By getting the tunnel twins book, they have a new book out. It is called america's history idiot. really really good very clear. It's not about memorizing dates, sir anything like tat. It is the story of amerika from twelve fifteen too. Seventeen seventy six tuttle twins back dot com, take advantage of it now get a free sample. Chapter also You can see everything that's in the offer, including the audiobook version at tuttle, twins beck dot com. Where else do I used to be here, you are back good to see you and back back in tax, yes good, to see you get to see you was well. Thank you flew in on Saturday. So I could be here for the of the sea pack speech shouting out. I went really well. I saw the president and He lied was there while it's amazing ice other real president donald trump, he was. He was on fire,
and I think he volleys clearly running, but I think he really gets it. but he also is still really pissed, really pest. About the last election that was not on its teleprompter. And but he didn't mention it a couple of time really yeah and I kind of go back and forth, because I can see how personal it is to him and that bob It is me, but then again it kind of makes me happy, because I know he'll. cleaning out that hornets nest top priority, and that has to be done because look at happening now. We if we don't collapse the size of this government soon it will become, an oppressor yester. A nor over the weekend, the Senate path. The seven hundred and forty billion dollar climate and health care reconciliation package. Now, just Remember,
an hundred billion dollars was the size of the of Barack obama before don't lobbyists bub obama, stimulus package and we all had a cow that it was seven hundred billion dollars. We thought that was outrageous. this is seven hundred and forty billion just on climate and quote health care, but is it let me give you some. Let me give you some information on this issue. ass. The bill includes three hundred and seventy billion dollars in green energy subsidies. Now, do you remember how Well, the green energy subsidies happened last time when obama was in art we just making money hand over fist with all of those great investments that we made under Obama? I'm a billionaire because of my investment in cylindrical.
where are you has it's just me worked out so well yeah. Is it because of inflation, because I think that went out and I think that one out of business now here is the key to this bill. Eighty billion dollars now remember three hundred and seventy. This is the biggest thing ever. This is tat. This is to be done because we're all gonna die in a fiery flood. Three hundred and seventy billion and eighty billion is for the irs now I want you to listen to what they say and you'll read it over and over and over again it's the internal revenue service for enforcement. Now enforcement do we have. That. many greedy billionaires. It just aren't paying their taxes. I'd like to know,
Do we have that many billionaires that don't have enough money for really good attorneys to read the law that you're good to need? Eighty six? One thousand new, I agents that doesn't seem to compute at all. Does it now, by the way they're saying that it's going to reduce inflation is not going to reduce inflation. If it does, and this is the honest to god truth- may reduce inflation. Why? Because- it's going to hurt you so badly that you won't be able to buy things. Remember too much money, jason, too few goods. So if you can't the goods you ve got to read. Use the money chasing it. That means
they ve got a slow you down at the store and is exactly what this bill will do, but because the government is gonna, be spending so much more money. I don't gets going to reduce inflation at all. In fact, I think it's gonna make inflation worse, but your your life is going to become much more tough. Now to give you some perspective on this. First of all the amount, and people just see how out of touch the american people the Washington is compared to the american people. just twelve percent of the new Who economist you gov pole twice percent of people think that this will actually reduce inflation. The other hand three times as many thirty six percent believe in will actually increase inflation. Twenty
three percent say they don't think the bill will move inflation either way and only twenty nine percent say thereon. Sure. Now this l is climate and inflation reduction. You I believe that its actually going to reduce inflation. they didn't ask if you think it will actually help the green movement and protect the earth. They did ask this. Do you do you believe it will lower inflation average responded now, fifty one percent? No, but do you support the Thirty one percent said they strongly oppose We or somewhat oppose the bill the rest agreed with it.
So who's confused here You don't believe in it, but support it now, not talking you personally, but I'm talking about the american people, how is that possible? it is because we still believe our government somehow or another there still enough peel people believe that government, or your personal guy in congress or in the senate, is doing the right thing, I don't know how this is working. Well, I do they Didn't ask another question in that poll: do we actually know. What's in it, can guarantee you most be I don't know what's in it, but let me give you a couple of them: then, let's start with a big one inflation reduction act. Give the irs eighty billion dollars in additional funding
so you know that's a six hundred percent increase of their budget. Six hundred per cent. They will hire as many as eighty seven thousand additional employees for enforcement. The increase would more than double the size of the irs workforce, which cause currently has seventy thousand six hundred and sixty one full time staffers. So they have seventy eight thousand their adding in it an additional eighty? Seven thousand? To give you some perspective, the and took on your people work at the pentagon, huge building they goes on and on and on pentagon largest military, the pentagon houses.
twenty seven thousand employees. Twenty seven thousand. We're talking over a hundred and sixty thousand, I agents the state department employs seventy seven thousand two hundred and forty three, the fbi Has thirty five thousand people because in border patrol employs nine in two thousand five hundred and thirty six border patrol agents. This will make the irs bigger. Then all of those agencies combined. Now. Are you for this act, a little too late, But are you now for this act? The she's going to beasts dagger ring,
and here's where it really will impact. You in the bill? In fact, I want to pay each page, five, twenty nine of the ec. Inflation reduction act. It will pay. Hey farmers do not farm. They want they want to restore the soil? So the measures will include ploughing your soil, less employment, in climate, friendly crop rotation techniques and planting cover crops that do not yield any food. There is twenty billion dollars available september, thirtieth now to diminish the climate impact from farms.
They are going to start paying farmers not to farm and you'll be fine. there also go to now. I would like to say encourage you, but what they're going due to the farmers, is tell them exam exactly how they can farm they're going to tell them now just like they are over in europe, where the farmers are going out of business and on the streets protesting they are. Now going to tell them that they to adopt more climate friendly, provisions they. we going to regulate what you can feed your cow? you're going to be there We to also tell you what you can grow, how who grow it. But you can use, is fertilizer and
the fertilizer that we're all use to you know the one that grows one third more than the old fertilizer use. Gonna be able to use that now. We're entering a global food crisis, for Where's all around the world are going in on this nonsense. It's not work all around the world and weave, implemented it and we're hiring eighty seven thousand new, I r s agents to make sure you comply. Well, this inhabiting do with taxes, oh yeah. It does because, you will be getting subsidies, oh yes, it does because you have an e s g score. If you're a farmer, this is going to devastate our farms Have you ever noticed that when we're communists take over the
First thing they do is killed, usually everybody who disagrees with them take out anybody who is ever successful at something look at the door. In between gm, and elon musk, look The difference between what he's building and what all these other guys have been. Building the guy's been a spaceship to mars, the guy is transformed the automobile and yet he's on the outskirts they're coming, after him, I can give in t you some of those eighty seven thousand iris agents are just going to work on elon musk and his companies Ok, first come after anybody who is a capitalist anybody who disagrees with them. Anyone can do anything they get rid of them. They can't co op them. Then, so after the farmers then, when there's a problem with the farmers, they then
the farmers, or take their land away and say you're, doing it right. Well, because farmers, farm for generations. They know the things that they have to do so farmers don't note rest their land or do or to change. their crops. Of course, They know that their farmers We have any heads coming in and it happens every time communist taken droll. That's why people and Eating the zoo animals and then their dogs. This is really very. Dangerous, oh by the way in europe there are already to the next phase. The first phase was saying: the climate ass to be controlled, and we to control it through the farmers, the farmer,
then start to collapse. The farmers then start to take to the streets and say this is insanity, while the next, basis, because no one knows where their food comes from or how to grow it. Then phase is already happening. The end I farm sentiment is growing now in europe. You watch the farmer. Are going to get a really bad name, the farmers are going to be blamed for the food shortages you watch, I guarantee it it's already happening in europe so now People are taking to the streets and say it's these farmers that are at fault. this story repeats itself over and over again until human beings learn the lesson
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I find this really interesting. The days of ultra low interest rates, low inflation and supersize stock market returns are over according to black rock black. Och is now saying that investors are going to have to expect lower returns on their investment for the next ten years. Now g, Why do you suppose that is Well, they say that the corona virus pandemic quote pushed the guy mobile economy into a new regime. That's their exact words. Stu of you ever I mean we ve talked about the economy for a long time in what's going on, I should not an economist. I don't live that world, but I am
probably more read up on it than the average bear. Have you ever seen? Anyone use the word regime when it comes to capitalism. Happy, usually now I haven't invest. Can now expect a decade of higher inflation, lower returns. And many analysed are calling it a regime change in the financial markets. That's weird Ok! So let me go back. Let me go back. A couple of other things here. They ve packed This stimulus package, but the new york times, is How urging of sorry the allay times is now urging Biden to use his executive powers anyway and decline, air, a national emergency, they say so the only way to curb carbon emissions editors, wondered whether inflation reduction act would just passed the senate, and vice president Kamala Harris's tiber aching vote would appease by
appetite for green energy at agenda and determine, furthermore, heavy handed executive regulations with congo action looking now more likely will binds promise to confront the climate crisis with presidential proclamations xx. Give orders and regulatory power go unfulfilled. These Red is now so desire that we need binding to deliver on his pledge. means using every executive and administrative power legally available to him to protect americans from client climate fuel disasters bridge rid the boost, renewable energy and ten you to shift away from fossil fuels. declaring a national emergency says? The allay times will unlock additional tools and resources, so he can enforce it glenn back programme. american financing, Annabel us one. Eight do three report: nobody
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big difference in your life. Please take ten minutes. Do it today? can financing at eight hundred nine zero six twenty four forty eight hundred nine zero six twenty four forty american financing dot net. play cb dot com, slash, glenn, he's a promo code, Glenn two september supper subscription to place today. This is. The Glen back programme want to spend more time. Talking to you about the seven hundred and forty billion dollar climate in health care reconciliation package. We welcomed programme, MR pat gray, from pat gray, unleash so excited about how this is going to help us yeah. It's gonna help me so much well, it's gonna help us with the word it's gonna, lower the cost of prescription drugs, which are wildly out of control with inflation. I mean
inflation alone on prescription drugs. You know that price. Drugs has gone crazy, actually know it's. The one thing really that hasn't gone crazy, in fact all items since two dozen seventeen all items inflation about up about twenty percent. You see and higher numbers and transportation and no food in marriage fuel, it utilities it hospital and related services. Procurement drugs is flat the one thing measured in this and its particular chart that has gone up so per cent Drugs have not gone. That's out of where there are ex exceptions, specific examples of drugs that will get all the press short. But when you look at the entire industry as a whole, She has shown no inflation, and so that is a problem if we had a rank things, probably the one with no inflation, but when these the least high priority at least the highest priority. Ok, then they were
If they want to vote, they voted to lower the cost of health insurance, which I thought we took care of with obamacare. Oh, we took care of it. We took care of it already shot mad ad yeah. So since two thousand and ten we see a bit of inflation of or set for twenty six percent inflation. Overall, okay now face we premiums up a little more than that really fifty four percent, only four before you and but then, of course, we also to factor in deductibles deductibles up one hundred and sixty two percent outcast since the oh mamma care thing, but you still have your doctor. If you want your doktor, only now are not usually ha. now. Listen to this. This is what this is going to entail. The inflation reduction act is going to lower the cost of prescription drugs, health, insurance and energy prices, all that's good that's good, plus
the eighty seven thousand new irs employees, which again is is by far are more than once at the pentagon, that's the pentagon, the state department the fbi and the ball, their patrol combined the irs will be bigger than all of those combined. What do you think their buying bullets for what to you think this is really all about by the way now there's a big thing in europe to camp a campaign to boycott energy bills are now trying to tell people you know they, a group I'm sure there's no marxism or anarchist him all than this at all saying: you'd you just don't pay your energy bill to high Stu. I just don't pay it well. What do you think? That's gonna. Do that's going that is bottom up. Top down. That is such chaos that the key
bunnies will say: what do we do and the government will come down and either take control of those companies, or they will make sure that you pay. If it's after election, you pay, your bill one way or another I think they're gonna do both is freely a bad thing. Oh, but allay has as an idea the yellow, city council is going to vote on friday. Whether or not because you know here: local eleven, a progressive union, thirty, seven, sorry, thirty, two thousand hospitality workers in southern california in arizona guy over a hundred and twenty thousand signatures for ordinance that would require all hotels a jury to family owned, two how's, the city's growing homeless population every day.
they would have to report to some sort of central committee how many rooms they have and anyway, who comes in and says I'm homeless. You have to them into to the hotel for the night. Oh and they'll be enforcement on that by the way to I wonder what would reinforce that? I mean g You can't do that. I don't know if you know that a that's private property, you can't just you can't just do that. second thing is: who wants to go stay at one of those hotels? Don't care how nice of a hotel is, if I have vague, since that might be in the room. Next to me, I don't Those people are. We don't know that people are well. You are big, it you don't know the people know. I know that But generally staying at the hotel, I'm staying at care. afford it, which kind caught some of the drug addicts and heroin users out,
staying there, which I'd like to my kids to avoid. You know what I mean just Otherwise, why I just pitch a tent underneath the bridge prejudice against heroin users. Yes, I do yes, I do bridges yeah, both yet both of them, both of them hair when users under bridges, yeah yeah by the way I can't take Eric Adams, and what he said, pat your head's going to explode after a second bus, a cent in, but to us too, to buses of and the euro they seat. Almost forty people two buses after the second bus of immigrants arrived in new york city. He said this is whole yeah is the home rhetoric. Yeah
Greg Abbott's greatest dream. I remember when he came up with this idea. One of his best moves yeah. It was a fun idea. You know I thought it had some goose at elysium to it. It was a satisfying idea. it's more satisfying than I ever dreamed? It could have possibly imagine that all of these big city mares would play exactly into what he wanted and complain about. It lay yes, yes, eighty people, eighty people are bosnia. Eighty, we ve got million billion plus sitting right, texas gods. Eighty like this is this is horrific. We're gonna collapse, because this Washington DC has thirty one million dollar budget for homeless people they Look in a few thousand and there are like with this is gonna break us, a city, these borders,
a big eighty people in them and are taking in thousands of day you're. No one cares and orders, and you can add- and these are the people had said they would take care. It's all running rooms until the illegals really start joy is, it is, and then, and then they don't know what to do with him in deal. You didn't even better such love them be alert loved him, nor are they in DC in new york. They rather than to love them just give them jobs, homes them right. Do those things get some food right, accommodate their language, cried all of the things that you are now going to have to pay for. What is the problem? Love them? Jesus would love. I have rhonda santas on this week on thursday for the podcast, and I should be, I think, he's the only governor out there that is running in the right direction. At the right speed. I think
Think florida is one of the only ones that may survive And everybody else, even even axis, which is pretty good, is not nearly moving fast enough. It doesn't feel we're on the same trajectory his florida right now. It seems like they're. Pretty in their freedoms. Allow more passionately than than we are in Texas yeah I mean there is no doubt that governor, at his mates missteps over the last couple years. and though he doesn't suck the now, he doesn't, he doesn't suck The brilliantly earns his study because they expect rhonda santa numbing letter for the governor habit, then to be running against potential governor, better overwork the oil has hit. If you want a clear, I dont know how to seriously about. I think abbot would be a great governor really and any other state. But tenses is like wait a minute. What what we would like to be
here we don't like to be outdone and and and if he were in any other state. We would count him as one of the best governors in the country, and he is, but if you in texas its doesn't feel that way and actions you better with cup cause. You really do want to go out and vote. Otherwise, you get better it's interesting with with dissenters in particular, from a polluter standpoint. He is he's all peace in the middle of the right issues. We thing right right, stand in use. You know like usually like at the right level too, he doesn't he's not just saying you know if you might like It might be satisfying to conservative talk radio listeners if, if you come out a new attack, all these issues- and you do all these things that are really really hard core when he says a way of balancing out the talking to his base. By doing things that, are you a legal that
are sensible that are going through the house and the senate that are go through the house and the senate. Passing laws he's not just doing it executive fiat! It's not just big symbolic gestures. I think it's. It's been a pretty interesting approach. I remember when, when he kind of emerged as one of the top it's as potential presidential nomination, twenty twenty four. It was early it was like early. It was, you know, early play. Pandemic. He was one of the first governors to sort of open things up and at least got a lot of attention for it. Even though other governors I mean, like you know, Kristi noem was pointed out. She never close down right right but like he unable to maintain that it could do building on it. We're all a bunch of other governors from that era, were we're sort of the darlings of conservatives for a while and faded he's been able to stay right there right because he continues that's, why I mean he's on the right track at the right Speaking he's taking off all of it on you know it's like. I I really appreciate the states that are taking on s g, but many of them
taking on just the ie will badly leave the people of your state and risk? It's the s. The g as well that our problems and santas is doing these things at the top of the hour. I'm going. I tell you what he did Vanity fair, just came out with a hiss jericho article about how laura tarrying richter sentences. Before these staff, can you imagine how bad arouses aunt is. Rick is imagine how that radical networking that I had ever gets out. You're, like president ronald trompe desire to justice, antaeus justice into something so anyway, This is a sterical. He just put in a civics requirement, and wait until you hear the word Vanity fair is talking about it. I mean sixteen team project will come to mind set.
real times. Buddy, it's it's crazy because they are defending incorrect history there. our defences tom Jefferson was raping his slaves off. I hear that one lol geez, That's not true. It was not true dig up that information. We had on thomas Jefferson a couple of weeks ago. Just so you can just We can remind people of sovereignty our, but you know I I felt something or public probably about eight months ago, felt the seas, the change and That was spiritual advice to me. Almost fifteen years ago- and somebody said to me, glenn, I said, win win win am I gonna know and they said watched the trees, When the seasons change, you will know, and I didn't
no if I would know that- and I had a real feeling about eight months ago. Seasons are changing and were in a deeper now I'm getting closer to real problems this summer, in the last eight or nine weeks. I felt them change again and I think I could be wrong, but I think that is this climate bill. I think this is the beginning of an entirely new kind of amerika, and when it is all implemented, look out the old the other thing that I think they could do to make things the really polish us off, is urgency orders If he goes for emergency orders, and declares a national emergency with the weather, we're gonna be where can be cooked, but I was it
see pack and I saw some of the candidates that are coming up and if we get These candidates, in their serious, There are serious candidates, I don't know about the ones and around you The nation has a few people that are willing to go to washington lie fortunes and sacred honour and save republic and save the constitution, what he is saving it from people who are trying to destroy the constitution. Read it back Just a second thank you, Padre from pat gray unleashed when most your time is spent in pain. The thing that your constantly looking for pure and simple is hope and begins to be very deep. the call to see the light at the end of the tunnel when you're down, but there is one There is hope. I know because I been there have suffered prob. They are much more minor version of what your suffering right now and it took law.
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for the free newsletter today, Glenn back dot com, twisted freak. Welcome to the Glenn programme were glad you're here James Lindsey. We have to get see if we can get him on today or tomorrow, yeah he's been here. And permanently band. Now from twitter, you can reclaim. Is life I will say, if I got a permanently banned from twitter, I know I would be frustrated about it, but then I think I'd windup appreciating it later in life. Dont over? You have time to escape the hunter by scandal today, but ah potato Add over it. Cnn said is
just a right wing, media story, parent Larry, there's something showing what yeah you're kidding me. No now I'm wondering if he's gonna be banned because Even though the new york times friday came out and said g is happening. The banks are implementing it. It's really good for climate and evil people or try like glenn back, are trying to stop it. We couldn't talk about it because people like the new york times said it was a conspiracy theory. I thought hunter by The scandal was a conspiracy theory and now they're just openly discussing in saying you know it's really. It's really. It's really not How do we know when we can when we're going to be banned when we're not going to be banned? I guess we asked James Lindsay when we talked to it. This is the Glenn Beck program. Let me tell you little bit about rough greens today we get our new dog and I am so nervous about. You know cause dont want. You know to feel like we're replacing am or like we don't love.
Is much I'm so concerned about him. I don't know how It's gonna go this week. You have any tips, please tweet them do, may give them extra Groups of a rough green, at last, I m awfully ideal. Like I don't even know. If you can overdose on this, I don't I mean it's all good stuff in it, and I just scoop max three. I love you brought in, and I heard him pounded than empty mobile investment wall. anyway rough greens, it's really great when you're feeding your dog it, it really has everything they need: vitamins, minerals, probiotics, antioxidants, all the thing, the things your dog needs to be healthier, get a free I'll bag of rough greens just for you dog, to try and make sure you they like it, I'm wondering if jellybean is good, too, is gonna like it it as well all you Four is shipping just go to rough, green dot com, slash back rough greens, dot com, slash back her colleague, three three glenn, thirty, three, that's eight three!
ray glenn. Thirty three cullum today the when you are about to here, is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment The program
hey you know it's really great is the lansky has just put together a deal with china. Tab China come in and rebuild ukraine that great ally. What do what do you? China's going to rebuild either just working out a deal real, quick just to get china to come in and rebuild ukraine that doesn't see my suboptimal yeah yeah might maybe just a little bit, and I have a theory on this. I'm going to tell you about it. Coming up. Also, multiple outlets have reported that the florida teachers have attended a teacher's conference held by the Florida department of education, but only vanity fair will tell you the truth of this civics excellence. Initiative
can't wait for you. I can't wait for you to hear this. Sixty seconds will begin. There are right now. You could hang a pair of fuzzy dice from the mirror of your car and hope that it brings you a lot. You know maybe, but a rabbits foot in the glove compartment, four leaf clover in the trunk, maybe even dump someone the charms in the gas tank. I don't know I'd hate to be the bearer of bad news, but at the end of the day, I don't think any of that thing is going to is going to save your car heat all every car will break down and the last thing we could afford right now is lucky charms and the gasping honestly think billy car shield protect plans are made for everybody in any price range they are offered. About a hundred dollars a month. Now, you might think I can spend another hundred dollars a month. Listen to me you being a hundred dollars a month and your cargoes bad this year, you're gonna, be on the hook for thousands and then
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the governor punishes companies. The disagree with him yet tax people for living their lives, spends democratically elected officials for failure to enforce his favorite fascist pollux policies. Oh my gosh, there's somebody many so the drug with his again like any a conservative in twenty twenty two dissent is also hates the idea of kids learning that american history involves a lot of unsavory business. Usually the part of white people, which is why he started a new initiative that involve straight up lying about the country's past, a floor to schoolchildren. Oh my god, I think going to hyper ventilate and pass out. Ok hoax. First of all he has not suspended democratically elected officials for failure to enforce his favorite fascist policies, those
policies. Those laws laws are different than an edict, it is what our present on both sides of the isle, but especially this one are dry gone, those are different than laws. Also, when you have, like the FDA, say more gunnar, regulate you right out of business they're using policies, not laws anyway. Now is concerned about the lying to children. Sixteen ninety one multiple newsletter outlets have reported. That floor to teachers, who have attended conferences held by the floor department of education this summer, as part of a quote sid ex excellence initiative. End quote and deeply disturbed at what they ve seen according to the tenth bay times, not the tampa bay time.
Holy cow through the sessions facilitators have attempted to downplay the history of slavery in the? U s and insist that of all the slave owning nations, the? U s was the least into it. Now they said that identical yeah, hey butt, you are the least into it. You know urban areas like to love slavery right coup yeah. We were done into it but if you wanted to define being less into it and other nations. You might find, for example, a country its initial draft for the declaration of independence used anti slavery argument. As one of its central arguments, the ass, you might say that the part of the country that did la slavery did it before everywhere else in the world. You might even say we were the first to stop all
porthos of slaves and then, at the same time we also sent our naval ships off the coast of africa. Did you know this to stop slave trading, ships from leaving africa headed anywhere towards us Did you know that you didn't know that? But anyway, when we are in a sense, we were the second nation to fully allows a third I'm not in mexico, mexico, as they did it with a delay. Right. If I remember the story right, so here's what it is, england ban it you know stopped all of it banned all of it and they were number one full of white people. Then number two was mexico, but that's all if you say: okay, vase, stopped it, but what they said is it'll all be over within a hundred years. Her that's stopping it.
Saint aubert. Did it with like a it's like one of these little parliamentary tricky? I do ask bills. Were there, like all we're Do what near of obamacare spending. When you know it's gonna be renewed after that. One year, so they don't have to include it in the costs, which is what they do with its past bill. the wax. So here's what they say through other sessions, facilitators attempt to downplay the history of slavery and insist that all the slave owning nations- a u s- was the least into it. Yes, It is true that is true twelve million slaves in america, twelve million over the course of the whole thing, twelve million in america, maybe I may be giving that number that number me actually be over all of the slave trade in Entire world was twelve million. The western slave trade was twelve million. We took four percent of the twelve million like? I seventy percent went to Brazil
Why are we the way why trying to present this like we were the least in joint gland. Yes, I actually m yes, I actually we the least into it, we got the fewest slaves. Now that is not an excuse that downplaying what is really a horror show her eye, but it saying look we weren't alone in this it wasn't just because of white people. This was a thing that was going on and we we. Participated in it, but we, the ringleader in it, by any stretch of the imagination, then what they forget is the majority of enslaved people in amerika were born into slavery. Why is that big? as we were the first to stop the importation. That was the founding fathers trying to stop it without another war. There like ok now more importation, you can't be, can import them
So now you could only have slaves that were born here, still bad. least they weren't fuelling the international slave trade. It was us it was a progressive move. They told me just told the times that it felt like instruct yours we're trying to claim america had been less bad when it came to enslaving people. Well, that is the case yes, but we were last bad but where removing the word bad. It's not like. We were good because we only had four percent. No, it's bad fixing your stranded down play something by calling someone a murderer. When you know others were serial killers in her say all they killed less people rats,
still does our fewer people that still doesn't make you excited about the guys like comparing world war, two with the korean war, there Wars both really bad, but why and killed a lot more. Ok, anyway, Meanwhile, the other slide, the talking now about slides the other slide quoted. George Washington, Thomas jefferson, saying they wanted to get rid of slavery. Wild crucially, leaving out the fact that both men enslaved people, the latter owning more than six hundred in his lifetime and famously raping at least one of them. All my, boiled. My dogs, glowering. that is not true that is not true this case out around the time that I can't remember his name. She wrote the book.
american sphinx and people decided they were going to publish some. Is that guy? He was raping sally hemmings all time, that's not true. Within a week that was debunked, they did a deep sigh, on it and only one person out of all of the experts said that I can't say that it's true, but I dont want to say it's not true, because I don't know for sure, the end that wasn't about rape, that was about but father ring of other shire in, and that was one of your right click. One of the experts said he was more likely than not that he had father one of the children. That was it this The aim. This is the overall take them from the from the from this commission. Have it right here for an open? It up
In the end, after roughly one year of examining the issues, we find that the question of whether thomas jefferson fathered one or more children by his slaves out sally hemmings to be one, which honourable people can and do disagree, however, It is our unanimous view that this legation is by no means proven, and we find it regrettable that public confusion about the ninety. Ninety eight dna testing and other evidence has misled. Many people, believing this issue was closed, with the exception of one man, whose views are set forth below is one we just discussed. Our endeavours what conclusions range from serious scepticism about the charge to a conviction. That it is almost certainly untrue. Okay, most certainly untrue to I really don't think it's true. That's there are guy, What was the study gimme that it is the thomas J, Thomas jefferson,
jefferson: entire adage society. Ok, Thomas jefferson inherited society are right. Now this teacher that a few, a few of the facts presented very few of them had sources we're not told which documents stated this or how find them just that existed sick steam. Nineteen. You can't so anything because it I made up, where, during the workshops which, according to the times, were developed with the imf, what of hills? Dale college, a private christian college in Michigan, ok, one of the best universities around and, yes, it is a private christian college. Would we rather have this come from berkeley and
other groups, including the bill of rights institute. Oh my gosh, not a bill of rights institute teachers were reportedly informed that the whole separation of church and state business that the fao, I didn't actually mean that incredibly several slides reportedly stated that this is a major misconception. Incredibly, you are an idiot who is the person that is the editor at vanity fair. that allowed this to go through you have the knowledge of a fourth greater? We is by the way, the knowledge of a college graduate now because everything is indoctrination use. Now urban taught the truth. I tell you what I dont have who wrote this at the map. Them
the fair, but you are more than welcome to come down here. We will spend the day and we will show you all of the sources all of the sort we have them. First draft a rigid documents their original letters- we them all you'd like them. Love to show during a brow, gout session, slides, repeatedly stated Not only was that a misconception, the prisoners reportedly mention more than once influence of Jesus Christ in the bible and what it had a country's foundation. This. Christian nationalism, philosophy that was baked into every thing in their said, one of the teachers endings, the prayer was come compared to upholding sir irrigation. Barbara siegel, a twelfth great government teacher at fort lauderdale said she was stir by the emphasis on christianity telling the times it was very skewed. There was a very
strong christian, fundamentalist waves, analyzing different quotes, indifferent document. It was there concerning you'd teachers have never been taught and you have no serious- inclination you have no honest, honest question to pursue the truth, you are only pursuing your truth, because you been taught by the best universities and they never brought these things up there. is why I'm preserving as fast as I can every original document we can you to understand. You come down here. You're, not gonna, take my opinion or anybody's any expert opinion I'll show you the overwhelming doc, intention about all of this year.
have no intellectual curiosity, and that is the problem you think you know a good teacher. A good teacher always thinks this is what I know what I ve learned, what I've been taught Show me: is there something else out there the original documents. You wanna know it. It's open I'll Lastly, give you a tour guarantee you, my phones will not ring that is what's wrong with our educational system, american financing, Annabel us one, eight three, four: w w w dot animal s, consumer access, dot, org in other something reassuring. Knowing that you and your family are in the best possible places, you can be financially its peace of mind. That is,
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Eric and financing dot net ten second station, I d right. You then. So let's look at what else is and what else but you know we have the new we have. Our military now. The have to worry about posse, come a tortoise because called the irs scariest thing about this climate change bill and when people find out about it think there too, there their whole point of view will change remember it is the Democrats that did this. It was Fifty fifty and the thai splitting vote came from comma harris it. asked in the senate. It will add
the seven thousand new irs agents eighties. seven thousand, that will make them enforcement force bigger than the pentagon thee the department of state the b I the border patrol combined combined, This is a massive enforcement arm. Just standing army now, g they're, all are all going after a few billion heirs to get that money. No they will go after, but this is the is an army. They will go after. Anyone who opposes them hope. I am wrong. I I'm wrong, but this
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I want to start playing a new game on the programme. I don't know I m name be here, but I think it's do. What do you think? I remember the show: what's my line, yeah yeah gameshow on tv, no idea how it even worked or what it was about. I just remember the name: what's my line? Okay, so what's my light, I that should be. What's my liner aura the what's my line. What's my line, Do you draw the line anywhere anywhere? What's your line, but your line As I got a couple of that are passed my line, for instance, jail in rose. You know that is he s? P m. I don't know analyse why area does whatever He says that he is making its mission to cancel the term, not rush more because he says mount rushmore is just
offensive stew. What's your line that under my line, there is no yeah yeah me do not now do not cancel volcano mars. Wrigley. The company that predict produces snickers, issued an apology to china on friday, after six interesting that taiwan is an independent country Still europe snickers executive. They come in to you and say stew. What's your line no? No, no we're not apologizing to china for calling a country a country, dang yang. Thank you. Thank you. this one? Now I had a really hard time, even understanding this story, because it gets very confusing K. If you have children, you might want. I'm gonna. Do you talking about comically correct thing?
because it's important that you hear the story as written. So you just your forewarned here to strike you. If I take note of They need a charter. Worry me. I read it to stew right before any was like wait, a minute who, what okay and Eighty year old, washington state woman has been bad and from using her local? Why am cs pool after she expects discomfort with a biological mail in the women's locker room as you girls were undressing. she was in the shower when she heard a male voice picked out too far, and a biological mail in a women swimsuit engaging with little girls who were undressing, got it this, like a heroic story of a woman protecting children against. A male in the women's bathroom correct incorrect. That's that's not what nestorius the now? It's not the biological, no, the ideal world woman's the villain here the by
logical mail was reportedly with the girls from the day camp overseeing their bathroom activities. now. My first question comes in you don't have a woman, they could do that way so that the by logical, male worked though I am z, ay, ok, implant he's at the girls can the data and the job They gave the bible trickle mail was overseeing their bathroom activities. they couldn't have selected and employ know you'd, be interested system, a big it gotta, Kay He was overseeing their bathroom activities, addressing the poor, townsend city council on Monday, julie, jameson, that is the eighty year old julie, Jane and a resident of port townsend about forty years, described the situation she been in after her regular swim at the mountain valley pool in an effort.
by the city in the way of seeing to apply they neo cultural, gender rules at mountain view, pool dress and what the knee EL the inmost yell role, troll gender rules. This is the this is the eighty year old saying this mountain view pool dressing showered with room facilities. We and children are being put at risk. James also said she had been showering after July. Twenty six swim at the pool when she her demands voice in the women's dressing area. She said she saw a man in a women's swimsuit why watching little girls pull down their bathing suits in order to use the toilets in the dressing room. In an email from the whimsies marketing and communications manager to the post millennial they said. The staff member was not engaging with these little girls, but rather ass, escorting them to the dressing room. ok, so you just standing there looking at them waiting for them. I guess,
according to the port townsend free press jameson, who had been in the shower when she realised what was happening hidden behind and thin sheer shower curtains, asked this person revealed to go by the name, clementine Adams, Levin time now I think that's the guy! That's the guy Who is she sally right? She said ass. This person revealed to go. the name of clementine Adams. I don't even know what that meant. I think I think it means they have uncovered who person is ok. I was not named. They reduce further brilliantly mannheim. First, that refers to clementine Adams answer quote eighty old woman, do you have a penis fair question in this moment. I think it is clementine said none of your business jake and then said, get out of here right now, you're screamin aiding and you can't
who's the pool anymore, and I'm calling the police seeing as I voted in so doing. I just sing it who said that I leave that was julie, J, the eight year old woman? This the way paragraph reads: you're just starts here: your grim in aiding and can't use the pool anymore, and I'm call away now, if you're discriminating, that it's gotta, be they employ saying that you're but which employ cut closer china late way. I think we just jumped into another time dimension your desk can use guy usable anymore and I'm calling the police WI him see a aquatics manager, rowan de Luna, foul told jameson after she requested that Adams leave the room. Ok, so another employee yeah the name it I'm gonna that that one is de luna rowan de luna. Now, in don't have a sex dont know if she as male parts or female parts, don't know rowan rural life have road, atkinson, soda water, and you can tell, in an email
from the whimsies marketing communications manager. They said that jameson was not permanently suspended for this incident alone, but right other due to quote repeatedly violating the olympic peninsula. Why am see a code of conduct? I can't imagine what it is. If a guy can stay in the girls dressing, room and watch little girls go the bathroom. I can't imagine what code of conduct is and what you would have to do. To violate that code of conduct, He also specifically use disrespectful words or gestures towards. Why am a staff or others and abuse so harassing andorra, obscene language or gestures towards the. Why m c staff or others vis? Eighty year old woman does eighty year old woman, ok, the man major said,
The facility has experienced past issues, but that the incident and the changing room was quote unforgivable, an extremely harmful unforgivable to ask person with to get out to be here. As Jim an eighty year old woman saying this as germany I wanted to leave the building de lunar reportedly told shaman that she was not abiding by the whimsies principles and values you the young men's christian, Association, be just a lot of manners. I know young men's christian association. Ok. another. Why I'm seeing staffer reportedly block german firm, leaving too, which James said bull crap, I'm owing to the police right now. I want help and I needed immediately. They kicked her out and blocked on leaving another blocked. Her walk.
then jason went next door to the police and then later received a call back from the port townsend police mark turnus case a tenderness sitter. titter tenderness tendernesses is they ve entered. This is his a police officer? Ok, god, to determine said that the eighty year old woman had an emotional response to a strange tenderness or chairman tenderness, sorry, tenderness, yeah. Had an emotional response to a strange male being in the bathroom and helping a young girl take off her bathing. So that's a hateful thing to say it was not a young male. No Well, not to change. May it was not a strange male yeah. It was a strange woman with a penis correct at the young men. Christian is now imagine how she has suffered Earl life being a female and go in, and I got this junk downstate. I'm sorry and saying- and I got this junk doubt- stays.
This call also contained call records made by an anonymous person at the white house. Economists, anonymous person said in time was in the bathroom with a child in the day camp. Julie asked if she Julie julie, Julie's, really gmail you're, a woman, ok, Julie ass. I do know we run a first name basis with this, but this aid world woman is. that you're an anonymous color and julia ass if she had a penis and then started screaming at her to get out in another call them person so Sadly enough in person made call multiple call. Yes and another, all this person said the demon had been asked to leave an is refusing, but they were blocking her. Remember that we had another call said that James was screaming at an employee, another call from another person yet and their call said that jamie doesn't even save its the same person or another person, I'm guessing, seeing that we ve had to from the other than from that one person.
and this one doesn't say from another individual, just as another call, I'm sure he's just like I, you know what and another thing. She was screaming at an employee in calling names and refusing to leave jamie. It also spoke spoken to Wendy Bart. This is the ceo of the olympic peninsula. Why embassy, spacesuit, Wendy bart bar cheese, a ceo depart barred said that a stir F, member unnamed claimed jane said to atoms that I candy and you're gonna stick your. Yeah faff in people third into those little girls. I think effing is so finally, as easy of little comfortably saying that in this project, our conduct context, according to jane, she said, quote:
I'm an eighty year old woman. I don't ever talk like that. by the way. There is no signage informing women, the shower room is now all gender or what that means J and told the city council, nor have parents been informed of what they can expect with these new policies. so very ago. Ok thy that really They have a difficult time following that story, but I find it more and more cause. I don't know who is talking to I was turned with a demi lovato story from last week. Apparently they she was a she and she said now they now she's back to us. Because she's feeling feminine right now and trying to decipher like now
the people who are calling her. They, though they were wrong or there they were right. Now they were dry. They now have to change back to she and because she's feeling very feminine. Now she could be she, but she could go back today or it like that. means nothing right. If you just changed by feeling away and just changing it for everyone, then what you changed to or from me nothing and that Of course, I guess the point of all this, but the cut remember room or what did I tell you, the operative word would be in these times. Chaos. This is chaos of the language you can't. their understand anything so the basic story here, Is that an eighty year old woman heard man in the locker room, who was helping again not just in the locker room but helping kids, dress and little girls little girls go to the bathroom. She called it out, yelled the guy.
wanted him to leave and then got thrown out and is being harassed, by the organizational. What is lots of what is a reasonable answer here? so you got a bunch of a mummy. Let me added out the ones I should say in their view The reasonable answer would be that if you're going to have a transgender employee. That's going to be working for you perhaps you don't assign them the duties of being inside a women's locker room with elderly women who obviously aren't onto your new gender thing, and having them. They have the responsibility of undressing children, little girls and presenting here's. What the the here's, what the rational thing would be to do now. This is rational ten years ago. This is just rational today, if you're trying to if you
trying to cause chaos and destroy the fabric of our nation. You would say: ok, look to ma. Am we were totally cool, all, but because not everybody believes the same thing. We should appreciate you and yes, you can help, but we You have to notify all of the parents because lot of the parents and so that we give them the option of dropping out. I know bigots, but hey that's where they are and the uk take the little girls into the bathroom, because some parents say no gay, we just we want you to be happy. But we also want to respect other people that may not believe the same thing or just have this and lock it down from anybody else who isn't on your train, but what they're doing causing chaos and strife and condemning anyone. That's the problem,
some problem is kill damning. Anyone who disagrees with these crazy, radical ideas I can just a second and pretending that their normal and you just don't get it. Pre born, don't if anyone's paying attention that could have predicted of some people did the abortion issue has own The heated up more in the wake of the overturn of rovers is weighed. The left is fighting as hard as they can to regain the ground. They feel, dave lost and, as I am sure you know, the left fight sturdy make no mistake. The Hate organizations like pre born over them, Sixteen years pre born has position there clinics in the top abortion cities, where fifty percent of all abortions take place. pre bourns work of saving babies lives will continue at a greater level as they fight plan paranoid. But boy do they need your help. They have to now defend their centres from the radical hate groups who want nothing
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when you are about to here, is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment the program,
there is a rising star on the horizon. I saw this woman speak at sea pack on saturday and I'm tellin you she could be a president. She's remarkable carry lake the arizona gubernatorial candidate that the left is doing all they can to destroy, so she doesn't become a very powerful conservative government. Governor carry lake joins us and sixty seconds. If the world economic forum has anything at all to say about it, there is going to come a glorious day in the not too distant future. When you don't ever have to pay a cell phone bill again, will they be You'll never have to pay it. I mean you will because you won't have a phone. You know you are you want on anything anymore, but you'll be happy. You'll love it
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good morning glad it was good to hear you on stage go back. They said you're following Glenn back, and I said no. I can't do that much of a legend. You are remarkable. I watched you and I listened to you on saturday at sea pack and you some day, be an easy? vice presidential candidate, you could be a president I dont know. Well, I don't know where you're heading but get ahead of ourselves yeah. I know I know I had entered the ninth floors governors, in areas only because we have such a problem, here that we need to solve them. I think what we learn from president trumpets eat. It doesn't take that much work to solve problems. If you have the will to do it and we have the ideas, unfortunately, the last part of the election, the primary the media refused to cover our policy. Which I believe are some of the best policies we ever
seen in arizona because their america first policies brought down to the erika. at the state level. So what is because some give me some of those policies- gimme gimme the things that you're really proud of and you're like can't wait to put this in. I really love in a besides the border to talk about that all the time but so want to talk about a couple of others? I want to talk about my my programme to end. Street homelessness, chronic street homelessness, if ironically, benda phoenix lately have many american citys are just turning into homeless in camp and kids in. I just don't We got envisioned us to live in despair with a needle in our arms on the street, and we need to help these people, but we also need to remember: it's not compassionate for the people of arizona to allow this problem to grow. It takes away our quality of life so are going to work to get the help to these people? and I got it's a very involved plan ever going to every detail, get them off the street
we'll get a ban urban camping as they call it by building enough and shelter beds for them to have a place to stay, get them treatment, get them off. The streets and in those who refuse the treatment. It's going to become a little more difficult to live in arizona, because we're not going to allow public drug use the crimes that the chronic street homeless and typically are taking part in. So it's Who did a tough love, but there's a lot of love in there and frank When we need all hands on deck, we need everybody to be contributing. We ve got jobs that are, that we want to put americans into phil, so we're gonna get job training for these people. Once we get about the drugs and I just refuse to allow any money from the state to go into a homeless programme that is not showing results that The problem with so many these issues we and the industry has created around an issue and then there's no interest in solving the problem. It just enables the We're not going to allow that anymore. I tell you there there's lots
programs out there? That is showing results there just bad results, I mean look at california holy cow. Angeles now is talking about voting on friday, the council on whether or not to demand hotels from five star to dumps too every day by two o clock post, how many rooms they have open and then they have to shelter the homeless in those rooms. That's insane, he allowed its total insanity. and and those kind of policies have enabled the homeless and the drug using subsection The homeless, to continue to use, no handing out needles in their ino handing out food and keeping everybody on the street. What need to do is get them off the street and we
will ban the urban camping by building enough shelter. Madam president, what kind of talk about it? I was surprised in his speech at sea pack we're going to build enough bed. So we can ban the urban because if you don't have enough beds, you can't ban urban camping and then we're going to get the help needed and we're going to get these people to become contributing members of society. That's a build them up, help them, but we cannot continue to the hard working taxpaying arizona to want to parks back, they want to walk, comes without being accosted by somebody who's either. good or mentally ill and dangerous, and we ve just seen too many crimes that are committed by people who are homeless and on the street. There's furious crimes and we can't just keep throwing money at these programmes are enabling people to use drugs and remain on the street. Well, there are so many things in a cell, so many things that are playing into this I mean you have the you have the boy,
turkey have their lack of respect for police? You have you know D, da's in everything that's happening, is designed to create more and more chaos. Let me talk to you tat s g. Are you familiar with the s g and If so, what are you planning on doing about it in your state? Gonna see ass, she always did what's an acronym. Yes, g is environmental social and governor yeah, so it's the year with the great reset I am familiar with, that and what part of that are you asking about my opinion? So I'm gonna tell you what I want to send you a copy of my book. There are states that are now taking it on. I think about twenty two and the state treasury are pulling. All of their their resources, all of their investments, out of any group,
like brat blackrock. That is yet enforcing yes, g standards as it's it's that it's not good, just gonna, cripple everything I am with you on that. A hundred percent we have a hopefully kimberly, who is a state treasurer, will get on board with that. We should not be investing in a week when I doing a lot more investing when president Tromp was in office. I looked at companies that I respected that respected us and that's what one of my money into and we need to start looking at that we get. We ve got to stop investing our state money and some of these banks, for example, that work doing banking within the state. They are against our constitutional rights. They won't. quick people who manufacture manufactured? Am our guys? Pretty soon is gonna? Go to where they won't work with you, if you don't have to say ideological beliefs they have
So what is your tongue support? What is the main thing that drives you? The main issues? A drive you? Obviously the border. What else really is driving you? Education is a well yes and my education plan for a dual track: education after tenth grade- and you know Glenn you and I are old enough to remember when we kind of have this in our schools. So after tenth grade you decided you were going to take that route to go to a four year college or wanted to go trade, skills and training? If you wanted to get a book national training or certification, the majority of jobs out there, don't we, wire for your college. They require a bit of training can go on actually make a good living. They have this double where the school near to summon the veil school district. They have a welding programme into school, it so popular. They had to grow at the first year, every student, the gradual, high school from that welding programme has a job offer between seventy three
and a hundred thousand with full benefits. These are the smart, kids I'm telling you they're going to be able to make a living provide for the family sunday and we ve gotta start providing our kids. The true education that prepares them for the real world out there, not something sealand world, where they're ending up in debt working at starbucks How would you compare yourself to let's say de santas, where he is pretty much taking the bull by the horns on every subject. And getting a lot of heat for it. Where are you when you look at how? you would handle your job and how Would you get the the house in the senate on board with you to be, able to pass laws and not edicts well Let's start with the descent his part I I up,
the loot, we love the man, I'm. Why been watching him for a long time, and I love that he doesn't care with the media thinks he cares about people water and he cares about freedom. and so I would do a lot of the same things here and we need somebody who is not going to cower to the media. We ve got it. I haven't public interest that we don't care. What they're saying we care about effective policy that helps our constituents, and so really respect what he's doing it. I might even copy a few things you do if he doesn't might homeward. I don't think I would. It. Comes to our legislature. I that's a great question and I have already been thinking about that. As a matter of fact, I talked to president trump along the way and I said, would you please consider endorsing some people in the legislature If you want me to be successful as a governor, I've got to have a legislature, I could work with. You know we had a. We had them. Ready. But it was a one vote majority in arizona, and it was weird three rhinos in the legislature. It made it really hard to get me.
full election legislation planned or through rather, and so he did endorsed people are. We got rid of three wires and I'm really all about that. That's that'll help election we're gonna, have a red wave and I will work very closely with the legend As I said a running for governor, not god, we need the legislature to do good work and make there were addressing the real problems after ok, I'm back who is carry like here in just a second. Let me take a one minute break. And tell you about the tunnel twins. your children are a gift, I think most people in this audience believe that our children are gift from god and that gift comes with it here huge responsibility? They are responsibility. We know to feed them to close them. to ensure that there is a roof over their head, but also to educate. We have to educate
we can use all kinds of resources that we have known for a long long time, but when it comes to history, american history, it's almost impossible unless you're using fifty year old, plus schoolbooks, I want you to check out tuttle twins new book. It's called america's history, you gotta strike right now or we will lose our country and our kids. It is the doorway for your children in the world of understanding that they must have if we're going to keep this republic I want you to go to Tuttle twins back dotcom, take advantage of america's history book american history. Book is a brand new book. It's like two hundred and eighty some pages. It is real the good. It is not your typical history book. It's focuses on the story of america and the ideas that created us. Crucial in the here and now it's time old twins, back dotcom, Tuttle twins, back dotcom, ten
Second station, I do carry lake, she is running for governor in arizona, carry you called the media evil bastards on Saturday. I know I, No, I know what you meant by that. I feel the same way. Why do you say that? Because you said it with real conviction- and you have been on the inside I really called the media and the people that were part of me. It may have been the media. I dont know the people who were a part of trying to, bring me down in the primary, and so I don't know who that could have been. But you know when there, when you following people's children and taking pictures of them and your parking outside trying to intimidate. So I think a part of that was my opponent. Perhaps I dont know
but the media has been just disgusting. I can't believe the eye when I walked away glad I do it was bad, but I didn't think could go any lower I have been running an amazing campaign. They ve never covered up policy. There is always the alternative media that dance, but the mainstream media corporate media has never covered my policy it has been just personal destruction and efforts to destroy somebody, and the sad thing is they're, not even telling the truth. I mean as if I've done something out there, that worthy of me being destroyed, and then I'm fine with that cover the truth, but the truth wasn't enough for them. So they just heaped on. Lies and lies and lies in its just. The good thing is that the people there and I believe in them, because I've been in their homes and running seven. years. They know me, and so all of these ridiculous attack ads and be terrible. If peace is the media, does it has not
had an effect on the voter, and I'm really happy about that is, I think, there's a I don't know who said it. I need to look it up. Maybe it was zig ziglar something like that- it was one of those. Ah, If you live, your life live your life in a way or in a manner that is they speak. Look you no one will believe it right. I think that kind of sums up. Why didn't work yeah? I think you know you and donald trump have something going for you ve been in people's homes for a very long time before you were political and people made up their minds about you and you know it being in a news anchor in arizona for as long as you were they they after spend an extra amount of time destroying you because again you are It's weird thing with television people invite you into their living room and you are with them every day
holding their hands when it's really scary and telling them the hard news when sometimes they don't want to hear it in is a great deal of trust. That goes with that. If you earn that trust also talked about the destroying the mccain machine. What did you mean by that I don't think people realise how a huge our victory was. The Mccain machine is, is kind of be political apparatus. That's been operating in arizona for a generation and Fortunately, it wasn't a machine that was definitely looking out where we, the people. It was more of a political power that you could. not even run for office. Unless you made your way through that machine and were approved by that a machine, and it is a very poor. four machine and we managed to defeat it, and I'm very, How did that? I think people are trying to read into it that I'm being disrespectful of joy, Mccain, I'm talking about the apparatus, he created and
the mccain. You can't say anything about their dad who was in politics for forty years without them thinking there being attacked. It's like you know. Your father was in politics for forty years. Trust me, I know, attack I've been in it for one year and there is yeah, that's what it comes with are you going to politics and you get to be criticised so one and go ahead? Go ahead for national happened, just happy that I believe that the report republican party, the new republican party, is truly the party and we, the people and a mere The first and I want to welcome people into a bare, so many people waken up when democrats waking up every day saying what the hell's going on this is not what I thought it was. This party is, is a decrepit I'm sorry, Joe Biden is The party as well, it's dead, ideas its dysfunctional and we don't want to be part of it and as they leave that party, I think we need welcome them in two, party of america? First,
like what you said about this in at sea pack, I I I really as good as it makes you feel, and I am glad that it's gone too You know, let's go Brandon, I think that's fantastic. I love it. It's a joke. it's not her fault, wear it started. I really don't like, and you know just calling people names and that's that's nice gonna help us. We have because they are waking up and those people have to see a welcoming, happy group of people, not a bunch, people like they just laughed with? They want to find that that was a secret with reagan was he was a happy warrior and you know He loved the country and that's really that's what separating us now the people who want to destroy us and people who say hey. We have some problems, but we can fix them luton. The base
The stock is really good. We ve just seen, who did up that's the deal and we have to welcome those people in a more that's how we save our country and in the know everything else is just distraction. I think that number one asian, obviously the border we ve got to solve that problem and I have a. and for that I actually have the strongest plan that the country's ever seen to secure a border all these really give me and give me a taste of the one you mean it the value of well. We by day one? We declare innovation at the border and we send our heirs of the national guard troops to the border. We stop people from coming across, because, right now they gotta come across the border patrol the. Oh Biden in charge, we're gonna, take charge using article one section, ten clause, three at the: u s constitution, we being invaded we're in
the danger and there's no time for delay, and we are going to use that clause to take back our control of the border at at state level and take it back from the federal government because it doing nothing so we're gonna finish, president terms: wall with materials that are the border left there. Let me ask, you obviously have talked to attorneys about using that clause, taxes has not use did and we feel the same thing. It is an invasion. What What is the argument to get well? How are they going to try to take that apart legally well were, they will try to take it apart. But when I put that policy together, we brought in some of the greatest minds from the constitution in law and in border security and with a we put too. Other policy method this has to make it through we're, not gonna happen. If you were in a weak one, we can't do it anymore right. It's never been tried, but it's right there in the constitution, and we know for a fact ripping invaded and one,
We declare the invasion, we're ready to take on that fight, we ready. Obviously, the good guarantee clause requires a federal government do their job and your website is carry lake k. Hey are I lake dot com if you want to get involved and find out more carry lake dotcom? Thank you carry a gun back programme. What would a cold war be? You know if china was an involve to me and I would be, I would be great Anti Pelosi seem to do her job. You know she seemed like. I am anxious to find out, what's going on other Our formations are attacking the dominance of the: u s dollar. At the same time as the world's reserve currency, listen to me once happens, we lose our world currency. Our money is worthless, it is worthless,
Brazil, russia, india, china, south africa, have all join forces now to create. A new international currency. If they succeed or all of your savings and assets backed by inflated dollars. What does that mean? At means? Germany, please call gold line. They're, bringing back and extremely rare product that has been sold out. Four months is the historic five dollar liberty coins are back, they will sell out immediately said, don't wait to call. This is a historic goin. thank you gold line for give it away the pure half ounce platinum coin, with every roll of twenty of the historic five dollar liberties, gold, lying dot com, eight, six, six goldline, eight, six, six goldline, the new socks at belay socks dotcom use the coat eads about forty percent off
We have a good friend and a friend of the programme and a brilliant individual james Lindsey, who has just been permanently banned from twitter. Recalling a harvard instructor us child sexual is sexual ionization specialist, which I guess might be a euphemism for groomer, but I don't think so that would be a very legitimate term of your you're part of this. How do we sexual ice children? We could be it specialist in that and it wouldn't have necessarily a bad connotation for the left but, as you know, you cannot say groom, you would call anybody want a nazi you call them hitler in gourmet anything but you'd do you're, not call somebody a groom and You know part of that. I agree with I you know if it was, if it was,
equally enforced. Gruner has a very specific meaning, and I dont want to over use that word, because that entirely is a real thing- somebody who grooms somebody to have sex with them I think they are either this movement is much more child sexual education, but I do but that there are people in this movement that are absolute rumours, they know what they're doing We have James linsey here because I for the life of me, James cannot find out what this argument was really all about. Only that you been banned I think I'm I beat them at a word game, so they had to kick me out of the matrix. The last thing in the world they will tolerate is somebody being better words than they are yeah uh, so yeah they kicked me out. temporarily a couple weeks ago for calling similar people and of the same people grammars
I did not know at the time that they had changed the rules to make grammar illegal, so ok and then, I'm I saw the same people and I called the child sexualization specialist, as instead we're just a little bit more of a specific term, because that's what they're doing they're using a particular ideology called queer theory to socialize children, hurricanes ok, which is different from the earth which is in some ways, is very different than grooming. It doesn't have the intent that I'm gonna have sex with. You is just right. At the kids to have sex and that That's literally what is happening now exactly so. Twitter did not like is one bit because I was mass reported by the people, I'm which, by the way, violate twitter's terms of service, but we see again that twitter doesn't have consistent enforcement of any of its terms of service. In fact, I was accused in the relevant tweet of being a bigot against black women, which is false and malicious, but I still
no recourse to the person did not banned for accusing made such a thing. Without evidence, and though but the issue here is that having their twitter issue- and that is the real issue that order issue is the twitter is complicit in whatever is going on, not passively but actively. It has taken a side in defending people. who are actively centralizing children, and I cited to defend those people and that the real issue, then, is that the rampant sexual education of children for ideological and political purposes is running unchecked in our society and has to exist. american institutional support from saw the biggest corporations and entities in our country, including our federal government, james. It is it's terrifying how each all this really is. They are attacking our family, but not necessarily in the way. You would expect the schools are attacking the parents, their tacking, all societal norms. They are,
infusing our children, what's going on with gender reassignment is, is absolute insanity and now god, Finland, Sweden, the uk, a couple of others are now saying we stop. This Don't follow america down this insane road, its extraordinarily dangerous, but we just keep putting the the pedal down and moving faster and faster on it, I just I know people see it. I just dont know if they know how far along this is really advanced against our children. So what was this woman at harvard? What were you guys talking about? Why did you call her this not sure If you're talking about there, isn't a woman at harbor that is relevant here. There is a person who poses, as a woman relevant here a way way way way way way way way. In there, reply to alexandra color, colorado or whatever a clinical.
and structured at harvard law school cyber law clinic who had quoted end quote. We did something he posted and road, He wrote some thing. I don't even know what what was it that you wrote? What did she object to? How did this happen? yeah. I mean it's just kind of stupid, ongoing argument or were ok. Groomer has kind of gone back and forth between myself and this individual, whom I will not call a woman for any reason whatsoever and because, unlike Sanji brown jackson, without referring to an expert or deferring to an extra, I do note a woman is, and if not, that, then so that wow you mean I'm telling you you. is this story even comes from the blaze and it comes. A really good writer of ours, but there leave. That's a big part of the story. To tell you so you're saying is not allowed to us is a transgendered person who is saying she's a woman but you're saying it's a man right that that's that
I think I'm no longer participating in that resolution. Gotta get done with it good, and so here too, clear anyway, the the stupid it was kinda, this ongoing okay, grimmer, okay, grimmer kind of poke the bear teas the teas, the situation with this same individual many times over the course of a few months, and then finally, in this case, it turned out not to be anything to do with it. The person had said the Alex Jones's attorneys were carrying people of m. in plaster syndrome, thus implying that those attorneys are completely and competent, to which I replied now do comma harris for which this person accused, me, oh boy made up Tom saga nor there was invented into the oven ten, which is a specific form, a myth. You directed at black women and I said, ok
sexual relations specialist to be dismissed in june and play the same error game exactly the same way. I guess it's just stupid, and so let me it's twitter is twitter sparring, it's just nonsense, and so this was apparently worthy of a lifetime ban from toward her for myself. In any account, they think that I might be running in the future soap clearly, twitter is complicit in protecting whatever is going on. When you invoke those words, because those words are huge, no knows at which seems to be that their proposals and in protecting the sexualization of our children, and that is that it is a very advanced problem. They are doing is rampant. Later doing in schools are doing it behind apparent back. The state of california is passing legislation to make itself a l. Gb tissue
call sanctuary state so that, if any child from any state in the union, any of the other forty nine makes it the california. This declare themselves lbg tq, then meeting sanctuary. They are now a ward of the state of California. California can take people's children away from them in other states if the child can just get within california borders and request that the designation, and so this is to the point where it's extremely destructive. It is teaching children in secret in schools not to trust their parents to want to turn on their parents to not to believe their parents. Don't understand them that their faith, that their culture, that our nation is all irrelevant and obsolete and needs to be overthrown and using the idea that you don't know who you really are unless you join in what they call queer theory, understandings of who you are a queer identity or to get there, which is destabilizing, not just the family and the fate, but the child itself. This is how you in
use, personality disorders. This is we talk about irreparable damage irreparable damage from the physical transition, the chemicals, the purity blockers, that hormones the surgeries, but doesn't irreparable psychological and emotional damage being done. Your kids- and this is the issue. This is, though this is where we have to draw a line at saint. This stops now in this country and I'm working lawmakers around the country now to ban these things is married typically and with with extreme consequence for peace You think they're gonna be little smart access and keep it going whose working with you now, what state did you can you say I mean I could mention. I get the couple. I'm definitely working the lawmakers directly in idaho, which is not fooling around what is attacked the lawmakers in Oklahoma and working with low calls here in tennessee where I live, and I would love it. There are a few others. I'd love to work with with lawmakers across the country. Have conquered federal lawmakers about this as well insured.
there be this red wave in the house and the senate. november. People are on notice. The law is not going to be on their side and are not going to get preferential, indifferent or treatment from the wall for much longer, well I tell you, I don't know who makes it to the finish line. First bud. Their accelerating james. I mean the you know what I love about. You is Uruguay, who, probably ten years ago, if you wish you would have known who I was I dunno. If you did probably would have said. I disagree with everything that guy says Are you sure you're were the big evil, really I knew where you were ten years ago- yeah, absolutely crazy guy. He has great support and you were you were honest in your views and went wait a minute I I might be on the crazy side. I'm not, and I don't even think you thought glenn cider, I'm on that side. You just like my sides going nuts and you
done your homework and you're so brilliant and You have a lot of a lot of answers, but you also have a viewpoint from both sides. You know what both sides are doing and do do do. Do we win, I mean I loved him to be honest with you, just be really kind of dark to get to an optimistic point. Both abortion. x and russia and the chinese you come party and undermine attempted the centralisation of children and had to back off but because it was actually to inflammatory and things like that, moved all breaks in america. From this this is the issue where it stops being partisan. This is the issuer becomes about pair. The children. This is the issue where parents become and then of course, decent people allying themselves with parents become the largest political block conceivable and so
I think that they're going to do some damage, I think for a number of months, or maybe even in the years to come, there going to continue do damage, but this is going to flip around, and this is going to happen. for two years time. I made my colleagues at work. Queer theory is going. Be their downfall once that gets unleashed and is now unleashed in full they're not gonna, be able to stop it, because it's run primarily by crazy people who will not put the genie back in the bottle, and it is so abhorrent that it will be a their downfall and that's where they've I d go and you know: ok, fine. They've set the terms and we're going to win the table. The author of race, marxism, James Lindsey, the founder of new discourses, you can find him at new discourses, dot, com, net, new discourses, dot com and, what's in it your podcast, its new discourses in it near the new disco this paragraph. Fifty people go there actually read. The literal.
neighbours from education, very unclear theory, the marxist publish you can hear and their own words with my clarification to complicated language, exactly what they're saying exactly what they intend. I did one recently on dry queen story, our they about paper about it. You should go, listen to it. It's called grimmer schools for is the title of the paragraph to confine it were easily. Why is it so important that they do? This the draft and other the queer story are out because it is a method of inducing children, to ask the questions which then justifies the their allowance to do the curriculum? So they don't? They can't just introduced sexual curriculum very easily without getting in trouble and therefore make the children asked the question: why are you a man dressed as a woman them? They can start to have a discussion about. Do men really have the dress like men and women have to drive like when it doesn't that arbitrary? Couldn't, you feel, differ Maybe you want to be one of these people? Maybe you want to address differently and they can you that will call it generated. Theme in marxist education
a hole in the age of fifty years of educational exploration and so that the mechanism by which, through their doing this james, Thank you. So much for everything that you do you to follow him at new discourses: dot, com, James Lindsey, gub, last brother. Keep it up! Thank you glad you bet really factor, I mean you edge and how depressed he was for a long time, cheese. I'm a friend declared back decades knots. I can only imagine it s deeply. For twenty years seems odd least civic when you're feeling good it's easy to be top of the world when you're feeling good, you can pretty much do anything all day long any day, but there are about feeling good that drives. You not only be able to do things but want to do them so when comes along and tries to derail that feeling permanently. You ve got to fight with everything you have and for me that meant. Fighting
with relief factor. That was me actually. First fighting with my wife did telling her it's not gonna work. It's not gonna work. Nothing helps me. I've tried everything. And finally she said you gotta, try everything try this and I did, and it worked for me. It has four key ingredients to help your body fight inflammation It is usually the cause of pain and a lot of our bodies problems. Three, we quick start well, for you is ninety. Ninety five, it's a dollar a day like a trial pack, hundreds of thousands of people have ordered really factor said percent of em go on to order more its relief factor, dot com or call eight hundred for relief aid under the number for relief relief factor. Dotcom stains formed sign up for the free newsletter. Today, Glenn back dot, com
This is the Glen back programme, so I want to give you an update, there's another gun shop, but this one in the arizona, black metal, firearms and mesa. A t F inspector came in and was taking pictures of his sales records on her personal phone, the Yo is out and available. They ass the eighty ass. They were supposedly just doing irregular regular audit, which they, julie, just look through the records and say there is a problem here. You need effects here. You need to fix, but they dont look at actual names and the You ve sales records unless it's one in particular. They don't get the whole log. He walks out of the room. She starts to just take pictures on her phone of four thousand. sales.
And he says, to her Excuse me me, you you, you can't do that. It's it's legal and she said it's part of my instigation and he said. Well, you know a lot of our customers are concerned. If you would copy their personal information, she said sounds like your customers or just being paranoid, and then that's it. She ten you to do it. I'm telling you, right now, the eighty f, the fbi and especially the irs. After this, this climate warming bill went through the irs is gonna, be bigger than all of those things combined. You die no you're constitutional rights with these pray the general run administrative arm, that now have giant police forces and guns they are safe. Okey and they're. Gonna get a lot spoke here. We need to learn our rights with the
a t f vi the I rs. We need to learn our rights. This is the Glenn Beck program.
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