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Glenn theorizes he's fallen through a wormhole into a parallel universe, as the Democrats keep flip-flopping on their stances and seem confused about who the most radical political group in American history is. Glenn takes a call from a listener who accuses the Left of living in a shell. Glenn discusses Levi's clothes company paying for its employees' travel to get an abortion.

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So Hershey were like the time, the first mormon and then you did that. Listen to my story, I'm the best moment of all the mormons and that's pretty much when you're romney know the river better government, better america and romney, and the dog food story needed more clearly assignment detroit in a three minute period, but we'll let you decide because here's the punch that was the part of the drill. I thought we were talking. I thought so too, but Sarah is looking at me like podcast, and so that's it, because I'm not doing it over again. This is as good as it gets. Good luck with the show today, the only thing to do this. I don't know what to do, because yesterday
Air was another signal that I'm in Place, I don't recognize some sort of parallel universe. I'm listening to the president and he said: hey, we reduce the deficit. and I have reduced to three hundred and fifty billion in my first year in office oak? Okay, so but is this president reducing the deficit? I mean? Is this a good thing or and then irene Now, that's just a word play. I didn't slip through a wormhole, that's him, comparing what he's didn't don t work worst year in american history for deficits southall. It's like I I couldn't think of anything else. I could do to spend money too. Pretty fancy trick you everybody, stay home and not go to work and then say you ve lowered the deficit when they go back riots.
Wow? That's what an impressive job you did when you were all arguing for no one to have jobs, and now you can sit back and say: oh well, how the people back to work. Things are slightly better right, congratulations, right and then, and then yesterday I hear my arcas say no, this administrations policies didn't cause border migration and I'm thinking to myself. What's so, is it a coincidence that all of a sudden he gets really bad? I mean how do you explain that and then I realized we don't explain anything in this universe. Please please your logic. It's that I'm sorry. If I'm using that and you didn't slipped through the worm, all with the rest of us, splain logic some other time in the head of the fed, where I come from, there The fad. His main job is to keep inflation under control. You know mean
but apparently not- and in this way it's crazy. You really should visit my my universe, so much easier, really is anyway. So they headed the fed here in your universe. came out yesterday. He said, condoms is actually doing quite well, and then I realized he'll people believe it Where I come from, we wouldn't have believed any of that but there's a view of us, I'm sure I'm sure there's a few of us out there. Like now plan, I was in the same wormhole I woke up and in a manner I didn't recognize, you thought it was just america, then I realize it's a whole friggin world. yeah yeah. I understand brother. I understand did we slip in yet. A crazier universe when President Biden say
this about the g o p yesterday. Why? are the next things that are going to be attacked this maghreb crowd is really most extreme political. Exert organization that existed in american history in american history, I mean that would include the clan. Maybe guys didn't have that here where I come from The clan was an organization started by the democratic party cradle. it's crazy right. You're probably didn't happen here, but we had one, and then people are like burden star with a democratic party. No, no. I have the documents right across yeah. Well, I used to yesterday. I dont know if they're still in that vault cos, Nor did I start that thing. You know collecting american history here in this universe. I don't know. Cash. I wonder who I married to yeah yeah. I bet it's blake lively right.
Sure it is anyway. So here's the thing started by. Democratic party and it was to stop white people and black people from pushing for a vote in a voice for for black people is there. We heard that workers would be a political organisation that was extreme because you know, They were hanging people from dream and I don't mean legally either only crime was very hot, People should have a vote so was pretty extreme. You know, but maybe it's just me. I come from. We have this group called, t far and black block man, when I talk about extremists they two they want to destroy
all of society. They I believe, in in freedom, really it's kind of like the nazi party, You know where the nazis were like were against the communists, because they want slavery. You know and then the communists were like we're against the nazis, because they're crazy will kill people in caps and they both did the same thing. It's kind of like that. In fact it is zactly like that, in fact anti phone were the people. They were saying that about the nazis and the communists. You know they were like we're commune as you would you like these factors lose them. That's when they started antigua, you know, and then he had black lives matter, at least in my universe that pretty radical. I mean in my universe made you don't remember this. It didn't happen. Thank goodness. If it didn't happen in your universe
they burned the country almost to the ground over a summer. No, it wasn't like a week, long think it happened the entire summer and in the my universe, the democratic party. They were so radical. They were actually baling these people out of jail and then there was this guy george soros, who was who is getting people? You know and putting them into positions of light curve, district attorney and those district attorney's wooden prosecuted. Anybody- and they were all democrats- here was so weak stream, and so we heard again my original universe, because in my original universe, again look remember what I said. I don't care who you are or why you're rioting. Yet
burn cities down, and they all want again to jail, whether their white black left? I didn't matter it my universe. So I you know who's also kind of extreme the a hebrew israelites yeah right. Really extreme or the weather underground, did you guys have that or do you only have the weather channel? Because as the weather underground was crazy or them Nineteenth communist organization, or or or or now, maybe here louis Farrakhan is like I don't know a scientist or something I don't know just got here. Apparently last night. but in my universe the guys crazy terrorist. The car is not pig following fair. The extreme
every political, The last universe I was in while this is weird the same people were baling people out for be alarmed. You know that thing that started all the fires and by universe they also like lock, arms with Louis farrakhan That's really what you guys have twitter here. That is another story: it's about the black panthers. They were pretty, add you know of sand, they were pretty de darn bad. Maybe you don't maybe you don't have them or else or else animal liberation front? We had that communist party usa, vat a pretty bad three organization I some that, let me tell you something so crazy, and you may not understand it because european
From this, unless we all slip through wormhole last night, but it's crazy, Because where I come from when you're standing up for a thing. I don't, if you have it here, doesn't appear so have something called the constitution and what entails is a bill of rights and so everybody has the same right. You know what I mean even come from the government they come from. You guys have here again it doesn't seem like it, but let me thank god at another time, but we have a god that gives us right and the government has nothing to do with it. In fact, the constitution says the government not do anything. To harm these rights. Ok, it's crazy idea. You should look it up. I don't know maybe it'll be an aside. I book or something I don't know. but We we have these rights and then these people, there,
their mainly people that don't want anybody have rights because they think they know best how crazy And they're, usually you know like us: mobile science, but they don't even do science. You know they don't even it's like these people never even read and you know and then and then there like, we ve, got to save the earth from people and they look at people like people, argot disease Oh and there like, this is the biggest problem. We wouldn't have problems with people. If we just didn't, have people he'd know and they don't recognize their pay. Pull. Do ok, Are those people here too, Well. Well, in my universe, the ones who support the constitution- there not extremists who when you say everybody have the right to speak out everybody.
have the right to veto. Follow their own internal diktat. You know the they should be able to go, and we it pursue your own happiness. I know calm, pool acts by We believe in that where I come from and Those people weren't ever called extremists. It was the people that wanted to destroy all of that that president would have said, is an extremist. You know people standing up for the things that everybody believed in fact change the entire world for the better. You know, though, People were just called norm, all Is the people who wanted to destroy all of that and the rights and say like regular? This would owe crap. I bet you have. do you have them here cause they were in the last universe. People were like men can have, babies
we have that cause? No, you don't have that cause. I just heard gavin newsome and he just said no main cannot baby. So it lacks a little bit cause. At least this universe is not as crazy as the one I was in yesterday. Aright. but those were the people that would be called extreme. You know people like there's no difference between a man and a woman, I can't I can't define what a woman is. Does I can now and what's crazy is I grew up around Three hundred million people jobs. stay in my own country that were like, that's a woman. See her over there that's her, see that over there that's a dude Even when the dude was wearing make up and stuff, you could still go latitude or that's that's a do,
but she makes a fine looking woman, you know what I mean We could do that and not be called extreme asked. Well good news is even in this universe,. nobody, spying on you the governments, not tracking you, every move mover. You know. I need still do have freedom of you know better check.
This means firstly, for I say this is the best of the Glen. This is the limit for ram marking in georgia you're on the Glen programme. Welcome very glad that how are you, sir,. Do we lose, you think we lost him. Mark are rightly no do a dick in alabama, hello, dick morning, lan real, quick short on them. boy to think. When they want a prediction about the later at the supreme court. In this strictly a guess. On my part, I believe it was the new, the newly appointed supreme court justice, the information not sure some would have had access.
She might have. No, she might have been also meet with a biologist, monday a guy, but that's it. I'm just say about the public. If there were no bill, is it if it was then they'll put it on the back of a is someone down. The land area knows a stool pigeon to take the rap. The other thing I would the really reason you is I had with a friend of mine. Now, I'm almost sixty nine years old, and I got a friend I've been in business with for years a long time ago, a struggling right now, I'm retired he can't retard monogamy comic reasoning, but I had dinner with him the other night he lives in atlanta. I live here in mobile alabama. He he believes he, so level he's always been illiberal person he's recently new jersey, his family, still lives in new jersey, but he and his wife live in atlanta. Anyway, we had dinner, He believes that drop was in collusion with the russians that everything that job
and the Democrats say is true, and I guess- and I guess the message I'm trying to give to you is- is in a shale and he won't come out of that shell right. He said. I guess you listen. I guess you just listen to fox news and I said okay, I said that's not just who I listen to, but ask you who do you listen to unease at all? I was an mp are. I said there is your problem right. There's you need a break, your sources year just living in a shale, and you don't want to believe anything. You don't want to. And then we got to talking about the election. He said, I guess you let you get a you believe. The election was was rigged and I said yes, as a matter of fact. I do and of course he blew blow me out or on that, and I will leave you no know a guy named oh no, I never heard of him and went on. To convey to you and your audience gland. Is these people live in a shale and they don't wanna come outside that she'll? So what do we lose him? Dick? I I agree with you entirely, however, I want to give the
Have you not just to be fair, allow of conservatives do too when I read the york times. Every day I read the washington post. I read things that I know I disagree with. and I'm looking, not necessarily for things that will open my eyes on. Oh, my gosh you been lied to buy, you know are our leaders. I am open to that. But that's what I'm reading for I'm reading for an understanding of how people are viewing things. If we don't read. the other side. Then we become ignorant as well, because we are hearing hours, we believe it, but we can't say no wait. Hang on just a second, I know, because you are reading the new york times, so you This story, this story in this story, but what these stories left out, but they mentioned in one line.
We have the expanded part of that that changes the meaning of this story. We have to note that that that's why I said about the the election you can not why, Stand ass, Susan's movie and and go to our friends and say still see it was stolen, you say you believe that twenty thousand and sixteen donald stole the election right. Ok, I don't, but I believe that danish to has made a very compelling case that election was stolen in this particular way. I'm not going to stand here and tell you, I'm the authority cassettes, not our system, our system. Is the people standing up. You have a different reason for it than I do, but you Probably also said that you know, george bush stole the election
and then it was donald trump that stole the election. Any time a republican wins, you guys say they stole the election, so Can we do this? Why we a invest. the gate. What happened? You ve already investigated twenty twenty. You may not want to look at it, but all of the facts are there. Even the new york times says so the acts are there that didn't happen and they spent four Years investigating it, and now we are investigating the investigators because it looks like they were in cahoots with Hillary Clinton, but let's wait, till all the facts around Now there are some new facts on the table about this election. I'm not talking about going back. There's nothing in the constitution, nothing in the constitution that will cure this. Sir, oh we're facing something new, but here's what I promise you- and I think you know this too
If you have your set of facts- and I have my set of facts the election, we're never gonna unite, so How can we push, our elected leaders on both sides to have an open. open hearing with all of the facts on it, because I except if it is a true fair, open no secret meetings and open expose a on all of this, where legitimate people are bringing legitimate evidence up because I want it fixed because I don't want a republican president to rig system and I don't want a democrat to rig the system. I don't want elon musk to rid the rig rig the system. I don't want google to rig the system. I don't want russia to rig the system,
and we live in a world where technologically there's no reason for this. This is what we need. and there is a there's, a story today that is coming from the daily beast: can spirit see theorist, are already freaking out about the next pandemic. As part of the so called great reset. Now let me just I want to go through this next week, but let me just give you a part of this in late, twenty conspiracy theories started, telling everyone who'd listen about us. Sinister plot called the great reset global elites of the world economic forum had either co opted or outright concocted, covert nineteen pandemic, they falsely claimed, then world leaders and technocrats, almost all of whom are supposedly active agents or compromised puppets of the forum adopted. What counts
piracy theorists see as a senseless and draconian policy like lock downs substantively curb the spread of the virus, but really to destabilize and traumatize the globe. As the in denmark wound on this deluded line of thinking went that w e F and its acolytes would exploit chaos and fear tools in and expand the totalitarian powers there, gained under the guise of protecting public health. Ok, I Take this paragraph apart in seven hundred different ways, but here's point I want to make on this today, a That's not what everybody is saying that a small group and you ve conflated a whole bunch of different things. I mean, there are conspiracy theorist again who
still pushing that trumps stole the election and colluded with russia, we now know, for fact, that's not true. There are dell people who believe that bush stole the election, even the new york times own investigation proves that's not true, but this article, by taking this snarking tone, only makes conspiracy theories stronger because if you really want to debunk something here to say, look we looked at this. What's true here, What's not. Yes, The w e Ella w e F was involved in a in a pandemic study called event to o one, but that doesn't give you evidence that this was planned but see.
By saying there was no lab link, the set at the science is settled. We You know the science isn't settled on that, and marking anybody and shutting anybody down that he gives credence- people's mind to see, they are hiding something I bet it's because they plan did it event to a one now know as putting a pandemic wound on this deluded line of thinking went there w e F in its acolytes would exploit chaos and fear and locking expand the totalitarian powers. What is that never waste an emergency isn't that the stated goal of people isn't that exactly what klaus schwab said, but demeaning, the w e l, w e f
and demeaning and saying there are no budget nobody's. Then why does everyone in power and why every prime minister and president. Why does the president? Of china speak at all of their global conferences if there nobody's. There are clearly not nobody's now. is what they're doing good. To actually bring this to pass well, look at the evidence. I lay it allowed in my book and I only use them as sources no conspiracies and its left. For you to decide because The media is not doing their job. You know why we don't have faith in our institutions. Because we don't have anyone actually standing guard to keep those
institutions, honest. That's why When you say the biggest culprit in the downfall of america may just well be the media, its power probably true We all know people are people. The best people will steal the best people will steal if they, Encourage to feel injustice and if no one's watching them and if somebody gets away with it and then there actually praised for it other people will go watch sheets of he's doing it? Why are we I'm five feel stupid? Why am I not doing? It it should be the job of the media and our churches, and our own moral self.
but every institution is up for grabs right now. And that's why no solution can come from jamming it down people's throats. We Have to have open and honest debate and open. And transparent investigations and let the epps fall where they may. I said yesterday and I would encourage you to say this out loud right now,. If it's found out that it is a conservative that to this document from Scotus. I justice pissed and I The same ramifications witches disbursement if they I want to be an attorney, a clerk. I want disbursement, I want some sort of internal punishment, it's not against the law, but I want person we need shame, at least on that
and I say that if it's a person on the right or person on the left was wrong. Those are the lines we need to start drawing because this isn't about left right, it's about right and wrong, and is no right and wrong any more. At least up at the upper left is there still right and wrong in our own families. You right and wrong. those are our lines at the best of the kind that programme levi strauss in company, according to the blaze on wednesday, joined the long line of corporations, releasing statements, affirming abortion rights and pledging to pay. That, too, level, expanse of employees seeking an abortion in a statement, titled protecting reproductive rights a business imperative the
or company, said the business leaders are responsible for protecting the health and well being of our employees, and- includes protecting reproductive rights and abortion access, You know, Levi's me Most of amerika was done with you. Why, you came out and said, we want to be the you a form of the revolution, and you were shown pictures of anti fa nano. with special. That was great. That was very american of you to do. We know this is fraught conversation. It's not something we enter into lightly you're from San francisco euro. Or problem saying this, but women make up The eight percent of our global workforce, and in recent years numerous employees have expressed a leadership, their growing alarm over the roll back of all forms of reproduce
if care. Well, ok, so while fifty eight percent of their global workforce, now I know cause. I I did everything I could to save a great company called Cone mills they were the ones the original five or one, the original denham is really all good reason why you put on a pair of genes now, and it doesn't feel the same as a regional, because they were made by the cone mills. They went, because you leave, I said last go to china. Ok or I will was the thing back. Then everybody was doing it and you know if every he's jumping off a bridge and landing in China. Well, why don't we do it too, but there, very concerned about reproductive rights and the rights of women in there
global workforce. Ok are a soap they still do. Have you no employees here in amerika and they they still have some plants here in amerika, some people that are making stuff for levi's they twelve mill, in the end and manufacturing plants here at america, that's twelve, but a thousand that are employed in these plants. Now, that's not all leave I stopped, but there may king some of the stuff for levi's in twelve different places, if you go to Levi strauss, dot com, you'll, see that they say or we a our products all over the world were a global product. We make them in. america, japan, italy, china and other countries well, I decided I'm going to dig in a little bit more. because one of the things I really dont like is hypocrites now
Conservatives have said a long time. The only ones that really can be hypocrites are. Those who are trying to do better. and they don't always make it all right. So Let's just say: let's be fair, it's not fair to call them hypocrites, because maybe trying to be better and they just haven't. For instance, you know I don't agree with slavery, so I don't make my products in china. I do make by products in bangladesh the kind of slave wages yeah, I know, but at least they don't make it in china. Ok, so they care about reproductive rights. Oh, they have twelve play here in the united states, seven in japan. Fourteen in ITALY, wow well, that's not very much. What do they
haven't china, the last country they say before other Will they have a hundred and fifty plants in china? That's employs well over a hundred thousand people, hundred thousand doddering dinah one thousand here now. Or to make a determination of priorities based on that information? What would you have it? what would you conclude well, I would say: maybe it's just a fluke, I mean: where else are they making stuff? And you know Pakistan, that's great for women's rights, you know that I mean the only place it could be. Possibly better is this ability now to quote the bind administration, the stability of afghanistan, but they also make it in bahrain and bang a dash, may make all over the world? thing, even like pakistan, they have nineteen, so we have twelve year, but in pakistan they of nineteen where women are
read it so well now. They were doing in pakistan, but we're doing it in China. I lie be like ok bets. You know me I call on you, know hypocrite because they are not doing everything. You know in totally, but they ve made progress because they didn't go to china, the worst offender that has forced abortions. Until recently, when they're, like all you have to have more children because we're running out of children. You know that doesn't seem, like you know, on now standing in the bedroom with a gun to my head, going you're going to have children you're going to make love tonight or you know, you're, not Gonna make LE I dont want now in my bedroom Lee vice doesn't seem to have a problem with it. Ok, so they'll, do business
they had a one child policy and now a policy that I don't know you mean. Maybe you need eight, but the remained is definitely- and this is a very carefully chosen- word dictates what your reproduction if organs are gonna be doing this month and fifty eight percent of their global workforce? Well, a good portion that global workforce and seemingly lobbying could be as much of as half of their entire workforce. in china,. that doesn't make Levi's a hypocrite. It makes Levi's. a lawyer. they're lying to you, you can't
do business with china at scale and say I care about reproductive rights. This is something we care passionately about, Oh no you're, a san francisco progressive view back all of the radicals, including antiphon, you have a different understanding of what liberty is and I have a different understanding of what products are. I, like leave eyes are used to because they were good had grey Denham, I dont where levi's anymore, because you suck but I really am motivated to tell everybody what lie yours. You are on top of it really, do you suck not if he stood for things that are not american, when you were the quintessential american brand We did just everything's weren't american
now. You're lying to us about the importance of of women when the other drugs been babies in the rice patties, while their working right. Invite I got it? Ok, Let's go to dell win in utah, Eight. Seventy seven be easy k high darwin. oh glenn gladly beer. Thank you, sir. I am just finishing up milk chores say the thing I wanted love it. Yes, sir. Here I'm a radical because I attended our convention. Everybody to ask what's happening to you too well, what happened and utilise is to seek we have two candidate in district, one that are running against one candidate. That being very, is very conservative, being supported by rubbish,
And one of one of the candidates like more, is being removed from me. Yeah Romney is a robin, a real problem in utah and he has a lot of very influential and very powerful. and people who write big big checks, because as you know, they wanna be inclusive with everyone. Where I'm sorry, I don't know when the constitution of the united states became hate. Speech No when it became radical to stand up, especially in utah. May I remind you state that was built by b, who were chased out of the united states and their first act the first act. When Brigham young got there was too. All the parade, where
I can remember which was which, but the women carried the constitution and the men carried the declaration of independence, and the message was: do not blame this on the system. People are people. but we believe in these principles. So those people vote. People. are now some of em treaty. People who believe in the declaration of independence and the constitution vote People are radicals, dangerous radicals, I'm sorry jack, there is, I know in my religion, you know I I can tolerate and, stand around when evil chases away the spirit I can't can participate in it well that I believe the same thing is true with the, the spirit of destruction
the family of the cap. Institution of the declaration of independence, sorry and You know I just don't know. how people could be. You know, cosy up to land parenthood and abortionists and that's just my job! No, I know it's my job is, I know it. My job is and I'm not, I'm very careful to make sure that I, I limit the number of people who are actively against the teachings of my faith. I don't know I don't associate with people who are To flee, trying, Paul, You know the gospel apart because it might be
there's some consequences on that or are there, but anyway. I'm with you delanne. Thank you for me. In the cows and thank you for doing everything you can to expose Was who these people are, that around mitt romney mitt romney? Is a danger to our constitution, and I say it for this one reason alone, where you have a guy who grandfather was the president of the church at one point. and he's only saying the things that president of the church, said and he's actually standing in defending them? My colleagues, when that Guys pulled a radical dangerous. you ve, got a serious issue and Mitt Romney is doing everything he can to stop Michael
from being elected. Every one in you talk need to know it. you make your own decisions sup to you as a state, but I I have to tell you, I'm not I'm glad I didn't bet on utah, because I not sure utah's gonna stand. Have you looked at governor
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