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As Democrat control of the Senate looks imminent, Glenn looks back on what went wrong in Georgia. Are the stimulus checks to blame? With the Democrats in power, here are the radicals who would run the congressional committees, like Bernie Sanders as head of the budget committee. Bitcoin is on the way up, but what does that mean for the future of our economy? Will America wake up if the Democrats push too far left too quickly?

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Welcome to the podcast or, as we like to call it a today, a group, fair recession where didn't work instead at work at all, not were confirmed that it's one of those days where we're dealing with some that news that you may have caught from Malaria association. Yes, I haven't of it I'm a tad frustrated year. I think you might be able to detect that the key to so that's tonight we're going on today and we will be with joy. The pod casket hope that your frustrations are our. How our maybe a little somehow or another, we cancel each other out right, we're all happy head and then tonight build probably get a little bit more of this as there is a brand new students, America followed by brand new special ongoing tv, yeah yeah. This ones, about the great reckoning yeah right.
I got a fifty percent and you know what a visit at nine o clock. Please. We need you now, more than ever to be a subscriber at least any dot com, slash gland, here's past Listening to the date of its good, let me just introduce you to the people that are to be running the Senate now I think you're gonna be excited? I don't think this is bad at all. they are going to be taking control and it to legists look at whose going to be on the committees and leading the committee's raw, Mendez Europe number him he is the guy who was acquitted on federal corruption charges two years ago.
He is gonna, be taking taking over the Foreign Relations Committee, gavel, which will be great. He had, been very upset that resident pulled forces out of northern Syria and That we rebuilt the military and then reduce the budget of the State Department and his priority rebuild the state to power. Make sure that may be as strong and running Benny Senator RON widening a Democrat of Oregon he's. take the reins of the finance Committee, which is great, and he is gonna roll back all the tax cuts and he said we have to learn the lesson of the great recession, and that is you take your foot off the gas in the middle of an economic recovery souls. And spend print print, spend print spanned print.
Then you have Diane Feinstein. Now she is next in line. She should be the chair of the Judiciary Committee, but she's pistol People off on the left. Lately, especially when she said hey that Amy Corny bear thing that that went well, media. They didn't like that, so speculation is is that she's going to step down and let somebody else have the power really a senators discreditable step down with a one thousand year record of non. Stop liberalism and progressive is not good enough, not good enough, because she hugged Lindsey, Graham once yeah and now she's gonna be out the shows how much they care about their people. Well, here's a good NEWS, Dick Durban is next in line while got that now this one is really good at the head of the budget committee on this is the worst one.
Bernie Sanders their head of the budget. Now the good thing is, we don't have a budget We have had a budget since two thousand eight weed operate on that anymore. Who needs a budget Europe need one right, especially when your bank account reads negative. Don't ever create a budget. You just keep spending, that's what we Now we're gonna get some real healthy spending in here, because Bernie Sanders he's gonna, be the head of the Budget Committee on Lass he's a point the to the Secretary of Labour position. Ah, thank goodness we're all gonna have all kinds of rule, Regulations and pool anti of labour unions if Bernie Sanders is the army, which Wentworth him at the head of the budget.
For him, as the Secretary of Labour, I mean they are equally terrible. I mean I feel like EVA Braun. I don't know. I don't want to take this the cyanide pill, but You're gonna shoot yourself in the head on like that one either well most desire that ok, like hell, over two and hang over three. They are equally terrible: holy cow, holy cow. Ok, Then you have Senator Mark Warner from the great state of reach. India, totally great he's gonna, be the chair of the Senate Intelligence Community Committee, so he's gonna oversee. you know all of the CIA and an essay and and to make sure that our directors are complete, mainly a clap, her back when that be great Sherwood then Then we have on the commerce, science and Transportation Committee,
we have Maria Cantwell now he's from Washington State, and let me tell you something we won from Washington State. I am all for they I mean they got a death Seattle, Washington, state, oh it's, which run in like a like a drum I mean it's just great, oh, she is going to be she's gonna, be analyzing. The impact of the Tec giants on local journalism very, very concerned so you know the hundreds of local and regional newspapers have disappeared, revenue dried up because I don't know We're not writing. Horse and buggy is any more and so she's looking to figure out what we can do as a federal government to make sure that job. Sir and surely that will lead to positive covered for Democrats what it might publications
Only kissing the butt of journalists would be one of your main proposals would not there wouldn't be a secondary motivation. You'll have the government paying your salary. You know you can trust those journal a bite, the hand that feeds them. We ve seen it We were then pr and of how we are going to talk about the most fair and balanced source value. I get every time I do need never about. They know, I'm never tilted again repeat moments. It never occurs ever then you have shroud brown. He looks like he's going to be, the banking committee echoes to some one else here, he's going to be.
Screw dreaming up and say here what he's going to be, I think it's, I think it's for housing awesome yeah cause a thing he's really interested in is. Urgency, rental assistance, ah good yeah, that's a hero. Then then, you have Patrick lay he he's gonna be on the appropriations committee he'll be the chair. That and again thank you. Thank you. like you. I am so glad that we have had. He Murray cause. She's! Isn't she from Washington State to Maria I think she is, and I who doesn't love yet another progressive Democrat from Washington State. She is going to take control of health, education, labour and pensions commute committees. So you got you got that She's gonna be shall be able to take care of you know I'm a care who we're gonna make
That's so much better! We're just gonna we're just gonna have one health care system. That's it single bear system. And she's gonna we with her in charge. It's gonna be done right, well. When I see her in charge, I actually mean the centre for american progress. You know with with them in charge in writing all of the bills and everything should but she'll be able to shepherd that and just be like yeah. Ok, when Why, when you want me to do that social God that its annex hiding group. I will say that emit really is this is, and this is who they have, which is like side these of some people, so unremarkable, but they will They they're kind of nameless, faceless shepherds through the of these policies and won't matter whether their effect or talented or smart. Now, just you know, they're gonna have control and that's that's. What's important, yeah
this is more than ever. Here is the Good news. The purse strings are held by the house, but the house on all of their oversight. Committees, theyve appointed the squad to their heads the oversight committing all good, so you got the squad can sure that things like pay go pay as you go. You want a new programme. You have to find the money before you do it. You know that rule That's just been suspended and an Presley strangely I'd rather have the guy who's dead. buried next to his pool like a hamster in Memphis name, Presley. I'd rather have him in Congress. Than a Yonah Presley but she said that the great thing is that The new rules in the house quote:
have removed to structural barriers to our agenda for equity injustice and will allow us to advance the bold policies like Medicare for all and the green new deal and- and suitable covert recovery, so this is gonna, be good and they said They are no longer go have to worry about presenting big ideas that will get bogged down in procedural hurdles. Or harmful. steady measures. So that's great I am optimistic today. Glenn are you? Oh, my gosh. Look at this collection of people All the wonderful things they're gonna do for our country there, so american, ah gosh they were there. The
Exact opposite and I'd like to concentrate on that. Your listening to the best of the Glen Back programme tonight, the Georgia win and the cap conservative reckoning you're going to have reaction to the joint session in Congress to certify the electoral votes were told that this by Senate staffers that the debates on The objections to certifying could last well into the night. So we will have live. Coverage of that is well react into the Georgia results where two conservatives go from here. How do you fight how do you find on the grass roots level. this is America. Turning point: what do we do?
tonight only on blaze, tv live at nine p M eastern time. Don't miss it a member of blazed tv, dot, com, Slash Glenn, used to promote global glad and say, ten percent off your year subscription now more than ever now. more than ever We must protect each other's voices, please, if it's not that eyes of somebody else that you think I just this person, I totally trust and they will work to get me the news? They will work to get it right and life would be there. different in America without their voice? Please support them in Anyway, that you can say with your local radio station, please the sponsors on our honour radio programmes. They believe many times the same things that you do and they come on Tremendous pressure and the pressure there going
feel soon is off the charts. And I will tell you in the coming days we ve already lost. Why of one of our longest running sponsors because they were afraid and they said with what's coming, we don't want to be involved in anything quote. Dangerous end quote and I'll explain that to you and that's fine, but you need to understand. We need you more than ever blaze tv, Dotcom, Slash, Glenn, see you tonight at nine p m. I am going to explain what is happening. And what happened last night in case you haven't heard yet it looks like this
The Republicans have lost control now of the Senate,. So there are no speed bumps. None and they are going to reverse now, everything that Trump has done they We are going to be able to accomplish the green new deal single payer, healthcare, everything and it is- going to come at a break neck breath. Take only fast speed, because they ve got two years and they learn from Obama. You got two years to do it and They are going to land with their feet on the ground. So we explained first, what happened what been last night. Is a result of a six hundred dollar stimulus jack. That's what happened! There are people that care about there
families that are having a hard time feeding their families. Nancy Policy and her group made it very. very clear to those who are paying attention. They did wanna give stimulus checks. They wanted people hurting before the election and because they had the press. That's the way it was spot. It was spun that the big old Meaney Democrats and Republicans were the ones standing in the way, because they only cared about special interest. When quite odd, lay. The exact opposite seems to me was true. but then they decide to roll out of stimulus package and the republic and allow it to be six hundred dollars. I saw The six hundred dollar thing- and it was an insult you- you asked people to close their businesses.
People lost their job, they haven't been able to pay their rant or their mortgage, and your keys to them after months of nothing with six hundred dollars. Then they moved it, two thousand a thousand dollars. That's an insult. I waited there won't were the back rent, that's what happened. We had the guy from Trafalgar pulling on yesterday and he said that's when the poles moved and is absolutely right. That's what happened G, o p. Control of the Senate means you're not getting any more money there the credit control of the Senate means monies on the way and lots of it. That's what happened there exactly what I told you would happen in twenty. Sixteen I too,
June, twenty sixteen guys I don't believe in Donald drop at the time. I didn't think you would do any of these things day, but he did. He turned out to be a very effective president. But I told you at the time when I didn't trust him. That what's gonna happen is we are going to have. Economic crash in the last. then the last year- and it will be devastating and either done tromp- and I thought this at the time Donald Trump would just become empty- are like nobody's business. He Didn'T- and I said either we are going to get Sdr from Donald Trump, any transform everything or you be voted out. And you will lose every election after that for long time because the Democrats will just
become a candy store and will happen in this term. Well, I was wrong about Donald Trump put. I wasn't wrong about the scenario and that's exactly what happened last night now. I want to talk Set about something even more dangerous, and that is people giving up and this is going to get worse and worse. People want security, they were really dont want freedom, they want security and it you can understand it, because if there is no security, there is no freedom. That's I, the wild West, was wild and needed to be tamed because you could move to town and you are all like minded people, and it was great until the bad guys want,
What you had and then there was there was no way to defend themselves. and so it was shootouts and it was mob rule. this is the way people feel there's mob rule. I don't have I don't have the money to be able to do Think about it, I don't even have a job. I need help. and it's gonna get worse because the dollar is going to die, and I want to talk to you about that today, its critically important, but first. Let me give you something written by Jenny White. She wrote I'm angry. it's not a passing emotion bar brought on by a single circumstance. The anger is deep. Painful abiding anger
created by a mix of frustration, despair, hopelessness, and injustice. Please find God I don't care what church you go to. I don't care Well, I did actually do if you're going to WAR Knox church. That would be a bad place, but I dont care find God that is not a source of frustration, despair, hopelessness or injustice. God is The exact opposite of those for decades and told the trust american institutions and, if have grievances to work harder to improve them, and I have done so far more than most Americans and my reward has been watching. Corruption, ineptitude only increase No, you are not alone as a public
the school science teacher in late. Ninety nineties, I watched my parents disengage from their children and students gain more and more power over my classroom every day I saw administrators, allow it to happen and even excuse bad behaviors. Well, she's a very hard home life. She just needs to blow up some steam and let's give her a safe place. To do that, you don't are to feel unsafe. Do you? I saw good teachers leave the profession rather than fight the brewing storm on the horizon. That would make them Constables instead of instructors, rely more on technology than instruction and remove their classroom autonomy. So I quit To begin a family concerned, the way the Obama administration was taking control of public education, handing out stimulus checks, pushing for good. run health care. I I I help start a citizen's group, I helped in candidates for public office to interview and study bills and legislation. I worked with legislators to develop a building.
Proof, civic understanding by mandating study of U S founding documents and high school. I want, legislators, talk to me and my fellow citizen lobbyists as though we were nothing more than a little gum on the bottom other shoe and splain to us why they knew better than we did allegedly. Told me: voters send him to Capitol Hill to make laws, and I were de scowl dark in his face. When I told him, no voters send you to the capital to protect their liberty, which, often means repealing laws. I want Legislators lie to my face about the status of bills and why they wouldn't vote for them. I became frustrated disillusion with legislators in the entire civic system and I quit on September twelve. Two thousand nine,
went to our nations capital for the taxpayers March on Washington. It was amazing to flood the streets of Washington DC with hundreds of thousands of other human beings. Knowing that I wasn't the only person concerned about the state of the union, its history and trajectory Although we left the Washington Mall cleaner than we found it, we came home to hear that not only had corporate media downplayed and lied about the numbers of participants, but according to them we were Middle America Yokels who knew little beyond what we get dig up in our corn fields. We were called this. lasting names criticized denigrated in smeared by even the poor President Obama himself, hoping for last, I enrolled my children in public elementary school that year over the course of five years I watched a son be bullied so badly by other students that his own teacher I tried homes, schooling, just to see him smile again
watch, my other son Bluff Bide in mad to the point that he couldn't add single digit numbers properly. I watched a daughter, bring, papers about global warming and bad white people you, hurt native Americans, I joined the pair Teacher association, only to find that fixing these issues wouldn't happen, because there were no She was more important than selling wrapping paper to buy a new gymnasium and computers make sure we the same equipment. Other schools did. I saw no future for my children and me there. I quit the system hoping that becoming involved. Party politics, could help steer the type of legislature Elect. I the state Republican Party for years I doodle fully went to every precinct, meaning county, meaning district, meaning volunteering for the platform committee. Numerous years every year, a group of us tried to create policies that would require report can legislators to follow the platform on which they ran but have
Six years of no success without or any other activity attempted to make republic. Politicians more accountable to the people who elected them. I became frustrated and disillusioned with a party, and I quit. I found a little national education initiative called common core again! Writing about its problems join many other parents attempting to push back even helping to get common core from state law, but after all my efforts watching nothing improve, I watch. The state department of education continue to find ways to propel common core into the classrooms with, having no way to stop it. I watched to reduce social media, to tear myself and other parents apart person really for having the audacity to care about kids and other Oklahoma students, so I quit Syn
that day I have seen legislators and judges ignore significant allegations of wrong, doing strong reasons for doubting results and legitimate evidence of election fraud. She said I am angry, because I've been playing by the rules, I've been paying. My time since being civil, tolerant, my neighbour, excepting without protest, the election of past presidents, I didn't support and never threat. being physical violence, using name calling cancelling careers or using gum Goons dawned lawfully spy to invite reasons for impeachment or media to Miss report misrepresent or otherwise create dissension and anger. at the other side, has Carte Blanche to do all of this today I'm gonna try one more time today, I will stand with fellow Americans on the mall in Washington DC, where I will once again petition Heaven where I will once again hoped to see results before
I quit this is the best one back program been thinking over the last break of of what you need to know to be able to fight and understand. What's going on, And the best thing we can do to fight is to not be behind the eight ball when it comes to money. This is happening right now. If, if the economy hadn't changed, the average person would have voted for Donald Trump, this would have been a voice,
three different election for a couple of reasons covered. We would have had the mail in ballots and then the second reason. is the economy is doing, was doing incredibly how best economy in the history of Amerika and what happen at the election last night. People voted against, six hundred dollars, gloominess Jack and instead a two thousand dollar stimulus jack. That's what happened! That's! What made the point in a half difference. There is something going on right now that we are that we told you would happen. and then there is something else. That's going on. That is getting very little attention that we had sports on, say we're gonna happen and the experts were the turns out to be right, but just
way out of step with timing, and that is Bitcoin Goin last night was over thirty five thousand dollars a going. most people will hear that in think I can't I don't have thirty five that you don't have by a coin. A hundred dollars worth of a coin, but the digital currency is the way of the future. And I dont know how it is all going to shake out, but it is the big investors. It's the Goldman Sachs, it's the J, P Morgan Chase. It's not the mom and pop that God in Russia, Ended up to twenty thousand and then because they couldn't afford it when it went down, they sold it at a loss. Hats.
What's happening this time. This is very big money. And this will change people's lives. Your dollar is going to fall apart. It's going to without a shadow of a doubt. I'll talk to you more about this, and it's not just about Bitcoin it's about something that I told you I've been shouting it from the rooftops on the Tec thing, for I don't know how your ten years fifteen years and people, don't understand it, and this is the year that it's all coming home to roost. This is the beginning of total transformation and it's not coming from Congress, I'll explain that on tomorrow's onto morals programme is as much as I can. We have so much,
deal with today. Tonight I'm gonna be live at nine p m. We have some some big thinkers and some great experts on tonight to talk. not only what's gonna, be happening today, starting at what is at one o clock eastern time, one or two o clock eastern time, the with the presidential ballots. I am told from really Sources in the Senate that that thing is gonna be going on all through the day and into the night and so will have coverage on that coverage on What happened last night, if we have the official results on on both senators now getting in, and the Senate being lost and turned over to the Democrats, what that means and the conservative reckoning at all times,
eight nine p m. Please join us join us at blaze, tv, please blaze, tv dot com. I I think I want to talk to you. We have you ever. Fun and yet is from Georgia. I have learned how good you sound happy but and its but that's ok, I'm sorry! That's all right well known that disappointed about what happened. I think that the year two thousand dollar stimulus knocked down and the Democrats in their six hundred bit was the whole thing in so many people are just don't understand,
pretty much politics or anything else in the world anyway. The most voted. Her ignorant us into a large point, but one thing I want to say that now, they're gonna have control of the Senate, which I think they will I'd like to hear your agenda go fast, as I think it if it goes a slow like the progressive been doing for the past thirty years bit by bit by bit. You know the American, but don't see it now. I know conservative see it, but the people who voted for the two senators- and I know that you Democrats in Georgia are pretty much clueless on. What's gonna happen in the future, for these data basically thou know they think that their got in and
I want it that fast. I want everything that they want to put in fast over the next two years and hopefully that will shock the people who voted for you know by the end and the Democrats and say: oh my god, I can't believe America's go on this way and then we can have a change. Hopefully in the mid terms, but also one of my biggest concerns is: is the male imbalance unless the state legislatures changed this a we don't go forward in Georgia. Forbidding George me to go to our stay legislators who say hey this was illegal. It can't have again we have to have in person voting or absentee bows, but this male is that he's gotta stop and its unconstitutional for the state constitution. If we don't get involved or stay legislators in this melon bout body does not change, they were done more done because we can compete with with.
For about showing up at a house, and all the world would be intended for people who don't live there and are at a stage in, and you know it just to be, as this is where we lost the elections. So I agree with you on the ballots: one hundred percent a year, caution? ha rooting for things because they're not talk hang about we're, not talking about big tax increases. There are not just talking about things like that. They are talking about that. Boeing also are all good they're gonna do all of that, but they're talking about structural changes that don't they will not be irreversible. Yes, small example. This will be Brok. Obama gets he's got all these majorities and they did move quickly and they did pay a price for that in the petty party was a price for that they hadn't massive defeats in Congress? Afterward, you could argue their meal. Walk America up, I think that's true. On the other hand,
They also got things like Obamacare through that will last till the end of time like they pay. In massive programmes and structural reforms that we will be for as a country till the end of time, and they learned a lesson in that era, which was we do go far enough fast enough and they're gonna try to do structural things that will block the Republicans out from regaining power next time. So I I I understand the sentiment there. But I am very concerned I think we should do everything we can to slow this stuff down there. Do understand. The America does need to be weighed woken up in a big way. I once had awake but seriously I mean even the generality thing right like it woke up, but for couple years may be, but a meaning you now look at even the approval ratings on things like Obamacare are rising. Among Republicans, just
in a way that all eternity don't go out to restaurants, clothes, you, restaurant, close, your business you're going to lose your job, we're not repay pay you for it. We're just gonna, keep telling you exactly what to do. Hey we're gonna arrest! You if you go to a party if This doesn't wake America up America, is is, is too far down in slumber me. really honestly. What what? What is it going to take There are now blaming the people of California, for these Lee Horrible spread of covert will how a possible way, How is this possible, what putting in California you shot everything down. You were the most draconian. You are, You are a resting people, my strict pony and
more old people per capita in Florida than any other state in the union. We all know that they the most. Easily harmed were killed well, Governor Cuomo. still out whether he knows that are non buddy they have more old people per capita in Florida. why? Yes, Florida that didn't shut down what? Why aren't they having what's happening in California, that some things were all over the place and government is not the solution, dried, its there's, something there they are missing. Something's wrong, sir, thing- is wrong. If doesn't wake America. Nothing will nothing, will so You just preserve what you can and use. to preserve in your own home, quite honestly and you ve, To preserve the teachings,
Those things are going to be wiped out If you think that the deep state was bad guys, that for years, because there teaching they're gonna start teaching all of the critical race theory. Stuff again I mean they didn't stop weeks, those dead, other journalist exposed dead, Donald Trump and the White House. Did you see them? They attacked? What's his name, Russell love from O n B. He was on with several times here. The guy who was like we ve got two sits in the White House, needs ugly stop it, and he was effective it stopping as much as he could all they re TIM across Calls yesterday, because Does he was from the budget of you know. He was from the Office of Management and Budget Hand Donald Trump two trillion dollars over budget. yeah and are you guys, gonna love you you guys going to
start printing money and spend billions. An trillions of dollars. You guys, as I think, we're gonna thrill we're gonna. real at the days when the budget was only two trillion dollars over mark my words, we're gonna throw over and will be told it's an investment for the future. And we just have to wait for that. Invest to pay off, otherwise it will cost us a lot more. You know what I'm a guy man, I'm a guy, with a frugal wife, I've made that haste to her a lotta gonna, look how much money were saving. We don't need it yet, but I mean but it's on sale and by the time we do need it. It'll probably got a lot. More think of the money were saving that's the way the federal government is working right now. And it doesn't work. I know because I use it all the time. it's them. It's the move of a financial idiot,
and I'm one there are several things that need to be dressed, and I am sick and tired of the those people, especially in the media, who would be so exactly the opposite thing and they were be encouraging the violence in the streets. If the rolls were reversed, It would be saying exactly the opposite.
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