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Abolish the Department of Education | Guest: Steve Forbes | 4/20/22

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Glenn starts off the show discussing an article written by Aleks Svetski called “Slave-Coin or Freedom: Which Way Western Man?” Glenn and Stu discuss Florida’s consideration of ending Disney’s self-governance status in the state. The Biden administration is now sending oil from America's strategic reserve to Europe, and Glenn has some thoughts. Glenn gives an update on the Washington Post’s doxxing of the owner of popular Twitter account “Libs of TikTok.” Steve Forbes, chairman and editor in chief of Forbes Media, joins to discuss his new book, “Inflation.” Glenn discusses what he would like to see from a politician on the campaign trail as he and Stu discuss the need to abolish the education system.

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when you are about to here is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment the program
hello, america, and welcome to wednesday. Tonight we have a big special on how our kids are being groomed, and it is it's terrifying, we're going to get into it just a bit. You need to know what's going on, and it's not just happening in california or new york. It's happening in all of our schools happening here in texas. It is ramping, will tell you all about it coming up in just a little while also I want to talk about something bigger people, people say what do we do? What do we do? What do we do? What are we going to that we're going to save our nature? Well, The first step, I think, is making a choice. Are you going to be free, or are you going to be happily fed by someone I'll explain that choice in sixty seconds? First of all, how does inflation work,
created, Why is the answer to that pretty much all ways: the federal reserve. Most people don't know what the fat is. They think it's part of the government, and it is not. It is eight private corporation by all of the biggest banks: They have so much power, they are really responsible for our inflation and our economic problems and the eventual loss of the dollar as the world's reserve currency. So who are they well? I've been telling about the tunnel twins books for a while these I think essential for every home to have they. They take really important books, mainly about our founding or anything about how the free market works, and they make it easy for kids do understand. Will they have one called it
twins and the creature from jekyll island and I've asked them to make this one free, so you can just check it out. This is based on the g edward griffin book. The creature from jackal island, which is all about the the fed how it was built, what it does where it gets. The authority. How does inflation happen? How do you stop inflation, whose causing it These things are going to be the most important topic around your table and the most important decisions that you will make we'll be revolving around inflation. You need to understand, and it's free for any family. Tuttle twins back dotcom, Tuttle twins back. dot com so I was reading an article and I'm having our time editing it because I think it so important. It comes from Alex so that he is the author of the on communist manifesto.
and he says modern society must make a decision, We as individuals in a modern society are becoming more technical but distort be in by the day. Will inevitably, we will inevitably be faced with a choice, succumb to centralized digital money or rally around the freedom and sovereignty of bitcoin now point out in this. A big difference between crypt oh currency and bitcoin, hang on. He says the west is no longer the west. I don't no if it deserves to be capitalized. What A great and successful the enlightenment values in the sovereignty of the individual are all but dissolved in the morass of modern, modern. These mindless and is gone. the days of excellence, greatness and standing out, the days of conformity compliance acceptance,
participation awards and just fitting in the values and virtues that made the west great have been replaced with the incessant cry for comfort inconvenience in return for obedience. The crescendo of this horrific orchestra is nigh Gas lighting as the norm like or well paid, did war is now peace, freedom, as now slavery ignorant. is now strength, the west, was not defeated by a single blow. It has been death a thousand minute and meaningless cuts for pronouns to equity, scientists, em welfare climate, alarm, ism political correctness. This incessant, need to deconstruct objective reality into completely arbitrary subjective falsehoods. That is true. and formed the once great west.
Into assess pool of moral relativism when Everything matters, Nothing matters. We are truly living in a clown world. We, To aspire to greatness and excellence, we were interested in the idea of quality of worth of value. but there is no more value like the mud we conjure out of thin air and used to measure human action in all resources. Everything has been supposedly made abundant because we have no anchor to real cost. And, as a result were drowning in excess quantities of fake wealth of junk that doesn't matter whether this, be an tease marie like media reality, tv, fake celebrities, brainwashing at school, nursing, home level, politicians or
scammed and met the scan. Demagogues. and because we spend all of our time lying to ourselves and burn through real resources. We are simultaneously suffering from shortages in areas that do matter: energy, food, responsibility, intelligence and courage. We used to be pioneers, we To envision our place in the stars, now we bicker Worry about our place in the dirt, its assent, I am for humanity, and dare I say only god knows where we come out on the other side. We do it all. The empire of lies cannot last and it will will collapse either on top of all of us, or only some I sincerely hope the latter for thee
only meaningful and realistic goal. We have left as sovereign, intelligent individuals, is to limit the collateral damage as we bark on this pursuit and The collapse of these false orders inevitably occur. It's my belief that homo sapiens will buy for cape into two primary camps and perhaps to dip in species. One. Homo lemming lemming us and two homo It corneas. The first one is A classic made wit Pc status persona, those lack personal control and restrained and ass. Project that lack onto the rest of the world, the key characteristic of the
you're yearning to reduce the diverse constituents of a complex organism into simple numbers. transform these systems into mere spreadsheets. They are the dock, those who believe health is the absence of disease. That disease is the absence of modern medicine and the depression is the absence of prozac, they lack the cup ass if to think holistically, and they ve you all fractal complex systems as linear and icily. from the hole they have major control issues because they lack self control and therefore compensate by attempting, control, others they willing to trade, the diversity and complexity of life for sterility. An linear control. On the other hand, homo it currently is
We'll be the kind of individual who continues to become more robust, sovereign and self reliant. They We too busy practicing self mastery and building something of value to bother with meddling in other people's lives. They will They will be more local, they will. the product of their labour. They will aid freely, and they will have no master. They will own stuff and be happy. of course there will be a diverse classes of people. Arranged into hierarchies of competence will not be built some arbitrary authority by decree but the emergence of natural leaders and masters of their craft This is what nobility means in the classical sense to me. noble is something to aspire toward, not something the sneer at to be noble is the pursuit of excellence and greatness. It is my hope
The new west will both be built populated by these kinds of people. We're gonna have a high price to pay. He goes into her. Those into the difference between crypto and bit why have you ever thought of this to the vote are very, very different yeah man. There's the every project is different open, and I reading some of this earlier today seems like one of the big this isn't. He has is the centralisation aspect of many of the other coins pariah, which is problem. I know I don't think that they're all worthless, but that is the strengths of bitcoin. It was. Why was that One is
Why should I want those fundamentals much better than any any up any of the others? So he talks bitcoin? He says here the reasons bitcoin came up. The first place It was the removal of rulers and issuers of money. the removal of monetary inflation, the de mob monopolization of money forever the placement of money into the realm of physical and natural laws. the fusion of energy universal physical currency to money in the matter. physical sense, the magnet of this achievement is staggering and the inability for people to comprehend it is both my numbingly frustrating, but also expected. Considering the nihilistic pets. Humans have become. Perhaps the words on this page jolt view, or perhaps I'm just yelling at the clouds- I don't know, but try my best to remind you that fiat is
the enemy in every sense of the word and in every incarnation any and of coin other than bitcoin is just replicating the the we already have, but on a more digital standard. You don't want to go these people no different than bill gates or mark Zuckerberg. ultimate power over you. Do you. He talks about how crypto has just become outright ponzi schemes or machines used by the financial tech world and by governments? and he specifically goes into a theory- and I didn't notice about a A theory m apparently Let me see if I can find it theory. Him is the The theory and foundation: did you know that yeah?
rights its infused with world economic forum participants, but a theory em Oh founder owns in future, which practice which- practically the entire ethereum network runs on. Part of the old guard worked at goldman sachs, I believe in his ba in bed with agencies attempting to reduce the world into a spreadsheet and humans in a numbers depopulated, but w e, F, black rock, etc. periods are totally different project right and it's a totally different aim, but still look at the point of view, This is most or here in the difference between bitcoin and these centralized fed coins. Where we know this is where. you're taking the positives of bitcoin and implementing it into a system where the central government get method every one of your priorities for an That is, I think, the biggest danger here and you can to be involved in these other crypto projects are not, but
it's really more about not just beneath the witch, doc, currency, you're, talking about right. It's it's! It's a bigger issue than this: Well, he signing off you, though, that centralisation yeah he's these targets are like cord down. Always is you know, yeah, Cardono or cut Cardona Cardono committee. We were more super deep here. I think now. I know what I know. That is what I am saying: that aid blockchain for social good cosette explains what happened at the world economic forum. They were talking about blockchain a lot of these things have their founders end. You know the people on their board w e f members and they're talking about this is gonna, be you know, you know socially good for everybody that that is left is code language. You know socially good, worry power. You going to make sure that things are balanced. That's the one thing that bitcoin does not do. It does
balance and give I promise you equity. It promise is that you can t your labour, turn it into money. Put it in bitcoin and It remains safe for you, yeah relatively it's. It's not there's. No, there's no overseer right, that's the that's the the promise that- and you know- and I will say- there's a really good argument- that those a lot of the Crypto currency stuff has gone away from that you know. They've tried to solve some of the you know, perceived problems with with oh centralisation. By putting a few people who are the government it in a position of centralisation, which is not that good, that's what we did with the bad. That's great! I cannot accept that you are setting up a new federal reserve Like you too, as you see, we ve been talking about this. the stuff for a while when you talk about content being,
removed from the internet and in social media. It's going down. We know abandon and speech being nowadays but banned in advance in a people censoring their speech before they even say these things. That's the promise of this type of technology. Where it so far outside and we can talking about We know how we gonna, we ve changed the law, so that you tube is nicer to us. Like I mean I'm not saying, there's nothing to do with those roads, but like those Those are not solutions to these problems youtube is never going to do what you want it to do. Twitter has never even with a lot of us going there. You've just got to start disliking, elon musk more. If he takes this thing over, because they're never going to do they're never going to do this right. But that is the reason why bitcoin is so good. Is it sets the rules up and the rules campi chain bright? The rules are the rule just exist, yet nobody, nobody can change those rules,
yeah. I would have no problem. That's what the internet used to be I'd, have no problem if he had you to facebook whatever, The rules were the rules, and you don't change them along the way for your own. You know, board members or whoever you just that's ed, and everything was very- you dont, like that- one good go create another one, they didn't have the ability to stop you for creating another one that's the world that america always was amerika was based on that idea. The streets were lined with gold, not literally they were line with gold, because You want to build something. This was the place where you could build it. I remember disney. Land was built in you're a year about seven months, you we'll be able to get an environmental study for disneyland. Today-
that's who we used. That's who we were in nineteen, fifty five. So we gonna be free or we gonna be under somebody's thumb. That is the main choice that we all have to make. Make rodion about his experience with relief factory said I got really factor started about two weeks ago and I noticed a big difference. My knees don't hurt anymore, I sleep better and all my other aches and pains don't see nearly is noticeable anymore continued. take really factor makes a huge difference. Now I feel if you're living with pain, may I recommend that you give relief factor a try just like nick you could get your life back It's not a drug was developed by doctors and as for key ingredients at work with your body to fight inflammation and if you try the three week trial pack about seventy percent of the people who try it and take it as directed go on to order more month after month, it worked about seventy percent of the people relief. actor dotcom call eight hundred for relief, eight hundred the number for relief,
The ninety ninety five three, we quick start developer, you relief factor, dot com, eight hundred the number for relief relief factor feel the difference. Ten second station idea: If you're parents tonight show on blaze, tv at nine, the Glen back Wednesday night special is mandatory. if you, if you have kid, you really cannot afford to miss it. We're in a culture war. And there is no other option but staying in and fighting it. and refusing to surrender our children literally are at stake. If your concern parent, you been fighting back again see our tee in a new, comprehensive sexuality, education, you been doing a great job, but we are
we're only fighting a fraction of what is going on. There is a new system that is being pushed through the schools all over the country and its receiving federal funds en masse The programme has roots that go all the way to the cdc and its laboratories are planned parenthood, they coordinate with each other on school, curriculum. I'll, show you The proof tonight the while pushing this on. Our children want to turn teachers into an evil hybrid. of and psychiatry respect- and this is their stated goal for the programme- they say it quote through which all young people and adults acquire and apply that knowledge, skills and attitudes to develop healthy identities manage emotions and achieve, personal and collective goals to feel and show empathy for others establish and maintain supportive relationships and make
responsible and carrying decisions. Now it's made. The sound benign It's not we'll show you tonight. Nine pm do not missing the Glenn back programme, patriot supply. The great reset is in full swing, sometimes some it sucks debbie right on these things. I was hoping it was wrong, but The time is now. You can't afford to leave your family unprepared drop. What you're doing and go to the special web page prepare we glenn dot com nobody knows when food shortages are going to hit by that next hour. I want to tell you: what's gonna happen to oil here and probably the next couple of weeks, and it is game. Changing.
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the family sex show sex education stage, production aimed at children as young as five features non sexual nudity has I've been cancelled after unprecedented threats launched at the guy but he putting on the show this is in england. What are we going to do with our tickets? Are digging verifies early? While I don't know you, ll have to call a box of him. The show features non sexual nudity and explores topics such as consent. Pleasure queerness and gender In response more than thirty eight thousand people signed a petition calling for the cancellation of the show which was set for me. Performances at bristol tobacco factory, BBC
news reported in a follow up story. The petition called the family sex show profoundly irresponsible and wholly in appropriate? You think, The two creators creator say regrettable that violent and illegal threats and abuse directed to the company and venues by a small group of people with extremist views have proof the families from opting to attend to something that was transparent, consensual and legal. Vienna. Ok, that's good! That's the good I let me this is the response of everybody knows I mean we saw this with taylor lorens over the past couple of days ago. It up here have to say that you ve been harassed. You have to say no one cares when a conservative as harassed online, no one cares when their life is. And you know how many millions of dollars I personally I have spent on
safety for my family and over the years over twenty years, it's its insanity when you idiot people just don't understand. If you were in the public eye, and now you don't the problem, is you have the resources its in sanity for my family, but I really feel horrible for people who are just post. Doing things there just regular parents they went to, eighty eight meeting and other getting death. They don't have the money to have gone. In the becker and associates, go and protect them they don't have that this is all horrible trend- and it is also a linsky annex- One of the reasons why what we saw with the washington post over the past couple of days is so dangerous any go out and you give out the home address of a person whose controversial online but anonymous, and
you direct, obviously, every one to two. You know. Who, god only knows what I mean harass the per unit, the person? What what? What are you suggesting? giving somebody's home undress out yeah I mean there will knock on the door and have a reasonable conversation with them and they denied and that some of these people they denied it, even though they linked to the reunited agent near the door, a licence that has the address on it. I know, but again like out now She has had to move to an undisclosed location, again does not have given Becker and associates. I dont actor, we'll talk, we'll talk about this coming up next hour, but this is the way that of the world that now it is hate speech to call a boy, a man, a man, a woman, a woman. That's now hate speech, This is going way too far tonight I'm going to show you in their their own curriculum. Is it's crazy.
They are instructing the and this is government funded, instructing teachers, how to instruct their students on identity and equity. I'm gonna break break it all down for you tonight the ways it the way they are really truly brainwashing, our kids, sir. but the little tricks include exercises that mentioned ceremonies and rituals. This is from their curriculum, their words, not mine. in your school right now will show you not at nine p m. Also, there's a new thor law. I have and thunder. And the trailer looks as though disney marvel is making for a guy a superhero so incompletely unruly
it news florida governor rhonda santas, announced yesterday that the state legislature is coming back for a special session to do a cup of things, one of which is to go. to rid of any special district enacted, before nineteen sixty eight. She once before These are all nineteen sixty five when walt disney got all of those she'll privileges so he is serious. He says they. This week's session will include the termination of legacy special districts and the removal of exemptions from big tech accountability. You can't who, in florida nuke sue me. No companies, like let's say I donno abc, yes paean, nor any of these companies that might put something out there in your like word on Myrna. Now, let's
sure completely unrelated to the twelve lobbyists that price actually live in the lapse of florida, the florida legislature, but there peeling that and the special exemptions for disney in nineteen sixty five. You would say That disney is just gonna, pull out all stops and get those twelve. You know lobbyists just a pro. all kinds of things, but candy because, usually politicians we You promise them look, will fund your next election campaign that usually, what gets them I think disney just said that they wouldn't fund any elections and many politicians in florida. So what's their leverage what's their leverage, I think this is, I m a huge disney for I'm a huge walt disney fan and why
It would be sickened by his company today I know I know, is what grand great duck granddaughter, came out and said he would love the transgender know. He wouldn't know he wouldn't No, he wouldn't, you should probably read a little bit more about your your great grandfather. I'm just saying he would love the transgender what movement? Ok, you know everything that's going on that you know the disney is pushing right now, because it would He has been able to theoretically do that when he ran the company he loved it, he could have He was probably a closet cross dresser, because people were so bigoted in hateful back then. How come you know so high those who knows, but this is good news, because we have got to go on the offensive.
Yeah, I mean, I think it's going on the offence in a smart ways is really no unimportant. Doesn't dissenters, has done a good job generally speaking, trying to find that line too, because you can be on the offence and also an idiot, that is, we ve seen people do this and I think dissenters has figured out A good way of life in that line that reinforces the the conservative prince principles that he cares about. I we care about it, if this is just. This is just a return to sanity. No nineteen sixty five. I understand why Florida did that, should they have done that? Probably not, but I understood and why they did that you got doing things like this. You know we have to have an even playing ground for every one by the way taking these special exemptions away from disney mean
that they now have county inspectors coming in, that have to look at all of their plans when they want to build anything. Anything And that's gonna be tough for them. It has been a huge advantage for this cooperation. You ve been to orlando. If you ve ever been in this area, it's not just disneyworld There's perks all over the place and all of them have to play by the rules in all their competitors that you go to visit have to play. By these rules that disney gets exempt from and in a look on unfair business practices. I'm it's! It's absolutely unfair. I am honestly fine with me movement toward what disney has where everybody, though not just for one chosen company. I think
should be able to do a lot more and be a lot more free and have to deal with a lot of fewer of these regimes. Guys I tell you I am so I am becoming so radical in my thinking and really it's not radical. It's just radical to the progressive era. But I don't know why we pay pop property tax. I really don't it's my property I paid, for it how is it that I could lose my property that I have paid for if I can't make the property tax? What are you talking about isn't that what robin hood was trying to stop? Isn't it, in that. Why we moved over here because lords and the ladys could just take your property. You have to pay tax, or I purchase that already. What am I gonna break? They property tax, my car to every single. Oh, I guess I do
in some degree yeah you're right. I with that should above all be gone, Oh god. I don't need another cause right now, but guess yeah, I'm with you getting rid of it all. I'm telling you the first presidential nominee that says I'm to abolish the the board education or the department of education. I'm going to abolish it and see this guy over here he hates the department of education, he hates it with the. What is? I'd say with all a passion of a thousand white hot sun. He hates it, came. The head of the department of education in his first job is to say: hey, last one up, don't forget, turn off the lights. I I want action from these people. Bold action,
We were talking, but this untaxed day, which is you an absolute cluster and by the way, I'm still I still haven't, filed my extension heck. I really get it done a there's too many pages it took to launch I'm going to get there going to penalize me for it when there's nothing, I can do about it now. I've already passed the date, but point being here is that If we were to take we're supposed to bring in revenue eyes. Four point: two trillion dollars this year, four point: two trillion dollars. This is not a revenue problem. Now that we have, it is editing problem. It's the biggest revenue we ve ever had or supposed suspend something like six point: eight trillion or bring in four point two trillion, which I don't have any one notices that gap between those two numbers, but its relatively large, it's larger than every time we bring in from the income tax every doubt we if we double old. What we brought in on the income tax we still wouldn't break even in this country and the other
way of looking at this, is we brought in for two trillion dollars or supposed to this year if you got rid of the income tax completely brought it to zero dollars, all of us paid nothing. We would. they'll be bring in the same amount of money as beginning of the brok obama administration, not going back. two reagan or corridor or nixon bernard obama, the guy- was just president like pretty recently. If you got the entire income tax. We just have to go back to the revenue. Our point we were at in two thousand biggest two dozen ten or eleven the like this the way. This is growing its growing so far out of control, so quickly that we really could go. We deal The spending habits these so so virtuous when it comes to small government barrage obama. Do you think we get a handle that I feel like we could? I don't know I mean we
I haven't fixed healthcare, yet yeah, so we have. We have to fix obamacare to be able to get that and that's going to cost us well I'll check with the c b, o I'm sure they have the accurate number. Trade mobile, not too many companies out there that I buy, from which I can honestly say. I am really proud to do business with, I believe, in all of the companies that are on this program. I use their products, I like their products or they come on the show. Patria in mobile, is in a class all by itself, because it is truly developing an alternative economy parallel economy. You don't have to be with these big tech companies and these big cell service companies. They are they Are you using your money? to do evil. Verizon support splain parenthood do you,
need any of your money going to plan parenthood, page it. Mobile has developed a separate system there on the same tower, so you get the same coverage then they provide the same great service. They have better, I think customer service and lower prices, you're gonna save money, and there their supporting you. We ve got to support these companies that are actually they pudding skin in the game, and they are actually supporting us. It's patriot, mobile dot com slash back switch to day, nine, seven to patriot nine, seven to patriot or patriot, bold dot com slash best. This is the Glenn back programme.
well chris Brady who works for the programme. Wrote me today what do hippies and hitler and for twenty have to do with each other or twenty is April twentieth. That's hitler's birthday hippy selected for twenty as a day of some inspiration and you know maybe hippies are Maybe there lived darker hearted, I mean Hippies love the v, w bug gay. Does and by the fairer hippy Love socialism won't shut? about it. Guess who else was a socialist hitler. Vegetarianism hippies love it. Another area where peace, followed, hitler's lead environmentalism bees love, hugging, trees. Guess what I came from the nazis Asked for wholeness they were environmental is our jobs or Annex farming stew,
hippies love, organic, anything guess who started that scam vote, Seize the occult hippies lovely called? They can't get enough of it who the same feeling hitler, alternative medicine hippies hate, modern medicine, because big farmers, bad well guess who they are that from yeah hitler. but he's like the modern hippies that have put on a suit. He really pushed for. You know, alternative medicine, but he also at the same time, embraced big farmer whose doing that now hippies I'm just saying I'm just saying hippies hitler no. They both start with an age and have I as the next letter wow. This is the Glenn Beck program Home is where you live,
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when you are about to here, is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment,
the program? The hey? Do you remember when our build level of benevolent leader, Joe Biden, think back to a time before he was taken orders from the easter bunny way back? Remember when he said he was going to tap our oil reserves, our strategic oil reserves, so it would bring the price down at the pump for average americans yeah. Apparently, that's not entirely true. he also use those hundred and eighty billion barrels of oil or million barrels of oil for something else. we're sending oil from our strategic oil reserve now over to help Europe I dont remember him, saying you
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de ninety five. The quake could be a three week. Quick start package developed for you relief factor, dotcom relief factor, dotcom feel the different aright. before I get into the strategic oil reserve. Let me just give you something that Reuters reported last night: The EU is set to declare a full embargo on russian oil after this week's french election. Now that election is happening. I believe this weekend is it not an between mac, wrong and le pen. It is close having rimmer last time you happen to know those numbers. The last time macro ran against le pen was a lengthy and of twenty years, and it was suddenly, I want to say, was seventy thirty, eighty twenty seven and that a general vicinity once they, because they have a big election right to go to a run off for in that run off. As of now
hundred percent because there's only two candidates and everyone has to vote, but in a pic somebody, so it was blue That was not close. It was like. I can't believe she got into the run off, was the reaction to it and then the run off was not close. That's not the case this time. Its forty five, fifty five mccrone and Once again the elites are deciding in election. You know we in world war, one right before we went into world war, one wilson said as his campaign slogan, I'm not gonna get you in a war with just a few weeks after he was in office for his second term after the elect, we were at war, he sent the troops to war, the It's always think they know better, and so they will keep things from you and that's exactly what the european union is doing with the french people. They don't. We.
to upset the election because it so close and what they are about to do would push it in LE pen's favour. They are to declare a total in margo on russian oil. Their support. Lee, according to reuters, going to do this next week this week cause a massive spike in the price of oil I'll? Give that to you here in a second but first Let me ask you:. Is this really hurting russia as they found other buyers for all of their oil. They have. Found buyers in china in turkey and india, and These people are saying that if this happens, thereby more so, they have removed
completely according to J p morgan the right. In crude exports are actually averaging. three hundred and sixty thousand barrels a boy of pre invasion volumes ha. Now they're saying that they're gonna cut europe will cut all of that And when they do, according to jp morgan chase the price of brain crude oil. One hundred and eighty five dollars a barrel. one hundred and eighty five dollars a barrel that, because of inflation, is about where the price of oil was about one hundred and forty five for how long in two thousand and seven or eight this What caused the Lapse of our economy, it was oil prices
the entire western world is is built on the back of energy prices being no more than a hundred dollars a barrel. Every I'm it's over a hundred dollars a barrel. It hurts the economy and It stops if, if you can get it down to what had trump have it down to like sixty dollars a barrel when the get down there you're starting to hurt russia. but high prices hell russia, saudi arabia and her ass, the entire west. at a hundred and eighty five dollars a barrel. I don't even know what gas prices would be we're probably all paying five dollars plus California. Good luck. How long can the western world survive that now? Here's what interesting india,
and china and turkey. We have already said they would take this oil Europe is not thinking about jobs, pulling. all of the oil and stopping it cold. Turkey. They are thinking about, maybe doing it more slowly, a period of months. What I've gives russia time to make the deals. Who wins in that scenario You don't have oil, they have buyers? What is that. by the way, the russian break, even for oil, is less than ten dollars a barrel, so they're talking, also about price caps, the willow? pay twenty dollars, but you still giving them ten dollars on every barrel. I mean I don't understand you're just
hurting yourself with this, and You know, I am beginning to wonder. you remember, Biden had the emergency strategic oil reserve, petroleum reserve and he said he was in a release. A hundred and eighty million barrels of oil A hundred and eighty million barrels of oil from the strategic petroleum reserve, that's one million barrels a day. for one hundred and eighty days. And it would end, kingly job. Stride after the mid term elections, Kay so he was gonna. Do that remember what he said? I'm gonna do this, because I want to help the each person at the gas pump. Well, some are another, the definition of an emergency and helping you now includes making a profit. Expense of americans consumers
because sooner or later a real emergency will hit and we will need the fuel. According to match smith, oil analysed and commodity data firm kepler. We are now exporting our strategic oil reserve crude and been doing it since last november. So well, Biden, sad, we're gonna release some and it's gonna the average person. No, that's not true, unless you, unless if you consider the citizens of europe. the citizens of the united states. Why didn't we know this? Why Is he doing this. This is really not gonna help I mean unless he's buying the support from europe, Why would we buy the support from Europe? support for what.
Two years ago, today, what we're oil prices programme? No, today. It's a hundred in what is it burden for four dollars, two years ago today, oil prices so sixteen dollars and ninety four cents signals teen dollars an asterisk of course here in that that is, we are in the worst part of the pandemic. At this point, which is a massive you know it was at that is the lowest it went, but that, two years ago, exactly today see sixteen dollars. Ninety four sets its now or now over a hundred dollars and Once we rebounded off that the real who could catastrophic, drop endemic. It was around forty dollars after and now we're at one hundred and forty to sixty dollars is a dream. It, forty six as where it was throughout two thousand nineteen, most of two thousand and seventeen the little higher at times in two thousand eighteen, but had levelled off between fifty and sixty dollars before the pandemic head and then
of course, all the way down to sixteen talkers. That's amazing. I was sure she would have oil bless and do. Can you tell me what exists actually do? You think is happening with the strategic oil reserve being released with some of it at least to europe, that's not for europe! That's for! and that is actually not for price relief that is to run our ships are navy. Are air force was supposed to be certainly exactly right, ok and then we seem to be going closer and closer. Remember Joe Biden said I I do anything, that's gonna, you know look Like we're supporting ukraine in any military fat fashion, we're not gonna replace, the planes for poland if they do that, we're not gonna be involved in that at all gay I would be a kin. Do
act of war is very clear on that. Wasn't he or was eagerly, and now, whether you like it yesterday NBC news cited five: u s, officials That said, a new package a new arms package which will bring our military aid to three billion dollars, is to be announced. Listen to this, we are now selling them howitzers and the aircraft systems, anti ship missiles, armed drones, armoured trucks, chanel carriers and even tanks. Now that sounds to me, as bad, if not worse, thence old planes from the nineteen sixties that we weren't, Even gonna do
Why are we doing this by the way? Russia? and a warning to us that If we start delivering these quote most sensitive weapon systems to ukraine, it will bring predictable consequences. I dont think they're unpredictable. You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means I dont think its unpredictable do. Are we Are we shooting ourselves in the foot by? giving away our oil reserves even selling our oil reserves, just touching our oil reserves. At this point, While we're in tagging easing the bigger bully- and maybe biggest bully on the blocked with over six thousand nuclear weapons. Yeah, that's it seems like a problem to me now. If you're going, we know that the they back sort of the back stories, for, as the reporting goes, seems
indicate, basically we're trying to say to europe we need to. You guys need to stop buying russians, biofuels and. we are, they say well, what are we gonna use- and this is part of our answer- right- well, I will send you some from our strategic oil reserves to help me no lower the burden as you have they off we just. open up are our system. You know the outcome, take a six months, but we're already six months into this, we're in open up our systems again, we're gonna start pumping it like we were and will sell it to you for sixty dollars a barrel. and we're gonna leave. Our strategic oil reserve alone really getting simple its fascinating to watch his cause. You mentioned before you wasn't. He likes really clear about this and he was really clear when he said. We know that we Not going to do anything
that was going to escalate into war, but to say that he was clear or really Any of this overall is really difficult to say: he's gone back and fourth over and over again remember this guy ran up if the form saying we're going to get rid of fossil fuels, we're going to eliminate them are going to be. You know, net zero or all of these things that he said to environmentalist to get the rope, then gets in front of the the public. People say, hey you keep saying you're to get rid of all these fossil fuels. Now we're having an oil price crisis. What what's the deal here? Gas prices are going through, the roof is hurting families and We have done anything anything to stop production woody talking about now there. a court ruling. It said they have to open up new leases, not their action that they were. The court said you have to open up these newly says so Environmentalist are surmounted, he saying again we're not doing Anything this is in us. So like this,
on back and forth on this so many times, because they're telling the left that their absence lately attacking phosphates are and then telling the american people we're not doing anything on that front at all. All these oil coming are just oh so greedy and that's the problem here, I just do me a favor and prepare for bad scenario. Maybe it doesn't come, but So far it looks like that's what they're gonna announced next week. Can finance in is our sponsors? F, ionizing, Annabel us one, eight, two, three: four: w w w dot animal s, consumer access, dot, org, so high inflation is challenging the economy like nobody's business, screw the economy. It is challenging you kings. Most americans are worried about just putting food on the table. This is the wrong direction. I don't see it coming
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I told you last hour that we're doing a big special tonight, I'm blaze tv on is being taught in our children's school. See r t and the new, comprehensive sexuality, education or small peaches pieces of a much larger pie this programme goes on all the way to the top and it spreading all over our country everywhere in public schools. I want to pay a piece of a video of being shown to our kids right now. Is it normal to watch porn hashtag Yes, yes, it's normal lots of people watch porn. After all, right there and it's free
and anyway many people are curious about the sex stuff. target age. For this video, nine, nine Do you know what porn does to a nine year olds brain. it was produced by a group called a maze, partnered with another organisation called advocates for youth. I'm gonna show what all of this means we go in deep tonight to show you what this is all about, I wanna Show you a little teaser on what they're, really after with grooming and brainwashing. Our kids here is. It'll flyer between advocates for youth and plan parenthood, Can you put that flare up? It gets for youth, feminist majority foundation in plan parenthood, announce you,
show out campaign to engage and mobilise young voters. our children are be brainwash by radical, leftists the schools are churning out child activists. These will all be in their own words, and I will show you how government is helping fund. All of this is justice, oriented civic engagement. If you're a pair you cannot afford to miss the show tonight at nine p m on blue he's tv project groomer, exposing secret plan to brainwash your kids. It is everywhere, and it is breathtaking we have got to. this, I'm telling you donald try if you're gonna run or whoever is gonna run. You stop you stop s g and you a ball.
the department of education, and you made a big dent in the problem of big and abolish the department of education fire them all close it down. Return they control to our local communities because none of us be funding any of this back in a minute the back programme, the word, expert now really kind of takes on em
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chinese tool, I think just to just almost down, but I digress there there is there there is not the censorship on Tik tok that there is elsewhere and Somebody has really done a great job at exposing the craziness? That is the fringe of the liberal party. I can't say that What was fringe we're now living? So I dont know what fringe is in the in the on the left anymore. I have no idea what fringe is, but. The creator has now come under attack and I want to play just a little bit of something. She said yesterday, as she is being doc, stand exposed banner addresses, given out.
online. Here's what she said. How is this affected? Your life, this Jeff bases peace. Well, then three days, have been very chaotic and overwhelming and make travel plan really fast, but I'm not planning on earlier, fell a lunatic a fan and has a happy now concern where I don't think anyone would find me any location that here around bleak, but anyone confine lead I a little bit tough, but I'm not gonna, let me down so, her friends and people who know her, say she not gonna stop. This is not going to it will in her, it will scare her. they're coming after her, and these people will be violent. You know they always
the right is so violent. Show it to us, show it to us. The law Have I could show you bowed low odds of evidence that your violent, so, all she's doing on this tik tok. It's the lives of tik tok. All she does is to things that are on Tik tok. She doesn't added, out of context or anything. She just takes the post and she. Ray posts it in one place, and conservatives go to lives of tiktok and they see what they're saying let me give two of the video she posted ears, video number one percent or university students, much any extra for a second a clear sign of birth. This is what the doctor says. You are when you come out alone should be based on chromosomes hormones and generals were most handout, has just like a genitals next we have gender identity, which is totally different from seconds. I never does what you feel, We are inside a no.
We can see this from the outside there we're different seiners, eaten up and down to describe your gender identity than we have expression, which is, how you show your gender to the world. that's, usually based in a sort of binary system which isn't perfect, again. You can see this up and down to show the different gendered ways you express result. We down to under attraction. We have fiscal attraction. and emotional direction. These are different instead of going there fighters that operates in use to best describe their sexuality Well, this is done with a big cartoon unicorn, and this is for our kids. That's a teacher explaining showing the curriculum what happening instead of teaching addition. We are teach In you know, attraction The chinese aren't doing that now This is a first grade I classroom this is a from eight tee
you're in a charter school in Boston. Again from the lips of tik tok. Listen to this and something something cool about me. Miss amand are alright something that really cool and unique about who I am is that I am transgender, so we touched a little bit about that at the beginning of this week in the book that miss hammond read. But I'm gonna give you my explanation about what it means to be transgender as well, so one baby, their born, the doktor looks at them and they make a guess about whether the baby is a boy or girl based on what they look like I and most of the time, I guess is one hundred percent correct. There are no issues whatsoever and- and but sometimes the doctor is wrong. The doctor makes an incorrect. Yes, when the doktor makes a correct. Yes, that's when a person is called sis gender, when a doctors this is wrong. That's when they are transgender, so I'm a man But when I was a baby, the doctors told my parents. I was a girl
and so my parents gave me a name that girls typically have and bought me clause that girls, typically where until I was eighteen years old, everyone I was a girl- and this was super super uncomfortable for me is. I knew that wasn't right. I didn't know the doctors guess did you know that narcotics, They had some information based on science that they were making yeah. They were recording. But now I guess it's just a spin of a wheel I guess we don't follow the science, oh, no, it's just a guess. So the reason why we bring this up is this. Is all this woman? Does she not taking people out of context she's just playing that on one channel of beer, her gentle lives of tiktok Two of them are these. Those are two more of the more serious examples. All of them are funny. I mean it's just you know, it'd be like laughing at this that the oddities in our world. We all have them.
people have more than other nobody's uncandid camera. They posted the right to tax. That's really important for us now to go as far as I know and correct me if I'm wrong in the sky, but she's not going into someone who has their account set as private know and love sting their their account? She, just showing through in and and being a human algorithm the things. I find interesting look at what look at what level a really saying to each other in this world and they admit quite a bit when their bragging to their friends about how much typically they our owning conservatives corredor doing this to brag. So here's the thing Jeff baisers owns the Washington post. The washington post through taylor. Lorens has docks the woman that has the lips of of tiktok doktor she's arise,
Geller person she's only each all she's doing as being a human aggregator. That's it but apparently, taylor lorens, who I think is psychotic. She is had a psychotic break because she has been crying on NBC complain, about threats and online bullying that she claims as targeted her and she said it is so destructive and is destroyed. My life and made me feel unsafe There's just one piece of information that comes out about me. Well, She then goes to the washing imposed and supposes the woman buying lives of tik tok address and everything. Now there are saying they didn't do that, but yes, they did they posted a real estate licence would the woman address on it.
Oh, I didn't see the address bull crap you didn't see, the address The only reason why this is happening is because lives of tik tok is successful. People actually watch it and laugh and that cannot be tolerated, an authoritarian state. You do not make fun of the authoritarian terrans. You don't. That's the only reason why this is happening. This is intimidation period. They want us to to extract consequence. They wanted pain. They wanted a price going to make. Our movement. Look bad! Then you go to pay personally in in fear In harm to your career
in intimidation and why ever form it is. You will have to pay a price for being. Successful against liberals against progressives against the far left against the great reset you will, they have to extract a price for it No other white reason to do this thing be ass. They didn't know the address. Was there there s they're not even the right, even saying that, but at saying we miss the addressed there saying they didn't do it at all, memory holding the entire experience when everyone saw the link to the real estate licence. With the address on the page. they're, just acting as if it didn't occur. That's there right now, the washington post and its please it's embarrassing. This is this is not nineteen. Ninety seven were taylor. Lorens was crying about piece of information out about her. Who is a public figure, a report. and everyone knows her name. Now she's actually trying to justify
outing, someone who isn't a public figure. Who does? have their name public. What is that, due to her life? They she knows exactly what it does. She was just crying and sobbing about it on MSNBC a couple weeks ago and too this disconnect shows real our goals are dealing with reality. Only psychotic break a true psychotic break. She is I don't know. Is she she is a danger, possibly to our own self. She is to others she's now demonstrated She is not living in reality and she is a danger to others that's a reason there do. You know they keep he at the hospital. said she was dealing with massive ptsd. Now she said she was mentally just exhausted. This is too cigar.
And she understands the consequences of all this. Then she goes to work with jeff basis. and she does exactly what she said, caused her breakdown. That somebody who needs help them that I I don't want to get into the world of no seeing people and committing people to insane asylum, what she is a danger to others, and she is not making any sense she doing what she just said shouldn't or be done an enemy, much worse version that what happened to her? Oh, she, the fact that she's taking someone whose identity is not known in making it known. Is it really big line and taking someone who is not a public figure and making them into a public figure is a big difference. Taylor Lorenz, look she
Of course, she's dealt with criticism online she's, an online reporter for all of the major papers and our current we basically she's at the new year, the top to new york times in washington, post right she's been. We know she's been at the centre of this debate for a while and of Yes, she has received criticism, much of it fair of an unfair, I'm sure some of it was terrible. I know that we receive terrible, abusive things said to us all the time, it's part of being public figure in the united states? It's not a good thing, no one! No one should do that to her huh, However. What she's talking about here is she's to stay well. This is just what reporters do so, of course, people who are anti in his dick towards her and who are a little more aggressive, are going to go to oliver friends and Oliver family and do these things up at their door, We ve seen some of that. Our actions already complaining about some of it happening already. Won't you the one normalizing this behaviour. This is insanity. It should not happen again.
hurry her she tweeted yesterday, rather than debate doc sing. I hope people can read the story and see the striking escalation of attacks against gay and trans people in the crucial role this account has in the right wing. The media ecosystem. Well, look. I read the story, that would have been the debate if you didn't name the person to give out the redress right? That would have been the debris, people would have been saying well. Is this account highlighting people who are through difficult times and maybe shouldn't should be highlighted? I don't know you could have that conversation, and you know it so crazy. Is I'm not debating that that guy felt You know he was a girl and felt like ease or he whatever. I wasn't even debating that when I debating on that tik tok video last one we played is you're, saying doctors, I guess that that's the end, you're saying that to first greater right. That's the controversial part for me, I'm
so passed the owl He's a duty was a girl ha, I mean I'd really care when I'm on Tik talk really care what you say. You are such a strange thing where they separate this when it comes the gender and sex. You know that this is they binge. This has been their defense right when you say wait a minute. We know what sex is. Everyone knows like whoa. This is a different thing. It's the feeling you have inside. Look, maybe It is the feeling you haven't side, but your feelings about. What you have inside are completely unimportant to me. I don't care what your feelings are. Your feelings make. No difference to society. You can have all the feelings you can be. You can cry at hallmark movies or not. I don't care what your feelings are. Your feelings might be important to you. They might be important your family. They might even be important to the first graders families who you are teaching, but they are unimportant to society in general, you,
we feel like a boy or a girl, However, you want whenever you want, but what The air is important to society you feel like you are, isn't that's important to you and your personal life you deal with that all you want, but what is actually important to society and to doctors who need to know whether you might be pregnant or not, is what you are. That's me orton thing, I can just a second. Let me give you a little something to get excited about. Blinds dot com is having a massive sale right now and you can get huge deals on entered efficient window treatments that hope you save a ton of money and throughout the year, whether their cordless cellular shades, which are made from recycle water bottles or premium, solar roller shades, which will protect your home without obstructing your view. You can be blocking a lot of the sun and the heat and that's gonna matter. When the electric bill comes around blind
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This is the Glen back program. Johnny depp is on the witness stand now, again starve What's your name amber heard worrying about it other than you know what I've read in just watching Johnny depp we're twenty seconds of coverage. He don't look good in all this. Just saying. Maybe it's the pirate in you, but you don't make a credible witness line back programme. Guinea, at the gym. You know the doctor said you know Glenn, you gotta go to the gym and and then I did and now he's yelling at me because I went to the gym and I I h bill bars there at the Jim and he's like you, gotta use the equipment, I'm like dude keep it. Ok, don't you can't just keep changing on me all the time billboard
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When you are about to here is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment
the program. The Steve forbes is an amazing guy. He's the chairman and editor in chief of forbes media forbes is the leader in business information. He is the author and coauthor of a ton of books, including money, how capitalism will save us flat tax revolution. He also campaigned for becoming the president of the united states, the republican nomination and, I think, ninety six in two thousand. He has now released a new book inflation. What it is why it's bad and how to fix it. I am really interested in hearing what he says may be coming our way: the topic inflation, but my friend Steve forbes, in sixty seconds
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in financing: eight hundred nine zero, six, twenty four forty, its american financing, dot net american financing mls one, eight two: three: three: four www dot: mls consumer access, dot org welcome Steve forbes. How are you, Sir? good to be with you, thank you, So I am I'm really interested in hearing or take on what we are headed for with inflation? So, let's our let starting explain what inflation is, because some people, you know you're so used to hearing we're going to have two percent inflation. Oh that's good! No, it's not! Is it steve know you're, just as you, don't say organ or going reduce the size of a girl gasoline, two percent, that's good for you! Now it isn't keep it the same so and play in. That is why we did this reader friendly book, no jargon straightforward. There really two kinds of inflation one, either
man non money. Con non monetary kind is one say: have bad weather, so commodity prices go up. We prices go up you get the kind of shut down we had with a pandemic which disruption supply change all over the world are still suffering from that that sends prices up You have the money kind where the government, or or uses a value in this case of the dollar. By creating too many of them. and ah we know the government has been spending on a spree. How has that been finance? A large part of it? Is the federal reserve a buys those bonds? How does it get the money to buy? Those barnes a great lack of thin air. The aldermen atm now on fourchan legal and on the non monetary inflation. Normally, if you just leave the economy alone, those things he'll themselves, but we did after world war. Two we converted from a wartime economy due peacetime economy disruptions, but we did it but unfortunately an administration is putting
circles in the way, starting with the war on fossil fuels and a lot of other crazy things. I've done seventy seven executive order too, billion dollars of new regulations, so they're making the problem worse, start of letting the economy heal. Got a reserve, they ve been printing a lot of money they ve, been using gimmicks to try to keep them. Money from flooding the economy, but that's gonna run out so if they don't get their act together, weren't for a rough time- and let me just conclude on this- unfortunately, and this is where we have a real danger now, the fed believes the way you can Inflation is not by stopping the printing press and making them our whole again making it stable again. They believe you do it by slowing the economy, down, throwing people out of work and that's what they're up to now so Steve. First of all, the idea of inflation? We say it's now at eight point: five
because we measure it differently. If you look at shadow stats that measure at the way we did under reagan, its seventeen point one is that air to do or not. Well, this gets through the hall. of. How do you measure a prices The whole of by labour department has a whole bureau devoted to it. What you put in the index and one the crazy things is one: people's buying pattered change. Let's say a meat prices go up which they have shown that having a stake. You might go for some cheap hamburger. Well, they don't they they don't count that as a inflation, they just say the path. Of change. So, yes, you can manipulate these things. Six ways to sunday, but the bottom line is prices are going up the costume living is going up. Part of it is the pandemic, and the I did administration making things worse. We can cure that hopefully with the new congress by the federal reserve, they gotta, get
this notion that when we do work when we are trying to be prosperous, they got a slower stout, I'd, I'd really bad stuff. I don't know that anybody really understands the fed balance sheet and what they ve done. and the money that they have loaned out trillions of dollars that they have been. banks out all around the world. If you can't they're trying to sell off the stuff they have on their balance sheet, but every time they try that and raise interest rates. The economy stops and so not sure they're gonna be able to do either of those How do you pull this money back in to be destroyed, well well, when it went once you do, first of all which they they won't do. This part is you leave interest rates alone? Let the market set interest rate controlling interest rates is like right control.
charge. We now hurts new construction. This is trying to control the price of money that affect the price. hey for running the money, so to speak, so they leave that alone. What the market do market can shorted out very quickly on your point about what does the balance sheet when you bound sheet people's wish. I start to glaze the singer fetters sitting on a pile of bonds. And too many of them and so what they should. Be doing is. Loving those bonds mature, not buying new bonds. Let the money supply go down. And if they do that in a responsible way will avoid a huge slow down. But let me give you some This is what a gimmick that they ve been applying in the past year when they create We creating a hundred and twenty billion dollars a month pulling money out of thin air. Let me this walker. Your listeners, through on this or the federal reserve, creates money. They call up a dealer, a bond deal like goldman sachs.
And say we want to buy a billion dollars of bonds, jump for goldman, says fine. They give the fed the bonds and has the third pay for those bonds. They credit gormans bank account. Where does that money come from no place the fed just says wala, you have it and that's how they create the money out of thin air, so they're doing that last year, at a rate of a hundred and twenty billion dollars a month to help finance the government debt and so what they did to try it. Keep from an even worse inflation than we ve been experiencing. Is there then create the money and then borrowing from the banks and money market funds overnight or if you want to get technical people want to look at this stuff or they go to the fed I don't see it they'll find a thing called: reverse repurchase agreements. In effect, the fed is pouring money pouring a water and one another poor and then taken about it. the other end of the poor. Now that gimmick that can't go
in forever, and you know a year ago, little over a year ago, they had zero of these a reverse repos. Now they have one point: seven trillion dollars: that's the game: they've been: plague huge, damn money ready to flood the economy so we are now also, by turning the making the money and saying oh, no you're central bank that your dollars or no good to russia a lot countries around the world are gone cheese. I get on the wrong side of america all of sudden. What I have Gold is no good. That's not safe for me, a we are. destroying the dollar at the same time, we're inflating the dollar houses. Gonna end steve, Ultimately- and this will sound very strange- and you shouldn't say it in polite company- all
in a few years. We're gonna do again what we did for the first hundred eighty years of this country's existence, and that is why the dollar, the gold, what it means is a goal for a variety of reasons keeps its intrinsic value. In all mean like a measuring rod, not perfect, but it keeps the dollar stable in value. If we had maintained the growth rates we did for that hundred and eighty years, which was the greatest in human history, and then we went off the gold standard in the early seventies and said then the average growth? rate at the united states, economy is gone, by at least one third from about for a quarter presented to it. Of you don't sound like much, but you do that over fifty years, Just give you a number the average. The median household income today is about sixty eight thousand dollars. If we'd me, cain, our historic rates of growth, which we,
four hundred eighty years through depressions war, civil war, you name it we'd maintained average rate of growth every child were what the meeting and income would be one hundred and ten thousand dollars? That's what we Large were half century a funny money, it's bad stuff. Can you explain? You just said that the fed is going to destroy jobs or thereof. Reno know yes, How are they do they have this thing? They they. They have this theory of called the philips curve. It's not a baseball purchase named after an economist who said if you want low unemployment, you have to have high inflation, higher inflation. If you want lower inflation, we have to have higher unemployment. They believe prosperity causes flash, they don't realize, devaluing the dollar causes inflation, but they can't grasped that
So, ass a result. When you hear this talk about soft landing, what they mean is we can we slow the economy down enough without going into a full fledged recession? Usually their attempts at soft landings is a crash landing are trying to slow the economy down, create unemployment, because I think the economy is to prosperous that why they think we have this inflation, so they won't say that explicitly, but you press them on it. They want the ec, they want a slow down and they just hope they can. Boyd, a recession, its bogus thinking experienced. This proves it, but at the fed the philips curve is holy writ the steve when you look at oh by the way we're talking to us Steve forbes, he's got a new book out called inflation. What it is, why it's bad and how to fix it so but when you look at the money, printing that we have done
You immediately think of weimar republic. Coming idiots I know that hey you can't keep doing this for very long and it the sum of money. Ok, everybody learn that weimar republic, zimbabwe, etc, etc. Venezuela, yet I venezuela, so we or do we know our have a gas on on how close we are. To that I mean. Is there a possibility? We go into? for inflation. You can't rule anything out with these people, but uh. I think the answer is no. I think even some people at the fed are realizing they're on the ah they're in the danger zone and so were there trying to figure out. They got themselves into this mess and they are doing by the way, undermining the valley, the dollar, before the covert crisis was starting in twenty eighteen.
The cancer we did it because a cub now they're doing before covered. So I think there are trying to figure out now how how how do we get ourselves out of this without delay A disaster striving they're, gonna, slow down the money creation, but what they should be doing now is a instead of trial, manipulate interest rates, just let their bout just let the bonds writ mature and their size that they hold of those bond go down. Nature will take it to the natural, take care of it. Traded, keep the dollar stable, and and let the bond mature, run off and will will will get through this. But the other side of the coin is even at the fed starts to behave itself. Then you have a government that is doing everything it can to slow the productive part of the economy. You know the genius of ronald Reagan was when he cured the inflation. At the same time, you cut taxes, deregulation and that's why
He roared the eighty year after those tax cuts went into effect, we're doing the opposite. Twenty twenty four. We are to get that done, but in twenty twenty two, Hopefully, with the november elections at least, we can put barriers in the way the Biden administration from putting new burdens on the economy and also star questioning the fed, what no are you guys doing? Why do you think the prosperity is bad for us you. Could I hold you for one minute: I'd I'd like I've got up five more. If you have time hang on sixty seconds, we're back with Steve forbes sometimes we send people out to do our bidding. Sometimes we've send them out to protect us in our own communities. We send firefighters out to fight our fires, we send soldiers out and they don't come back or they come back forever different as a person. This we're tunnel to towers foundation comes in time
the towers was started right after nine eleven and they have been. Supporting america's heroes and their families, the first responders or military service member? When they don't come home and children are left behind, they pay off. There mortgage to lift the financial burden. This really great organization for cattle, Finally, injured veterans and first responders tunnel to towers, builds mortgage free, smart homes, enabling severely injured heroes, to live more independent lives and now through operation home base tunnel. The towers is gifting tiny homes to homeless veterans. You can help. Donate eleven dollars a month, just eleven dollars a month at tea, number, two t dot, org tee to tee dot org. Do it now, and, let's start two lists: can we take care of our own and stop looking to the government to do these things tee to tee dot, org
ten second stationary steve. I know this is off the inflation path, a bit more time to Steve Forbes the book inflation. What it is wise, bad now to fix it. But I'm really concerned about these e s. G programs, you know going in switching our economy to a stakeholder capitalism, which is just pull crap? In my opinion, he s and and and the way we are letting black, rock and others come in, and just by us all up their buying one in every seven homes for sale, going to blackrock. Well,
This and the nice, the good thing about a free economy, free country and free speech is when these start to happen. You can arouse the public, they won't say it publicly, but coca cola and delta really reverse course after they did what they did last year when they eu food at the our game out of atlantis because they did not. stand what georgia did with the voting laws, which are more more liberal than they were in new york city, hello, and they got burned on that. They got real push back on disney's getting push back on. It show the way the way answer this stuff is you push back and one of them I think you're gonna, see happen after the november elections is looking at ideas, on how you're a shareholder in a fond or of group bird media for something, How can you have a voice on how europe share
of the share so to speak, are voted at these annual meetings. Complicated but I think you're going to see a real real, a thinking on that. So it's not just a group of people. You know decades ago there was a great a business ro called peter drucker and still some school? Still readers box, doesnt schools, but he warned of what he called pension fund. Socialism be noted: the rise of pension funds on by the state and by a fine down funds, then he said I could end up by the economy government enough to do it, they're doing it for them you're saying real push back on that, but this gets to what you might call modern socialism, the modern socialist recognized you don't have to take over a company or an industry you just after regulated. So its survival depends on your whims and that's what the bite ministration, is doing practising modern socialism
pressuring the black rock and others are gobbling, blackrock and others go along with the pushing them kind of agenda that has to be resisted. but modern socialism different for more child in mind at the regulators to do it? You don't have to take em over with you would you say that we are now doing modern monetary theory in washington we have one they're doing a form of it. Modern monetary theory is simply move. Dark on the old idea of devaluing money by creating too much of it on roman times, they do bio, reducing the precious metals in a coin and putting a tenant jumped in it, modern times. We do it by putting up a lot of paper money now upstairs on your hand, held, and it's the same thing. and what you see unfolding now. We discuss this in the book. Inflation is the old of response of government they scapegoat. The roman times they blame christians
times, which is now today. We claim company executives. What does I'm old movie. Ok, Steve forbes. Thank you hold on just for a second us, Steve forbes. His new book is out today. You want to pick it up inflation, what it is, why it's bad and how to fix it more in just a second, the glen, the programme. No, no matter how generous you are somebody out there always once more than you were planning to give, in other words, be. The type of somebody is some minos, somebody that today give someone the shirt off your back by then they weren't your shoes in your pants as well. That's what cybercriminals want fortune
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back the great reset? Is the new book number one book in the country by the way get it at glens new book dot com I really like Steve forbes. At dinner, with him and his wife. One time my life was like you, you sit next to him, I mean what am I gonna talk to him about. You know monetary theory and I'm like no, I'm fine, Well, we got there and city had already been arranged and I'm sitting next to her his. Why then she sitting next to him and we had a great time life and I love his wife She is she's, just like a grandma and you think of a multi millionaire, a billionaire highly. So
successful. You know today you think of me. You know Some blonde forty years younger and he added how it came up. Probably I was probably rude. Somehow or other I I said you know something like that. we became fast friends quickly, and I said I just love the fact that you are Not ashamed of your years, something like that, and she said: oh, the white hair, the wrinkles but yeah. She said yes you know we use it. We used to be able to handle that now we cannot have any wrinkles ironed, all these wrinkles iron, this white hair, and she just great she's, just a normal human being tanya. Also, I think Steve is somewhat of a normal human computer he's a sheet
she she Didn'T- have that same gun of warm buddy, buddy conversation at dinner She didn't want it's our care. Now she macro economic now table now now you know: deceive forbes is an interesting part of history, in that you know the country, really had taken a a change, for, I would argue, the better if he had one that nomination and ninety ninety six in, for regular. He ran in that primary one. A few primaries was very competitive. Who do you want a finishing third technically, but like was right there in that conversation and you know if he had one that primary he's in the race against bill Clinton. He I mean, does Ross perot jump in aceh in time, Ninety ninety six
if there's another sort of businessman on the on the ballot already I mean- probably not- probably not- I mean another- they share philosophies up in the second time he was ninety two and ninety six right for Pero yeah. I know it was ninety two I didn't remember ninety six. He did it again yeah. He ran in ninety six, and that is I mean I you know to this day believe that was the difference. I mean there's some disagreement on that, but, generally speaking, I think people I realise that bit with ross prone, not running, probably. Look kid how crazy this is that we we were there, the people were there in ninety two. Ninety two, I think it's. Pretty widely accepted as the possibility. Ninety six, I mean you know, look Bob dole was not a strong candidate. Ninety six! So now you know Clinton running for reelection. Maybe he would have pulled it off, but four the candidate with no problem that race me.
He wins that and then we're time and he ran on. As for I try tax. I mean they would have revolutionised the country and, I think the economy in such a positive way, and we were we there at that time too, I mean, if the publicans would have been strong. We probably could have gotten a flat tax through this is this is when bill Clinton is in front of a country sing. The era of big government is over That's where the countries so I dont mind that is true back then we all felt it, but I believed it, but he I think he felt tat he d J. It really is a notable enough. I think the era of big government might actually be over if we survived this aid, Massive changes are coming massive changes I'm doing the showed an eye on what taught in our schools. I mean this. The holy cow. You are not going to use
I believe your eyes when you see what is being taught in first and second grade third grade fifth grade about sex and sexuality is so graphic. I have to blur out the scream from books are no show you you, because I could go to jail peddling child born by showing it to u online and what the teachers are showing this to our kids, something not right and the way to fix this honestly is too say enough with the union's, though, teachers. Unions are the worst the worst, and getting it out of washington d c, I mean it's cool Does the department of education just shut it down? You know talking to some people. Last night and I said you know what I would really like to see from a president and president trump could do this.
is on the campaign trail egon, up and say you know: I know a little about real estate, I'm tremendous id real estate, I've I've made a lot of money on you know you do that and then just say so I have credibility on real estate, and I wanna talk just to the people live in northern virginia and southern maryland right there around the belt way of washington d c. Really tired of seeing construction cranes building these giant buildings in washington d c and your problem Pretty values have gone and through the roof. The only employer here real, employer is the united states government or the company, that are trying to get deals from the united states government,
I just want you to know. When I become president, I'm going to do everything I can to collapse. The real estate economy in stone, so I, would advise that you, if you think I'm gonna win. Your house, on the market right now. Because you'll never get a better price for it then right now me. I'm going to fire. thousands of people and this he's gonna want. This is gonna, make Alan town circa, nineteen. Eighty three: it's gonna make allentown look like disneyworld, gay I would love for him to say that I mean it I think america is ready for big change it's hard to. You for continuing of what we're doing now,
A continuation of this is not the path. This is not the way not at all seems to begin uglier uglier as we go and going back to Business as usual, this has been the problem with the republicans They don't have a vision for the future. it's not enough to say we risk returned to the converted to the constitution, How are you going to do that now? How are you going to do that so put that in an actual plan and show me what you're going to do on a big scale I think the best clear example of this right now is what's going on with education? I know you're gonna be talking about all the stuff tonight with raising is going on in these schools and yeah we should be calling that out and yes We should try to correct those problems and yeah,
We should try to get those schools open because they were ridiculous. Without and yes, we should make sure kids should have to wear masks and school all These arguments are correct arguments and they were widely made by republicans and true. But that none of them are a vision of the future they're all just like. Well, we shouldn't do these bad things were doing. How do we can this nonsense. What of it The future is saying get this. at what you said about the department of education is part of it and also get your kids out of these schools. Get them in. private schools the problem is most parents can do it really mean? Nor do we know many mean. What do I mean? What do you mean you're, so the entire this current system? There is a challenge of what you cannot. Forty adds up. The plan is to get the
people. I know you're spending money for these schools already people we're like why what free public schools you're not getting them you're spending money on these schools, you're paying for them with your taxes, if you were able to have your own money that would that would the majority of the work here, if you could just get your own market would do the rest. You bring your own money, you bring him to a private school of your choice, you might home school, you might pot pod learning you mean Do private school, there's a bunch of different options, but if you able to fund the students and not the system, which is what there are some people out there, corey angels being one of them who are pushing for this type of have to be more of a priority. It is happening in some areas of the state level but like. Why is it not the rallying cry of the written national republican party right this? Second you, you will never have a better
opportunity to reform the education system. Then you have coming out of covert. Everyone is like dad at every one got to see it, everyone seeing see our tee and in this gino gender craziness in all this other stuff thrown at them Instantly this is not the time to fix public schools it's time to abandon them. Yes, it go another direction, give people another option. I mean that the halfway step. There are things like school vouchers and the abyss to be able to choose, but- honestly like this, should not be that we should be moving towards getting these kids out of these schools if at all possible and ink, junction with changing the rules with vouchers and all that is developing more or I think charities are on the road look inside and conservative side to say: let's fund yeah yeah. I know we always talk about university education and how crazy the professors are its too late. It's too late at that point Changing the professors at the universities is certainly something that should
done, and then it should be changed but like k through has been ignored. By conservative for years who keep whining about some crazy professor who's talking to a twenty year old graduate student, like it too late there needs to be a foundation for these kids. The foundation is the real problem they can make a decision and say that suffers crazy later on. If they have the right foundation, if they don't Then this stuff is gonna work so get too early and say: hey, let's go to a school that actually achieves things. That's teaches our kids that that instructions. It struck them in things that are actually valuable and not how many of the thousand genders, they might wind up being on an average thursday. We have to do that stuff and there's reasons that there's wasted that through law and and certainly approach also, I think, there's there needs to be private solutions that, but also it should be the focus of the party right now right, this second, its income.
double that this has been an opportunity that the conservative party she's out. There will sit there in wine about public school. all day long without making a difference in changing the way these are educated. Oh you stop talking he you is what on. Therefore, why didn't know what your eyesight, I think you're you're, absolutely right and it is. Ah, you know you leo say we always say that selection. I mean less the Republican screwed up this is. Very big example of screwing up here. They have this opportunity because people are passionate about their kids, passionate about schools, passionate about me watch the show tonight you will have passion on this topic. and somebody is gonna capitalize on it, and I think that's why we like ilan ask ilan, ask sees a problem and he's, you know what let's just go fix it: let's go fixed
I'm gonna go, I'm gonna. Have god fix it? Myself I'll use, my money and I'll fix it. You know you can't go into space. You can't launch a rocket on your own yeah. Well, I'm going to any does That vat is big, visionary thinking. We have none of it, in washington dc zero we just need somebody with a big visionary thinking that says I know the american people are. I know they can do anything if we just leave him alone and get out of their way. So that's. What we're gonna do and we're gonna start with education. keep all your money states, keep all your money, we're going to take your money and then return sixty cents on the dollar and tie all that money to things that we and washing and think you need to do. You need to do, at the local level. Abolishing the
department of education and that's the first, what I'm gonna do but believe me, prices of this real estate is a wing down. They are going to go away down and it'll be beautiful, wonderful, too wide them collapse come on, don't drop, do it our gold line. There is a historic irony that borders on being funny. Try this one for size. There was a time in this country when, because of gold p actually packed up and went to California, now all these years later in large part because it places like california, people are having to turn to gold. Isn't that weird I mean I don't know, the history. I just repeated in the hopes that it won't repeat itself not much. doubt as a country where, in one of the worst positions we ve ever been in
The point of no return may have already past months and months ago, at least for the dollar. I don't know, but you and put yourself in a safe position or safer position by acquiring physical gold. Please do not buy paper. Gold gold line today and find out about their specials on graded five dollar gold. Indian head coins you may be eligible for free platinum, but you have to and find out how to qualify. The number is eight six six gold line, eight six six gold line. I also suggest silver silver is a lot easier on the budget than gold is obviously and I think, sleeve fastest way too. fastest way for barter and and everything else that you might need and holding value gold or silver, find out. What's right for you. Do your own homework gotta go by not come or just call them. Eight six six gold line, eight six, six gold line
did the line back programme. just then in the brakes. You spent checking in with the johnny depp taps testimony and he didn't talk without a script. He he really is, substance abuse claims grossly embellished. the headline. But if you, watching him. He is talking about well yeah. I you know I did. The drugs were so bad that I, when I tried to get clean, I had to stand under a scaldings a shower. Burn my skin too
make their receptors pay attention to something else other than my withdrawals. I dont know. If no that's an embellishment of your drug addiction that sounds like birdies areas drove it is safe he should learn to answer in less than three words Because he's not doing himself any favours a right, you tonight, nine o clock plays tv. If you're a it say, don't miss. This is the line back programme
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