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Pat Gray joins Glenn and Stu to discuss Canada's radical new gun agenda. Glenn plays a game with Stu called "Bee or Not the Bee." Glenn and Stu discuss the dramatic decline in the number of pastors who hold a biblical worldview or even believe in God.

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Alright wow. I think we have solved all of america's problems today. Do you mean I mean we started out with a lot of problems and if more people would listen to today's podcast, all of them would be so you'd be you'd, be better off as a human being. If you just paid attention explore, we did we solved everything, except what freaky condition is making it that Tom cruise never ages, yeah, now that when we we have no answer or no answers for, but the today show you do not want to miss it's great fun and you'll learn a lot I mean cause I did as well. I did because I was listening to another show. While we were doing this one, here's today's podcast brought to you by relief factor you're one of the millions of americans who suffer everyday from pain, listen up. There is hope, and it comes in the form of relief factor every day. I see testimonials from people who have tried really factor for their pain and gotten their life back, and I know it can happen because it happened to me as well. I want you to try really factor if you've, given up don't back into the game, get your life back. Do the things you want to do and love to do so, don't struggle with the pain just try it! Seventy percent of the people who try it go on to order more because it works for them. It works for me not a drug but created by doctors, and you could get a three week quickstart just for nineteen. Ninety five nineteen. Ninety five try it for three weeks. You want a drug free natural way to get your life back, go to relief, factor, dot com, it's relief, factor, dot com. So the welcome to the Glenn Beck program just want to remind you. It's Tuesday feels good. Doesn't it
it is a tuesday. Pat gray is joining us from pat gray unleashed, and we appreciate you making it in today was hard. It was it. It was hard. I was driving around lungs like crazy, huge piles of lungs from the nine millimeter just blow that organ right out here and then, when I got to work, I had to climb over a fifteen foot pile of long slamming the door see that's dedicate that again, that's ok, I have launched a longing. No mountain of lungs high rise. Stop him you from coming to our why they pile up like that they could see at em out over a block or two, but all you gotta do you know the lung? The lung ploughs come out and they just need then just push it. There's a supermarket going to some of the supermarkets here in texas and they just all of the lungs and then back of the parking lot ends you now long mountains well in texas
you know lungs outnumber people to the one really yeah, that's cool on no one talks about one times: no one! No one thousand. We change the noise you shot as Joe. I says they'll blow that organ right through you with a nine millimeter. You have it as it is only a twenty two sticks right in their stairs right near long and which is good really good outside their leader when the bullet to be jean de your long when booth, shod lincoln, you know that bullet stayed in his head, didn't go clean through and he was finally gave the it gave the doctrine opportunities, stick his finger in the hole and try to dig it out. Oh that's as they did in yeah, and I thought of that when I very very very hygienic, oh yeah yeah. He didn't like his hands, but I thought today when I read this from from Joe Biden, worries like and it's a scene all an opportunity to get in there and take that bullet out. Why does
but we believe that conversation actually took place with the doktor goes. I frankly I'm having a hard time when you remember that you remember that his wife is a doctor, I'm a doctor while, yes, that is true that any doctor could have been and it could have been any hospital because he doesn't remember it was. In trauma hospital is the biggest one there death then or now, not sure the biggest trauma hospital. I really thought he had made a mistake in like was talking about a different type of weapon and just said nine millimeter noise, though neither is very dangerous, because I have a lot of military guys in here. We've had a lot of you know, high level security guys in here over the years, you're talking about preparedness and they all make fun of, and for my nine millimeter, they say like. I feel, like the nine millimeters through the thing they look down on. It is like it's not really going to work and one of these situations they all said yeah nine millimeter, is like a three eighty. It's the minimum to do the job
and you might, after fire off a couple around a it's Forty five or a three fifty seven will terry up even Even though you're blowing your lung out of your body. Well, you have to you have tuna again: you have to throw shit. This is just I'm throwing this out there, but she said her mandatory third lungs, because there's so many shootings here in texas, all of our lungs are all over the side. We don't have a problem with fingers. Dewey and fingers outnumber people tend to one ten to one end of our problem, and you don't see a lot of fingers on the side of thy way. Do you now? You know now no words, alas, gun battle. You saw where they blew off ten finger Is that why you never seen one where never never seen one never seen one so That's because we got rid of the really evil. Hen millimeter could kill off the fingers, that's where they were called ten millimetres because it would blow off Ten of mauritania you're very same time here
I know we have to wait for fourth of july to be able to blow fingers off. Have you noticed that they've switched from the a r fifteen now and now they're they're going after? the hand gun and welfare this is not born after handguns talking about canada before you came in and how they are going after this remember this is what Nixon wanted. he in any old thing over this hard core conservative he wanted to ban hand guns. He was not conservative knew he was now No, I mean well, he was he was more conservative than john corn. And and Mitch Mcconnell. You know, It's hard to know those guys are die hard concerned. All the time yeah you John Cournand, is like hoof. second amendment is safe. John Coronel, I just hope- and I dont know- I hope that this is a joint effort by the republicans to say that they they they had some conversations and they were talk
and that's all kinds, do I mean there are some low hanging fruit things you could do wren reality that we would actually agree with on mental health and and things like that, impossible. They could come up with something that would make sense, but would you favour, I think the last loophole Probably, on the background check is person to person like if I want to sell Glenn yeah and got very small per se ever a background check in that instance, isn't he the universe? universal background check bill, it's very, very popular. This is why they talk about it. Often you don't like it, but I e, I might then have to think about They give a million you're gonna, take that's trends, and you know an end does that include family here. The mansion Jemmy still exempt gave you exemption for family transfers and a couple of other things, because I'm not going through it with my friend
Now it might give us armies. I it's lighted, otters, get my gun yeah. We should also point out. This would has an absolutely nothing to do with a shooting. The person went through a background check right, so it has itself is unrelated to this whatsoever, has ever been amassed, shooting that way, where the guns were obtained. In that way, I dont think I know, I believe, the the guns that Obama's administration smuggled over the mortar, knowing it back here and literally it were used in an shootings in a and then they turned out really harris. What are your favourite? I think conservatives can look at this. Some conservatives like the red for the flag law thing, especially if it's it's a very narrowly crafted. Some people, like the twenty one in older right. We already have twenty one out of her hand, and maybe they should be air fifteen to again. You can make lodge arguments that there's some reasonable thing to approach. Until you see canada
until you see what they will do with these inches, as you point out that they will a mile? They will you turn it on to what candidate is doing now, which is banning all firearms? That is what they are in the middle of doing. Can you negotiate with somebody who says I want to kill you in your whole family, now, no I mean well because I'll say are unreasonably, only kill your daughter well You were overton winnowing me by formally, or I I I I just I get your back part of your house's european uk, negotiate, because their ultimate goal is to kill your family. They haven't changed that goal. The guys are saying they're going to take all they want to leave you with twenty two's, that's all the cap gun you, you can kill a squirrel with that, literally you can kill squirrel with a twenty two, so
Oh no, I don't think so that the vat won't leave you with the twenty two. They are talking about, taking nine millimeter guns off That is the most popular hand, gun in a mess car, and there too about taking that away. Now I don't I don't. I can negotiate with you and they know they just can't be honest in their own country. They could country had a gun culture, people generally speaking, love the idea of being able to defend themselves. They did a pole recently. That was not about repealing the second amendment, which is obviously what their goal is here by the way I it's a hundred percent, what they want. You hear them talk about it. They talk about. You know turning around violence in these incidents. You can't do it with the things there proposing they're just giving you a small step on the way to eventually overturning the second amendment and taking away your gun and like when you win,
The american people were pulled just on handguns. Should there be a law, not a constitutional amendment, which they law. That would would restrict you from being able to buy a handgun. It was eighty two fifteen against They have no, they know they are so against the american people. They have to lie to them and they do and you these things like all. Well, we only want common sense, gun control, Well, none of those things that their suggesting that are common sense, gun control. We'll do the thing. that they're saying they would even bigger citing australia. None of the proposals that there, actually admitting they want or anywhere close to what australia did. This country implementing australia would be taking a hundred million guns off the streets they're, not even there. from tat was in those things. So I mean these are just wise and they're trying to get to where can't lily revealing. Let me give you wear wish what we should be talking about. I dont have you read what happened in Charleston west virginia this over the weekend, but
family, was having a big graduation party at an apartment complex. And a guy. speeding through the complex he stopped by police. So he lives to his apartment. He, it's a semi automatic rifle and he goes and he's going to fire. You know into the crowd of people he's firing. doesn't hit anybody to pay. Peace officers same one that pulled him over. They arrive, they confront him. he fired a shot gun at them wounded both of them and took them out of action, and then what happened a woman who was carrying a concealed gun at a concealed care, Permit she exit out of her purse and shoots him dead. so ended. I wonder at she saved forty people from being killed now. My question is:
if the gun was the villain last week, why isn't the media holding up the gun? This weak and showing a picture of that very brave gun saved forty people, it's obviously the gun that did it, like that, the narrative, no it doesn't it rather just keep lying about the first amid the second amendment that is absolute- that you couldn't a cannon win. The The constitution was ratified, which you could and people did anne. then. The other thing he loves to talk about is that there is no no kevlar with on dear, as are running through. Just so according to really over an hour, and I got, according to the journal for quantitative criminology, arm. Citizens use guns to defend themselves. At least nine hunt,
aid. Eighty nine thousand eight hundred and eighty three times every year, a while a court, to the german journal of criminal law and criminology. While the ace a gun owners defend themselves on an average. One million eight hundred eighty four thousand three hundred and forty eight times a year s by that c d c, while estimate that an annual defensive gun use range from five hundred thousand to more than three million every year now credible, How come we don't hear? Any of those stats think about the number of deaths. Think of them or of rapes robberies criminals that aren't caught. Think about all of that way thus c d c, so
between five hundred thousand and more than three million every year. Why don't you you're? There? S pet said earlier doesn't really fit there. If our narrative is the truth, this is the best of the Glenn Beck program and don't forget radar on itunes. The I know what you're thinking Glenn, you seem more confident today. Yes, well, my friends that started last night, I have my new secret weapon for confidence, I call it sweat block guess
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who's not for that for day work week yeah I will become italy where You know your mail somethin, often long after your death, some guy come This is true just delivered, viewed written backing in toys Twenty two year like wow on paper there, that paper for forty years. It'll be like that, but forty work week, I'm into anyway I'd like to play be or not the b And you tell because I can't tell any more what real story is, and what a The story from the Babylon b is okay, so still give you the headlines. F, yea official in charge. image of evaluating new drugs. Hospitalized form
and told disorder, we are not, as a baby headline number to san front go: schools to drop the word chief from job title, was to avoid offending native americans at seem. So obvious that it has to be a real one that one has to be not the bee southward passenger, who for permission and got it. to masturbate on a flight gets forty eight days in prison. It seems like a hot too punishment for arises is, if you like to forty eight days no way in this society. Democrats pose replacing memorial day. Day honouring those who have been met gendered. How can that possibly be a real or I irascibly
Irish squanders nearly one billion dollars in erroneous pandemic credits, either They have one hundred million dollar bill is the higher more people say they are too short staff to track down that billion dollars stolen from us incredible and Berna. B. I honestly I'm not sure if any of these are Babylon. These stories you could You can make the argument to me that all of them are real, which I guess is why the Babylon bee gore all of them are Babylon baby. They ship imitation, they should be able to be stories right. They showed me. Let me give a top federal offense. in charge of evaluating the safety of drugs. Think of it, has been hospitalized against his will this month for an unspecified mental disorder prompting concern over his fitness, prompting concern over fit
As for his roles, which includes making major debate decisions that impact public health. That's a real story, just tap in this weekend. While there are many options on the matter next story, our leaders and leadership team have agreed that given the number of native americans in our community, we have expressed that have it. Press concerns over the use of the title chief We are no longer going to use it real story. Southwest airlines passenger, thirty, four years old, Antonio, parity with to one year of probation after pleading guilty last week to self gratifying himself during a southwest flight.
From seattle, making more sense to phoenix apparently he was sitting next to a woman on the flight when he exposed himself shortly after take off. He then and said you're out the woman. Do you mind and- according to another, witness, sir. She put our hands in the air. It says I don't matter. Does it. I think I just surrender. You know that it's not permission you kid. If you ve pulled it out already, you don't get to ask for permission at that point, he thought her answer was kind of quote. Kinky end quote I just her not wanting to get murdered. Like just saying you know, really does mean common sense you're asking that with your wiener in your hand,
that really matter right. Does it matter, like we say, learn then vote. The order is unfortunate. That right the same thing here right. Ok, now, like you, have to get the permission in advance that wasn't getting the procedure. I was a real story corset. The irs, despite getting a sick percent budget increase and an addition of thousand new iris agents. The IRA. claims it just can't spare the resources to recover all a billion dollars in forgery and forge payments. just care. Where did I put that billion dollar yet they'll be harassing tons of people in this audience? Your audits this year, by the way, real, story and then there's this democratic unveiled an official proposal to replace memorial day, which they
calling a problematic holiday honouring white supremacist soldiers who died for racist country with a more inclusive day miss gendered at all, miss gender or tore me. Gender oral day, which was isn't it miss gender oriole a day this It looks way who is proposing. This Democrats no important day really this impasse, day will allow us to honour the true heroes, those brave non binary, and they think this who have been called he. Instead, you garbage visits, have a lot of this is about and finally, the true heroes are getting their day of recommended at admitted, Nancy Pelosi. Presidential metal of heroism will be awarded to one brave, miss gendered person each year, the first one is to be given to just in trudeau, who is
often mistakenly been referred to as a he, and that is the. That one is actually Babylon be there. Thank you at least one of them was because the rest, I am I, the rest of them know absolutely could be what is coming out. I honestly and if europe, if you will It's me. It was a Democrat, not nancy Pelosi who is super aware of, by Sarah Yossi feud said elsie or if he said you know Ilan Omar or you know ilium presley yeah, like I believed it yeah it's. The only thing is policy, it is true to public facing to be the face of that particular movement now shook marshall advocate for kids being aborted seconds before birth and that have no qualms about that whatsoever.
but I dont think she'd go that far too detailed studies of day absolute alia today today now one other thing just to bring you back to reality. Let me give you a couple of a good stories: florid is sheriff the law and order sheriff. car mine, marcin o, which I love a- should combine. Yeah. Now I get some friends, I'm just saying what they care business in car. My chair of car mine, marcin o risk Did to the texas school shooting saying you don't get shoot. Our children you bring deadly force in. This county, and we are going to kill you end quote Wait from you combine yet I'm saying hey, I love it. I love it. And then tommy mass tommy. most massey things.
Our commonalty ass. I island, tommy massey many little acute by the way he is like he is a little many tesla he's got so much patents to his name. Do you know this year we three went to mit yeah he's like we did, one eight, somehow or another, a smart guy. in their don't worry, we'll drive and he'll be straight jacket. He said what's the number of murderers who have been deterred The federal gun, free schools zone act, number of people That is, then I get guarantee this number zero: zero, zero, the federal gun schools, own act, he says, was a knee jerk reaction in nineteen. Ninety that has caused more lives than it is saved. Repeal it now let the ban guys dough that
unceremonious death awaits them if they target your kids I am all for that unites I've. Seen these stories this weekend about you know, adds who were soldiers who are now. Oh there, you are with the aid are standing for. school. I am all for that I am all for that. Even in my house, with my kids like no you're dead, serious. You are going to clean your room, for I am for a show of force. I think it's good, I mean look at me sense too hard in these schools in a go through the evidence, and you see that over the years, violence has generally gone down even to buy and schools have gone down. You won over those numbers earlier this early last week, but there is a thing: that's going on with these sort of spectacle, shootings As you know, I want attention for myself. I wanna be famous, are infamous, and I want to do these things- and you know it hasn't
been schools. We should remember that most of these mass shootings do not occur in schools. They occur in other areas, but like hardened, schools seems be a really basic step. We could take to deter that particular crime that doesn't mean that it doesn't happen two hours later baseball practice. Sadly we don't know, but you hard, schools seems to be a pretty basic step. You could take to two to two to push back on this a little bit in the left jump. two well security doesn't do anything when we got those initial reports that security officers were on site right when it happened and we found out they weren't that that that wasn't too. Oh, and at the very least. We all know that every mass shooting ends every one them all of them end with arms already it's just a matter of whether their on site or not it whether they short twenty minutes. After it started or not, you can get them they're at the beginning, and that's it
to be the best approach, and we all remember that it was Jimmy carter that cave the phrase first responders, it was Jimmy frickin carter. Now maybe the peanut thing worked out well but other than that I can't think of one thing that Jimmy Carter did that we should hold onto now one not one. habitat for humanity that wasn't. I thought that was. He was involved in them gay when build houses, I'll get those off those, it has any head of some sort of. Now I don't foundational role? The next summit made a foundation of a house yelling about maybe help poorer valjean wing and a hammer at which you know. I don't want to tell those houses down right now. Let's go get back. You know, but yeah that no, he was the guy who said, hey America, where a sweater which is that they're telling us now they're blaming the gas prices will play the The euphoria
blaming the gas prices now on you because americans just Won'T- stop driving No, we were clear right now, you all it's weird. You know We are the ones that can put the assembly line together. We can all have gars and I dont know, if you ve noticed this- this isn't like You know, France, where you can walk across the whole country in a day or so not. Germany, it's not switzerland, and even switzerland has mountains. Will so do we of you know this. I mean the people who are really hurting. Are the people live in the rural parts of our country, which the majority of our country by the way that to drive their farmers or whatever they drive a truck they five thirty miles in to go to the work at the factory or wherever they work
not unusual in america, to drive thirty thirty miles, howard. You afford it at some point. You can't afford to drive him and that's what they say at the white house is the, boy. You are listening to the best of glinda programme, so remember stew, when I talk to you about four weeks ago, about p ads, neither of us had ever heard of it and was it ass: it was. It was present and show. Urgency action directives, ok and
had not even heard of it at the time The new york times reports today until now public knowledge of what the government put into classified presidential directives, which invoke merging c and war time powers granted by. congress and otherwise claimed by presidents have been limited. Declassified descriptions of those developed in the early old war, in that era they included. steps like imposing martial law. Rounding up people dean, dangerous, an censoring news from abroad. It could possibly go wrong This was a first started by eisenhower, in the atomic age. When we were afraid of nuclear weapons, if we would go to a nuclear war, there wouldn't be
time for them to sit around. You know the cabinet go okay. So what do we do? They pushed a button, everything had to go, so they would make these directives beforehand, and they would. hey? This is for an emergency in case of a nuclear war and the president would sign it and then it would be held, so you couldn't Congress doesn't have a right to look at these things because they're not actually enforced. It's kind of, like our advice, until the emergency happens, and then it becomes the law, the law- and how does it become the law of the land? What process gives the president? The rights emergency orders. If there is an emergency, the president has all kinds of powers. Now I can't think of an emergency that might beyond the horizon, yeah now sure there's the economic emergency that could happen in other.
the the the energy shortage that might happen, there's a lawlessness emergency on the streets that could happen ah but other than that. Can you think of anything now? There's them. key pox emergency left that one left that one out the cheating at an election, one that you know would be really there: is the war emergency action that could be declared by other than that again nothing to see here. So it's not. and clear what the mai. Directives have been known presidential emergency action documents, those are called p ads They ve never been made public or shown to congress, but the new york times it's been looking in to george w bush. Now. Why would you stop there? I think
We all know. Why am I right several of the files provided to the new york times by the Brennan centre for justice? Shows that the bush era, effort partly partly focused on a law that permits the president to take over shut down communications networks in wartime. Remember that one and peace like your local radio hosts and your host on talk, radio said hey for the first time in my career emergency broadcast system, is being taken out of our hands with the imf, urgency broadcast system used to be- is the White house would alert radio stations and I it was. I think it was w emma owl in washington would get the first alert and then
w m a l would hear the tones and the would say this a test or this is an emergency It was an emergency. There pass it on to another station in that station would pass it on now would take like. an hour to get all the way across the country to the west? So the way stood already been, wiped out its seattle and cares anyway serve it. So I was their opinion at the time is right about that. I remember I guess I worked in seattle. I remember doing those tests goin. if it's real work I dare say, hey everybody in seattle. You ve got about ninety seconds to prepare, but so so? That's the way the test used to work then back in george bush era they changed? He now can push a button in the oval office or wherever and it in
immediately overrides all signals. so he's on television and every radio station there, is no other information that is coming out, except from the information from the white house in this happened in austin powers, but that was but his plan where he could just press a button and would overtake all broadcast. Probably ok, probably innovation- I didn't see it but yeah. We're probably taking directives from austin powers and that probably the thing that dando evil, the lowest since all day to you, so, currently lawmakers can not to interfere with these another file from the summer of two thousand eight mentioned that the justice department lawyers were revising an unidentified draft order in law. The recent supreme court opinions, the memory doesn't specify the ruling by the court had just
issued the landmark decision on topics that relate to government actions in an emergency one about gun it's in the united states and another about the rights of guantanamo detainees in court hearings. Well, I could be anything. Any one of those or all of those. Now here's the thing we got the through for ya but we didn't fire the government. We fired thee, george, w bush library no one knows why they didn't foyer theo bomb. administration records other than he doesn't. Have a library and nobody's building one. Yet because craft I mean they're. Looking for the right place So we don't know what happened
with the the p ads. they are still enforceable. If the president would say hey, you know nuclear, on twenty, you have It's the eisenhower one. He could still have that we don't What's in effect in what's not in effect many of them are classified. In fact all of them are classified, except for this group that has just been released, Apparently, they had, I'm looking for it here I think nine thousand pages. Were not released because they're still classified- and I think they are released- thousand pages. So there another nine, but I'm sure I'm sure, there's almost nothing. On those other nine, there were being probably everything's, fine, yeah, yeah the best way. To always assume we learn that lately Joseph
whom everything's gonna be fine pet, frightening, truly frightening by the way. There's a couple of things here: only half of evangelical pastors hold a biblical. world view now this be a little shocking for people who go to church a study released Tuesday builds on another report from american world view inventory twenty twenty two, which shows thirty, seven percent of christian pastures bring a biblical. world view with them to the pulpits. Now biblical world view. Is it do Every person have a purpose and a calling. You have a purpose. For being here, and can god call you to something I'm asking you stay Why are you asking me without the echo your voice, because I don't
I urge you to feel damned immediate thou. So do you believe that purpose in calling sure family and value of life- those come from god do you believe in god tough, my previous too, but yes do you believe in creation, and is weird creation and history don't believe in history. I believe at any rate, I believe in creation, do you yeah? I mean I intelligent design, I dunno how he creates, but yeah I don't. I don't find that question to be as riveting as some do, that I don't really care how he did it. But like it's it's on him, I got we got you there. So you're saying dinosaurs aren't real yeah. We really didn't know all the details to it. Wasn't there. I will say I also don't know how an iphone works exactly, but I'm glad the next go through, but I don't believe it
Steve jobs now other he never existed at just also appeared on a beach somewhere Let's see you believe in sin innovation in relationship with god, do you believe in behavior and relationships, the bible and its ruth and morals fact I fit, ok. I think those are all pretty easy. Only thirty, seven percent of pastors believe in that I mean you, might put that on the front sign I mean like hey, come in, try our doughnuts and weed I believe what you think. We believe what you'd this happen to you right. When you were doing, we asked or oh you back in the dough back in the day we went to every every church, Every religion, because my wife wooden marry me without a common religion and unlike I'll, of god in everything but religion,
This is a long time ago. You, this is not you at the time were not. This is church tour happened. What I remember what you're ninety nine, why long time ago, sound Tom you're, fighting your way and leave your wife wouldn't marry you. If you didn't write, I mean you're forced into it right. I was forced into it. She ain't. She, wouldn't you didn't believe in premarital ex either and unlike ok, Jacob shoe what's gonna, egg and she's, like god, and, unlike here I am. I am practically a god. Look at me. And we got a greek had she vomited and then I went to church, and so we try Everything I may we, you know, I really liked the jewish synagogue that we went to you know, except couldn't eat a lot of good things that I liked, and I dont speak a word- a hebrew buddy in and out on saturday, and it was pretty good
Sinn. We learned there's more than that, but I went to this. I went to this church it. It was a what do they call those churches congregational right though, but white it is on the greens in I don't remember, I think it's congregational churches their non denominational and us I'm sitting there in the pew antonia and I were listening wellington. It's ok, no charge and during the sermon the passed her said now. You all know that I don't believe in god If there is a god, we should serve him and I'm like hey that doesn't make any sense at all yeah right, wow, It should be on the front door. Someplace that should be before you goin sit down. You should just know our pastor and believe in god, but if there is a god, maybe
should serve him. You good safety, tipp there
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