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Pat Gray joins Glenn and Stu to expose the scams of the Texas Lottery and property taxes. The Left's attempted definition change of the word "recession" is just the latest in the Left's definition change game. Glenn and Stu go over the latest news surrounding monkeypox. 

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It's a great show. Today we start with the amazing interview on NBC with the head of the department of justice. They had all kinds of questions. Of course, none of them really included anything about hunter Biden. Then we'd go into the latest scandal with the f b. I we also talk to bjorn lomborg, who is a guy who believes in climate change, but isn't crazy and michael shellenberger, who is the same guy environmentalist of the year according to time magazine before they started hating him because he wouldn't go along with the madness. This all is around the special that we have tonight on the climate emergency. I'm going to show you the countries around the globe that are already in on the great reset and way ahead of us that are literally collapsing. The first one is sri lanka. That's tonight, at nine pm, only on the blaze paid. Today's podcast is brought to you by relief factor. I can't tell you the change that it is made in my life. I had so much pain in my hands that I didn't think I would ever be able to write again. I love to hand, write letters and handwrite things. I couldn't do it anymore. I couldn't hold a pen or a pencil in my hand, for more than a minute before my hands would start to cramp up it was horrible. Then I started taking relief factor. I'm painting a storm. I am writing of doing anything with my hands that I thought I would never be able to do again all because of relief factor. I know if you're like me, you're a skeptic you're like as not going to work for me. That's exactly how I felt seventy percent of the people who try it go on to order more month after month. I'm one of those people. It is relief, factor, go to really factor dot com or call the number eight hundred number for relief, eight hundred for relief or relief factor, dotcom field. The difference,
the only thinking this is the Glen back programme. Were joined now by pat gray, his pronouns are him and her. I don't know how it works, but by the way him her peace. Keeping up, I want to tell you, will give you an update on the charcoal charcoal. morocco scandal klondike has now decided to drop charcoal. Cows and they won't make them any more. I think this due to their racism against those people that come across the border or who liked echoes you're, not gonna, make them, and yesterday I was pretty upset. Stew was too ill a very upset about. I know I love it. I ll
actually have a crack. Investigative team this case. While I was me but I get to the heart aiding facts here. I want you to know charcoal taco now made by klondike charcoal taco is a unit leave her. You know, leave her problem kay but klondike. Oh you, wanna leave. Unilever, so, yes, said actually is still made by contacting ok, if you you wanna play these word games, I'm sorry, inflation is it starts with two quarters: of of decline.
Our gdp? That's what it is to that's what it is. You want to change the language go ahead anyway: evil unilever, you're, never gonna, wanna, chalk, o taco! Again, let me give you some headlines from Bloomberg. Unilever sees c e, o universe. Unilever, ceo sees Biden victory as a positive for climate change and plans. to detail the carbon footprint of all of its products, including charcoal talk. Those next headline meat, george Soros unilever's paul pullman uses corporate weight to push progressive, causes an globalism neck headline food. And consumer goods giant unilever suspends all imports and exports of products to russia including charcoal? go next.
ted line, top ten contributors to the Clinton campaign. The sea, oh and the guy who started unilever. That's right, that's right. He is also an advocate for the two state solution. Next headline you and climate conference sponsor unilever, is among the world's biggest plastic polluters survive I think part of charcoal tacos made of plastic and unilever, continues to work and ran while targeting facebook for divisiveness, those that's all funded. All of that hate funded by you. Desiring and buying a choco, taco I say I'm glad there dead glenn if, if unilever directly
and intentionally released the monkey pox virus. I would still by chuckled tacos, yes, not saying boycott them. Ok, I'm not saying the half. Ok, I'm just saying they're dead to me, but I can't live without which no talk are the the next one. I would like to talk to you and pat about the: u s: mega millions, nobody, one And now the jackpot is just over one billion dollars, and I I just like to talk about the scam element of the lotto And that is, I think it says everything we need to know about. The american people no one takes the billion dollars always take the cash pay out.
Where is the scam in itself that they advertise right as a billion dollars and then there's a whole different number for what people actually get its lot, lower, alot, lower it's sick. This one is six hundred stringently that lie six interim two point: five billion, so its foreign interests that says you're leaving you're leaving four hundred thousand four hundred million dollars on the table. I glass says that the american people are saying two things I yeah? I don't think the state's going to be able to be around that long, thirty years, no way they're. Never I've got a I'm only going to get less than half of it, so I might as well take less than half now Enjoy myself, other thing it says, is possibly ensue. Brought this up inflation, yeah belief in inflation, but maybe belief that this inflation, not all that transitory, because you know that,
they're thinking themselves like, oh, that that payment we're giving these people thirty years. I mean that is going to be worth. Nothing has been like twelve dollars, we're paying them at the end of this time. At the end of this diet is going to say six million dollars, but six million dollar payments going to be worth about jeanne sense to the bridge american today. So people are like. I know what happens here. I know you're printing money constantly. So why? Wouldn't I take all the money now at least try to get some interest in investment off of it. that's really the carpet calculation alot of people are making you know you. You would think that with all of that, because is there a lotto winner that has not destroyed themselves? Now somebody who's one, the lotto. It is like Bye, bye, really fancy trailer now and they blow all their money on hookers and trailers. I think
and a nice car I'm gonna get I'm gonna get a ford explorer. And so they blow it on really fancy cars like that and before you know their broke, is there no one who has had the common sense to say I don't think I could manage that much money, so I'll, take it a year at a time? So I never for thirty years. I never have to worry about money, there's nobody that says that some do I don't think it's everybody takes the catch way before the overwhelming majority of people do, and I think you know, a financial adviser would say what you could take all this money. You could throw hidden investments. You can make five ten percent a year and it will be worth a lot more than this long term pay out. Will it worth forty percent, more few believe, if you or your these are people who are trying you d manage their money right, buddy, you're, ronnie, so lay out, like yeah, of course, look at ten percent every year to be worth a lot more
I mean I would be skeptical of that. I would also be terrified of having that much money at one given time he felt like. He wouldn't even know. I I wouldn't know what to do with it. Honestly, it would take research for me to even figure out what I should actually do with that much money. I mean the only the only the you're only protected from two hundred fifty thousand dollars per account right in the bank. So why are you here do all sorts of stuff to protect that money you'd think you're right, I'm like getting a check. I think it starts with reading this I think it's it starts. The first check comes in it like a million dollars and then escalates each year, I think maybe there's a one point: five million and escalates each year and by the end, its over six million like in your thirty years. so you see I just so. It'll keep up with inflation, and I mean stir, What they are saying. I hate me: do you believe that I just so I just
I believe a thirty year pay out from any government entity is ever going be paid out, they drove to your advantage. Now I mean, if you have a pension, do you believe that you're gonna be getting all that money, I think a lot of people don't you know that are in that position. Do you pay? So do you pay when when they take out the six hundred is its. four hundred million dollars out of this billion, you still have to pay taxes on the six hundred million, so your brilliantly only getting three I mean! Oh, getting, but you it's really only three hundred billion I mean how do you make ends meet on that and will in this is that this is the problem about what you just did is the problem with this is that this is how they get away with it. Right, like you know, and in the lead in the the initial pay out.
for the full option is six hundred and two point five million dollars and everyone says well I mean I know, I see they said they were to get me a billion, but I'm only get in six hundred million. What am I going to do complaint about six hundred million, and then you pay taxes, much of it going back to the same source. You supposedly won the money from then down to about three fifty three hundred and fifty million or fifty million and then going to say well, I'm still getting three hundred and fifty million dollars. That's a lot of money and that's true. However, they scammed you now seventy percent seventy percent of the money they were supposedly giving you a new man. Can you imagine having any other product. Being well to get away with that kind of skin. Where seventy percent of what issues they said there were yet to give to you is gone. It would do I drag him to the realizing port, like think of, like some shady supplement that makes big claims about. You know healing your diseases or whatever, even when they don't even sniff dirty.
Please say it like it'll be like well, you know, take this and it'll help. X, Y and z and you'll solve all these big help. problems like these big draft, like the road us all the time like the corona virus vaccine, then that's what we're talking about. That's a of course glad that was exactly the point was made from grain legumes. I think this happens all the time people have been stopped from from not producing products for the rest of their lives because they go on youtube. Eighty cable channels and run advocate I'll, even beef, You don't even have to be shared east. Do you ve got you ve got, you know at sixty second adds where they are forced to say you might die from this interaction. Right, I'd be in if it's true all of a sudden, they don't have to say any of that they just say it's a billion dollars, it's pretty exciting and then a very small print underneath it says. Actually, it's only six hundred million, and then you pay
access and you're down to three hundred million plus, of course, ever time if you just let that money sit in the bank and gets your point, one percent interest you might be getting when that comes in their activate taxes of that union. And then when you spend the naughty you're gonna have to get tat I dont when you buy that yeah you're gonna have to get another sales tax. On top of it Here is one of the changes I wanna, because I don't want a great reset. I want a great reboot, so we turn the machine off and turn the machine on again, okay and all the bugs, and we reset to the original programming. Here's something drives me out of my mind. I my my house tax in my property tax, never really own, my property ever know ever I mean It pay my property off, but I dont really only if I dont pay my income tax, I lose my house
this is that that's a total to scam seconds here than the lotto and then and then on top of that when you die now they're, gonna, see with the other, because you die we're gonna, take half of europe, everything accumulated when you're alive it's immoral and wrong. I don't know how it is: grieve, allowed them to get away with in no It all all it does is keep the people who have value. sums of money, it keeps in power and wealth, because there never gonna is no retro. Your grandfathered in if you're and father was nelson rockefeller. You don't worry about it. You got money for the rest of your life Your children, in your children's children's lives, but we ve got stop these people from being able to gather money, and do this needle do exist
what we've done for generations now, alright back in a minute thanks, pat pat gray, from pat gray unleashed the this is the best of the Glenn Beck program. The stew. There is a very, very, very important article that I found on CNBC: here's how to recognize a recession, and it's not what you think now I'm I'm only fifty what seven fifty years old so it's almost sixty years of knowing what a recession is, because that's what You ve said to us forever. Until the progressive stood over
Now we need to redefine what a recession is, for instance, it's yeah, sure sure it's two quarters of the economy, the gdp contracting. Quarters in a row. We I have always defined it like that, although we ve also known that there are other factories, other factors that go into it, but they're saying This is not a recession, and we won't know if this is a recession for at least a year, oh ok, so jack about the time that all the elections are over in between the next election in this election. That's when we'll find out definitely not near an election. Ok, all right! so they're saying that this is the incorrect term, I think Everybody knows we're in a recession, and I don't care
you call it by this is what a recession feels like, in fact a Think a crisis is probably a bet. definition of a recession but care? What you call it it's what it feels like in what it actually is that matters. You know it's people saying Gosh, there's a huge part of octopi coming our way. Actually it's octopus is not octopi its octopus is you're. Both gotta be dead. With Huge part of octopus is coming your way. If your arguing about the stupid turn, I don't care you call it lots of things with eight legs are swimming towards us quickly.
So now there saying that you know we'd be laughing stocks. If we said that we had a recession when we were creating four hundred thousand jobs a month, although that's not true What are you saying that a job number it didn't have? Four hundred thousand yes but what I am saying is a lot of those jobs, a. And created there not like you know what we're gonna build. Tower to the sky, which don't get me wrong I think the progressives. Might at some point propose we're gonna build, big tower to scan No, these are jobs like can somebody please take the job. The royal later please these are. old jobs that we still have it filled, and so the jobs that are
not being created, but are now being filled in many cases are being filled by a person who already has another full time. Job. And I love the ilo, The twitter responses on this one from the blue check box this week. I said that monday and blue checkmark stayed in argue with the the fact is the fact they just said that she has done bygones fault? That just means those jobs suck way. Just me That those two jobs sock well, as in every republican, get that charge that yeah, but there there are come back. Their growth is all with low paying for Food jobs- oh yes, That's not the critique this time. The grid it is somehow or another the
main job that people have said ox and doesn't pay them enough, so they have to do another crappy job oak oak Why are there only crappy jobs, maybe because we're building a tower to reach the sky, This happens all the time and it is so important when you can't win the argument. You just change the language. Men can babies. Well then, I don't ever want to be left out of the abortion debate ever again met we can have babies. That's not baby there. it's a fetus. Can you please look up the latin definition of the word feed speakers. I think it means baby.
Change the words all the time now. Listen. We! This administration is changing some critical words. For instance, recession. Why Because worryin one and its advantageous for them. To say wherein recession so choose, he's the meaning. How about this? One we're surrounded by domestic terrorists,. now we all know what a domestic terrorist is. We all know what terrorism is. Terrorism is creating fear through some sort of ay incident that is aimed to change a policy of a person. a corporation or a or a country? Some sort of threat
actual use of violence to change policies. That's what terrorism is our eye. Well, that would include, I think, marching at night threatening our supreme court justice also include those who went in on january, sixth, and actually, down the door and were threatening people? Yes that be terrorism too parading as grandmother on January six cassettes. What a lot of people are being charged with parading. That's terrorism that parading. Do you know that I don't think anyone at any time in any country in the history of mankind have ever said. that parents showing up at a meeting saying guys you
teaching my kid to question their own sexuality and and- and there are male or female idle that's a good idea terrorist there's. Nobody! That's ever defined a parent caring about his child is a terrorist. until now. So we've had that change we have to change. This is all from the bite administration. We ve. The change of the word insurrectionists. now? What is insurrection because I would define bad as people who are, plotting a hot still takeover of the country which isn't what the right is doing it's what the left is doing its, what antifraud does it all, with terrorism, how about vote or suppression that's a new one that
no one we all know what voter suppression is somebody Standing at the polls go on, don't they you're gonna vote today, boy, that's voter suppression, saying. No, I don't think mark Zuckerberg should pay to have these collection boxes there are out- and you know it all throughout the community- and we change the way were voting voter suppression that's just called going back To the way it always has been, the other word that we he's changed is illegal, alien, now we used to say those are people who are migrants who are entering the country illegally alien, not meaning those from outer space, but though from another country? They are alien
to our country, just like an american in german is an alien to germans got it snowed derogatory thing, it's just the definition of what Person is in that country that is, foreign to them so alien is under. Attack has been under attack for a while, but now have undocumented citizens or non citizen and The new language saying that there are non citizen. I don't know how inclusive that really is it sounds pretty. Do human dehumanizing myself! I mean you're a non citizens? So what does that make me nothing these These are going to illegal aliens, are going to be defined. as voters soon.
So they're changing the language because Was it sarah that mission, well Obama said years ago- something that rock and the rock knows that we're going to have to make sacrifices, we're going to have to change our conversation, we're going to have to change our traditions, our history, we're going to have to move into a different place yeah yeah? here's another thing. That Biden is changing the definition of pro police What does and Police mean, let's start there, Ty police, that would be someone who says we should have I wish the cops or least are dirty. All policemen are racist that they did just hegel
Piggledy get up in the morning, throw their bad john, even if they're still just during a towel there so excited to go out and just shoot black people that, I think, would be and tie police mine is changing this. If you're, anti police you're. Someone who disagrees- his is on bans that makes you anti police. now I'm trying to figure that out because I dont think it sir I think it's in a are, that is shooting policemen. I mean you could say, well just anti people it I school safety gifts That would be accurate, but you could say that and police. Why the changing the definition of the word anti police.
because we're riddled with crime. They have to blame the gun because, the gun is tie directly in people's minds to read. State people read state people are donald trump people, so you make it all about the gun, because the people in the cities they understand how to stay safe, they do you new york. Do you is that really I didn't? Wow. That's news to me: oh by the way when you change the language you can then claim that you're, a big part in may king gas prices so much lore and people are happy about it. That's the latest claim from Joe Biden. We now have forty thousand gas stations in the united states where the price of gas is. three. Ninety nine, oh my gosh, will thank you.
Thank you for that by the way three. Ninety nine is still the highest americans if ever aid for gas. Some restrictions apply hawaii, California not included. Three. Ninety nine lead celebrate everybody. Your listening to the best of the Glen back programme welcomed the Glenda programme program. Still. Does it make me some sort of a big it for asking question? If monkey pox is spread, mainly mainly you know amongst the gay community and it is branching out how come! No one will tell us why the two children have it, and it's not that I mean I just want to know that it does
children go. It from a parent who was snuggling with them or whatever, and I'm sure that's the case, but I oh distrust the media. I just I would like to know all of the facts of things now. there's any problem with wanting to know all the facts at all. I think it's important to know the facts. Think the one of the issues with monkey pox is its nodded std in us I think people are getting confused, yeah right skin diskin prolonged skin the skin. It asked me more than a handshake, but it's absolutely your cuddling on the couch with your kids in your faces right next to each other in our europe, knew no, whatever you're you're sitting there laying with them on the cap. They all have to be naked or anything else right right, but I just the they were say how these its contracted it, which is, I think, kind of import.
because it's not a sexually transmitted disease right in If the answer is maybe it can be passed like, for example, maybe you haven't if one of your suit was a monkey, pox sore is open in some way. Maybe a can be passed in much shorter contact and, if that's true, with important for me to allow racking clay get out. I should know I heard an interview with a guy with the new york times cast or maybe abc news where they were talking about to a guy had monkey box and he's doing much much better. Now he had apparently patently said it was incredibly painful and he had you don't sores all over his body and apparently really really rough, but he's I'm feeling much much better. Any has only one more sore left or pimple left from monkey box. It's in the palm of his hand
and I would like to know you should know about shaking hands. I know that they were all over. His uncovered did not shake hands people want. It might be something you want to consider in this situation, but they are saying that if, if you were to shake hands with this person and then for exam touch your eyes. You could you'll pass it that way, which you know you're sure. That's that's obviously, singly should no nation. We should know. We should know there's a way. You know, there's a white house press conference in the rose garden today. The president is clear of covert now and so were glad to hear that, but he's gonna tell us all about covert today in the rose garden, which I think is so great. I wish I honestly, I think, probably he's better now, because he has such a great doctor and Jill Biden. She's an amazing doktor really. Well, I don't take it from me. Here's what be goldberg on Joe Biden
And DR jill becomes a surgeon general because Joe Biden's wife has seen that he would never do it, but she thinks yeah she's a hell of a doctor she's an amazing doctor doctor and phd Joseph Joe, but she's she's, an amazing doctor she's. She has a age d in education, so mean I just it's one thing by the way this is she's already apologize, for this is an old clip of whoopi, but It is amazing to me She says she's a doctor. And an amazing doctor with authority like she knows like she. I I had a physical with her and it was fun. It was fun and she found leprous. And treated it before it ever became a problem she's an amazing doctor.
You have no information, just a phd in education, such a great clip, because it shows how they talk about this stuff. Every single day on the air on that particular show and many others, She literally has no information of whether she's a good doctor or not. She only has a positive impression because she's married to a Democrat that is literally all she knows about the situation and she's cheese. Trying to convince millions of people of this policy should be in our thirty two surgeon based on that right that's how you these people are. And I can assure you just because you are, I can speak on because I am a doctor, I'm a doctor and whoopi any time you need surgery. Call me, if the right away vogue just did a piece on alina lansky, That is the way of the.
Leader of Ukraine she's on the front page- and you know it's really nice, because I remember when, foreigner was on the front page. Who did some amazing things What was her name maloney a trump? Oh, no. We, She wasn't on the cover of vogue or any magazine that weird seeing that she was a model and everything but she's, not a doktor, so by the way? Ukraine is the friendliest place on earth. Vladimir EM error zalewski, has come out and said that he would like ukraine. Charge J, p, morgan chain city age. B, c e Y some prosecuted for war crimes, because they are still doing business in russia and with russia,
normally, I think we're war crimes is a minute This is some, as I have a pretty high threshold there, and some ally of ours ha, but anyway, in this case We have a problem with the banks being charged with war crimes. You know now, maybe it's it's not. Based entirely on they're doing with russia. Louis, being sued after the mayor signed a bill using cove id relief to fund abortion, travel costs. Now. I know when we voted for we'd relief, or we didn't Well, I know when they voted for covert relief. And they said you know these states really needed. I didn't think three years later, they still have a bunch of laying around that the city could go
hey here's some. We could do with that money. And pay for abortion. Sputter, hey, no big deal beverly hills. City council has voted to not enforce l a county mask mandates, never but I would be all right. Beverly hills. but I am, and this one from cnn by the way tomorrow, tomorrow, an epic take down of cnn and epic. Take down they wrote a story about christian nationalism. Now that really its white christian nationalism that If you are a member of a church and its, you know, it's not All progressive you're just pay of this christian nationalist movement and you should be eliminated willing
They wrote that on sunday and the article is still trending on twitter and I didn't, respond to it on sunday, because I wanted to do some research with something that cnn would have old days recognised as fax, an epic take down of that article. Read it be prepared. Because it's in spain, I have the actual documents and records to prove it. But see. An end is also said now: read states are building a nation with in a nation. The case was just the latest example of how red state supported by republican appointed judges are in aging in a multi front offensive to see control of national policy, even Democrats hold the white house, anomaly normally can normally can
both houses of the house and the Senate right. states, are moving a social policy sharply to the right. within their own borders on issues from abortion to lgbt She q rights to classroom censorship, whilst alternatively, working to hobble the ability of either the federal government or their own largest metro areas to set a different course to a degree was once just a decade ago unimaginable this broad. and soon increasingly looks like an effort to define a nation with indignation. One operating with a set of rules and policies that type urge from the rest of america poor any almost any previous era. Well, any previous era that was post the progressive era, yeah yeah
any any era, really pass. Ninety ninety yeah yeah, This is what we call com. the two tional rights You should read about it, cnn, it's it's in the bill of rights, and you can find that just just google it's very hard to find and understand when you read it to it so hard. There are worth on the page by tat. specifically look at the ninth in While the eighth, ninth and tenth amendment to the constitution and you'll understand that's, aids have the right to do that and the federal government for its since health care cannot give. that right, because that right is not in the car detention and they don't print rights guy gives us right. So I,
state that wants to do. Healthcare vacant that I have no problem the state of massachusetts, doing it The reason why states don't do it is because it doesn't naturally work unless you, can print money, that's, why they ve picked it up to the federal level because economically, it doesn't work so with a state wants to do what they have that right, cause of bill of rights, it's supposed to be fifty little petrie dishes, the fifty little deferred. The experiments were also to be able to do things the way we want. Why should I have to live? Like a forty lives. Why does California get to dictate to me what doing in texas For instance, california they just levels
naturally pass a bill. It was just one of the regulatory agencies in California that decide They had the power to stop taking and billing you for the water that You have on your property. If you have a well now I understand if I'm buying the water from some city project, you know getting the water from a damn someplace else. Yeah. You should charge wait for the water, because the state put the infrastructure in everything else, when it comes to water on my land, that's when we in Texas say get there off. My land, but Why should I live like California, there insane and the people? California, think we're insane. That's fine once in a while, maybe will visit each other, You know I will say, because people are crazy, their good people, their good people, but there
crazy and I wouldn't want to live their lives. California say that about texas wouldn't want to live there lottery and say that about California. That's the It's supposed to be. We don't have to live. There. Don't tell me what I can do and what I have to do, and I I tell you crazy to really create see the
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