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CTV aired a clip of a spontaneous kiss during a discussion about masks, but the backlash came with a twist. Dating at a time like this must be nearly impossible. Dr. Fauci warns against keeping the economy shut for too long. Pat and Stu discuss ESPN’s 30 for 30 on Lance Armstrong. The founder of Impossible Foods defended the free market and used Glenn as an example of why it works so well: If you have a good alternative, people don’t need to be forced to try it.

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Welcome to the park castor. Today, its patents do in four cleanse on vacation he's back next week, so Today we talked about the shaman from the media, tat people who went outside on the moral day we can, if you wanted to each year the enemy and the media was all over it, especially if you happen to live in a red state. I've noticed it seems to be one big parts of criticism: positive point to an amazing story. The ticket amazing twist from Canada as it relates to this, will go into that today. Also we'll talk about more criticism from the left on Amazon and how evil they art. Making just not paying enough taxes pat and they make a lot of money solely really shouldn't even exist
that makes you bad? You know billion urchin exists. We certainly should not. Should you be paying more taxes, then you are required to pay yes illustration question that even Bernie Sanders seems to agree with us on, but we'll get into that as well. Triple eight seven, twenty seven back is the number to call in we'll be back tomorrow with more and don't forget to subscribe to Pat Gray unleashed hot cast available in this network person. Watch on please tv as well. You can subscribe to police tv a place to be dot com, Slash Glenn, usually Promo code Glenn for ten bucks off. You also subscribe to stew. Does America available this pod cast platform school over clicks and striving those rate in review as well It is very, very happy and go to Youtube. We can watch all the shows, swear you tube search for stew, you'll, see, students, America, Peccary, unleashes, there's wealth and, of course, the Glen Back programme. Yesterday's talkest,
the only thing tat stupid when on the Glinda programme, so the Tripoli, seventy seven be easy. Kate. You know this it's in the park and Canada, where a guy approached girl and and spontaneously kissed her the we see apparently broadcast that neither have apologised, because you didn't ask her advance or whatever. If he could kiss her and people are pissed off on her behalf, will wait a minute if she's not mad, Why do you care and you you can't you're, not the judge of that she is ensured. Enjoyed it, and literally everybody knows that, and what's empowering for what and here is it. Is it that some You know. Male executive gets to decide that was a non consensual situation or that she gets to decide
it's all right, sensual situation, she's the one that should be raised mean that there can be no. Spot Navy in a romance at all? Now get you never just kiss. Somebody right, I mean that's. It's part of the matter. Right you like every year to sing MA? Am I think about putting my lips on your lips. By signing this notoriety, will give it motorized. Then we can have the kiss afterwards what we decide in this form and However, an interim solution triplicate please you're, initiated here, signed there and initial right there, the mad that legally loses the magic of the first case does not yet right. I'm I mean, if you were to, if you were, to to survey the audience right now, every happy married couple take a minute happily married couples and asked them on their first kiss. Did You asked for permission to start that case with outward like permission.
So we all get physical signals right like then how most people would would try to kill Lookit, whether you are allowed to do it or not, Does she seem into it? Does he window it then you go for it in Vienna how it usually goes, there's leaning, there's this there's a sir. Amount of leaning towards each other. That indicates the guesses coming. There's all these things. This is a dance right. It's it's that this is so posts to be something, that's not easily define. That's what makes that's does the match of a relationship, so instead, there is now this thing where you have to have done a black and white, and I If you set up ass, two hundred people, what what? What would the percentage be? Who actually physically ass? May I kiss you are- and I guess you it's gotta be present at twenty, and maybe there could be a reason why you might do it. It might be a romantic. Ask into certain certain, especially if it was ten years ago or more
the Chinese likely go way down the chances that you said. May I may I kiss you outside, I mean my wife kissed me On our first kiss, my ass, she does consensual did not answer my permission. Stoop she didn't not all ask. We was ok in factually jumped me and crime. I got knocked over the railing into her parents. Bushes apparently caught my ballads. She just she just leaped in an and wait for it. And she did not say. May I kiss you please now this This is starting to make because look, I love your wife's cookies, which sounds flirtatious that it is the age as a kid cookie company mergers.
Cookie doc, come exactly right right here. I would like to go by more cookies there, but I'm a little after this non consensual news, not right. Yes, I have always supported here like a virus and yet, It was you know. Thirty seven years ago, but still that doesn't make it right. So I can see what he knows. You're right in your view, saw or do you see that I'm still a little bit troubled by attack? we can go back and watch. You watch the mad men era right we're like every secretary, what buying groped as there are bringing their copies of it to the executive. No one wants to go back, I mean we're not nods, arguing that there was a clip actually happened right actively recently was the news. Anchor was filing a report, and I want to say, someone came by, unlike gave her a little like slap on the butt. We're walking by and she got like, come on. Man eater profile currently wrong, obviously, and there's a good good example for
you should be outrage. I would be outraged that happened to my wife. I would be frequent pissed off this, and so I understand that, like totally that's a totally different situation than someone being kissed and outwardly telling you she's excited about it and use still apologize for it and basically call this guy rapist you you're telling you this ridiculous. Will you have on camera? You ve, given his name and then you're saying he was engaging in non consensual behavior, but what this guy's lifelike today. He I guess, if you see the clip, everyone would say come on: that's ridiculous, but still you now have a kind of on your record till the end of time when there's no victim by the way, no victim, no victim at all that the victims of crime by either and it seems like the real crime. Now so I don't know, I have no idea, you know, even though your tears origin story of your relationship, which side so devastating for you here in horrify, was our Hank. That aside, I keep saying to myself:
good God, I'm glad it I'll have to date in this environment. I well know I without a do add new idea. I feel for you, if you're out there try in this right now and especially in the workplace. How do you meet a body at work? Now you can't right. You can't even approach somebody in a romantic way at work. Yet another one sexual harassment. That was my only chance to because I mean you don't look. I don't have a game You know, that's not a guy who could who didn't she. There was a lot of picking up in bars that we're gonna go on in my life with the oil jets I ever had was being around long enough to annoy them into taking up too entertaining though the idea that was basically my only approach and at work, at least once so that go around the work thing is a big part is actually if, if you think back patchy you know in our industry in particular. This is as of an industry as it is. It's one that you are constantly working with.
So young when you're young in your career, if you're not working twenty hours a day, you get nowhere in this industry, because there's people who want to be on the radio and want other free concert, tickets and all the crap that goes along with the radio as your coming up in it ever you know, people want to do it, so you have to outwork everybody. You have no time to do anything. You don't either no partying, there's like you might get away but about here and there, but generally speaking, it's just one of those industries where working for no money, really long hours doing work that no one else wants to do. That's that's essential your first ten years, the industry for most people, and that is a situation. It is not conducive at all to going out and dating people. Who are also in your industry. It's working and Workin Nights Working holidays, yet all of that You know what I think back to my wife was also in radio. No, no surprise she we used to have. She would have New year's Eve gigs,
every new year's Eve S if you think about, like the typical new year's eve, couples thing that you do you're out somewhere, that the ball comes down and you kiss your significant other kind of like that? Typical thing that happens, I note with you pat you'd, be make it with ran straight down the street. Naturally, at that moment crazy, but like so for fifteen twenty years myself and my wife. She be on doing account down at some club, because that was what she did. And I will be sitting by myself at the bar watching way for her dance. We could go home together, but there's no. No, let's have happen. Because she was always on state randomly making. What other people with that didn't happen. Tat was their want Ivan. Forget it it's. My point is that is like it takes. Out of that realm, been a lot of jobs are like that. It's not just radio it. When you re, really, you know best in your bought to try. Get somewhere in your career. Those people you're around zone. Now can't do anything with them. You apparently can
Even if you meet someone randomly in the park and spend a day with him, you can't even kiss them, even when they want that to happen. We have no idea how to navigate these waters. I dont know I would have absolutely no clue try it, especially if you were someone who me. He had a relationship early that a long term relationship when you were What's that you're in your early twenties you're in a long term relationship, maybe get married to get divorced and now you're back on the dating scene and you're trying to jump back into that world. After all, it I don't know how anybody would do it. Let's look at this this this woman in a park had happened, That's a nice origins story. Isn't it I think so right like if data when they did they get married thirty years from now? so we're in the park and were hanging out and I had to go to a store. I came back, she was God, but she left her now, and I really want it out again was so excited, and then I saw across the park she's in the middle of a news interviewing. I just walked right in and I gave her kitten. That's how mommy and daddy how I met your mother. Riddles are awesome stories, yet it's gotta be great scale.
Now. I gotta go. There's one was guinean differently because we first kissed her. I thought oh she's gonna be pissed, yet know the exact opposite, and so then you're fine, ok, while it turned out well so another got something to tell their grandkids. Yet that worked out it's it's isn't it's an eye story and I shall say no to the to the point of the whole corona virus. Part of this. We act as if you couldn't take think about this. You're taking everybody in their twenties who single, whose entire life for the past few years has been go to a bar. Try to me, girls, go to a bar. Try to me guys it's courtship you're in period of your life, where that's a big part of it right and here basically saying with a shut down just turn it all off for a few months, That is not something you can just do easily these
This is an entire world where you're saying no courtship, essentially in your prime courtship errors, error era just turn it off for a few and you know what maybe it's eighteen months- maybe it's maybe it's a wicked of accident could be few years, but that's completely insane, It's a foundational part of the it's a building block, literally above the human existence, of our sepia, sees you you just turn it off. How would you meet p if you're not allowed to cut, go near another human being. How do you we have a relationship you're acting these people, some people who what, if you're dating someone and it's like you're on the borderline, does this continue? Does it not? Well? I guess it doesn't, because we can see each other like this is a big ask and the fact that people want to go out and be it a pool within six feet of each other after multiple
months of not being able to see another human being is not it's not a crazy instinct. It's not know you do your best right. We can't turn society off. It's not just the economy, it is society. Here we are talking about The reason our species continues to exist legates that big of a deal, if you extend long enough in China have to allow some of that to happen. Like you said, we don't you oh how long this continues, they ve been tellin us What might last up to eighteen months it might last up to Eighteen Martin, you don't the economy, that's absurd, but with real, relationships, it's dangerous civilization wrapping. What is that like all there's gotta, be this big birth boom in current,
in which I dont know. If that happened, I buy didactic kind of tender, doubted who were already married. Maybe maybe, although I tend to think everyone's is disgusted with each other after Another- is potentially revealing from my own situation, but I think that, generally speaking, people are disgusted. That's why I wrote TAT puppies there's nobody I'm, coming, there's just a puppy boom. That's all there is the best of the good that programme stand still for Glenn article that programme he's on vacation this week? and I he's eating really healthily. He just ordered of five dozen of our cookie saffron, my wife's cookie company, which is a scrumptious cookie dotcom. Yes, if you'd like to order some for yourself- and we just opened this up to eight more states so that nice- that's just start we're doing the west them Do the Donna where we go from here
hopefully soon everything will be opened up, but scrumptious cookie dot com, if you'd like to get some delicious cookies at any moment of the factory and move on to step in warm congratulations. So you can get the covert nicotine chocolate chip, cookies, Liliaceous, its work that I will say I would get covert. Nineteen eat one of life such as much of a cooking stare. Delicious. That's he's we are finally five dozen of them? This is after what two or three dozen last week at a couple dozen the week before. So look for him to come back the little more visible, then he's even been up until this point, because there be more out of him to view. Does anyone else is anyone's getting these cookies is like for the house, or is it just glad? Just now, just like is just too if you keep him in legal matters, may like cabinet interests, as you Nixon Anita, cookie everytime egos IONA man, but he has been for sure right, a biggest client. So for many way many anyways yes get nights. Those are delicious,
and understand that order however, I will say this is very common, maybe not with the cook near your cookies in particular, but people Just eating Laden like our outlaw, because its comforting right it is you just things- are so different. We been turned up, down, and so you just want some kind of comfort and school. You turn to food yeah. I keep thinking about as you know, we used to go out. We ve got to eat, my wife rose. Wouldn't we have data whatever. On the weekend, we gotta have a nice dinner if we can- and we were giving that money for a while- and I thought to myself, you know what I should do is spent that money on food that I can have shift to me. So it's gonna get, old belly, evergreen areas, gold belly that some one of the sites I haven't it's based on, like that door dash or whatever not exactly it's no is over. It will deliver from restaurants around you write a door dash sees me m. Gold belly is like all of the best foods from all around the country so it's almost like a national door dashed away so
If you want a New York pizza from the New York place, they will get it and they feel, is it and send it to you and it costs while directly from the place so the best cakes and cookies, and you should get on there? Were the cook company for sure pies everything, the famous it expensive. It is it's on the expensive side for sure, because it's my shipping, it Asea like again like if I'm going to do now, if I may, spend a normal. I go to a normal restaurant around here that might be okay and you're going to spend what thirty bucks support person or whatever you can. If you spend thirty bucks a person you can get the best pizza right, I ordered some place- have sent lasagna unbelievable, like I was like and you know you're here you re eating it and stuff, but Why don't I mean a quarantine I might as well get the best food from around the country was my theory. I like that. It's a good idea. It's also a great way to gain weight because then you get large portions of delicious accrued from her
in the country, and you can just Canada's diving whenever you want an that's really, not a great thing for your visit. Now in my problem is I'm the only one in my house doing that so becoming extremely extraordinarily large about grown house now I have to live levels. Effort now separate domicile the rest of my family concerns doing healthier stuff. Those PA that they're just they may go irritating. They make me sick. My wife is full fledged vegetarian. Now, for probably six or eight months My one of my sons has become a vegetarian vegetarian, but only about three weeks work, but he soon really well not eating meat for three weeks and one of my daughter's also not eating meat and they're all on this health kick of vegetables every night
Sorry, I'm not joining you in that. Quite clearly, will you will you, except the vegetables on the side of your steak or a new? Now, look that even eyes I'm nowhere on my play. It is an interesting thing. You know this. I talked to the who is the ceo of impossible foods in an impossible burger. And it is something that you guys taste tested on. The air live with real meat and the impossible burger until the different could tell the difference if I think both said that the impossible burger was the real burger the grid dead yet and the Ets? it was crazy was out in the burger King test is now that was the it was another plaia, another yeah yeah the higher and what he had higher in one, and so a stocking It was interesting about him. I thought was he is. I can look. He even wants to make a burger that people eat instead of me MIKE it's out. Is his goal, as did too to win that battle, but he wants to do with it, capitalism, and he's talking about the girl was the great things that cap
wisdom has accomplished and while he's not looking for government help, he's like a shame, anyone and eating it, Minsk has probably not conservative right. I don't know what is politics are hee hee, really was friendly to capitalism. Definitely like didn't, he said a couple times. He said, look what What from the government is for them to get out of our way. So we can do anything nice, like I love here, and that we need to get that from Exxon anymore. Cash can't get a friggin company to say the free market does anything and I'm getting it I'm the guy who making a vegetarian meat Products can get it from him, but I can't they from you know BP. What happened to me, I don't I dont understand they ve all cave. They ve all caved. They all act as if the free market is evil egg and hearing on here's, a guy who say like look. We want to win this battle because our product is not as good as meat, but better. We people to like it more you're, gonna love that as a great attitude I really liked. I liked here in the news was a really interesting conversation and I think he's: u like you, like the someone who's gonna. Do you know he was.
Scientists and the left this to start this company, and he's, though I mean I, you know it is, as you know, as well it tastes really really good, and you know whether you like it it's up to you, but I like he's like free choice, like the only way that this is gonna happen. He brought a great example of in China. The chinese government told their people to cut meet intake by. I think, like fifty percent is, I cannot the chinese government has. Some success level with convincing people to do things in their country like I basically control it Annesley. Not like they basically did nothing. They didn't changes, it's at all, the chinese government's threats, won't stop you to change while your habits, trying to convince me Do not eat meat or say hey. You know what it's really good for the environment or whatever is not change their habits. What's going to change their habits, if they like it, offered them a better alternative, exactly brilliant and he's like a weakened in eventually to the point where this is cheaper than than meat that you're too.
Finally, getting for not very bright there. Eventually, it's right, it's not area, but it's getting there. You know that you're, like he's like we healthier you're like it more like again, it's his companies to sing good things about it, but it was I just not the approach the fact that he wasn't trying to shameless into it. He wasn't trying to say he even settings No. I don't want to farm bill that helps our company. I want them out of our way. Wow! That's really! threshing, had kind of what kind of is. Are you actually and your taste test with even Glenn the heated apart cast. Have you heard of how I built this I think I've yeah it's one where they peisly profile companies and they actually mentioned. They mention Glenn in the middle, of this and the taste tests that you guys did the guy the scene of the company saw the video? So, while you're here listen, listen to this club, it's from how I built this from India just asked here you, u upgraded the recipe for the Berger and then you began rolling it out at grocery stores and then a burger king which introduced.
The impassable whopper that people and crazy for and then Applebee's and White so one and all these other chain start selling it and people love D. I mean that I think, even even like Glenn back in hope, like you're, like you would imagine would go after vegetarians or like like they they loved it right here is here we salute. Did you see that yeah yeah impacts like This idea, this is great. I can't of difference in you went from like David Chang and a couple of hours and twenty sixteen turnout, they're everywhere and see the surprising thing there. It is that they have discovered that conservatives will like something of its quality. Will we don't care about the biology, give if, if it taste as good or better than meat I'll, definitely eat it? Is like we ve been saying for years, give me an alternative
to an suv uv into gasoline powered engines and it is viable and all the time I can you know, I don't have to completely turned my life upside down to use it. Will use it. That's what you must try to do right with Tesla at u dont we have. We have won the producers here at the blaze. Who has stalled, the solar panels in Tesla batteries in their house an enemy every month he sent me a taxis like check this out. Scissahs electricity bill at ten cents, Billig legitimately, like ten cents for them and provide an alternative, will use it. He liked, he likes, etc, and it works great for him and me- am I not work if you and some cloudy area out on how you know like their certain differences and in different places, but he's in Texas, and it works great for him. You basically pays nothing for electricity. Now that he's paid for the system, while an instil those things. I think that's how you win these.
You don't win the battle by saying. Well, you know you're a bad person. If you don't do the thing that I want The same way, by the way when we talk about the covert thing that we're dealing with now, never gonna win the battle by screaming at someone not wearing a mask on a grocery store like if you believe the thing doesn't help the transit or try to convince people. Try to show them in a lead by example, be cool oh you know talk to somebody about. Like why you think this is, is the right thing, but if not you do your own thing. That sort of stuff is much more effective. And screaming at people on a grocery store, that's insanity! Yet this that's! No s approach everything every one of these issues. You know what ya, what you're, add person if you use too much electricity you're a bad person. If you eat me, you're a bad person, if you don't wear masks your bad, your bad you're, bad, your bad will! I'm sorry, we see you you're, not that great! You can't. You know if I read it out in the Bible. I mean people a tough enough time list.
Do that? Lets the ultimate authority be going to listen to you because you're stupid Instagram comments. Because you shame to me at a beach, doesn't work on anybody. Does it know? That's why this approach from what's his name, the inventor of the impossible, bra Pat Brown, at Brown? Ok, so that's why that such a great approach is a great protein, make a good product and people just gravity toward it. I have all about. You know a decent people. As you know, I'm a very and I will say: Glinda does come after vegetarians me, but almost every day almost every day, but most people in my life don't bring you don't don't idiots. Like me answer they eat the illegals, not of a generic initiate she's. Not, but you know they. She loves that impossible. Burger meant a lot of them because, of course, I order it because I like it, they try it and why not just ordering it because they like it yeah right. So that's how you win,
That's how you win that battle. You're, not gonna, win the battle by guilty people and putting scary videos on the internet, and I think that is How about happens? I think it's a good. It was just, and it was so nice approach to hear it was nice to hear a freak in person in business, say something good. The free market for once and I'm sorry what she was at a partner Stu does America strike? Does a mere yes fine! Well go to Youtube. Servers. Do ok I'll, be the first one. There watch every himself for free or sign up unpack casts ass. Any of this is the best of the Glen Back Programme and don't forget raids on I to spend stupor Glenn, Tripoli. Seventy seven be easy K, Anthony Falcon says that if America doesn't reopen soon, it will suffer irreparable damage,
about only reasonable. Yes, I return and and totally reasonable, and thank you for finally saying now and its ordinary, it is smart for him to say she would have said it before this, but that's I mean I can't argue without that's, that's he's not mean he's been saying all along, I'm the medical guy, I'm the one who tells you yes, what to do medically and not the economy guy, although now he is saying we can't stay locked down forever because it will destroy the economy and it was it will. Of course it will and that's why we know. If you want to look at this in a positive light of what we have attempted to do here, you can look at it like a panic or right, someone's breaking into your house, you go to your panic room, you lock the doors down way for police to come, but that's a temporary solution. Money? It is suddenly it sent an extensive solution. If you stay,
panic room for the rest of your life. You venture just die right like that's, not a good. It's a good idea. It's it's! A temporary horrible! It's a whore! viable solution to a problem that is massive, that land locking yourself in a room in your home would know windows is not a good solution. Almost ninety situation, just one Situation is a good solution for which is there, someone breaking into your house with a gun, This is a raise, the same thing that we have attempted here, whether you know you can't argue whether you like the results are not. I think everyone understands that it's terrible for the economy. It does have long lasting repercussions? it will be damaged, the longer it goes on you can't you can't let this stuff go. Forever in places like the l, a county in particular. We even know Work is opening up. Like August, twenty twenty six start that silly twenty five percent capacity at restaurants and wait a minute. I can't believe Do people live in the conservative movement to
dealing with life in L a county right now, that's gotta be scurvy hell, yes, and it will be held. And if they shut us down again, if there's a second wave, that's what I'm a little nervous about is the second wave. If it comes and it might, there might be a second way and then you they will insist once again that we shut down the economy again and we ve got be ready to say no, not this time, we're not doing that That was one of the initial solutions they are talking about, which was you lock it down? First get the disease low and every time we have a new breed outbreak, you just lock it down again for another month, and you're like so you're like two months in regular life and then back for a month and locked down and back with until we have a vaccine, I can't let you screw with people's heads. I dont know that you could deal with as I don't know how society would would would handle suddenly there, especially Can society like the they didn't
Where's w couldn't handle that well, yeah, there's a lot of places that attempted things like this in Asia, but it's a totally different culture right like it. It's a culture that was is much more used to dealing with the government telling you you're not leaving your home for a certain amount of time. This is totally foreign do a mer, the american culture and look? You gave me gave at this time. It was obviously a serious thing. I mean these numbers are higher than almost anyone predicted, but still like we, that we need to find a way going for we gave you your time to prepare. A lot of sacrifices already been done. We have to be to go back to normal life at some level, even if it with some precautions. So I sense and even our overlord added value. You signal is the Glen Back programme.
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