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In today’s coronavirus update, U.S. cases spike as testing begins, but many are recovering worldwide. The coronavirus threatens the economy much more than it threatens us. Glenn explains how small businesses and franchises like Starbucks are only beginning to be impacted by quarantining. Restoring the Covenant will happen, whether in person or virtually, and the words of Abraham Lincoln remind us why. And we must learn to sort between good advice and panic advice.

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Hey welcome the Monday. We ve got a kind of an interesting indifferent show for it today. Today's very frank and kind of setting the stage for what is to come with the corona virus. What it means to you how you need to look at this is a family as an individual. What it means to your fora. One k, what it means to your investments there'll be a lot of stuff that we're gonna go over today, but also in the nets coming days. If you ve been a long term listener of this programme, and you you ve trusted us two guys you through some of these things today is not don't miss if usually listen into. The edited version today may be a day that you want to listen to the whole upon cast. If here you know, if you want to make sure that you understand what's really happening in the world with grown a virus and the economy and the election, it's all on today's broadcast, don't forget also on Wednesday, I'm doing a special called
the sum of all fears and it is about corona virus it could be times better than it is right. Now you don't want to miss that you, with your ablaze, Skriver, make sure you're watching Wednesday night nine p dot m Eastern. Let's play you ve, got com on. Let's go outcast. Here it is the only thinking daily groaning stance from Johns Hopkins as five thirty m central time, total confirmed cases now worldwide one hundred and ten thousand six hundred and seventeen that's a jump of over ten thousand people from Friday. Total confirmed deaths through
two thousand eight hundred and thirty one that is up from three thousand four hundred since Friday, sixty two thousand patients have recovered from Covid nineteen around the world. One hundred and nine countries now have confirmed cases. It was ninety four on Friday for more have specific, spected cases. Thirteen confirmed cases are considered serious. This is really good news. It was hovering at about. Nineteen percent. Are serious cases for a very, very long time and serious case is requiring hospitalization? and fell. Percent of serious requires. I see you. As of as of today. That number, which were as for a long time. Nineteen on Friday, down to sixteen percent day. The number of confirmed cases that are serious is thirteen percent.
This is showing that, as we find more and more cases. We realise, oh there's a lot of people walking around with this that are not Real serious is the only ones that we were finding were. The ones are like. I can't breathe confirmed cases now in the United States, twenty seven, with six more tracking suspected cases. Now Twenty seven that includes the one from sea pack seat act. Somebody went apparently had corona virus didn't know that they had it anybody who has gone there, I've heard from this weekend are you: are you ok or you freaking out cause, I'm really? No one. I'm freaking out. Well, you know tat grew self quarantined, while he met with the guy Nepal, girls are, and then so did match lap. Well, shook their hands. While I was there so do I have it now
more cases are going to be found, and this is a good thing ITALY now has closed down. Sixteen provinces, including MILAN and Venice Travel, in and out as well as within the area is the possible now in response to duly verified professional requirements, emergency situations or for health reasons, so they have taken half Population of ITALY in them in their houses or their not said, you're, not leaving. Need to leave contact authority. Do we get there? Places of worship remain open, provided that a safety distance of at least one meter is respected, but religious ceremonies, marriage baptism prohibit
It now until further notice in ITALY, people with Sis symptoms of respiratory disease and a fever of one hundred and one Fahrenheit or above are strongly encouraged to stay home and its social contact as much as possible, including with their doktor they're telling People in ITALY now avoid all gatherings if at all possible, all schools and universities are now closed. In ITALY, all museums and places of culture closed all cultural, religious or festive events suspended movies bars pubs, theatres, dance schools, game rooms, casinos, night clubs and all other similar places are closed. Sporting events in competitions are suspended. Ski resorts closed swim, bull sports halls, thermal baths, cultural centres, gems, wellness centres, all closed
Bars and restaurants can remain open from eight a m to six p m, provided they respect a safety distance of at least one meter between customers, provision concerns all other commercial activities. So how do you go into a restaurant, a slight it like one of those pizza things. You know yes, but the pizza and the other is that how they slide your food to you now on. There is a doctor that authored the CDC Pandemic response strategy calls the covert Most frightening thing he has ever seen as the guy you, but it worked. But it worked on a bowler mares and Sars he said It is frightening because the company, the combination of infectiousness and illegality, that appears, to be many many fold higher than the flu. He said.
There were just three cases in ITALY two weeks ago. There are now over seven thousand set out there. It's a crazy analogy to compare this to World war two world, Health organization is using these kinds of terms. They ve seen what this virus is capable of doing doktor hatchet. The author of this joined other epidemiologists in warning not to compare covered nineteen to the seasonal flu. He says at least two or three times more infectious and ITALY. Ten times as deadly. He says: there's no comparison. Now I dont have you seen this, but there now saying over in England that this guy is just trying to scare everybody. They scare you still, No, I don't think so now, should I be scared nope I don't think so I mean we don't look. We were gone to the sea back figured out about. We were both their right,
you have more time there, tat TED. It was with it. Was there he's self quarantining you host podcast with Michael knows who I had on the show in the same room with me for an hour after rhetoric. They did. The podcast lie that sea back with two groups, with takers. You know I an interesting thing, because I certainly understand why they're not telling us who the person is our people are who have it at sea pact because probably baboon go to their us with torches. I have no idea what would happen. What I don't know. I didn't know what I mean. I know it's, they didn't do anything wrong, but I mean very some you're losing your life is turned upside down right. You can have media request from everywhere if they really sick persons aim. I certainly understand if I was that person and I'm, saying that I am but if I That person I would my identity heat to be kept quiet, if at all points
well because it would make my life a negative makes me think he is that person I've been announced, become efforts, do does America tonight. After an honest, it is not. The unwell was at sea. That was my, you haven't been feeling. Well, it's true, you have if I have not been I haven't, been feeling well Pat, hasn't been feeling. Yes, none of us have covered nineteen. I don't think you don't think we don't think now had takes a couple. For these. For you to get past the the time Can could you could go without symptoms? It's only been my ten days or some divested, whereas he back but It is interesting that, like you know, tat crews knows who this person is. TED crews, knows which is great for TED, what did I you interact with his person, I dont know no known told me: I did or did not why I reckon I interacted, as you did with people who did interact with absolute, so that is for sure right. Congratulations! So, basically we yeah I keep looking at this as I've
enough about it. I have looked at this. I it. I don't fear getting disease itself. I kind of assume I will get it and if I don't get it this year, as you pointed out, is gonna stick around we're all going to get at losing around right. Ryanair Louis stuck around here, I just This is. The problem is there's no vaccine where there, a vaccine right now, which helps old people I'll live through the average flew. So if you it now. There's no vaccine. There's appears to be some things that are working on it. This aid states, HIV Medica. Yes, the AIDS titles is actually helping cure this, but you know it's
we're all going to get this it's only a matter of time and where not all going to die right. If the flu did not have a vaccine, and indeed I have four proved treatments for it. The death rate would be a hell of a lot higher than point one percent and was part of the reason why it is a point. One percent is because of the way we ve reacted to it. We ve seen this happen as well with South Korea. Been aggressive, has a good. The system has been agreed of trying to contain it is, is reporting a point. Five percent mortality rate as a pole, was to two and three in other parts of the world. So let me give you a couple of other things here: we're gonna debunk the corona virus myths for you in a second, but I want to give you a couple of last stats that you need to keep in mind. You s case count expected to spike dramatically this week why because we are now starting large scale, testing all across the country. In January, doctors at the CDC decided
reject the W h, o standards for corona virus testing. Noting thirty per cent. False negative was found in China. Now Don T, see here and do enough. They should. Except that it was a thirty percent, false negative and the United States seedy not to read really getting a phone call? I'm sure from the presidency reject that they looked. It then said that's too high of a false negative and this positive. So now what mobile, their own, that early February were designed to test for Sars Covey to the virus that causes covered that causes covered. Teen as well as Sars covered one, but they faulty and had to be replaced because Donald Trump told them next time when you put carrots at formula yet
they care for Bologna, big, that you can inject a carrot asian unknown. I should have known very difficult seized. His incompetent makes it anyway by today, more than two point two million new casts a test will have been sent out to the regional labs and the hospitals. According to the viewer surgeon general large scale, testing is expected to dramatically increase the case. Count in the. U S. Now suspected twelve hundred cases in thirty three states, but we Don't know when you see a huge spike this week, it's because we're testing. Now, for the first time I what Aren't you a little bit about far as law? I didn't even know what far as law was, but I knew of it, and all of us at some point knew what far as law is. It was actually named after Doktor, William far one forty and there is a- oh curve pattern to it, and almost all epidemics follow this pattern.
Including a sharp increase in cases at the beginning of the cycle and then the peak, and then it comes down a returns to a baseline This pattern exists because we modify our behavior. So we d, get sick and those- who do get sick. They seek medical attention. China, which had its first cases in December peat in last January or early February, and is now in decline of the spread phase because they modified their behaviour, which is what we are doing. We are about forty five to fifty days behind where China sits. So we are still now at the early stage of the top of the EL curve. In forty five or fifty days, we will start seeing the down, just like everybody else, snow getting worse, it's just our turn now and it in Kate, so that our peak cases should be in April or early May and then,
decline through June and July. I'm still looking for an answer that I'm comfortable with on whether or not this is a a seasonal flu or not wear Sure normally flues have a season, and when we get into hot weather it starts to dissipate Korea is spending and then going through the roof where They found that Singapore, which is much warmer and more humid, is actually not growing at the same rate, so they think there is a possibility that this is a seasonal flu which would be a very big blessing to the world. Unfortunately not for Australia, New Zealand. They already have cases which is odd, if it is a seasonal flu, but there also closest to China, and
So things would be getting worse on bad hemisphere as things get better for us and the word, I could catch its breath from there as we move towards a vaccine. The best of the that programme. Hello, America, welcome to the glimmering programme, the corona virus is not about the virus as much as it is about the spreading of fear. The protector of the medical community and the one that's really going to impact all of us, your up a coffee at Starbucks. I want to show you how your cup of coffee at Starbucks is a radically change because of the corona virus and how it actually will affect you
and everybody else who buys a cup of coffee every day at the STAR Box or the Duncan doughnuts in one minute on that programme. I have to tell you: my dog has completely changed Una is the happiest he's Ben I mean first thing happened was They forced marriage that we leave forced him into with the Ella, who was wicked it made him miserable and he was not happy. And then we changed his food and that changed a great deal. Then we did Vitus we did rough greens We added this is not a dog food is what you put in it, and he has come pool legally changed. We were just talking about it. Yesterday, Looking at him. And seeing him I've never seen him wagged his tail. So much ever
I've never seen him so active as he is right now he seven we got em at three he's more active now than it was at three he's a dick. FR in dog, and we have rough greens to thank this is one of the best things. Let me just make sure, am this is the best thing, I think we ve ever done for our dog bar none This is made a bigger change in him for the positive than anything else we ve done, including You know the pudding. Leap is his ex wife. Rough greens fourteen day, Jumpstart challenge right now. One thousand four hundred and ninety five see the difference in your dog in fourteen days or less. You will see a difference. The longer we've been giving this to him or changes were seeing. I mean I've been two, my have to three months we are seeing even more changes today than we were originally gotta run. Screens dot, com, slash back, but you'll, see a huge difference at fourteen days, rough green
whose dotcom slash back or just call them at eight, three, three Glenn thirty three take care of your dog. Haven't thrive, not just survive, three: three Glenn thirty three or of greens. Dot com, slash back, on average the average day in America. Over thirty, eight million people by a cup of coffee at Starbucks people. Thirty, eight million people by a cup of coffee every single day at Starbucks now Starbucks is a big company, but that, Store, is afoot. And she eyes. Now, let's ten percent of the population in the United States, Starbuck stores are mostly owned by private people franchise. Small business owners. They offer their store, but they they it under a licence agreement from Starbucks Corporate and the average star.
Ex franchise opera it's with five to seven percent margin. Now what what that means is, after all, the operating costs, the supplies, the electricity, the employee, salary, the taxes and everything else. Franchise II, that business owner of that local STAR Box is made about five to seven percent of money at the end of the month. Guy, that's their power if they take home every month. After all, the costs are deducted from all of the sales, so to put it another way, to show you how little that margin is and that's a normal margin but to show you how little that is, the average Starbucks owner the franchise e makes a. Often based on only two days worth of operations every month. Twenty eight days All the sales go just to operating that place. Oh
the two days a month, is that rich business owner actually making money guy now imagine that today and if it has already gone out, it's gonna go out to blaze employees today and mercury employs you an email from your age, our manager, maybe your ceo at work and you open it up today. This is due to the risk of grown virus employees are being asked to work from home for the next two weeks. At least effective immediately. Have your laptop the internet So to stay up. You ve already made your costs, go run for your canned goods, your beans, your rice, plenty of toilet paper, in fact too much toilet paper. What's the deal with a toilet paper, America anyway, you're all sat kid. You're gonna stay home from school. You update you Netflix in Disney plus subscriptions and you
parry yourself mentally for a two week, bug in a semi, quarantine and home local governments have not said anything about it yet the other, then you know if you can stay off the streets in order to have a big, you know block. Party do not just don't congregate in large groups as a responsible America, We all look at each other and oh yeah. Ok, that's reasonable will do that. Let's go back to Starbucks for second put trap: It is now almost ground to a halt because you're not going to work every morning, you're not You're not going into a store to buy coffee, you might go in there and by the grounds, you can go and make it yourself, but you're not going into the store to do it. You're not standing in line local businesses that
heavily dependent on daily cash sales. All of a sudden, a rapid overnight and sudden decline has dramatically sequences. Operating costs of a store. They don't do. Line with foot traffic. If you have brick and mortar it still cos you the same amount to run your daily business when the story is busy, as it does on the stores empty. That's why you need that store to be packed all the time, boy salaries, the electricity to keep the lights on the rent, the insurance, the licence fee to Starbucks Corporate the cost. The coffee to bake them muffins, they all recent they're. All the same, we have a thousand Customers are ten customers, but Let me go back to the original idea here that you are only making money You are only making money two days a month, so You have just a two week period with virtually no foot traffic. Its
have a stating to you, because you still have to pay all those bills. So what do you do? Well as a store honor? You start back hours, you cut The shifts for employees, you might even lay some workers off moved, skeleton crews of its more than two weeks. The loss of work for hourly employees means they are not able to pay rent them not be able to make their student loan payment or their car payment. They can't make a credit card payment without ongoing sales coming in the store owner has to dip into savings to cover the Spencer's. To sell stocks bonds, anything to raise cash, to try to stay afloat, but he's beings hit by the stock market, he's already losing money, Give all the things that you old spend money on during your just too weak, buggy and at home, trips to the movie theater, who also at the same operating costs, whether or not the theatres fuller empty. They still.
To pay the salaries. They still have to pay licensing for showing the films, whether five people are a five hundred while quarantine at home you're, not stopping for gas you're not buying mountain do found drinks that your guilty pleasure on a Saturday morning, while you're driving your kids to soccer act as your stopping at that seven, eleven, more than six million small businesses in Amerika are Heavily reliant on Daily foot traffic customer Walking into their store making a cash purchase. Online orders via Amazon, it's gonna have enough kick in the tens of millions. Because tens of millions of Americans and all over the world are gonna be forced to be being in some restaurants might see orders vii of food delivery. Upstate steady. There are millions of businesses from laundromats to theatres, to bars to Starbucks stores the two Invention, centres to Con votes.
They rely on classic consumerism to stay afloat, None of this you'll notice has anything to do with the president or watch Clinton or Anybody in the media it to do with basic economics. So this is the catastrophic butterfly effect of coal Nineteen. This is the thing that keeps me up over the last couple of weeks the day We all get weep. Probably are going to lose some friends or grandparents or parents we might. Gonna all lose somebody, we know, but it's not. It's not me, it's not the black plague. It could
to be the black plague, and this is why the market is doing what it's doing today, a massive change in consumer behaviour. Will have an outside it outside effect on different parts of the economy that rely on regular, steady income. You're not drive into work. Buying gas. He got that, but you also not putting more miles on your car you're, not here. The problems that might so now you're mechanics every one Everyone depends on every one going to work Six million businesses in America need add cash in that foot traffic every day. That's seventy eight million employees that fall. Into this category. This, according to the Chamber of commerce Amerika is forced to shut down, for kind of self isolation at home
spending shifts with seventy eight million people who are waiting for your phone call or your trip in it. Spending shifts online, but Direct Egon. Impact to small businesses, which is the backbone of our country has left thing effects businesses have forty five days of operating capital at any given time Multi weak disruption has severe cash. Skating effects lay offs, Lawson wages stores will close higher employment All of these things are so far beyond politics, because real people's pain, everybody's talk about the stock market today is Down fourteen good points. It opened five percent down it. Close
within the first six minutes and took a fifteen minute breather. That has happened in a while We want to talk about that. You need to think about your one cup of coffee. Wherever it is you buy it, you need to think about all the things that you do on the way to work. We are barely beginning to feel the effects of covert nineteen. Many businesses in Amerika the economy. Contagion is going to be worse Then the virus itself Amazon, Netflix Clorox, there We find there is going be pain on Wall Street today, but there's gonna be a lot of pain on Wall Street. There already is for people have to sell stuff because they bought on margin again like a dummy like they didn't think this one through and they didn't have the money.
It happened two thousand eight, but pain on main street is the one that's really gonna be felt, and it was last time and our big gun meant bailed out all the big guys and forgot about main street may, ST will not be ignored. A second time you're, seeing in Korea, China and Japan in ITALY and even in Seattle, are indicators that the local, I shut down a foot traffic due to covert nineteen. Is what we are really going to have to endure. This is where we need to see people and not number
This is the master, the Glen Back Programme, and we really want to thank you for listening. This is the global programme, so whether you ve Tunis end today. Thank you for Listening to us, if you missed any part of the day, show please listen to it on podcast. This is especially if you're a long term listener you ve been through it with thousand eight and and all of the trouble that we ve had. If you were watching me on Fox in you heard my predictions of what's to come We are now entering those days and I'm gonna remind you over the next few days of some of the things we ve talked about. I feel I have always felt a press from
sorry to get all religious, sound you, but I have always felt impressed by the warnings and his equal, those who have a view over the horizon over the wall and they can see trouble coming. If you warn then the people, what the people choose to do as thereon issue, if you worn gods gotta, I'm with you as somebody who has what, in this country of about fifty million people a month? That is true fine to me. That's a lot of blood on my hands if I worn I have. Warn you of things the times. Our coming? I'm not going to continue to warn you about the things Khazars new things coming over the horizon and the things we have to do and one the things that I have to do is make sure that everyone understands
This is not the black plague, but do dismiss this because it is going to Carl's cause hardship in something I M going to be relentlessly mocked for. But I know it is true and I speak to those who have eyes and ears everyone else. Mark all you want. We are doing restoring the covenant in Gettysburg, whether that remains in place will be decided by whether this is a seasonal flu or not. It's, not a seasonal flu or not, Gathering in big crowds, until there is a vaccine but Then we are proceeding as though this is a seasonal flu, but I will tell you that this
has been on my mind for a long time, and maybe I was late. I don't think so, but maybe I was late the covenant is something that has protected our country. That was me by the pilgrims when they first came here, it was By George Washington, Then the last time it was made was with with the Abraham Lincoln in eighteen. Sixty three turn around at Gettysburg was tremendous. He declared a a covenant that we had to as individuals, not just as a country as individuals and we went from losing every battle to winning every battle and it all ways plays out this way and it hasn't been done and we are so far off the mark.
I want to read this this proclamation that Lincoln made. I'm gonna posts this today and I would ask that you would take this to heart, and you would do this we're going to do this together on July. Fourth, but I would ask that you and your family meat and do this today,. I'm just going to read two paragraphs from this proclamation. He said Lincoln one thousand eight hundred and sixty three, whereas it is the duty of nations as well as of men to own their dependence upon the overruling power of God. Confess their sins and transgressions, in humble sorrow, yet with assured hope that genuine, repentance, will lead to mercy and pardon and to recognise the sublime truth announced in his holy scriptures and proven by all history that
Those nations only Arblast whose God is the Lord we so far away from just that paragraph. That's the opening paragraph winter here, the next one. In so much as we know that by his divine law, nations like individuals are subjected to punishments and chastisements in this world. May we, justly fear that the offer full calamity of civil war. I would just say the awful calamity that we are all facing and it's not just corona virus. It is. This world that we have built on lies, which Our desolate the land may be, but a punishment inflicted upon us for our presumptuous sins, the needful end of our national reformation as a whole people, we ve, been citizens of the choicest bounties of Heaven. Think of that line. Have we not been the risk
It means of the best men have ever seen in the history of all mankind: view say if you are asked be born at any time in any place. If you don't answer today in Amerika you're a fool you're lying to yourself or your living in self imposed. Ignorance. We have been the recipients of the choices bounties of heaven? We have and preserved these many years in peace and prosperity. We have grew in numbers and wealth and power, as no other nation has ever grown, but we- Forgotten God we have gotten the gracious hand which preserved us in peace and more applied and enriched and strengthen us, and we have vainly imagined the deceit fullness of our own hearts that all
These blessings were produced by some superior wisdom or virtue of our own in talks. Created with our unbroken success. We have big to self sufficient to feel the necessity of redeeming and preserving grace too proud. Too, proud to pray to God that made us. It behoves us then too humble ourselves before the offended power to confer our national sins and for clemency and forgiveness. I do not believe in punishments like so many people believe guy There's always a merciful just like I sit with my children and say: don't do that it's gonna hurt. Don't do that. Don't do that is so. Happen. If you do that,
most just system is one where there is not somebody saying all right. I'm gonna punish you now Punishment is just built in to your actions when you stray away from truth, and you start believing and propagating lies it. We oh come crashing down, not as some punishment, bad Because you are breaking the laws of nature, and I know people will say: oh my gosh Glenn backs COM, for the end of the world. Look, he says we're being punished by God. We are punch. Seeing ourselves. Let me just read before had just register Please listen to that. That's Abraham, Lincoln you gonna bash go ahead, all did was read the words of Abraham, Lincoln.
It's not a coincidence that his name was Abraham. Lincoln called for a day of. Of national humiliation, fasting and prayer, I'm calling for the same And it was to be July. Fourth,. In gettysburg, but I feel compelled to tell you that we May do that on July? Fourth, whether where we're going to whether we're together virtually or what, together in Gettysburg. I think we're gonna be together in Gettysburg, but if we have to be they're, just virtually. We will be there virtually, and I
ask all of your churches. I ask every ever a person within the sound of my voice. That believes, in God,. And knows the blessings that we have received, rain down upon us, because this is a sacred land it's not us we're not there, special spin carbon, that we have made and we ve broken, did we broke. In it and we have wasted it. We have now mocked it. We are in a frightening place. Should we. Choose to make it frightening, we are in place to where the world looks very unstable and We're going to see more unstable things and you were going to witness things that youth. I've seen before thing that you, like I've, never seen our country do that before
this is that time that we ve talked about there's no reason to worry about it. But they're. There is a reason. To individually turn back to him and say. What's out of order in my life, it's out of order in my family life and we your cornerstones. Just sure them up and then As a nation. Rough waters are ahead and Quite honestly, I think oh, is just leashed. Lies and deception just everywhere? believing things as foolish. As men can have periods no.
If we are that far gone. If we can't recognised that truth, how are we ever and to be able to recognise the subtle truths. I urge you. I will post this. I you to sit with your family. I urge you to day to honour, This proclamation, Abraham Lincoln, and I urge you to keep. In all humility, I I'm only asking you this because I truly feel as though I need it. We're heading in places and the world is a very confusing place. And I want to tell you the things that I am supposed to tell you and nothing more It is a very difficult job when you take it seriously,
I would ask them you, your family, your prayer circles, any anyone is keeping me, and this show the information that we present to you in were prayers. Please. Pray for me to be humbled, but in a very very nice way, I've asked for this before God dishes. This went out fast. I don't. I don't you much humbling. Need to make sure I am hearing what he wants me to share with you the best of the Glen Bank Programme,
like an it. Welcome to the programme, we're just talking about yeah we're just talking about this, this good advice versus the panic advice. For instance, you know it's the dumbest thing in the world to go and buy a whole bunch of toilet paper, but you should go on by toilet paper yeah, in part of the reason to buy two papers, because if everyone else buys all the toilet paper, when you need it for normal reasons, because you're out of toilet paper, it may be well defined zombie plenty of toilet s, plenty of they'll make more problem also is if, if you know thing with ITALY where they just said to half of the country half of the population of it of ITALY stamp to credible end you're not to drive across the country, you don't believe in this area to stay where you are that, could happen here quickly and its mandatory there's, not a suggestion. I know it could happen it's hard to imagine it happening in the United States of America, but it
I mean it also pretty hard thing to imagine that a socialist might have been the demographic nominee I now her present at the United States is relatively close still, although Blown out in recent polls It's all I get is like Joe Biden, some moderate ideally he's in the moderate lane, is like it's. It's about saving he's in the young lane cause he's the youngest democratic or I get it. I is like say. Yes, that's what people are saying he's the youngest ease, the youngest van running for press and of the United States for the Democrat Democrats and indeed tromp the spry seventy year older every eyes I mean that's incredible, he's really young, but It is one of those things where you know you have to look at this and say that I can remember seeing this. I think, which says this last week is emboss, hindering the boss, embalming baby, Sickly said everybody Boston, stay insiders, terrorist, going around shooting people and blown things up answer.
But actually honoured it. I remember thinking, there's no way. This is United States. Where are you running good honoured? They entered it and It was, and I don't think it was a it wasn't, we're gonna arrest, you wasn't, it wasn't martial law, it was more of a suggestion. Yeah anti war like I rather like it, blown up her shot, so they stayed inside right. I think people willed honour this if it is going, be relaunched, not going room, there are gonna, be those people, but most people will say if I can work from home, I'm going to work from home. It's going to be. The problem is going to be when the effects start happening later. I am not supposed to go to work, I'm a part time employee or I work hourly. How am I going to make it? That's where it's going to be a problem? the blaze. Radio network on Demand-
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