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America’s Downhill Path Toward Eugenics | Guests: Corey DeAngelis & Vera Sharav | 8/29/22

2022-08-29 | 🔗

Glenn discusses a leap forward in science, as humanity plans a groundbreaking trip to outer space, then follows it with a giant step backward, as Scientific American claims the concept of sex was fabricated. Glenn and Stu rant about the desperate attempt to criminalize former President Donald Trump. American Federation for Children senior fellow Corey DeAngelis joins to discuss Arizona's new school choice program. BlazeTV contributor Jaco Booyens joins to expose the changes being suggested to Texas schools' curriculum. Holocaust survivor Vera Sharav discusses the importance of the Nuremberg Code and its relation to the COVID-19 vaccine. Glenn and Stu lay out the multiple reasons that warrant the impeachment of President Biden.

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in america and welcome it's Monday, I'm going to start with exciting news who is going to go awry after that? I ever really got to go onto a bumpy road. Maybe come off the tracks, maybe kind of like those old black and white films, where the two locomotives hit each other and pile up. It might be that I don't know, but we're going to start with exciting news. Its monday in sixty seconds if you're a renter right now. I bet you'd notice something avid into your rank costs or I ate it up a little higher. Oh man, lunchbox Joe, though, is there to help us out which is early grade Are you going to see you could probably by house for the rent that you're paying? I know. I know your excited about owning nothing by twenty thirty, because you're going to like it, you know what
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but he's in it auto pilot. this time there just checking to see everything. Gonna work not really sure do we and put even a monkey in it. No, no so they're, taking off today, going to the moon. It'll take them ten days to get there then, they're going around the moon, they're gonna, be within sixty miles from the surface of the moon, and then a going to swing around and towards the They're gonna make a kind of an ellipse and they're going forty thousand miles pass the moon, which be the farthest any kind of spacecraft could carry a human has ever been, and They come around the moon again slingshot back home and lobby. How is it takes for the one rotation? It's a forty two day trip around the moon gang is a part. things like if you screw it up, we could just
that guy yeah we're we're going to go right past it and keep going for like forty thousand miles and is going to turn around. Don't worry about it and then you've got that time to just eat it up. Submit your resignation and find a new gig right, nita niobrara anything just gonna go at all right. I got up and uneven there anymore when you talk about how you turn around and slowly land on doing what are you? I don't know why a coherent pre planned on doing that we take care of uneven rounding error. Okay, so It's exciting sure, because we're going to go back on the moon, two thousand and twenty five, which I think was that donald trump idea. I just want to throw that out and we're going back on the moon to two thousand and twenty five, because we're going to build a space station on the moon, so we could have fuel upon amount. You're not gonna have any renewable fuels here, but there's be one hell of a gas station on the moon.
And will have all the fuel up there, so we can go to mars while there be exciting more there be exciting yeah, not gonna happen You know here here. Let me just here's, where we start to go off the rails, just a little bit from the exciting stuff. Scientific american, you know them Typical american claim western science made up two sexes in all to reinforce gender and racial divisions. Before the late eighteenth century. Western science recognised only one sex, the mail and considered the female body and inferior version of it, the shift historians call the to sex model. So
mainly to worry and enforce gender and racial divisions by tying social status to the body kay I think it might've been a little more than that. There are differences between the male and female, so Are they saying this is a bad thing that that western scientists went what we should do Ignite he's got a dangling that one. Doesn't Are you they yeah? Ok, so I we think it was a little more complex than you know. What. We should call that one, a woman, because I like that gordon probably had more complicated had more complicated okay, so now we have scientific american claiming we just made up to the two sexes but it's got it's coming as a surprise to a lot of people and
especially the thirty two year old guide known a sheep shifter he's on youtube. Any said now: d transitioning in the u youtube video cleverly idle. I'm transitioning, he is going. He went from male Two female: now non binary, because they took. The meat out of a hot dog and then just pushed it inside. Ok, that's his police never described, this just a baby, my in the video he says, no more lies no more fairy tales and its fifty thousand views now it doesn't sound suppressed at all. Doesn't how I mean I may bracing the fact that I am a man who got brainwashed over gender ideology and that I was in the wrong body and I needed to alter my body to be my authentic self shapes,
after commented after uploading, his first video. body was perfect as it was. I should have never messed with the original blueprint. He also says he missed. That hot dog bed. But while I bet you do, I bet you do So remember this was all made up. This is all it up. I mean the two sexes and so you know he was in the wrong body. Casino told him using the wrong body. So he decided to be the other sex which is actually just the same sex, because its male only really that's. What's Is it not our example? This weird paradox with the gender stuff, but where it is simultaneously, the most and least important thing YAP area is the whole point of scientific american thing is a safe. We just made it up If there is no, we just made it up. It's just a different. We just kind of came up with an outta nowhere, we just
manufacture these these two genders right at the say. If that's true, why would anyone need a transition? Rightly if it was just this whimsical thing that we came up with. Why would anyone need to go from one to the other? There are basically the same thing. We just came up with names for these things and the same time we're supposed to be up in arms. If we do not, if anyone criticizes someone from transitioning, it doesn't make not This makes any sense as anyone notice this now now huh? Is that all avenues that alone hey? We ve got a new science fact for you today this comes from the guardian pop co cow, He is an author and a sigh. And test he's he's these look. Into the intelligence of plants And he's arguing now that play
I can remember, learn: ok, and even plan ahead now planes could do it, and I can't that's really bad so here's the here's, the thing He says: there's a rich in alternate world that exists right alongside our own and its a world of plants now here's the guy! I just want to point this out. I don't think this is right, lee that necessary cause he's making a great philosophical argument about the nature of consciousness and The fact that we humans think that the world revolves around us, and so we see that plants are conscious, and know that there are plant and no they were humans and somehow inside there just screaming at us, hey attention to me. Listen to me, listen to me! Don't pick me, don't pick me. Don't pick me anyway,
he is a professor. He professor of philosophy of science, at the out real name. The minimal intelligence laboratory. At the university of Spain, the minimum the minimal minimal intelligence. Laboratory, isn't that the name for the Biden white house I would say they stole that name correctly from the binding, because, MR now, one more thing here and again, I did say it might go off the rails. A little bit remember the conversations that, if maybe you ve never had the? Maybe it was just me that ended with all that never happened, god would destroy us before he could do that correct. monsieur ya'll gave add those governs agents. That's not just me yeah
god will destroy us before you. Never let us do that researchers from the university of cambridge have announced, they have created embryos from mouse stem cells that for a brain beating heart and the basin of every other organ in the body. This fantastic. So we take some steps, stem cells and can make our own people. animals, it's fantastic! Is that the right word, Well, I'm very excited about it cause. It seems to coincide. Right, alongside with, I think, we're all about to be destroyed. think our society I think our society and everything we ve built, is
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actually I've got two of 'em was due. I'm not going to hear your monkey pox update without the monkey pocket. Subject song I don't care hide if you insist the hell you're going to love this article you'll love this article, but I want you to elicit. Do it and say who's writing this article trying to figure out who wrote this what organization, just as it failed to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus, the united states is failing in it's response to the spread of the monkey pox virus as a number of cases as increased to sixteen thousand six hundred and three largest of all countries. As of sunday, the virus had been detected in all fifty states that this happens despite it having suitable vaccines in the strategic national stockpile points to the serious flaws in social governance. When the monkey pox infection was reported in the: u s, in may Biden, administration sent a confident message which came to we've got this. However, they don't got this. The measures that have been taken have remained really just lip service. The way you get it there anyway. The country has obviously not learned the lessons from it's poor response from the coven nineteen pandemic, which resulted in the u s, having the largest number of deaths and infections due to the disease in all countries. So who wrote this as some evil right wing publication route to to blame the Biden? Minister? No, no! No, who is it the communist party of china, wow yeah, I'm surprised, yeah yeah cause. I I'm interested in their analysis on how we were responsible for the mug for the code with that. That's an interesting piece of it as I've read and seen that they're are still rounding. People up over there they're doing such a great job, and I think it came from you know there yeah so now, stew, I've got one that I present with a very heavy heavy heart I go. I know you've been you've been waiting for a car that you ordered for just over a year. Now, yes, so you're at nine days ago, I ordered angeles. Thank you, aren't measured and it's coming any day while coming in theory, I'm sure it's well, it's their right. It's been built, yeah, it's ben bill. I think it's missing some chips and it needs to be transport. Just what I'm told kind of my life always missing some chips. Bad news do bad news, but I'm sure it's not going to affect your car. Have monkey pox kind of a general motors assembly plant in Missouri, located near ST louis informed by management that a coworker has tested positive for monkey pox now yep yep. So it looks like out of an abundance of caution, no more cautious. They are shutting the plant down. I don't care if they pick the pigs going to roll off at your tires or just get it here. There's your gearbox update, they're, shutting it down shutting it down
hey also some ruth some really good news. Did you see Justice predicted last week on this programme, washington state follows california in the banning of the sales of new gasoline cars by two: thirty five. This is incredible. really is incredible. Now, of course, all these big companies have said they're gonna, stop building gas powered cars, but this is going to further lock them these terrible decisions, the area and now there go? to this end, they try to draw these lines. They do this all the time what we talked about it with a for example, for example, where, like california, will companies ridiculous standards and all the textbook companies kind of have to hit them because right, you have thirty percent of their. Extremists. I think there are thirteen states that follow the same admission standard. Yet many of them just felt the exact same ones and has always influenced so a bunch of these blue states are going to ban these cars and then how are you going to? How are you goin to you, know, but run it
Is this a big business, at least when you can't sell states in old cars and all these states, so don't be interesting to see how the california, one by the way, has it out for hybrids, which I think, if you could, you just put a battery in there somewhere and just It's look, I'm sorry! The clock is rotting. It's a hybrid clocks, running on battery power. Let me stop you right. There officer take out battery powered car someone's going to do this and make a lot of money in California. Oh shit, yeah. Well, the problem is, They will shut down all gasoline refineries etc, and you won't be able to afford jerk ask arm, but think of the money. You're gonna, save imagine something for a moment, time. You use your phone, you take a call, you respond to a text message you get on the internet and look at cat videos every I'm doing any of that
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had over ablaze dvd com, slash Glenn, promo code is glad you're save ten bucks off your subscription to bleed tv. Ok, so strange, I heard a lot of talk this weekend of people saying did you see the? Did you see the moral log o affidavit, and I said no, and they said yeah. It was mainly you know, it was all just black bars and I'm like yeah know that I've I saw that I didn't see. The affidavit makes all the black are and there's something new. Now the department of justice has rejected The reason for rejecting the affidavit really
yeah seems appropriate at the only thing they said that wasn't rejected. There was aid and safety. Every other. You know agent safety, that's because the violent extremists on the right road, so agent safety was not rejected, but The other reason for rejecting was reacted. so we have absolutely no idea what's in it, but also no idea why we can't to see yes right. We don't know what's in it, and we also now don't know the reason why we don't know. What's in it. So let us it's perfect It is very similar effect not always seriously. It's really good by the way the new york times now. Demands criminal prosecution of donald trump,
Do we are we supposed to care about what the near final demand side? Also, let me give you, let me give you this. This one is from. I think it's you. You tube you too, by yahoo. There is little left for the justice department do, but today I'd whether to wait until after the mid terms to formally seek the indictment the grand jury for donald trump? Yes, I heard I heard someone talking about this whole scandal earlier today. In the phrase that used yeah I mean this is certainly the factories they use that what they were going to charge him with was, unlike full storage man, does anyone think this is going to have an impact idea? I largely to worry, is lawful. Satellite is that it is a good word. Yes, penalty. Sat there we're not talking about like a guy,
getting access to documents is not supposed to have access to right. That's not what we're talking about the other documents. The man saw with his eyes, while he was president of the united states right, so the issue here is, he should have put it in a better closet here Put it in a safe. He should have to restore the archives. Storage conflict? This is what's going to take down donald trump, the guy who survived all these other thing on well the full story, just the thing, that's what they want us to believe today. Well, that's the way we took AL capone down an awful story, no well tax evasion. We couldn't get him on. The other things you know is in say differences is that Al Capone actually was killing people right, Donald trump, it hasn't done anything right, you just don't like him can I can. I run a couple of scenarios sure I would like to get your ok oregon, so I want to boil this down for a second.
No one actually cares if, but if Donald trump has these documents, I don't know that's a controversial thing to say, but now he's really not, it is for the meat, maybe for the media, but no one. Actually there's the man literally, we are supposed to believe, saw them that's why he has the by the way it's like he didn't pack them up the ga audeze yale packed maria. So that's not that's not him or his people. One of the few things we know about these documents. If they were put in between like newspaper clippings and everything else- and you could say well, that's so, let's start at the bottom- he didn't do anything wrong at all. Okay that does not affect, because what we're talking about here is not whether these documents affected. National security, it's just a matter of how it affects donald trump, future politics, that's all it's as nothing Do we, whether he actually committed a crime or so maybe he did nothing wrong. Obviously, that's not a problem. Next step up, he was
reckless, whether he was he was a he shouldn't have had the documents and had them right was. Let's say he was reckless with the documents. Okay like what be reckoned. What like laying about what would we know, I'm on the menu it more and more, like, let us say, you're at moral logo, your kids order girl, cheesy flips it over it's supposed to be the maize right, but instead its nuclear document, I thou art, really regular. I could get the the ground beef the sirloin or the nuclear see comprise exactly. That would be so if it's any accordingly be selling them still. If it's just a process argument about document, there is no impact to our politics and write the fact that he should have. Let's just say: let's take the worst case, he should have gone through some other process of the classification or whatever, no one really cares about that at all. It's not it's not good impact upon step up. Was he reckless with the let's say like he legitimately put them in some closet
did not locked the door, which is what they're saying now I'm down and asked him to put a lot of money on any did, but, like I don't, do this, don't try to steal a drink at mura, logo, whatever easy at night. It houses they act as if people good work, you do any closet and started stealing boxes right. This is not likely to occur right, while you might say hey, they should be in a highly classified environment. I gather that book, but I think this is, I think, you're doing too much work. You do I ll. Let me give you the last use an orchestra go so this one, I would say: let us say he handled the recklessly. I think in our politics that could escalate to the point of like the Hillary Clinton scandal, where people on one side of the argument that gets the worst thing in the world and the other side doesn't care at all. It could elevate too that level be all
thing that actually would make any difference with the story was, if you had evidence evidence of I'll trump using these documents for his own personal benefit. He was selling them to get gulf of now. Wait a minute is closed. We know that way. We only out there by the left, wait you could have if Donald trump, then this could happen ok guys didn't with donald drama, but it could be ok in theory, if Donald trump said to somebody else in the white house, I want to go into the skiff. I want you to do. I want you to take pictures. of those documents here then cut the top of the off, so it doesn't say, classifying or topsecret up, and then a mail them to my home. That would be bad right in and of course,
would be much much much much more risky than having them in a closet. Anything online anywhere would be more risky than having it in Donald trump's closet without a locker. Do you notice it on a virtual closet? Go ahead? We don't know, but if had evidence that, like let's say heat, he was taking documents that were sent old to american security that going to use to, in a political, add three weeks later that he didn't he caught. I don't know what the scenario would be, but if you found something like that and had real evidence of it may be. That would move the needle approach. This crime on documents is not moving. this is a ridiculous controversy. I swear the left just wants to talk about donald trump because they think that's going to help them in some way they want to They want to get in a fight with him. They want to make it about them versus donald trump. Again, they remember the good old days back when they are winning mid term elections in two thousand eighteen. They remember the
Old days, when cnn had more than eight people watching it, they remember all these wonderful dream, so they want to talk about a constantly, but what the hell is the point of this like these? Are documents. He stole eating, go into a bank vault and steel our. He wasn't allowed to see. He literally saw them he's also the president and he d classifies anything you want any on and lying still secretary of state. Anyway, they ended different. That's a different story. Let me ask you this question, ok, see kind of topic who do who believe who do you? Asked apparently ukrainian truck drivers, daughter, nay, in year. She, then, are you natives. because I m, but so are you print so if it should be- and I could tell who allegedly louis admittedly posed as a rothschild heiress to gain access to morrow, go and meet for our president donald trump, is being a key
whose now of the fbi of having ties to russian organised crime. Apparently this woman, who lives in ohio. the fbi said she was making trips to morrow logo to get money from donald trump for children's charity, which actually was a front for organised crime in russia, okay so Donald trump was right checks to organised crime in russia, Does that now she says. no, thing like that fbi, says nea everything like that. My question is: who do you believe the one you don't even know anything about that could have been, could have been masquerading as a rothschild and
The soviets, spy or the fbi, the fact that you to ask that question is a problem with our astrogation? Really isn't it now? Unless you're one of those people who enjoy walking face first into a rake just to see what it feels like, hey, don't don't don't make fun of. Unless you trotted you probably dont want put your personal, have information out on line. It puts it in jeopardy. It is like step it on a rake criminals or more than happy to take whatever you have and their more from trying to do it every day. Ah, I like call them the the eye and the irs you see the did. You see the love letter from the york times to the irs all they think the iron having aid Seven thousand new agents Skynet be good
I'm scared, and there is nothing wrong with it. Can you imagine if donald trump would have added eighty seven thousand new iris agents? What they would have said? should have done it that way they would have cancelled it as soon as he got in anyway. important understand how cybercrime and identity theft are affecting our lives. We do every thing online these days, but you you don't necessarily have time to even think about it. So listen right, Now you get twenty five percent off your subscription to lifelong that's, a savings because I know you're we're running to save money. Now it's line in cyber security. Would both preventive measures to keep you safe and access to a restoration team? If you do end up having your information hacked into no one, and prevent all identity theft or monitor all transactions at all businesses, but you can put what's yours with lifelong by norton, join, now save twenty five percent off your first year with the promo code.
One, eight hundred lifelong. Why the eight hundred lifelong or lifelong dotcom use a promo code back the Glen back programme. A storage and what are you You know you have you ever analyze dreams I'm really not seriously unaware dream this weekend. Ok, and I see you know me out- I dreamt that I couldn't hear ok and I was freaking out- and I was here in the building- and I kept saying to me- I can't hear you. I can't hear you and they're just looking at me funny and I'm like. I can't hear you and then, where
somebody would say something: it was like a bad japanese film and it was over dubbed gay. You are over but it wasn't like. Maybe goddamn. It wasn't that it wasn't. Instead, it was overdue mail female it, over daubed with a guy his voice and it was all from Isaiah and I woke up in the morning- and I thought I to read Isaiah fifty one to fifty three cause. That's all it was was. I say fifty one, fifty three, fifty one three and I it is not a good part of eyes out now, as opposed to the think. That means I'm thinking too much. or was that a spooky dream had sounds like spooky during yeah. I don't know I've does I have dreams, like bout like food
Yeah, I can well, I know, are usually have one of the areas that you had a decent amount of dreams that have. I have very disturbing yes, but not now long time that an a poultry gazed sodom now but club cluck clothes close. So I just would like to give you this, because this is a positive, this, a good part of Isaiah idea, fifty eight, where he says where we get what what what you keep saying Susan, but what's that again I safety? No it's it's the chapters. Fifty one. Fifty three gay using of chapter fifty one first fifty not an hour. then you will call- and god will answer- you will cry, and he will say here. I am If you remove the yoke from among you, stop false accusation and slander. Generously offer food. Did the hungry meet the new needs of persons in trouble, then, your light will rise in the darkness in your gloom will become like noon.
God will always guide you. He will satisfy your needs in the desert. He will renew and strengthen in your limbs. So you will be like a watered down. Garden like a spring whose water never fails: you'll reed. EL, the ancient ruins raise foundations from ages past and be called. Repair or a broken walls risk store of streets to live in scotland. thing yeah. Maybe we should have a little more faith in god, concern, though you ve just picked it totally different channels idea the idea I had a dream about: javert thirty one. Let me read chapter. Fifty eight turns out good well, because I think fifty eight is the. Answer to fifty one through fifty three yeah and you decided to do so. That is what I to let that up on your own good luck you think that me and I don't know one thing
going. I could I not hear people. like. I couldn't hear any of you and now I think not I dont interpret dreams, but I think that's because I shouldn't Listen to you a long time ago. Right now, we re not makes that yeah. That makes the lessons. I differ, now how that leads to enabling overdue. I was like pleading I was like. No, you don't understand why, if I can here what do? I do? I I just heard your pretty ouch, doomed, that's europe! I mean it in Isaiah sort of way Actually it's not it's usury. It's actually really spooky It's also very much like what I just read. Trust me press me, bad, but trust me. Let me fine really bad, but fine like horror show bad. What really good this is. So
anyway, we have an idea. What might be you should drop me a note our I come up. Next, We had a great children's drag show in a small city. Here, just oh just write a rap our out. It's great yeah? It wasn't so great we're going to talk about our schools and what we're doing about it. Next, the Glenn Beck program. Let me talk to you a little bit about pornography. We were just sitting in here talking about the internet and what's happening in our schools and everything else you're crossing all kinds of lines now in its it is the destroyer societies in families and everything else, and that is the internet use of pornography. I should say our use of pornography. You know we have to monitor everything with our kids. That's you know you can't you can't do it. Mom's used to just knowing your friends are. If you
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when you are about to here- is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment the program,
and let me tell you there is there- was something really exciting happening. You know in a very small town here in texas. In the dallas area over the weekend it was great fun for the whole family bring your kids. It was a disgusting drag show and when I say disgusting, it was, it just goes guys in drag. It was disgusting because the video I saw was of a big fat guy in drag and that just isn't healthy anyway and everybody went, it was wonderful or not, depending on your point of view, we're going to talk about that and so much more about what's happening in our schools. There is also something very important that is happening, your schools and they are trying to run it under the radar in many states. We'll talk about that and arizona arizona, just finally got permission to be able to attack the tax dollars from the schools and apply it to whatever school. You want to go to there's two sides to this. Some say that is perfect. It's great others say there are strings attached to the money and where do we stand? What should we be looking for, and what is
really happening in arizona. The guy who really knows is is corey de angeles. He joined us in sixty seconds now, as anyone paying attention could have predicted some. did verdict the abortion issue has, as only gotten my Can't say it's worse, but I think it's gone. Mean to get worse than numbers, because it is it is. Really crazy. How have the left justice they're just blood thirsty it is a blood thirsty com It really is now all they. The united states government had darkened have time it's in my newsletter. Today, the united. Its government job Told Google to who clamp down on these women's health centres that don't off abortions.
think this is way beyond the first amendment way beyond a violation of that, but I dress. Let me go to prison here over the past sixteen years, a part of ours. Pre born has position there, clinics in the top abortion cities, fifty percent The abortions take place in those cities pre mourns work of saving babies lives continue at even greater level as they fight plan parenthood, to defer and their centres also now from radical hate groups and getting the word out, because google is delisting them, their work depends on pro lifers, like you and like me, they could really use your help. Our goal was to say fifty thousand babies by the end of the year. I think we still do that, but it's getting harder and harder because they have to pay attention to security. And getting the word out, but please
let's go in and do our best to save fifty thousand children by the end of this year. This audience can do it dial, pound to fifty pound to fifty and say the key word baby, that's pound to fifty key word bay. Or go to pre born dot com. Slash back there pre born dot com, slash back, Korea is the senior fellow at the american federation for children executive. Rector, add education, freedom institute and add john scholar at the cato institute, a fellow senior fellow at reason, foundation and a or member at liberty. Justice center, I mean I own, I know other things are, in the country right now, economically corey, but you do need that many jobs
I guess not, but we could just go with the main one. Is the american federation for children with you but good to be with you cory? Alright, so I I heard some news coming out of arizona and I think it's great what's happening in arizona, but I, was concerned that strings attached to the money, and they are Those strings appear to be formation gathering strings on our children. I saw it all say. The arizona programme is a huge victory was the first time we ve seen as they do all in on school joints. Allowing me to take the same. Owing to the education fighter their choosing and how to save it, the people making. The argument that this this will lead to regulations are making perfect the enemy of the good. We already have kids stuck in government this all government runs all today and if you will, get the arizona bill. No family is forced to take
the money is all voluntary. You didn't make the court decision for your own kid Julia, I'm done with korea. First of all things regulations on arizona I am not not nine a cause trouble here on anything I am concerned because I think when this was tried in California, this eight and its california, not arizona, but California was excited about it because it just destroyed homes, schooling, there, because they had so many strings attached to it, and I just one make sure that we're walking into it with our eyes wide open the account California? Does it have any private swelled out your programs that doesn't have any tax for the scholarship programmes? No education savings accounts so that doesn't exist in california and there are about sixty to seventy programmes across the country and thirty one different states, plus b c, and this just had
and played out be the argument that the still destroying control homespun haven't played out anyone, including in arizona I mean twenty percent of students were already eligible for this in arizona for quite a while. Even before this year's expansion- and I will say that this, it can be that in some places that are, legislators might write a bill that having regulations in it. But this that happen in arizona and we should fight against any calls for relation, but there's no testing requirements. There's no federal funding attached to this money. While there is no admission standards or government controlling what private, We can do in terms of earth. Other mission or their curricula mother had said something no curriculum to do it, and no state testing, no say testing no nationally normal wholly now for regular and then so. This is what we should be pushing for. There are others who try to regulate these bills and try to include pig states has been manner, but that did not happen and there is on it and that's what we should all be weakened.
fight against school choice writ large. If it were concerned about regulations, we should fight against any one who try to amend regulation democrats on when I do this out on the floor, they try to introduce poison pills into the bills and we fight against them every step of the way and we should continue. There is less excellent I just wanted to. I just wanted to make sure, because I didn't want to get too excited about arizona what happened, because it is exciting news and then I worried. Because I was informed some from some people that it strings, and then I started going. Why? How many strings? What are the strings? Can they effectively a great curriculum. That's really important that its clear on curriculum and testing- that's fantastic! fantastic new areas, the original arizona statue even has a specific provision in fifteen twenty four hour or where it says it's called
control over non public schools of prohibition and application in the first section says quote this chapter not permit any government agency to exercise control or supervision over any non public, school or homes will be a call by tool that accepts the payment parent, pursuant to this chapter, is nine agent of the state or federal government, see a fall by we shall not be required to alter its creed practices, admissions, Paul, ear curriculum in order yadda, yadda yadda, I mean they had specific provisions, and this is what we should push in other states too, to make sure that you do not mind any chances of government over. How did you get it? Pass the school unions, the teachers unions, well in arizona, you were they add this limits. The majorities republicans- and this is the republican party platform issue and air,
single Republican showed up voted in favor, but they have one seat majority in arizona in the house and the senate, and they were able to get it done without any democrats voting in favor. So that's how they got done in arizona and I'm in in other states. You know, like a Does it have any private for choice? Programmes The senate had the votes in two thousand and seventeen, the passenger usa. Education savings account something similar the house. And the reason for that being is that the teachers. Unions play heavily I am republican primaries in deep ready because they know they can't get a democrat majority, so they gotta bison rhinos off. That's what's happening. The chamber's. It's not happening just in texas, also use the biggest problem I hear in in utah, and they ve got massive zero they made have a lot of democrats and the republic kids are the ones they get hit with
teachers, unions would get just I mean it's bad. I mean governor hawks in utah announced when they had their hope scholarship bill in the legislature. In Utah he announced that he would be to such a bill because for school choice, but not right. Now, we're gonna pay our teachers in a bit percent more before we do that, and you just gonna shift in the argument to try to say he was trying to play both sides, but then he also received many five thousand dollars from the national education association a of years ago and twenty twenty. I believe, though, that it it's true yesterday so called deep red states, the union's clay heavily in republican primaries and people have been paying attention enough, but but we ve been calling it out more recently and in some places. The teaching and endorsement for republicans at least, is becoming the kiss of death. I mean it, the sea in their house republican primaries, ten republicans were endorsed by or fund
by the teachers, unions and nine and the master their primary round, a tenth corey bring us back to arizona here for a second year lets a european and you see what's going on in schools, the public schools. You don't like it, you ve always wanted to send your kid to a private school or maybe homes call them what you did not think the resources to do this and how well? How does your life change? What do you have to do to change the education of your child? many good either this home school or pay for private school tuition, which is what you would do in the current system? But with this new arizona initially you can go on mine to their heirs and department of education and apply for empowerment, scholarship, accounts essays and it's up to seven about seven thousand dollars per student expected in the coming school year is ready what eligible
yup anyone regardless of income, I mean you have to have a school age child. You can't be like some conservatives, not a leftist, because the parents flooded the website over the past week and actually essentially broke the government website because they wanted so bad. I mean there's so many fans, and this is why the teachers unions fight against this oh yeah, the nail, but it's because they know once families are given the choice to fight like hell to keep that choice and the the government website add an error message saying you know you might have a glitch or two or so because ah we've gotten so many applications. So you would get you'd get a seven thousand dollar scholarship and you could use that money to send your kid to private school yearly
yup each year it goes into something called an education savings account and then you could use it for five until tuition and fees. If you want, you can also use it for these micro schools, you could use it for homeschool curriculum or any other approved education expense. You can go use it at your favorite fancy, restaurant or you can buy a big screen tv app to be used on some type of education expenditure and again the government doesn't get to say what the curriculum was like, for example, fantastic, great job, great job of course. How can we help get this to other states was one. what's in the fight for education, freedom, you can sign the education freedom fledge. It's just education, freedom pledge dot com and then, whenever a bill drops in your state, we are all send you a nail blast updates and you can help us fight ass. They capitals that email, your legislators, the push for things also to free the bill and make sure that it's not overly. regulated by the government, just to make sure the monies
bent on education services, but but So there's no provisions in that build the have that states their eyes ass or a admissions requirements are that that are handed over to the government so again, education, freedom, pledge dot com or to help us in the fight for education, freedom, korea, there are more states that are close as arizona was, as are there any other via via. What's next on the floor is killing it or they have been for awhile, and we all expect at the santas will come back and forward governor ducey and and make this eligible for every single family. But florida is essentially number two based on current eligibility, but there shouldn't it shouldn't have any eligible the requirements we fund public education for everybody, regardless of income, for everyone, should have that right or to to take their kids' education dollars wherever they want. And if you like, your public school, you can keep your public school, but it's not that fun. should go elsewhere and iowa is looking sat for a big victory. This coming
the session as well, especially after the primary races in their house. They, they cleaned up house this fast rate The primary season, two, I was there's gonna, be a big push in taxes, addison pushing it harder than had ever seen him push it before. We know we have to accept the senate in taxes. Is all gonna come down to the texts which have a drink? Thank you so much Corey de Angela's, you bet he is american federation for children senior fellow the confederation for children are back in just a second real estate agents. I trust is ours, sir time to sell the house? If it is he ready? you need all sorts of things done to the place? Do you know the best Carpenter is the best handyman, the best carpet, guy the best plumber, somebody who specializes just a moving dirt May we have some erosion there in the backyard all that stuff is gonna have to be addressed. Do
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choice are really exciting you now I think you are in a lot of people are right to be concerned to make true watch these things as they get past. Make sure there's nothing wrong with something happen is always something but again. I think it's a step in the right direction and in a big way I mean I feel like it's one of the big. Failings of our society that people who that we can't kids, education, that their parents want? That's, that's! Him is fundamental. And he know he's us. It was at senior fellow at the educate. What was the I have in front of me. I just Cory's organization computers are laid down so that here in your fellow there and a couple of other organisations as well. Are you Are you a senior fellow anywhere of curious you ve been around for a long time. If you spoke in many many for amendment, it is as if, if I can get the senior fellow discount at the movie, theater That's not the same thing. It's not the same thing It's interesting to me that
no one has offered you yeah. I mean you are here. You are a radio hall of fame member now yeah a doctor held and a doctor, a colonel colonel summer turkey colonel your kentucky, colonel? But no one has thought to say: hey glenn, actually be a senior fellow around one station. No one! Now, no one thought now. You know he would be now would be. A really good at did on the least arise came close. I thought she was gonna. Because she was like all we ve got some really great people as senior fellows and gland. would really really be interested and any promotion you could have with us and that's clause. I got that's as close as I got. Really yeah yeah I would like to know. Is there are consigned to our organization? Is something I'm writing down right now you that is our conservative organization out there. That would make you a senior fellow, not one that I would not know, because if you would offer it to me, I would question you
right, I like I really either. This is like when you're you're, like a year in year dear at your teenager and you're out, you know you're trying to date some other girl in your class again and you think the greatest thing in the world and then she shows interests you you and you're like all. She must not be good, then she must be a disappointment ashley if she likes me she's, obviously, at our words I'm wrong, there's others our with a right that environmental problem and that's kind of what you would do if your offer to see a fellowship. Yes, because what is a senior fellow due to apply that, I think the key. I would do nothing. You just want to title sure he doesn't want to time like your doktor title, which you ve never had. I done anyone not perform I've been thinking about it. I'm thinking about veto of things breakdown might just pull that that doc, ro. We have no one wants an operation done by your allies. Honestly, I mean depends on I mean have as it or whose here it's true
I guess if, if it's between you at someone who's not named a doctor and humanities, which not certainly had no related means, I'm a doctor of anything with the human species he sure britisher will will fact check that later. But so, if let's see if we can get, if we could put together, let's say a plethora of a menu of options for you to become see you your fellow to some organization. Would you be interested in selecting one or more of these you're you're gonna come up with ideas, I gotta to try going to try going to try to get you a senior fellowship somewhere, yeah That I would want to be a senior fellow I dont know. You'd have to make that decision are, I think, there's gonna settle organizations. I could find that would do it. You would not want them. However, I think its power sybil in this audience. We have a lot of people. We talk to people all the time. Do we I mean we've talk to people who are, who have run cabinets
in the in the in the inner printed in the federal government, who were long time. Friends of the show that licit every day you talk to people all country right, high level, think tanks in our that in your fellow senior advisor. So a little are. You would just call me up and go eglon when what do you picture live a little pink. I am willing to do that is ongoing title just a title. Okay, this is title hunt, twenty twenty two. We get Glenn some sort of academic credibility. Now not having our money on I'm on twitter rats. Do does america submit your senior fellowship requests to glenn back to that later, allies is officially the grand
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involved in stopping human trafficking, because his sister in south Africa was kidnapped by human traffickers and if I remember right, jago didn't you quit school to go, find your sister name. It became a family effort good morning going. Thank you family, for that was a senior in high school at the time in a locker was served. Thirteen! Yes, please, and you eventually found or how long did it take? It is a long journey. The process of electing being trafficked was from ninety nine or two thousand, and one so called here journey and she was discovered. Early one morning in a casino by an undercover police officer who broke the door by god, the wine appointment, and yet
so it was a long journey and then and since then, since nineteen. Eighty four within this fallacious fight against evil yeah, I mean for our children, and it is, I tell you yoko, it is what's happening in our schools. Right now is so evil and we are crossing. The there there are no lines beyond minor attracted adult there's no line pass that for you You you blow past the the A child sex line you're the bottom of society, that it is neither left the absence? Absolutely I wanted to talk you about something because all my neighbours or freaking out and there like Glenn waiting you talk about this and, unlike the guy works for us, I mean he's a contributor on the blaze. I mean that's close enough, isn't it
eu stirred things up in my household and everything. I wanted you to explain what tee e k? S? Is? How this is happening here in texas, but it is also more, likely happening all over the country and their own version of it now absolutely the the text programme, which is a code, is an education code. It's the guidelines for texas education, of course, then, by the state school board of it, the station and in the tea, aided texas education as such. Patient peak stands for taxes, essential knowledge and skills standards. and every year they review one of these pillars, the four pillars, and this year it social studies next year will be but mathematics the interesting thing is when they review it, it only happens every twelve year how my go when they set us when they set a standard goin. One of your great flanks and amazing american help set the previous standards
in two thousand and nine with a lot of stars, and it was phenomenal. It was pro american, throw god broke country protection, bright protects. Sizzling protects us history where you, where the the alamo was a place of honor, not dishonor. Well, yes, like this morning, breaking on your show right at five minutes ago, your staff, and so on point going send him a letter that was released five minutes ago, substantiated, what I've been saying and look, we take an attack from the state school board this week because, they ve never been under a microscope like this, but the parents need to know what is standards are in. There are the radical from the left against our nations history, taxes, three against christianity, minimizing christianity, teaching, anti days of buddhism, divination hindu with them a day day and a two days of christianity.
in light of our bounding document, founding document are labelled as not the founding document, but the spirit of the founding documents like that, you have like any god stuff, that's out, including even our motto in god. We trust that's out More space has been made for islam and other religions. Moses is and taken out of the standards. How do you even begin to understand? american law without Moses? Don't do that? is this: you don't have ten commandments and without the ten commandments you don't have absolute truth were a culture today with the left wants us to be fluid and everything fluid and sexually those when fluid engender, which, by the way, if it comes up and the new proposed standards these are proposals, but they are and what now draft, which will be prepared, tomorrow, I'll be in asking in among the doktor to speak, will see if we cannot, but tomorrow is a big day and because pay
and finally, it will wait a minute. You can't remove Moses uk, teach that in history, the text, the rangers was an instant oppression you can't teach that having up Water is a militarization, so this is what is being proposed. You can teach chinese dynasties an ape. dynasties, but not peach, lincoln and davy. Crockett and an american exceptionalism, they want that out, like don't teach kids we went to the moon and that we are an exceptional nation. No, this is in draft form, though but here is a money. Here's the thing here is a thing that this is so important in every state. Because you have your own standards, but in texas, just like california most States will adopt our standards. So if, if texas, Adopts this then, most
Finally, all of the history books you'll have a choice between the california history books and the socialists books and texas, if they're not combined, and so this could affect your children. no nation wide going years. Why people go? No taxes has the most students in school even more than the california five point: eight million students in school age, seventeen and under so that the the curriculum standards and the publishers draft off of the teak education, coat and and there's a proud of what they should teach in this letter from the prison carcass. Actually, you can read it gazing that actually said that some of these proposals are illegal against texas code and said the freedom caucus with mayes middleton that wrote this letter this morning saying we will pursue action,
as paragraph here is this: if you further indoctrinate returning indoctrinated children having to teach george point and in an uprising against police brutality having to teach twenty eight genders in a certain age bracket and class, spreading taxes these over every great sprinkling it and blaming it in vs, saying that we're dedicated in the first and second grade to texas history. Look it's great by great and it's in proposal form. But the clock is ticking, Tomorrow is a very, very significant, so many people have to do what it. What are you, to do email, the state school border region. and each one of them. When I tell people be kind, but before we know now we do have a nine sticks- republican board night, They have been in taxes that does not necessarily mean that should be assured. When I go. Ninety six
public and not necessarily gray. Ninety six conservative yeah yeah it's a different exactly right. Exactly right or email, every single one of them today, but nobody knows who their school board that the state school board is. You find that out we listed on our website yahoo J. I see oh boy the allow. Why you any ministries, dot, org, there's a button that says urgent peak click that button. It's got all the information. the emails. The phone numbers now asked people look there are there are some of our friends. school board? There are people who really want to fight for children, but tomorrow they maybe it's not on the agenda: glenn, if the conservative side of the s b, o e tomorrow, can call for a roll call vote. They can a chairman Alice. We have the chairman he's. deciding vote the only votes. If it's a tie. Seven seven faking strike this down tomorrow. If they wanted to, they could have
which is what riled me up august first, when they met a pass through to the next right now this has been cut. Since April grandma. I ask this: why are we here Why are we one day before this momentous events and asked him tomorrow having to fight to convinced that some of this stuff? It is absolutely absurd It was a nine six republican come on guys. We ve got to step up here and shape. We strike this draft. We're gonna, go back to David barton, stressed that is problematic approach, taxes and we ve been using it for twelve years. we ve been using it for twelve years. That's right! Let's updated sure there's new legislation that has to be updated with the updated list let's, but we can't scrap that income with this radical now, since he brought a lot of heat into the Jim look. There is a lot of momentum, so thank you going for voicing
No! No! No! I! I heard about it, a friend came to me and said this? Guy is great, you know who he is and I'm like. Yes, he's a contributor of of the blazes fantastic and there lay more. Why aren't you talk about and unlike cause, I'm about all the other stuff. That's burning right! anyway, I, but when she started to explain it to me, I needed to get you on the phone, because I mean there's an email that I'm gonna make today. So it's your cos, held J, a c o like jacko yoko boons, that's, Oh, oh, why and ass men histories, dot, org yok. boons ministries, dot org. I will tweet this Our do you tweet it out on both of our twitter feeds, yeah Well, thank you so much. I appreciated. Thank you. Thank you
thank you still got lucky for you. Do we appreciate you bet? I tell you what this guy is an amazing guy. He is a he is a servant of of god and very, very loyal. Just a great guy jacobo ruins we're gonna. Let's posts this. Could you post his video on the front page of glinda com? Can we get that done along with the link to we were talking about ceiling, but that on the front page glenn backed outcome, hast he done today it has to be done today. This gonna affect everybody, schoolbooks aright back in just a minute. If you haven't boarded the comfy train, yet it is high time boop where leave and pull it out of the stage in baby with Glenn Del he's the founder and ceo of my pillow. Any is Launching Bray says such stupid show
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dot com, promo code back or call eight hundred nine, six, six thirty one. Seventeen, the Glen back programme, mrs day, miss alot visit delays. Tv I come today and never miss a moment of truth. The This is crazy, possess is going to affect every high school and really this is k through twelve, so every textbook history ends? You know you'll studies right now, for the case eight books, new doc He meant that they are trying to stop by to morrow here in texas, gotta right to the state school board,
sociology, consist of sexual ized, proud, algae, bt and anti family standards force. students to define controversial terms like gender and sexual orientation, deleting an entire section related to the institution of the family you have to each these things, topics that have been taught long taught in public schools like moses as they historic lawgiver and our first amendment religious freedom clauses still have not been restored to the high school standards and this is only get a degrade them even more and whatever texas does a when schoolbooks beak. Of california size and the size of texas, those are the two spokes in everybody's gonna get so what tat this decides. If go woke any no white with a nine six republican there.
Shouldn't even be a question shouldn't even be a question that this would be happening in our school board? No question. Ninety six yeah! True enough of a majority that you shouldn't have worried. If you have of one or two well who were flaking on ya. Still shouldn't be an issue. Ukip you know: did you see that Mitch Mcconnell is pulling? his money from alive sk in arizona nea alaska because they macao he's gonna, win the arizona, big eyes their signalling, they think masters is in trouble. There thought I mean the monkeys he's sway if the breeze right in that race is what four or five points behind. I think the last poll I saw he was down eight, but again, no one knows who he is yet just one the primary it'll have debate against. Can hen million dollars? I think he's gonna show really well in a debate. Masters are, I think, he's one of those that in if I, value eyes. We are betting on these races. It's one of those I think he's got a good shot at coming back on. I don't think we'll have any passion for her
Kelly other than they there's some sympathy for the family. I think that's largely all it is with Kelly. He's just a run of the mill vote, the same way, every single time, Democrat in a purple state. I tell ya man There is not oh he's not any, is not he's a real human being and yeah and I mean just sazen saw tee, doesn't talk like a politician and I You know you win. Arizona gets into election season. They start seeing these guys on the same stage together. I dont think its a guarantee see that masters performs well, he may not waiting he's not been tested in this situation. We don't know, but I think there's a good there's a better chance than some of the other races that EU citizens are more competent and can you tell me, is there a better use of the ten million dollars and making sure that we do everything we can to control the senate. I dont
and he wants masters in. I think he no value this area. I think he knows all while he'll be one of those people who want to change the order of everything and watching- and I are I think you're gonna see money come back into that race from I think, because Mcconnell doesn't what masters in, but what he does want is to be the majority leader and the only way he can do. That is if people like like rosters, when so, I think he's trying to send a signal right now. two about how upset he is about, who is winning these races, but the money is going to come back and he wants that more than anything in the world which Mcconnell once that power back. So I think he's gonna any end support candidates, he believes, can win, and I think masters has a good chance that ordinary peerless to toss that raised right now he's right there. You should not have that power and be the leader in the senate. That's too much power. The Glen back programme, Eden pure, is our sponsor this half hour on the blaze.
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when you are about to here is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment. This is the Glen back programme hello, America. Welcome to the Glen back programme. I have worried about our country for a while now fifteen twenty years, seeing the mile markers go by
the changes that are being made, I've worried about our medical institutions, stopping doing things like I don't I'll, do no harm. First, you know take people and and giving them euthanasia and in Canada they're doing it now for children and there's already studies that show a lot of these people are being talked into it by the doctors. These are the things that happened in a very gory past. You know, eighty ninety years ago you look at where we're going just on cove id
spare amounting with the public and force them to take it and not telling them what really they were concerned. We should be concerned about you had no option and ace silenced. Anyone who said wait a minute I there there might be some side effects here. This is dangerous. Couple of weeks ago there was this great speech, given by a woman, Viros Shiraz. She was in nuremberg and she was making a case We have crossed really dangerous lines. The nuremberg code is being violated and she says it's more important. Now than ever. I read a lot of her speech on the air the day after she gave it she's here to talk about it herself in sixty seconds
So what do you know about the fed, the federal reserve, the biggest bank in the country? Basically, the first bank that congress created and then handed all of the power to create money and manage our economy, but it's a bank and the president doesn't get nominated, whoever he wants. The bank city bank of america, J, p, morgan, all those they're, the ones that pick the chairman and then the president. They say this one or this one and he's like well they're, both kind of the same. I guess I'll dig that one They are responsible for inflation. Do you even know what inflation is and how it works? There is a great book out it's gonna, give you're gonna get it for free. It's the tunnel twins book creature from jackal island, its kids book, but it explains where the fed came from how it works It contributes to. Inflation in it's really informative for both kids and you and me
twins back dotcom. Yet it will supplies last. You can get the free copy right now tunnel twins and they- preacher from jekyll island just go to tunnel twins back dotcom, Tuttle twin, back dotcom com. The sheriff is with us now she is the founder and president of alliance for human research protection. I just wanna you just Weekly go over some of this stuff that she has been involved in She has spoken out at the f national academy science. The institute of medicine. She testified against the exposure of children in experiments that put them at risk of harm against mass mental screening of children, which served as a market expansion tactic for us, yeah trick drugs to testify against human pesticide experiments sponsored by bear
She was instrumental in the suspension of government pesticide experiments in young children called cheers suspension of smallpox that a smallpox vaccine test in children anthrax vaccine tests in children. it goes on and on. She served on the federal children's research ethics advisory work group where she was the sole this centre. Who object? to the loosening of federal regulations to expand the use of medical. experiments without parole. token consent. She, was alone on that vote. That is madness. Madness Welcome to the programme vigorous rev thank you very much for inviting me I'd say it's an honor to have you. You are passionate about this because you first hand.
Saw what happens when the medical industry loses their way and starts to play god euro the costs. Survivor, viper, that's right when medicine become a partner of government day discard the hippocratic oath. Do no harm to the individual and they become. government agencies. Essentially, yes, and it's it's the frightening when the when the doctors started to say that they wouldn't eat. Somebody if they hadn't taken the vaccine. And came to mind. Was the hippocratic oath wait a minute what here we will really very far into the dark place. No, really I, in march and April, twenty twenty,
a big euthanasia project was implemented across western europe, canada, at least five states in the united states we're. They orders were given by the government to hospitals not to treat the elderly nursing homes. and they were essentially medically murdered. This was exactly what the nazis did that, although the nazis began children, the union with the baby infants and children under age. Three. They would german infant and children some then it went up the ladder, dimension, the ill and then nursing home people, and they were regarded as worthless eaters and- economic burden,
dear. I have, if I don't know if you know anything about me, but I have a very large collection and the holocaust is played a very big role in my life and I want to make sure we never forget it happen to have in this in a museum that we are building the last proscription that Joseph Mengele wrote at the children's hospital it was for The drug that they were giving to kill the children and its When you think of he was in charge of the children's hospital you It's some idea of how far away from the hippocratic oath they were trained and dumb well american medicine, his kind of picked up where the doctors let's go the time germany would you know
they were, the e number one most advanced an in medicine and in a lot of field mean that that was the center of western civilization and america picked up from the then after the war we brought in a year in some sixteen hundred of the top nazi scientists, engineers and doctors and they sky them all over the united states at most advanced scientific and medical centres. We ve done in violation of the president of the united states. Terry Truman had ordered, know buddy belonged to. The nazi party wished to be allowed a veto, ok, but agents simply
did it anyway. This was totally illegal. Andy, essentially train. whole generation of american scientists and doktor fear, it. Is, you know the history better than than most and to wake. People up is seemingly in possible may To ring this bell. People in america just think we could never do that. We'd never get there, and I am watching us get closer and closer to that line to wear their the there d person in people
and when, as you know, when the government took over health care here in amerika, my biggest warning was, you know they say they are not going to ration any kind of health care, but once there is a a financial situation, of course they are and that that's what germany did. That's exactly right that in germany, a their excuse for getting rid of the elderly and and envied mentally ill from the asylums was they need the beds for wounded soldiers. Once you once you deem value. Some human bees and Are you only certain human beings? That's that's. What opens the gates of Hell. My mother in law just talked her. The other day and she's getting older and as she said they weren't they weren't.
to fill my prescription, the insurance and we ve always bad. We never had a problem and she said for the first time I was scared like wait, a minute. Are you in this, because I'm old am I am I just no longer of value there you go. I mean she recognized the signal she's awake you weren't, you went to nuremberg out this year. because we have a nuremberg code that apparently nobody is paying attention to any more the worst violation of the nuremberg code, ever it's on a massive scale, kobe injections of these issues and mash experiment No other in history and unclear showed mass medical experiment with people being coerced into it not being informed as required
to what is known and not known about it. As far as safety spars side effects, nothing, the ingredients are secret, its being gun under military secrecy. Why. Why should under military and and it happened both under trump and continued under bag, and I mean there was no difference because there is You know there are those who are really running this core another good and unaccountable beer. In the end, given toto incomplete immunity, I tell the days they frighten me. In a way I mean we gone from. We gone from the the eugenics, programmes to now trans humanism, which is-
exactly the same thing: just widely different technology, exactly picnic by the way. At the time, one of the one of the features worth in germany was the most advanced in technology erect. wrecked, and now we are, of course, and it is really is terribly frightening to see this similarities and you know I mean making those who choose not to accept to be guinea. Pigs are totally again ostracize demonize at that time we, the jews, were accused of being spread, the disease was at at at at at so they say, that's what they said about covered people, I wouldn't get the vaccine exactly, they're using the same script. It's just you know, the names of different, but it's the in essence, it is its diversity
hiding mankind, you know into the valued and devalued and they make enemies out of people. and you know when you divide and separate, like that, we split human society that the most dangerous kind of thing. This is what happened then an and onlookers just look the other way. They choose it was not to interfere in tat, happened to The people you know the un, backed where people one in public places, worrier shunning them like they were pariah. So you're sitting you're you're here with a very large american audience and if I'm sitting in my car and I'm listening to your I'm sitting at work, I'm thinkin. Ok, scary is hack and what what? What do I do about it? Well, they drifted wicked. We really did
This will go nowhere if people rise up and stop obeying what they're being told to obey is against us all of us. It's not a corona virus that we have to be afraid of. It is the new form of eugenics. If we have to be afraid of because it's one group after another after another he didn't intend to end. annihilating the jewish people he had bigger plan. Then gonna be the polish the flood You know and that the same mentality, I say that those who have done this colbert thing another world these ears to the not do you would you put out the? Would you put the gain a function? research and the push for that into the same category as either
acterrally you? Would it again gain a function is illegal according to international treaties, because this is about bio warfare. gain world action is a fan phrase which means melting right. What does it mean game? They always do that. The euphemisms that's another thing that they're nazis always had that chief for euston is your program. It was to improve the children's health. But but it was putting him in a truck with with the exhaust going into the back of it there is no way to improve health with that. Well, you know when you burke how m I gonna send and what the heck you can preferred language at the easiest p, I guess pinnable. Abortion is health care now so yeah right right. So this is
terribly terribly dangerous, because people need to understand and they should have gotten a whiff. You know. First, it was going to be right, two weeks or the flatten the curve to their isolation and, of course, they destroyed economy, which means you know. Middle class people now are dependent on government handouts. That's again, the very, very bad time, because the government can always stopped the spigot. Are you gonna take your I'd, love to have dinner with you sometime, I think you're right. You are spot on. I just love, you hold on just a second I'm gonna, take a one minute break and then I want to come back and just ask you. So what does it mean stopped? doing what you're told I'm sure you, youth, you ve kind of x, variants there so tell us what you mean: stop doing what you're told injustice against american final,
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can financing at eight hundred nine zero, six, twenty four forty eight nine zero. Six. Twenty four forty american financing dot net ten sec station. I d we're talking to her the costs. Survivor very sure of she is also the foundered. President of alliance for human research protection Vieira. what does it mean do just stopped. Doing. What they tell you to do start disobeying civil disobedience. You know that it also worked with martin luther king. Well, what a first of all, what I think needs to be done is now that seventy fifth anniversary of the nuremberg code that has been sort of
can a shelf, because lawyers were too lazy to use it. If it is, it is in force, and it is part of the international criminal code what people need to do, is downloaded and use it, you listen. You remember code as a defence weapon to protect yourself being coerced into you know all kinds of medical What a great pot I didn't hear! Any one makes that case. That would have been a very strong case exactly and that's what you know. That's what I can do I mean we set up actually a website just nuremberg, seventy five dot com and people. And it'll be in different languages and all that, but of course it's in english. For for america right, you need to. If, if you just read the one of the reasons that the nuremberg code has been sort of shh shh. It really is the man
Medical establishment decided it didn't they didn't, it didn't apply to them. This was just for them nazi barbarians. No, it's not was to ensure that the nazi barbarians don't pop anywhere ever again, zactly exactly this was meant it. This is you versatile. It applies to every when being every human being, has the human right to voluntary, informed consent and euro there's? No. If, but there may be in eight days thanks. A lot of euro really a lot of increase. We say: who explained that that first principle is very specific. Now the nuremberg code is specific and simple floating everybody, can understand every word there. I look about experiment, not study with a year. Now
if somebody is being asked to being a clinical study with studying, it means nothing Vieira. I can't I'm sorry to cut you off, I'm so sorry we have a network break, but thank you for everything that you have done and I hope we get an opportunity to talk again. God bless that's nuremberg. Seventy five dotcom the Glen back programme. our utopia, gold line labour day is coming up needed. Celebrate all your hard work by giving yourself the gift of reassurance. gold. Mine has a very special labour day offer that gives you a ton of free, partic profit. Along with the most sound investment you can make in a turbulent economy, and that, is precious metals I want you to take my word for anything. I want you to look it up yourself, Do your own homework. You can prepare
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This is the Glen back programme. It's our last guess was a little frightening cost her survivor and somebody who has fought for or the nuremberg coal code, her whole life. And and seeing the crazy medic experiments that here in the united states that she stopped our help? Stop, and and now to hear her talk about. You know the vaccine. and how what he huge leap to birds, the nazi view of medicine, we taken all around the world and between this and canada. Just now, children eighteen without parental concern, a consultation. and be euthanize if there
terminal, or they have a mental illness. Or are you kidding me? What are we doing? What are we doing and it's you know I did say this fifteen twenty years ago, I said these things were on the horizon and nobody Nobody wanted to listen, I didn't want to say them, but nobody. wanted to listen but I think this is showing us. You know you, you have to think out of the box and you have to take warnings seriously. When you see somebody say something or repeat something, You know it's not a slippery slope. It's a long path, its road, you're on the wrong road. Stop walking that direction, I think of it as a a path, but it is down hill and It is somewhat steep.
So it is a long road, but it can be charged quickly. You just shocking, I think you know we saw this in the last couple of years. You know new people get so the nazis are a worst case scenario, which is why there are utilised all the time. There's this idea, you're not so ever supposed to bring up the nazis because it was such a terrible thing, but of course that's the reason why you bring up the nazis to make sure you don't do that terrible thing again and in a look No one is saying that we're in the middle of a nazi era, but You sit here and you look at the warning signs. If you come to a fork in the road and one of the paths is a downhill steep slope, you don't take too steps down it and see what happens because you could fall That's why you protect against these things is important too. There should never! be a time and the principle should rise above this, there should never be a time where you ask so you demand and in force and in force.
the power of law at gunpoint or whatever else, someone to take a picture killer. Medication you think, is beneficial and if you think that it if you think it's beneficial good. Take it. If you don't don't. That's that's. It least how it should be in the united states of america I don't know how we lost sight of the people who say their their anti fascist. Well, then, you should have been the first ones on the line saying this is what fascist did in germany with medicine they would force you to take it and if you wouldn't take it voluntarily. You were the bad guy. You were part of the disease, that's exactly what the germans did, and to hear her say it a whole, survivor is pretty remarkable, pretty remark Yet at the same time, we have the president, the united states and the administration saying republicans are the ones who are semi fascist. which is a fascinating, the semi house,
because he's saying that just a cover himself, but my problem get about his days of truck driving in the middle of something is like that was sammy fashion. But what is the defining characteristic of fascism, the defining characteristic of fascism is, being mean it's being even anti semitic right and it's all true huh levels of control from a centralized government over its populace and fundamental thing? little is everybody they control? You don't think this, there's an announcement here, the butler past, couple days from two states that said no company can make, gas powered cars. You must make electric cars now that is quite close to what you would call fascism not in they were executing people in the camps away, but the actual political philosophy we You will no longer make radios, you will make missiles right erect. That's all
What happened all the time throughout afresh countries, because learn mussolini, whoever would say hey. You know we need this. You you're no longer doing that job. You're now doing this concept, happen now. It also happens in communism. What it does happening is a constitutional republic, based or unlimited government can happen there, which is why what is one of the reasons why we argue for that to be, I would say this implemented because its currently does not exist. I would like it to be, that's it again when you have, president, the united states, for example, who can say you know what I just even though I told you I couldn't do this. I just found a way to spend one trillion dollars without congress. When you a president who can say that no, because he's asked his own department of education that it's not legal is its own of debt. Credit speaker of the house said it's not legal they did it anyway, with all that knowledge, and when you turn around and say it is legal, yet this change their mind where
You have a president united states who Has a ban on evictions? The case- goes to the supreme court, the supreme court says this is not constitutional and then he does it again. You have someone who fundamentally look fundamentally matches the description of what our founders intended for the articles of impeachment This is exactly what this was designed for. Not for when you lie about sex with your in turn, not forward a perfect phone call now that and nobody is talking about no talk about that, but fundamentally impeach was designed to hit A president who knows something is unconstitutional, and does it anyway literally is trying to is, is saying outwardly with the eviction thing that look it up.
probably get overturned, but at least we have a few more months of people not not getting through another apartments that is cool italy against arts are our form of god's not protecting in defending the constitution, not at all it's totally against his own. Let me let me change the subject slightly. modern said last week that it is going to sue pfizer its rival for quote copy. Its ground breaking technology referred to them there. I m rna covered vaccines guy now. You watched my shows on blaze, tv about the covert vaccines. You know that my dirt modernity and the? U s government collaborated together to produce use em are in a vaccines. It is joint technology donna and the united states government
both own together. That technology is a public private partnership. It goes back years, including the funding and the scientists. In fact We know from now released com essential agreement documents that diana was required to pay the. U S, government continual royalties from the profits, they earned from those vaccines Even lists the bank accounts at the federal reserve, where the payments had to go so, Let me ask you. who is really pushing the lawsuit? Is it madonna or is it the government or is it both of them because both are the owners of that they're. Both
recipients of an awful lot of money, wouldn't that would they both benefit from a big law suit, with pfizer. The money is coming from the government. No, money is coming from modern and everything they sell they. to send a portion of that too federal reserve as payment, but the money too, those vaccines came from the federal government, so the government, and be paying madonna to try to get me. we gotta I'm getting all the money about it. I've exhibit he's, making sense behind us federal government, and this problem would be one of their ski yeah yeah, not The legal wrangling around that is bizarre because you know I mean look Madonna had a they were. Their company was founded on this technology. Basically like that that yeah they were.
Pfizer. Obviously, they ve got little blue pills that people tend to enjoy seller, had lots of other business interact. It'll, be interesting to see how that please, I don't know legally speaking, if they actually have a case here or not, but they both while they both for pretty similar vaccines at the same time correct. But this was also, I mean maternal and their scientists have been pet publishing papers on this for a very long time, so that this is the thing with with the with the stuff you put a paper out, you put a pat now like you beauty alter that formula little bed and is it yours? I don't know, I don't know if that's what they're claiming pfizer did against the rules, I guess we'll see has plays out in court. I just like the fact that the united, its government is not in a referee in this, but actually kind of our. If it's go hard and the court system, a nice idea, that's a little frightening. A little bit are back in just a minute, Paden rodion about his experience with relief factory. Since I have had five back surgeries and after them, I was never able to stop having back pain
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eighty five three, we quick start develop free relief factor, dot com, one eight hundred the before relief, the Glen back programme there's a couple stories we didn't get to, I want to spend some time to morrow. Facebook has demonetized over sixty of our videos. They and told us why? But we did some research and we started tracking what those all talk about. What I'll, tell you about it tomorrow, the It's it's interesting because there is a direct connection. I believe to the fbi. And there was another story out this weekend where the government
is colluding with google and facebook in all of them. They are. strongly suggesting! Well, then, is curbing freedom of speech. That is the government. picking winners and losers on speech we'll get into that a little bit tomorrow. Also The fact that Ozzy osbourne thinks america is so crazy that he's. Moving to england and my wife said last night: You should just move. of california would probably before it's true those blaming it on cool shootings in mass shootings, he's leaves For that reason, which is an interesting thing, I think the out of chemicals. He's ingested is much more dangerous than anybody with a risk yeah.
of a school shooting or mass shooting the guy has literally pumped himself. for ever he must be eighty percent drugs at this point, because this is of no use and molecular make a pretty gaunt me, I mean he's argon, he was gone when he started is reality shows just like twenty years ago, gave an imagine what it's like now, but I'm very upset by sea there's a story but away on them. A good yes You'd, be interested in this forum your times. Talking about how we needed, talk about how good a I is getting no artificial. tell me something. I ve talked a lot about and tried to start the conversation of years ago. You have really seem to take you up on that outside of some technical technology people, but just how this this I thought this was pretty crazy. Just five years ago, the biscuit historian, they are world, was alpha, go but deep learning model built I googled deep mind that could be best. The beetle asked humans in the world at the board game. Go training
I do indeed tournaments was a pretty fun party trick, but it wasn't exactly the kind of progress most people care about, but last year deep minds alpha fold, Nay, I system descended from the go playing game. Did something truly profound using a deep neural network trained to predict the three dimensional structures of proteins from there. dimensional amino acid sequences. It essentially solved, what's known as the protein folding problem, which had vexed me. Killer, biologist for decades that was last year. This Deep, might announced that alpha fold had made predictions for nearly all of the two hundred million proteins known to exist. So we ve gone from here it can, when a board game to solving a problem. The molecular by biologists could not solved by themselves for decades to it had solved. two hundred million proteins in less than five years,
is happening really fast? The point of the article is a point you've made on the air many many times. You've probably talked to Kevin Kevin russo column. You should talk to him because he's not He's not saying this is gonna, be the of the world. Are you saying it's gonna be utopia, but he is saying we are running out of time to have the conversation as to what we going to do with the stuff. You has its going to overwhelm us and will be we're. Not gonna have the conversation because they like it at the states, are going to be in charge of it. The federal government and their public private partnership is going to this. This goes back to the conversation that we had that year, ago on this programme I said: look the banks, trouble. We know they are in trouble. They screwed up with tarp the government, bailed them up a build them out. They got rich, they just made the problem. bigger, there's gonna be another problem. One I do give a more bailouts, because people will go crazy. World Politicians are like either.
and soon Silicon valley will not be liked because of a high and oppressive it could become so silicon valley needs the government. They also need the banks, the bay sneeze silicon valley and the government. The government silicon valley and the banks, That's a nice little trio that they have set up for themselves, this swear that collusion is coming from because they know it's only a matter of time before them. Pitchforks in the torches come out and only a I will be able to lock us down and stop that it's happening gang hurry. We should have a discussion about the run back programme.
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