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President Trump has been acquitted of both articles of impeachment by every Senate Republican except … Romney. The former Republican presidential nominee changed his mind at the last minute, but was he ever a conservative? One caller asks Glenn how Romney, Mike Lee, and Harry Reid can all fit into the same church. And head researcher Jason Buttrill joins to preview tonight’s must-watch special. The evidence is clear: Everything from Benghazi to impeachment are linked, and it’s way beyond corruption! Glenn will expose what can only be described as Iran-Contra II: Obama’s secret wars. Catch “Ukraine: The Final Piece (The Billion-Dollar Question)” TONIGHT at 8 p.m. ET for FREE on YouTube and BlazeTV.com.

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Penalties gasters. Today's podcast is Bout. One word right. That's true, and what is that here and a second first won't tell you about a big deal. Having tonight, you haven't we listening on Thursday night, the special it is called Ukraine. The final piece of the million dollar question tv dot com. The code is GB. Twenty off, you can watch it there you're twenty dollars on your subscription atm Lister in time on Thursday. However, you can, if you're, not a subscriber and you're thinking. I want to see this thing before I can decide whether we want to subscribe or at the money to subscribe to totally cool when mixer Information gets out there, but a facebook at Gleneesh, Facebook page or the Youtube page and watched the entire thing for free tonight. Anything you two pages Blaze TV, it's my facebook like Facebook page and plays TVS you to pay,
your subscriber, you can watch that man, if you are subscriber hurt you to watch it for several reasons, one of which we end the program tonight with special announcement about the Glenn Beck TV show that I think is exciting and it's all because of you of a subscriber so we'll get into that a little bit on today's podcast and tell you what we found and it's pretty stunning, forgive you kind of an out an outline of what we're going to cover tonight. We do But Romney we talk to a lot of people living in Utah they're, not real happy with them run me have been for a long time is numbers have been upside down for a while, but it's been quite a week and we go over the news
We starting with the Superbowl unruly at Thursday. I've never seen a week of news in my forty plus years, a broadcast. I've never seen a week of news like this. We have a krona virus, update from artificial intelligence and an update on the twenty twenty election Iowa New Hampshire and what the models of our new now say. More more possible to view the nominee for president of the Democratic Party. You don't want to Second up today: the only thing tat I tell you, didn't I tell you still Romney, you did tell
you're like a way. I don't need any evidence on wrongly. I don't see anything in that. Jesse Unaware. I heard it. I know you did say that and I certainly did not have evidence to decide free with your and creating a situation, but my career. I was curious if you actually had evidence or you just had a feeling- you don't know, evidence you have robbed me. He evidently, I know what you say, but I mean you, Susan Collins, LISA Mercurous Lee around Romney, I mean more cowskin. Collins, though any of those top issues they Doyle. Don't get me wrong. When I said to you last week, when we, those guys we're going into the into the popular aim. It was Monday and those guys are going into the pocket and they were like gap. I'm we're gonna quit when that started being room- and I think was Pat said really. You think
I am I'm Romney. He is the new men he is the Newman of the G o p, and you have say it like Jerry, signed values to say Newman its Romney. That's all you need did did Jerry Seinfeld need evidence that Newman was the worse didn't we use you knew it was here. May was new men. Of course it was Newman. Why everybody in the room, something would go wrong, something would be slimy and they all go Newman. They had no evidence, they just knew him Romney. Now here's the thing he didn't tell anybody. In fact he told everybody the opposite.
He was telling everybody apparently over the weekend that he was gonna go for equitably. Was you know the the witnesses? I would really like to hear from more witnesses, but yet others nothing here. Really, I'm gonna go for acquittal. That's what he that's. What he's telling everybody gay? He did him and tell his niece who? What is your position of the GNP she's, the age chair of the currency, so like a big role and right in the middle here right right as she's? Obviously there she supporting Tromp as the head of the party. She is very much on the gum, acquit bandwagon right. What's her name. Run agronomic Daniel AIR Sea. I change my name too. If it last one Romney and love, that's exactly what happened there, but as she didn't have to take his name for marriage as well, a twenty twenty. You barely
as you know, the guy or sleep with a guy but doesn't have to be a guy, you can just Merriam and keep the name Romney and she was like. Oh, no, dear God, I don't even know you you're a stranger on the street. You might stab me to death on our wedding night, but I've got to get rid of this name, You mean you, don't even text your niece nominated me in the middle of that you all go around you, you inner views when People- and you haven't told anyone, but leave em psych operating as a one man, personal legacy machine and he's not operating as a senator he's operating as this like like he is. He should have been president. Kind of running at his own little presidency out there and and he's he's focused on seemingly completely on its own legacy. If he was running again, then I'd like to see him take this stand, and maybe he would because he's. Maybe he would. I think what happened here.
Why am I think Romney was just gonna go along cause. He said There is no crime here, there is no crime There is no law broken, so what do you think the founders wanted in Peter the virtuous anything really, because that is just a vote of no confidence. Then why have a trial? Why have a trial? Why perform? I present evidence if there was no crime, a rule but was just disgusting. I didn't like it will that's a vote of no confidence this isn't a parliamentary system Romney as this is an that's exact. What he was going for, and you know it was a crime like behaviour on the level of treason or bribery. That is the standard, even that Dino Dershowitz argued for people like, oh, is he said it had to be a crime. That's not what he said. He said it had to be
Crime like behave climbing like me in his speech, Romney completely misquoted, Dershowitz and completely misrepresented his argument which is Johnny, he's a dummy. You know painted dummy he's no dummy. Exactly what are you doing is doing came home and an Romney said to him. I can't leave you gonna, let that jeered back. Do you remember on saying that you are said? I have evidence of this you just as is the only really change if you ve ever had this isn't a billion years based get out all male humanist areas unilaterally values indicted sellers. Do it. That's all I'm gonna hear name is gonna, be fine,
his behaviour and live rat. Rather, I will say that there is a temptation here and I'm I'm playing into a completely that we spend the day bitching about MID Romney's one singular v Singular vote when the bigger story here, forty seven g was critical. Yet They could only get forty seven a who need sixty seven. They were twenty away here. They were having a forty, eight and bakers of root cause of Romney, so that forty seven Democrats, one Republican so because of rum. Thank you, so they weren't even close to this working. This has been a giant failure, a whore
the democratic, lawful, Donald Trump is at its highest approval radar and his entire president's. If I may quote the late great Jackie Gleason, how soon we did it, this is a win. Rightly. This is something that went went well. This is something that will you coming off a great state of the union. This is a been a great weak for Donald Trump and, like we can all it's a little bit. I'm almost like victimhood meant reality to sit here and complain about Romney all day. Now we really not, I was doing. I would have done that last week next week last year next year, I can pick any day any event out of the entire Eleanor and spend that I just bitching about Romney. I could do it says like if a great thing happen, Jerry
Failed he be talking about new human right like we as an actor but bad, but stepping back for a moment we, I know she is a good idea, as is a great day. You know if you can convince least somber cow, Ski and Susan Collins, that something went wrong here. Ye have failed. This is a disaster for the Democrats. They tried to take them at the highest level of constitutional remedy, to take care of something they could have taken care of if they just had a moderately decent ended it in a couple of months and they decided we don't have a moderately decent candidate. So instead let's try this, and this is very celebrities. They are not going to stop it. You know, I don't know if you ve watched a lot of Shakespeare of butter. Shakespeare plays always go wrong when you plot to kill the king
if your plotting on killing the king, you know, I don't know if you ve watched Tom Cruise Al Gore algorithm, but there A boy where, like are you sure he is dead, because I don't want to do anything. You he's not dead. He's a veto. Kill him, common kill us. Are you sure it lowers dad that happen all the time the Democrats plotted to figuratively kill this president too all this king: it was such a keystone cops. A sort of killing or it's almost laughable affected is now in retrospect, laughable. How ridiculous this was. I mean Keystone, cops, who else, but the Keystone Copsewood have Jerry Nebular and his pants up to his
an boobs me. As you know, one of the guys you walk in the alpine hack NAM belts Andrey this japanese lack naivete them. I mean this. Is it's crazy? It's a cartoon what they did, and men boost technical term, of course moves moves. Thank you earthmen! Thank you very much. So it is. It is a great great day and they have destroyed themselves, and I do want to take some time. Celebrating. In fact, Pat may have to be here with a happy days. Are here again. I am sorry I. This is a very big day to celebrate. I will tell you this though they're going to pay a price for it. I mean Not only in the polls thereon, Many parents hey that already paying that in the polls in all of their credibility. They are going to eat themselves, but also, I believe them it's going to be investigation next hour. I begin to tell you what is coming up on this special tonight and let me just
Let me just say this: I talk to several congressmen, several senators yesterday, just before I got on the plane, I talked to a senator and I said: here's here's, what the special is going to do, and only the Treasury Department can verify this, but you'd, I'm I'm gonna, send you all of the information in all of the evidence, and they said okay, and why personally I spoke to yesterday. They all we're like wait, wait, you have the Diana Yep, We have it all and is all going to be exposed to night and one person that I talked to yesterday. His only response was- and I am quoting Jesus Christ-
quote: while when you see what we have put together, this is this is not just day unimpeachable defence for, although or often for all of these people that were were involved in this. This is this is not breaking a law. This is like breaking one of our ten commandments. This is one. This is high crime. This is high crime and the president in having to do with it, but all the those that are covering for it, we ve told you several things that cracks in the media. Couldn't accept that he one why? Why did this impeachment happen? Democratic you couldn't, except that he won. They assume the very very worst so his defence is ways when he's looking for a way to defend himself. It's always proof see, look at what he's doing the IRA
Giuliani. That's where we're right. Also, the left is targeting the Dnc and you they had to tame the left. They had to do things. These to impeach him because otherwise, ale and everything else would go. Look there so pathetic. They wouldn't even impeach him. So there too, the corral, their own people. They are also the impeachment was about protecting Joe Biden, which I predict is over soon. They will throw this guy to the lions DEN, because they're gonna protect something else that will show you tonight. It was protecting themselves because of massive.
Option. They were laid impeach to protect the State Department and Intel and the political ukrainian machine in defence of Hillary Clinton. We told you about Hydra in our last special tonight. I will tell you this is a ran Contra too. This is a secret war fought by President Obama. When you see it, it will jump off the page and it all came from a document we got from Latvia where Latvia was warning. The Ukrainians I know you're doing business with the Americans and I know you're doing business with staff, but I we have to warn you. There is massive amounts of money being laundered through Latvia right now from the bereaved Millbank provide. So we followed the money
and we stopped using the playbook of everybody else. Stop saying we subsidy is this about Reno Donald uproar, Hillary Clinton or the binds waste doing that. Based on this one memo and we see- looking at this as a criminal organisation and Until you see what we found to night, it will be live. Eight p m eastern time you can find on blaze, TV, its also free of four, body just go to. Are you two page? Go the blaze, you two page and at eight p Eastern, it will download live. We want you to watch this We really need your support. We can do these things because of your support. We also have a major announcement at the end of the show about the Glen Back TV show, and that is all happening to night free on you,
tube? If something happens to you tube somebody in you know, there's a glitter some another. It's not! You can also see it as a member at blaze, tv dot com, The best of the programme aids? and you're listen into the Glen Big program. If you like, with your hearing on this, show, make sure you check out Pat Great unleashed it's available, where ever you download your favorite broadcasts go to a Randy in Utah, hello, Randy, Eglon, hydrogen, better than you, my senator, isn't Mitt Romney. So I know
you do me a favor, I wanna know get. You can reconcile Harry Red Mitt Romney, Michael yourself, you are all very over the same religion with I am as well, but I swear there there's a difference I am concerned because of the things that I heard Harry read there before the Senate. In what way the fact that he was lying and celebrated his lie, or the fact that he was for abortion, Oliver yeah it is of a different religion than I am than you are more than likely than new. You know I don't want to. I dont want to involve myself in in spiritual
All matters like that cause. I can't judge somebody else just like they can't judge. I know there's lots of Mormons who think I am the anti Christ think that I'm an embarrassment to the church and quite honestly, maybe I have been at times I have always maintained. I have I join this church to be a better man. I joined this church because it's full of good examples, but this church, like all churches, is also full of really bad examples, and I try not to be, but sometimes I am, and so I'll judge myself. I won't. I won't judge him, but I think I have to tell you. I know the doctrines of the church. I know what I have to answer in Temple recommends, and I always I'm always asked are you? You know you associate yourself with anybody that you
and be associate. I always say yes to that: the press, the american Press, so you know I try not to associate with myself with people who are bore horrible. But I work in the industry where most of them are lying. Scumbags Romney, I will tell you he seemed heart felt yesterday. I cannot make heads nor tales of his his policies when it comes to the constitution. I will too This I dont know their people that same MIKE Lee is an extremist. I don't know how you were raised by a grandfather. Who was the profit of the church and now somebody says that you know your and extremists, seems right up with all of the teachings that our church used to teach
american principles are made. They still believe those things, but they don't teach them as much anymore, and I dont know how you're an extremist for believing in the constitution and the laws of a man. This is the best of the plan that programme hey Glenn. And if you like, what year on the programme, you should check out pad gray unleashed his pot gases available, where ever you download your favorite podcast, I it's Glenn. If you're a subscriber to the podcast, can you do me a favor and rate us on Itunes? If you're not a subscriber, become one today and listen on your own time, you can subscribe on. Itunes begs Jason, but trail is
where's. Now he is our chief researcher and head writer of the Glen Back Programme, and has done an exceptional job on this, and we have been looking into this impeachment thing from the beginning. We were on it about eight months before that that phone call and the only reason why we're on at about eight months before is because we are looking into Joe Biden and we first exposed Joe Biden and Hunter Biden and all of the dirty things that were going on there, not only their it's worse in China, but we exposed all that. Then the phone call happened,
and there were a few things and Jason go over this. The three four things that stood out on the phone call that still didn't make sense to us until about a month and a half ago, when we start to researching this one right off the bat, the crowd strike thing I was like. I was actually kind of peace. The present even brought that up because there is, there is a pretty wild conspiracy theory that floats around that we're not like he's got a lot of smart people around him. Why crowd strung? Why crowds? I make no sense to men in the end. The Democrats use that against him in is discredited theories, like crowds strike. Why would you do that? Now? It was, easy to assume that the president might have heard that and thought dog. You know what I think there is something involved there and you know cause he's, not gonna, believe the people in the press, Susie, you to believe
and so we cut it so that we thought is prone to maybe this kind of stuff maybe he's talking about that. But it didn't sit right and it made us angry. Every time he would bring it up right and so we I just gotta, put a pen. It really has come on. I'm going to address just put a pen in it. I put that up on one of our chalkboard seen at a look into later. But then we are like. Ok, what are some of the other things? The Democrats really seize on the things that really irked them and also the media. The media was also like. Oh, we ve got to address that now right and Let's just go down the line. Slippers crowd strike than there was no mention of Hunter Biden that really pissed them off, and I kind of us It was because he was one of the political elite and he just untouchable. So you can't do that. Mentioning should show a joke and choking the former prosecutor general. Why are they so pick on defending that? That was very odd in the media when all out to try and really say a bunch of lies about it like there was a doormat investigation. You ve heard them all before we ve debunked them all.
Already mentioning that and then there's a few other things that, after seems separate, but then, as we begin follow the money on this? Well, hang on before you too, that there is one other thing that really really bothered me and that was during the trial you kept hearing, the Democrats, talk about how we had to defend Russia and how we needed to send arms to Russia, and now in, do all these things because are not rush Ukraine to defend against Russia, because we had to secure Ukraine and Key Putin out of Ukraine, but all did, Obama had sent them was blankets, literally blankets. Now wait, wait How can you now say that Donald Trump not sending the second missile system ovary already sent one knots the second missile system, with some
Putting Ukraine in harm's way when your guy, when there was a war going on sent blankets, and I, that went up to the arrogance of the left and the press. Sinking that no one would nobody understand the blanket thing. Nobody would actually pay attention and look into and when you weren't sending any, It is interesting that nothing pissed the deep state off more than holding up that military aid. The military aid that, strangely enough, the Obama administration, never sent they weren't pissed. They were there. Then they didn't they. Christoph. So that's enough. That's a key questions that I think everyone should ask right now leading up to when you watch- and I rang, why did they get mad now but didn't get mad in revolt, then right and if, if you believe it was just
by politics. There are so many people involved, so many people involved that if it is just about politics- or it was just about graft and greed and and getting rich off the system son, it's too big a sir There are just two big of a circle, so there had to be something else well in, early December. We got a a tip and We got a well, it's not a cable. What is it it's a letter that went from the latvian government to the ukrainian government, but it was an urgent letter to the Ukrainians. Yeah and that's where we kind of our research form a kind of centred on we're like hey, let's so now But we are your email sensing, this important things about done. Let's try to really
explain what the heck was going on and, let's start pointing fingers on the people responsible for all that right and let's not the let's, take once we get this letter, we thought, let's stop. Looking add it through the narrative of the left and the press and stop defending. Let's look at this now as a hold case. We don't know any of the players, we don't know anything we're just trying to figure it we're not trying to defend the president. Now I mean we weren't all of our other investigations, but that was a priori to find out if the president did it and if he didn't what was going on, then we got this letter and it was so critical and we look to that said. Let's forget everything we know. Let's just start following the money, this document exactly and this he which what you'll see tonight is the jumping off point for going on the offensive in its key and will take you all the way through it, but each.
Oh, you, the path to follow the money. That took us through and I'll go back to that joint. That phone call all those things that you and I picked out those like four different things. We started to see that these are all connected every single one of them is connected, and its goes right through this document. This document, all those things that it makes sense to us. They all led through that. So then we were able to follow the money and say: oh wait a minute. It's now pointing to this guy or its now point to this organisation or these groups of organizations and at all had to go. Where the eventually pointed to was a much larger case. Then we really thought it was what you will tonight we will bring you all the way to the water. We cannot make the horse drink. I think only the Treasury Department has the tools to do this, but we have track that money from John carries request for the one point. Eight
billion dollars all the way through Maurice by Pro. Bank, all the p. I'll. Let you know already to a guy who is the whose bank is provocative bank, something that we expose a year ago or the impeachment was even sparkle in in Adam Shifts, unusually large and weird eyes, ah hand and it went to college whiskey, and then everybody just left it at Disappeared, while the latvian government said no, it dis didn't just disappear. It has laundered through our nation, and so we started follow where all of that money went how it was treated. We found amazing coincidence And all of these things lead us back to Coloma Ski.
When we started doing deeper analysis forget about his connection to bereavement and Hunter Biden. We looked at this and said: ok, let's who is he really? Who is he's, a guy that Joe Biden excuse basically pardoned and laundered, he was a guy who could not get a? U s visa. He was on the really. Dangerous list for the? U S, he was dangerous. He is an oligarch that would be I chain saws and how your people to chop the heads off of business foes gay. This is a really movie bad guy. Right. That sounds like an exaggeration, but that is exactly what was happening. Put that in perspective. You just say your your Joe Biden, why the hell,
Would you give your blessing for your son to go work for the guy that you ve, no full and well he is banned from international travel because he having people chop, the heads off of other business, rivals with chains Would you send your child into an organization like that? Of course, you wouldn't work You just for money now hear me carefully, because Do something that the press would now due to Donald Trump. That is like. Let's assume the best of Joe Biden that here really does love love his country and he wants You were right by the country and he's not just I too enriches family guy just assume that think. It's that all that true to some degree, but let us
that if we assume that, why would you do that? Why would you send your son in two that guy's cage posies built a cage for you because now that guy has evidence that you Joe Biden, were Kay with your son coming to work with a guy who chops their heads off of his is competitors. With chain saws and then He was getting illegal money why would you send your child into that trap, but something we think doubt as this guy is kind of like that character on taken he's gotta specific set of skills, and one of them happens that we're gonna reveal that goes that goes right back to that latvian document. That shows you know this money trail, that's a very specific set of skills that he's involved with and something else that he has a varies good set of school
in doing it is you have to remember what we found out. Is this guy actually viewed in Ukraine in some ways as a brutal, brutal or oligarch. Nobody messes with him chainsaws to the neck, nobody messes with him, but we also found out that there's a lot of people that view him as an extreme patriot, Now it gets interesting now it really starts to get interesting. Why is he a patriot because he's a guy that buys arms and funds armies he's a guy when it comes to Russia he's a guy that happen to, as all of our money disappears, to go on spending spree tonight.
Secret Obama, wars, wars, in your name, without your knowledge with your money and without the knowledge of Congress. This is as illegal as you can get This is as shady and is as dirty as you can possibly get it so far beyond Inter Biden and Joe Biden, even though they were involved it so far beyond the ambassador. Even though they were involved explains absolutely everything and doesn't require Democrats to think that all this is just you know Joe? ion
No, not everybody is correct. Crook, Joe Biden is a good guy. Ok, believe that and come and watch this special believe that these guys are good guys. They just might have gotten trapped in a something go ahead, believe that and we will show you the crime. The cry of the last twenty twenty years, the last two decades. What's really going on tonight, eight o clock only Unblock he's tv, you can get it for free on our blaze, you tube channel all free on my facebook page and if your blaze subscriber why. There, we really need your help. We have a special announcement about the Glen back. Tell him in programme. That is all possible because of your subscriptions, so we're gonna announced that also tonight- the special make sure you're watching it and join us at blaze. Tv dot, com, Slash Glenn, use the promo code GB.
Twenty off and save twenty percent, don't miss it. It's time we go on the offence and root out the corruption in Washington, taxation is the best of a bad like listening this podcast, if you're not a subscriber, become one now on Itunes, but while you're there do us a favour and rate the shell tonight a special, are forth and final special on Ukraine. This it's I'm am now to play off ants the final piece, the billion dollar question What is it? Where did our billion dollars go is actually one point, eight billion and almost nine billion. If you count the I M F,
all the money that we guaranteed or the one point eight that we actually gave in cash to Ukraine. Where did he go tonight I'm gonna show you and- it is its truly stunning how it is right out in the open, and all you have to do is just put this puzzle piece together when you snap that last piece in use This is about secret wars. This is a ran contra. This is gigantic: it all comes from a president who want to make friends with Russia and they want their policy back. The eighties called stop bed. He Why be known as a war president? He didn't want to be known for doing any of these things and so find a way to do it and they did it without the knowledge of Congress. You ever wondered I the rip. The Democrats suddenly, worse,
upset when Donald Trump sold one missile system, to Ukraine, but wooden sell the second one without finding out how corrupt you are Did you notice how they will weak? They wanted war under Obama. They were an twill WAR with Russia under Trump there, war. He just sold them a missile set the system you sent Blank Now, if that's true, how is it Ukrainians had this special relationship with the Obama administration, if the Obama administration would not help them with their war, while they were gonna help them with their economy, with their war, while they were going to help them with their economy here. But what about war? We were fighting the Russians, EL, as I will show you tonight there only two ways to look at this and one doesn't make sense. Why it's just all about the greed they just?
all about everybody in America that was involved in this all people all down the line. They all work corrupt or they were so arrogant. My contention is: some of them were corrupt. Most of them thought they were. Being patriotic, because the president was in on it it is the secret war of a breach of Barack Obama, and it will discussed you tonight. Call your friends. Tell your neighbors get together and watch this it. We can do offer snow, and this really needs to be looked into. I've already give This too was some critical people I am having delivered tomorrow to the church.
People in the Senate. That can actually have the power to call hearings. This is the cutting out of Congress, and this is impenetrable. Stuff is actually jail stuff as well. I think what
was fifteen people went to jail or were pardoned for the ran, Contra things. Fourteen fourteen this is much bigger, much bigger than that and you'll see it tonight at eight o clock offence, the final piece on Ukraine: what to do even find it, but away at my facebook page for free, you can find it at blaze, tv, you tube channel or, if you're a subscriber, please please join as it blaze tv dot com. If you're, not a subscriber go to blaze, tv dotcom, Slash, Glenn, use the promo code, GB twenty off a you'll be able to watch it tonight and you will also be able to help fund these things. We have a major announcement about the Glen Back Programme and it is thanks to these specials that we have done that have allowed us to make a really important announcement to night
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or that people need to know. Obviously, our belief is that the more people than to see it, the better and on the other side, if we just give it away to everybody for free well, then we're not to people to pay for it and all those investigations stop and we ve gone back and forth and like how to do this. For a long time, we finally landed on something where it can happen for real for real, because now you can get all this stuff on Youtube. You get it on Facebook, weaving putting a lot of it out and and on all sorts of different formats, and you can actually watch it live when we put it out there, so that information is out there and at the same time, in the people who really.
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in my show students. America start next week. All these shows you can go and subscribe at Youtube or on podcast get all the information and then, if you have, if you have the means, if you want to support the cause, please go and tourism will will we'll talk about this later, but you also get special stuff if you're gonna you get it if you can't get yet exactly. There is a lot of additional loves as well. I mean I've, never subscriber, definitely so placed he d come GB. Twenty off is the goat. The point is these tonight tell all of your friends. I know impeachment is over, but it's time to go on the offensive and they already grass is already started to ask for certain things- tomorrow morning, Grassless Committee will have in their hands all of the evidence we are doing tonight, and- and I just this- has to be exposed
and those people who were involved in either doing or cover up need to go to jail, and You will see that tonight, as we make this case the final piece on blaze to be all right. I want to take a quick break for a minute literally sixty seconds and then back to the phones. I want to hear from you on anything that has happened this week from
what state of the union Romney the impeachment the special tonight anything else? We ve missed I'd like to hear from you aided, eight, seventy, seven bees. Okay, let me go to Mario in California, hello, Mario, like that, I'm great where you calling from in California long Beach. Ok, God bless Yo A hired, Bela yeah. Exactly so, I just lie say thank God or Romney's vote yesterday and the reason why is it? That is because in two thousand twelve I was fighting for him. I was calling making caused donating to his campaign, and I said to myself, thank God. God is all knowing the fact that I thought you would be good for the country.
Twenty two all was not right, because he D left agenda would have been so far down the road and now we see it and I'm just very thankful. Well, I will tell you this is a really good point. Mario on this is a we all have to stop thinking. We know what God is going to do and what God wants. The second thing is that God is the best at making lemonade. Add of no matter what not lemmings like tin cans he can make eliminate out of. He can make lemonade out of anything. So no matter what happens I mean, I think this. Is it
sample. Donald Trump, I you know, is a very different guy when it comes to the standards, and you know how can God use a man who's, not humble, etc, while he is, he is, I don't know how, but he is, and Donald Trump is doing things that I never thought he would do. I never we're even possible, and he also still is doing a lot of stuff that I like how really come on. Why are you doing that? But lemons are being made into lemonade and look at all of the things that have happened over the last three years, Donald Trump? If he is if he remains the guy, he was at the state of the union. This guy could could crush the left could crush
left, he is exposing because of their own hate. He is except using the left for what they are he's, exposing the the media for what they are. We ve tried to expose these things for a long time and facts and figures blah blah, no he's doing it, but not by what he saying, but by showing them for what they are, because they hate him so much. They are exposing themselves. He can say whatever he wants, but then, when he I'm saying it and then they do it. You're, like with that's just what he was talking about you, do you not see that and it's all coming? Undone just all come undone, and it's it's interesting times that we're living in
Brian in Utah, Hell O Brien Glenn. This is brine, hey here's the deal with Romney, so in two thousand and eight I was in a rare earths emails and allows getting ready to deploy to Iraq with Sarah Killin Son, and I had gathered people to hold signs of thirty, whether outside the gates, Wainwrights Agostino dressed up like the Michelin man to tell and twelve is no pictures of him holding my son, it different rallies. I transferred Virginia back from Iraq at that point, so here is a huge disappointment. It's a runaway IRAN, perfect guy he's the Kindle the Ivy League Education and he was a consultant which goes into organizations and sick. So we are now in a real action and each on, I think the deal behind him is it. This is a main despite all of these.
I'm the guy was made to be President right use me to make a great difference for this country for the world. He was raised up to do that right, but the guy grew up in Michigan even later on Adult life Massachusetts, his first political run, was as a Republican. Why? Because he's real Senate against TED Kennedy? He couldn't one is a Democrat to challenge and that that was not tomb was already taken, and so
at his Josie for the rest of his political career, but so disappointed? I think, at the end of the day you to set up a blue blood really well guy, who grew up in little circles and he's totally failed. He totally did not live up to what everybody expected him to be a real he's, throwing out hymns scriptures. Now he was not a captain. Verona right he's, not a strong I'd, stand up against a ban on those debates. You did not confront equal in the whole time. I had a lot of other concerns do you listening to come back. Are you listening to each other conservative voices out there? Don't you get what's going on and now at the group, Ukraine thing so one fifth of that is. No a call was made and you could interpret it is taking a political but ninety, five percent of that is you know this is like you know that siblings in a room and one says one cut:
are the ones who are currently with Ukraine trading and the fact that these overbooking- all of that this is the guy who doesn't want to disappoint all of his liberal friends that he grew up with in eighty how'd. You don't like living in Massachusetts and that's really who the guy is in its disappointment, monocular real action- and you talk me, I think that's the boss aboard thing he said is: if you don't and it's such a disappointment, monocular reaction in you taught me- I think that's the boss aboard thing, you said is: if you don't agree with them, you just don't reelect him anything he's counting on everybody, forgetting and in things may change. I mean you know: Trump could get reelected the economy could go to hell me, no, no problem of his or whatever we go to war whatever in Trump
had become very unpopular in, and I think that would change a lot of people's minds, because a lot of people are are just about now, and we can't be this. This one is about the constitution and I dont think Romney was ever really a conservative. He just wasn't and I do think he's a good guy, but I could be wrong on that. I do think he tries to do right, but he is he's. John Huntsmen Junior, I also think, is probably really good guy dont norm. I know it. I knew his dad and I really liked his dad but John Huntsmen Junior is, is not a conservative he's, just not, he might be a great guy, but he's not a conservative and you saw that running- that's Mitt Romney the same guys, though the same guys and you just don't like the blaze radio network on demand
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