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Stu uses the textbook definition of "fascism" to prove which political side is more fascistic. Over 100 pastors have sworn they will never shut down their churches again, using Acts 5:29 as their biblical basis. An old Trump clip about Germany's eventual reliance on Russian energy has been proven accurate. 

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Wow- I would say there was some big news today coming out yeah, it was a big show, yeah a lot of good stuff, Joseph robinette Biden, five years, just that that's it says that eighty year old, guys junior The junior thing does not work as you get older. Him is a junior, so he's used to declared he's running again. The question is why what matthew? There is an argument that he's trying to clear the field does not want to Gavin newsom or somebody else to to announce their run to say nope. This is me. I want this job everyone's saying I might not run I'm running wow, that's a bad decision all the way around, especially for democrats, but What do you think of the idea that possibly you know they always do what they claim? The other side is doing
what about you, no kind of adjusted, hence volley of your only you're only having these hearings, because I'm you know for president in twenty two four there's something there I think as well. I think that's possible what about the possibility that
he filled it out, but has absolutely no recollection of filling it. Yes, it does seem, like you, maybe filled it out in reverse order with harrison being the president, which is weird, so it is very little middle way. I think he really filled it out like tat. I put my name prison in here is and by vice president, all this and so much more on today's podcast brought you in part by gold lie here. Some amazing tons of american still don't know that it is possible to use your retirement account to acquire precious metals. You billy saving up for retirement and building a protective wall against inflation and other forms of economic insanity. What are the odds, are valid advent It's a really big deal. You know if you ve been listening to me for a long time and You ve, noticed a trend that some times I called the direction correctly.
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even know what a semi fascist is. Then somebody who's like I like public partner but public private partnerships, but just don't want it with me. You know the public public I think that's what it now. I think. Basically, the semi is to act as if he didn't mean full, fascist or more accurately, that acting nearly all Joe Biden saying such a good republicans or fascists right, because I guess they disagreed with them, which is interesting, is a fascinating philosophy that I am a little a little confused because every time we get in. A policy argument with people on the left. They don't call us ashes. They call us why, west libertarians that want no restrictions on anything. That's right! and we just want a free for all. We were social darwinists, it's just everybody that we want these big companies to be able to take advantage, blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. So
when we're talking about healthcare or like I will people should be, will go in the free market and choose whichever healthcare they want all you're. Just we want the wild west. So. You're talking about your philosophy, glenarvan, yes, my philosophy: can you describe it a little bit What's your idea of the what your conservative utopia? Well, I'd I'd emanates quite long, You gotta give me a basic idea, limited government written declaration. Of independence constitution. Without you gotta a government that doesn't do very many things, a little rough drive and I dont know if it's what our country is, opposed to being according truly leaves, and maybe you'd summarize that as an experiment and self governance ray, I would I lowers gal, I only to say hey,
Is there a chance that maybe people can govern themselves without an oppressive government? There you go yeah, okay, so now, let's hear what fascism is. This are the textbook definition, political ideologies, their origins and impact. Second edition mussolini. You may know him: in the famous figure he created a totalitarian state, wait a minute. Indeed he was. was he who coined the worst hit you think of that. As always, I got an insult. He actually did it really intentionally hot it. He was not content. with political power alone. He believed that the government and ultimately the government's leader should completely control every asp. Of human existence. Consequently likes hitler and now just weird that they, are those together communists, and fascists, interesting concept, like stolen hitler, and now he tried to build up the state's power, build up the states power
bending it into the most private aspects The citizens lives more from politics. I did ideologies. Their origins in backs quote this controlled and regulated almost every conceivable social, economic and political activity of its citizens. Through this mechanism, almost every specks of daily existence, was controlled jobs, wage Why were the ones that are arguing for wage trolls, other animals? I fringe benefits. Are we the ones who constantly to every business. What they must do with frenchmen monopolized, I don't think so, housing are we. The ones constantly monitoring every little, but are we want saying you have change all of your insulation. Waiter, we do, every single a building in america, that's for the common good retail goods recreation
entertainment. Are we the people saying that we need to kick everybody off of every platform every time they make a joke? You know what are we controlling nuts on us education are? We once or is that us? Are we the ones saying that you need to teach everybody about critical race theory and all these things that are not related to actual letter? It's not as though they were all part of this elaborate organization. Now, since we mentioned critical race theory, let's think about that. For a moment, it's critical, critical, it's critical, critical, critical race, this race. What about the idea that and our men and women are women, a basic thing that we have all understood for thousands of years. Well, that science sets that that you was science at one point, yeah interesting, that you mention that because fascists had a particular approach to this exact type of thing, that we all understood as real hard core science. They tended to take a different approach. May I describe
He has probably huxley s ear. You tell me which side this sounds like these days. Ok are fascist, rejects objective science and reason: objective truth is either a hoax or important, because we really important truths defy rational understanding, those who believe in reason, therefore are deluding themselves and grasping false reality. What is of woman Glenn, we don't know, I don't know I mean I have no idea how to define. You know how it would cause a mad or health care. How silly helping yeah here people right sure, but abortion is health care right sure. Every white person, is a racist it's interesting, because you're a signing, a negative characteristic to erase. That's not racism, but everywhere person is autumn.
Medically a racist as no way to get out of that they're. All always a racist always will be a racist drag. Queen shows great for kids. Fantastic for kids. Words are violence. not violence. Violence is violence, words are violence, the constitute and not a document set. for a long time ago to give foundational truths to get give the country of path to go the constitution's alive, its constant. We changing in front of our eyes. But president, looking at that our has found a way to spend a trillion dollars without even asking congress which side like gloomy can continue a bit. This is again from political ideologies, their origins and impacts, Mussolini, begged his audiences to have faith in the italian myths- what we have created our myth. The myth is a faith. It is passion.
It is not necessary that it be a reality. It is reality by the fact that it is The goal hope faith, though it could not. Be scientifically or objectively proved it true, simply because it existed and served the purpose, hock that fits democratic, democratic platform. I'm writing from others. Truth is directive quality. Oh my god available only glenn to a few gifted people whose will or spirit or personality is greater than that. the mass is like the laser quotes. Eating habits from this is this is quotes from the book describing in our last with this, particularly those with superior will proceed a higher truth than others my think: men and men or women or women, but those would disappear your will and understanding see it differently,
instinctively realise the right say it's not about the truth. They it's there in stinks that bring the truth, not what actually it's true they instinctively realise the right, and though who are not so gifted. That's you. Everybody should listen to them. faith in their leaders, intuitions and following they're, alright, okay, so I think you've made some. You know point somewhere, I know know it's hard to detect, but let me ask you: let me ask you: were talking about the leaders were talking about the leaders right, you know who's leading this. You are doing a mussolini, mussolini out gay, all right, Let's ask about the leaders. Let's talk about donald trump: ok, ok, good! Because he's the fascist ride you remember when he threw just an executive order, nullified a trillion dollars in contracted student loans.
Did it right before the twenty twenty election? You remember that I always good. Do you remember when he added all those irs agents At a time when we were really separate, he was like we're gonna be looking in everybody's, because we are the only like ninety thousand in irs age. And I do not remember that at all. Remember that. Ok wait, a minute wherein how when he was investigating using the irs, Annie, vesta gating, his political foes. You remember that No! No! No! I don't. I don't remember who that was: ok, ok, ok, how about when he used the power of the Executive office- and as listening in too far calls and spying on reporters. You remember how much he those reporters when he did that. I do remember him hating reporters, but it never that ok are.
We do remember you know him using the national security apparatus. You know of the government to enhance his own election in twenty twenty. We re, amber when he was promising the russians cosy was colluding with the russians. We remember when he leaned over to Medvedev and said: hey, I need a little room little little time until the next election amber thou yeah. You will. You don't remember that. I remember that idea. Whenever donald trump doing, I'm pretty sure it was him pretty sure. Ok, about using when he used the republican national committee firewalls to transfer money to private lobbyists, dead law firms to find dirt I mean you know on Hillary Clinton and then turn it all over to the fbi which easy with his in bed with tools what call it Exe virus storm investigation
now, remember that I dont use and it was all centred around the neck spy that the fbi aid, even though they said they were working, whether any more because he was incredible. Remember that and then and then Tom Tromp be in his b. I he had those agents talking about how they have to stop Joe by promoting the election? You remember that and then, when they burst into the homes of the new york times, reporters and then more stem outside in their underwear for the poor. Simple crime of you know, stealing the draft of the supreme court in oh yeah, yeah, or was it a new I seem to remember it was a diary of some, but I think it was. I think you as the trump daughter that you'd never hear from generally had that she, had that diary mirror remember, and then the fbi came breaking in
or the investigation, india suspected illegal lobbying of Joe When hunter Biden. I remember remember when he was doing that and then the department of justice is like hey we're going to keep this on the down low. You know I have a bad memory I think, okay, how about this? How about when the attorney general refused to? congressional subpoena or just views to honour subpoenas and withhold the requested documents from congress? You remember that or when they win win, Donald trump raided hilary britain's house and your member that battle in ireland documents you like. I will remember that one of these people is more of a fascist than the others mine to figure out which one it is again. It is so clear to see how we
people, aren't seeing it I ever truly understood those. with eyes, we'll see those with ears will here I never understood that. I thought gotta be able to see in black and white you'll be able to watch it. What do you mean we're here? We're here You refuse to see the truth for some reason and in its an objective, truth provable and yet nobody seems to see it is. That is that just me is that If you are, though, Democrats that actually do see this, this is the best but the Glenn Beck program. So I want you to write this down because you're gonna, have our time finding it. If you're googling,
it took me a while to find it is acts. five. Twenty nine dot com acts Five: twenty nine dot com- this is a it's called the act Five. Twenty nine statement- and it is- vitally important that your church, your pastor, Your rabbi sign this document, and here's what it is: the axe. Five, twenty nine statement: the first met to the united states constitution states congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion or prohibiting the free speech or free exercise thereof or a bridging the freedom of speech each or of the press or the right of the people to peacefully assemble, and, to put it in the government for redress of grievances.
During the covert nineteen pandemic representatives, who are elected to secure our god, given rights, clear we transgress their lawful authority in executive action that prohibit Public meetings or mandated the wearing of masks, and so you'll distancing god's word directs us not to forsake the assembling of ourselves together, hebrews ten, twenty five, this verse is a divine injunction. we must obey god, rather than the arbitrary decrees of men. As a national coalition of pastors and churches. We reject any presidential or gubernatorial decree rick wiring us to this, too, so bay. The word of god, will resist any attempt by affair. State or local officials to restrict or prohibit the free exercise of our religion,
place restrictions thereon? The and of all the civil government being the of all civil government being the good of society. We affirm our submission to lawful civil authority, as in instituted by god himself when rulers, exceed the scope of their constitutional and god given authority they Contrary to their office and the public good and affect the rule and misery of society. We we, do not need the permission of civil authorities to obey what god has commanded. Nor does the church need the approval of civil authorities to serve and worship our god in the way he has prescribed the greek word. Translated church is ecclesiam, which mean the assembly, our aid
de as the church of Jesus Christ means that we are by nature and assembly. We ask embryo do here the word preached partake of the sacraments and fellowship with one another. The apostles teachings are an ambiguous in this regard. Civil, magistrates have no authority to dictate what church it may or may not do the car Detention of the united states is the highest law in our land in eighteen, three in mirth. marbury versus madison, the supreme court, ruled any law republic repugnant to the constitution is null and void. We are on solid, constitutional footing in refusal to comply with restrictions on public worship again. The First amendment states congress shall no law respecting and establishment of religion, prohibiting the free exercise thereof. Any law order or mandate that
fringes, our god, given right to worship according to conscience, violates the first amendment and is unlawful The undersigned hereby affirm the preceding statements. You can sign this if you're a pastor priest rabbi, you can also sign this and if you're. just a congregant. You should send it to your pastor your priest or your rabbi. It it time that we take a stand. It is time that we do things the right way, and peacefully The line in the sand you can rest us if you want I know who I serve I will not violate the conditions of my first citizenship. To me
The demands of my second citizenship. I am first a member of a kingdom, a kingdom of god. And he is my only king. He is my only ruler, I have agreed to if under the laws of the constitution and to protect and support that constitution, that's but I have to do to really secure, my citizenship in the nodded states of amerika support the constitution and defended, if called upon. But when you go extra constitutional, when you're asking me to do things that you can, institutionally. Don't even have the priority, but instead the car the tunisian. Bars you from doing that specific thing:
will not violate you can't ask me too, because you're, in violation. You are in violation of your second citizenship. I'm here being true to it, and it is All of our responsibility to stand up. This is The first thing: that I have seen uncovered. That is an act that all of us can take. And it is drawing a line in the sand at our churches, you will not violate our churches. You will not tell us, what we can and cannot do in our churches. This is not just about covered? This is all so about what I can read My church can say from the pulpit, because if you think they're going to stay out of the church, the church, what they are building right now, the
left is building a church. This is a theocracy that their building it looks. a lot like fascism. But fascism always has some sort of religion attached to it. Something that you are to believe that can't be prove that you are to believe. we're gonna re? Imagine the police force how where, when what does it look like any time it results from that When do we re evaluate if that's working or not your to just sit down, shot up and believe if you have any questions, that's the dark side. That is giving you those questions. Don't ass! Those questions, don't even think about those questions that is old style church I mean, when I say all I mean dark ages style church. We
to start standing together so go to axe I ve twenty nine dot com that acts for twenty nine dot com. You can, and to your pastor easily. You can sign the statement, you can share it and you email officials, january. First, twenty twenty three: they are going to be Emailing, all of the officials, local state and federal jurisdiction to inform them that the churches are standing let's put me on a list, yeah yeah he up in others also another list called the book of life, yet that one gonna be checked to buy wonder what you doing or failing to do I wonder if that what's your name on the book of life, because in my book that's the only one that matters
for pastors too far, their strength and define their purpose. You know you're, all being tested and I've always looked at. This is a good thing, we're being tested right now on and you actually do what you were sent here to do. Can you actually be the person that you were born to be not the person I don't know, I don't want to do that now. I don't want to be one of those people cause. I don't I don't want to do any of this. I really don't. Doktor rob schneider the other day feels exists. Actually, the same way he's like. I got money, I could just go away and you go away. happy live just plug and be fine by me. They get to me. It'll, be law time down the road probably be dead, wouldn't mind it.
I was born, and so are you for this time and that requires- is us not to go over the cliff with Rest of society. That just means you have to stand up in draw a line in the sand and say: no I'm I'm not going there. this is how crazy it's gotten. Here in a very small town in axis roanoke over the weekend. there was a trans, a family friendly train and show it wasn't family friendly. It wasn't no You wanna take your kids to that fine, I dont get it, but ok, fine! You! You want to have your kids put money
We give money to them, for their dancing ok. I don't know exactly what you're teaching your kid. Well, actually I do, but you apparently don't or if you do- Who the hell is wrong with you? You know Biden is gonna. Give this big gun speech this week is bound and determined to take a r fifteen's off the off the market. Ok, ok! Well,. Not in my town, not my town, because my town gets the constitution, but my right, that's what you want to do I'd have to call you. Somebody like a dictator is that's what dictators who do. Change the constitution change the constitution. You want to do that. you believe you have your in the majority. Go ahead, change the constitution. It allows you to do that just amended.
By the way? The second amendment no longer applies, go for it, but dictator Just goes around that we had people that word antiphon dressed all in black with the black masks and everything else that we're Actually, using a hours from the roof of a garage, they taking sniper positions in this. Well down over the we get everybody on the left side. Think about that they have a problem about this. One. If you're thinking I don't, I don't want to be one of those people, I'm not going to I'm not going to sign that I'm not going to send it my pastor, design sign these see tonic temple is scheduled most in events in september, at a pennsylvania, high school auditorium, a core, to the tea ass, tease, flyer, that's the satanic. temples flyer, the back to school
Fundraiser is a family friendly night filled with arts and crafts. Science experiments lie demos, refreshments and fire, for all ages? Northern! county school district previously voted eight to want to reject a residence request to four the t s t sponsored after school, Satan's club but I had to let them Have a little party. You know there Have a fundraiser do they. If you don't think that we are fighting evil. Unlike anything you ve ever seen before in your life, then you you, don't get you don't get it they were not fighting We really are not fighting boy this. This ring so true to me. Now we don't fight.
Flesh and bone. We are fighting principalities per some of the air we, are fighting evil. We are. tell me what line can be crossed. After man, boy love, minor, attracted adults. After we, after we main stream. Pedophilia, what What is the next line gang? What is it I don't see one after that. One. if that's the, where we're going. No, I'm not going I'm not going and so I will stand against all of these incursion into my life. Because I have certain rights and their guaranteed to me,
through the constitution and god, god give swimming guarantees: the constitution is to guarantee the government won't do anything about it, and you know what they will continue to take and take and take on too We all put our differences aside and march together. And so you know why we still hold these things too good to be self evident and we're not going away and you're not going to frighten us. Oh unit it's in jail! Don't like it! I dont like it, but if that's what it takes. But that's not gonna work unless we all stand. together start with the pledge.
Acts, five, twenty nine, the you are listening to the best of the Glenn Beck program and the there's. Some really disturbing things coming out of the pandemic. Eviction moratoriums are expiring, now, rent payment leave programmes and all across the country about eight point: five million people are behind on rent as the end of august. At three point, eight million, they say they are somewhat or very likely to be evicted over the next two months where these three point: eight million people going to go rents continue to tick up there now being two thousand dollars a month for the
this time on record rent two thousand dollars a month, that's the average! That's an inn greece by almost twenty five percent of it genes are spiking in major cities in two a florida evictions worth fifty two percent above average in august in here? They were ninety percent. Above average. Minneapolis Paul ninety four above average I don't know how you get a house there. I mean they're, burning them down as fast. They can build them. I'm sure, all, the average payment for a new vehicle. Is six hundred and sixty seven dollars a month. That's the average six hundred and sixty seven a month. That's up near, Fifteen percent, from a year before the average amount- Our old rose, thirteen percent use our buyers, are also by borrowing more, the apple
use vehicle loan jumped eighteen point: seven percent to twenty. Eight thousand five hundred and thirty four dollars with an average Fifthly, payment of five hundred and fifteen: that's up seventeen percent, the average new car or truck. Is now forty six thousand two hundred and fifty nine. I don't know how we're gonna keep doing this. And listen There is something that is very, very disturbing and it is the farmer situation. Farmers are in trouble and they are only going to it's only going to get worse, the f D, a and now in the seven hundred and fifty billion dollar inflation, induction bill vapor I did money for the usda to give loans. I'm sorry give grants to minorities they wanna be farmers because equity,
our biggest problem right now No, no, I don't think that's our biggest problem. Fertilizer, probably is a big problem for closure on farms? That's probably a big pro water, that's a big problem, but I don't think diverse work. Force on farming is right there the top of the list that should get the attention of the united states government. By the way the EU has just unveil. emergency measures to curb soaring energy prices. Gee, I wonder what those will be their working on emergency intervention right now. By the way do we have the cut the germans and faces. They were making we'd donald trump at the? U n watch. The german delegation will become totally dependent on russian energy.
If it does not immediately change course This network is this: guy talk about this this is amazing, means of the silly music bury her you're that yeah I was showing you how silly it was for donald trump on thursday to let a liberal website. We should point out that made that video and they put the silly music behind it to mock donald trump. There Laughing at him in germany they laugh and now I dont think having now they left now there there's that they don't change course. Now that was two years ago in three years ago, if they don't cha change course. Now they're gonna have serious energy problems and be beholden to russia. There After now, our friend carol roth who comes on the show a lot to talk about the economy had just tweeted this story. This is a My mom! She tell this comes from my mum owns. A small cafe. Her electricity bill has just jump from twelve thousand dollars a year, so thousand bucks a month to sixty
four thousand dollars here. Oh my gosh, he's working out her options, but more than likely she will be forced to close. This is happening all over the continent. in in england in energy prices are going up ten fold ten fold by october ten fold. We're not gonna, be able to afford this now and why? Why is this happening? You, why this is happening because the ice is melting, because weariness existential threat now why it's happening is because people want to get. more power and me, or money that really, all this is about by the way, listen to this story, if I sheet in greece in greenland, is set to raise global sea levels by nearly a foot by the of this century in a melting
and driven by human cause, climate change, the findings in the journal the journal nature, climate change, so that three point three percent of greenland's ice sheet will melt. That's A hundred and ten metric tons of, I am sorry, honoured and ten trillion metric tons of ice. The ice loss will prove about ten inches of sea level rise between now and twenty one hundred. You know what I mean Take this seriously when, Obama sells his house on the island when all of liberals move out of malibu. When they all sell their their homes, which are good completely destroyed, and we should it off, because we are destroying the natural. but tat were destroying the beaches were destroy when they start selling their house then I believe it serious or least. I believe there are serious about it, but right now
I don't think they're serious about it and I don't think it's serious well prove me wrong start moving out of those areas, Start moving to higher ground now say that don't kazanovitch it anywhere near the mountains. Like a living, two conny in north carolina, hello connie, Our you very good everything's great thank you would I have a comment that I would like to make on. I have been helping. Candidate through a campaign, consulting farm and as a boy. odor now I've tried, observed a couple of habits that are taking place. Our grass root can the that that are running for republican their beings storm
I'll buy? You know the establishment, no indifferent areas by now fell. So I Have another candidate in connecticut tat day, snobs her out re conservative and so were like ok, well, workin going start looking at the independent party and she was up to get We endorse man on sunday, but then what happens? Another republican candid, ah, kicking man and on the local level, because it's a local ray? You got the endorsement, or the independence and the republican, so the geo p is basically boy yang themselves in
to these other parties, which now I am looking at very actively. What are the other points? at ease north carolina, because all I never told it. Oh, you can't change party your bad, your evil. It must be for the greater good. Well guess what I don't believe in the greater good, I believe in truth and if that means losing, then that's what you do that the people are losing because these candidates are being placed on the bow was for the people to even know about there being pushed out, though, why I'm doing now, as I'm just doing research in north carolina just as abode or and trying to find out. What's I bet I I am going to keep doing that and decide we'd gone, I'm I'm I'm not going to talk you out of it. I do believe that this is is the the
possible last midterm election. We will have the the country is on the line and I do believe at this point. Remember I I I've never said before. I wasn't this way. Twenties Steam, but I Do you believe that if we don't all paying together, we will hang separately and I agree with you. I've seen the republican party do some awful things, but the man Defective thing we can do is do our best to get that party to come. Our way it may not be it be possible. I would be for disbanding the republican party in starting from scratch. I think the leadership of the republican party is the biggest problem Mitch Mcconnell and I think Kevin Fourthly, I don't trust him a bit to do the right thing.
You know he's being part of the problem. I think a lot of people. I know like him, I don't, but I will tell you this don't give up. I'm not trying to convince your mind, got to convince you to go the other way. Conny you do. What you feel is right, but just hear me out. that's the way we all felt at the end of the tea party they they came in and took over The tea party and did everything they could destroy it and they weren't serious, but the few people that we did get in made a huge, difference and it was the tea party that set up everything you're seeing now in the supreme court and sought me saying that that's the new times saying that Conny. Thank you. Much for your phone call. I understand your frustration: Tammy caliphs welcome. good morning learn. How are you very good.
Good. I have a question when I hear name C4 well, see or clean jean pierre say our constitution is under attack. I feel that they have attacked our constitution. like its the same constitution. The thing in on my wall is written in seventeen. Seventy six is like a twenty twond, yeah? Well, I not there. It's it's! The first followed constitution, seventeen eighty nine and bill of rights. Seventeen. Ninety one but I'll, tell you. They don't believe in the declaration of independence, which was seventeen seventy six and they don't or about the constitution, its it all stuff is hyperbole. All of that stuff is just too
age themselves as americans they don't care, out the constitution we must. We might the
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