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Ep #172 - The Daily Best of GB Podcast: 8/31/18  - Could Ted Cruz  loose his senate seat? -Where's the American Flag in the film 'First Man'? - Should we be 'shedding' the Republican moniker? - Is 'TRUMP-ism' the same as cultism?  - "Climate Change" debate starts in 3, 2, 1

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The blaze radio network on demand. Welcome to the woods I programme grateful too proud to approach. The first man would not, including the american play on the mood of the whole things about you want to give it one of the first things was planting the flag and they ignore that has transcends all borders and countries force, so forgetting that we also talk global warming control. Something has to be that something has to be done, and what are we gonna do about? It will find out from Al Gore there's a big boycott corn. I guess we're in and out her nurse little man with a little bit about truck with actually were wrong to scientists and you'll hear he is at all that and Moorish coming up on vodka. The only thing tat the day, it's Friday on his very first the beta will hype machine.
Is in full force. Operation right now not Who are they trying to say the bedouin Rourke? Who is the challenge that staking on TED crews for his Senate seat in November Natalie, are they saying that he is only one point behind TED crews? Now their talk about him before potential run the presidency in twenty twenty? I was just getting ridiculous. Come augur, Can we come down a little bit a huge article. From vanity fair? It seems I always two thousand seven is better or roared the left's Obama like answered trumpet twenty twenty. They want him to me. I know you know he's not they want to be, though that's while the monies poor again in people are gonna, be really surprised when they find out this guy is white. I think gonna be pissed,
why you're not his back, where in the battle come for a well, I surely appropriated hispanic nickname, It is it's a hispanic nickname for Robert Francis O Rourke, a guy who couldn't get any wider. Or more irish, so good there make it its big deal out of him article mentions Oh he's visited all two hundred fifty four Texas counties area. Toyota Tundra, followed him around like little lamp dogs. He does these running town halls where he run and then stops, and they all other together on the lawn and be the town hall, and then they start running some more so the guy In job and why That's the one I want in the Senate, then, or maybe even the office of the presidency, if he can jog and then
do a speech, or I thought that I could that it's just that, I'm not sure that qualifies the guy for office. They are there in love with him, the left, the media is just head over heels in love with better work This cannot happen. I ain't came out of the state of Texas, I that's what I'm hoping it Kevin happen on the state of Texas. According to the latest Paul II's. Why in point behind. I attended doubt that little bit, especially because they used right stirred voters for that ball not likely voters and that could change dramatically. If, if you the minute- those who might be registered, but their likely not going devote thank probably has you know, he's gotta, be up by more than a pause I dont know what it says. You're right, I don't know what to do. I hope that's right, think again, he may be winds by ten. I hope. But again
I always, although even maybe more I'm pretty invested in is because I pledged to eat my underwear if better Org beats dead crews really the he was up by. I don't know, fourteen or fifteen at the time plus that was before I mean better. Still burn, you know they were. They were getting behind him as the big push, but that was a little bit before an hour. I making excuses for you and you still will step up to the plate with your bet, but I was a little bit before the big battle push the ad by way of just they, they love this guy and its. Yet Get now accounts for about a stay here, all kinds of California money. Whatever is registered in lower about about about oil enters yeah model it crosses the? U S, editor by the way by the way your name is on the live by the way is that it did not appropriate in a culture has right. If he did
it's bad. It made them it be. Ok, he's not appropriate to adjust its It's kind of agonizing and- and you know, TAT is taken some time off. He isa easier, not even go back to work. You did this week for four the votes he's missing some because it's the campaign is important right now. Is bees actually campaigning right now and make sure that he shores up his base here, and I think you know them. Be a problem with some complacency in Texas we just don't, you think I do dead crews? He doesn't he's not gonna not lose that he's mine. I don't need to donate. He doesn't need that money, because what better? As our raised him two to one. To the one in this campaign some believable, that's the big joke. A judge really is and and again I think it's important, of complacency. We ve also talked about the Trump thing
You know he angered Trump fans at the republican convention because he didn't endorse him and for those of us who kind of admired that, because he stuck to his guns, later. He did Elvis then we were a little act on the right. It's time to get over all that goes towards scary he's not about as well campaign when he was first presented where they had held their money back. He used the phrase kept his powder dry until it got closer right then spend the money on promoting the campaign. So you know wherein, though the you know we're in the final drive the final, the final vile term head again to November. So maybe that's what he's doing now too, as well as his you know making. Push, but it does feel and I say feel cause I don't know for sure, but it does feel like dead needs to get a move on
does it? I think he feels that too. I think there's there's a sense of urgency now in the campaign and with the with the crews, people and you don't Morals first day of September. So ok, my tits It's time time too are paying attention? Is accurate, it's time to start mere conservative friends to get out and vote in and make sure that we don't let this fall by the wayside and lose dead. Crews in the Senate, that would be the Vienna I know it. I know it's Democrats eating their own, but that's the same thing, the kind of happened in New York with the quartet's right I mean he was yeah. He was he s like the amicable lives. I been here forever and five you any kind. It took it easy right and shoot, and he launched at the pavement. Massey was out there get in the press and paid off the right. Well, she's from you know, she's Jenny from the block essential, she's right she's from the hood. Except she wasn't no it.
She, but you know that forty minute drive from the Bronx every day from them wrong. Somewhere she lived to the school where they enroll you're forty minutes away every day. Well, except That'S- She didn't live in the Bronx that whole time she lived near the school, so at the best of the programme, big big. Will become a doubt, be probably heard about it. First man, it's about First man on the moon Neil Armstrong, so it's getting rave reviews further. The trailer looks great yeah, it looks like we're, looks really good makes awesomeness you want to see them of Grain Gosling. I as an actor and he's beast, I think, did he also direct? Is he stars in it? In here did not learn diesel.
Did he executive produce it or something because he's talking like he had something to do with this budget decision that we're taking issue with they. I hate it when they do this kind of stuff, because in a push in that quandary of why I don't want to support that more driving force to me. Do I want to see first man more than an just a matter of you know which way the more driving force to me do I want to see first man more than an angry about them, not planning the american flag on. The moon in the movie, so they skipped that whole event, wind, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Children landed on the moon, one of things. They did. One of the first things they did was to plant. The american flag, that was a sign that America claims the moon for our own, though, in fact we made a point about that we adjust meant. We
We were here. Ok, we set out to do this in a decade and we did it and its it quite an achievement. Nobody else has ever done it to this day. Here we are almost fifty years later and it's still never been done again right, except by over and over until we get tired of it, we just got gotta get bored Rebecca then their done Yet what we found out, I mean Armstrong him and said later the day that the United Nations tried to hone in their flag up. You know nation. They couldn't win. The United Nations gets to the moon. Why go I hadn't plant, the? U N flag, they become worry, but more than that, we decided that it was going to be our flag, but we weren't going to make any territorial claims right. Yes, so if you want to go the moon gum, exact,
put your leg up, anyone I would as soon as as soon as Mexico is able to get to the moon. They can plant the mexican flag on the Mona Doktor Wealth PATH list. I get ridiculous, but seriously if any other country, were to have done this We would not be having an argument over whether their flag was gonna, be in the movie not be in the movie, absolutely how two percent that was the Soviet Union, the beat us there, the Soviet Union flag, would be planted, odious, movie ab, a hundred percent believe that so is it something, though, that maybe they just we didn't focus on they eat just wasn't part of their story. No. This was a conscious decision not to plant the american flag on the moon in this movie at the Rhine. Gosling said I think this was widely regarded in the end as a huge
in achievement and that's how we chose to view it I also think meal was extremely humble. What that's true, but so what as were many of these astronauts and time and time again, he read a deferred the focus from himself to the four hundred thousand people who made the mission possible. You mean, the four hundred thousand Americans who made it simple, four hundred thousand soviets or chinese or french it is four hundred thousand men reckons, and even if, did transcend countries and borders, as ride likes to call it good. Yes, it did great, and I know that Neil Armstrong was still an american achievement, didn't see himself as an american hero Ryan. Now you just saw himself as an American. Thank you. I don't think he did. Consider himself a hero, but he, I think
did consider himself in American. Absolutely even though he said that look, my job was to get the flag there after I left the debate over what flag was gonna, be there too he I think he's got a smarter minds or whatever it was, but but the deal was that I was our flag, because we decide that no United Nations, it wasn't you that do this, it was us We won't claim the moon. If you want to go there, you can go there, but we're put nor flag there How proud, at the time I read, this is just an absolute it's, not gonna, really really mix. We agree, but everywhere the proudest moments in the country that we ve tried to relive. It's one of mankind's biggest achievements and it was done by Americans and it was done after the vision was laid out for us by J F K any set in the next decade. We will do this and we will do it because not because it's easy, but because it's hard and they got done and it cost
the lock to get it does it did both in blood and treasure, and so to rewrite history. Do them with the movie about it Is ridiculous? insulting. It is insulting and disappointing, because I you know I've been heard about this. I know we play the trailer lottery words. I really want to see this movie and I supporting this kind of crap, but Nobody's gonna go to it anyway, everybody to go to it anyway. You're listening to the best of the Glenda Programme
by its Glenn. If you're a subscriber to the podcast, can you do me a favor and rate us on Itunes? If you're not a subscriber, become one today and listen on your own time, you can subscribe on Itunes begs K Craig in Ohio, tie your on the Olympic Programme in all areas I wanted to bring up a point of what I saw drunk do this pass election I saw him mobilise a lot of Democrats, in my opinion, a vote for how much he immobilizing. Beijing african American Base over to the republican side, but where the damage rats are now becoming democratic, socialist. I feel the old conservative majority, all republican montier. We also need through more rights, I feel we lose the house's November. It will be because France, a lot of Democrats in Ohio them. Motive, for trump are ready to vote for Steve, shabby there's been a Congress YO point, plus years have the old
how much the order now things rather more Harry's, probably antigay marriage, Xanthias aunt. I this. I feel that that's there needs to be shed almost trumps started down that path. I think there's a lot. People, are traditionally voted Democrat that are ready to go sure, but I'd be as but just now, and I think we need to change the party fundamental oil, but I'm a millennium myself always been Our union voted Republican, but there still the Republican Party, and we heard more about an under abominate. We do tromp, France and gay marriage. I personally know care my I don't care whether two guys to women want to marry each other. We just thoughts not important to us we want to raise, our kids would be raised and we want to be left alone what everybody be able to live our lives. Less point the right. You want to be left alone, stay out of our lives. Correct. Now to say, hey, we're ready for rum, you everybody, they use whatever bathroom they want, and I will take us
people want, but I think the Republican Party as a whole needs to reexamine themselves may be some of the old hardline stances. We need to embrace she's dammit rats now you're. My father's teams are, your teamster, he now Motor Publican because of trumpets and the new ideas, but we need to read she's Democrats are fed up with that socialist. I don't really think written Green back control, the controversial a long time, not him at the word about losing the house at the November elections. If I'm action yeah I mean I understand what you're saying you proceeded thanks Greg the party to a certain extent, as already embraced Trump ISM, an animal. That includes a lot of what you what you outlined. I you know of sparse as far as this, sex marriage thing there that horse left the barn so there is no sense in even talk about it really right now because bid it's over that debates over so the court ruled on that.
I dont know if you want to make it an issue to try to reverse that trend. I would be. That would be a top. And so yeah maybe leave that alone, but there's a other things that the trouble is that I do necessarily want to adopt in the room but party in Seoul I'm not sure my on board, with changing the fundamental platform of what the Republican Party should stand for or once do it, for. I doesn't really stand for that anymore. It seems to me is that everyone is given up on their principles. Right would yes, yes, we just came and and so you know that's your beliefs, religiously there. There is a reason for the beliefs that that people have an end, things that we fight for an so a lot of those have just been have just been rushed down the toilet in
rampage and it's not about those principles anymore. It's about what trump beliefs, I'm more concerned about the principles that I am weather a trump supports them. I guess I'm alone on that, because I mean, as we please
earlier. This just think of the visitors to scientists at every one knows my husband, Rhonda Santa's, is endorsed by President Trump is also an amazing. Dad run loves playing the kids, they all the wall. He reads story then Mr Trump said you're fired. I love that part. These teaching Madison to TAT Amerika great people, say Ryan's all travel, but he is so much bigger, easy, so good, I just thought you should know so embarrassing is what that is so bear got word of God better, the socialist? Yes, yes, yes, he is, what I vote for dissent is over gingham, yes Even I don't even know what he stands for, though I mean you know, I believe- and I believe, a lot of things bigley. He evolves,
we cult of trump and is that enough for four people I would certainly certainly look into that slot worries I mean: how do I don't let him was winning drop rubber, stamped the Nationalists yeah, so yeah, it's amazing, just amazing! So do we want big Tent party yeah. I guess, if you as long as you, don't have to compromise your principles. Do we want of Democrats to be comfortable voting republican? We unless you have to cover I sure principles. This is the best one big programme, the innocent, would call yes when the government takes it from you and gives it to somebody right. That's charity right in. It's beautiful, yeah, that's what Jesus wanted. Many said Rome should
take your money and give it to somebody else, member that all those arrangements are rather a burger really Our Michael in Colorado tie your The Glenn Beck program, Jeffrey High, good. I just wanted to try to circle back around and readdress the the climate change, and I wanted to ask you guys a direct question before I say what I have to say. Are you really don't think that climate change is real? Do I think and caused climate changes real. No, it wasn't the question, though I do not do it they cover the the planet. Maybe warmed, point nine degrees. In the last hundred years, bs, ok, the right thing to do. I think that's cataclysmic.
So do I believe, that's on humans, no ochre nor I, if you want to have the conversation you have to first except the viewpoint of the other side and find out what that's about it, and it doesn't seem to me that The right is taking, whilst most of the right way of taking any of the conversation very seriously. In the first place. Why not? Sir Renewable it's gonna be expensive. We know that you know The ocean levels are rising. The ice caps are melting. We see this as something that is gonna, be detrimental to human life on the planet. With this, this kind of stuff, how far out that is MRS happened throughout the course of the planet, the ice caps melt than they reform the sea level rise then they fall. This is part of the natural process of the of the planet. It's it's!
I've been live forever react. We accelerate that by utilizing the resources of this planet in the way We do well! I don't know, I don't believe it or not thing that he's a smart guy. What he is in is a mouthpiece for a lot of really smart people that have put together a doubt of it. He presents that that is a politician a guy. That knows what the masses and now that out of it out of the hour, climate models that have been put together for him out of the ninety two climate models. Do you know how many of them have been accurate in predicting temperature rise Z. I don't know that none of them I will buy now. It's zero, zero, well ear, idiot, zero sum up. What I'm telling you, what the number is its zero so work, why a ring and accelerated like I'm, not even scientists than I
incoming later. For coming later, the cycle of the seasons is changing our unique moved taxes, my friend its summer, all freaking me around all year round. The sea has always been yes, yes, it has always summer in Colorado. Now too, and that's not normal. Now it is not always summer in Colorado get out of here I mean if we had, I lived, and I grew up in Montana. First year I grew up in Montana and eat it's cold and snowy some years, and it was less than cold and snowy some years. It's just it's a cycle. It goes insight and it has much more to do with whether there's l neo there, climate change, its its ace, the political climate that we have on this on this planet and there's nothing you can do about it, there's nothing you can do about it. It's a step back and look at the severity of that
I call it is no more severe than its ever been. Where are the more frequent, more intense hurricanes? Where are the more frequent, more intense tornadoes that Al Gore was talking about in an inconvenient truth? didn't happen for twelve years after the movie twelve years twenty years after the war Turkey is that we have ever had hidden in history, have just had Michael that no. That is not true, that it's not true, be it twelve years Stuttgart, Vienna, European Union after inconvenient truth, there hasn't been a major hurricane for two thousand and five all the way till last year, when one finally hid Houston, Why didn't you talk about those years at all? You didn't dog those years. Nobody did why, because they were quiet, and there was no neat reason to end they didn't fit the agenda, it didn't fit. The narrative for the climate change catastrophe lists. They didn't want it
about it, so they didn't and then, when the first major hurricane finally does hit, then its cataclysmic climate change its nonsense. Nonsense. It's a whole is the biggest tribes, even mankind's history, two biggest hulks in history, exaggerating if their exaggerating than their exaggerating and that side bar that's fine, the fact of thought. Take its line. Every both sides exaggerate to prove that, I am not exaggerating, one of my exaggerated you're. What am I hundred well, you can't say that Euro scientific that is our climate can bring it's true. Look it up. Look? It ought to be an exaggeration. Look it up. It's not an exaggeration, and I know. Could you never hear that side of the Argo? How old are you Michael you? malarial, howled, thirty, thirty, five! Ok, though? All you ve heard your whole life
Is what you're telling me now right, you, ve been peppered with in school. You been peppered with it throughout your young adult life and you just bought it cause nobody Saturday. Uninsured you, the actual statistics on it, I think about clean enough data and made my own informed decision to believe it. I see. Ok, even never even heard of the climate money. When I mean where, were you the last twelve years of no hurricanes, though, where, where were you then mean? I M a hurricane in Hawaii right now, and you know it it then he was a rain event, but it s the eyelids ass, the islands so but again only once again it has. There have been a bit hurricane hurricanes. There have been from two thousand five to two thousand seventeen, there were no major hurricanes that that made landfill in the I did states of America
well it ain't I set regular at without why? What will that's? What we were talking about in an inconvenient truth, we were promised by Al Gore that they're gonna be more frequent and more intense because of Katrina, so inference either there is going to affect the United States that he stared at an exact face value. Nobody knows exactly when it's gonna occur or or whatever the thing is, The last thing I want to say is for the past the Paris agreement, everybody else still sticking to that. There must be something to that. No, I'm not necessarily can be another way for them to my country's ideology. That says this is probably a good thing. I can see the benefit of this, but we pull out because we want
to keep burning coal like we were in the seventeen hundreds. We can't move forward. Now we are trying to move forward. We mention renewables and you know your back to them again when you first started your call. We there, no one is against renewables, but there we don't have any renewables that our as strong and as productive as what reusing already there's, no applause, renewables being subsidized twenty with our tax dollars. Twenty five one aware we can give renewables that our act that actually create power. We don't have to worry about the lights. Turning on and off when we come into the house which we all like, including you, I'm sure like to come in the house and go on, this the there there's the light
We have that in America, because of coal and and and power that other countries dope have and we're not one, it's and appreciate to go Michael and an end. Pritchett talking to you in it- and I am glad you called, but I'm not saying that it should be call anyway. I am nobody's talkin about bringing call back to the levels it at once. What was was now, but I think, trimmings, it's mostly natural gas that has replaced a lot of the coal energy that we do. The Berlin Nuclear power me there's a million different things we could do. Wind and solar just aren't ready to replace it yet right, when they are going wind and solar. Michael yours still listening, and hopefully you are account for. About five percent of our energy by five. Blow that might be a little high outside. I think that might be too I it. This is for five percent and somewhere in there. If you combine the to win
an solar, but there nobody, but if they're not sturdy enough, so there's no renewed. What I'm saying is: there's no renewable energy ready to replace rights, fossil fuels. Now, when you have it, let me know happy to embrace it. We ve got a generation of people that have been so indoctrinated without that had been so oh ah convinced. Hundred percent in the education system. That day, leave they see it every day. The I mean is there anything different. That is Happening today than has ever happened, we ve always said fires. We ve always had Here we ve always had called we ve, always at snow. We ve always had drought, those rain. We ve always had all of these things like this. He s like this, like my friend now, because it's happening now, you forget, what it was like when it happened before they left
like the floods, that they call the hundred year. Floods, those floods, those kind of floods them like that worry atlases differ places in the United States and around the world, but specifically in the United States, where you know every hundred two hundred fifty years, the others, particular area will flood, yes have them about thirty years into that hundred fifty years we decide man That's never get a flood. Their good will build their start. Building orgasms air Bilbil businesses, bilbil all kinds of stuff, their wicked layer. If something start that we take care of it nope. Doesn't happen? I remember when I was a kid the Mississippi River used to flood all the time. The Missouri River would flood people. I mean people got fly,
yeah all the time I've heard about the floods in the MID West all the time. In word, when out when I was a kid in Michigan, my grandparents lived on the cask river and every year for the pictures of the water coming up to the back of the house coming up to maybe the back of the work shed as their their house was of the second lot in from the river so called come up to the house, and I would just I came up to the backward step this year came up. Do you the back of the drugs issue and then the one hundred year. Flood comes in and berries all the houses that they have built up to, second floor and it's not pretty and it's ugly, but now they saw a man. We shouldn't build their here, think earth, earthquakes, floods, tornadoes hurricanes, while its we ve always Adam, always Adam and then we're told the gotta to be more frequent and more severe, more intense, more frequent in
thousand five, because it we just came out of Katrina everybody's, you know sensitive to it. Everybody's afraid of it were told that Twelve years go by and we don't have a single major hurricane in the mainland, not one we have, full of little ones. Any those were few and far between either you they always they bring up sandy to which was not a her. Cannot a hurricane that tropical storms, ten new drab thou and who is to look at Hurricane Sandy yet as it was a hurricane and the one that was out in the ocean right, but by the time it made landfall, not closed roller, exactly so So then, last year win Harvey pops up its global during all of us, see wait what about the land twelve years. Are you kidding me? Those Nothing.
And what do you mean the sea level rise. Al Gore has said and hit any getting his experts edit acts on this. Core has claimed the sea level is going to rise to twenty feet in the next. Hundred year order should be underwater by its just it's unbelievable and he's claiming victory when it floods in Miami for a day or two, and then it receives. Let no that's not what you are predicting hats but you were more dignity, close stoppage, the blaze radio network on demand.
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