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2019-04-26 | 🔗
Best of the Program | 4/26  - Get the popcorn, they're eating their own -h1 - Welcome to the Club NYT Columnist Thomas Friedman -h2 - Chaos and the X, Y, Z's -h2 - Glenn's 2019 NFL Draft results are in -h3 

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Hey we're gonna Fridays podcast we're going to church earlier today. Sermon is on Saddam's Gomorrah. Is actually I didn't plan are talking about today, but I thought it was interesting because we are talking about voices being silenced And how that happens- and I think there's a couple of stories from the old testament that really really teach us something looks pretty obvious to me, but using the judge on that also, Australia has a horrible cat problem today two million feral imagine, the shedding their tracks, grubbing, every raw, the jungles Right Soviet, its two million barrels cats. The reasoning behind the thinking behind it. I dont even understand but they're killing them with sausages.
So we get into that. Nobody seems to care. Also draft update. I mean you did pretty well Glenn, pretty impressive, I've began, you kind of did pretty well, I put the students. Given the same amount of information, Pat agree, so with me that stew, as more information about game a throne, I do a football. Let's see if he could actually put the people in the right houses? If you will for game a throne dating put the characters in the right place, and you ll see how that turns. Also you don't know how the noted on fire started. We talk a little bit about ices and our favorite You lot Omar story. We ve never heard that you should all on today's broadcast,
you only thinking. Where do we start prison in trouble with a yo, see in saying that a visa is doing, you know, is still great. The scaffolding workers that were smoking at no time did she'd some crazy right wing pundit. Say that it may have started by a cigarette. I will you hear that day. I do this guy He sure it was gonna, be a cigar You know what else if they tell you it wasn't a cigarette. That means they're lying about wait during their hiding. Its approach to bang went on muslim smoking. Share thinks that Bernie Sanders has gone too far, share
said Anne and now Joe Biden Ass to a expressed his regret to Anita he'll hill, but is I'm sorry is not acceptable. It's not enough. I is the revisionist history of this need. A hill situation has got to stop that one is incredibly rotating. May I ask: is there in the control room? Do we have the audio of Michelle Obama on the campaign trail Brok knows we got it change our history because that's what's happening right now, we're changing our history, its being changed. They need a hill thing is a great example of it. It really is, I mean basically when you step back from it, what you're finding his just a few
the mental change in policy, a fundamental transformation yeah, the change of our history, but if it's really a change in policy from the Democratic Party of when Clarence Thomas is getting tossed around in the media and now, but they ended on
look. We have no evidence that this happened. There's no evidence of any this bad stuff happens. It's someone in a massive political moment, training at Ino Training and the Supreme Court, and some are comes up with the accusation that you can't prove it all. There's not enough. There's no evidence of it. So obviously, Clarence Thomas is still gonna make it to the Supreme Court. That's where they were, and you know obviously after go just going through. Cavanaugh is a complete change of opinion. They now are saying you are. You are guilty until proven innocent, and there is, of course, no way with a claim like this or the claim, my cabinet, that you could ever proved some one innocent did Clarence Thomas sexually, harassed people around him. Well, no, I dont think you did there's no evidence that he did there's a couple of accused. There's Bremen, really one major accusation, and now it's so much. We ve reverse this dynamic to guilty until proven innocent. That Joe Biden is now
or to call Anita Hill and apologize for something he didn't sexually harasser He may be some other women, but not not Anita Hill, because he on a committee that I guess they believed that they treated her badly in her unproven, clean. So again, like every law suit or every criminal court proceeding, you would have one side if their argument and then the other side give their argument, it's every single time. That's what that's our system works, but now they want that to be tossed out. They want that to be just you know, excised from America, because now it's just did she make the accusation? Yes, then he's guilty, and now Biden has to go through this ridiculous charade. Where he's calling a woman that he did
nothing wrong too, and he has to act as if he did so do something wrong and apologize for something that you didn't do and if that's not even enough I now has to say she is now saying that each hour she said, I can't be satisfied to buy him just simply saying I'm sorry for what happened to you. The focus on apology to me is one thing, but here MR given an apology to all the other women and the american public, because we know how deeply disappointed Americans around the country were about what they saw. Just women, their women and men, who have just really lost confidence in our government. To respond to that. Problem of gender violence, this is he sanity? Didn't they accuse Clarence, Thomas of making inappropriate jokes at work, largely that was the echo Yes, that's all aware that wasn't gender violence, gender violence. These terms, aren't they don't mean what these people think they mean.
And this is of course using that word here is essentially princess bride at this morning and its postmodernism right. They are legitimately just redefining these words. I I am Ivan hey. I keep feeling this strongly and I don't think I've ever said this on the air, but I think it almost every day. Please, you need to keep a journal, and I mean that with us too. We need to keep a journal. We He d start writing down the things that are being changed and how their being changed, because they're all being erased, they're just being erased, I'm doing a podcast today with with a writer she's a you know, she's alive, DE, I guess or regional kinder. I think she would say that she's from the left for shorter and she's written
poor playboy and everything else, she's a very different, very different she's, a brilliant writer but she's, just very open and honest and sosius. She see Stuff she's, like I, don't know anyone. I agree with that oh she's completely, and I mean it being erased all of her articles and everything that she's ever written is just being taken down there. Just getting rid but there are her from the internet, it's because she's essentially come out on a few things the things that I maybe maybe boys and girls are different right, hey, maybe maybe these things that you guys are these. This new brand of the left the little insane handed. You know what we're, let's be honest about it. What they're saying is true. You can't do that. You can have one step out of the two chosen
path because, as this is like crusade level, religious sort of handling of this is burning of books. There just delete them when everything is digital, there's no bonfire, but that is exactly what happening? They are burning books and this new left is a religion it it's. They did. It religious you step one I mean you ve been talked about this with Fan Free being Jones Van Jones, a man who was a little leave her part of his life, a communist, a communist. Not a socialist. Now radical revolutionaries communist by his own telling he was a guy who was in the Obama administration as what at the time was thought of, like the real left fringe of the Burma Dry, who said green, is the new red. Yes, so he understood what the green movement was. He would
I understand that green new deal. Yes, exactly for what I want, and I think he probably still would agree whether it is still support it. I think he'd still support it he's on the out. Yes, because he did what talk to Donald Trump, about a left wing priority criminal justice reform and by the way, something that the trumpet Ministration agreed with anger was passed in by partisan fashion, but because he would talk to the trumpet ministries and about a left wing. Priority he's been he's now being taught to the side of the left. You have to be in lock, freaking step of economics. Talking about this with a comma Harris who is now running for president, of course, in India and a front the top to your candidate. I didn't think you were on the phone with Ehrlich Pillow talk cannot zone
see what she was up to it, but tell me if it can commonly Harris survive. The democratic primary saying things like this: this is from her her communications director Kamel is support, for Israel is central to who she is nope. She is firm and her belief that Israel has a right to exist and defend itself no, including against rocket attacks from Gaza Nope. That is, if that she needs to like she needs to exercise that from the internet. If anyone gets word that she thinks that Israel, because saying that Israel can defend itself against rocket attacks, is one thing and its way too far for the Democratic Party today, but to go that step further and say that they are responding as if,
we're, not the ones who started all this as if they were not the ones targeting innocent Palestinians and that's the reason these poor people in Gaza are firing robbers and, secondly, there is the government is a racist government. Yes, that's that's. That's the acceptable position. What that Israel, Israel is run by a bunch of racists and their their torturing innocent Palestinians all the time. That's the only acceptable position in the on the left right now and on another. She can survive things like that. I she will get criticized for saying that people can defend themselves, can continue and then something rockets. That is how crazy this party is. So here's the thing I want to go back to keeping a journal. Here's the thing. Look at how much history we have lost over the last hundred years. They changed it slowly. Ok, they changed it slowly, but they had to because textbooks were out and so in people were watching textbooks. It was pouring. Did you bring the book mom and dad might go through it. You know what is this: are you at a slow
you do things well, they're, not anymore. There are no textbooks anymore. Now you just change them over night, and we are losing new history. History. Being changed in Rio time you have to write down what actually is happening and keep a journal. And don't necessarily tell everybody, just keep a journal for what is happening right now, because at some point Our kids won't have any idea of the truth. They will not have any idea of what this country was, how it right Lee happened: who were the good guys who were the bad guys? Who did what? Because their erasing all of it. They're changing our history, as Michelle Obama said, Maroc knows we have to choose.
Ange, our history will that's exactly what's happening, but it is happening at a very rapid pace. People need clave clay pots. Clay jars to remember me saying that fifteen years ago measure we have to do. We have to preserve our history as people preserved histories in in ancient days with the dead sea scrolls by putting him in caves with it in a clay pot, we have to preserve our history, it is being system Adequately erased- and I don't mean just the the history of the founding of our country or or any of it I mean they. History, that's happening right now and they True that's happening right now. It is no longer Europe problem. If you're, a conservative or a Christian.
You are now a problem on the left. If you disagree and fall out of line at all. This is becoming a fascistic party and you know: you know what a fascist is. It doesn't matter if you democratic republic in or an independent, you could be a fascist if you believe it's my way or the highway. If you believe that people don't have a right to their opinion, don't ever to their own life. Listen to this, we are with you. We have been, I have been set. In that you have a right to marriage, you have a right to marriage. Government has no place was there before Hilary in Barak and everybody else. There is no place for them, government in your marriage ceremony, though I will say that that is not their position, their position now I know I know my is
front than that, but their position is, you must participate. You must participate at the best of the best program by its Glenn. If you're a subscriber to the podcast, can you do me a favor and rate us on Itunes? If you're not a subscriber, become one today and listen on your own time, you can subscribe on Itunes thanks. Oh my gosh, let's, let's look at let's go to Thomas Friedman. First, if you want to know that the world is upset down? Here's Thomas Friedman, a guy who I have disagreed with my entire life and he just went down to the border and then he goes on CNN. What would you expect most Friedman to say on CNN, about a border wall
Well, it definitely wasn't this. Listen farmers radically pro immigration as they come by when a clear to me that unless we can assure us if it can number Americans that we can control our border? We're never gonna have the proper immigration flow. I think we need we desire and that we have actually a moral responsibility given our history as it is a nation of immigrants and a refuge for people fleeing persecution. I think ways a compromise on this. The tragedy for my column, was was a trump is wasting this crisis. A crisis is a terrible thing to waste. We have a president. Actually, when you think about it Wolf, he has he s the chops with his base. If you were to sit down, call Nancy policy up. They were going up the camp David. You bring your immigration team or bring mine all these Stephen Miller at all, and we will act please sort out a compromise. Your work as Democrats are ready to do. More border security, but at this, time, will integrate a legal pathway for people here when alive,
but the number of ice arrests and we're gonna have a rational inflow of people of the kind of people that are both high energy high, you that can actually driver can for we need a compromise when you say, though, you want a high wall with a big, yes, a smart gate, but a high wall that's good assigned to a lot of looks out there. That's what Donald Trump once well. I think gotta control, the border, when you have an increase of illegal pensions of illegal entries by of three hundred and seventy four percent since October Obviously, you ve got a situation where the border security is not sufficient and gonna drive people who We should want to be pro. Immigration against immigration. Democrats have been well to fund more border security. Ok, for a high wall with a big gate, a compassionate, a smart gate. So we can keep immigration but you're not going to do a wolf. If people think people can t walk into this country, they're not going to happen,
the immigration that windy enough there? You know welcome to the club, Thomas Friedman, that's eggs. Actually what we ve been. So that's what Donald Trump said. It's gonna be a bit. Egg beautiful wall with a big beautiful door in it, but there's gonna be a wall there has, to be a wall there. How to be security on the border, and we have. Painted as people who are you oh anti mexican anti immigrant we're not there are those people more stop us on the right. Are not those people and by digging your heels into the into the ground when you ve got a crisis like this. If the meat it was exposing this crisis. They should be Donald Trump he building that wall today, because Democrats would be set
Look, we got it, we got it like. He is now we gotta do something actually went there and yet offer himself right and realized again through non seventy four percent since October, Their children are not October what happened October as Halloween yeah yeah. What's the name of a big conferred to controversy about the border around October, when everybody was saying it's a crisis, no, it's not a crisis so we'll just let people come in and I don't keep people in It is one that around that. I don't remember that door from of law that I think you're thinking of the Obama administration I was when I was going on. Zan would await is an amazing. There has to be a certain him. Of people nerve, seemingly view that will admit when something when new evidence comes debt to light that there that they, their previous position, was wrong. It's you get Friedman some credit here. I would not have called him as one of the people who would do that, but it is important because you write like these things get done in government, because both sides are like
ok, yeah. This actually is a problem. I mean you look, they give what happened after nine eleven brain its baby. That's what happens right. People are like. Ok, look! We could have had a political debate about how Muslims are being targeted, not unfairly accused of terrorism, but let's just style sure were secure? You know it there. There is those little debates at our constant and then with a big event comes in, and people forget about those often do the negative a lot of times. People will forget their principles in a moment like women cities with guns right like about others, amassed shooting everyone. We know. There's half the country saying: ok, we gotta take their guns. Because this one person who we all reverie is evil and should go to prison, did something terrible with them, so they can be back. And we never let a crisis go to waste is not a good instinct knows it's not, but this is just recognising ok, the crisis. Is there we're not trying to implement some crazy, restrictive, Constitutional policy were saying we have we have a border issue. We can't control it with blue. They re
This is that we have a really, I think, any resources, so we need to be able to block of as many of these people as possible. This is the way the country might have felt around. Eighteen. Fifty, where It wasn't clear that It was clear that things were working, but there were still little bit. I hope that the two parties, the Democrats in the whigs, would be able to work things out on slavery and then it came. To appoint with Sumner standing up and go, and neither of you guys are serious. The Democrats nor the whigs you're, not serious you're not do anything about this, and some of us are actually seeing this as a real crisis, and we're out we're out and that's when a third party is born and I'm telling you, I think a third party is becoming more or and more survey of a clue.
Your answer, but he will happen in I think it will happen with member who are on both sides right now and it's not. Gonna. Be some man be pamby third party. Remember them, publicans we're revolutionary. They weren't, like we're all gonna, get a long because the whigs, Democrats are always frightened, so there's no labels, world, get along. No, that was not their position. That was not the position. There is no compromise on this. This is wrong. Slavery is wrong, What's the issues where they went? What's the because I mean I will say I m stand near what you're saying there. I know you have the historical knowledge to back it up. It has happened in the United States, does not feel like a moment does he know less so in their own kid, so many people think of these things is teams at such a binary, situation right now, what The issue that a third party can break off with democratic support
and be it's too to unify them like that? in a real nice and right now. The Democrats are now outstanding up because their choice, their choice, is Donald Trump and I mean they're vocal choice. I think that there is more and more hidden democratic support for Donald Trump than anybody thinks I could be. And I hated and I dont want to outline. What am I dont want goes ingesting pressure on ought to talk him up, because whenever I talk people up, it's a kiss, adapt his these horrible and you should never vote for him and I'm I'm definitely never going to vote for him. Now. I got that out of my system, so we can win Oh here, here's the thing. I think that there is a lot of people that just don't want to have their had taken from them. They don't want to be called racist bigots. They just want to get long and they're so sick of it
They also see the handwriting on the wall. They see what's happening. You don't have to be a genius to see wait a man tat these people. Or being ostracised, and they used to be on my side that I kind of agreed with them and when you talk the people of the intellectual dark web they're all saying this in your seeing people say I can't believe I'm damning with conservatives. I would have never guess that just two years ago. I would have said no way, but the the conservative constitutional conservative, the constant who conservative position is the winning position. It is the I'm I'm not a crazy radical that wants to throw all laws out. I
I don't want. You know just chaos on the street, I'm so he who believes in government and I believe in a limited government, but there are some things that have to change and This is not working as we're doing it, and so I don't hate my neighbour I dont want to hate my neighbour I, I hate straight people, I don't hate gay people, I don't hate white people, I don't hate black people, I'm tired of being put in a group yeah. I think they're. If there is one issue that would unify people like that, and you ve seen it in a lot of these pot costs that you ve done is a great sir, is upon us. Hang on and you can been through a ton of them as well they're all available like lebrecht outcome and on you. Tube and everywhere else, but the the idea of this pushed back against political correctness. I think, is
but is it is one of those things that unifies people. We saw this with Cavenaugh, where, like ok, he's being accused of these terrible things But people who are even on the left said wait a minute. I've got a son, I'm not at a comfortable with the standard that any woman from thirty years in his past can ruin his life in the future. If that's not an issue that Democratic Republic and no any mother would feel that and it happened, I mean people really did say the same thing with you know When it comes to some of the gender issues, some of the at those issues where we all your and we ve, always understood. The ex wines is true and your team, and you come in here and not only say that X Y Lindsey aren't true but you're saying I'm evil. If I think the old way was correct- and that is a big that's a big step. People to take was immense. Not it's, obviously not the right way to go when concern Primitive means I want to conserve.
And preserve logic, truth reason, truth discussion, I mean that's why America becomes conservative and if, if we were better at me to doing that's what we'd be saying. A conservative is right. Now I can derivative is to say I preserve the constitution of the United States and I preserve the bill of rights. I am trying to conserve science, and reason and measurement and truth and history, we're not changing our history, we are not changing our language. We we are. We have problems and we can solve them, but by by a boy ending all reason. I dont know of a single person that says yeah. You know a seven year old kid. They should have a sex change, they should start being a seven year old kid hormones its insanity that is
is manga experimentation on children, there's no there's no data. The back any of that stuff up You don't know what that's going to do. Your experimenting on children. If that makes me derivative say wait a minute. I want to wait for data I want. I want to see. I wanted. We you, you can't just do that to children and give it a whirl. If that's what it means to be a conservative, I think we're in the majority This is the best of the planned back programme hey it's and if you like what year on the programme, you should check out pad great unleashed his pot gases available, where ever you download your favorite podcast. So we, we headed.
And have you noticed how fast things are changing now pay? It's not just you. Things are changing rapidly. And there's a reason for that and on next Wednesday, we are going to show you the reason cause we're going to show you the plan. This is one of the most amazing discoveries we have made and you No, that up. I have made a lot of what people would call predictions crazy predictions they're, not predictions. I just read a lot. I daddy history, I look for patterns. I connect dots its. Analysis is it's not prediction and if you take people at their word, when people too, oh you something crazy. I'm gonna do this. They usually do it. I'm gonna kill you
I take that one seriously. I'm gonna stop caliphate, I'd take you seriously, and then I look at the the dots and the connections and patterns of history and see. Does this person have a chance to to cobble together Caliphate yeah yeah? They the conditions are right, so I go on the air and say beggar detritus. The caliphate and they do we found a document in our research on socialism- were writing a book right now on on socialism and where so preparing all of these shows for four fall, this coming fall on socialism, as we're doing our research Jason, our head researcher, he comes in, and he just white and he's like. Have you ever heard of this and item like he's like this? the craziest thing I've ever read Glenn, he said it is. The plan
what's happening today. My I start reading and unlike my gosh, this is this- is: where did you get that He said it was written in. I think, nineteen, fifty or fifty one by a communist historian in Czechoslovakia, and it's really an evil book of how we did it, if you have to remember the cell, Its were kept by a treaty that we signed. The end of world war, two they couldn't just march into Czechoslovakia in Poland and although they just couldn't do it you weren't, allowed to take it over. So the commune wanted to spread communism throughout the world. How do we get these countries to fall,
well. There first attempt was Czechoslovakia and Czechoslovakia. Was this amazing country, amazing country, with the highest wealth per capita? I think, next to the United States, it was top five. I think it was. To the production was incredible, even though it was destroyed under the Nazis. It quickly came back because it was a free market, democratic society. The guy. Who started is the father of their country. If you will studied over here and so he modeled everything on us, and so it was just driving nineteen, forty five, it's drop from the Nazi. By nineteen, forty, seven, they are the bread basket of Europe. Their feeding, everybody is roaring. By in nineteen, forty, eight, forty nine they flip.
And there are communist country how the hell did that happen. Well very carefully laid plans and the archives the historian of the Communist Party in Czechoslovakia Road, it all down. Here's how we did it in an effort to say. Basically we need to remember how we did this because it works really westward really well. We should add. We wish you need to have this in the Communist Party records we can emulated in the future if needed. So the reason why we found it is because it was smuggled out of Lee a checklist walking out from the iron curtain into America in nineteen sixty and it fell into the hands of a couple of senators and then it just disappeared. Well, We found it again: wait until you see her. A far down the line we are remember. This is how to flip a country in three short years and
We are almost there and we gotta pay attention. So now Wednesday on Youtube Facebook on Blaze, TV, it's all free, eight p m, especial socialism, a war from the dead don't miss it. Your listening to the best of the Glen Back Programme. All right, let's go! Are you ready, Glens Review of the two thousand nineteen NFL draft big night last night, thousands and thousands of people to see how many people were their path over two hundred thousand incredible unbelievable, whose where'd you these areas to download it down? There
in Nashville to go down that the new round reunion I will go and see, look at the replace of that and I'm not going to decide all even aware. I find them. Ok, but ineffective common probably happened, but and over the audience just that it is always always looking million people It wasn't a whole, like I mean a town, a means of italian national that mean that famous you're kidding I get MIKE runs like went to sea of humanity
we believe that radio denial it used to be rid of city every year and decided a few years ago, the first, how they did it was in Philadelphia, read like in front of the what people would call the Rocky museum which really pisses this lobby on it, and I hate- and I love the actual name- is the Rocky Museum. Yes, it has met, then that is snobs that Iraq, yes, but here that hold, if you remember the ending of the top, I think you were able to make it their article of animals that are in the top of the stairs there and you look down the street just goes on forever and they feel like that entire street same thing here is crazy, incredible June two thousand people I mean the at the idea that the NFL is dying is, is, maybe they maybe a little preemptive made here by it may die after your draft review from yesterday. We will see, though,
I think there are some good news in here for blood back as well. Thank you very much unimpressive things. In one thing, this humble sounds like it's a sports like you're a sports and talk about it in like a sports Gaster way and Ilsa Unofficial, I was I going. I did not think Glenn bag TAT would be able to pull this off, but he did accomplish one thing that no other draft expert was able to accomplish rock. I thought, What's your name and I'd love to get your reactor before a diver my reaction, the wood, was that it was his is predictions were incredibly incredible. I would rise and run earlier is incredible all right. Well, it gotta keep watching. Thank you. We appreciate that, while they didn't hear me, like every other sports programme, navigating our reaction before we tell you what happened, because that's what which programmes do ok, so the first overall picture, the drafting, Arizona, Cardinals Glenn back predicted debt.
And white we ass elected now cause he looked appy. Yes, because he looked a desolate. Happy does look happy. Was he happy last night, so the experts predicted he would go fit in the draft Glenn predicted. He would go first actual lesser fifth so So that's that's going on that one, the little anticlimax, but I am in the top ten. You gave me twenty names. I had him in the top down. Yes, I am in the top five. I was pretty damn close here, yes, very good I thought that was a relatively good pick, our I thank you did lose again today with a second pick. The draft Glenn predicted that dad lock would go second, which be dissuaded from that. Little tellingham already have a quarter bacteria and they pay them a lot of my a hundred and thirty seven point: five million dollars just one zero to five so drew.
Then tell me that this was not hand, grenades and nothing except just related gladdening getting ices they'd like low. I think it's a big. It is closer, so I've omelette. Judging this, as did you come as close as the actual exports, so drew locked, Glenn predicted to go second over all the experts predicted to grow thirtieth overall and he did not get drafted in the first round. So, he's still on the board vow tat more wrong. Maybe I'll leave so, and I mean this is not a thing, not hand, grenades. This isn't a small, don't even nuclear, tactical new. Next up, Glenn had Joanna Taylor going third to the New York jets. Glenn predicted you until it go. Thirdly, exports predicted him to go twelfth actual
our position on drafted in the first rank of around a minute. Wait a minute what about Christian Wilkinson Wilkins, because I said he could also might go through. You kept saying that, because the two teams are from the same city, you could switch them. That's not Oviedo. It's much should be so they're, both phase involving it York teams that neither am in New York in their old, fake wealth, Esther they're, both in the same stadium in New Jersey, but that was a good. That was a certain point, but a guy. You are wrong so you're over three so far, but things get better you're. Fourth pick you selected John William Jonah, William, yes, Jonah Williams, Glenn selected forth. The experts predict he would go. Ninth actual draft position eleventh Glenn, is wrong, but there was no answer. It is. As you know, there are gay, and maybe is this it that I don't think so, just based on your just based on the crowd reaction. Yesterday, boys really high on bunch Stallings
in Turkey are higher than the experts were really about. I had a good reason. I don't remember what it was, but it was a good reason for bungee s, eye They were all really good reasons, as we heard yesterday, as a Stallings Glenn predicted to be but she was excited about your pay. Reliability, JAG call them back just predicted values like not the guy who, every time he endorses a candidate. They lose out of that same guy, yes, budget. Stalin's ready to go fifth by Glenda experts predict in regard to hundred, and sixteen was under acted in the top thirty two We also need an almost was right, you're, well, euro, four, five again they are closer to our next up, though we have with Christian Wilkins. You know, six Christian Wilkins go six, the accurate predicting him to go thirteenth. So really close range here, the actual pick thirteenth,
the experts on the left in further good, but there's a couldn't talk. I never seven. Now you may notice what if you followed it at all, Kyler Murray, Glenn predicted Kyler Mary to go. I guess play behind Nick falls in the giant contracted just signed. Instead of going to the cardinals, he did go number one overall glimpse of number. Seven and so did the ECB. The experts predict him never hundred shrapnel Adam rhino item he's in the general, but he had no emotion, mortally wounded, get it ok, so the top seven? U r, o four seven. However, we go onto Oliver Detroit Lion. Yes said: Oliver Thou, I know you are passionate about this particular pick again, I did not know this one bs avert. This was my first draft PIG Emory Press ahead. Why endlessly surprising, jaws and do you know that's the way everybody in Detroit when they opened their door in the morning, the like our crap, I'm still area, like the one that Hell has bullets fly
by right. They allow another o. Another bullet flew. What am I doing here still. He may also have been surprised that he was first of all picked eighth, but before the first seven picks dry, which was interesting. He was my first pick at eight. We hope not zadig, confusing and also at Oliver Glenn predicted him to go number eight. The experts predict at him to go never for actual pick number, nine glass out. Yes, the expert, thank you may say thank you. Thank you took me a little while it did either that or got it right on the first time and I should have stopped, you haven't poznan. Well, it's a stretch to say you ve got it right, we missed, One page all he's definitely dead. If your stand in that closed, Vanderdyke aggravate you're dead and it's not abortions anger, doubtless a saying, ok, but there is one thing that got back: did you have no
else that I saw as an expert actually did it's an amazing thing. Glenn back predicted for the ninth Pick Daniel Jones, the quarterback from Duke now Jones was predicted to ghosts seventeenth by experts. Bludgeon them number nine. She will pick number six Vecchio yet are saying, but the only export I saw- and I use you as an expert at either by only expert I saw picking Daniel Jones in the top. Nine was Glenn back and he nailed it. I why only missing my I want you to put that. I want an article written about that in sports. He kind of terms and throw that horse a kind of come in areas like land and the Good NEWS continues here. You're not too for nine. You missed the first seven right now, but you're too for non last worth two four nine issue for nine issue.
Well, you beat the experts on right now for not having any information. Pretty good, not Carl grandson was Glens tenth overall pick. The experts predict to him to go to a hundred and fifty fur system of actual pig. He was not picked yet so glad did lose that one. But you only message by two hundred and forty one: ok, when he's closer than the experts yes twice, that is not allowed, better in this around, as you see I have a bunch of teams on the board animals and there's some? I call them ragged yields, so my call them shield. Ok, this is the game of thrones. Oh, you probably know more of how the game of thrones than I do about football, that there is any doubt that right, you have seen too,
I'm giving you with their names from the fact that she has five one hundred and twelve pounds. That's all you get. You have to put her in the right house, you do our game of thrones and see how close he become gums and gets to that. In one minute blaze, radio network on demand,
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