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Glenn and Stu discuss Texas gubernatorial candidate Beto O'Rourke's embarrassing staged event at Governor Greg Abbott's press conference discussing Uvalde. Glenn's Chief Writer & Researcher Jason Buttrill discusses the possibility of China invading Taiwan. First Lady Jill Biden made some statements about baby formula, and Glenn and Stu shared their thoughts.

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her case due to. Are you listening? No, nothing ever changes courses you want to talk about, maybe the podcast today my gosh, I have to do everything sure my name's on the show sure I make all the big cash and you know sure yeah all that. But let me do your job for you here and tell you about the podcast today. So today it was an interesting podcast to give you a little behind the scenes. Part of this, and normally we have many guests schedule throughout the day yeah today we decided we were going to do nothing but phone calls from listeners. Yes, and that was our big. We wanted to hear from you what happened to that idea right as we started the show all the phones went out, so we really couldn't take a call. Did you notice that guy seriously did you notice the truck out front off to the side of the building? That was a fiber optic truck cia and they had the manhole open? Somebody was down there where I know the phone trunk is. Oh, so just see that I didn't see it now. Oh my gosh! If it wasn't there when you came in it was definitely the cia cause. I got here like at five thirty, and that truck was there too does work in the middle of the night? Do the CIA very go so the cia ruin the show, but it was actually a good show anyway, mainly because we got to yell about beto o'rourke and his idiocy yeah, quite a bit feel passionately about that. You know, and maybe some things were said. Maybe some songs were sung, but you will have to find out yourself that is so much more on today's glorious puck.
The only thing to do. We have the audio of the political stunt that better rourke did as up where he dance on the dead bodies of children. Listen scares me. Excuse, excuse if you're out of your out of line and an embarrassment after I used to get his ass out of the show, is totally predictable. this is a mayor- has a water. Please leave us auditorium. I can't believe you're six out of it.
do you like this to make a politically well decker a model that I love the fact that he had a walker and he was he comes up pennies like get out of here. You, six son of a, I think, was exactly there can be no one, better is human trash. He is said No use these now wait a minute lowest. He said of humanity. Our society can produce. He said after he was there. He was just listening and he just couldn't take it anymore. Really he was that's that's what happened ha. That's interested, because everybody seems to notice that this was obvious least staged from the beginning, and I go back to what happened before this we don't know exactly. Maybe will learn in the coming days. We translate the a c Recent events that led up to this moment
better, o rourke, was there in listening to the whole now and then, let's go back before that, let's go back to the meeting that better work had with his staff and at some point I'll translate because I have the exact language but I'll tell you exactly what was said in the meeting it was. Bet all rourke saying hey how Exactly can we take advantage of all of these dead children when in turn it around. So it's good for us of how do we raise money off the bodies dead, children just Myra hold on just a second. You don't have a trance! ripped. You don't know that better work said that, and I have to tell you do I don't think he's smart enough to come up dead to be someone else in the room and he went yeah. Maybe you're right, maybe you're right, because, but I don't know who said it all I know is that this is obviously planned. Clearly,
play and then we can go, has no yet even CBS news pointed it out blatantly staged event and this guy, because he once more power and more money decided that this event was about him he wanted to make. The death of night in children and to teachers about better orourke, because he is human scum. He, the worst form of life imaginable on this earth. These things might work in new york where or delaware or washington DC. It's not gonna work here You know the only one that had the other opinion of hey, maybe gun control is matthew, mokanna hay and he seemed like a these. I disagree with him when he was a decent human being about any obviously doesn't know all that much about the details of these issues but like he, I think that comes from a good place. Here's a guy, If you make a statement
like hey like Aisha. How can we stop this? We need to do something I write like that's. That's not an educated viewpoint on this. Ok everybody posted on social media? If you know anything about these topics the did the argument of well wider, we do, something is just vapid right. It's just a giant shallow empty. Vessel of a view its as its stand in for intellect, but Better work is a totally different issue. He the worst all he did was try to get attention, and you know what he's job which, by the way, will not be governor of the state of texas, his next job at MSNBC or whatever. This crap will help him and all this is about for him. He is pathetic. Again. NBC. I mean
he's going to be behind a microphone, but I think it's going to be hi. Welcome to god, as even, if he's lucky, yeah yeah and I have both ARCA and would you like fries with that? And second, you know I could have a go to planet and the thing he'd do is look. This is a very desperate man in a very def, desperate position, doing very desperate things and to hit us If you want to hear you know, get past how revolting a human being? You must be to think that this is appropriate if you wanna get past that for a second and you get to that I've, just political strategy. You can make the argument right He is so is his his hill he's climbing is so far up so steep that maybe ridiculous stunts and pathetic things This is the right thing to do me you goad greg.
Into making a mistake and saying something really bad when he walks out, you know, Fortunately, for him you left gregg, abbot and Dan patrick with the microphones. So you're getting taken out of the room where no one can hear you blab about your nonsense and they have the microphones and they handled it. Really really well really well and honestly, I actually, if gregg abbot, did what that Where did it would have been bad yeah, but the fact that the mare did it. You know that guy was not standing up for for this said he didn't want this to be about politics. This is his frickin city and he said: There were just righteous indignation, and I man. I felt I felt for him and I thought I thought added an patrick handled it real well and and the mayor did too, if someone needed just caught at one point and we bleeped it out, but I it cause we just caught him in a hole from four. And that's exactly what needed to happen. That's exactly who he is by the way. You know why didn't police. Why
The police see it I mean be alarmed, came out yesterday against the racist police and how How do you know why they stop this kid? You know in your right, yet all kinds of warnings that this would be a bad kid right, all kinds of warnings. Reuters is reporting. some really disturbing writing one day, I'm going to quote one day. Hey, I was driving home from work. I noticed two children crossing the street. They were happy happy to be free from their troubles, This is happy. This happiness was mine by right. I had earned it in my dream as I neared the young ones. I put all my weight on my what right foot, keeping the accelerating peddled down to the floor until I hear the crushing of children on the hood, then this sharp cry of pain from one of the two I was so fascinated for a moment that, when, after I had stopped,
vehicle. I just sat in a daze sweet visions, filling my head right day. dress right, nothing it's gonna come of this, According to reuters, those are the teenage writings of better a work. Oh my god, really, In writing that rotors day says still exist on line or roque, purportedly fantasized about toppling the government, but down that the masses would support such a radical move at this time. Then he also wrote about murdering children by running over them with his car? This is this is the ultimate red flag for the red flag, exactly right, they exactly right, I'm lad that he's against guns, the state if taxes should be very aware and now allow him to buy
guns, oh my because of this, this guy, this guy and his righteous indignation, give it a rest bud give rest. This is the best one big beck jason, but oil is with us. He is the main writer researcher for the Glen back television. program. And he is also our national security expert. He was with naval intelligence for a long time and can tell us about a new audio tape that has come out of china smuggled out of china. That apparent shows that they are preparing for air. invasion of taiwan. I've got some
Questions on this first jason, one to bring everybody up to speed on what it is. What they're saying with us offers aquaculture he's a naval intelligence. Somebody invade your office could soothe marine corps intelligence, same thing: you're, on boats, bigger shut up? my apologies, my apologies to every he marie, just decided to set him off go ahead. this is a the council meeting of their war war mobilization. So our that clarification, because this does appear to be legitimate. They are too. How about a massive war, mobilization effort on the basis of theory, crafting what do we need to do so? Where do we? you get conscripts. How do we read if its ships to get the amount their guessing in this meeting will take about. A hundred and fifty three ships, which is odd, a very specific
and they the about two hundred and forty thousand soldiers are talking about private companies that need to be utilised. The icy private and air quotes, public, private companies. You know it's a partnership and some public private private partnership will be soon but go ahead. I'm one hundred and forty thousand soldiers, I uh yeah, they just they just go on and very detect a very you know very good to tell it goes on for about fifty six minutes. I've looked at some of them all. when I look at all the names, matched up all the way as these are real people, so this does appear to be legitimate. I do want to though, that there are just one part of this massive You know what you know, structure within china to looking at invading taiwan and make no mistake. That is invading taiwan is a national security necessity for china. They will try it eventually when is up to you know.
You know, interpretation, I think they're still very far off it by luis ten years are right. Now we re hang on just missing and I think anybody in the intelligence community cause I've talked to several of them would agree with you that we are at least five years off between five and ten. different than what we do at the pentagon. Here I mean we, to have a plan on you know invading canada in case they went crazy. what they should do is have a plan. For anything. Is that What this is I I think that's what this is, but it has a little bit more teeth because so, when I was in the intelligence community, we did a lot of war gaming or you know for multiple different countries, so we had the plan in place if it would be no, we need it that I think the different here is that this is their national If there's, let me say that we, it was our national security imperative that we invade cuba.
We we and everyone there. We were gonna. Do it at some point? Well then, this would be. Once more, I guess worrisome it there something that'll week that showed that we were this far ahead in the planning. Okay, so that that that's a difference here like they will do this soon able you know they lose any future yeah so soon for the Chinese, It can be right of five hundred years away Let me ask you the next obvious question in a state that has total surveillance. Toto surveillance and records of em? Everybody cell phone, what it's doing where it span who Smuggled this out how did it get out, and is it intentionally let out here so there so I was getting to this over a little bit earlier, but I I there's multiple different factions. Looking at this there's the war
liberalization faction like this there all got back their job is to make sure that if we do this well prepared to do it better, the other Actions within the communist party that are like are you look yet the geo political perspective right now. Are you looking what's happening at russia right now in ukraine, we do not want to buy more just we're trying to get our economy going. The way it's going for the past ten fifteen twenty years, that's not going to happen. That's a full stop everything they want to get done. help me road? Remember what happened? The belgian road? If what happens to russia happened to them It completely goes away, so there's those facts c c p there like wait a minute. Let's take a step back, yes, we agree. We have to do in the future, but this is not something that we can. Thinking about in the near term. Do you really think it goes american? Do you really? Think that all goes away if they take taiwan. and somebody doesn't blow up Lee high taught at the high tech plants. Control like ninety nine percent of every chip and most in
Importantly, the hardest chips to make. that's all in taiwan, You really think that you know cunt fold all the time because they need something yeah in the in the issue with taiwan, looking at the acc economic perspective, as it's almost mutually assured destruction, if you go after taiwan, you're also, you know critical. damaging the chinese economy because they do a man of business with Taiwan is almost like an achilles heel there it kinda shoves this invasion way down the line because china just my report right now. We have a purely do. No demand the economy its purely based off of exports, pick it up with the united states and massive amounts from taiwan. So let me just built, but is not ready, I do believe the united states, I dont think that they can take taiwan not? As long as the united states, navy is what it is in
That's the pacific! I do not believe they can do it anyway. but these numbers over there talking about a hundred thousand soldiers over twenty airfields and a nine hundred people should that They look at the motivation that happening in russia and ukraine. We were able to see that you know months ahead of schedule this mobilization. I mean what would start six months later, though, be ready. So what's gonna happen. What this has started starts going down the eyes they may be is going to push matter mounts hardware begin over these multiple fleet, into that area and if we had lost even if we have the fuel, so Did you read my davos, w e F the executives today that I got you. Ok Can we go through this a bit because Al Gore spoke at the Davos meeting yesterday was part of a panel turning up the heat, on green, washing and dirt.
The panel AL gore and other paneless lamented the fact that far too many companies pledge to lower their carbon emissions, but only a small percentage actually follow through with their commitment nets, but they called green washing so his solution to dealing with the inaccurate reporting of co2 emissions a net. Work of satellites that contract c co2 emissions down to an incredibly detailed level he says, according to an s p report on more than five thousand companies, only thirty seven percent have any emissions target at all for scope. Number one in scope, number two! emissions. Only twenty four percent have net zero targets and of the cup these that have set emission targets. Less than half are aligned with the science based approach to. Even who degrees much less one point: five degrees. Fifth,.
Yea percent of the companies, don't even report their scope. Three emissions, let alone have a plan to reduce them and in a recent poll, fifteen hundred business executives from sixteen countries. Only thirty six percent said that their compass, have tools to measure the progress on sustainability. so he gets. He says. Green washing is a major obstacle to solve the climate crisis made up of falsehoods. Clever pr and it's gotta stop AL or then shares the exciting news we're about to under the age of radical transparency now, just- here this and jason chime in at any time during an age of radical transparency. Not for you to be able to see into the government for you to see into the elites for the elites to see into everything in your life he said I
and among those who have formed a new coalition called climate trace way stands for tracking real time atmospheric carbon emissions. He says it's a coalition of artificial intelligence technology companies, ngos in universities, using d. from three hundred existing satellites from multiple countries, ground, sea and air base, sensors and internet the streams to machine learning, to create algorithms for every single sector and sub sector of the economy, this october publish the world's first inventory of eggs, actually where the greenhouse gas emissions are coming from and in what amounts? he's gonna make a dramatic difference, so investors supply chain managers, ngos prioritizing their campaigning activities. Fine, actual institutions They want to know where the emissions are coming from stream and downstream, it's all gonna be laid out for the world to see
that's a little frightening rattle. We'll transparent way. Also to add the word radical everything commander yeah, this is it's surprising to me in the slightest. In fact next week we're going to be talking about on the on the Glenn Beck Wednesday special about a lot of the executive orders, a lot of the transformation it is already and down within the bureaucracy, which is a call quote an all of government approach which, having a lot of it, didn't really pay too much attention to her, but the more that we ve been looking into it. It is short, the amount of the alphabet, bureaucratic agencies that are already moving in that direction. So if they're talking about transit, you know private companies using satellites to do this. Do we not think that You know the department of homeland security is not already doing this. As well, We know that the all and
in your own words and all government approached ban their main priority right now, a couple of weeks ago, the essie fee, I'm just a a a shoot out, sweeping new proposals on mandating private car or I'm sorry, public companies to disclose their climate? print and carbon emissions and its home areas that even at the mandate, it cause there's groups and we have a letter directly from one of the biggest banks in the country. That says it all already doing this, Well, like? Oh, we applaud you now, making it no official. We ve all been doing this. for several years, so what you doing a lot of these companies are already. They don't even have to agree pushing you whatever I wanna do companies already on board. Did you see the second half of it? no exclaimed the one about the first movers coalition yeah. Let me take a break and come back on this. This is something that John Kerry talked about: the movers coalition, that is the public private public private, partnership that the white house announced a few months ago. Oh,
weights, it's very successful if you mean success is getting all of the main companies in the world to go along with it and Put together a little cabal where they get their way Oh, it's highly successful will give you the details in a second, the are listening to the best of the Glenn Beck program, the welcome to the Glenn Beck program, I'm glad you're. glad you're here I had a photo opportunity yesterday, you know, and it was it went over. I think as well as better works photo up. I mean I think this I feet the the just.
Worlds felt so genuine, yet you know, and I, like I like this- any press conference, where better rourke is chased off by mayor of a little town using a walker. The love that I've loved every love there- s secular. I love him yeah yeah, so anyway, yesterday, the follow up was at the airport, where She went to meet the baby food and that was critical. critical that the first lady was there to meet the baby food too. She wanted to. She wanted to shake their hands, welcome them to america. She wanted make sure that every can we ordered was there on the plane and she said thing, and I want you listen this stock, as I think this is pretty. This is pretty deep. In fact, I think that we might need some men need some music jews, ending there on the tarmac
and she had this kind of distant, far off, look in her eyes and you could tell something deep whiskey. and she said, I have always said that food is love. She has We always known that we covered it for engineers years. It's like lunchbox, Joe or whatever is right we all know. Doktor Joe Biden always says food right. Is love mind in here I realize food is life while wow wow, while wow I mean she earned every bit of that doctorate. Why that is so Who does loves lazo?
it's also life while young readily yet powerful I said, what are you doing, what harry slime as a possible that was a deep thoughts, its life I like it. She said you know I've always known that food means was stuff but food- It's also molecule, I study wait, wait deemed now. Let's wait too deep. I apologize for the. Why do people? This is a phenomenon I need to understand. Why do people? to say things period We, like you really like a guy in the moment. Yeah do p no you're handing it to mother to delete a thing just leave it at. Why do people feel the need to say things period?
period. Why am I here life? You know what the problem is. America is social media, because now everybody thinks that They can say things which they always have, but there Things that they have to say are just as deep profound and is important as ever other thing that other people are saying. It's just vapid, nonsense rate. Lucky you look. I can't even go on social media arena like these it. This is one of those times where I just need to not ever go because every pose is some eddie. Who has not spent in ten seconds of their life think about any of these issues before and they feel You know, I don't normally talk about politics, but we. We must do some thing, some thing
speed done. Are we going to accept this again? When will this happen get yet? You know what you're gonna to accept the evil of the human condition, because its this did since like kane enable so you have to go back now I do now. Canada least had some god in their life. If it may be one way and bad cause, he Cairo, pissed off god, made in like the other one guy. Some religion in his life, and so now you can compare because it's really. It really is just nonsense and, like I think at in my most understanding times Glenn I have them occasionally. I was on vacation last week, I'm, a few days off a vacation in part. We can still connected vacation mindset of maybe being
little more understanding, and not so I mean better road tunnels and when you come back, I usually do you like my life, then- and I ate my life here right- that brought the minute I set back into this life, I'm like why, I do. People talk, stop talking, my life is fine. What I didn't hear anybody else talk, as you know, stop talking In my most share double moments. I do think a lot of this stuff that you see on social media is people who see a real tragedy and something that we all. Oh really are feeling terrible about everybody and they have no concept on how to deal with it. It's too bad to figure out how to deal with it. They can't men we handle it. So they go to the first thing that they ve seen on other people's social media posts, which always is hey if we just Guns await with no understanding of the constitution. Innovations of that of the people, who are
biting citizens that would be affected. It wouldn't work and hasn't worked all over the world, but they dont know any of this stuff, so they come out with these vapid Nonsensical screen shots of their notes, app, which described, what they think is deep thought and substitute four intellect when they have none and it's an emotional way of dealing with tragedy and sometimes grieving. It has weird results and in my most charitable moments, that's how I can understand it but it's so frustrating when these people are trying to effect actual policy. I too nothing you said seriously, then the whole rana to stop listening after you said ice, we'll, have charitable moments like they relate to you do for a bit. So let me give you two people that responded yesterday and tell me if you think they fit into the same boat
Wednesday yesterday Don Maclean, the guy who did by biomass american pie he was going to perform at the vienna re gay there's no way: you're gettin somebody to perform at vienna re. That's not a guns, a border. You know domain right, it's not like hey. I wonder dawn henley would play you can help no amount of cash up he's not playing, and we know there are black for artists. Yes, you can book for the underlying mention. Four of them apparently damocles one; ok, so so. he came out yesterday, and he said in the light of recent events in texas. I've decided it. would be disrespectful and hurtful for me to perform for the energy at the convention in Houston this week. We were all shocked. And I am sure all the people who are planning to attend our shock, and so and by these events, as well as for all, were all americans
I share the sorrow for this terrible, cruel loss with the rest of the nation. Do you have a problem with that, because I don't No, I do have a problem with it. I mean, I think it it it's sort of. Of indicates that the general had something to do with us and they don't, I see I'd you could take it that way. and I think he's just like I- you know I I I just don't want to we plastered everywhere this week cause I was going to get plastered everywhere, any way for the nr being at the entering. But it's going to be used against and I don't want to be part of that, not that the IRA is causing it or he is causing it. But it's going to be used to divide I can only concern especially a person whose an artist and its in texas in texas again, that does not mean should cancel their convention, which some people are requesting, but I mean I can see if you're, not if you're, if you
live and die on the second amendment, you might want to bail from that performance. So next one, this celebrity said This convention, at the george, are brown convention centre in Houston. Talking about the energy mention he's coming this weekend, people should show up in protest at this conference now that so brilliant idea. Right, and then they say Come armed, ok, so people should show up in protest at this conference. That's like say, to all here- and people should breathe. People should eat you don't you it's not a new idea to the left to protest
as the nr a car before it. Okay, I met a guy in innovative. I do not- and I know It'S- it's not even an idea at this point. It's a way of life for these people. Okay, show up protest this conference. happening this weekend come armed now, let's just think about that. When a go for it new. If, if your life is in danger, you should not only come armed. You have right in texas to shoot the person who is being a problem? But that's What you're saying because the people who work coming to protest. if they really are again so many guns on the street, they wouldn't have any guns, and they certainly wouldn't want to carry in texas, because that something that the republicans are for in the end. Our aim is for you can care you can open, carry in texas. I think people
open carry myself, but you can wouldn't carry so I no problem with come armed, but who, you're talking to by the way this was bet meddler, cod, look. Who is she talking to the people, were coming protest most likely don't have guns gay again, They could fly in from other states, but thou be bringing guns from across straight state, and that we know is dangerous. That's the real problem They can come, they can come. Armed is lower, Shooting anybody. Are you saying come armed as a threat, Is that what you're saying because That's the problem that makes you an irresponsible gun owner you and use your gun as a threat? That's it, Hence the law bet meddler needs to get our role of you,
She would fit in her. Oh my god I'd environment. She would very speakers, that's just up again like These are just stupid points who pay like we talked. I think it on the air. I can remember it was on or off or we talked about Matthew, mcconaughey statement yesterday and he made a statement and like Mcconnell hate like I don't know much about his politics, he seems to be like a slightly set: a centre left guy. But not a o c No, actually I, but I think he could legged crews over their quickly to macedonia, but he seems A well meaning guy, they I realize, I think he seems to have a guy heart and seems to care about the state of texas, and I would, in our view on the air and most likely disagree and push back, but I think we would both be agreeable yeah I would prefer be a good interview, but here statement yesterday was just that sort of like lay. see multi paragraph cos
election of zilch like it's just nothing, it's just a giant empty shell and you know it's like. We can stop this. We don't have to accept this. What do you mean? We can stop this? You have an an eighteen year old right in this particular case, like You have a person who has no history of legal problems, and every one could say they had all these red flags, but no mental health history that know anyone else nothing official! So you're going to what go in and take the right of of gun owners. away from every one who has what I a minute, no authorities even had this guy on their rate are at least as far as we know that only no I mean first of all, you shouldn't be eighteen and be able to buy a weapon of war. You should be
to sign up to go into the military and have the weapon of war and ngos relative to go to war and shoot the right people, but not here at home, and one more thing. You said just of a large collection of zeal, was little leave you again with something very important. Ok. I have always said that food is love, but food is life too. I believe we are when I think of them the
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