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Hour 1 The Next Crash?...could the 2008 financial crisis happen again?...Experts say, the next crash has been 'triggered'...Americans are living way beyond their means?...'we're broke'...Warning: they're coming for your pension funds next? ...Hurricane Florence 'downgraded'? ...Country music Superstar, Aaron Watson joins to discuss, New 'Live Album at the Houston Rodeo'...Aaron is still helping raise money for victims of Hurricane Harvey...41 TX counties we're affected and still need help recovering...AaronWatson.com and MercuryOne.org ...Social Media's continue to ban?...is this America anymore?    Hour 2  American Greatness Hour?... "My Father's Business" with author, Cal Turner Jr...first-person account of the family that changed the American retail landscape...birth of a retail giant 'Dollar General'...when life is about 'serving others' and the customer was 'everything' to a business ...Star of 'Dirty Jobs', Mike Rowe joins to discuss his recent comments on the Nike, Colin Kaepernick Ad?...poor timing on Nike's part...@MikeRoweWorks Hour 3 Killing and eating, while women pee on a octopus?...just a few of the things (topics) the Social Media's won't remove? ...Stand-up comedian and Reason.com writer, Andrew Heaton, joins Glenn to discuss the Norm McDonald backlash and the slow death of comedy? ...Entertainer, Superstar Pat Boone joins...recalling when Pat wouldn't kiss his co-star in the 50's...the background story behind Debbie Boone's song "You Light Up My Life"?

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The blaze radio network on demand Glenn Beck exactly ten years ago. This week, all of our lives changed and Tuesday are tension, rightly so, was focused on what in seventeen years ago. The week Of nine hundred and eleven, but seven years later on September, 15Th Lehman brothers collapsed, kicking off. The two thousand and eight financial crisis, New York City. Again, ground zero for another tragedy, the shockwave reverberated across all of the globe. We were told and I believe that the entire financial system of the western world was on the ropes. The quest that we should be asking ourselves this week, one when it comes to islamic extremism. Are we better or worse than we were
seventeen years ago, are we even addressing the problem. Can we even talk about the problem to after a decade of trying to fix the banking system, could this and again have fix things or made it worse, or we even talking about it Some people say the record amounts of global in corporate debt will trigger the next crash. Some say a global currency crisis is about to explode and that will be the cause Others fear that it's protectionism and tariffs to be. All of these things could trigger the next crash. Each scenario has the potential to make what happened in two thousand and eight c like a slight road bump, and if all of these scenarios happened- domino at a time it would be castor fee behind beyond anything. The world has ever experienced
but I haven't even mentioned the biggest scenario, most likely scenario a couple, some of the bond market the collapse of everyone's retirement fund. There are so many scenarios out there in experts are even more worried about something that I really didn't take seriously. I didn't think anyone else was taking seriously the deposit Ori trust an clearing corporation, they I'd clearing and settlement for financial markets. Here in the u they released a report outlining their number one fear their number one fear, cyber warfare. All of the scenarios I've just laid out
are all likely and the last one. There are just a few people worried to go, the government published a similar report draw the same conclusions. The number one fear is cyber warfare, these findings came from the financial Stability Oversight Council, which is chaired by the Secretary of the Treasury. This isn't cookie, you know harebrained conspiracy theory, both the Gov then privacy, private business, thinks a cyber attack will be the root cause of a global crash. This is kind. Big news. How is information not being reported all over the country this week. No because Bob Woodward's book is out. The report details our nation state? Cyber attack will begin by targeting, what's called systematically important financial institutions. These are, thanks, like the Bank of America, Jp Morgan or the formerly known as Leeman brothers, but they
and also be giant hedge funds or insurance companies like Aig. The Lehman Brothers Collapse was the first shot of the two thousand and eight crash You're now saying something similar will happen during the next one, the big one they're now calling it one slash I'll country like China, Russia or even North Korea would trigger a run on one or multiple systematically important institutions from there global system would begin to unravel, just as it did before but this time it would happen as a global and corporate debt. Scheme is at record levels as global currency crisis brewing a trade war, escalating all between the two largest economies in the world. We should probably take a moment and talk out things that are real technologically
technology is changing. Changing the world like never before we are on the cusp of something profound and it will be profoundly, devastating and or profoundly marvelous. Some of it's going to be spectacular, some It is going to be horrifying and ordinarily destructive it's Thursday September 13th you're listening. The Glenn Beck program on the heels of that. I want to show you something that came out. This is from the financial times. I did this to me yesterday and he said Glenn. I don't think this is a prediction prediction, but this something else you railed on for how long and it's come true
and we never really had on the record evidence of it. We had a lot of back. You know Ecru meetings, a lot of people with high levels who came to you and told you these exact things, but one, or go on record with it at right time and would stick me out. So I looked crazy. Some of the people that we would come to win win win when asked about it, they would go on the record and they be like now. That's now that now or fine but behind the scenes they would be telling me you've got to keep going. You don't understand why you're right, yet you need to read this this and this you need to look over here because, That's why you're right it would come on, and I would say I'm telling you these people, I can't tell you their names, but I'm telling you they're coming to me and they are telling me these things. Don't Listen to what you're hearing on television Everybody knows. Well? Why did they say anything finally,
The financial times has run a story and you'd have to ask yourself: why are they running this story why are they running this story? Now? Back September. Two thousand eight. A failure of Aig many believed would mean an instantaneous collapse of the European Banking system, which much impaired us credit now just listen to that back in December two thousand and eight. This is the new financial Times story. This is the first headline back in number two thousand and eight of failure of Aig, that was an insurance company, many believed, would mean instantaneous collapse of the Europe in banking system, as if that's not bad enough, which hello old, much impaired us credit. What does that mean? we are living so far beyond our means. Right now,
the world goes into collapse. We have no money. We're living on borrowed money right now. If goes down who's buying any of our credit. If China suddenly turns on us or or goes down who's giving? us money to be able to afford the things that we Claim we must have on top, of who's buying our products. It continues. It's time to admit that I once deliberately withheld important information from the readers it ten years ago. The financial crisis was at its worse. I think I did the right thing: but a decade on from two thousand and eight crisis. I need to discuss it, the
came on September 17th, two days after Lehmann declared bankruptcy. That way this day was for me the scariest day of the crisis when world finance came closest to all out collapse, but I right as much in the Angel Times X, critical news items had broken out on that Tuesday night first Aig received an eight point: five billion dollar bailout. It needed because it had to pay up for credit default swaps, transactions that it had guaranteed without those panties bonds, sitting on banks, balance sheets and assumed to be of no risk. Would instead be deemed worthless gosh? There is so much in just that. One sentence: there is so much there That would instantly render many of the banks holding them technically insolvent. Ok, so these credit default swaps, which would
one of the main problems that we had in two thousand and eight that. Problem has not been solved. That problem is much worse, much worse today, they guaranteed by an insurance company, don't worry if they go down because uh of really no risk. You can count them on your books as good as gold. Well as soon as they went to zero. The bay didn't have any money to their name, even though his paper, they didn't have any money to their name so all the government had to step in bail out Aig the insurance company, so the insurance company could say yes, those those things paper, that's actually worth zero. If you were going to give you the money we we ventured those. That allowed them to keep their doors open. If this isn't. If this is
everything you learned in Jimmy Stewart's, it's a wonderful life. I don't know what is meanwhile, the Reserve Fund, the largest you, the a unus independent money market mutual fund announced to loss of its holdings of Lehmann bond. As a result of ACE would fall below one dollar per share the reserve fund. Listen to this, the largest Us Indypendent money, market, mutual fund is your: do you have any of your retirement money in mutual funds? Of course you do in two thousand and eight, the largest indypendent mutual fund- announce that because of Leeman brothers, it had so many other bonds in Leeman brothers. That they would now fall below a dollar per share, which would have meant that
everybody who had any retirement savings in those mutual funds gone This was terrifying because money, market funds which hold short term bonds, were treated. It's guaranteed no money market fund had ever broken the buck. Below the price of a dollar The funds were vital customers for short term debt. Without them, how could banks big companies fund themselves. Investors rushed to pull money out of money funds while the, as managers dumped corporate bonds for the safety of Treasury bills? This wasn't, actual run on the bank. The solvency of wall, street's biggest banks was now in question. Chaos. The yield on Treasury bills fell to its lowest since Pearl Harbor, desperate people needed safety and interest It's no longer mattered. Unlike two thousand and seven is run on northern rock in the UK. None of
was visible line, don't form around the block to buy t bills. The Wall Streeters, I spoke to thought. The banking system was at risk of failing as this happened. I realized this. Is the writer reporting this? I really I had. I had a lot of cash in my bank account at Citibank. I was of the limit covered by the US deposit insurance, which is what the time a hundred thousand dollars, so if city went bust once and inconceivable event that I could now imagine. I could lose everything over one hundred thousand dollars for good. So, on my lunch hour, I headed to Citibank. I planned taking half of my money out and putting it into account at a chase branch next door that would double number of of money that I had insured. If because we were in Midtown Manhattan, surrounded by investment, banking offices
city. I found a long line all well dressed wall Streeters they you're doing exactly the same thing as me. Now, door chase was also full of anxious. Looking bankers once I release it, reach the relationship officer who was great, she told me that. She and her opposite number at chase had agreed on a plan of action. I need not open an account in another bank. Using point. She asked if I were married and had children, then she opened accounts for each of my children in a trust. The joint with my wife. In a few it's I had quadrupled my deposit insurance coverage. I was now uh. I was now exposed only to Uncle SAM and not to city with a smile. She told me she had been doing this all morning. Neither she nor her friend at Chase had ever requests to do this until this week.
Who finding a little hard to breathe there was an actual bank run happening. But it was only happening in the New York Financial District people connecting Wall Streeters, who best understood what was going on. All I needed to do was get a photographer to take a few shots of the well dressed bankers lining up for their money and right caption explaining it? We did not do this? the story on the financial front, page of the financial times would have been enough to push the system over the edge our readers went unwarned and the system went without that final prod into panic, the next. Crisis will not be about banking, but the city danger that pension funds deflate leaving an entire generation without any money to retire? What this the right call ten years ago, I think, so all
Our competitors also shunned any photos of Manhattan Bank branches, the wait. Freeze the right to free speech does not give us the right to shout fire in a crowded cinema. It does, if there's a fire I mean, there's no free speech limitation on taking pictures of a bank having a run on the bank. He says there was the risk of a fire and we might have lit the spark by shouting about it, weeks later, the deposit protection was raised, blah blah blah ten years ago, you s bank's virtually the only players in the financial world, plainly more secure than they were before they delivered. Built up capital and the risk of sudden collapse is now far more distant. The problem. Now is the disposing of that risk has obstructed the task of reducing other risks. Now risks lie in bloated asset prices level. Which investments and pension funds that hold them. The
crisis will not be about banking, but the insidious danger that pension faults of pension funds deflate leaving people without any money to retire the bad news. Is this the crisis who solution can always wait until another day petitions can ignore it. Good NEWS is, I need now stay quiet this time now here doesn't talk to. He would be because I mean that 'cause I can understand, though I guess the feeling there, but again he protected himself and he breeders in away is in an insider trading I mean in reverse. It seems that yeah, it's insider trading. He has information that the general public does not happen. Have now I understand about the pan, thing. Believe me. We've talked about this for years. We spoke about this
but we believe we have a responsibility to tell you the truth on what is going on. It's yeah, it's more of a journalistic question. In some ways than it is, but I can understand you don't want to send the entry into a panic, but, on the other hand, you're protecting your hundreds of thousands of dollars, well each person is gonna, lose everything has no way to protect their pension funds. Are in trouble. Please, please pay attention to where your retirement money is. They are in trouble that this is a warning that that is Bing. Alright, our sponsor this half hour, we're so pleased to have Lifelock as uh as part of our sponsorship role. They have been very loyal and with us for a very long time. They recently the FBI, along with international law enforcement agencies, have recently arrested. Seventy four alleged cybercriminals for ski
it's designed to intercept in hijack wire transfers businesses and individuals. Now the agencies utilized intelligence gathered by seven tack. Is that how you say it thanks? Symantec Symantec. This is World's leading cyber security company, the schemes work by luring victims to phishing sites, with a ph, not an f email and then presenting a believable page that mirrors another site sites. John Podesta attention, John Podesta, don't Click on sites that mimic other sites that are actually phishing scams, crazy. Isn't it yeah? That's exactly what happened to him. So Lifelock now has identity theft protection, but they also have Norton Security to help protect you against threats to your identity and devices that you can see your fix on your own, so I want call Lifelock now at one eight hundred Lifelock make sure that you, how are buttoned up lifelock dot com, use the promo code back
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hello and welcome to the program, so some good NEWS for South Carolina kind of in North Carolina, the the the hurricane has been downgraded from yesterday, we were thinking today, this time it might be category five, however, the storm surge is what they're worried about now, not necessarily the winds, but this is coming on shore and it's a storm surge of anywhere from what is it six to sixteen feet? Something like that, that will cause flooding everywhere so lots of damage You can help We yesterday we set out a couple one hundred semi tractor trailers. I think we had. Two hundred and fifty of them on the road. Yesterday they had Supplies, water, you know, chainsaws, heavy equipment, everything that you would need to
be able to start to dig out of something like this. Those trucks are already parked and out of the way of danger, but ready to go in as soon as things settle down, but we also have we operation barbecue, which is this great charity that we've done all kinds of work they just got out of California for the wildfires fires and now they're headed over him for the opposite, for much water. They feed about three thirty thousand meals every single day and we are supporting them. We need your help if you would like to help please. Please make a donation to mercuryone dot, Org the one dot org we're always you know the first in and the last to leave We could really use your help curry1 dot Org make a donation.
We have Aaron Watson on the phone because he's doing something for still the hurricane victims in Texas, because everybody is kind of moved on but lot, well in Texas have not been able to move on yet Aaron Watson, country, music, superstar. How are you Aaron but it's great to hear your voice is good here in well good I hear your voice all the time, because I listen to your music, but you know you can listen to the show and you can hear my voice and hours just try to be friendly, and you know I'm I'm a big fan yeah. I know I get it get it here for yeah good to hear from you know what are you doing because you just put out a new cd if even call that now and it's your it's your rodeo cd right yeah We recorded our performance at the Houston Rodeo back in two thousand.
Actually could, and we were planning on putting it out up about the time that the hurricane hit the Texas Coast and we just kind of put it on the back burner, we just didn't feel like promoting an album. While you know such a large part of the state was going through such a tough time. So we really just kind of put it on the back shelf and at some point I thought we would never. Put the album out, like it just kind of missed its opportunity. But then we thought you know what we could put this album On the one year anniversary of when Hurricane Harvey hit Houston an all along the South Texas Coast, and We could use that to raise some money for those forty one counties that were affected. You know when there's billion the dollars a damage and millions of people affected twelve months later that you know the mess isn't cleaned up. So we just thought it'd be a great opportunity for us to
to give back all right. So what are you doing here for every for every download sold one at that? How much goes it's a dollar but forty one and we did the dollar forty one just to let people know that there's there's forty, county that were affected. I mean, I don't think people understand just how big Texas this, but those forty one counties are probably larger than a lot of state. Yes, and so you know we were, We did the showdown in Houston couple weeks back when this album and just it's crazy they're still, people who have not got to move back into their home is we're trying to raise some money and also raise awareness, and let people know they're still folks out there that need. Help. Yes, Aaron Watson, if you, if you don't know who Aaron and Watson is in your country, music fan, you are missing something great. He is a great great entertainer, and his music is, I mean right from the heart. It's just really good stuff, but my
I was a say yeah. I wanna make sure I'm accurate on that. Yes, my favorite country, music artist, is Erin Watson. I love it and in this is a great recording of the have I mean if you're in country, you know the Houston. Rodeo is the best and we apply you for doing this Aaron. I tell you what you know when, when I got to play your your mercury, one event is very inspiring: I'm it can be overwhelming at the world, has so much need out there. But you guys are you never flinch, just keep on giving back and you keep on finding ways to help people out. So I just want to commend you guys for the example that you're setting for all of us. So thank you very much. Thank you. Erin, Erin Watson, dot, com, Erin. What's in dot com, you can buy it on. I assume you buy it on. You know I tunes or wherever else Itunes, Amazon. You know it's got. It's got fourteen track.
Then I'll tell you this way. I recorded one there's one song on their Glen: that's not live deer hurricane. I wrote Hong Kong higher ground, because while there was all this, you know, Contra see a year ago- and there still is of you, know whether it's politics or what There's all you turn on the news and it's bad news and bad news and bad news. I wrote this song our ground. Because I was I was really inspire. And by the way people were coming, together down in along the South Texas Code in helping each other out different colors, races, religions. You know They were showing each other kindness and it it really set a great example for all of us to, like you know what we're all on the same team here. So, let's, let's show each other love. So after I wrote that song just kind of in honor of everyone who's been through these tough times. Thank you very much Erin. I appreciate it Watson, dot com Aaron thanks for your,
it's amazing. There was a a year ago, isn't in been at wild and in some ways it seems like yesterday. In other ways, it seems like one thousand four hundred years ago, hey dad it's you know and you know one The next next week, there's another hurricane another another something so man, thanks for all you do brother got it thanks. Aaron If you also would like to donate, we could really use your help at mercury, one dot, we are so deep. And so many things right now, and it's all because of you mercuryone dot, org of really what it's all because of you, it's all because of global warming. That's what it's! Because of you know, thank you for saying warming. Well, no, it's not! No! No! No! It's not! Because of global warming. May I pardon me no! May I retired no, no, listen to me! It's because
as of Donald Trump gas. Okay, now yours is not doing enough about global yes, you know if you would just what have banned straws couple weeks earlier- would be fine. I was I was a I decided to go over to the New York Times. The other coverage was going for in the hurricane today and they had a three three updates. Two of them were about global warming. Now, every time A snow storm comes in. They say you can't if we permanent time where it's not supposed to be snowing, they say. Well, of course you can't blame any individual storm, global warming. That's crazy! Every hurricane every time there's a hurricane. There are stories blaming that individual storm on global warming, even though hurricanes are down down overall, obviously went through what fifteen years without hitting any major hurricanes really hitting the United States. But now we've had a couple years now with with big ones were going to,
if this pushing by the way this is going to hit ground likely as a category two right. So a big one, right. No, you know why this is big. You know this is causing so much damage is because federal government said that they would start to cover insurance, four homes on the water. Before. Then you couldn't you couldn't get your insurance, so people didn't build stuff by the water if you were really really wealthy my I, my home, is destroyed I'll just build another one, build your house. There but as soon as we said as taxpayers, I'm sorry as soon as the government said Aztec, spares. We will just take the money from them and give it to the people who building their homes right on the water, kinds of communities sprung up and we're on the hook for it every single year, no
you have to be there to help people, but please don't tell me is that when a category two comes ashore that this is because of global warming. No, it's not category. 2's are not uncommon. Category fours aren't uncommon and in the last one hundred and seventeen years, one thousand nine hundred. Ok from nineteen. In two thousand and seventeen. The trend of both hurricanes hitting United States, an major hurricanes 'cause. The concept both of those the the trend is down down it's about: it's, not huge huge decrease, but it is a decrease, an it's flat right. The concept is, of course, that it's not that first, they said they were going to be larger and more frequently, then, when they realized the science didn't support the more frequent thing at all. They said larger, and this is what they were doing with Florence. They were saying: look the water is warmer.
And the water water is warmer in the reason you know that means going to strengthen all the way to the coast, and it's going to be this gigantic hurricane. Now we're seeing the opposite happening where it's actually breaking apart. It's going down to category two they're still going to be some major problems for for major problem. This is not a. It does not mean hey, okay, I guess I'll stay at home on the coast in the outer banks. It's still a good idea, but the point is comes to global warming, is now they're saying well now it's the extra rainfall they just keep picking up these different arguments when the last one fails will even major hurricanes are down since one thousand nine hundred major hurricanes, if they, if they were getting stronger, then they would not have that as true, but yet it's it is What is actually happening and of course The cost is solely because, as you point out we're building on the shore a lot more they're, not only building on the shore. Building on the shore in large homes that are obviously waterfront property, so very expensive, and then, when those things come in and they do have problems, the cost is
astronomical compared to what it used to be. There's a graphic. That's been floating around social media with is amazing. Just showing the difference in development of North Carolina also in the late nineteen, fifty four the hurricane hit him what it is today I mean it you think about it. When people used to have things on the beach or you on the waterfront they used to be like cabins. They would be like a little summer. Cabin now there, giant multi million dollar structures and even yeah and the really expensive and they're bigger? And more stuff in them, for example, since the nineteen, the average home just the ones in the water, but the average home the United States has increased by one thousand square feet now back in day the home I grew up in was about, in square feet, total yeah average house now is over two thousand five hundred square feet and what they are I mean think about how much more it's newer, stuff
it's more expensive, it's by the water and it's double the size. So all of these things combine two, of course. When these things hit there's a lot more damage, the insurance shouldn't be, as is cheap surprised by the government? It should be difficult to to acquire, because if that were true, people would take more risk, assess into their decision to move to the water and I'll look. Think it's totally your right to go to the water, and, but you know, The idea that I should be subsidizing: people's multi million dollar beach homes. It's only place. It's not even that it's not even that the government is doing it said I am. I don't a waterfront property. You know and I could afford one. I don't know why Why not? Well I mean I know somebody who bought something down in Galveston the year before the storm came in. Ok, I mean they were flooded a couple of weeks ago. They were hit by a hurricane, I don't want the hassle, but the govern
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Twitter bands that are happening. This is increasing in frequency- and I am growing I'm very concerned that. Your voice is going to be snuffed out. Our voice is going to be snuffed out. We will not be able to communicate truth with one another. And I need to address this with you, because it is deeply deeply concerning and you can't say, illegal alien without in band on twitter or deleted on twitter, because you've used the hate speech illegal alien. We have a problem, when when Norm, Macdonald was kicked off of tonight- show because he said you know we seek a an Roseanne. They did bad things
and they paid a heavy price. But you know When does this end? For them and he's kicked off for ask kings, app question. We are in a different America. We are in Erica that I don't recognize truly is becoming frightening. So. I want to talk to you about that later on. The broadcast today. Also Tonight, at eight o'clock we are going to be doing a virtual book signing you can go to live signing dot com, slash book you'll be one of the first ones to get an autographed copy of my new book addict the outrage which comes out next week, also we're going on tour. And make sure you join us there if glennbeck dot com and find out about the book, the life books tonight at eight o'clock, where you can join us and ask any questions and our tour Glenn dot COM, Glenn back.
Mercury. Back know over time that we have spent together. We have seen a lot of crazy stuff star relationship for many people started on nine hundred twelve Nine hundred and eleven some people heard that news with my voice at the end of the day,. But if you, if I were national, you've might have heard the warning about Osama Bin Laden in, I think it was one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine or one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven. Where I said this guys coming in New York, on Wabc and if you Pay attention now there will be blood body and buildings in the streets of Manhattan within ten years. It happened.
Came to about two thousand and six and said: don't buy into any of this housing stuff. Don't do it don't do it there's a massive bubble witch then I saw but to see was actually a banking crisis was on the way everyone denied it. Two thousand and eight happened, But if you were listening, you act. Lee saved your money. I've come to you with problems, but I've tried to come to you with solutions best selling. I ever wrote was common sense and I'll never forget I wore. I wrote a lot of that on vacation. I Realty I wrote to the the most important chapters. While I was on vacation- and I remember it was late at night- and I called my family into the living room, and I said I want to read something to you, because I think this is I think this is right, but I also don't know if I'm willing to publish it under my name 'cause. It's I
people are going to want to hear this, and I think it's trouble and I was calling out both parties and I was calling out the games that were played in Washington and the double that we were headed for you went, bought it in droves, two million copies later people knew what was going on. We started the the tea party in the nine twelve project and played a big part in in that with you. We so you on a lot of that, and then two thousand and ten happened, and then two thousand and twelve we saw that the tea party had been just dismantled and he had been lied to by party, and I started to get discouraged I le fox and decided to because people were asking me so now what and I didn't have an answer- I decided to break it down to smaller problems and we we print
can conform about education and common core, and what the problem was in universities long before anybody else gun control in the book control when Califate came something that I warned you about and everybody mocked I wrote is about Islam to prepare you with the Nazarene fund. I couldn't say the war. I did still didn't. Have any answers. I don't know, but I know These people are in trouble and I don't know how to do it, but together we can figure it out. Thirty million dollars later and ten of thousands. Ten Of thousands of Christians moved and save Dan rescued from slavery. Sixty in thousand Christians and religious minorities, hopefully will be moved out of this region. Christmas because of you.
But people continue to ask me: how do we save? How do we save the country? How do we save the constitution, and I didn't have an answer and it bothered me- and I felt pretty I feel pretty worthless, because I was like what am I bringing to you. I don't know what I'm even to say to you: how do we fix this? I don't know it's bigger than the country. Now it's the western way of life. After four years of searching two years of really intense study. Or year of writing, and then taking okay and rewriting it entirely again. I can We come to you and say I know what the problem is, and I have a way to win where we all win where The country doesn't lose. We
There is something happening right now and I I can diagnose and point right directly to the cancer. That's eating us and I point. You write directly to the solutions. You want a way out, you want, your stand what's happening and you want a way out, I invite to join me. On the path that I'm laying out now in addicted to outrage, it comes out next week tonight, there's a book it's a virtual book signing at eight hundred pm You just go online at what is it live signing dot com, slash, beckand, the answering questions and I'll be signing your book tonight. We're also going out to Filling the country find out about that tour at Glenn dot com in order, your book, if you've if you've trusted me before to say this direction,
And you've noticed that I have been wrong. When I was frustrated and angry and and I is listening. I am not frustrated, I'm not angry and I have been listening for the last louviers more than I have talked, and I talk a lot join me. Join me on the search to save the western way of life addicted to Rage is where we begin. It's Thursday September 13th, you're, listening to the Glenn Beck program. This is going to be an incredible hour for entrepreneurs and people who believe in America. We have lake joining us in about twenty five minutes right now. We have. Al Turner Junior on. He is the author of the book, my father's business and his Father's business is the lead
dollar general stores. And cal welcome to the program. I I want it. I want to start right here on page, I think it's thirty eight I was for, Fifteen. When my dad took the step that changed everything it involved kind of creative leap that comes all along too rarely and ultimately left a huge mark on american businesses. Tell call your dad and his idea. My dad was amazing gland and he being, in the country thought he should Stay on top of what was going on in the city, and he noticed it in Nashville and Louisville. A lot of expensive newspaper advertise thing was done monthly to promote dollar days? and everything priced installer and thought wow, Wouldn't that be a wonderful opportune
the key for us in our stores in the country to have dollar stores and- It would be a way to give real value to people at prices they could keep. Within the soul so use because you write in the book that you know He he saw what he saw was the Spence, a full page ad. So if you that or days going on they must be pulling in at on a business to pay for just that ad, let alone to make money when he went to his staff. They said it. Oh man. I miss Glenn. There were unanimous. He won't work crazy. You know what you know, it's crazy! When I read your book, I love this. I love just love this line: Your father said we have sell everything in the store for a dollar. I know.
In some cases now. I'm thinking you know you're how what he's going to get for dollar. In phone cases. It has to be multiples like three plates or two pairs of socks for a dollar, but nothing would cost more when he had some things that were actually twenty four dollars, but I can't yeah yeah? Now you shouldn't he now you need twenty dollars for one. I you know I made twenty four one doll. I know I know it's crazy, it's crazy yeah! So they didn't want to do it, and so he said, let's just take our worst store right. Absolute We take our loser and becomes the winner. Under this new format, we've had something to build on. So what what? What about your dad, I mean your grandfather sounds a lot like my grandfather. He was just a dirt farmer. Third grade education, you know I came up
all through the depression. Your grandfather became a an entrepreneur. Mind became a machinist for Boeing, but I came from simple people. What was what was it that major dad different? Well What I celebrate is what, the same in those in the one grounding of my grandfather, father and of my father, which translated to our generation also there is some thing there to build on there is. A hard working ethic, it is a believing an other people, an the opportunity to build something with people who can become your partners do you think, that's
it exists. Now cal. I think the spirit exists. Yes, I think the The discourse at large is is, largely negative, but that spirit exists out there. Certainly in the Heartland of America, where those dollar general stores are the the tell me about the mission statement of dollar general. Well, we came up with a mission statement It really got the company going and it was only two words. Glenn serving others. Life is about balance. It's not about me. It's not about us. What can we do? to make a difference in the lives of others. What do these small?
all stores in these areas afford uh. As an opportunity to serve struggling people and We do have salt of the earth people who shop in the dollar. General stores and I've learned so much from them. Gland geniuses is not in the Senate. He sits out there in the country and it's him in the heart of good people. You know the number one I've talked to people who teach it and they have said They are having a hard time, teaching ethics be as they will lay out these case studies and they'll say this company made this and they made this decision, and and they're trying to teach ethics they'll, say: they'll turn it over to the students alright. So where do we begin an invariably
The first question is: will do they make money. And the professors are starting to ours. To be a little frustrated because they're like no no, no we're talking or ethics ethically, whether they made money or lots of money quickly. Is this right and it's in tide now to success or failure. Well, I don't think you teach thanks. I think you learn it from life and from others, and when we Stop. Did that two word mission statement glam serving others He had the basis of applied ethics in retailing. So
Why why why now? What was inspired you to write this book about your dad now? Well, it took me two years to be convinced to do it and then doing it took six years, but- it. It has dawned on me as I do my retrospective on life, that there are very few, heroes who have over thirty years in that job. In the same company and and sharing the lessons learned from all of that. Can help, others, and they? we went through so many different cycles. The company we went through ups and downs, which some went through
biggest thing Cole that you learned in all of the Upson downs, everything that you have seen from your dad then from you. What is the biggest thing that an entrepreneur entrepreneur needs to learn first well and entrepreneur needs done understand his own core values and and what what his greatest in life is to serve others. You're not here for yourself here here, for others, your greatest opportunity is in serving others and partnering with others in doing that and my and as an entrepreneur was of the old school gland and if it was more retail
who is more of a dog eat dog world back then, and his belief was that he should only expect the competition to do just everything to him that the competition could do it. It's a fight out there and I came into the business pursuing my calling and excuse me their stuff worse than somebody coming into the into the room, distracting you in your middle point, go ahead, Cal! Well, that your wife, yes, that was that was that was that was mark. Yes say, say, say hi to market. I can't help it. I came into the business Glenn pursuing my calling, because
I wrestled with whether to go into the ministry and I discerned that the great this ministry opportunities in the real world, perhaps not in the church, at least for Maine and it was in that business, where we could help struggling, be I have a better life and I was very moved by the customers. Into a dollar general store. I cheated on a an old. Smelly, dirty farmer who was making a sacrificial purchase of a pair of thirty nine cent panties for the old lady and and I I got a real message from that farmer that. There are a lot of people out there who were having a hard time making ends meet and
could, you spell Cal had me come in and they come into our store hi. I I I just. I love your by me so much of my my grandfather, my family, I just I just love it. Cal Turner. That's that's a compliment it is Sir Cal Turner Junior author of my father's business. If I at Amazon or wherever my father's business book dot com, cal junior from the the dollar general store back in just a second. Our sponsor this half hour is simply safe home security by the way Micro is going to be joining us. Next simply, safe home security. Great security system. This is This is exactly the kind of company that Cole was talking about a company that started out just come to help their friends. It was uh. Leave from friends, he was, I think at MIT, and he was an inventor in his Father was an inventor and he wanted to do something great
friends, came and said, he can you help us out, we can. If we, you know, we can't afford the security, and we can't put a hard wired security in our house, and there all kinds of crime and he said, let me work on it, so he did well. The thing took off and other people that were telling their friends people would come over there be like how did you? Where did you get that so I think we have a business here and He has never lost that ethic time I meet with him. He talks about the customers as if they are their friends, as if he's not going to put something in somebody's house that he wouldn't put in his house or his friend's house and they work harder than any any company. I've ever seen twice They join us. They had five people and now they're a billion dollar business simply safe. You own. The system, it's incredibly priced, really affordable, there's no hard wires, there's no no contract, so there's no strings attached to it just
great service, twenty four slash, seven monitoring, fourteen dollars and ninety nine cents a month. You can, Cancel at anytime, there's no contract. Again you're in control of the system check it out now at simplysafebeck dot com. It's simply dot com get ten, if it's simply dot com welcome back to the program. Thank you much for listening. If you would like to help us help the people on the EAST coast, North Carolina South Carolina they're, going to hit the hit by the hurricane Please join us at mercuryone, DOT, org we've. We already Snyder. Yesterday we had two hundred and fifty trucks, semi tractor trailers on the road we have we're already on the ground, were waiting to be able to go in and help. If you would like to help us help them mercury, dot, org.
You know. We should talk about this at some point. I don't know if we have time now, but this sort of port Puerto Rico death toll it. Obviously Disturbing. Three thousand people, but the either coming to the number is so it's not right for every Rwandan yet will get sick they've just calculated the excess deaths per deck predicted for the cup of for the area instead of like this is these: are american citizens should be like know all their names? Social Security card right like since we should know it's not that big of an island either. We should know you're listening to the Glenn Beck program. So I I'm a little confused because my phone screen says that it's Michael row, that is on the phone iv, I I never had to call a Michael before, but I don't know if he that's, it is his assistance so insistent, so so Mister Michael row. How are you, Sir
Mister. You know what let's go with Mister Micro, glad I mister Micro, ok, Mister Micro! Are you MIKE I'm great man: how are you I'm great, I'm just thinking of the times you know early on in our relationship. When you were sitting in my studio- and you said this facebook thing should I have a facebook page yes, yes, you should delete you you literally leaned in and kind of looked over your shoulder just to make sure nobody was listening. I said, I would if I were you so you just on Tuesday had I think it was like two hundred and eighty thousand likes on a posting where the e you know, I guess you could be portrayed as your takedown of cap but that's not what it was at all it was it was.
Instead, look at a hero, you want to explain how this happened, an what you did well, as you know, you get a sort of a critical mass of people at some point. Tell- starts to wag. The dog needs to be social media and you have five million people there and they look at the headlines and a lot of them assume that I'm sort of standing by the way in on anything, that's remotely controversial. And of course, you can't really run foundation and be that guy right. So I'm not, but you also have to say something at some point if the thing really bubbles up so sing with Capper and Nike was what it was, but, of course, everything we have landed on nine slash. Eleven and people were saying you know say something about this already and I look at the ad really looked at it for the first time and look I don't. I can't look happy is free to protest whatever he, however, he wants and Nike is
free in elevate any opinion. They feel like it's, it's still America, but it was. It was the words on the ad it was. It was the sacrifice, everything and I just thought landing on nine slash eleven. This that's that's a hell of a thing and, and question I answered: wasn't you don't what do you think about the underlying protests or anything else? That was from a marketing standpoint? What do you think of the ads you know is a is a good idea from a marketing standpoint and I said well, I it's a confusing idea from a marketing standpoint, because you chose a guy that half the people in the country don't really relate to and Terms of what a hero could be, or ought to be, and especially this time of year, you know that ad came out early in September, and here we are at September 11th and I just thought of Tom for net. You know the guy that was on flight. Ninety three
Instrumental in the leading that that results and I the transcripts I'd read years ago between he and his wife and I google them and there they were so. I posted his final conversation and just politely said that if it were me, I might have gone another way and so the reason I went out? I went to work. I came home and yeah. Ten million people had seen hang in this crazy, we're having ourselves a conversation, yeah is, you know. I I'd read that years ago, but I had for button, how intense uh that conversation was and how his wife said. Dose, please don't know, sit down, don't don't draw attention to yourself and he said the flight attendant yeah yeah yeah and he said, honey. I've we've got to do something and we're just waiting for a an open space. And we're going to rush it's it's
That's your limit! Glenn! I mean you know: you're you're, talking about a Nike campaign, that's built on a slogan that says just do it his last words to his wife, we're we're going to do something and that's what it may look good grief. I mean that's, that's not a slogan that on my that's the saying look. I felt the same thing a few years ago. Remember when the guys on the train took down the terrorist unarmed yeah they charged. Man with an automatic weapon and the thing about these moments. Is it it's it's not the enormity of the tragedy. It's the it's! The it's! The micro element it's the it's the smallness of it. What would you do? Glenn back I'll see halfway back, you know. What would you
Do an anybody. Who's ever been on a plane or train needs to think about that question, because it's the ultimate personal question and it's horribly relateable, we've all been in that we've all been in that circumstance. If not, that exact situation and we should ask especially on nine eleven. You know who are we? What would we have done? Uh, it's a god. MIKE. Let me let me ask you something else. I just think this is fantastic bob, Word has now broken all kinds of sales records biggest fastest book, I think in ninety three year, history of the publishing company and it, but there has been there has been a slight glitch. On the radar screen. Your mother said before there was it was your mother was action,
beating him in sales for a few hours. For the better part of a day. My mother would happen. Is my mother's, been writing these stories for years and a couple years ago I started reading them on Facebook. One of those stories reached a hundred and twenty eight million people. Publishers obviously called and said, look if you're. Like the story about raising the dirty jobs guy, it's a guaranteed bestseller. I said mom, you want to write a book. She says. What's it about, I told her she said you know. I have two other sons: does it right right, the but well let let me noodle on it. She goes away. Six months later she comes back she's, written. Fourteen terrific stories, I'm not in any of them, they're all about her mother and their delightful, but it's not what a publisher would want right. So I print the things I print ten thousand copies they sell out in a week and a half
now the publishers come back and make a deal with Simon and Schuster. My mom's book is going to hit the stands in November. That's the back story. I announced this couple of days ago over the weekend and the Amazon site, rashes. She she went from number two million to number twenty five and then they can taking orders. So the Barnes and noble site was still working, and so everybody went there who wanted her book and her book, which is fundamentally about hope. It's called about my mother eat a book old fear- I'm not sure what it's about and I'm pretty sure I can so I just I couldn't help myself when I I I took a picture of it and I sent it to my mom and then I called her on the way to church and I filmed our conversation in the car, I'm like mom, you're, you're, beating fear
hope is beating fear on a Sunday afternoon, and I put that up on your face books and then off. We go crazy world. That is great well. I just wrote a book and it's all about you. It's called addicted to outrage and you have to read between the lines to find the parts about you, but it's all Billy about you MIKE. So you can mention that at any time I appreciate it, but it posted immediately 'cause. I Amazon heads up yeah yeah, it's crazy, it's crazy. Live in a do. You live in, you walk a tightrope everyday because things every Anything now is political and We have done with micro works you have done such great stuff way ahead of of the news cycle where we're all
universities and go. We don't need that debt. You know. If Apple, Google now saying we don't need a, we don't need a university diploma to to work here. We're just going to see what you're doing and you were on this and called a madman for so long on top of that Everything now is about politics, and you just refuse to get involved, which I I commend you you do it? You know, I'm not, I'm not sure I've done it as successfully as you're, saying I think, I get a little on me because you can't talk about it And you can't talk about work without being completely right I mean work leads to labor, paper is unions. Unions is, is politics right that that that's a pretty quick trip but but the general way, it cuts the other way too One understands work because work is one of the
to truly relatable things, we all need to experience how we define it is completely up to us and how you we assigned to various forms of education is completely within our control, so Michael works turned ten. This unbelievable day. I swear going. I remember talking to you about it, not. Long after we had, I know, is brand new and and still modest by foundations, this: we've got about five million and work ethic scholarships, but the or to to use social and the opportunity to keep. Conversation moving. I gotta kinda, tired of hearing people saying We need to have a conversation. Well true. In this case, though, we have to talk about that. We have to talk about one point: five trillion in college loans. We have to talk about six point: six million jobs still open, seventy five percent of which don't require
and we have to stop with this idea that, following your passion, is the only way to wind up, passionate and doing so can you love it's nonsense and uh. Look. The millennials are fun target right. I mean the crying closets in the safe spaces and all these other things, but where the like the whole snowflake mentality. I said to somebody the other day with the with the clouds from which these snowflakes fell and it's kind of it's kind of on us. You know we are. Bring pressure on eighteen year old, kids to borrow money that we don't even have to lend them, but we give it to them anyway, knowing they're never going to be able to pay it back, educating them for jobs that don't really exist anymore right. So yeah we better have a conversation yeah MIKE I'd love to have you sometime and spend just a mark one you're free tomorrow, I'm not I'm not
but maybe your mom is. Maybe your mom is something your listeners would love her she's all. I bet she's sad he and highly Cassidy? How would she highly Kevin? How is she is she? How is she is a is an interview? Is anybody interviewed yet she's, terrific wind, open up staging me my whole career. I put her in every show, I'm in she's on returning the favor she's in somebody's gotta. Do it she's on all episode, dirty job we might think we might ask her to come on. Is that a good thing, or would that be too shameful for you 'cause? If it is we're, definitely doing it well, it would be deeply humiliating, for I think, all of us, but it's done! Let let me run it up. The flagpole he got, he got a call This is not going to. She does ok, so alright, ok, so there may be some. Hoovering as well? If my people can talk to your people, who could talk to her people can maybe work that out MIKE. Thank you so much
but he writes a book about your book, send it to her. I read that book to her send her books. You okay and then we'll it'll be great and be fantastic. Mike is always good to talk to you. Thank you so much micro from micro works. We should totally talk to the real talent in the row family. At some point I would that would be great. You get micros mama, oh yeah, and we should just keep him on on hold yeah. Well, that's going on hey. How are things going there might enjoy this? Imagine having your mom on national radio- oh my god, Alright I'll tell you about our sponsor this efforts. Liberty, safe liberty, safes last a lifetime and you can pass them on to your kids. You can't destroy these things. I mean: what do you do when you're dying like I don't know put me in a liberty, safe and actually, I kind of like that idea. Freaked out, watching the show. Was it serve Sherlock, Sherlock and were dug dug some
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the store Mcdonald thing Nbc really really bothers me Norman, Arnold a comedian and writer- and you know These conservatives any kind of Hollywood conservative he doesn't hate America how's that that's enough. For Hollywood and conservative- he came out with something I the. What I saw was very rational and just said look Roseanne and Louis CK, K, paid very high price and they're, both friends, they made mistakes. But you know: how long is this going to? How long does this go on? He said it started with you know: a hundred women can't be wrong about some guy, and then it was one person can't be
about someone and it's like well, one person absolutely can lie. One person lies all the time. Yes and he I think he had one part of it and I can't remember exactly what it was, but he did apologize for one way he phrased something yeah, he phrased it the way he phrased it. I remember what it was, but the way he phrased it was uh right, let's see like Chris Hardwick, I really thought got the blunt end of the stick and They've turned this into your downplay, And the the victim and and saying that they, you know their pain is compareable two you know Roseanne. Well, let me let me ask you: I mean when it list of sexual abuse, I'm with you well, I'm with you. You know if you got a racist in the room and everything else we you know David, Duke uh, Roseanne's victim I mean it is not it is there a time or a place at any I mean. Is this is this les mis. You
make one mistake and you have to continue to pay for it for the rest of your life, or Are we a country that says okay? Well, you paid a very big heavy price and come on back. Community and let's see what you do now. Have you learned your lesson? It's awful! I never would hired in the first place now, but the sheep there what she had. What happened with her was a victimless crime right like Valerie Jarrett is really she really upset about it and she really a victim. In this I mean she was called a in a she had a bad joke told about her. No wasn't good and I understand what happened there though I didn't. You know, support and support people getting fired for tweets, but still, let's not act like she's in the same boat. As you know, victims of Harvey Weinstein right, I mean it's ridiculous and now NBC decides. Oh, you can't even have that conversation and be on NBC mercury,
it's glennan. I want to tell you about something that you should either end your day with or start your morning with, and that is the news and why it matters if you like this, show you're going to love the news and why it matters it's a bunch of us that all get together at the end of the day and just talk about the stories that matter to you and your life, the news and why it matters look forward now, wherever you download your favorite podcast back, but I talk to you a little bit about via eating policies. That can Your voice silenced read it. Has shut down a bunch of subreddits for content policy violations. And you know they they. They said that they've they've got to get rid subreddits that are are spreading all kinds of pro trump conspiracy theories. And some of them are. You know the Q Anon Subreddit
line out. I don't even know what it is. I don't really care what it is I heard enough of people going, kill and and kill is the 12th letter that was shot I mean why? Why do you even care, but I I'd like to just point out- at while they are going after the pro Trump conspiracy theorists, because they're just so dangerous I would like to the opportunity to list a few subreddits that have not been banned as this morning, and I highly suggest you don't go looking for these- there's enough internet subreddit, which you will be able to see a man having sex with a chicken. You'll see a skinned monkey, Type of body? I'm not really even sure what happened to that? children in naked suits now they're not technically naked, but they look now
good and women peeing on an octopus. That's all good! That's all good! you also have you know the Gore subreddit, which you know you'll have mental scars? Don't don't look for it? at the necrophilia. Subreddit. And also erotic death subreddit. Who is porn with women being killed and sometimes eaten now One of the things that they have pulled off is the subreddit pictures of abortions. I mean is that one EMS, you don't want to shield sure the the you know the porn with the women getting killed and and eaten, or the winner you know peeing on the octopus. That's totally it's all within the boundaries, but the Donald Trump you know thread of whatever the conspiracy his on the letter, Q, that's got taken down
meanwhile Facebook they and Jamie Glasses, glasses off. I don't know him. He might be crazy. Facebook is banned him. He says for thirty days for posting his article on the nine steps we need to take to counter jihad. Now if his you know, if it is it nine steps are kill. Element goes there Muslim and then come again eight other times. Probably you know problem be kind of a guy you shouldn't be listening to you. Can post your jihadi, ICES Isis content on Facebook and that's fine, but nickel on how to counter it. That's not twitter is also banned. The center for immigration studies for our from promoting tweets about quote illegal aliens. The center for immigration studies tweeted we
His just rejected paid promotion of the tweet below saying this, determination is based on the following Twitter ads polisy hateful comment because it contains is the phrase illegal aliens then in an effort to interfere, I guess with elections face. Book, his band band, the founder of the walk away- movement I don't know anything really about this movement, but it isn't he a guy who was claim. To be a Democrat and a homosexual who's, like version I'll walk away. Is that I think it's like walk away from the left is the concept behind it. Okay, so Facebook has banned this Ex Democrat. The fan of this weeks before the March he rights walk away March on Washington has in banned on Facebook,
band on the the from posting leading up to the march, it's devastated our reach to devastated our ability to reach people, then article thirteen in. I don't even know what article thirteen is but apparently article thirteen was number two on trending in twitter, just removed it these. Things were censored: Josh in the last twenty four hours. I don't know about you, but I remember my mom saying sticks and stones can break your bones, but words. Will never hurt you what Turning into when we can't handle words. You don't want to read it, don't read it you want to find somebody peeing on an octopus? I guess you can find it. I am looking for it well actually technically it was last night to make a point, but you don't. Have to see it. If you don't like it It
Thursday September 13th what you're listening to the Glenn Beck program. He did actually look for the ping analysis. I rolled out of control there at the end of a little bit, but I think you get the meaning. It's been noted by HR. Let's help for the work computer, but you can mean go ahead. Look at look at my search history, man, I'm going to be making. I don't want to get her. I don't want to look at your search. History, apparently there's a lot of love yes, but the darkness in question and move this forward with Andrew Eaton, who is with this now who's from reason, dot, com and, I think, the funniest guys on the internet? You just did something. Was it this week? Our last last Friday, one of the cabinet Hearings- gosh, that's funny If you took we took all of the you took all of the quotes from that madness. You
that in as Kavanagh and who's your partner on this Austin there's two there's often brag his on camera and there's an error to brag who's off camera. But a Austin is this wonderful humor that is sort of embodies, smoldering anger? So we do well working together. 'cause I've got this almost like I'm going to sell you life insurance optimism thing one for me and he's got that we took, I mean I think, I think the operative word in that particular episode was grandstanding. As I mentioned you guys earlier, when I am Senate Judiciary Chairman, I think, two three years from now call on people in the order they're not running for president going to track senior working, because it was very apparent to me who is running for president who wasn't it is agonizing. Do you think that they have This is not the role of the Senate, it's advise and consent and elections have consequences. We got Elena Kagan we're this guy, who, I honestly think if they throw him out trumps.
The guy was like oh yeah. Well, here's Andrew no Politburo I'd like that with. If that were the actual game I would be in favor of right wing would like it to take the other they might put in he might put in Gary Busey. He might Democrat there were. There was what for final contenders, that he had up there. It was the best one and one of one of them was a very socially conservative. Lady from I think Minnesota, or something like that. One, I think, would be far were cat. Cavanaugh he's you know it if you're, trying to you know that's where he's at he. He appears to have a lot of respect for president. So I I understand why you think ROE versus Wade might be overturned, but that's not what he's blaring in with, although there were a couple other people that wanted to do that he's not it on on privacy, rights and things like that, yeah right once you know he's a qualified jurist, yeah he's, not the guy. I would pick, I think, he's a winner APOLLO Tunnel, yes, as he is, and that would scare the hell out of a of the left- and you know I just keep I just
thank in. I don't even understand your strategy other than I'm just trying to get elected. I I will, I think it's a a couple of things. I there was a hail Mary pass going on, where you know, if I If I were a Democrat, I would be very worried about the swing seat going to the like the hardcore conservatives or whatever. So I get I get them. Trying maintain that and it's high stakes enough and I there was some idea of maybe we're going. To get this pushed postpone long enough and then somehow will pick up twenty Senate seats, and then we can postpone this for two years of real hail Mary pass, but but I think the main thing thing goes. I think that senator, not even Democrats. Republican senators all want to live in the speech scene from Mister Smith goes to Washington, as they all believe that they are the the just little guy fighting
battle and they want to live in that moment and they want to be surrounded by applause. Again. Sorry, Booker doesn't believe it, though a Cory Booker is out there just just just trying to get. He started participant Warren got that hashtag. He was like. Oh, I want that so bad. He lived like get a hashtable. Do I mean it's you're so right? It's like this is just an audition right. They all want to have that
They can later fundraise on for their presidential campaign, which, by the way they're all gonna, be announcing in like three or four months, which is so depressing we're almost there we're almost in the middle of the twenty twenty election yeah and they're. Also addition in trying to get their little donor, I think he was hoping that he would be expelled from the Senate because it what it what it yeah. If you know he was, he was Roger, I'm willing to the secret crypto racist and an illegitimate process to get a man, and you got kicked out from the Senate because you believe what I was I'm also center, I'm also stealing copy paper at night. If you're wondering where all that papers go due to the trunk of my car and I'm willing to walk, I'm willing to have you fire me for that I mean, is crazy yeah. It was crazy. So I want to turn it to nor Mcdonald, and this It's chilling of speech. You said you know could be a lot of you really. You know hard or conservative appointed to the court. I don't
Don't want to Republican. I don't want a Democrat. I don't want a liberal or conservative. I want a hardcore constitutionalist all of our arguments would go away if we were s using a hard core constitutional somebody would stand up for freedom of speech. Who is saying it, you're going into a world and you have to feel it with comedy where I don't know how this ends I don't know how this ends you concerned about. You know, I hope that eventually we kind of burnout, although I will say in the world of comedy, stand up comedians almost to a person will back up the other comedians when, when somebody's getting you for political correctness The attitude is stand up. Comedy you've entered our sphere, this is our home. If we're in a comedy club and
to kind of say whatever we want, and it's very rare to find a stand up comedian that will throw another stand up comedian under the bus. I, on a broader level, I'm worried that seem to have this kind of orwellian two minutes. Hate thing in our culture. We have this deep need for catharsis to ruin someone every day and then I guess our goal is to get him to hang themselves or something, and then I find by the end of the day we don't. We won't pay attention for two day. We won't. Actually we won't know what happens tomorrow, because we've done somebody else's somebody that bothers me. I would say from my vantage point, you know I want to live in a in both legally country, that has freedom of speech, but also culturally, has freedom of speech. But if there's any any two rounds in it that I'm particularly concerned about its college campuses and which there there not a thing anymore and comedy clubs I mean like, like comedians, tend to be the the jesters they're allowed to really poke at the edges of that yet and and go to whatever the sacred cow is in. Every group has different sacred counts and comedians go in
smarter and in there we are important for that reason, because we can actually, shake things up. So what I'm gonna take a break and we'll come back, and I want to ask you specifically about Octopus: I've never even live yeah sired out of a bad at all, so I I'm kind of you know restricted we're going to matter yeah, okay, no! I want to talk about norm, Macdonald and and are comedians rolling around him. He wasn't saying anything I didn't think there's no way, I would have phrased it, but I don't think he was saying anything controversial. Any he's basically saying Kim. Can we talk about things and we talked about Apparently, no is the answer yeah I mean he did the two things that I'm aware of is he he used he on a follow up to the first state. Yeah, I'm said you'd have have down syndrome to something something so probably not the best choice. Yes, that was a commercial thing yeah. So let's go through the whole thing when you come back here in a second first, let me tell you about sponsor this half hour. It's gold line,
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canadianmintgoldline dot com, one thousand eight hundred and sixty six gold line or Goldline DOT com Glenn, you know this is a little like the new phone book is here. Yeah addicted to outrage on CD? I don't even know if people have cd players anymore, five months left, who left but just came out. The audio book is really really good. Available next week addicted to outrage. You can find it wherever books are sold. Okay let's go over Norm Macdonald and here's what he said yep about me too. He said I'm happy to me to move in a slow down a little bit used to be one hundred. Women can't be lying, then it became one woman can't lie, and then that became, I believe, all women and like what like that Chris Hardwick, I thought really got the blunt end of the stick, their the. The interviewer asks. What about what about? When someone admits to wrongdoing, and he says the model used to be a admit. Wrongdoing show complete contrition and we give you a second chance now Admit, wrongdoing and you're finished and the only
survive is deny deny deny, and that's not healthy there. There. There is no forgiveness. I do think some point. It will end with a completely innocent person, a prominent sticking a gun in his head in ending it. That's a Yes, I know a couple of people that this happened to says who- and this is where this part where he gets into trouble little bit. He said well Louis C K, Roseanne Barr, the two people that I know and Roseanne was so broken up after her show was cancelled that I got Louis C k to call her, even though Roseanne was very hard, an Louis CK before that which is kind of interesting, but she was so Bro and crying constantly. There are very few people that have gone through what they have losing everything in a day. Of course, will go what about the victims, but you know what the victims didn't have to go through that. Well, and it's it's something else apologize he for that immediately.
They. They lost something else. They went through something worse and you know in men's. In many cases, right, but again now are we going to? Are we gonna shut him down? Does he have to lose everything for saying that right and then he went on? I think was stern and he said look of course. I think the you know, people getting people who harassed. You know the others you know getting in trouble is is a good thing, only a person. Well, maybe someone with down syndrome would doubt that which is obviously But maybe this is a really slow burn. Senate campaign Trump card is slowly going to run, for Senator and in California against Feinstein or something and heating new is here from reason, com very funny comedian. So what do you? What do you think of NBC the producer Open Fallon had to go and say I'm sorry, but I think it's going to be bad for the show, because my producers are crying in the hallway because of his comments in an interview. Oh grow up. If that makes you cry, how do you? How do you survive a day in Manhattan
in a combination of you know then, and night like I, I don't want to put words in their mouth most, My friends and comedy are, I think, very empowered, strong individuals that could handle that and should Women were men right, I should be Do you will have that? I'm I'm sure the Fallon thing I just learned about that. I think Fallon tends to be a kind of neutral ground. Yes, please we have this. I think the a benefit to him. Yeah the end, and so I would think having norm on would be a good thing beyond that. I think it's odd that we kind of got to this. The state we're all reactions are at a ten or eleven at all times. Yeah there are no threes anymore right, so I would say, like, like you know, on a on a scale of one to ten. How, like I, you know I, wouldn't I wouldn't said the the down syndrome: technique: that was. That was a polite thing to do, and and I'd I'd say, like you know his his analogy with you know, but you know victims hang of it. That's not a spitting contest between victims. In them, everybody can be in a better position here. So there it it's. It's he's not right in regard, but is this like a you know
in like well. You know, I think Hitler had a good point like no, it's not, and- and so you know how to how do we respond that, and if we respond everything with the ten, I I do think he's right that everybody's gonna just deny everything constantly and don't you think it is it with? Don't you think it's important what he said. It's going to end with somebody with a gun in the mouth it will. It will look as the goal is to get people hang. I mean the world to get everybody to you. We want you fired from your job. We want the job to be boycotted. We want your your family to turn I mean like it. It is a place. I don't know it since it's a witch hunt yeah in with the lady. What was it has Jeanine landed or whatever like yeah yeah yeah, he landed. I live right on right on is, like you know like, and she almost killed herself yeah. It is again so it's like we kinda went overboard there right and we don't you think. Well I mean what happened to the America where two friends, Jimmy Fallon and Norma Donald could sit down and he can go come on man. Do you really? Really, you really feel that way and and more or no I didn't mean it that way. Why can't we have
discussed wrong, but I would you know. I think this is a good. This is a good and important conversation to have is like you know, are we are we going to use new process. The same way we use it in quarts is that the same standard we're going to use in the public sphere right I'd like that, maybe maybe there's a reason we shouldn't. I don't know. Let's talk about that right, as opposed to have a orthodoxy were bringing down everybody and Thank you so much. Thank you always good to see you and keep up the good work. I think I think you're really really funny. Thank you very much all right and heating back back in just a second it I mean it's like Noah's Ark today I mean stairs one at least one of everything. Boone in studio. Next, I want you to try to put yourself into the mindset of somebody that was was an icon in the 50s uh and that continued for a very very long time
still he is the number. Ten best selling recording artist on record number ten. He I guess, cause some controversy in the 1950s, because he wouldn't his costar, because he wouldn't wouldn't cross that line Pat Boone from the program. Well, thank you, Glenn. Let me correct that it Wasn't that I wouldn't kiss Shirley Jones and the moon April love I would have I wanted to write but who He saw her, then yeah, but twenty one in my for second movie- and it was actually Bernadine first and April love. In the first year of my quote, movie career, I was married. I had three, kids, one slash four on the way to another Shirley Shirley Boone. There was no kiss in the script of April love
or nor had they been in Bernadine. My first movie and so I had not discussed with my wife Shirley The idea that I might spend half a day, kissing some other woman and when the direct of the film April love proposed in Lexington KY. Where we were filming an a county, fair Ferris, music, number that, as the various wheel comes to, close to you and Shirley Jones. You've come very close to each other and are, feeling very attractive as young kids to each other that. You lean in and tentatively kind kiss and I said on the mouth he said he I said: wait a minute Henry: can we talk a minute I haven't discussed kissing my costars with my wife Shirley. Do we have do it here? Can I just maybe talk to her tonight and maybe do this tomorrow and he kind chuckles or no. This was the best place. People want to see you
is your leading lady, and I said I know, but I just I feel like I should not tell early after the fact to my wife, so that okay will do it later in the film. It never happened because first I came home that night and I told my wife Shirley She said. Look I'm way ahead of you He said I know you're going to have your going to make movies are going to have to kiss some. Ladies, but I want you to almost me one thing- and I said anything she said You won't enjoy it. I do promise that I did. I promise I promise I won't enjoy it. So I came back the studio the next day with her permission, alt, up ready to go with Shirley Jones, but it had hit the trade papers Glen overnight Hollywood reporter daily Variety, Pat Boone refuses to kiss leading lady they serve, as for religious reasons, which it was not to
religious. I wanted to stay married, that's all and then how the world has changed, yeah, how the, and I never to Shirley Jones in that film. Fifty years later, with there was a and they redid the film. I mean they refurbished area, the actual film and we had a big sell, creation of it and Hollywood, yes. Yes, to Shirley Jones, but she her husband, Marty Ingels was there in a wheelchair and it was his permission. And surely my way- and I said okay, I'm directing this we're on the Ferris wheel and I come I'm going to lean in and kiss you and Shirley Jones turned her to me as a no? No, no, no three passages going. You know this is a live, we're not going to enjoy it. No, the no in Georgia yeah yeah, but there was a light. Little tender teenage can a kiss, not the fatal or anything like that. I didn't slap.
Against the wall. Then Indiana the first time I met you. You won't remember this, but you were on a tour. I was still in music, radio, you were on a tour. You were doing a hard rock album, yeah I think we met at the MTV music awards yes, american music awards, yeah, ok, and you got into so much trouble from the other side? Yes, because I got kicked off Christian tv instantaneously. Series night yeah, because it like I had gone over to the dark side, I mean I I you are whether you were wearing, I think, leather, jazz or size. Again it was a net yeah. It was a full regalia yeah that the Bill Ballou, who used to do Elvis's costumes for him Dick Clark had in take this thing up where I look like the quintessential heavy metal rocker with dark shades,
yeah. You could hardly see through them, choker earrings tattoos on my shoulders. My pecs are best just open all the way to the naval, leather, pants, heavy and I'm going to use the award for Hard Rock heavy metal with Alice Cooper, so Clark? Had the idea we should swap images coupe would come out in a sweater, a sweater. Golf cap is here: pull back caring about. Milk white, shoes and uh could come out as the heavy metal rocker, which very prepared. To do and for us for me it was a funny way to add as the fact that my heavy metal, album of classic heavy metal songs deep purple smoke on the water and led Zeppelin's GOSH, Stairway to Heaven and Metallica
enter Sandman. All of these songs, with big band jazz arrangements, very good solid music, but with the yeah. That's of all the heavy metal songs and it was- with some humor, we thought to the fact that Pat Boone was doing heavy metal, so Dick Clark wanted to the size that and have a swap images. People thought I was serious that I was trying to he a heavy metal rocker and that I had sold out and you were so clear? I remember you walked into the room and Add a lollipop in your mouth, and it was so clear that it was a joke yeah, but not the music, the music. I was very serious about music, so Patum I mean I could spend a day with you talking I was going to take you to you know what you're seeing but I would rather ask you I'd rather go to ever seen! Yeah! Well, I haven't,
but you know how things have changed, but I actually with the time I have left. I would rather ask you this 'cause, you brought it up. Dick Clark was people didn't really understand, I think in the general public who Dick Clark was and he he was a genius genius, yeah Anna Titan, you've prob we first met him on american bandstand, I did I in fact, who's on Philadelphia. Well, yes, when I first met Dick Clark, was the off camera. Announcer Bob Horn. It was horns. Bandstand in Philadelphia and most of the big cities had dance party shows for the rock and roll kids to dance to. Dick Clark was the off camera announcer, who would say now here's born and american bandstand. Well, he also was a dj in a local station. So most
the artist who came on didn't mess with him. I mean he would just studio announcer, but I went back and visited with him. We talked and got chummy I didn't know he's going to be Dick Clark, the major mogul he was just a guy and I wanted to say hi to him, so we developed this the beginning of a friendship so when he took Bob got involved with some of the young teenage girls and the longest yeah and and Dick Clark took over the show and then ABC moved to work where my show was that number one, the Pat Boone Chevy showroom on ABC and so dick his national show he had his guests, be Jerry Lee Lewis and chuck berry. Why were they like? What was Jerry Lee Lewis, like well, he was wild. See was unusual. He was, I don't know
How did he he would? He would if he wasn't sleeping with his? What was it is seen a thousand dinars yeah he married or yeah. If that would have happened, he would have do you think he would have been well yeah. He would have been another Elvis he would have as it turned out- I was the other Elvis. I was because because I matched Elvis record for girl in the 50s. I had one more people, don't know this uh more top forty record than Elvis in the last half of the fifties in the eleven months before Elvis hit with heartbreak hotel. My first record was two hearts. Two kisses and RB cover of record by the charms on the do tone label which nobody pop radio new about one It's not enough. Bb, two hearts too hard to make. You feel crazy. One kill so make you feel so nice, two kisses could do Paradise. Two hearts two
this is make? One love all right. That was not top ten million seller next record. You may, me cry, use it ain't that a shame and a went to number one boom, real, quick and then, from March of fifty five to February fifty six, when Elvis hit with heartbreak hotel. You can't believe it but statistics: No it's true. I had six million selling singles in that eleven month period, two of them were and besides of the same record and two of number ones. I don't think people can't get their arms around the fame. That must have then your fame me on Elvis's fame in the 1950s there was
was worldwide yeah and it was, and there were so few outlets not like now, where it's all fragment right. The only three networks. Right I mean, if you are, if you got your own, show on on a b c and you are it put in- hits out, like that, I mean it. Fame must have been crazy. Well, it was an this to me, a crazy dream. But at the same time I had a wife. I was college at Columbia University. I was determined. I was going to be a teacher preacher. I thought even then I was so I was determined to a degree from Columbia. I've been at North Texas State, but the record started happening. To New York and Columbia University. I was thrilled to be in part and Ivy League University. And and- and I had the Chevy show in the last year or two of the well. I also did several big hit movies,
but I had a beautiful wife and I was having a child a year, I graduated from Columbia I'm gonna one thousand nine hundred and fifty eight at age. Twenty three we had four kids, already individually for girls all the records, the movies the television all of it had pulled up. Yeah you guys must have been tired at once. An I existed, like you have I'm sure many times on four or five hours sleep a night. Surely keeping the home fires burning, always the valiant for her. She always was and and we managed it. But to me it was. It was crazy fantasy. But when I came home at night to Shirley in my little girls yeah, I realize this is a job all the difference in the world yeah, it's my Is the only one that saved me yeah, I mean it's
Yeah, I have to say the same thing yeah I had. I would love to spend more time with you. I've gotta go up against a break here, but good to see you thank you so much and we need you Glenn more and more. This Billy, Graham Magazine, published after his death death, is called this growing darkness. Yeah, the one remedy for darkness is light. The darkness cannot exist. In light yeah and you keep shining the light. Thank you keep it going because the darkness- is trying to crowd in honest. It has been. It has been so nice to have you as a kind of a cheerleader. In the background, always always in I've early part of so appreciate, Pat Boone, alright, our sponsor this half hour is american Finance American, finance they're the people that you can go to if you're looking to finance your home or refinance your your or your home loan, they do not. They don't take money from the
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