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Pat and Stu review President Biden’s gun control speech and discuss all the lies and absurdities that he claimed, including about background checks at gun shows. Great Britain’s Prince Philip has passed away at the age of 99, but why do American media outlets care so much? New details have emerged surrounding Tiger Woods’ horrific February car crash. Are "ghost guns" a real threat, or is this the Left’s newest fearmongering tactic? Pat and Stu take calls from viewers who have actually built their own "ghost guns."

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Welcome to the podcast. Today its parents do in four gladdened. We expect goin back to be back at the helm on Monday, so monsieur check that out will be going into everything that happened over the past week. I'm sure you need updating and family crisis he's had going on. Well, let him get into that on Monday. Today we talk about Biden, speech, the guns, but he doesn't. I also our say: Biden Speech on guns was filled with inaccuracies at a point that level you haven't seen you didn't really even maybe even see from Morocco about I'm in this was packed with lies lies just flat out like a lot of our it's hard to imagine. He doesn't know that these are untrue. They lay us there. I think he has, even though I don't know that he knows where his shoes are true. He does know that I think so. We sent you a lot of that today. You'll love of a history stuff that he got raw. Some of the claims about weapons today that he's got wrong is really just a collection of Joe Biden, saying things that are incorrect. Matrix subscribe to this part cast as well as Pat Gray unleashed and, of course, Stew does America. We really appreciate that helps people to figure out what the show exists. So that's always positive, make sure as well to pick up your Nancy Pelosi sucks pen, while they are still available, they were sold out for the most of the year. Last year, honestly, we got a giant shipment. In fact they are going very fast, so pick it up. Nancy Pelosi, sucks peasant dot com has lots of fun stuff. There also celebrate pack re unleashed murky, can pick up as well so check that out. Here's a protest maintain the Biden speech yesterday I did the great it was great lots. It gets
for there are good stuff lots of fun. on common sense gun or that we are linking the common sense. This is common sense, and you know what these people who talk about the second amendment is nothing to do with the second amendment. Now I love the second amendment, like my own. grandfather like great great cause, it's pretty old. So I love the second amendment like it's my great great, great, great grandfather. I really do I love it. It's just that in other some common sense things that need to be done and eventually great great grant. Mothers and fathers pass away, thank and we still love them, but they're, not Irene. That's like second amendment. We love it so, however, to get out, that's essentially what the what they were saying. Yesterday yeah, you mentioned common sense and we mark this often That's when they use do. We can
by the way, some of the Biden Gun, shows sites at seven from pathless, because we're in some ways he acts. He is proposing common sense, gun reforms and I and in other ways he's just flat out lying right through his meals tee, and this couldn't breathe you or your he's doing both of them. I, yes and yes, let me explain why cause it's? Not it's not They made it. Common sense here is up Joe Biden. Gunshots people know you walk into a store and you buy gun. You have a background check, did you go to a gun show by whatever you want? No background check? No, what no that's terrible news is. Naturally that is not true at all to its total lie. Now I have purchased a gun at
gun shell or have you I have, and so they just want Dana gave it to you left me. I was a dry. Julia would have to pay for it, but they didn't even care if you paid for all they asked. Is it look? You don't have to pay for it as long as you have promised to murder, innocence outside okay or I'll go out and I'll find some. Now I've got a background check whether the entire process, the overwhelming majority of gun, show sales go through this process. Only pray that sales like if I'm selling a gun to Pat, I am dealer. I do not have the happily licence that I am not a licence deal a writer, I am not the type of person who has the the resources or empowered. I get a background check on someone if I'm selling one gun, not a dealer of giving it to my son, for example, he's a little too young, but when he grows up like I know what Zack once again Annie I have this one he can have it. I'd have to go background check on my son.
There are reasons why there are very, very, very limited amount of gun sales that do not go through background checks, but I went to a gunshot but I think the common knowledge caught. The common sense says what he saying is true right of wait, a minute you to walk into a ground, but you just look at what gun show and buy something without a background check by whenever you want. If that as the law, thereby so the alliances and and and people would be upset about it and what that law change. It's just not true right so a cup sets gun reform base Why is a common sense, gum reform, though that is what they're trying to pitch it as they're trying to say. Ok will a common sense, I think it's very common? It's part of common knowledge. People believe that you can do a gun shown by where we want. I don't get what you will. This lie the media. They do believe they do believe it's it's common knowledge, it's just true knowledge right. It's not actually operate,
had a gun, show a private ape like a private gun owner- can sell to another person. Right is not what that can have Had a gun show. I think it can happen yes end, and that has happened where a private seller cells to somebody who came into the gunshot, it's all its soul and diners all such a small percentage of sales. It, Sir a small. You know I was talking to someone at the Heritage Foundation, who testified in front of Congress a couple weeks ago, MIKE. Is there an argument- and I don't believe this, but again, your job as a hostess to ask questions, I think, might be interesting. I say: is there an argument to say Hey there, this Is such a small percentage of sales? It is such it is not an issue in this country, it really isn't it basically now Do you know of any gun crime that has been committed from?
a person to person sail without a gun background check at a gunshot. I Nor can I talk. I never heard of it. Never is it possible that it's happened? Sure, of course, it's possible It's very unlikely that it certainly not big. It's not a big factor in our overall crime problem price. That is the big, the big issue here right and, as I said, I said, or is it a nice word surname and I said Amy, it is their argument to say maybe righteous, gives up on that they use, as a talking point all the time and such a small percentage of sales may there's a way that we make it easy for. Oh, you know a background check. Go through one on private sales, and now you have to come up with a whole new system. There's also logistics in there is there an argument and his sheep. free with me. No you. Can't give one I want to swear edge to these points, on this issue because they will take a mile every. single time. You can't move
a centimeter on guns, because they're gone It is not a common sense reform. It is another step down the road to eventually have all of them gone. That's what they want. They're, not gonna. Tell you the occasionally they will. We, we occasionally, will help. I'm telling you that I will say it would be nice to have that argument completely eliminated as well. That's entail still lie about it. S still say you'll still say TAT had happened and then you'll find the next thing like most guns as the new one. Now those guns look. there. If you are criminal and you wanna go kill someone there are much easier ways to get a gun, There is no reason for you to put it together in a kit. Now, yes, it has happened to some people have done it. They do sell some of these things. some shootings have occurred with these types of guns, but again it's a minor minor minor percentage. It's much easier to go.
Through a neighborhood break into somebody's house and look for guns, but you're much more likely to fall Guns doing that then go through the whole process of trying to build one guess you who do it? It is possible there. Kids that make it somewhat and the kids have directions, and the kids have a binding said so yesterday there are directions, oh really, really hard hit with direction. Amazing, that's incredible like we're with this is a society that we are caught. Simply told canoe figure out how to get a driver's license to vote, but they're gonna build their own guns really. It's so over the top in saying that it is trying to kill us. They know, I think they know they can't really do much of anything. If you look at the six things he wants to do very few. some of them are like we're gonna recommend to states that they do things like. Ok, that's not even that such barely an executive order, some
It really was nonsensical, but they're going after that goes guns, probably the biggest thing they're going after these. These equalising grips as their associated two pistols. Yet a pistol brace. Yeah, because they had those have become relatively calm and again there not evolve. lot of crimes at all, but they become relatively common weapons for law? biting citizens to own. And so that therefore, in I think part of it because they know there's always a chance. They're gonna ban assault weapons. So if you have you haven't. You got a similar feel from one of these weapons. as they are fifteen, though it's not an, they are fifteen, it is a different type of weapon. It is a pistol it just feels somewhat similar, kind of some of that. You get some of the package of an air fifteen without having to buy an air fifteen, and because No, they might become into your door to take you re our fifteen and there's other reasons due to do to own them, but they're good weapons, and they are very effective as it first politically.
females able to push back against attackers You know, I mean I know you you want to be able to hit the guy run, an actor And you want to be able to stop them and that should be something that should be eaten, think the left, About if they get there so feminist in and they care so much about these evil men that they tell us for it, keeping people all the time and attacking people all the time and then, when it comes down to it, they don't seem to want to give any protection. They moved to fund the police and take away the guns yeah. any continued with his false arguments. Number two. Some job my thing, nothing, I'm about to recommend in any way impinges on the second remember: nothing, nothing but phony arguments Jesse that these are second amendment rights at stake from what we're talking. He knows, phony arguments. No, no I'm does no amendments to the constitution is absolute
the crowd, you can't you I'll fire in a crowd of movie theater recall of freedom of speech chain can from the very beginning you could known any weapon. You wanted own From the very beginning, the second member existed. Certain people aren't allowed to have weapons city idea, is bizarre to suggested some of the things were recommended its preparatory to the constitutional garden, islands and others. Daughtry is an epidemic. You be arrested. If you yelled fire in a crowded theatre, no, I don't think so. What be arrested, though, if you yelled abacha will there's not a person, can shout well well in a crowded theatre. Okay, so you get your wolf in a crowded theater, but but you can I'll fire. I think you can yell Wolf because it prickly when there is a wolf in the theater. I've had several matter asked here, was wolves or there's a pack of wolves running through the theatre, a scared they got. Nancy policy was there to yell Wolf
she's off also stood by actual point out, as were telling you Nancy Pelosi sucks there's something called and see policy sucks pen done on that available for you to tell everyone at work that Nancy policy sucks genetic. Policy sucks, pan dot com. By the way I did her sunny addressed the exact issue. You're talking about that fire in a crowded movie, theater gets it on national review yesterday. So by said you can't you're, fired accredit movie, theater and called freedom of speech for her Saudi, whose it, by the way, an absolute expert on the second amendment, an entire book about the history of gods and goes into a bunch of the stuff there. But he says you absolutely ten. This is probably the weakest and most infuriated only her use the deputy effort to restrict right the line taken from Oliver wonder when the homes and decision, First, the United States and subsequently repeated by thousands of censorship apologist since was at the and one of the most egregious violations of free expression in american history, the connected? and allowed the Wilson administration, don't don't
Woodrow! Wilson, too. All anti war activists in prison for violating the espionage act of nineteen. seventeen it's difficult to think of me? of a more legitimate exercise of political expression that debating why and peace at any event. Was basically overturned by the brain of burglars Ohio decision. We heard a lot about that when recently, which found The first amendment protect speech. Unless it is likely to incite quote lawless action, which yelling for in a theater, does not We actually get you Otto recommended, but you actually Can yell fire in a theater? and what about Wolf? One, not young king circumstances, gotta you'll die out,
No that's. Ok, I briefly just shielded on the radio MA. Am I going to be arrested? Can oh my understanding, as you could not yell any four legged furry animals on the radio? At any point? So really, please don't don't test it because you are to the Kyoto thing. That's already a first amendment violation but if you're in a crowded theatre do not do yeah. Well, poodle. Because that is definitely against the best of the Glen Bank Programme Tiger Woods crash. He was Eighty seven miles an hour when he hit the tree or so, the five year he was eighty seven
woody ran into something when you first made contact, and then seventy five miles an hour when you hit the tree is incredible. survive. They say the forensic showed that he didn't even tap the break right the interpreters law now, so they wonder, did he fall asleep right. What I think happened here, did you do it on purpose like I don't, oh, but I mean like it's like that's the type of thing, to go. Eighty seven miles an hour without tapping the brakes around in a forty five mile zone by the way especially when he doesn't remember He says he doesn't. He doesn't remember what happened so it's gonna be hard to. Pin that doubt it does seem like sleep is the most likely yeah. I would think so by default. I think you come off of the gas, but it's possible. I guess if you follow certain way in the gospel, days down, maybe had cruise control. On that eighty seven and the forty five I dunno It's weird is a very, very strange story and
on an he should never get it an automobile again he's gotta stop getting in such automobiles. Yet justice does not going out. Does it know it's are we found out about the whole scandal number using backing down his driveway, unlike crash into a tree yeah just stop driving, but I think it crash into tree after his wife put a golf club through the back windows net. What have they hit? It he's trying to get away from her and then crashed into the treaty so yeah he and suvs don't seem to mix very well Tripoli Seventy seven be easy K. Is patents do for Glenn, yet Prince Philip has died, seems to be
the big story, the rest of the day to day I do not understand the fascination with the american people, not at all. I guess like you'd say these are elevated celebrities in great Britain and, if you're in great Britain, maybe you care, but I don't understand why our media care so much about this. The care a lot. I guess it's a market forces right the or they could think of his market forces. You put them be put What's your face, Megan Marco. is a pseudo. U S celebrity. I mean she was in on a relatively notable. Shall I liked it a lot I like suits ought, I was afraid of Russia, but it out. We ran for nine seasons It was on USA and millions of people watching it she was a main character in the show. Now she was not an alias to celebrity before this, but she was relatively well known and
The fact that a an american princess by american actress has become a princess, sir. Whatever now, however, that works ship princess Duchess duchess outta? Sorry duchess is a big deal you know and that that you could see why that would make it that part of it interesting for the American P ok. One of our celebrities is now married into the royal family. A kind of interesting yeah you maybe but by all to Walter Ridge of of ninety nine year old right? Who does asked away, doesn't really even have an impact on the situation. I know he's just in the family. Is it worth mentioning guess but while the wall coverage at me for that asked several hours. That's about all. I ve talked about two Maisie really is absolutely amazing to me. I've never understood it and, It just continues Really haven't even understood it for the british people because again no it's not.
the monarchy was a good thing? When was great for them didn't, It was great to my knowledge. Is there a beloved king that that I mean, Arthur was real and that's doubtful They had a pretty much pretty much a string of bad guys. For hundreds of years so I don't know why they look back on it. So fondly I don't know they keep pretending that the fucking mean something to him yeah. It's really where it's very strange, It was a horror, show for a lot of now and by the way I mean they killed her widely beheaded, their wives guys really is a strange thing to continue to celebrate and it ought not to mention it. Wait unleashed Four things all across the globe to all sorts of different people and now
well yeah, but we like when their didn't you now it's kind of cool like they amount to do the tea poverty and they are really that's. Gonna cool tea in the afternoon when he spoke a few billion dollars on numbering Conniston way right now, I don't. I don't just continue to make him the richest family in the world. Let's do that nets. Do that right! That's good! That's worthwhile! It's a worthwhile pursuit! Ok! Well, good! Luck with that! This is the master, the Glen Back Programme, and we really want to thank you for listening finishing up our discussion on non binding and his gun control. Legislation are not even legislation its these executive orders that he's that he is putting forward and just some suggestions to states on doing other things like the red flag laws. He you can't to an executive order on that. So he's.
Recommending to states that they take up the red flag la situation, so you found something else interesting in his discussion. Yesterday, yeah there's been this thing that changed. A few years ago. I guess where is it like a mass shooting ever I would say out. Cheese thoughts and prayers are with them. Terms, and that it was a standard thing to say and it is something that is like a just a general there's people going through tough times, and maybe we should be talking about politics right now, but even mean more fundamentally than that. I feel bad that these thing this happen to these people, whether You agree or did agree with new laws to try to correct it. it makes no difference. Just saying: hey, I'm thinking about you, I am praying for your two really basic human things is particularly important for people who of faith to say, I'm praying for you. It's ok,
If your personal faith, it's like the most important thing you can do, it's not some flippant thoughts. Yeah now? Ok, my thoughts are with you tonight thing to say as a human being to another, a prayer is something but you it is really important if your personal faith, it's basically the most important thing you can do so only few years ago. It used to be seven that all Democrats would say oh gosh. Another for our thoughts are prayers, are with the victor, here, but we need to do something. You know that was first day democratic stuff. acted as if they cared about people who believe, in God, they do or not. I don't know, but they acted as if they cared about people who do. A few years ago that changed and it started people's hearts- and you know what I mean sick of hearing about thoughts and prayers. Where's that do it. It doesn't stop these things, Some prayers are not enough and we got
this thing where at first it was just people on Twitter, crazy, like left wing writers, that would say our thoughts impression on enough and then it crossed over into put to politicians where Politicians would say it it's a You know thoughts and prayers just not enough here. We need to do something now, it's very revealing pat to me that approach. And who claims to be a faith would say that praying. Is it doing something with some prayers. We as prayers. We need to do something actually, Your personal fade, praying is doing something for sure it vital to the scene. You might not agree with that. You may not believe in prayers. You might not believe in God, but like if talking about a person of faith which all of these Democrats say they are, I mean, listen and energy policy should be so she something a preacher half the time what are you talking about laws and they say thoughts and prayers. You need to actually do something. Thoughts pressure, not enough. Joe Biden took that too.
he knew level during the speech and very few people have noticed it. I Never I don't know that I've ever heard a politician ask for this before the Congress acts or not, I need to use all the resources at my disposal present. Keep the american people say from gun violence, but there's much more. The Congress can do help that effort, and they can do it right now. They ve offered plenty of thoughts and prayers. Members of Congress fairness, but they passed not a single new federal law to reduce gunwale Sarka standard and our prayers. But time for some action, just enough prayer enough. First you're saying we should stop praying. This is thoughts and prayers are not enough. This please discontinue the activity of praying of your prayers. Listen from the big time Catholic, that
so much join me so much your midst. He is deep, deep fades, some other things mean so much to not every adding anything fairly. Obviously, thou shalt blah blah blah blah. Who do they really meant by that? Maybe they did it look, maybe maybe they I want all the babies to be alive, who needs all of them there so many there. So many loud you're right now Is it but that's a whole different started? Many essentially tells you to stop praying operated in a frere and efforts as a sound me. Maybe that was just him crazy him blubbering through another line, which is not impossible, but this surprising dismissive. These people are faith and, let's just like your your prayers suck doing them
now either, and I want to hear from you Christian yeah, it's really like that dismounted and it's because of course this is what they have thought, the entire time, but were usually means to be smart enough, not to say it now was borne out. Sap rang, like them: making undulated cease police yeah. the only thing that is doing something is government. If Herman does something. Then it's real, but if it's you, raying your prayers, that's nothing again. You might believe that subdues America, but Joe Biden as positively as a catholic right and they can be used to be. They wouldn't dare say something like that, but now they just they do they. do. It really is amazing aright, blade seventy seven b Ok, let's go to kitten in Georgia by Europe, Le Bet Programme with patents. To say what I asked Edith
so I tried to do this three years ago, my son, I had the great idea faye- would be fun for us to do this together, don't go scandal about a year ago. I got an idea. About a hundred bucks buying the tool really needed album used could I knew I never use them again? His airily stood about a week. Watching videos together after you're in it all out. Before we go into it, it was their didn't turn out well or just too long I completely ruined the lower half than we thought about you. I'm gonna ruin the first one, then Jake that we were using, which was supposed to be the best you're gonna market. Clearly ruin that man. I still have the second lower in there what are you doing in my face? Yes, We didn't even try to get back, but this is what all drug dealers are doing right now, there's like let us get the gene.
About all set up gets like ridiculous. This is not a core part of this, but the problem of gun violence in this country? absolutely incredible. This is exactly how I would expect to thank you can't, and I appreciate the phone call. Try adjusted Justin Justin. Welcome to the club programme with patents do you guys? Are you doing anyway? We're trying outlaw inanimate objects. Why does it not a human being to operate that? And if that's ok, is that the inanimate objects are killing people. Why not outlaw them all they could produce. We kill somebody it is a ridiculous flaw in their basic logic and thanks just and for the call that that there is this. This is same thing when he was talking about suing gun manufacturers.
Their lie. Another lie. First of all, you can sue gun manufacturers. There is limited shield they have an because if you screw up with their divide like you, do something stupid with a gun and misuse it. Then they can't be held liable for the right and, of course that doesn't make sense. Of course, that would be ridiculous veto. If you were to buy a car Toyota, you should not be able to sue Toyota because you decided to run somebody over. Tori Fault, you it's what you did with it: it's not crime until you actually commit the crime that's why it would be ridiculous. The reason why Joe Biden once it so badly is because he knows he can see these people out of existence file a million frivolous lawsuits and they want most of these countries will have to shut down and that, of course, what they want Ryan and North Carolina? Welcome to the club programme with patents? Do Thank you. This is an absurd conversation. I can't even believe we're having it. The second amendment
designed, so that we can maintain a militia not go forward, thing. Although I like the idea, bird hunting is just as we have progressed in and ways of leading to defend ourselves because those around us who would seek to hurt us have greater ways to hurt us. We should have greater Eliza finding ourselves, we don't need a twenty two short to defend Holmes anymore, I'm having a our may be necessary at some point, but you said you set them, but a few minutes ago that made a lot of sense to me. You said that this is more than just for defence and that's the truth. The people that are buying these eight hours are buying them. Yes, for defence with lot of them- are buying them because an art or a scaled or a hobby. Some of them are doing as form of investment for retirement because these about worthless anymore, and so they bade stockpile guns and not to use them, but to have them in store for their future, there's nothing wrong with it,
we, while every gun in the world and even blue blood is now even using knives. Furthermore, is there not a lot of guys on PETE anymore, you're gonna find a way to kill somebody new innovation. Have a good at the third YAP, now it's very true and bride thanks for the call it strove, but the most people by these things are people like the calls for talking to her average people I want to try to do this, maybe they're, good or collectors. You know, there's something you can go by a table at IKEA there's something about building it yourself that the people have always praise that instinct. It's always been something that people We have a friend who loves fine poker and is building, is Poker table, got Amazon, get a friggin poker tabled delivered in the next day. we are building is all because he wants to do it. That way. There's just that's That is something you can't make illegal and, of course, a second. Work, even if you do the australian love is the thing that I always loved going back to because they bet they bought back about tat,
percent of the guns in the country, They were supposed to really help. Gunboats showed no effect by the way of studies. Afterward showed that had no effect on gun violence, but if you were to do that here. You'd have to buy Like a hundred million guns, first of all, just the cost of that boy lying back, one hundred million guns. You take the the way. How would you do that? Gun owners are not gonna, we know. Maybe you could get twenty percent of em back. Maybe I mean I doubt it, but maybe, but I mean there's some people who probably wouldn't care. Maybe I don't know, but let's say you could be What does that leave you with a country, with three hundred million guns in it. It makes no freaking difference that people who are going commit, crimes of them are not gonna get back to you and the other people of this sort. Are we putting guns out there to commit crimes with their guns disarm the the law abiding citizens right in what you're gonna do not only unconstitutional, but it is also completely ridiculous
I was Tryin Noah, like eight in Texas, no welcome to patents June when you have a phone call that we lose them you just put, this is good, is put them worthless, aviators, it. Yes, I oh no, oh, why did you pick up this fog? This call and not the other form that was really well they're, the ones my business bone ring it incredibly more important or eat right there we go. That's Amerika has always your customer, our Noah you're talking about because it goes gun conversation. Yes, Here, too, I know how to do this. Not really body it only for myself and it takes money investing in it. One can never do perfectly mighty at sea. In finishing the sea and themes in that they make release things run about Greece. they thousand dollars that further,
while even then half the time, you don't do perfect I gotta Ebeneezer, precise instruments. This is not like in our Europe would be very difficult to do on your own. How D you bill a bunch of these. For your owns a you know, a lot about guns or yes, your yeah. I have again door, and so no mind ended. The hobby might give me an enterprise especially went around I'll shoot, number, are sick animals with them and that it can just a crowded. is a great point. Cuz, like the guy, owns a gun store, he can get guns but he's building them himself, because you know what is its point of pride? Is it's a cool thing to go through so much I appreciate it.
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