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Stu and Jeffy critique President Biden’s handling of the COVID pandemic and inflation. Jason Buttrill joins to discuss the experience of meeting President Trump at Mar-a-Lago. Stu and Jeffy go through a list of things they wouldn't have guessed would occur in society.

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Welcome to the pot cast today. Glenn is sick, so Jeffrey Sachs enough to step in he's a force hosts of chewing the fat. The pod cast that you can subscribe to right now on this very pod cast platform to do the mandate from the federal government. I have nothing to do with it. You have to follow me, I'm usually against mandates with this. One seems like it's. Ok Ok, there's not a man of us. It's a must check it out. You in the fat, which official also students America is. The shows show that I host every day is as well as being hanging out on this radio programme with Glenn. Today. It's us we're talking about the interview that kind of money do with Donald Trump tonight. He has a special interviewed, that's airing tonight, I'm please tv, it believes tv dot, com, Slash, Glenn, promo code is glad to save yourself. Ten bucks. We also talked about the Roma Kron plume crowned flew Rona Rona Virus. That's out there right now and
We know what the next couple weeks you gonna look like when we go into the studies from the UK and South Africa with some hopeful stuff. Also, we will talk about the midterms. This has been on the horizon for a wild will its twenty twenty two folks were here. We're gonna go into the details as to what the history looks like four for mid term elections and what the prospects or November looks like as we get closer, and tomorrow is January six the day, various healthy offals area, so for all the anniversary talk to avoid give out of their last January six instead of one sick, but anything that is if it is, you have to say what a day for democracy all right we'll get into that is well today. The broadcast. Welcome to January sixth Eve. Have you put
your January six tree up yet cause we ve got a new national holiday in this country, at least for half of it general six left it lives talking about it takes is the most one thing: since the civil war, it is the day democracy almost no didn't die. They finished everything up that same day, It was a bad luck. I'm not gonna make any excuses for what happened. Ungenerous six, I think it sucked and the people who were eating police officers over the head with Paul's should be in prison. I have no problem with that however, what the left has decided to do with this and turn it into this ridiculous national holiday of celebration? get to say that they ve never done anything wrong. There's never been Certainly they ve never shut up a baseball field of full of Republican that has never occurred ever looked insane. People in every move- exist and
There were some people who went into the even when integrate capital that we're just and we know people who may be made mistakes. Maybe did got caught up in a moment and then the people who are we really bad there? We ve seen some of that. You know you could see. Look hitting you know, I don't care about politics when it comes to beating police officer over the head, I've at police officers and my family- and I know you think, that's an appropriate action to take. We now scream I know I've, no sympathy for some of done that that being said, what the left is true do with this is what has been frustrating overcapacity will have. I think the president is giving you know the day that democracy almost died. Speed Chin were the am it's gonna, be the ends gonna be you can call me that it's interesting to the timing of Glens Interview with down. drop in the release of it. Now this is something he recorded right before the holidays, and he was in
Marilla a Lago the interview- and it was me now lot of interesting stuff, and we played a couple clips right before the holidays, but the Interview comes out tonight: nine pm eastern Police, tv, dot com, slash Glenn! If you go there at ten. you'll see this and I will you Just give you I hate, you don't ruin an interview by giving out too much information. You don't wanna! You want to give the end to a movie before people get to go, see it some people, but I wanna do right in what you do. Glenn definitely does Glenn loves to ruin movies. But let me give this one little spoiler here he does. ask him about genuine sixth and I know the media's gonna- get all fired up about that they're going to imagine how did they had the president of the it states on that area, and in the week of January six, they didn't even ask about oh mentioned above the insurrection rice was a very intense.
no choice by Glenn, because He said this on the air for the interview even started. He wanted to be about the future, not the past. And we can go back and rehash every little scandal or back and forth. It happened with the media during trumps presidency. We can do all that we can talk about It would have been crazy for him to ask about January six, but everyone is talking about that all the time and I believe the president former President is going to be, making it a some sort of statement as well about about January six. I think it was. and he was posted. There were some event that cancelled actually, so I am in obviously will probably make a statement, I'm sure, He likes make em, so you may be ear. You heard Donald Trump Talkin that a hundred times what but the issues that are facing us now. You know it's great. It's great. little window for that- the left right now to be able to talk but something my January six, because they don't have to talk about all the days that have occurred since January, twentieth, witches President Biden,
in the country into the ground- and you know it's hard to get into the election stuff here at a little bit as well, a kind of little look ahead to the mid terms. It's hard to in mid term elections. When you have a president who isn't incoherent like when you have a good precedent. it's hard to winter elections for your party, what happen with Biden from everything from Afghanistan. to the economy to inflation to I'm. Crush this virus. I'm gonna end the virus, no buddy with two hundred twenty thousand deaths on their toll should be allowed to be present in that's crazy. Now he's got four Hundred and twenty thousand deaths on his register. By that logic, patient be president a couple of times I guess when it comes to lodge I'm ok with by the way. I think this is a rule I'm willing to implement right now. At least
All of this is adding up to a real disaster for them in the mid terms, and I was reminded that he also just do other things he promised the hasn't happened, those he promised to cure cancer. I want that. I want that done the document avoided demand. Is it cured yet to reach a week megaphone alibi, buddy image that I've? Actually I'm actually working on something related that we have to get it but maybe later, but I will make sure you know about this: nine PM, eastern police, tv, dot, com, Slash Glenn, the January six distraction, Glenn and former President Trump discuss. We're coming America's real challenges, those things you're, talking about inflation, the economy, how we're going forward? What is the correct message, the american people- need to hear right now, saga beyond with blood and former president trumped tonight on please tv. So, We are talking a little bit about the Koran. the AU macroeconomic run and
Everything that is going on. It seems like everybody on earth is sick right now he S. Glenn is out, we don't think it's the cry but I dont know if he's been tested yet and we're gonna find what I guess we'll know maybe soon, but I know I've had relatives. seen businesses closing and we, hit a million cases day, which is an all time high, not only for the United States. But in theory the world. Now that is a ridiculous statistic, very misleading, totally misleading because of it like India, is not testing at the levels that would allow them to beat that record right? It will place like India with so many more people sure during their terrible delta outbreak had way more crazier than that, but within officially, when we know China as well absolutely with the pick of China's was still saying their will. Had wondered. I guess,
gravelled monkeys. So we know it's on a real record and we know that number is obviously under count as well as far as lots of people are now too home Tesco had not reporting number you can get em. They lived there a little hard to get me out, but people are doing that more than they used to as well. There's a lot of asymptomatic cases that people dont even know they have, and that's been something that's since the beginning of the pandemic. But officially the statistic is the highest ever and it does seem get on the ground is living up to the billing as incredibly easy to pat vs that exists. seem to be real. We ve had a lot of over these variants. You know, if you remember the epsilon variant didn't do anything the delta lived up to that hype, a little bit and in one way and is living up to the hype in this in this sort of outbreak. Right now I do expect over the next couple weeks were going have ridiculously high case, totals we're going to have probably
hospitalizations and deaths rise, but not merely to the level? If you look at the charts, happening. New York was one of the first places. Where were we saw an o, Micron outbreak, the line. Four cases is through the roof. The live, as is up slightly the lines for deaths a flat or down, so that the hype, on all mccrone? Was it's really easy to pass and it's maybe a little bit less virulent a little less awful in the previous variants. That does to be holding up to be true and that's a really good thing, but that doesn't mean because the numbers are so high, will probably still see, arise here over the next few weeks. They believe this whole thing should be. Or by the end of the month, or at least the end of net. month at the latest and they're talking about new variants. Now, but again, these various might fade out. We atley yeah there, king also about why I called it flew ground
but as live forever ground. But it's actually fuller. Rona flew Rona here. What is Moroni, Lou plus Corona by getting at the same time back or is it that they ve? Now, like murder? They're having a family life, they they it's a mixed family. It is even though the little blue, where they met at a bar. the corona virus. In the flu, Hey had a hook up, you look pretty good. Ya Rona. Would you come on over this way and then we had Loretta, that's how it happened. You boys and girls. Birds in the bees and action. So let me give you what we do know at least the best as close as we know, moreover, this is, of course we had earlier outbreaks in South Africa in the UK has been a lot of studies there. Let me give you seventies quotes. I would All of this sounds like pretty good deuce. Overall, that doesn't the next couple. Weeks might be rough, but o all this seems like good news to give you the summary an individual with Amr Chrome is estimated to be between.
Thirty one and forty five percent less likely to attend any, which is the main british emergency room, are compared to delta and fifty two, Seventy per cent less likely to be admitted to the hospital. So good news yes when, when the reduced risk of hospitalization was combined with accede, effectiveness against symptomatic disease, the vaccine effectiveness against happily hospitalization was s. the maid as I'll give you all the different dose levels. Fifty two percent effective with one dose. Seventy two percent effective with two dose if its recent, so to day I saw its old right, so you go up to seventy two percent. If it's an older, so you ve had it in six months ago, dropped down to fifty two percent effective. Isn't it had the I am actually with where we're at now the way that the vaccines are below waning. As you know, fifty percent still pretty good. It's no something wrangling with if you're, no six, the eight month window, yet
like like there's a lot of which there are some people who I mean I don't want. The vaccine didn't take the vaccine That's should be your choice. We ve top caught talked about how bad these mandates are over. over and over again, the overwhelming population of the country now we're at over Eighty, some odd percent has had at least one dose of this vaccine, so I think a lot of people, even if they think fancies annoying and then widens annoying may have we previously had a vaccination. We know president tramples on with with Glenn tonight has had vaccine. Any he's been boosted we are over. I thought we were done with the pandemic of the. vaccinated- but I still trodden resident near trotted about the other day, personal trotted out, which is like asking by them If you were the booster, its eighty eight percent, so out of fifty percent windows, seventy two per with two doses that a recent fifty two percent with two doses, that might have been in the past and then eighty percent on the booster. So that's what that's, what the
case studies show. South Africa showed pretty similar things these areas, are consistent with COMECON displacing the delta variant. So we are already seeing eye Omar Crombie, these the the dominant variant here in the United States. If they were talking about many of the people that were still in the hospital word delta, yeah, you know we're getting the big numbers, increasing alma rod, yeah, but the hospitalizations, while was being linked to Alma Crown, were still delta yet zone. That does seem to be a lot of this and one of the questions was, it doesn't seem A previous affection with the school, Han Strangler or the beta virus, or the right or even Elton any of those doesn't seem like it protected you against all of our own. However, it look like the reverse is true, which is really good if you get of mild mccrone infection. It seems to protect you against the other variance and that
but the South Africa essay showed they said. These results are consistent with overcrowd displacing the delta variant, since it can illicit immunity which neutralizes delta, making re infection. Delta, less likely the team of tests in Africa Road if all displaces two improves more mild than pass variants. The incidence of covert nineteen severe disease would be reduced and the infection may, shift to becoming less disruptive to individuals and society. Now. Look we, I think, as a people on the right look at this and say we live our lives. We gotta figure out how to get through this in and in a year and a half some risk and can eliminate all that risk. If, a business owner its import, you that liberals also come back to your business right. You know you would think that began. Definitely would think so they might be annoying while there in your business but you'd need their money. So her her here they wanted. They, banks don't sit up with this, come from a program right now they just what their money and if you are if your owning at Yonah BAR you dont want to be half filled
want people to be in there, and so you need everybody out back. in society. So this is good, even if this lesson doesn't necessarily matter to you this found. This is the south african city again said he found that the vat seen from Pfizer and by intact, provided just thirty three percent protection against infection. So it's not doing a great job any more as protecting you reflection is doing something where you no thirty. Three percent is compared to someone who's unaccented Zelda, that's the doubles. Two shots of the Pfizer Yes, in fully fully that'll exactly five years, you're getting aced some level of protection, though not great protection against the infection. However, the vaccine offers. Seventy percent protection in this study being, hospitalized with overcrowded. So if you put together with the previous results. They're gonna come out about the same because you get about thirty three percent less chance of getting infected, but you get infected about a seventy percent chance of going to the hospital,
bottom line is this is good Ukraine is gonna, be rough over the next couple weeks because it so infectious and so many people are going to have it so a smaller Senator of a big number is still a big number, but once there thing passes. It may give us the type of thing that we ve. about for a long time enough unity to push office, severe disease and enough enough of a positive change that we can get back to normal life. This is the best of Glinda Programme and don't forget rain us on. I too well Donald Trump, former president and Maloney Trump. The former first lady got a terrible Christmas present this, December, as Glenn back came to town, and no one wants that very clear, but terrible punishment for both
Donald and Millennia, but they were gracious hosts and where to get into what it was like behind the scenes here in just a second, I'm gonna give you this point. This is from the if you tonight airs at nine p m Eastern on Blaze, tv bullies, TB, dot com, Slash Glenn, were right. After a brand new? Still? Does America don't miss it? nine pm Eastern is the interview it's gotta, be they got to really everything and Glenn was very specific about this interview in what he wanted to do with it in a down trump talks, too, a lot of people- and you know he has he easily to the couple of interviews with Glenn Glenn. I believe interviewed him long before he was into politics back in the day of Scott, has been doing radioset. Seventeen, forty four so he's at an opportunity to do that, but since, Mr President, obviously they didn't agree a lotta early on in the presidency, and there wasn't there weren't any interviews there. He we talked to Don Junior Butscha Times
he is his second interview with Donald Trump since he's really back into politics. We have on the on the phone once and they had talked behind the scenes several times over the years by This was really kind of an opportunity to look into the future. Every interview that the mainstream media once do. Donald Trump is going to be about January six and a day democracy elbows- and I, like you, have the title built in this way. they want a national holiday. I honestly, I feel I don't even like calling it genuinely six the day Chakra almost died. I don't like doing that because it gives them what they want, they want to be January sixty day, democracy almost die, you want to call it the queue and on riots you want, you want to come up with another name for it. I'm I'd much rather like, like that, a lot more. The calling at the date is that what they wanted to be a September eleventh wherever one talks about it. Every year, like it's, this big Corbett anniversary? I don't think that's.
Great idea to call it January sixth day, democracy almost died, The drama really is lost. Would the word almost isn't day the plane, almost half the building near me sit gets, is not the same. here is a Donald Trump England back talking and more, The I wanted a questions. Glenn did want to ask him about how we go forward in the future is what do you do with Anthony Fauci as we know, he's gonna do four hundred and seventy two interviews per day. We know that's going to occur, but what else would you do then? if in and what was the relationship like here is Glenn talking to former president Trump, I think when, when This was coming out of China was perfectly reasonable, shut everything down, because we did
They were welding people into their homes in China. We have no idea and they were being open and by the way they well them in and they never open. Brio ASEAN then found she I wanted to give I want to give everybody the benefit of the doubt in those early days and as we have done a ton of research I didn't from the biggest chalk boards. I think I've ever done right They were using federal government money to do yeah and move on? I stopped it How is the one that's welcome. You did but I dont think found she cared about that fallacies. Now, Claiming he's science did you ever? Did you ever would he still be working for you today, not not now, but but he's great promoter he's not a go doktor by geographical motor, but you have to in everything he wanted. I didn't do as an example. He wanted to keep it open to China here
timidly. Was wrong about that and admitted it and admitted that I saved tens of thousands of lives, He wanted to keep it open. I saw what was happening in ITALY and France and Spain, and I close the deal very early. You don't China was January. I closed it in but was shortly thereafter. We saved thousands and thousands of lives. He wanted to do that and then his big one of them all is the masks are useless, they don't mean anything and then all of a sudden he wants you to wear ten mask in aware, as many as you can put a wall up and cover your ears. Do everything so I didn't really do much of what he said and wasn't a big factor for me in a sense because of it this is this. Is it may look I've s first, while very funny? I must cover your ears tat. Would ten mass arrests, Now it's a little bit of a
maybe I'll, show you a little bit of a different picture here? Do we have that clip of Joe Biden talking about Google, because this is this- is what a real arise at all like that, I'll. Tell you if weeks we stood up further. pesticides all the country ok, adding more each and every day, that's good to hear Google, Google Chrome with quotas on your me Go there Google, but both freeway covert tests near me. I go. Where do I go to find the nearest site there, where you can get by a test most and free never get a most often, and I mean I mean it. I want to talk about the competence level is incredibly high, but the result for any talking about you and, I think, is interesting his his his answer on factually seems to basically be. Turkey was liked by the media he had is he had his value, but we didn't really listen to him behind the scenes, so he can that a little bit more tonight, he gets into talked him
Russia, Vladimir Putin, inflation. All the big topics that you want Think about as we go into a mid term election Glenn talks to the president about and looks forward. Not back not talking about January six, like everybody democracy almost died I'm not going to be able to hear that date without your stupid. title, we bring in Jason Butter or whose, on this trip with Glenn, he was in the room, but let us do he gonna plain: he went to Morrow Logo sought me everybody there, but it's got the wild experience to go to Morrow Logo and ends after her when president of the United States to meet daughter millennia the family, but what a bizarre experience? It's not what you would think it would be and is not exactly. I thought I was going to be like if you think like, if you think you would go to like the old bothers, you know how or whatever, unlike more what is anchored rightly, what would that be like? You would think that it would just be a bunch of people, Minos,
if in their own farts and distant telling each other, how awesome they are. What are you still think? That's how would be if you go to your boss, neither because air of I'm better than you for something. and- and I feel like nobody's there right, it's it's just at the Obama's house. You ve got Barrack, you got Michel, maybe a couple people but like it's, not a not a ton of people around. I feel like that they're they're, going to that place to isolate basically they were Trump, is to ignore or not at all. Like I want justice, I can it's more like it was a hotel, it's not a hotel. I guess it's more, like a club there's only like a handful of guest rooms there. So it really is like. president trumps House Slash Office and a few invalid, people are friends, will come by and there's the members of the club or whatever. But I mean I remember straight off the bat we went into this very likely if a ballroom to do the interviewing and were set up and all of a sudden don Junior just walks in the room
what exactly was like that is they ate? What's up guys know, do you can say deeds with this kind of how I felt the area this walked in very casual started. You know like me, of chewing the fat with you. with all of us and There- and I was just from that- I was in that's kind of surreal ray. I mean just the President son, who is also very very out in the open window in the public sure just roles and start talking with, thereby Chillun and Tromp comes to do the interview and it was kind of the same thing, in other words some secret, so you knew movements or having the secret service. They came in are talking Minos like whatever laid back very laid back as this. Where he's most comfortable right, I'm in this environment, it's not an act at all,
just like you know they they teach you you like in political science in college. You know about that. You know yet a hook, those hands. You know I'm pretend like you're, one of that he's a literally like one of those guys, albeit with a little bit more money than the rest of those guy a tad but a little bit, but he is one of those guys rise and adjust. The way he's got things done his whole life, yeah yeah, it's he is the the least likely to relate to the every man like, if you would predict who would be the least likely to understand how normal people live, and it would be Donald Trump right. The guy his dad was wealthy. He grew up and credibly wealthy here entire brand, was I live a life that you don't live, or that was really his brand throughout the Eightys and Ninetys and going into the apprentice and as the apprentice The apprentice he's the boss he's telling people that their food,
you got the time. That's not normally a path to the presidency here, but he has in there's something about Donald Trump that would lay while you buy me, he's the guy he's, the guy that you would expect you know, even though he is so you know been sitting in his gold. Chair five hundred and sixty four he's gonna come down to stand in the mud, shake your hand gouty about today. Right I mean he definitely has the golden share. You know he has luxuries and stuff, but problem is so he doesn't. He isn't see you as lesser because you're not also sitting in a golden chair, and you think that having that's really the hid, the rise of him was just him listening there and that's what we say in that room here, where the interview he'll, listen to you, like our let's talk about. You know the private conversations that we were having, of course, but he was. He would ask questions any look like he cared about your response. State does and if you look at you look back at his presidency and of the people that he would argue with
was the press, wasn't the american people, and yet he, when he was out on the road he listened to the american people as of hives, confront them, as opposed to like it Joe Biden ass. Our advice, you, yes for it like a bit yams difference there absent in the result was you know we finally had someone at talking about issues that people had like the border like no one even wanted to address the border. I'm he's problem. Not president, if it wasn't for his strong stance on the border, but he made it because he was talking to people. He was listening the easiest thing, we'll guys was after the interview, so I we, heard this before that, sometimes he'll invite people to come and eat dinner. You know if they, if you know media comes in and it doesn't interview with him. so he invited us all to stay there for dinner, and I'm not talking about just Glenn just as appear whatever the crew and everybody who was now come on in come, come eat, and so he was again our fingers woken up there. Now. I think this hat
and every night there so long ago that you get the feeling that this is your in his house right there, and there is this like kind of courtyard, in moral logo. It's it's. You know it's open air, it's always beautiful! On nice everyone does everyone sitting there. It's not arrest right so like they dont flip the tables than make room for somebody else after someone else, it's right it set once you go there, an AIDS, and then you leave right in what they do. They, they don't prepare for anyone else again, but he like so he goes at. We sit at our table. We look over to the left like a table and a half away the former president of the United States, his wife and a cup. Friends are just sitting right there like. then earshot, you can hear everything there saying I would like to develop, tabled a half away. You look was the most surreal thing ever, but that wasn't about surreal. Think so down member states little. It was late so that, if you origins do this its literally like your adding a large family gathering right along
family gathering on Thanksgiving and dad- or so you know, grandpa sitting over there at the other table and he was to get up and go- I oh hey. I just thought of this thing. I want to come. Tell you guys we walks over to you know at our table. It was doing there all night, really he walked or tails like twice as nobody. Hey guys was only understands what they were. It was the most any. That's it you're, a people's president. That right there is the template, there was a crazy that in that just how he is he does that with people every night it's interesting now has a broadcaster one of the things, I do is relate to your audience and give them new. You know information they can use. So if you happen to ever be in this situation, where your dining with Donald and Maloney Tromp, you now know how to handle the situation thanks to gaze at the account now you now I'm here for you what, as our hair ass lying outside Eco, who would take a quick break up with with more because I wanted to. I want to ask you a little bit more about where they went in this interview and types of the text, when I hear from the media this week, which can be
scruciating the interview airs tonight. It's blazed dot com such glared. At nine p M Eastern right out a brand new stew. Does America, at the best of the Buddha programme, it still of as America, Jaffee of chewing the fat with Jeffrey in foregoing back today, he's out sick he's got his interview tonight Blaze, tv dot, com, Slash Glenn. It is Donald Trump and back at moral logo going to be interesting a column in the federal, today, a third happenings in twenty twenty one that I never would have believed five years is for because these things happened so fast lot happier if we miss them by first reaction would be only thirteen, only thirteen scattered more than that.
Let me give you this list. Tell me if these are surprising do Jerry. We will do. but I believe these five years ago, five years, a long ago, I'm your go. Twenty seventeen get me. and as women this, the trend that what is most shock, my grandparents is transgender ism. Men are now competing with women and women sports being house with women in prison. I will say that. does surprise me enough. Now we knew this stuff was coming into semi do but the fact that, like the country, say yeah that guy. Should be in the women's swimming amazing that that's incredible? Yes, it is, and women's prison like how can you be putting have you had civilian, his move, the hell. Let's be honest, I better go for Israeli. Yes, oh my You say you you're going to prison yup, I'm a woman, gotta go there, I mean that's, that's genius.
It's a lot better than what I've heard happens in the other side of the prison. So if you have the opportunity you have your going to prison and you're giving the opportunity of going through the bats present or going to the women's sure there are some. I guess you know them by the argument is gonna be whalers transgender. They belong there for sure, ok nine none is so the women are necessarily ok with it, but I note your saying and but as a as a as a man that would be going to prison. Why is it? Why me? I went all seriousness. Why? Wouldn't you say it correct? Why? Wouldn't you say you know what? Yes, I am a woman. You put me in a woman's in the once I long over there. Why? Wouldn't you say it? I dont you already present. No Angela, That's a genius move if they allow it and those I will say this: if you are in the right state, they basis we cannot legally question right, cuz, you, you said it. You said
all you have to do to be a woman is say: you're a woman was your on the women side of the prison. I mean, I think you know a lot of people would go to the creepy elements of that which, which there are many, but also just to avoid the the hall show that is the men side of the prison with fire. it's in Ben worse, and I know that that if that look. Prison, whether its men or or female prisoners fun. You can call me other wow. Rather, we are getting really alive now. Real Jeffrey today are never to on this list of the thirteen things that would surprise anyone five years ago, blocking puberty, Parents thou enabling young children to change genders with dangerous surgeries and puberty blockers. It's hard to believe that the parents would go it is it is it is. It is prevalent as we think it is
I mean the liner willing, if it's making this list out of that, but I think that it necessarily makes. Listen. I don't know what we risk. It's not look. It's not a scissors susan common thing, hats, belongings, that we never to believe five years ago. Yeah can I I am surprised at how many american even those on the left that are willing to deny. Their own children's gender and allow them to do terrible fiasco themselves. That isn't! That is surprising to me. Now it's not the majority I dont think of even the left, but it's a lot of people be ass. Wits far far too many, drafting women United States narrowly avoided. A draft for women, which was supported by many elected officials in even the conservative party, was ever happen, though. Really I didn't didn't happen, so I guess we wouldn't that went on and off I'd call finally, what is I feel it gets. every euro. Every few years it gets brought up again.
Yeah, but it is growing and it seems it is it's very strange to hear an argument that the site, That is pro women is the side to get women shot in combat to get him draft against their will to go to war, chivalry, is mostly dead, but I did think we had a little strain of it. Left where if we choose a few, you know if you decided that you're gonna go to prison and Europe, and when you are sentence, but you have decided to go to a women's prison. Ok the army to guy. I forgot about not os acute in crime is the next on the list they shot a surprise. I think that one is surprising as well, and what listing. About least these first for is. I think a real movement against these things. You know that, was the defined the police thing, but even democratic cities are
but I would say, wait a minute now I don't know already. Forty backer goes around. I've already decided. You know what I know now. this is not going to work, we're seeing the results of it. I dont want this. You know, liberals want to go to restaurant, everybody wants to be able to develop into a seven eleven, get their slippery and get their gas. It go home and not get shot. I think you're right and when you are, your offending, not only the conservatives who don't like these ideas generally but you're going so far in such an insane way that you're you're hurting tons the moderates and even liberal scenarios have a massive illegal immigration. Would you believe that five years ago I may have believed that when I mean the Democrats have been trials, that for a long time, and it happening anyway, even even under I mean we had massive peep amounts of people crossing the border? Obviously tromp was to do something about it, which is, unlike some other president's, but that's go on for a long time it and is continuing and getting worse, the catastrophe
sort of situations on the border, maybe or worse than you, you'd, think but though the in the amount of people crossing, it is not an incredibly shocking. You may have widespread censorship. I mean, if you were to said five years ago, the president of the United States will be banned from all social media. Nowhere, I would not have fully. I would not be going to take time to don't actual, and yet I was talking about you know it's one thing to ban. You know I've Alex Jones Right and Alex Jones. We we argued against. Alex Jones being banned, even though I don't agree with most of his. You know his theories, but like we were, grey he shouldn't be silenced day, but, like me these social media companies have a real out with public figures. They haven't there an out from all responsibility, because we, should know what the President of the United States is. Thinking of. We should know what the former president of the United States is thinking the country needs to know that even If what he is saying is
lately wrong and irresponsible, and racist or worse you no matter what I want it is rather like I dont think you know world. Leaders of any sort should be banned from these social me. Apps, including people like you, know, from IRAN because I want or that they are still that's what the meeting here or not but the hour To me is not, they should be banned too we, the people like the President yeah, you know congresswomen all these people should not be, but I want to know what they're saying I wanna know shouldn't. Why should that be hidden? And you know honestly, like one of the thing that I think the left really misunderstood when they did. The Trump thing was that Trump caused a lot of problem, for himself on Twitter now he also had a lot of positive, but a lot of the even his most ardent supporters will say the guy, but by wish you'd start doing that right there take that away from him in all
but whatever mistakes twelve may have made on Twitter over the past couple years have occurred. I know which is interesting and probably really positive for Trumpery election held recently is positive for people. Like me, you see I'm talking to glanced back looking forward do as attribute tonight with glad back Stevie thinking. I miss him. Yeah I believe- and I think there are tons of people not say Butch, assailant good. I mean look at bite in his falling asleep in the middle of sentences where it at least I've had energy balance, lot of people didn't like him, but it's hard to its hard to argue that Joe Biden has done a good job here. I don't even think the left his attempt, they're, not sitting here going like. Actually, this is great they they'll say. Actually, you know it's worse. Donald Trump they'll say that, but they won't even defend him a wide and is doing a good job.
Maybe they can't number seven on this list of a thirteen happenings in twenty twenty one that I would never seen coming five years ago, parents labelled terrorists, well able to domestic terrorist, whether by just a but Justice Department, for showing up its school board meetings with complaints. That's a pretty bad one have is a pretty that's a pretty bad when it that's been proven that the parents were labelled. That ugly, president's mental abilities, doubted Why have we been doing the? I will say over doing every president at really every prison that I can remember outside of Barack Obama and maybe Bill Clinton. I mean Democrats usually have a pass on this, be the proper working at this? Is a Democrats president's mental abilities out, however, have wayward were we were worried about Reagan rights, the Reagan, George Age, George, W Bush, all the guys are relying on you to do is say would make us a story for two weeks: people writing entire books about dumb George Bush was because he'd flood a word. What happened to that
while usually a Democrat has a complete pass smart. Thirdly, intelligent one bad and they don't even argue that there is a way so that we could play an hour off the top of our head clips. We'd have to just go: ask for of Joe buds grown as you going now. We started a montage during the election like let's just get off his floods and just keep Stringham together and I'll. Be funding has didn't get longer longer. We just gave up yet so long as we could I laid on the air. It was it it deals with twelve minutes long, just Joe Biden, screwing things up Ireland has run out of time on the show next up on this list, thirteen happenings and twenty. Anyone that I never saw happening five years ago, asking athletes for advice. I like this one, I don't know that I went to see the coming five years ago because it was it was brewing, but much worse now, and in that way I would identify. This is something they calling cabinet or Lebron James and
it's one of the reasons why oh. I know a lot of people in the audience have, you know, turned against. Critically last year and and boycotted them. Of course, my team filled of eagles going to the class. I cannot do such a thing. they could all they could all be members of ISIS that I would still watch them because I left them over. They are. They are the very possible how What I will say is this is one of the reasons why I don't boycott sports because I don't go to it actually it's for their opinions on politics. I don't care what column captured. It says because column capital is a buffoon with getting I'd, love acts and people's data day lives. So much it's agonizing. Yeah I mean every no matter who they are, the ito Co Georgia, What's his name on the coach of the spurs is always coming out with our yes in, what's his face, the upon which Kerr these coaches, their buffoons,
I've been to look. They can have all sort of ridiculous left wing. I dunno culture to get. Let me why, but even if you come out, everything They had saved nonsensical idiotic pull. the color bottom line. Is I don't care about them and I don't have to listen to them, and when there's one idiot and taking a knee on a field with the next to fifty two other players who aren't am I get May we know boycott something that I enjoy punish all those other players that aren't taking any, maybe they have their hand over their heart. Looking at the flag, you got peep up in the stands. You know work in the stands, though: that's their job market, a boycott, those p because one more on takes a knee. I they just doesn't it of influence over me. So I like that one anyway, that's a partial lists. Didn't you can check it out on the Federalist
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