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Google and Amazon house products are amazingly convenient, but is the convenience worth all the spying? Stu and Pat discuss the benefits that fossil fuel has given to society, and Stu debunks all the climate change lies that we've been told. San Francisco stores are making drastic changes to combat the rise in retail crime, as Pat and Stu think maybe it's time that these cities try a different strategy in how they govern. 

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Welcome to the pot costume. You ask yourself that path cask really occur. We get into the city. The Mandela effect. This idea that societies of groups of people, not just one person, can have a false memory that everyone believes is true. A fascinating, fascinating thing that really happens to people may have a bunch of examples that you probably not gonna believe we do have more on global warming. Today, the environment. The apocalypse is on everyone's warning, but three and a half minutes about three and a half minutes left before global warming kills she'll. Probably before you get through this first segments it'll be dead, sought enough. We want to spend your time listening the pockets. We hope you do. We hope you do by the way could subscribe to this progress and get it every day for free glanced back on Monday, please tv, dot, com, slashed Glenn is the place to subscribe to the tv situation, which has a shook her pet gray. Attention on it is scheduled to does America on it does show called Glenn TV and Glenn Radio, plus a lot of other greenhouse on the conservative side of the Isle check it out. Please you need. I come slash. Glenn subscribe to this pot cast an pat greatly answer. Does Mercosur, as well all available for free every day you can read it five stars is the appropriate number of stars and remember every time you do that for us not only helping us which are hurting others. That's most important thing. Is the package vices your how house you know like that.
Google, home or Google nest. You have now nest. I have all this crap, I'm not you. I do not hold the line in this way and you saw them leniency most recent thing about these devices, the recording breathing it get all that is privately definitely true, but I also here. I also want to be a little like the two rooms I applies on blaze. Yes, please play What weather is we have this muddle effort, as I want to put a lazy hit so bad it happened so fast. We did. It did really that we heard it as awesome when you can say- and I won't namely the product, the good I'll, just Amazon thing, play my playlist playing last and varied,
It comes. I love that you don't have to walk over to it. You just tell us what to do when it does it or Myrna volume, and it turns up the volume. I love that look. I, u can get into this this. We know reminiscing into old, timey things in a lot of ways, and it's easy to do these days but, like I remember like driving around the state to court and quote record stores where they get had seen, em really more cities at that time and just looking for like a rare thing, that I wanted some weird re, mixer beside or whatever it was dry. Being hours to go to these sores that we're like specialty stores, to find things that I wanted to listen to songs and now ever you think you could possibly want, is available base.
Sickly for free whatever you want with no effort and round thing right in front of you began your kitchen or living room wherever it occurs to me right now, the same person who drove around the state now, like me, unlocking my phone and typing it. And is way too much. It's too much to my way too much I gotta be able to just shouted across a Roman had happened right like at one point I have. I got one of these Amazon devices that is the tap we have all these different versions of the echo and they have you know, there's there's all there's a little tiny one another without once called, but they all different versions of it there's one cup of tea. That they really senator they still sell it or not. But this is the way- You don't yell? who basically you You can set it up to say: hey Amazon device play the song, but measly what what it's designed to do is there's a button on it. You press the button and you say
hey after device, you know. Do the thing rights like but the song just tell me the weather whatever's anything I think couple things it was: I was you know, but the main thing that you think from from irrespective of their privacy was it's not on, You press the button like the theory. Was now, of course, of course, They recording made the whole time anyway, but the theory was it was an appeal people who have this thing on all the time available you that you to command a hundred thousand times in a row and do anything unless you press this. But but of course, is too hard to govern the button you don't do that every time like no genius threes, tabs git up out of a chair, do it now and then I got a hit The thing and, like you know, when you're losing it here in the middle. You have the thing playing a playlist here in the middle of doing something else, and you want to skip,
some crappy song. Let us come on walk over to it. Debts ridiculous infuriating. If one is the worst things, that's ever elaborated the city, it's out ranges you'd have to do that. So bad and of course it is in these devices we didn't have access to until just recently gains are pretty recent innovation and each one of them I make fun of, as if their the most ridiculous thing that ever happened like when I have a mamma when, when I got the finger print, thing on my phone. I remember thinking what what person can't spend the I'm too type these four digits into their phone and unlock it. What we're, what we person from what from Wally this year? And then it was me in about five minutes and then now I can't imagine using my fingerprint I'll know it just facial recognition at it we completely It is for me. The ever have to use my finger print again. It's like eight hundred
technology to maintain it sent me one idea. That was a second probably, but that's I care! I cannot comprehend it yeah how Dare they ask me to put my finger on the phone? and, as far as listen to a playlist, instead of putting it city. When was the last time you put a cd into anything, I mean cds we're just fairly recently state of the art innovation. And now it's like a city was that for once, I don't even remember. I vaguely remember these round things that you put it was slot, but I can't, imagine having to go through that painstaking process. I will say, very Maya about older car. And it's almost ten years, older and all like, so It is easy to see outs technology in ten years, cheese, a friggin lot, patenting thickly like it has yet, My card does not have the ability
to return on Bluetooth, correct my phone like a play, songs and doesn't know. I was its twelve. I think so not existed. It was in some cars. What was it in all cars and minds? One of them it wasn't in so I have died, again, a little wire. Every time I get into my car. No, I mean- and this is going well let I'd pretty much. Are you type science and technology? Is that what you are I'm pretty? turning butter. Yet you should let, in western pencil started its Joe it's ivy and it's funny because, like That process is still a little, on right you get a connect to Bluetooth. Are you got plug your phone in and your mother but like now, they have the what car play, which is on my wife has a car with an apple apple car pledge deserting, and it looks so nice on the screen. It comes on perfectly all the ass, formerly printing, come of it looks all pretty. It's all integrated and heat out above her while
that's the only time. I would say that that the cities were you. Her one of her last cars, didn't have all those fancy features and it had a cd players. She got so annoyed at trying to get a phone connected. It would lose the connection and all that stuff that you just started buying the cities and it was but, like I don't even I went to its one because we have a we're talking we're going along driving a thing in itself. We need to get like a movie or some for these kids because they're just enough there. At that point, I have to the months apart and typically there really good together, but at times get on each other's nerves a tad and a long drive. That's what's gonna happen in a somewhat we gotta get it's a movie or somethin. I think we got a dvd player whatever lets us like put this thing Amerika, so we would Walmart or target, or something to try to find the dvds. This section Dvds now is like it. Its smaller than like your locker at high school kids like there's four dvds. They have to copies each like that. It's funny like
Obviously leg. You were those things. Outside of like Walgreens the Red, all we red blood, red boxer, red. They're all over the country. There are still people are still granting them, but the dvd market is now your downloading these movies new in this is the whole game, stop controversy right, but that was going to the repair ones like no one buys fist go games any more. How can this company possibly bigger, of two hundred and two hundred and three hundred dollars a share right? all that stuff has just been replaced. Sand vast, two wheel quickly. I dont think in a Glenn has been on this cake for a long time that he always tries to resist the stuff for awhile and then I wonder how many times as he says. I want all this stuff out of my house. I only want to be on the internet. What the internet! I want all the ipads out of the household on the satellite tv, well, that my children
about, but I'm gonna have access to it. Of course, they'll find out in solely and eighty always wants to get rid of all those devices with the possible of the Ipad that is continually attached to his hands at all times gear. It was mine. I carry that thing with me work ever I go and I'll do the eye thing, but I do have our your phone and you, try to resist the stuff from idea? They just have to get rid of it and it's really just not possible. We do not have the capacity and its way because we did have the capacity ass, we ve lost not to carry stuff around with us, wherever we go like a little blanqui when work. You know two years old and we have a favorite blanket. That's that's what Ipad is to me, I can't go anywhere, do anything without it. If I accidently get it for a second I'm like, oh my. What am I naked?
Women do just so now these so now, now these devices or listening to everything we do and apparently When you just say, hey, Google thing or Amazon thing turn on there. Currently always regarding I, I mean, and we then a couple years ago, and they were like all gap attached just stop we're learning action. De listened a conversation so that we can teach language to these devices. Ah ha so there are apparently still doing it and it stores it and keeps it and their scope A lot of people say while care. Do another. Well, in my home, there you'll be boarded dead to hear what I have to say that you are not the one who decides. What you're doing is wrong or not. That's the thing here,
Is it really true? If you have one these Amazon once I know in particular, you can go into the app and here all the things it's recorded you could go on and like here you can yell at each of you ever done. That gets just those kind of funny Catalina, my kids will say things to it: a thousand there really focus it just. Because our voters ass, like Ito. We how old is, is Bob those are the main bob and it is this assume, Alex, is going to answer all of their questions like legitimately like they they happen idea that, like, if sometimes you, but the conversation that we must ask a less elexa you're. Looking for us all, accidents could answer that question
how elects a works? Secondly, why do you think Alexa smarter than I am? Why don't you I'm your dad you're supposed to at least until twelve think I'm smart and there's a rule NEA and apparently they know better already that, but it isn't see it in them like they just like that will there's a solution is right there that little thing that lights up, but occasionally ass, really funny and cute questions, and this would not be started on, but you can go very flexible annual. You do realise that a lot of times it is there not attention you hear them just talking Akerana. I dont know why it's turned on me There was a word with an accent it. Neither this ahead or a chaos, That sounds a little bit like the name of the Amazon device that we are not saying that we don't alert everybody's turn it on and we could order stuff on it, prime account, if we wanted to right now, but we will not do that because we're nice hump but it is one of those things that eight turn it changes. So so
ass and you don't even realize that you what but I mean, there's Julia theirs- is recording Devices Oliver, my house right over mass and the things that you expect like v, son device in the Google device. You think, ok, yeah. I can see where that might do it, but the Google nest. That's recording us too. They ve got microphones in the Google Nest, its dear thermostat controlled. Why why why Zat listening to me? Why is recording me wise at keeping you don't? I don't talk So why would you need to from my language on the Google nest. It's bizarre, Why are they also have nest? Has these These smoke detectors and they I have. This has been one of the most annoying that the thing that is annoyed me more than anything about the United States of America is basically the fact that these stupid smoke detectors beep and I can't tell which one it is, and I am pleased that the batteries, the bane of my existence,
look, we raise it. You'll take the battery out, Oki Beacon, Keith people. This is that physically possible one will have to take a shot. The worst thing. How do I stop? They been little laws of science either no battery and is not plugged in, and it continues to run like a chicken with its head cut off bizarre so I hate these things. So much needed been nest, has them and, of course, with less tell you which what is low and batteries on the app, and I care. If we just can continuity is taking pictures of me naked and post in the mail and the internet? If you will tell me what battery is low and where I go to change it, I will put them all in my house. I don't care living here continually making videos of me on the toilet posting them through. I do I too, because I didn't new times website directly. The rest of us care still require for you
and so I got to say no to that particular thing, maybe you're listening to the best of the global problems. While this is serious, I mean, if you're not take, if you haven't been taking climate change seriously until now. I certainly hope this will will change your attitude on it. Yet, Sir chilling Brian Spelter had Davis, David Wallace Wells on and when you have a hyphenated last name like that, you know there are serious person there, real expert or you're an assassin or that you either two things with the three names you can either be a very serious person or an assassin or lately you're in the National Football League. There's lotta hyphenated power, I'm Sonya, so David Wallace Wells, is cool,
estimates that suggests the burning of fossil fuels kill ten million people. Every year which which of course, as he mentioned, is dying on the scale of the Holocaust, have these people get away with a sigh? I dont know where's the adsl on this where, where, where because we Meanwhile, Glenn was defending people in Israel, and wooden mentioned something about our seas or what compare? What's going on now to what you know? the were on the same road or you gotta, be careful. There call him out every single time. Now this climate, it's ok, I guess yeah. It's fine. And he says- and yet we don't see many public health stories. We don't see many more crisis stories addressed to that. If we don't wear,
blind. That's all we see and by the way is there any thought on this, the guy don't know. I don't have an answer to this. Pat I'm, not a scientist, but do we think that far so fuels have done anything to help people stay alive, is there another side to this equation? Let's not even know author attacking the ridiculous claim that of Biofuels killed ten million people a year. I am quite certain that fossil fuels help maintain the lives of way more than one million people a year. What would happen again. Back in time to the pre fossil fuel era and tell me that we have to go back in time. You can find it in billions of people's lives all across the world Right now who were burning things like dry dung inside their home. You cook their food and that's not good. Now many of them are dying. It's one of the largest trying tongue tat would hire mass innocent I'd their home. It's killing
more people than almost anything in the world. So, but let's, let's criticized fossil fuels killed, who have eliminated that problem for multiple billions of people? Skelter began this by saying that meteorologist and journalists are running out of words and ways to describe, the impact of climate change are under her ass. It did it just doesn't cut it anymore, not nor invisible it's true, because this is the The problem with it can with an issue like global warming. If you're an alarmist you alarmist claims and you have to saying they're coming soon or no one cares right. People are just that human instinct right, if you say one five hundred years from now, this could happen right. So you can't say it like that. You have to say it's within
some sort of time for many candidates tomorrow, as everyone will know, didn't happen rising. You say it's out in the future and feel like you won't have to pay the price when you're wrong and the future. Although this is in the present, he is claiming and it's hard to track this down, because how do you tract the ten million people die every year from climate change. Where you get that stat, where that coming from you that estimate and based on what this is another example of how they didn't in the climate, but often you'll hear estimates how many people will die in heatwaves because of the climate climate changes coming, gonna kill people and heat ways. What of course is all always left out of this equation, is the fact that farmers People die from cold when they do for meat dolls. By every hour. If, let's, if you us talking about heat deaths. Those are way outweighed by people who are not dying from cold right so
oh- and this has been said it is in all the the: U N Ipcc documentation. This is not something I'm making up. This assumption is dying to say all the time that for certainly a long period of time. The cold deaths avoided will, far outweigh the new deaths caused by heat, but if you go Brian Seltzer shower any CNN, show and say just say, the heat number no one's going to question no one's going to mention the other side, the equation I mean, how can it? How can any coherent person not see that fossil fuels, or one of the things that have brought us modern civilization, the fact that we ve gone from doubled? Our life expectancy over pass yoke a hundred do couple hundred years. If there's one thing point. Do you might point to fossil fuels as the difference in between us doubling our life expectancy, there's been other things
Those things are important as well, but it also feels are huge piece of this Even if you accept the ridiculous claim that fossil fuels are killing ten million people a year, it would be worth it yeah. Oh well, yeah, because we ve got, we ve added billions of people and by the way, look at that well who are arguing against that. But people who didn't want it to happen. Are the same people who were now tell you that fossil fuels are killing ten million people a year that people who didn't want the extra billions of people on the planet. They, I'm telling you we'd all die if they came, and here we are, This is where we ve been able to feed all of them against all of their advice. We be able to keep the extend life against all of their advice, peace and warning, and when these claims come up later on no one holds them accountable. When they are wrong. It's left to us talk deal on Earth Day
bring out all the wrong wrong quotes from twenty years ago are thirty years ago or ten years ago, and that is a it's unbelievable situation of its great work. If you can find it does you can make all these, particular claims, raise all your money and never never held it answer for when you're wrong every right, and if I may, just add one little addendum to the fossil fuel thing. I dont believe they are fossil fuels. We have. This is a big pat digress. My theory that that oil Is a recurring natural go in the earth the scientific terms unitary, mattering natural go. There are some scientists who believe they caught. Those can obviously refer to as fossil fuels. They come from fossils from long ago but you leave, may you stood on this for a while? There are siamese who believe it
the first time they started talking about peak oil was, in nineteen twenty year were read up on the peak oil words about to run out. Ok, I didn't happen because we found Waymore reserves. Then it was the forty our common right up on peak oil again, there's gotta be any active, we'd, better, find something else, and then they found mark and then in this Extinct sides coming right up on peak oil at peak oil, look at hop, it's been over and over it Maria over it. Now the boy where we found so much the here and now are we now have more oil and gas reserves than than any country on Earth One thing is very similar to the environmental thing: it's it. They continually warn about. Molly stood terrible things that are going to happen. They don't happen. And then they just say. Well now we know better those those with you, if you actually getting a conversation with environment was any bring up the quotes from the seventies and eighties the nineties, whether totally wrong,
they would say well get, but I've always been twenty years. We ve learned a lot since then, as I couldn't get what they need. You never have to pay a price for you're wrong statement would understand that you set up a system in which only you can tell us that you're wrong member, when you said Britain was gonna, be gone like underwater two thousand gather did now. If I'm not mistaken, Britain is still their memories. The west side highway in New York City is gonna, be gone completely under water People are driving on it today, but right now exists. Let me give it as well This is from the New York Times Eighteen. Ninety five, they say quote at the moon. Likely right of written rate of rise. Some experts Most of the beaches on the east coast of the United States would be God. In twenty five years, Would be twenty twenty? Now I, if you're on the EAST coast, perhaps you could do some reporting for us today- are their beaches. There
beaches exist on the east coast of Amerika. My understanding is that they do. I was in on the EAST Coast Adam each one is money, oh and it was still there now I don't know, maybe they it's got it off by year. They have disappeared last couple months since I've been there but Maya standing, is that beaches still exist on the close to the United States, know what the New York Times doesn't right. A follow up about the story. They don't come. Later on its aid. By the way, I do believe we wrote this thing twenty five years ago is in this funny, like they do with the internet, occasionally see this like, maybe like, look at us, do but article from ninety ninety, what about the internet and how it won't be able to make any difference right like them I can revisit. They don't do that with climate. The only to excuse the reasons why they are actually write all of this time, actually it's worse than they even said bag. Man Let me give you another one of more recent: do we have to have it
ok. So what was the panic? before cove it. Can you remember the panic that it heard before code, It's hard to remember this panic, because this has been a lot of managing during covered, but before of it that one of the more recent panics was in the summer of two thousand between two as a nineteen into doesn't twenty. We're Australia was our fire yeah. Do you remember that this was the big thing? Australia is on fire. The whole countries burning down it's because of global warming. We'll never seen anything like this. There were fund razors on television like crazy. No one had ever seen such a terrible happened to Australia and it's all because you're driving in Suv. So now months and months later. We have the act data from the stolen fires. Now you can understand why maybe people are focusing on that with all the covered going around, but it's important
visit these things when we get the data so during the twentyth century about every year, only about ten percent of the surface area catches on fire yes throughout the Twentyth century, that's average, but ten percent. Now we are hold, of course, that global warming is going to make this much much worse, obviously, well, in the twenty first century. So far, the number has been instead of ten six shows from ten percent to six percent, its fallen by forty percent in the twenty first century. Now we are told that global We're gonna make these things much much worse. Now obvious. Fleet you doesn't eighteen into doesnt. Twenty was a terrible year, as we know this. The year that it was really really bad and worse than ever, but ninety percent. Yet then it was a ten percent. Wasn't six percent in two thousand and nine somewhere in their no no no point. Ninety five percent of the country burn it was one of the lowest percentage is on record.
In history. We haven't the charge her if you avenant, watching blaze, dvd com, Slash Glenn from It is governed by the way, what to say some cash but basically were showing the actual amount of it falling from about a ten eleven twelve percent in the early part of the twentyth century. Down to that's incredibly point: nine. Five percent incredible now now climate just do say that their will be an increase in The fires what are the right or not. Who knows, but if you see If you can see they had the the line to your second ago, with a yellow, a line on the chart, you see the yellow light predictions of what's coming in the future. Now, the past a giant decrease from these really high levels down to three point: nine five percent and basically what the kind all the climate models are predicting or to rise slightly from this really low period in history. So, basically what they're saying is instead, being four percent or five percent that like it is now, it may go up to six percent.
But six percent is still half of what it used to be and then, of course, does it include all of the innovations and things we will learn to fight the fires and law. The overall burn long story short, is that these things are presented as catastrophes and they're, not even, to have as bad as it used to be, the only difference between the fires in Australia in two thousand and ten to two thousand twenties. They occurred closer to wear. People lived there started. Lightning in that lightning, hit areas that were closer to where people live, so they noticed them more enlightening only happens because of climate change or lighting up didn't happen in the pan out right now, no, not true. By the way, the global demand that the others, a global area burnt from nineteen o one to nineteen. Twenty same sorry, I pat and when you see the drop, is dramatic, huge. It's been dropping much faster since two thousand and This all opposite the opposite.
What they told us. What happened with climate change at the best of a bad debt programme? There is something called the men Della effect in it. It has to do with Nelson Mandela and people believing that he died in prison which didn't happen. Oh, he did not. Heed actually got out of prison and became pretty prominent for some time, where he died. He died. Two thousand thirteen freemen, yet remember, that's where Barack Obama here, on the leader of one the Netherlands yeah. I think that female lit leader of the Netherlands and End Michel was not happy was but not happy. She seemed to be laugh it and have a great time and flirting together and Michel was now world visibly ought to have kept. You remember that video devotees there is as yet.
So this is idea that basically like system. You can create a false memory and things, and You will believe and like it's a mass false memory to know it like a few people, but everybody believes it. Everybody believes it so These are just some examples of it and are pretty interesting. Mandela fact was the was the belief, as you mentioned, that he died in prison, which I ever thought, but I guess I alot of people did how this one, I could probably probably be affected by, for example, what is Darth Vader say when he stopped about being the Father, Luke Skywalker Lou. I am your blood, right. Definitely wooden says, except for the fact that not what he says he says actually in the movie. No, I am your father he's answering right because Luke says to him: you killed my father, you like
Look you know what happened to your father, you killed by I am your right. Let us whether it actually recreation there those amazing began, I would have totally said Luke. I am your father. I would ten that measure on it that it was sure yes, there's a bunch of examples of that. That's one of a belief that that when I would have definite gone wrong, how this one Naturally, the game of monopoly D. The monopoly. Man have a Article will ya absolutely no, it does not The monopoly guy does not have a monarch. Court does not have a modicum he's. Never had a model is wholly, it in his hand, he's always money back. Ok, so he doesn't have it in his eye and it's not in his hand no the balloon, if it s report FARC, inflating the manner Billy Guy and MR peanut.
Sabena does have a model but to your very different characters. Actually I don't, I don't think I've ever conflated. The two. I'm pretty sure the monopoly man is not made of peanuts That's one thing: yes, but that's an interesting one. Hires, ok, there's another one this. What I would probably got wrong to give you back to your childhood you're, making a peanut butter. Jelly sandwich made me feel about our joint statement for your kids and you will break out the jiffy peanut butter. Yes, I would think it's Jiffy
No, but I know its not because we went through this on my show a couple of weeks ago arrest came up and, unlike did Jeff used to be called Jiffy dislike. No, it's never been jiffy peanut butter, it's always been Jif, yes, others a chief, weird and butter, and there is also a Skippy peanut butter, but there has never been a jiffy peanut butter. Someone out there should create a jiffy peanut butter. Yes, is the successful will be huge? Every one would think that was the one they been buying, since they were kid, but no there's, no such thing really weird another movie one here now on how much you were a fan of silence at the lambs we're not obliged, but it was a huge movie. Obviously, and if I ve never seen the movie, you probably know one thing about it when she walks into in front of the cell or there he says Oh Clarice took a very famous thing: ok he doesn't say hello, Clarice in the movie he actually just
good morning. William does cause, Everybody says yes now he says very clearly yes he's as Clarice in that voice many times but he only says good morning never says hello. Clarice is weird gay fruit of the loom, yeah gay underwear right. Do you ve got, the symbol of further the loom paint a picture in your head, I would have picture to my head as a bunch of fruit kind of speech, out of a cornucopia type, a thing right. Yes, the has never spilled out of a basket, it does not, Madame about it. It is literally just a pile of food really yet, which is a way thing to put on your underwear. That is where it strange to put food I've. I almost wanted in a basket so be protected, but now it's just food. Yet why protests to evaluating food with the underwear? I guess width. Obviously fruit and it's free. Of the law. It is
so there you go there. I go ok, but I didn't remember Mona, LISA, gotta figure, the Mona LISA in your head, yeah, Is the Mona LISA smiling, is a moral LISA, frowning autism, unless it doing. Thanks, you smiling a little smirk eggs Exactly right. She's has a little bit of most people. Remember this as her frowning a little bit dour times, and that paintings I can understand, maybe wide conceptually, but that, but that is dear. Ed, Mc Man, yes in the day, He's shown up on doorsteps, he's gay, people oversized checks at all, and I love this one took as this I stumbled onto as well for the public whose clearinghouse rustics he never worked for publishers clearinghouse, he re incredible said it is incredible night. When I first saw this, I didn't believe it. I don't I in fact I went back to all the videos because I didn't believe it. Yes
She did publishers, clearing house, he did know he did not only did not MC man never made. Any house calls. First of all, he never went to house. He just endorsed a separate DE called american family family publishers screen. Sit. There are similar entities, but Mcgann. Never does that. Tell you what a terrible job he did represent three company when everybody thinks he was further competitor right. He occurred, socked, they shouldn't bade him a dime. For that. I'm sorry, if you're, you know a recipient of the estate of ethnic make. But you shouldn't get a petty. Why, when they had very memorable commercials, you just don't remember what they were afore currently being for the competition which is weird very real. Would be weird if we now later on, people are like. I remember that Ronald Mcdonald Waves, the burger King Guy, that would be weird, would bear seen. Baint bears you know them, can you do know how to spell the last name that the name of the bear.
Like Baron steam S, t ye I and wreck That's what I would have said I would have bet my life on it. I read these books as a kid. The correct position and has always been the correct spelling, sees me. We are s t a I n in Spain yeah, it's always been. Baron state is named after the authors, whose last name is baron steam. It's never been. And bears ever yet. I will but my life on it by sea. Three Pia what color is see: three pia gold gold, two hundred percent girlfriend, The lower portion of his right leg below the knee was silver when you for see him in the movie and it's a fact that sometimes surprise people who have seen the original trilogy dozens of times. According to many of us, really weird mating risky business. Nineteen eighty Ray Tom cruise eyes out. He's in his underwear. Yes, he's dancing in his sunglasses, except
not wearing sunglasses, that's from a different part of the basic from of the movie. Poster he's wearing sunglasses he's not wearing sunglasses. In the famous seen that movie, though, everyone seems to think that he is and this is probably the most common one cited, which is this sure am the movie. Zander, the movie starring Sinbad as a genie for kids, except for the fact that that movie never existed? There is now her been a movie named. Shes am with Sinbad in it. There is a movie named cause em with shack in it. Really. What we are really, I totally would have thought that was about issues m. Yes, if I could picture in Europe like six or eight, I was with you. You brought up the shack they now it's true it's a movie called chasm. Shaquille o Neill. Wasn't it ha? There is movie name shes em, with Sinbad as a genie in the move, but for some weird, some reason: mulatto p
including myself would have absolutely bet my lay out somewhere and I were sworn by us- Absolutely so, weird fruit, loops, how's, fruit loops spelled. I think I know this one. Is it r, o o t, it is all a guy and others. I think I think give first by like fruit loops a lot, but I figured This is one before any. Oh, oh is like these shape of the loops. Yes, but I totally greater that went wrong yeah I would have said fruit. Dispelled is as I see you didn't you didn't curious George Digit, the monkey, oh yeah, the countries that did he have a tail or know till we get a tale. You did not have a tear. It did not have to repeat,
what happened to it? I don't know. I can't you learn at an older was written off by a lion. I am not sure what kind of tragic accident happened there, but I blame Joe Biden, Joe Biden, I mean he was around back then he's probably responsible, probably cheese do eat cheese it or are they cheese? It achieves its their cheese. It just eighteen nosey genome, I would all at everybody, I know, calls him cheese, its yeah. Nobody calls him hey. Can I have some cheese it please nobody like a little bit of it can be Agatha cheese. It Nobody would say that one says now. That is really weird throng. That cannibals me way habit double stuff Orioles. Do you know how to spell apple stuff. You spell the stuff part of double double stuff. Oreo!
I mean, I'm just assuming its not as to you ever hear, ensue incorrectly. It's just one f. Really, why? That's not how you spell it! They spell it wrong on the packaging so yeah, I just I've been in front of a lotta bags, vista or double stuff over the years to not ready. As that That's amazing. I mean it. Basically, my whole life almost daily has been a bag and double set down the gullet, and even I didn't pick that up the Flint stones have you ever noticed that there are who tease in it it's Flint stones, not flintstones. I would have never I'm looking at the logo, and I would have never ever believed their worse. Flint stones to tee, says yeah. I was safe, Flintstones Flintstones, vitamin. Also life is like a box of chocolates near from forest Gump. Not what he actually said:
listen closely. He says life was like a box of chalk. I would have sworn by that went to life. Is a box of chocolates. Like life was like a box of child right, that's got, I think they sit. The big part of this is a mistake. It's me, once and then it gets repeated and repeated in repeated and people just taken the mistaken, example, but it is really strange thing, there is a and an entire society out there. That believes. Since, like some like entered dimensional conspiracy, that like, for example, She's am with bad was a movie, but it was it a parallel dimension, and it's like slipped through some how's that we still this people. We believe that I could almost subscribed to that theory. That's all that's how much I believe this star
Lord of the rings one more here, just the Lord of the rings, where Gundolph is what you would know this one, because you don't do Lord of the rings right now, I'm not really when he takes his staff, any bash. Is it on the scientists it down here to make breaks off the bridge and that big thing come in at him and the big thing grabs him and pulls him down with it, and he just hangs on four minute. He looks up it is it is. Group of friends and he says, run You fools, he does next, say run you fools. He says fly you fools animal, Everybody remembers it and says it run. You fool weird right, weird. It's only the interventional thing now move convention, yeah. It was the Lord of the rings. They had never seen Lincoln S exactly
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