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Pat and Stu go through the latest in the January 6 committee hearings and how the new "bombshell" testimonies lack substance. Pro-abortion activists at Amazon wrote a letter to the company demanding that Amazon stop business in pro-life states. Pat and Stu commiserate with each other's car-buying issues. 

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Welcome to the podcast? Today we go into the january six hearings, where we learn all sorts of really really terrible things about the president and all the bad things he did, and then we go through it and show you that really what the media is saying that they are talking about more the fallout of roe, vs wade and near the end of the show. We have a really. We have a tragic event Jeff he joins us. I thought she was a tragic event: the stopped in and boosted the heck out of the show. Those are the words I use, what a tragic event by Joe Biden in two thousand and six at every abortion is a tragedy and every segment with Jackie also attract, remember to make sure to subscribe to this podcast. Of course, if you're not already and read and review a couple of others to get you through the weekend here, Jeff fisher has a podcast called chewing the fat, which is an unfortunate title. I don't know why people to lead you to believe that he might be the fat you're talkative right, but no it's just kind of brush it. It's a title, just an expression! That's all just all it is yeah pat gray unleashed- is also available wherever you get your podcasts rate and review there as well and subscribe to studios America as well available five days a week, which is, I think, a lot like going out over the past couple of weeks and we've covered all the important things and then also Jeff. He had a podcast casa, make sure you check all that out and don't forget to go to a students, merch dot com for the new t, shirt, six, twenty four twenty to remember the day
at roe, versus wade was overturned without having fetuses all over your shirt. It's an important distinction. Six, twenty four twenty two is available at stooges, merch, dot com, here's a bucket! the Cassidy hutchinson, finally blindness and completely open we were looking for the smoking gun in the jail worry, sixth situation that links the trump too, all the madness! Well, we we have it now we have it did you her testimony. As I did see a bunch of the testimony. Yes power a she powerful is. It was the chief of staff for mark meadows. The us so in so is the chief of staff for donald trump. So what is it
I don't know how that works. Do multiply them fast enough times, chief of staff, to find out what it is. It is the one thing I can say about her, and I guess this is why they made such a big deal about. The testimony yesterday is she's, not an anti trump person. She. Is there throughout? She To the end was still chief of staff for market, right mark metals was the chief of staff for the present it states that this is not someone like you know. It's not like. I don't know who's the right example, but there's the inner has been so many players in this at this point, but you're, not someone who was highly sceptical of trump, the whole time re and is now saying bad things about them down a job anymore. She was there the whole time and end was worth closely with the president. Had access to a lot of the internal conversation, so I guess that's why she was a big deal yesterday he hears what she had to say about donald trump being pissed off that they weren't taken bad. You wanted to go to the capital building. I wanted
the capital billing be with my people, isn't she said related to him or not We don't have the assets to do it. It's not secure we're going. to the west wayne the president hide, very strong, very angry response to that tony described, him is being I rate. The president said something to the effect of I am the acting president taking action. Capital now switch we are responded, sir. We have Go back to the west wing. The present reached towards the front of the vehicle to crab at the steering wheel, MR angle, grabbed his arm sir, you take your head off. The steering wheel would go back to the west wing, we're not going to the kapital a then used his free hand to lunch towards Bobby angle, and
when MRS renate had recounted the stories me hid, motion it's his clavichord clavicle? She almost grabbed a classical breakers, collarbone so that that's what trump was gonna do is apparently very proficient at breaking people's collar bonds. You can do that with ease a man half with his hand and sport or no, because here look. Our education system is not what it once was the institution explicitly bans the president from touching classical yeah that is poor. That's an electoral gladly nordic there, the classical cause classical call us is hard to say, but it does exist if your tom Brokaw you can't die. While I welcome as clavichord clause? Yes, so it's over the idea to locate the speeches at over gay president drum one
to go to the capital, their driving him back to the wider and look it's a long walk he's not going to make that walk. So he wants to be in the car and they say no. They say now that secret services now and also keep in mind he's in the beast the presidential limousine near he's in the back limousine. He doesn't ever ride shotgun than I know a loan when he calls it. He still doesn't get to you. It was because the first, oh they still don't. Let him do I so he's in the back. I guess he jumps through the partition grabs, the steering wheel with his right hand and, with his laughed he's, got the clavichord of secret service agent, who's driving in his hand and he's. About to snap his collar bones that that is frightening was one of the first things I said until he is that it didn't seem just in that vehicle that that would be possible doesn't seem possible that the thing yeah and he you know this- good services already volunteered to
has on you know under oath that did not help right. So this that's the biggest part of this right yeah. It did not. But if this was the biggest story in the world from her, you would want to find out from the secret service agent if it, true or not right in secret service agent. He now are you started reporting it as if its gospel, true right. Ok with this, I heard it from some other person. Its absence ITALY, trial, right and so you'd want to go That confirmation of secret service agents are not necessarily known for volunteering information. The fact immediately came out and said, wait a minute. This didn't happen is incurred without hesitation, it dissolves the entire story immediately right, that's how else literally, the whole story falls apart within an hour now that does it mean and that she lied, because if you either The most important part of what you just heard was there
she said tony said as he recounted it, is she- I told you, it is second hand information, it's not like she's writing, shot gun in the limp all right and sees this occur, she's not there. No, she didn't see this shine, witness it she's saying she talk to the secret service agent, who then told the story? Now it's not impossible that something happen some sort of oh yeah he may be. I would totally believe that donald trump yelled at the secret service agent in that moment, maybe was very emotional, and that moment in a very possible- and maybe he inflated the story to her. I mean it's, not that's, not a crazy telling of this, but the bottom line is you follow up The people involved and
secret service agent, if he really had his classical attacked here pat, would probably be very willing to tell the story if asked, and he immediately came out. Instead, it said the exact opposite that it was not true. So that part, which is the the biggest headline from the january six hearings in asia. cries moment with arms, unknown witness bombshell. Every media headlines, you will read, will tell you. It was a bombshell and that already been opposed. a study by the person who supposedly told the story already do bumped and not a political figure like if he was a let's say, was marked meadow saying this: you might well meadows is covering four trumpet. The secret service is not doing that were not what they do. that's not that's not their job and that their job is not to cover for the present
in tandem, almost never hear of secret service agents, even after they ve long retired, to saying anything about their service with president right. They almost never do that now. You don't hear about it at all, What I mean we ve talked to secret service agents, who are friendlier to our cause, then that the cause on the left we ve talked to several of them over the years. People who worked for press obama, for example, Juno France, but Deborah vetoes talked about a public knocked about it. but he, but he leave nothing, really specific silence on very limited on what he would tell you any, and we talked to others who won't say one more word on the air: a right what they witnessed in in the white house, because They see it as part of their job to never talk about those things and I think watching this, I think we had a different perspective, pat than a lot of america, in that we dealt with With high level security people be
glenn, always has them around. You know your land is at all sorts of threats on his life over the years, and so we, we talked guys. We know these guys. We talked to them off camera off the air. and they still won't people we ve known for years. You will not give us the names of celebrities they ve protected because they they guard that the so close. they don't even say who they ve guard. Yet let alone tell you specific stories about guard item bright, the cause that seed out. They see that as like thereof, and it certainly the secret service agencies that he, it's probably even a higher level, and that its you know it's. It really is an oath, not just a job responsibility, so seeing that and then I thought another part of this package was interesting from maybe our perspective more than the the person who is in a you know a normal job, not working with a person that has fifteen active threats against a wall at the time the the
actions of donald trump. If true, not not, the classical park you know. The classical call clause, of course said bars that behaviour, but I'm saying like the behaviour of I to go with my people into a dangerous situation that my security people are saying. No, I too hope we believe. That's true. I told We believe Donald trump wanted to go down and be with his people at the collapse. In order me at all. What would not surprise me at all, because we seem glenn try to do the same crap a hundred times and like it is really frustrating for the security people, because there, like, we can't secure you there. It's not that you don't trust the people who were in the crowd, but all six is one right here takes his one hinkley debate. a crowd and we ve a national tragedy on our hands and you, no. If, if even if ninety five percent of those people are perfectly fine, there could always psychotic purse it in their doing so then crazy, so the secret service and an end,
Good security team is gonna say: do you know can't go down there. We can, I can't bring you and there we are not ready for were not prepared for it. We can't just you can just spring this honest right now at week you we can, bring you down there. We need to bring into the west wing that is true, totally believable to me, and probably true, but the way The media is presenting that information is donald wanted to join the coup, Donald trump wanted to go down there. He wanted to be there to overthrow the process now so stupid com is a total spin. He wanted to be people who wanted to show that he wasn't going to just go hide in the white house when he was asking them to go down there and walked out of the capital and not riot, but protest it totally believable the idea that here the donald trump whose look take off all the other stuff out of it. Dont trust a pretty coddled guy he's as a billion air for how long do you
think he wants to be in the middle of a brawl inside the capital? No, do you. He wants to be in the middle of a group of people. Putting wag poles through windows of the capital. Do you think to be in the middle of people do think. Events would be in the middle of a pepper spray incident that guy Is it a gold palace? He does, What would be in the middle of that now? If you thought he had the worst intentions, though donald trump would handle that situation is being somewhere safe, directing it from a distance eat is now in the middle of that. That's not with the guy is yeah, and even if you know even if the really ridiculous story of him grabbing the wheel and trying to aid and trade dr forcibly. Drive the beast back to the capital building, even if it was true, What does it prove anyway? That's just proved
we want it to go that we wanted to go there. So I want to tell you: what does it mean he was overthrowing the government to classical thing would be bothersome if he's out if he was actually paying his hands classical a word that I mean less specially thinking he's gonna be able to buy something, always secret service, a secret service agent. That's not smart jobs, a big guy, but I don't think he's. Where did it gets a secret service agent? You know that's not the profile and done a drum. This is the best glinda programme plan on a glimpse programme check out my show
pat gray unleash. I will immediately preceding this one lie. I can't do it now is over dollar thirty passport a well it's true, but you could listen later on when your leisurely on demand yeah on demand. Whenever I want everybody here want, whenever it's convenient for you, you can listen, then the ipod care anywhere you get your podcast plus. I understand you so have a show to listen to and watch. I do you, you should check it out way. Called stew. Does america ha and every day we do this country, ok, and it's it's it's fun. Alright, I've had a lot of its. It's been a fun show, and I know yours is as well. I think there's a lot on the conservative side that can get pouring in and frankly, just dealt been imported tears every day, and we try not to do that. Yet we do too, We try to make the apocalypse font yeah. That's that's! Our goal is to make the upon Perhaps that is happening right now make it fought, make it fun,
by the way out. On this note, we ve been talking a lot about january sixth today and that's the day, the left, Do you remember. I well are, as you do it's the day: democracy almost that I have heard that yeah. That's it really bad man. They really want you to be talking about january. Six, I'm gonna go ahead and argue should be talking about a different date. We ve got the new T. Shirt, for an out does merged outcome. Six. Twenty four twenty two, the day rule Mrs Wade was overturned. I'd like to go, get it's a great and it's one of the shirts too. It's like It's a way to show your pro life and you dont have to have like a foetus on your shirt. You know, you don't want to necessarily have like. I don't want to wear a fetus as much as real life as I am yeah, I'm not worried a fetus and I don't want, like some graphic image of a fetus on my on my stomach as I'm walking around, I already looked bad enough
This one will help. You look good and kind to give you that I've ever had arisen than sober the economic power. I sorry about arable so get it now, as do does marched on com. It's the six twenty four twenty two shirt else at the mugs and the stickers and hats, and all that stuff and they're all sons feed it foetus, no foetus, no foetus, I mean. Maybe we should do a separate sure. That's just fetuses, like its job, constant fetuses on every point, the shirt I dunno lady. That would sell even better, but I hope you do. I like it, because ok. I want to make clear what I, leave, but I also like the fact that people who know who who are on our side are gonna know that date and I Want them to know that date, the left him january six. I want to be talking about that date. That's the most important date, we've seen the last couple of years. I think oh yeah, one of the most important dates in our lifetime. I'll say this: the first, the first number I heard was they think, even with all of
craziness going out with states opening up abortion access and you could still they still think it could prevent a hundred thousand abortions ear to get its activities. Broken start there's six hundred thousand now, and if it's only hundred thousand what an increase will they were highly what an increase if its own one hundred thousand, what an improvement! It's still way too many already owing to be aborted, but they make even that amount of progress shows that we da the long road to go, but also in kate. How important this day well and when really when is enough enough, then in the united states alone is over sixty three somewhere between sixty three and sixty five million. We've lost since nineteen. Seventy three is not enough, I would say it's one and a half billion worldwide, that number kills me Are you a six and a half billion so three million here is really bad and it always hits you in rough way. Money man when you think about globally over a billion billion
between fifty and seventy five million every year. I safety seventy five million crusher sunday rushing and many many of the areas of the globe. Argo in the opposite direction were becoming liberalized that these rules, so hopefully that switches- and at least it's kind of switched here, part of it. Country anyway. Some truth in a better way. being of the supreme court that there were two. This is the price to be able say I thought that was three or four decisions laughed inoperative or there were roar, and I expect that we would get four b. because they had. This is the last day they had announced and also they had been doing about five per day. For most of us who, as they were, releasing these data came out, they gave the boring once present. No friends do you involved in that. But we gotta to bore unwanted, didn't get the two big ones, the two big ones we did not. it is the e p, a ruling which I think is the biggest one, as as far as it affects your everyday life and how your government operates. It's a huge huge case,
and then the other one is the remain in mexico a part of it and regulations that it's the trump directive yeah sub. Neither of those came out today they did announce it there owing to come out tomorrow, so That's your last decision day of of the session tomorrow you we'll get those decisions are alive on on this programme thoroughly stern, this time slot and the two they came outwards native american issue about who can prosecuted in the native american area and a veterans affairs issue both of them important in their own way, but not necessarily the top of the bite, so we're gonna spend too much time on that today, how to turn out the one? A native american thing? why me one? It was a fine five, four, so I have to go back and look at it in more depth. I kind of I usually when we go. For this we start with a zillion cases at the beginning of the session. I have to go through all of them in kind of understand, basic knowledge about all of them, and then
getting knocked off of his as you, through this release period and as they get turkey and the ones that I'd never really do not care about all at much. I can't remember details on it. The native american one is kind of interesting because it involves sovereignty. and whether or not there is subject to the united states or are they subject just to the indian reservation, yeah the concept being someone who is not a native a merry In going on to native americans, lands committing a crime against a native american. You can stay government jump in and say they are the ones that are prosecute. I believe what the ruling was with was no like that you had the only the federal government can step in and prosecute so gives, let us say cannot state can I think that but again, like I dunno, I now look.
Hu. I have it on my calendar to commit a crime against the native american in an animated erika rotation of de or should I do, but that's not for six months, so I have not really put much thought into how that will turn out. So I was there and just because you won't be driving through a native american reservation for another six months. There's not a planning oars into a mere Kronos one, I'm planning. I can't give you all the details on that crimes right. That's understandable, because number one I hadn't worked them all out and or two I don't want to necessarily tip my hand here. Right. Come buzzy, you know if you are out a native american reservation right now, I'd watch it that's what that's what I'll say as a city, if you see me cover, you tell us which a restaurant cannot count. Okay, alright, I mean, I know, give us a state like new mexico or texas. I don't think there's any reason. I don't see how that benefits me or I'm just saying. If you see me like, if you're a fan of the show native american, you see me come and I'd run you,
you know your friends, my now are, or don't listen to the show they're not to know that I'm come there to commit a crime yeah. You know You need to look into the details of this ruling before I really go through with a plan, because hide may want a burning me. I don't want that to happen. Of course, you should at least know where they down on it at an here's. The thing most crimes that happen on native american reservations happened to the cherokee nation, while the jerky tribe, whether so proud to live, and the answer broad, did die. You know the thing was it took the whole indian nation and they, they put him on this reservation. They took away their way of life, mean the tomahawk, the bow and a knife, Took away their native tongue and they taught their stick in english, torreon and the three way to your young. Dear to my aunt,
Why would they teach you to? Your were yellow taught english hitting me that ok, no, we died out of jerky eugenia but now they know English is Well, you that's what I've been explained to you yet, as you did mention it and then the beads used to make by hand, while nowadays there made in Japan or taiwan? china, even more nowadays, even more to bangladesh, for japan, rhymes he had also don't I gotta say bangladesh. The beads we made by hand are now a days made in China. Does now does. Our does not doesn't really does not work itself, but luckily we solve that yeah, the cherokee nation and the charity I should be all said after this: I like it. So I show em would migrants movement. They know you warned them so another on their guard debts. I work it's out of them now. You know what my if it was a surprise that I just pull in
as I hey here's my big crime plot man, I'm going to unleashed on you. That might be unfair to the native americans. However, now announced it? they. Now, if you see watering down the street yeah we are coming in in your brand new car, which is on order now, I do know that are yes. This is a big development this will help them watch for you by the way yes Stu's getting a new car. Yes, I dunno, if you're, going to share what kind of car it is, but I am getting a new one. I feel like the same way. I want to share the details of the crime plot. I don't necessarily cause then they know, I was pulling out sure that's right, but so I I ordered a car, Joe Biden economy and This has been an interesting as baths pegana right away HO. No now well, there's no cars. You know on the lot
that's how I used to understand how you purchased going to let you go to a dealership here and they would say here the cars we have. Would you like to choose one of them or you could special order? One will be here in six or eight weeks. That's china. The way you're typically go, that's not how it goes now. Nord really is so I put I can't agonized over what I was gonna, do they didn't have any cars on the lot. That I would that I wanted to of the type that I wanted. I did have to put in a special order and the special order normally would take six to eight weeks. That's that was the timeline. why put any order? They said? Look the supply jane staff, we ve got a lot of issues going on I understood that you know. I did understand that its now been ten months months, the the better part of a year. Now I put it in like us to be sixty? We august twentieth, I put his or her eye
I have a email. I confirm that I got back and forth with a few times before this. When I really locked down the order was august twentieth, twenty twenty one. It is now june. Twenty, ninth, twenty twenty two cheese and joy- asked a few weeks ago. Pat I got a I guess it was, but a little over a month ago out where I got a target production week where they do so, They were going to actually, theoretically, build this guy while to the target production we comes They say that target production which is going on just the other day. I get it acts that says quote your car has been built and I was really wow credible. It's been built. Where can I come pick it up? We don't have delivery date for it yet, but the car has been built, I've got a vin number and everything in theory. This car exists somewhere, I think in lancing michigan or some somewhere up there. I don't know the third world effect.
Action of this country is on real. It's not it's unbelievable. My daughter, I think I mentioned this before- was was here for a month visiting, and so we're gonna get her carcass erp old one sort of blew up fell apart. It was no good, so we we went to a d. Their ship and it was a hundred dealership Actually- and we said, does so we'd like a honda, maybe a civic, yet we don't have any civics that doesn't have any savages avis. No, it had them since, like nineteen eighty, three exactly but not now, Well, what about an accord then? What about now? We don't have any courts if cr vs. Is that a thing here? No, no! We don't have any cars I uh. Well, we do have SU vs. We have twenty suvs, you can pick from among them. I don't want it s, you ve, for my daughter, so
we're out of luck, so we go to an nissan dealer seem deal. She goes back to you taught and were the phone with the dealerships there and they have no cars, nor can they get any, in the next six months. It's ok, drew out a used car now that we could get you one in by september and we're going charges of them September more than a new car right now are the new car. It's on Believable. That's one of the operating on here. I've had over the past months. Pat would like that. I ordered, which is get one. That's used Those cars are thirty, and forty thousand dollars more. There is actual cost of the car. It's crazy which I really I guess you could pay for that, for premium, but I know I don't really want to know me. Neither so, nor do I don't have any interest actually on paying that much for a car. So it's like essential. a car that I know the dealerships supposedly is selling much much less.
and it is it's it's if incredible when you think about go back to the idea that the the standard, cliche of car dealerships right that they now. This is not always fair but sometimes we go back to the eightys and ninetys there be those movies you know where they be. The car dealers would have their car salesman out their harassing you. et in anything how to live out. Oh I get you do a car today. Let me go back to my manager. I wanna get around to get you a real deal on this and they would give misleading ads and all these stereotypes that you now aren't always true but have been around for decades. It's the exact opposite. Is it there are times where I'd reach out to the dealers, and I started calling other dealers run the country to try to figure out how I could do this faster. They would just they will just paper. And respond to you, but now we have anything we're gonna, kill us because they don't I can't get a car or cars and we're getting a little pissed that you kept calling him. They got a little bit.
there was a time where they were just didn't. We would be personal, which is understandable. Frankly, your listening to the best of the Glen back programme is another example of the inmates runaway asylum. The end, on employees got together and and the leadership of amazon, an open letter group of, Oh abortion, amazon employees filed this public letter to the company. where they demanded the online retailer see any and all business and pro life states. We the undersigned, they wrote, Do you today to request immediate and decisive action against the threat to our basic human rights, with overturning of roby wade.
Part of amazon's wide, reaching efforts towards a more inclusive and diverse workforce. Really really tried to get a more inclusive and diverse workforce. We believe Amazon cannot let this recent decision go unanswered. We ask on the world's best employer to actively defend this assault on our liberty since, when is this a corporations job in this country to defend their employees- liberty. I mean amis in business to make money. Let's face it, that's what they want to do it. The basis started the company, so He could make a living for himself and his family. It worked out pretty well, it turns out that he made a really nice living for himself and his family and its. his responsibility too
follow up on the ideology of his employees,. but they wanted to cease operations and state that, in that in states that enact laws that threaten the lives and liberty of abortion seekers. You look at it, I would abort every what are their careers. I would deal everyone who signed it. I'd abort that career either denying health care in life threatening circumstances or by criminalizing abortion seekers and providers. Nobody. Nobody is criminalizing abortions seekers. Now some have threatened the abortion providers, like you, know the doctors or the clinics that are in but nobody is saying that the woman is going to propose prosecutes, in any way now I've through its in any of these laws. Nor is there life in danger because in I believe, every single case in these states that are banning abortion. There's the accept
for the mother's life being endanger every single one, every one of them now their argument is this weird rovers: wade argument that's been around for a long time I am now, which is well. You did who die in childbirth. That's really their argument here, like if you make them, carry to term, they could theoretically die during childbirth. Hitting me come on really, That is a teen forty two now get exactly where we are with a little house on the prairie, and this dock is about eighty miles away. We gotta get him by carriage right this. It's just so come on stupid, obviously, you could die during childbirth. You could die driving to the hospital before childbirth to you could do for a lot of reasons you can't predicted. Obviously, the chances of dying during childbirth are very, very small. It's what you could also died during an abortion and you know it's true- that there's risk everywhere all the time. That is, it's not a it's, not a sensible point. They've been trying to make that you know they tried to make that back. Fifty,
years ago, because it was more common, and so they would compare it against abortion, which All in also has its risks, but especially would like the medical once they have now there could. Their claims are well, it's not it's much safer than going through the full childbirth. Now, look in twenty twenty two we're talking about two very unlike outcomes that is unlikely that you would die during an abortion. It is unlikely that you would die during childbirth. It's not very common and am, I might be about equally risky on both of them. I might have about an equal chance with each. I don't know they stay claim. You know their their claim is. All I know is much more dangerous. We know end like it's, not You know there's! This is a relative versus absolute risk thing. They're doing which is like both apps. When you talk about absolute risk, are incredibly low that either one of these two things would happen how Their claim is all well. If you compare, if you do a rare,
to risk calculation needed say? Well, it's much more likely it's very likely either. Why it's a sailor, surely silly varies, did killers, it's it's ridiculous. It just come on come on it's just it's completely ridiculous. I mean we ve, I don't badger people with all the numbers and go through the whole argument ten. But it's just a silly argument. I mean anything can happen in life. Of course, you're going to die at some point. All there's a one hundred per cent chance of death in your future. You know I hate that I hate to break it to you. There's a one hundred per cent chance they're going to die someday, and you know you can you're not going to be able to manage exactly when that's going to happen. The chances of you dying during childbirth are extraordinarily low. All in any developed country at this point, but they ve been doing this from the beginning, even before roby wade, this is how they got Roby. We passed in part lying about the risk, for women who don't have, access to abortions, because
they just made up a number of ten thousand back alley: abortion deaths every year or what? Where did you get that if you go back and look at where they got that which ten thousand Actually, abortion deaths every year. There was doctor. Who is a pro abortion guy? Who just made it up? He meant he just completely pick the number, throw it out there. The press ran with it and that's one of the things that turn the tide. So often the case yeah, but with the left in their arguments, it's the same thing with that's what the straw situate, how one as the one that a nine year old kid and homework project, trying to figure out how many straws were wasted every day and somebody throughout Number that was completely inaccurate and made up of five a million a day, and it was a kid.
Legitimately a kid who put this in a school project and everything. That is why, and with these dumb restaurants, have paper, straws is legitimately it is this story, a nine. I think it was a nine year old. It wasn't I neural who we had a school object that got into the media and they got picked up by a bunch of people, and then I want to know my gosh the problem here plastics roles. We need the first extra in a paper straws that that to immediately fold when you start putting liquid through them, because their paper paper liquid are not always the best match and then they fall. Did you have to ask for three? More so doesn't say the environment at all. And we are down that road, another one, the the herbage island in the middle, the ocean, the yeah, the great pacific garbage, yeah well, it's John exists. Two and a half times the size of texas been a million times does not exist, can't for some reason be photographed by satellite imagery, for
reason. We don't have a picture of it, and this is why don't we have a picture of it goes. As do just said it does exist. It is not really there. These things are so widespread that, like I remember when I learned that the eye when didn't exist, because I went through the exact same process you went through pat, I said well wait a minute. Why isn't there a picture of this? What does it look like? Where is it what's the location of it? You look for it and oh yeah. There isn't one they're just saying: there's a bunch of garbage in the ocean and if you come, I think you combined it all into one place in theory, there would be an island, then this big, but that's not. What happens and by the way we are not the ones responsible for almost all the trash is coming from China and I It was my search for the picture of the great pacific garbage patch, I found the salon article. The law on which is a left wing. Bigtime left wing publication, where the geiss admitted hey
what we should really tell people there really isn't a great pacific garbage patch yeah we've been lied about that for years, and it just not there for years, while these things happen. I was away. I really thought there probably was a garbage pair. I mean I just assume there was in was like well, I mean I dunno that that's it seems bizarre, but I guess maybe the the current polls that pushes it in the I dunno. Who knows, I dunno what I thought was actually happening. I never put much more thought into it. It was so much reported as such fact. Another one is this idea that global warming, if we don't do anything in ten years, the society is going to end. This has been everywhere. every politician. Nonetheless, just said it a o c. It's like our favorite thing to say Biden has said it multiple times and my argument on that. When I first heard it was look, I've looked in enough climate data over the years. This seems like some outlying scary scenario, that some doctor or some scientists said, but is not the realistic possibility is it you know, is in you know, and
it doesn't mean the world's gonna end means that we hit a point whether it's gonna be difficult to two route. To return as of this idea of positive feedback to stand or thing global warming theory where each thing that goes wrong. Aids back in and makes the other things go more wrong, and that in turn makes the next thing go wrong. Feedback is a feedback loop and there's no he's into believed in MID else. If that I've ever read and in what I would certainly believe and many scientists as well, that the climate is a, positive feedback system its. It seems very clear over fowls of years it's a negative feedback system. It seems to be able to correct it's ice ages with going the other way. It's the reason why humanity has been able to live here for a long time, and because of that, so that's a whole nother story, but I that's what I thought and and that was just me analyzing at an end, just kind of like looking at the way. These normally play out. However,
that was not accurate. My opinion was not accurate and there isn't it oh. This is from Michael shellin burger, who wrote in his book about this and to actually go to them Scientist who supposedly was being quoted and asked them hey eyes did, you guys say, was a day winds climate? vision or whatever. What are they call that the ipcc IPCC and he went there any talk to that. scientists who those areas, scientists and and what the scientist said was thank you We were so sick of this being reported. No, we didn't say that that's an early. Why was as what it turned out yeah it's one of the most widely shared pieces of climate hysteria and the guy who is quoted didn't even say it. That is how raising this stuff. Is it becomes part of ecosystem in such a weird way and
the straws to to all of this stuff. It do deaths of back alley, abortion back, Abortion is a great one. Look therefrom we were, and we know there were by the weakest, some of the an abortion activists were the ones doing it. They were doing the procedures that were killing women. That was not. That was not pro life. People being like. I can't wait to do a fake abortion, so I can kill people the year before roe, v, wade and where they were still doing back alley abortions cause they were illegal. There were twenty four deaths. Twenty four due to illegal abortions. They're worth know there were twenty four deaths due to legal abortions. worth thirty nine deaths due to back alley. Ok, thirty nine in a year the year before roe v wade was bad because at that time, about two thirds of states had bandit yeah, but there was still a third that had allowed it right because it was in the situation like it is now which, when they keep saying we're, gonna go back to pre roe times.
It's not true, it's gonna be there's gotta, be more access to abortion now than there was pre role, because more states will have it open, but yeah. So you have after several doesn't look. We want an obviously stop all of them there. Maybe it is either. I would think golly. Abortion would be very dangerous, but honestly, at this hour from ten thousand for very far from ten thousand- and this is again- there was a group- we talk about James revenge. That was threatening to burn down cities and stuff when this verdict came out that is based on another organisation, the Jane part of that comes from an organisation that Cain'T popped up after rovers. His weight and they were providing illegal abortions for women that art we get was writ leading up to that. I think and the idea was they would give you abortions out and those The people, not just that particular order
but those types of organisations were the ones doing the illegal abortions. These these groups that are praised by the left are there doing the illegal abortions that led to the deaths, say least in some of these cases, and that when I don't know if there's any without specific organisation, but a lot of those organizations existed in places where these things were banned. But beyond all of that great there, like all my gosh, when you go back to the era of back alley abortions. Why wait what not tight? What year is it right have a situation where any woman in any state can get a in abortion if their life is in danger. Any person in any state is within a two hour flight of being place where they can get an abortion at any time and nervous. there will almost certainly pay for, and your point will probably pay for, if not unimportant activist organism will pay for the visit.
bunch of them have already popped up, and he had just talking about php justice talking about it. A o wants to put these? federal land, I think that's idiotic and what will happen on students but a national park weedy great. We do know that private organism are doing when a vegas and their pushing up wrapped in a border seen come right across the border and get your abortion and all of this is almost a pointless conversation, formal women, because you can order it on line from an indian pharmacy won't. You will have your abortions pills to you within days and you could take it intact this in louisiana in mississippi. Wherever you want to all this. I consider to be bad, but why you go to a back alley. Abortionist. When this is the situation, we can get it legally in question. Anger free anywhere or just get it in the mail. Why if we go back to our era of back alley abortions anyway,
even if it was only thirty nine deaths it make any sense at all, and anyone who thinks about it, I think, gets to that conclusion, but your job as an american right now is not to think because, if you think then all these things are obvious. If you can do they wanted to do, which is just now your head and go along with it and when post your tweets, it means and tick talks than your you're playing plan again that the way they want you to play it
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