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Pat joins Glenn and Stu to discuss a white privilege test being used in some schools, which raises the question: Why are we fighting to open schools? Hollywood may finally be returning to theaters. Parents fighting against critical race theory in one Virginia school district are now being targeted, and Glenn points out how similar this is to an old Klan tactic.

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Hey it's a great podcast for you today, Billow Riley is here. We talk about the latest on the border latest insanity from Joe Biden, including the tax hikes that are coming. We talk about the heroin that is being pumped into our system with critical race theory and I'll show you what's happening in Virginia today to parents were standing up against critical race, very being taught, compare it to what was happening in California with the clan, and you tell me, there's a difference. Overhead ablaze, tv dot com, slash Gladys place to go to subscribe, to place tv brand new students, Americans, namely agenda Stena, with leaders of the global scandal. That's gonna be good governance. That, until forget, Andrew Cuomo is awful vodka is I can't forget that they can forget all its adopt its outcome addresses. I wish I could fly a mug or a teacher uneasy and shot the ass at an affordable price, a sort of you're, not the best selling
the only thinking today, proof that we do not live in the matrix. Yet Thus it would be much happier place. Would you be happy if you found out now you're living in the matrix freely. As long as what I was pulled out of the matrix its it wasn't worth yet sat at, I think in this case it might be warrior. Welcome to pat gray from Pap Patrick unleashed and the home of the impossible to remember cookie company. It is not possible to remember it's a taxi cook yeah, my wife's s, security, gay as I am I my wife said what did what does care? and I said it's finished for cookies and she said well. The Finns will be happy
During a fishing a lot, if he's a lot lot about eighty five percent of all businesses in the pill sinking, the reason they really really wired choice. Well, I mean you spoke in view of a failing you mighty online looking for cooking and it's actually and that's the first thing that comes up sorry. We went with something meaningful to our family. My son served mission there if you're, not aware that that's why he thought And he's a president of the company, so really Yes and a member and a member has not as yet is I M, but you know he doesn't do all the work itself. No, I was dying fact. I think we have a picture of Matt doing the work and a hairy envy do we have the area is inherent around
Look, that's a good one. It is. How can we don't have internet over your face for the beard, the beard beard here, copyright another face net side. I think you know you never have we need to have so, but today we go nationwide today the day that anyone in the nation you can you can order taxi cookies, taxi dot com and that's it course, but pretend you did not allow these ehler cages yes, I! Yes, they are the best cookies. Are they are there, but there despite the name, they are the yes, they are really good. It is. We ordered I shouldn't say, but
a lot of cooking a lot of these? Do we or do we have when I visited Tunisia, relevant Eu Monitoring, Katy S who were watching everything you do if it really my car? When did you turn into company? Slash intelligence, Glenn turn your he doubted ever. My wages did so that, yes, here we are, at the end of the week, a memorable weak, a memorable, a memorable weekend. Why? What is the story that we may have missed or you think? We really need it. Well, we This alone, but yesterday, but I I was kind of dumbfounded by the route author and his claim about white people, should be eliminated like a virus from the earth.
Why were you I M just I'm thinking? Maybe we need to put a stop to this kind of talk. Why you lad? Ok, can you imagine if a white person wrote something similar about any minority group? What kind of what kind of outrage there'd, be, let me know are there be no outrage because of systematic racism. Okay! Well, We will have all the power all of them. our on. I just saw. I just saw a story from the EU, the, U N, Secretary general. Saying that right wing terrorism is coming a pandemic, it is, growing in. Power circles and in at the political level, and I thought to myself, of course, he's onto us. That's why we have all this power,
Yet we are really listen to very carefully area. We are he blew in everything we do everything we say, that's why you wouldn't be a big deal. Maybe all white people should be eliminated. Bat. I got this from alley. Who is talking about our college class. It they made everybody in the class. Take a how white privilege how white privileged you are, and some of the questions on the test artist well, it shows you, the kind of privilege you have like a guy can go shopping and not worry that I will be not be followed or harassed or assumed to be stealing. We hear that all the time, not necessarily can turn on the television or go to the movies and see people of my race in a wide variety of roles. yeah lately lily. I see a lot of European Roma media most magazines, have pictures of people like me now what about that people know no doubt that they dance
elderly really elderly that paid her hooray right. There's not a lot of the now. I can go into a hairdresser shop and find some one who can cut and fix my kind of hair, ten blacks and his annex not go into a hairdresser, have I'll be able to fix her hair hispanic scan blacks. Have me indifferent, hair, by me in most places you would go, would be able to deal with that right, and I don't know I romilly. This has been a long term complaint. Apparently I remember they did eight. There are some, like all asker, a winning short film about this. Like about how difficult it was to get your hair cut, and I will tell you what s wrong. I would assume that if we went to countries overseas, if we want to place where they cultural norm, but potentially eighty percent of the population was greenow had different air than us, we might have some difficulty finding that as well as on a holy cow,
listen to every hour. Every other country is better than this one that hit other our country. Has I don't care if you're, the only one you can go in to any play, really seller. All exports. Are you golly, endurable, cookie, storing and they will be caught your air rail? He had no matter what grace you or your hair style, every other country area may catch it all in a hare net, though gas. It right that I want to hear the cookies. I don't have that right. If I swear or dress in old clothes, people don't say or think all people of my race a router, bad, it's not a thing to like a black person would swear. Would you think, oh my gosh, all black, people, never ridiculous idea that you were in and an act poorly. I do think all people are so bad ethnic, like you think of the Navy, if you walk by,
group of white people in there all swearing, you think their terrible. that's just a minute. That's just what you do it's yet be it of you so, but the ears like losses as it do. You think any I think of something about the entire race now, of course not, but now, but way way way. Let's, except that all of these are true, just just hurry now, no, but a foretaste of arduous Frazier, ignoring, except that all of these are true look what Culture is now doing there, saying these aren't true look at us. let us hold up the highlights of our society. What they're saying now? Is you d? serve. That treatment is
there have been read, started the beginning again see if these are all being done to white people right now go shopping in not worry that I'll be followed. Probably not turn on the television or go to the movies is none of my raised and I have already world no. I have a hard time, NED Tat such a reared. I dont understand that one frankly, I know I don't know me, I'm look of a white dude. Maybe that's why I don't understand it. You know privilege we want to move to a festival here into and Texas. I guess it was when they allowed the I have I remember eighteen when I was a kid and we went it was it was. It was colleague, dessert, festival, mousing, that's me, how am I nodded to deserve s also immediately bought tickets, that the dessert value didn't call me I ran over and Mr Eddy was
let's have a long drive from from where we work here and we went to the place and we walked. We got out of our car walked into the festival and we were the only white people. I wait wait. the entire Vesta. That's you didn't notice it when you walked in because you're not blind how boy- maybe they may have. Cultural differences. I remember seeing
a Michael Jackson, impersonator going around and taking pictures with the kids, and I thought to myself that would happen and that a lot of areas considered within the less we are then for me to say, but it was a different, was a cultural difference. There was now how art it is. Four blacks get John jet lag. Michael Jackson, I mean you think about this. You ve got all this work, even nailed of Michael Jackson in person they write and that all you're like come by the way posed documentary that came out of each Rio we're out all measures going around like every every kids, like other, take a picture like while it's you know what I ride. Kids you're not gonna, be taking a picture that particular in hers, and it was really enjoyable. At no point did I feel like. I was indeed a like being looked at her. I was out of place. You just mean we, I don't think you don't think about those things unless you prioritize race, as the number
one thing in your life and apparently we're supposed to know what I think and this I think this is the way it was probably back in the Sixtys and Seventys and before that but in the eighties, and I know that what the Euro Zone's its yeah in when I was a kid it probably would have been that way. Maybe when I was a little kid, but it way wasn't like tat in the nineties and not at all, without and so far no farther guides us a friend of a friend of my wife's message. For the other day, her kids in public school and pretty young, Meta linked to the inn at six or seven and they got into some of this critical race theory stuff already in the school apparently and before or she live. I don't know I don't know. I don't know before This happened just like. I know my kid like never noticed like these
they might notice that they look different their habitat, listen carefully top. It has to be carefully taught to be re sister s and so again like that of this. Kid is a racist, but is now coming home in saying that person s skin that person s brown skin? It's now like that thing they're talking about all the time, because this has started it like this has long them into starting to think about the differences of race and sorry use that as a way to separate in their mind a how people are in and what they do is like, that was never the case before this trade, hang that their receiving public schools. By the way did you see that the California State School Board has now approved curriculum? It's me Tori that every high school students have at least one. Class of critical race theory, Mandatory gotten Shannon read a book, and this again I keep bringing this ups but weak. Keep yelling and yelling open up.
The schools. Why you look it, but there is Chris Rueful had another article. I put up her my home and teacher kid. There do anything you can do railing. We went to Chris Roof has another story. They think it came out yesterday in city Journal, North Carolina is same type, a thing young AIDS being taught all sorts of things about how? If your white, your bad, you know you should be everybody's, a racist, or All of these things are being taught in these schools that we, as conservatives, keep demanding they open as a top priority. Now look because of, obeyed in all of this, the science behind it each these co schools should be open. They should not be closed for these reasons, and these teachers unions are big part of that. But, like we. What are we wishing for here? We story, a story, a story about how terrible these schools are, and then we all beg for them to open like em. Thing you can do not everyone can do it. I understand that ever
then you can do to try to figure out a different solution. So, listen to this in Virginia a group of teacher in parents in northern Virginia work were out head? If you will they were going after parents. That said no to the inclusion of critical race theory and they allegedly were targeted for retaliation according to daily Wire, the Virginia Project announced plans for legal action after members of an anti racist Facebook group with six hundred and twenty four members sought to. Compile a document of all known actors and supporters and intended to expose these people publicly. this is beyond. This is exactly what the clan did. Sarah, all mercury one in the vault and see if you can get the card from
the clan on the number of people and the faces of the people that needed to be killed by the clan it. It's an amazing. They ain't exactly the same tactic, to exactly the same courtesy. Thank you thanks for drop by it is already what that website. Their power Keck see Dotcom UK.
difference. I k e k, as I was alive or full letter to his well, I mean at its height say that finishes you know a difficult language, difficult in a dying language I hold onto it, because it's gonna sweep them alive million Finns who are holding onto it. Yeah yeah, there's five million people and is it he alone the best Glinda programme here? What's his name Cumber Bunch, Benjamin coming bunch of illicit combat? Yes, that's the guy he's new movie is coming out. It looks really good, but courier, I think it's cold war story, mocha So I have not seen any previous for it yeah, but time
my men sounds interest, I'm you know, I'm guy ordered Tawny and I am waiting for the theatres doped up. That's that's one of our favorite things to do. Is to go to movies and, and then you know, walk out and talk about this. off. We are in Hollywood for everything and then Reno over it by the next Friday. We go out to see another movie. You are interesting in that way like get really pissed off at like sodas, when they do something you don't like, but like the movies, you don't care, you just keep going back to yeah yeah, like a Jew company. If they write commercial, you don't like, you will never buy them again and you ll stick to it yeah, but like it
bought a pair of leave. I sense, but like you could have nineteen communists in a movie you're like give. Let me how do I spend twenty dollars? Terracina, because I get all I grew up expecting them to become. He asked I didn't. They meet my expectation. Promise verses perform yeah, ok, you know they're going in and your expecting Americans to be making movies now none. But if you go ego- and these are all russian spies, you're cool, that's a good start in Europe only little they can't let you down by the way. What's your name that was in princess bride, she had the movie in the woods, all alone or something like that, she played the prince, some princes rotten right, the Robin Robin Right, panicking right, communists, yeah. We her movie a couple of weeks ago, really good
I get ugly really good? These movies need to start coming out and I think they're starting to move them up now. I don't know if you seen the black spider black widow or whatever it is on the movie. The quiet place two my in theatres, I say to you that move that up his well, I think to memorial, Nay said: they're not there. They don't think that its ever gonna go back to theatrical only release alone. Probably the right thing at this point it. This is the master, the Glen Back Programme, and we really want to thank you for listening. So in Virginia as in all over the country, parents have started to rise up. If you thought common core was bad, its being shut down. The throats of our children in all of our schools, now with critical race theory is,
a thousand times more dangerous than common core in common core was really bad. This is poison, in in Virginia parents have gotten together and they are opposing the critical race theory, sculled C r t they don't want it taught The schools where their children are well Apparently the Anti racist Facebook with six hundred and twenty four members which includes parents and teachers were compiling names and addresses. In fact, let me say please well below this is what was posted. Please, below with the legal names of those individuals trying to stop CR tee the area of residents and or
the school Board, Rep known known, accounts on social media and any other information you feel is relevant. Well, what do you think that's all about, they are targeting Parents who say this is wrong and teachers are involved. You ve got to stop. Putting all teachers into the good category B. Is it's time now for teachers, to show us are you on the right side, stand with us against critical race theory, if you don't I'm sorry you're, not on the right side you say why can't lose my job yeah well can lose my children, Lou my children- and maybe you don't understand the damage, but all you have to do is reed.
So now there being targeted. Now this is happening in the south, as is happening in Virginia, Let me show you something that we have in the vault and l describe it to you. If you are listening to us, If you're watching us on Blaze TV, you will see radical members, the of the I think is G, O p legislature. Or the Georgia legislature, this, California, sorry, I can't see it so far away radical members of the California legislature and you will see that there is. What do you think twenty five thirty people pictured in this is a very old card from the eighteen hundreds and you will see there are black people and white people bout, half of them are black, most of whom are white. Doesn't it appear that way to you here at least at least half of a more white well what is this.
this was a card that was given out too, people clan meetings. You see on the back? It lists who they are. This was a polite hit list. the clan always denied that, How do you think they found the people they wanted to Lynch All of these people were Republicans. If you don't know the history of the clan you should it was started by Democratic Party as in enforcer. Those who were g o p members at the time that meant that you were against slavery, and you were fighting of you know too and racism,
and they were losing so they needed somebody to scare people. This is terrorism, and Actually printed these cards up you tell me the difference between That card showed again with the pictures that card You see these people. What are you doing This is just so. They could see what they look like Why would you want to see what they look like? this is a list of names and their faces. If you see this person target them, kill them That's what the clan did now, what is the difference between vat of lots of fee of do whatever it takes to shut these people down, because they disagree, with us they think They think freedom for everybody. What today prince between that plan card and what these
people are doing these teachers are doing in Virginia. they are making a list Supposing these people showing them. Why? Why do you have a list? Why do you have a list at asked to harass them at best to scare them. You want, talk about you know organised, violence and teaching people to be violent. it isn't coming from the G p and if it is in any shape or form I and the vast majority. Ninety nine percent of my audience would condemn it. Vince This is being done in Virginia and no one is saying anything there is no difference from what was happening back in the eighteen, hundreds with the clan and what
happening right now. For the same reasons. the plan was racist, The call race theory is Racist and teaching our children do hate people based on color it? the same story,
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