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Glenn starts the show by discussing Sri Lanka and the Netherlands, whose economic chaos due to the Great Reset shows the future of America. A new poll shows that a terrifying number of likely Democrat voters hold radical views on the Supreme Court. Glenn goes through the five stages of totalitarianism. 

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iran's company and affiliates discussing coverage. Selections are available in all states or situations stew. What a delight to be back. You haven't you and pat, haven't solved one damn problem: the world is even worse than it was two two two weeks ago. You do it well, you can say that of any two week period, late, late, glenn, so nothing yeah. I'm surprised we're still broadcasting at this point and not because you two are on just because it's decay that rapidly right we went over. We went over a lot of things today. Abortion, the supreme court, but I also started in an unusual place. Sri lanka. It is. It is the
Place where you can learn the future of amerika, I explain in today's podcast maintain. Let me give you a cup. stories here. Germany is, moving to reactivate the coal plants, because there Fraid, Russia is gonna cut off the gas swiss Swiss are now preparing for gas shortages and are looking at rationing, their fuel. the world is learning a lesson. Now. Let me take you to sri lanka.
Because this is the lesson that we should all learn today, you might not be familiar with the island nation of sri lanka other than its name, but it is the foreshadowing dark for chatting knowing of things to come in this great reset bound world. Twenty two million people inhabit sri lanka. Twenty two million people are now struggling to survive. There now face in the worst economic crisis they have ever encountered since declaring independence in nineteen. Forty eight. The government is now all but bankrupt there in default on foreign debt. can't afford critical imports to sustain their people. Medicine has now become too expensive or scarce, to get a hold of fuel prices on this little island or out of control.
it began to spiral out of control. long lines formed at gas stations, And violent brawls would sometimes break out between people and the military and the police holding them back. Food prices, skyrocketed. food prices became unsustainable when gas went through the roof. Now Sri lanka is on the brink of chaos, videos of urged of starving and desperate people attacking others out in the street. Everything culminated this weekend as Thousands of angry rioters, storm the presidential palace and force the resignation of their leader, sri lanka,.
I mean, I don't know anything about sri lanka. Why would I care about sri lanka? Here's what happened to sri lanka. There was an, I m f bail out package and it was really sri lanka. Final option for recovery, but a few days ago the I m F walked away from the deal now you know about sri lanka, or you happen to know. Have relatives in sri lanka you're wondering what I'm wondering why they did everything they were supposed to do they played by the rules as ordered. So why is the glue we'll financial system now abandoning sri lanka, a few short years ago global economic elite. Shriek
long was the jewel of asia. The world economic. M showered them with praise in one of their puff, This is highlighting Sri lanka's leadership for the rest of the world. The article was titled. This is how we will make Sri lanka rich by twenty twenty five It was four years ago and now they're bankrupt. So what happened. well the usual crap that we hear from the overlords in Davos and it was all described that w E F article sri lanka was too To trade on a social economy spending millions in the transformation to a new kind of capitalism, they would double on green energy. Any of this familiar about this. Sri lanka cut taxes but also didn't cut spending.
In fact, in order to fuel the great reset of their economy, they began printing cash, unprecedented levels as they have a green economy. They just had to serve and because everything went green and they needed it right now. They up ended there far. in agricultural production. Any of this, sound familiar to anyone. Everything had to be organic and ever thing had to be grown with new rules now the world Now many said it was going swimmingly, they said quote the land is delivering impressive results. The current government has created four hundred and eight thirty thousand jobs, so you know of the government, doesn't create jobs. The current government chris four hundred and sixty thousand jobs helped more than two hundred sixty thousand family secure home, strong proof
grass is being made. The government is also invested too general green energy and provide water resources for agro production. You see look at all of the things it when you just decide to build back better. Could all the wonderful things that come. Well, that's when it first started four years into it. We need to update the scorecard. This is what followed that initial push bankruptcy, inflation default shortages of food short. issues of commodities, shortages of fuel, violent, in the streets and in the end, the organs, nations that supported them and push them in that direction. The innovations like the I m f and the world economic forum just walked away. W e f just ran in article reporting
how sri lankan public workers are now being given extra days off. Let's fantastic why they were given extra days off quote so they can grow their own food and quote Now does anybody in Davos? Anybody like george, soros, Yes, I know some people s to be heard. he heard? Yes, they'll lose their business or whatever, but it's a great experiment in lots of fun. For me, your member him saying that they don't feel guilty. The I m F doesn't feel guilty them entire countries are mere casualties of war in their grand experiment, its. same thing with socialism and communism and progressive ism one I won the experiment. Fails nations fall foul.
and sometimes millions die or starve to death, and they never say well crap cheese. That was our fault say wasn't done right. Why didn't check all the boxes. however, the excuses, it's never their fault, they serve the ashes from afar and then they double down and try it again remember what they did to. relaunch the next time you hear Klaus schwab say now. It is time for great the reset whenever you, hear him say that Ever you hear about build back better were you hear about our agricultural industry meeting to go green every you hear about how russia is causing the gas prices. I want you to think sri lanka remember. Biden and Joe carry a john Kerry say we just have a few short years to get this done in america, yeah.
Don't worry, you'll, oh nothing and you'll be happy. So far they got the first part in sri lanka right. They owe nothing now if they could just get the happiness. Part they would be said. Have you noticed also in the netherlands? What's happening up in the netherlands? Have you seen the nether? and are being forced to go green as well, the netherlands, of course, in our part of this great reset and theirs dutch farmers ease farmers they Like this green new deal, they oppose these pollution, cots my goodness just won't play along well bill, eventually so now the farmers.
in the netherlands, the dutch farmers, have you ever heard of any one in the netherlands ever getting upset at anything there? Now king their tractors in and there there they're, bringing tractors in their blocking trucks, burning, hey on the streets they ve taken. They ve taken crap from animals and pour it on the steps of the capital. This is because they they they were. They can't use the fertilizer that they ve been using that
that that nitrogen oxide and ammonia- oh man, we can't use that, that's not natural. You know: that's ammonia, nitrogen! now, let's not natural, we can't. We can't do that. They say it's gonna call was down their farms. It will shut down their farming ability. It will cause mass starvation. They say so we can their listen to the experts or we could Sin to the people who actually grow the food and have been growing our food forever. You're right, we should probably into the experts. This is happening. Look or civil unrest. Look for inflation unrest. You will see this happening all over the world. This goes too
thing. I told you, two thousand nine would happen there all Owing to blame the united states in the end, they will blame the united states and half of our own. Damn people will blame the united states as well. Let's put this I'm right squarely where it belongs on the shoulders of the elites than a running all of our countries, because this is happening all over the world. They think they know better. They die want to stand in that truth for awhile, I have much more confidence in you solving things, even though stew and pat didn't solve a darn thing. While I was gone, I gave you two weeks. Not one problem has been solved. I thought you said screw up a bunch of stuff, like sri lanka,
and we re not. We were calling your guided he's. Ok, now. I have more confidence in the american people that I do in any expert. I think We were just leave this to our cities and our local governments. We would be fine, we would be fine, you know, government, you just do the things you know the drill, a handful of things you just do. Those things for awhile and we're gonna watch. Make sure you, you know you actually secure our borders. You actually are it. Have you heard the latest we're we're about to lose about? I think, is it a quarter of our national guard because they won't get the vaccine. What why city, but even talking about the vaccine, still. So we will lose a lot of our national guard because of a vaccine. Twenty two percent of the people,
He's force in san diego gone why they wouldn't get the vaccine, so they just let go twenty two percent of the. Police force. What could possibly go wrong? I mean: is this Yeah, we don't need police, we're going to reimagine the police and then we're going to do something about it and when we do it, it's going to be great trust us back in just a second. With more our sponsor this half hour is the tuttle twins. Our freedoms are under and true history is disappearing. The socialist or re writing it and they ve been for a long time. going to show you the the pattern of totalitarian, take overs. I want to do that in our number three today. I want you
make sure your listing, because One of the things one of the first things they do after they so discontent, is they take over the schools and g. as a result, some familiar all take over the school they re write history, they re right the morals, they rewrite. Absolutely everything will that's happening and if we don't teach true, american history, we're screwed, break the cycle, help kids learn real history. There is a solution. This is the best one back programme, the poll was done by rasmussen, if see how americans, while they feel about the supreme court,
Yeah, so here's what we have majority of Democrat likely voters, not just registered democrats but likely voters, believed supreme court is fundamentally racist. Fifty six percent Fundamentally, sexist sixty seven percent, that's good! That's not good! Further! Fifty three percent of Democrat likely voters one. To abolish the current supreme court and establish a new, democratically elected supreme court with just This is chosen by the american people directly. Can you even imagine. What a nightmare scenario that is thirty nine sent of Democrats would strongly or somewhat favour a constitutional amendment that would give the EU
I did nations the authority to reverse: u s supreme court decisions that you end members believe violate human rights. Quit I mean who are the Democrats who are they? I I I really. I mean I've met this many dumb people, but that would mean that all of the dutch people merrick our democratic night. All believe that, but I'm beginning to I mean fifty. Three percent. Fifty six percent aids, fundamentally unread racist, sixty seven of democrats, say fundamentally sexist, but fifty three percent of those who are likely to vote say they want to abolish the supreme court and hold elections for the main? Why don't we just.
When we just do america's got talent, will America's god judges? I mean it. Look that idea worked really well with the senate. Look how greater Senate is doing now. Now that we draw, we elect them directly. It's really improve that process quite a bit. You know I mean you can kind of like understand. Okay, the fundamentally racist thing. Well, I mean Democrats think literally everything is racist, so okay, maybe fundamentally sexist. I mean you know. Maybe they just went through the roe, vs wade thing. A lot of the Democrats are there are a lot that can be caught. You some slack on yeah, maybe but like no one, even proposing that the? U n, takes over vetoing our supreme court decisions and still a giant chunk of Democrats believe that that's the way we should go
that is remarkable, so thirty, nine percent of Democrats would strongly favour a constitutional member that give the united nations the authority to reverse. U s Supreme court decisions that you and blackmail members believe violet That's thirty, nine percent. Here's the crazy part, forty, eight percent of all voters aged eighteen to thirty nine favoured giving the united nations the power to overturn the? U s supreme court cases? So you're? U way you want to give
we'll up our sovereignty to that group of people. Can you tell me what that group of people have done? One good thing, honestly, one good thing: marjorie hepburn was a what was a was a ambassador for them and I thy loved her. She was grain, that's it it's. As far as I can go, it's okay! I really is amazing. Why? Why would you want to do that of all things? You know I guess at this point. They just want to overturn everything because they they see the constitution being upheld, and that's the problem here is that you know again, the supreme court did not take a way a right. They said the right didn't exist, the whole time, which is true, and they took the power away from themselves. This
court initially created this right out of thin air, which is their argument by the way. Not my argument. Their argument is acknowledge it wasn't around during the time of the fourteenth amendment, because almost everybody had banned abortion at the time of the fourteenth amendment, so they can't argue it the initial intent. They just said later on. They believe that with updating standards it's a living document and now that power of the fourteen amendments includes abortion, they, the supreme court, a bunch of men, created the right and then later supreme court said yeah. You can't just create rights like that. That's not what you do so took the power out of their own hands, and people are still incredibly angry at them really is not really understand. I don't they. People understand the second part of that they took it out of their hands because they said it's not a right in the constitution, its knowledge, they said no
that's not right. They said that's not a right that the federal government has purview over. The federal government has certain things that they have all the bill of rights. All those that's what the federal government cannot do. Kay. They can't violate any of those. Well, there are violating all of those right now. Nobody seems to care, but it's what the government cannot do, Any other right not listed, there goes to the people and the state, so you might have the right. I am inert good case on it. You might have the right to abortion, but that's for the people and the state to decide not the federal guy, meant and some state institutions allow for that right I mean I again, I think that's your morally reprehensible.
But that is in several state comes constitutions and you can get those abortions there for the time being, at least, but you know the whole point of this, and this is several of these? It was also in the the epa. And several others at this session. It was a theme we are not the ones that are so, to make these decisions, if you guys want to do these things, pass laws start passing laws. If you want these things to be done, go within the constitutional bounds of your power and pass laws stop acting like we're. Gonna do all this stuff. For you, that's not our job. That's them saying hey! We aren't going to take the power we are actually going. to see the power which, for some reason the left- what does that have we're in a seat it back to the legislators where it belongs. That is what they ve been doing over and over again. That's how this is supposed to work. So what
what's crazy. Let me do one more thing here on abortion. If you look at the numbers more than one in three thirty seven then said their state should allow abortion only in cases of rape and incest. Thirty, seven percent- another twelve percent favoured allowing abortion only in the first six weeks of pregnancy and that's when you can detect a baby's heartbeat He settled how many times I was to hear what is sixteen precise at twelve, twelve, so around half, basically, so yeah we're at forty nine percent of the country. That would say six weeks. That's it six weeks or less half of the country, yeah, okay, another twenty three percent would support a ban at fifteen per cent, meaning. Seventy two percent of the camp of the country agrees with what mississippi
we brought in front of the supreme court gazeta. They wanted a fifteen weak ban on abortions, women, are more pro life than men and I think, that's absolutely absolutely explainable. It's a woman's You don't have a right to say anything. I completely disagree with that but how many guys or a keep the options open and be envy Then just bullied into not having an opinion, I think that's true. I think the we now look, we think of stereotypical situation, that what you'd think of in these cases, I goes out hooks up with a girl he finds at a bar. They go back to the house, they they do their thing. They they she's pregnant and he's the one that's like. Oh, I don't even want to talk to her again, let alone raise a child,
filled with her. So please yeah abortions, great women's rights down, please! Oh, my gosh women's right to choose its own board to me what a fundamental rights as is it he's gonna, get out of what they ve done right. They want to avoid the responsibility so stereotypical. You assume that the guys would be the one that once pushing for this. By the way, I might remind you, it was seven guys, brought the right to you, so you know for all these the thoughts that men shouldn't have an opinion here. The only person involved in a major abortion case that actually decided it that was a woman really was was Amy, coney barrett wrote me a guessing casey you can make. argument, but still I mean maybe coney bears the one who is involved here, she's, a woman. There are no women involved in the row versus way decision at the supreme court level. Here
the most telling part of the year. The pole majority. Fifty five percent said they up opposed overturning role versus way even Oh, oh, seventy two percent would support a law that road would have struck down. What's more twenty five per cent oh twenty five percent agreed that the supreme court as those two state or federal law makers should set the standards on abortion. Soap, maisie wait the seventy two percent support the law that had just overturn that it dar that had just made possible by Turning it and only twenty five percent say the decision should be in the hands of the supreme court, which is what the supreme court set network, so it basically, what that tells you was that people just don't know rovers wait means they think rovers wade means if you overturn it up,
She goes away completely. They, of course, will learn very soon that that's not the case, because seventy two percent support mississippi law and in a twenty five percent, like what the supreme court to make these rules. What that's what rovers his weight was. so you can't superior oversees weighed and oppose the supreme court coming up with the rules. Their whole argument In rovers wade was you guys are really and about odds here. Why don't we come in I wanted to make up a standard and that will solve the problem and then casey came long. They said a that rovers, thing, shirt and solve the problem, will give you a new standard anew, idea now can be via quality, and that will solve it. For you guys and it didn't solve it at all. And then this supreme court said hey. Maybe we shouldn't be giving the EU
standards. Maybe you guys should solve this on your own through the normal process, instead of us trying to come up with some universal solution for everybody and that's what everyone seems to want in the pool, but they have absolute no idea what rovers his weight is other than people who oppose it are evil. Yeah and the people who are for it apparently love children and women. Even though now the new york has gone crazy, absolutely crazy, not only their got their new gun of concealed carry permits, But what you call it a you know your rock chrissy, it's worse than it was it's worse than it was now that end. It there's no way this ends up in court now, no way this stands up in court and new
I also said that they need to crack down on the pregnancy centres that are offering life. Because they say they are offering dis information by a saying that it's a baby already inside of you. And the other. This information is your already a mother. Your your care in your child right now, so you already are another. Those are the two p. Of misinformation or dis information, they say that they have to crack down on so they are now cracking it doesn't matter new york. You can have all abortions. You want celebrate Leah borgia will send you cakes, just all the abortions. You want. That's not good enough. They have to stop those twenty percent, and that go to these pregnancy centres and have their minds changed.
still times we live in you will be forced to participate. This is the best of the blend bag programme so is reading something. While I was while I was away from the epic times and it's the five stages of a detail of totalitarianism and If you notice, both sides are worried about totalitarianism, the anti virus is saying you know, that's the religious tell a terrier in you know, and donald trump, the totalitarian and that's exactly what the other side is afraid of. Now, I'm not
our view which side I just want to give you the five stages of totalitarianism and see. If any of these connect with you and see if any of these things have happened yet the first It is discontent and rumblings. You can't star two totalitarian government and you're standing on the ash heap of the government and of the society, that that was you If you want a new regime, you have to generate dissatisfaction with the status quo. You have to get p. To despise the old order. You have to get people to believe that they can't do anything because of the old order and and then present this new thing as a
as a solution to all of those problems. Now has that happened. Is there someone preaching a new world order? Is there someone preacher new ideas. Capitalism is failed. Our families or failing us. is there anybody that is suggesting that everything is failing us and Seems to want to even see it burned to the ground. That's the first step, the boy, the chavez revolution in russia in nineteen seventeen, it established to tell totalitarian regime, and it was very, very bloody, much more blue Then the revolution in france, which ended in you, know, gear teens, this.
Was you know the reign of terror in russia was beyond anything that you could imagine. The people were different. franchise. They no longer believed in the tsar. They had been defeated in war, They were hungry, the transportation in the city started to break down than once, once you're transportation breaks down that cost. as food and fuel shortages in the it causes riots, then Adolf hitler. He did the same thing. It was bubbling with discontent. They have the treaty of despair, versailles. They had just left a humiliation on the battlefield, the media versailles was, was she
relating to them, and then they because of the the treaty they had horrible. Economics. They went into hyper inflation and then germany starts to fault on its patient it's a payments, and now you start to have occupied territories of germany, cetera et cetera, made the people poor, hungry and angry russia. Poor hungry, angry france, poor hungry, angry, none of them believed in the old system. So there's your first step. Are we pool hungary and angry. While I would suggest that we are angry, we have our. of anger,
Are we poor? What time is it we're on our way to poverty? Are we hungry? We don't think hunger could really happen here in amerika, because, where the bread basket of the world except we're, not the bread basket of the world, any more second thing, the false sir, savior and the first revolution so once people identify the discontent and appeal to that, the totalitarian in presents himself as a savior in stage to the revolutionary solitary and enact a dramatic change to solve the problems and discontent discontent of stage one to find a solution to its debt crisis. The french government called the estates, generalist
led to advise the king on what to do third estate quickly claimed full governmental authority as a national assembly. The nationalist We wanted to draw up a new constitution that would change the nature of the government to deal with, Of the injustices, does this sound familiar after the storming best steel peasants in rural areas revolted against their lords. national assembly then declared feudalism, abolished and introduce the declaration of the rights of man and of the citizen, and then you had the execution of king louis. No one could stop the ferocious this if you will of the blood bath Russia, the bolsheviks, took advantage of the food riots that began in early nineteen. Seventeen, when the
Military began, siding with the rioting workers rather than real, restoring law and order nick as the tsar resigned and and was shot. Then the soviets quickly took control of russia and there, sir, again was peace, land and bread, and many angry people looked at them as saviours same thing with nazi fascism. The third stage age, censorship, persecution, proch propaganda and ending of opposition. So now you have, the saviour onboard. You have a plan, they're, changing absolutely everything they want to change the way you talk to one another, your tradition,
even your language. They have presented a plan to change everything but stage three. happens. After stage too has passed, the old order has been found: the mentally changed so we're there right now. We are still, I think, having to change some things but think about it Our banking system is no longer the banking system we had. Our businesses are not the businesses. We had our wave communicating with each other not the way we ve always communicated even the understanding of freedom of speech are poor ass is fundamentally different. All of it. So the All order has been fundamentally changed, and now the These forces begin to react. The rise in totalitarian government faces many of enemies, often dubbed
her revolutionaries or extremists, in its infancy in infancy. the new order must struggled to gain more power and maintain that which has been acquired. For this reason, it sets about combating its enemies through censorship and persecution. Is any this makes sense. Does any of this ring, like you, ve seen this movie. as soon as they gain sway over their countries. The first move of totalitarians, like hitler and vladimir Lenin, was too censor the opposition and put out propaganda each of them. solitary and leaders also gain control of education and had a secret police force, to monitor or even kill Anyone does designated as an enemy another strata, She was to establish youth organizations to indoctrinate citizens in the states propaganda from an early age,
and tear their loyalties away from family or religion, religion. Almost universally persecuted. Once these regimes came to power, I'm not saying we're in stage three, but stay each three sounds familiar.
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