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Why is President Biden enabling his son's illegal and obsessive behavior? Glenn explains why he believes Hunter Biden might be blackmailing his father. Glenn exposes the ATF and its attack on Second Amendment rights and explains what you need to do if confronted. Becky Hope is a mom whose children's school district has been taken over by the DOJ.

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Podcast for you today, this thursday, we are starting with climate change. All the things that are damaging otherwise known as commander in chief is doing on climate change and how we are being positioned to be it a place where our enemies look at us, like a total joke, and how do we fight back, especially when we don't have any oil in our strategic oil reserve we're about thirty percent of the oil reserves right now we are also selling a million barrels a day. Overseas million barrels a day out of our strategic oil reserves and we just sold a million barrels to china and the congress has decided yesterday the castanet they just don't see a problem with that they will not pass a bill that says that Joe Biden cannot sell lady more oil to china by the way their strategic reserve is the highest levels its ever banned. Why does not make sense? Also is Joe Biden the
extorted by his son. I explain also a school district here in america that has been taken over by the d o j and while we're on the d o j, we also talked about the f b, I going door to door in delaware, asking for your gun to be able to see your gun because you have a concealed, carry permit that's happening also with the a tf in Missouri. We tell you both of those stories and what you need to know about them, Paul on today's podcast brought to you by goldline. If you think our economy isn't it in for a beaten. Well, you haven't been paying attention, even during the best of times. I suggest that you need to be securing your money. The best way you can but right now this is definitely not the best of times. It is time to do your homework and see what you can do, so you don't lose all of your money. Your money is becoming valueless. Your dollar is becoming worth less and less and less until it becomes worthless because we've gone insane. The entire world has called goldline now to find out how you can use precious metals as a hedge against inflation and a world gone mad. You can get six percent in free promotional metals right now. If you start a new ira or you just add to an existing account, six percent adds up quickly. So don't sleep on that amount of free gold or silver. It's time to make the call find out all of the information prey on it and see for gold or silver is right for you. It's right for my family goldline, dot com, eight, six, six goldline
the only thinking talk to you a little bit about What is happening in our country and years ago I said there, the terrorists apart and we're gonna come to a place where you will recognise your country check and at some point we are going to be so weak in the world that enemies will say now: go go, go go. go and they'll pick us apart. One p at a time check: let's look at what's happening right now are military can not recruit. Enough soldiers to be able to have a real standing army. We're fifty per
sent behind where we need to be in recruiting and they say next year is going to be worse. This is the worst time to recruit. Get this sense. Vietnam. but she asked herself who would join, who join there's no honour any more. Afghanistan took care of that there's no honour there's no victory. No big vision. I mean no less Big vision is explore your own sexuality in pronouns. I don't want to go I'm gonna, be a justice warrior a social justice where no thank you, you think any kid, and most of the kids that sign up our from red states, blue state. have been living off of the blood of the red states. Children long enough think they want to go and be a social justice warrior. I don't think so,
commander in chief is not a commander. He does not command respect, office, does, but he doesn't he kids. bring two senses together so doing a week to the rest of the world, ok Now add in russia and ukraine What did we do there? We, We are going to put the strongest sanctions the world has ever seen and we're going to bring Putin down to his knees We done that You know that russia can sell its oil and is selling its oil. In fact, now doing financially better than before this thing all started. So we didn't bring to us. We brought europe to their knees. Brought ourselves to our knees here. now is going to begin rationing. Oil
Rationing fuel- we Have the highest gas prices in history and our president has now twice by the saudis, please Please send us more oil and the saudis have turned, down two times. Do you think the world is sensing weakness, Now, meanwhile, we have released oil from our strategic oil reserves, and this kills me What is the strategic oil reserves? The strategic oil reserve was built in the seventies, specifically in case there's a run on oil in a shortage of oil. We would have enough to run our military long enough, so we could ramp.
production of oil here in the united states. Will we are at the lowest reserve point that we ve been sense Jim. Carter. As of July fifth, we only had four hundred and eighty eight million barrels in our strategic oil reserve that sit down fifteen percent for march that we are now selling one million barrels a day, That puts us in a real problem done it. Strategic oil reserve can hold seven hundred and twenty six million barrels. I think a meal. in barrels a day released until october, that's a hundred and eighty million barrels. This will leave us somewhere in the three hundreds
by the way a president Biden says: he's gonna use the money that we're making off of it right now to buy more petroleum you know when the price comes down. This fall, Let it come down. This fall. Ok, all right, and you save that money. Did you yeah, yeah and there's another question here? Why did we sell oil to china? Now we can suppose. We can. We never have its fact, it's very, very rare. To sell to another country. it's even more rare to sell it to a country and have them take it off shore. And since we ve sold the BP before british petroleum, but they have take it off shore, that's extraordinarily rare! I got we ve never solely to china. and especially a company that has
hunter Biden on its board of the parent company it's weird, isn't it we old china. A million barrels now is that because they need, they need, oil there having such an oil crisis yeah. No, that's not it! If you, if you look at what china is doing china is actually storing oil. They, up to almost eight hundred million barrels of oil in their strategic oil reserve, that's up from above six hundred million barrels, so they're good they're good, so we just taken oil from our strategic glow reserves and we ve sent it over to china. Ok, do you think I do the world respects us on this either. They are seen on others method to the madness on that one.
Our economy is weak. Our society can't think Our society won't even work, it's alike. you have so we ve created so many jobs. These are the same jobs. They were filled by people just a the months ago, a year ago,. This what we had covered the jobs were all filled. We fill them now. Why? Because people won't work. and building a barn, I'm waiting for some steel to come in. I ordered it. I don't know how long ago the company is called and said, hey. I know we were supposed to have it in spring. Then we're going to have it in July. We hope to have it in august. Why, I thought you guys made steel. I didn't want to ship it. china? No we do. Steel quote: we can't get any one to come in to work to make.
the steel- That's gonna bode well. For us, that's! No! That's good! That's good I don't know if you ve, seen the photos of, I don't know harry Levine, oscar the grouch, whatever those two are. The crew stressors, I'm sorry, the transgender one and the I don't know non binary person that both dressed up in dresses and went to the thing in it at the french embassy to celebrate steel day with a french we sent these two clowns wheat. we send a guy who got his own mother out of a nursing home before he condemned all the other mothers to death sentences in the nursing homes during the covert panic pandemic and a guy you too, people how to wear diapers and and ass. He role play as babies or poppies dog collar and all
I think we're sent in a great message there. but you know what it least there They less likely to be blackmailed. Then, president son, but Get back to china, We gave them a multi billion dollar airport in Afghanistan, we built it, they took it and at our expense our blood. We built that thing, and now they have a very important strategic base of operations. We sell our strategic oil, a million barrels and by the way, they are filling up there s there s pr we're not. Are we doing hunter Biden? looks like he was involved in that deal, but is We looking at blackmail of this president because The china deals or are we just looking at a guy who is
communism as president. I think that's possible. Last night. I did something on hunter Biden and it dawned on me half way through dawned on me that wait a minute wait a minute? I dont know if china is being blackmailed or is, mailing, the president or hunter Biden, think. Actually, hunter Biden is blackmailing his father. What set this line of thinking off. Was this listen to this voice? Mail from hunter buttons, dad about then to call in the new york times that try, to clean up his mess in china. Listen to this house gravity, wonder what unites the change can be call not adopt an urgent. This talk, I thought the articles.
release? The on line is put at one time was good and you can clear I think your clear this, From a guy who was at the time saying that he didn't involve himself in any business dealings with his son, why would his son keep that voicemail? Because that doesn't that's not like Hey buddy! You know what I'm just thinking about you you're such a great guy, and I just love you? I remember the time we went fishing, something that you would want to remember for the rest of your life. This is your dad calling and saying hey on your business deal. I think you're. I think you're in the clear. when you know your dad is saying that he doesn't know anything about this stuff. Why would you keep that tick killer, voice, mail Why would you leave all of your stuff to lapse
perhaps he has lost, I don't know how many phones he's lost now. Yes, he's a drug addict. There is a method, even the madness of alcoholism or drug attics. Any Alcoholic will tell you that you do things whether you know it or not, when you're in the throes of wanting to stop and everybody wants to stop. They just don't know how to stop. You can't do it on your own and you can't do it Until you ve really hit your bottom, but you still want to stop. Even though you have in your bottom, Biden despises his father, no matter what he says. He despises his father, and this is why I say this Do you remember the emails that he wrote to the rest of his family about pop and how pop takes fifty percent Everything that I do you guys don't have to put up with it, but I gotta do all the dirty work and
as we run around, and then he takes fifty percent. You remember that email he really, I think, despite wants his father's love sure what I think he despises him at the same time, and his father enables him to. continue this horrid lifestyle because its to Joe Biden, the to his and credit, but it did. It helps Joe Biden. so she needs hunter Biden and I think he needs to be able to manipulate and control and the way you do, that is always be the guy who's there to read screw you with some money. So Why would you lose all of these laptops and not just lose it he lost it at a shop where
it becomes public property and he signed this contract thirty days after its left, sir. six months later after phone calls, he said I picked it up He knew it was there so whiting pick it up, think this is something that alcoholics do where itself sabotage you. You sabotage yourself, whether you know it or not, you're trying to its a cry for help to cry for help want to stop right. So now we have the voice mail receiving this thing. That is incriminating, only incriminating of his father? He also has on his laptop He has all of his father stuff under it under the category of pedal pete. as in pedophile, PETE pete was name or code, name that his father used.
Why would you do that specially when you're looking at a guy who's creep elite sniffing heads and your sister road in her diary about sex? well abuse. Why would you do that? This is the best one back programme. I want to impress on you the clearest terms that I can use that any emergency order from this president, is a grave grave danger to freedom in america. We look at national emergencies like katrina, etc, etc. We understand, ok,
gotta do. We are all pull together and do this. This is something that only twenty percent of the imf Can people and thirty percent of Democrats action? We believe should be a priority. That is climate change. This not about the climate. This is a out the economy. This is all changing us from a free market. to a managed market. One That is my closely aligned to fascism, the tec called definition of fascism. Then then anything regarding a free market, Joe by Is doing this now because he cannot get his legislation through and he doesn't like it well, exactly what. If sorry, what woodrow Wilson went through
then he said at that time. Well, the people are wrong and I just gonna have to go out in convincing because he couldn't declare a national emergency all he was the guy. The first national emergency was under woodrow wilson and it gives the power to the president. Beyond the constitution, he has absolute power. So here's what the president said: here's cut one of president yesterday on climate change. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for your patience, we're pretty sure. Please have a seat. If you have one, he spends a lot of stop of research. He spends a lot of time introducing people in this one. We should probably jump to the next cut on this. Where he's talking climate change cause it's agonizing, am I depart Labour led by gonna Mahdi, walsh, talks wanting is a hell of a guy,
but all aside, Martin was a great merit. I know I know, how to get a job done and is doing to things for me. First of all, DR labour is developing the first ever workplace standards for extreme he, all these good. This condition is that you cannot do the file when you cannot ask people who certainly second he's salaried folks out from a labour day to make sure we hold workplaces and to those. And others that are being set the bar. completed over five hundred heat related inspections of workplaces across forty three states. the dad's gonna save lives, ok these create we don't always workplace standard for extreme heed. What add me with it means it can shut down businesses if it's too hot by their estimation. Shut down this of the the way a revolution works is you.
view first take the legal code and you make everything illegal. So, no matter what someone is doing you can find a way to nail them, for something and so there's all these laws that you don't even know about that. You get nailed on so that way they can take out anybody. They want any business, they want, they can closed down so they have apps. Luke control over your business gap and I who decides what's extreme heat and what's not the government does so at any time they choose any time they deem that it's the teeth think, it's necessary. They could to shut you down. Just like they pay. During the pandemic? Although you know there might have been a little bit more recent ford, then then, if extreme heat, are you kidding that's what conditioning is for good, off me.
He also had this frightening thing to say about not taking no for an answer cut. Sixteen. Leonard it to fighting climate change climate change. I will not take no for an answer. I will do everything in my power cleaner air and water protect our people's health, but when the clean energy future again sounds like I'd. Probably our children and grandchildren are counting on us, not a job, another job now guiding. I know you don't care, we find a degree centigrade. We lose it all You'll get a turn in the world is counting on us, as does the united states of america. While there is danger- and we put our hearts and minds to it- there's not a single thing beyond our capacity, I mean you mean
act together is not a joke and of all things we should be acting together as climate know, as climate climate, by the way, dear mother, god rest her soul. You say joy at everything, bad, something good will come if you look hard enough, look what's happening liquid we're going to be able to create as many or more good paying jobs, we're gonna make environments and where people live safer, we're the clean, we're safe. I really mean we have an opportunity here I bet you when you see what's happened here in this cable construction manufacturing you go back and ask all the people who grew up in this beautiful place. Yeah. Look how beautiful it is. I'd rather have this lovely. They want the plant back with everything it had all right, that's what it is What are you saying, the he hee? and they won't entertain any day, action on this. you because they as they ve been, aiming for thirty years now
it settled science, and there is consensus and nothing could be further from the truth. There's all kinds of people used to be on that side of the fence. Now saying: hey, This alarmist stuff is not necessary. It's not really what's happening, stop frightening people and they ve completely freaked out arch children all over this thing? They are. Children are lost on this iap. They believe at one hundred and ten percent that we're all going to die, and you know, and your parents just don't get it, but you know things that your parents don't know and don't understand. I mean that is that is been there ammo and by the way we can't stop the world from warming here, The united states shots everything off, and china just keeps building more heavy coal power plants, because that's They're doing that's what they're doing they are they their building? Eight point:
six, three gigawatts of coal power plants in the first quarter of this year that nearly fifty percent of the capacity approved in All of tat. Twenty one in the first quarter of a year there doing what they did it an entire year. Fifty percent increase are you and what we're just get is at these all that small gonna stay or their how's that good. I gonna work before we put up and chair barrier between us and china, it's that they expect nothing out of china, and then they say that china's on the cutting edge of this climate change stuff at the early,
Oh look tell mansion said it said it best. He said, MR president, this piece of legislation is going to change our country from when John Kennedy said ass, not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country that peace legislation will change us to how much more can my country do. For me, we are thirty point five trillion dollars in debt and climbing? We to be serious about this, inflation is wreaking havoc on everyone's life. I don't care what social wrong you're on. So that's why one was killed. This bill was killed. There's no such thing as build back better again. He says this is a game changer and it is an item I'm telling you now I said this months ago,
a state of emergency is going to be declared, and that is we ve had states of emergencies before and I really don't understand can understand the left when they thought Donald trump was going to be a dictator, and he declare, martial law an emergency and he would just take over everything I can stand that I don't agree with you, but I can understand how you got there Kay. completely understand. I think it was rational for you, too think that as aid Democrat, but you and understand how its rational that the other side is looking at this. In saying this, is fascism. You can understand us at all. I don't believe that. I don't believe that I don't believe that,
There are no signs that you see that we are in deep deep. Trouble with our rights. A guy. Don't worry, You could only see him under under donald trump, ah, now all the things you said, Donald trump would do, which would make him a fascist. This guy is doing and its fine ok That means that you really don't you are not afraid of fascism. You just want fascism on your side what fascism, on my side, your side, anybody side. And what freedom for everybody, but you're. Ok, let's see these things happening under under trump I can understand how you read it that way: yes, then you can't see it. The things he's doing, martin what yours speculating about things he's doing, and
I see that as a threat that you really weren't against fascism, you weren't also, we breaking news now, Glenn that president brain dead has tested positive for covert ninety, you know him leave vaccinated he's receive two booster shots, but he got it anyway and they put him on tat, while here. now is that is that it all possible This is a complication from his cancer. Maybe that good could very well be I mean these gotta have a depleted immune system if feasts got cancer right by the way play that announcement yesterday, the president's said that he got cancer from from rain that had a lot of oil in it and because it was a four lane highway was accessible. my mother drove and rather than
people walk and guess what what the first frost you know what's happening. it had a put on darwish. Your wipers. They get literally the oil slick off the window, the articles like alive or dead in other people, s cancer and why and for its wine years, cancer delara highs cancerous nation, well, They say the white house said. While he was talking about skin cancer that he had a few years ago, how is he because I've never heard of I mean I don't know about you, but I never been told by any doktor. Hey it's raining oil. You should stay out of it because it will give you cancer. I ve ever heard of raining oil, but maybe I did back in the old days. The horse and buggy anna was written in order maybe it was raining oil. I find that highly unlikely, and I'm not actually. I am a doctor, but
I don't want to claim I'm a doctor at this point, because I haven't fully studied the. oil relationship to the skin cancer. I dont know That's for sure. So if there is somebody there's an expert on ski, cancer can verify that oh yeah, oh yeah. No, when you live in a place like delaware, where it is raining oil, it can happen and by the way It's only raining oil in delaware because they have so many refineries more than used and the more than Houston, which strangely it. Never rains oil in Houston. In that way is we're. So I guess no one's got skin cancer in houston at least from the refineries We wish the president well on covert nineteen,
that he russia's right back into do those executive orders at the best of the programme are welcome to the programme. Now the mom fighting s yell and in a utah school district, Becky hope heller. How are you a glance, I'm good. How are you going to talk to you again? Thank you. When you handed me a mean bucket of stuff. I thought oh geez, how my we're gonna get through this, but as I started reading it, I'm like move this need. We need to do our homework on this. did to my research team and they came back there like he up. That's what's happening. I find this autumn It was too much to believe if I wasn't from texas, The town of south lake that job I went through this but had a different.
Ending, because the people stood up. I wouldn't have believed this tell me story- right yeah. So I appreciate this opportunity thanks for having me on, and there was so great to meet you, and I just knew that you needed to read this. You know I had tried to ask other people, Putting mike leigh's chief counsel if they knew. If, as it happened to other districts- and she said no, she said it happens to police department all the time in over the oj consent and take over. So I mean what we have here in Davis county is failure. A district leadership, and I want to be clear that it's just a few district, we have an amazing district. We have amazing students who have amazing teachers were meeting principles and parents. Unfortunately, a lot Parents are really asleep and not paying attention, but we have a great district, but because of the old, the good,
boys cod here at the district. They try to take care of this all on their own and went ahead and signed. It gave me sign The agreement, without even the whole board, knowing about it and safely what is the way it was it. Oh god, what was it that they were trying to make go away. Well, and jesse. You know like we're. Gonna, be the first group of people to come will get rid of harassment and racism because, according to the verge of the agreement, we will be compliant and we will be discrimination, and harassment free, free, I well that'll be great when you accomplish that you'll be the first in human history, but but this started with a little girl that committed suicide right for that's what they said, no
That's so they tried to say that a whole another story that will probably see sienna dateline, because it's not the true story, but no, it started with fountain You know they had some complaints. They took it to the district in the district. Just basically swept it under the rug. They didn't and all the way the family thought they should. So what I've been told. Our former superintendent said that that attorney for those families quality the jane and that kind opened the doors, and there have been some accusations made in in the settlement. Well in the report of findings that the d o J sent her counsel. You know it says that they found two hundred plus incidents, but they never. Told us is that is from you, know the thing people or all no individual people, and that makes a difference.
So they did this in south lake and they said you know that their been racial, slurs, etc, and I'm sure there have been emanates a school. These, the kid say the meanest things to each other, but you know that The the the town is that racist, the school is not racist, and they don't put up with. It when the deal They came to town and said: well, we ve got some evidence, really show it to us, and that thing fell apart quickly. And we swept the weak people out, but this district, the two guys up at the top of the school board. They. They made a settlement with the d o J and what is the settlement include yeah did and they kept it really quiet. I mean I have spoken to district officials who have not even read the settlement yet Glenn. They have not.
and through it I've read through it about one hundred times it's about twenty six pages. Long with a settlement includes that they will send all of the students, data and all of the teachers data to the d o j twice a year. So it doesn't matter if you did anything wrong. Your data, your information, your race, your name, your school iD, where you work, that's all gone to the d o j and there's no opting out of that great and it's all open ended. The J says you know we're gonna check every year to see how compliance you're being and then we will decide when you have complied enough for us it's open, ended, they're gonna, be here as long as they want to be here and the deal is recognised. Kit hire you. get higher anybody the deal J has to approve all hires two's at true right, every It has to be d, o j approved. You know I asked our new superintendent, you know, I said they run this and they no they don't. I said you know everything has to be approved, so also the people
Their hiring are all a radical left. Social justice activists. no there's, no very conservative town right yeah conservative town, good people were not systemically racist, I mean the conclusion of the d o j in their own paperwork says it was systemic failure, districts handling of complaints, so we have a huge failure of leadership here, but teachers and kids going to be paying the price the teachers are. starting mandatory training in august. They can't opt out, they all have to be there and they also have to be mandatory. Reporters in class and I've had a few teetered reach out. Who are saying this is ridiculous. You know I can't even I'm not even trust to do what I know how to do in my class and
people that their hiring there's a guy named curtis winton and he came in ass. The consultant- and they also consulted with his come, they safeguarding company they're, paying him one point: five million dollars of our taxpayers, money and Curtis Winston is a race baker. The grafter he's awake. I hearing you tat. You ve been running around the last few years, trying to peddle here, data mining products? If you will the safeguarding company to schools, while he just waltzes into Davis school district and they hired him because they had a woman already working for them in Jackie thomson who, as friends with Curtis, want them, and so Yeah, what's higher this guy to be the consultant that he is a radical left activists, social justice, all things, gender, all things, I feel he going to be running the show and he has all access to the d o J to change policy too.
Them any data. The deal J needs and district council does not have to be a part of these conversations. Oh my gosh, oh my gosh and he's also a guy who he's he's tried to sell his software if you will all around the state, if I'm not mistaken, right He is software. Does what so? It is called the my concern out, and how he pedal he repel teachers. You know, just if you have a concern about one of your student. You know: don't this right in speaking of those are a thing of the past. Just put it into this app. and we will take care of that concern. We will care of. You know what those students wings and who's on the other end of this out in obesity There's going to be sending their concerns about our children to this out on the other end of that, we have no idea.
You want to talk about a violation of privacy. Yeah. So what are you doing to change this. How can you change this well I've tried to reach out to as many people as I can about. I tried to educate parents but unfortunately it's just been done so quietly parents, just don't have any idea what's coming and that this even happened, and sadly people still have true. In the oj, which blows my mind? Oh my god. What is wrong with them? I know trust the dear day, I don't trust the dj to watch over my children, let alone you know, run their school. So what we knew the dew was get in there and flip the school board. You know so we just through our primary elections- and there were there's four seats available there- seven feet thirst, forcemeat available and tender mercies
there's four amazing parents running all made it. Through primary so well beyond the november ballot, and they have been prepping with me to understand all of this to understand what happened? so that they can go onto this board prepared to do what they have to do to sort of change. This The deal J isn't going away, there is applied. In these sediment says that the contract or the that can be amended, but that would have to be agreed upon. I, the desert and a g o j right so that the odessa to amend anything they're not going away. I think our only hope is to get good people on this board and possibly you no fire curtis winton get rid of the ethical. Perpendicular ties into this as well, so we're doing that right now touch your son It touches genre. Is about this. Your attorney general.
no. I wish I I would love to get in front of him and talk to him about this, and you know when I was talking to our school were present for school board. President John robison and our former superintendent renew he, we didn't know either just the little boys club their bullies. They shut teachers out, they shut parents that they ve trust three people in the last year in those trespasses on those parents, are still valid. They been trespass from school. Ground for about a year, and it is these guys they don't care about parents. Red John Robertson has told me to my faith that he doesn't oh parents, an explanation about the settlement at all Let me read just random so run into the ground Are so here's what I hears. What I'd like to do? I'm I'm gonna, send this dish on you a g. I can guarantee he's gonna, call you or anything else, but I can guarantee that someone in his office, if not him, will
look into this case. And if there is something that he can do, I'm I'm sure he will Becky. stand. Strong! Keep waken people up, don't take no for an answer. Don't sit down, no matter how unpopular you might get done tell you set down a good planning banking appreciate. I meant prettier than thinking about bye, bye.
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