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Is President Trump approaching a watershed moment among conservatives? A Leftist thinks it’s possible to boycott everyone who is a conservative or Trump supporter. There really isn’t anything you can eat that isn’t linked to an increased risk of cancer. The latest study on sugar intake is alarming but should be taken with a grain of salt.

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Its patents do in for Glenn here he is back next week apparent still works at this company and we're happy to see him coming back on Monday. He in the show back up, I know who I have lots of to talk about. I will also all right off the bat here make sure if you were here and you're listening to a podcast you're looking at your telephone, it would be visible for you to go click on the little magnifying glass there and type in Pat gray unleashed, and when that comes up, you click subscribe to that. It is a great idea, really wonderful, make sure you listen to background leash. Every day you get the new podcasts two hours, so you get lots of great takes on all the big issues of the day and you can listen to it anytime. So, if you here for the podcast today, we did a bunch of stuff, the CNN town Hall Kind of a ratings flop, unfortunately for them, fortunately, because maybe there won't be another one, but unfortunately for them brand new sets a plethora of Joe Biden Screw ups.
I can I mean his word: it was not a good day for Joe. No I'm having a hard time is it's not. It's not been pretty so far, but he's he's trying his best any still way ahead. So far, at least we talk about the number one language in America which is it I I thought it should maybe should be English, but apparently that's not handle Otis. Now you've, given it away. Will sugar give you cancer? Well, of course it will and at Walmart people trying to now like do pranks and stunts at Walmart to make points for and against guns and really bad idea in both aces, but will give you the details on that as well and the latest about the Dayton shooter. It's all on today's podcast of the Glenn Beck program
going by fast trip, eight eight thousand seven hundred and twenty e c now you can hear my show. Immediately preceding this show law. I have on the blaze, radio and tv network pack gray unleashed or you can listen to it anytime. You want wherever you get your podcast, Itunes or Soundcloud. Sound tunes sound to cloud snap face. Slapped is another place where you can get it Friendster Myspace get it anyway. Ask Jeeves is probably most prominent place, people to get the podcast ask Jeeves, big and Lycos like us, a medic from metacrawler lot of people. That would like us ask what are those it's amazing? How that stuff seems. I mean that's like ancient his, Isn't I I know I in the in the Friendster is my: is my favorite one, because if you don't know it was a social network before Facebook and really,
I think my face is round there was like the one that everyone said was gonna, make a big run, but never really caught on right and we're like it's like twelve generations ago now, but but my references are get really, is you get to a point where your wheels used to make fun of because all of your impersonations are dead. Dead or log retired, and there's no there's no active person. You impersonate, although People have passed away, there is a their children remember so, weird thing as their current. I can't do their voice soon as they die. I can get there now so yeah. I know it's a it's a long rd it's a long rd yes anyway, I think eventually we're going to get to that point where people feel the same way about CNN, going to make a CNN Gop really what see and then what is that if they keep going? basic currently are that will happen. This is pretty bad. I you know they did this big gun town Hall thing over
the last couple of days, which I'm sure they thought was going to be massive, so the last one was right. I mean the last one was a big deal. At least I don't know how we got the right remember, but I think it did pretty well in the ratings that night Actually, let's see yeah. So Jake Tapper did the first one and it did a little bit better. The last night they had they did America under assault. The gun crisis aired at nine Andrew. In one point, two million total viewers on average hand, who interviewed a democratic candidate in last place bill De Blasio, oh wow, three point: one million Rachel Maddow did two point: three million, so they only LOS she's they came in third place and came in half of second place is how many people actually watch. Jake Tapper Town Hall was had fifty eight percent, more viewers and Chris Cuomo's. So this did not work
very well this time now you look it's it's the same trick. They tried last time right he come out if you try to take advantage of a tragedy in I tried to ramp up ratings and that's not a good idea. I don't think people. Think of that as a thank you is it bounds. You know it feels really icky to try to take advantage of something like that. It may be the first time you do it for, like art, look to try to get solutions are trying. You know when you hear the voices of some of these people in the community. I mean you can make those arguments. He tried it out again after how bad of it, we went last time when you got to a point where, in the people that brought in as guests completely stacked the deck against Dana. Who is the up there to be spokesperson for the NRA, yeah and, and they they just tried to bludgeon her the whole. And in some ways literally I mean like she was. It was a legitimate security threat for her right and the you know the look She was able to get out of there, but they did not treat it well. They did not handle it. Well,
biggest mistake. They made as far as the actual program went, was having the large loud cheering crowd, because that's not look if you you're trying to make an argument that you're coming up with real solutions. We care about this and we care about the community. You know you don't into a WWE event yeah and that's what they did last time I don't know if they did that this time I don't remember seeing a crowd, it could be that they invited a crowd, but then they heard it was Chris Cuomo. So they didn't come. That's very possible thing but it did not do well finish third place for their big gun town Hall, and you know at some point you got to pull the plug on the Chris. Experiment. Don't you some point? You just have to realize things. So, yes, he has a famous name in the state you're in ok, that's about where you have with Chris. I think it's about time just sit, you know you just turn it off. You know some. And you try things and they just don't work yeah she saw a guy. He said hey. I remember like I used to be governor and now as brothers his dad used to be governor was brothers governor. Maybe we should put
on tv, and it seems like a good idea at the time and then it falls apart and you can try to beat up put it back to over and over and over again. But at some point you just have to say look. This is not working and I think we're Chris Cuomo. Are we not? Oh? Yes, we were there date I think to for me what it takes to see in a little while to catch up okay, but they should be caught out by now all right, much or coming up sixty seconds. This is the Glenn Beck program. Patents to for Glenn Beck program, Glenn Beck program triple eight hundred and seventy seven big lie about the NRA Warning President Bush, our President Trump and warning him that his supporters just aren't going to be supportive of gun control really believe. That's true, I think even the
This core of Trump supporters would oppose getting into gun, control legislation or gun control, executive orders and he's seemingly, according to the store been asking around with his aides, people close to him, He's also said it publicly that he wants to go after it yeah. You know he hasn't been specific. So what does that mean? You know he wants to have been expanded background checks and I mean red, flag laws and he's he's spoke in support. We know some support for those ideas, but you know in passing in the rocking up to a plane who knows with this actually means. That being said, when you go after a core belief of your of your voting bloc, you worse things, even when you are incredibly popular, you know, George W Bush came out of that. His reelection beat John Kerry was incredibly
popular, and this was five hundred and six when he did the comprehensive immigration reform thing, and so one of the first things he did was to use some of his political capital to go after immigration reform, and that was what essentially destroyed his prey it's a really hard, and you know there are multiple things also give you Herriot buyers as a Supreme Court nominee which, in the of the base, retreat, rejected and in addition to that, his handling of Katrina really wiped out a lot of his. You know he, he was known as the sort of the competent in crisis sort of president. Because of everything what happen with nine hundred and eleven. The war, though, started turning the wrong way and then Katrina happened, and you know the reporting on a lot of that was really bad. In a lot of that, wasn't him you know scoring those things up. It still didn't help at all, but really it was. It was never that it was number big deal. People like oh well, his people lost faith in him because of Katrina. Well, some did right, but it was never.
It's a fun thing. A lot of conservatives lost faith in in the grave Katrina. They knew that wasn't his fault. The difference in his presidency between term one in term to was not that the people in general lost faith in Bush. He was at his his actual. The conservative yeah because of things like immigration reform, they were like look, I mean he's not even know we'll walk through him with a lot of the stuff. If he makes a mistake, were ok but like this is violating he's trying to do something against us. Yes, you know it's uh He screwed up he's tried to do something that we don't like he's coming after our core values and conservatives were making a lot of noise about it. How much they opposed it, and we don't want you to do this while he tried to do it any way that did hurt him and they stopped it and then later, yes, conservatives did stop later. He also. Not only did he still want the comprehensive immigration reform, but then he went after the border.
All agents, Ramos and Compean Anne would not budg on that at all. Until the day he left office, Those guys languished in jail for a couple of years, because you know they shot a drug dealer in the butt who, by the way, they thought had a gun and was aiming it at them and so that we have two and when he cited that he further cited with Mexico uh is Mexico tried to stop the execution of that heinous illegal immigrant from nineteen ninety three, who raped and murdered to fifteen year old girls in Houston, and he's been on death row for quite some time and Bush cited with Mexico against Texas for that yeah right and those were all huge issues, or I remember for the audience at the end, it turned his base, and that was a violation of something
they believed was. You know a core value rule of law on the border, Ann, it was something that really and really was the thing that turned his presidency from what was before hand largely partisan lines. Certainly after nine hundred and eleven, he was much more popular than that, but you know it had come down to a point where Republicans, basically like Bush and Democrats basically did and after that republican support or and the reason we bring this up is because when because when Trump risks a lot violating a core, leave of his own audience yeah. This is definitely one of those yeah. I mean a second amendment core for a lot of people. You know if he wants to win this election. You know what I was talking to do:
Junior who's, a you know, he's on news and why it matters and he's a big social media personality very pro trump- and we were talking about this and he said you know, look like my audience is pissed off about this Dave. It's always very pro trump him he's a very pro trump guy loves. These we've been to the White House a bunch of times like he is. You know in in that part, completely. You know he is the you know, he's a a loyal guy. He believes this truck is doing a great job and he said his audience is doing the same thing there. They are They are really scared about this. They do not want him to do this and he made the point, and at this point is true that look right now. There mad about this. But when it comes down to it would be a vote for Elizabeth Warren. It would you gonna. Do I mean like you? have a choice there and that's a point yeah when it comes down to it, he's still going to be a better choice than Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders. The issue, though, is your passion, enthusiasm. You have some people, you know look. Are they all going to turn out? Are they going to donate? Are they gonna campaign? Are the
telling everyone of their friends how great trump is, or to be like. Well, I mean look he's at night. You know he pisses me off on this issue, but I'll pull I'll, pull the lever form without all of that extra stuff. You know one of stories I think of Trump's presidency. It has been passion, you know, have a really passionate base. That's going to go out there, they're going to fight for this. Guy, no matter what and if you start a roading that if you start to just on the edge it you know, you can't or to lose a lot of folks. This is this is an electorate obviously not that this matters like totally, but he didn't know you lost the pop vote. This is a so I don't say that to say like he lost, I say that it was close. There's alot close than memory serve you. If you look at the Electoral college yeah, basically about seventy thousand boats that were the difference in that election. That's how hot no nine t any you know it. So you have to be careful. You start going after second amendment rights and that that might just be enough.
To take away the fringe and give us some socialist to come in here and be president of the United States, and nobody wants that. At least I yeah me neither. I think we've mentioned that a cup You don't want to socialist as the president, and I think I have it's come up. Tripoli. Seven 7B Eck more in a minute hi, it's Glenn! If you're a subscriber to the podcast, can you do us a favor, an rate us on Itunes? If you're not a subscriber, become one today and listen on your own time, you can subscribe on Itunes thanks. This is the best of the Glenn Beck program with patents to pack, race, stupor gear Check out pack gray unleashed every weekday morning it's on six to eight central, which is seven hundred nine eastern and then, if you don't like
get up that early in the morning, you listen to it anytime. You want on podcast wherever you get those podcasts like Itunes, Soundcloud Myspace there's a little bit too much urgency in your show, your really covering the news today I like to listen to podcasts from several months ago sure those available. Yes, yes, you can listen to those as well. I like to know what's going on, what's the news of the day in April yeah we have that we have that's available. I can get any table anytime. I just don't want to pay as much as I need to probably it's probably too expensive. How does zero or so wow, yeah, very good, yeah, very good. It's an incredible bargain is a good value yeah. Normally, that's all for ninety nine. Ninety five, ninety nine yeah while but but now it's free t it's one hundred percent off. Wow yeah. Well, I mean you know PAM at a time only of course you I think you might want to raise those prices, because I think you're about to be boycotted really. I do I do I've been hearing a lot about this and, My understanding is, if you're a Republican, if you're conservative, you need to be boycotted if you voted for
trump, especially well, because you're, a white nationalist right right, auto had a clear racist in a white nationalist who voted for Trump. That is what MSNBC is letting you know, and I mean they're just one exam but this is an MSNBC analyst Rick Stangle talking about Trump supporters and whether you should boycott them or not. People boycotted apart products remember years ago by buy stock or product from any company that it Apartheid South Africa? Why is no not that same thing with with with people who support Donald Trump and the products in their companies? There has been with Equinox this past week. I've got a lot why you the same thing. Can you think of asking this honestly you're, smart guy? He put a lot of thought. So anything. Can you figure one difference, between between nineteen America, an apartheid South Africa? Is there any milk? the distinction knows you would make.
Those because I and there's not much, I can think of one minor, because I ask some hard pressed. I can't going to give it to you all right, northern hemisphere, southern hemisphere, okay, that that's the only thing I could come up with should have found that one. You know I mean it's so close yeah, it's basically the same policies as you know, but people are not allowed to be employed here in the United States, they're all separate. Now. Some people would note that the black unemployment rate is as low as it's ever been in history. Some people would note that huh and say: maybe that's not the same situation as apartheid. Maybe it's a little different yeah, maybe maybe stealing the land and raising the people, and I mean the disk action that went on in apartheid, South Africa, a tad different is not the same guy. Who did the nazi thing with him too? Didn't? He is that, same. Is it the same guy I don't know. I think I do remember that. What is this guys? Name? Rick, Stangle wow? Maybe it's a different guy yeah that guy was
was it figley, you see or so yeah that was a different guy. That was that you're talking about the Hh guy? Yes, he because Donald Trump was put in the flag back up on August. Eat that many thought it had higher It lower significant yes, because eight eight is h, H the h h as the eighth letter of the alphabet, so H h equals hey Heil. Hitler said this on national television. By the way this is this is a a serious point made a national tells like this would just like to apartheid, and it's some it's amazing. Well, what I find most amazing about it, though, is not that there's people who- or a little bit unhinged when it comes to Donald Trump. We know that it's not who are unhinged coming against any republican president. We know that happen. I mean they need to come Boucha terrorist every day. On television I mean this is not new, but I'm fascinated about, though, is just the lack of belletti to learn to learn. A very important lesson arguably
Free Clinton is not president of the United States, because she made a statement about the Donald Trump supporters being a basket of deplorables. You, of course, remember speak. It was the one of the biggest things in the entire campaign and everyone around us that were the deplorable as an and became a rallying cry and remember this: then turned on three states in about seventy thousand votes, so this is that's something that needed to be in the you know to take over the entire election. It was a very close election and you know, I think, make a sensible argument that that MO for Hillary. After the election. You can't exactly tight scientifically. Of course, you never gonna be able to pull it up, but I mean seven thousand votes was not a lot to to move on a statement that well publicized now to go back to two thousand. Sixteen first You can make a really legitimate case that what Clinton said was true Ann.
Actually you can make a case that what she said about Deplorables is true about. Every candidate has ever run a race in every single instance. Every and it has followers who are you would put in category of I'm proud to have those followers, and you put some in the car but I mean I'm glad they're voting for me, but I really don't want to be associated with them right and all Hillary Clinton was doing, was saying: look there is a deplorables of these awful people that actually are racist at all these things, and we don't. I am to get them There are a lot of other people in the Republican Party who we can get, vote for me right there. There are. Those people who are are open to voting for us because they don't like the way, Donald Trump acts or they just are- it's or whatever it is it the way she stated it was really bad, and I think it may very well cost her the election. However, the actual context of that statement, while
she exaggerated. It is largely true and is largely true with every single candidate. What have they done to learn from that moment, though they. Now we're saying there is no exception. Everyone who votes for Donald Trump, or is a Republican, is a racist. Everyone should be boycotted. Everyone should be a vilified instead of in a slice of them are bad, which is what Hillary said they're not saying all of them are bad they've, just triple and quad pull down on the strategy that lost the last election and they continue to do it day after day after day. I I if, if you were, if there is a book, a book a tell all that came out after this election and we found out that Democrats were doing everything they could do to lose by as much as possible. I would be see it was actually accurate. I it's fat sin eating the way. They're handling this going socialist as they can they're vilifying free voter that could possibly come into their into their into their pocket they're. Just they
are trying to lose this and they may very well. Do it, let's hope. So this is the Glenn Beck program. Eight hundred and eighty eight seven twenty seven Beck is the phone number of Pat and Stu, and for Glenn Glenn is back on Monday by the way so get excited uh there is a sort kind of would tie into what we were just talking about about the deplorables, but it is being, I think, completely completely miss presented to the and people and Anna, largely by conservative, audiences and conservative media right now, there's a new movie coming out called the hunt. If you saw if you watch the democratic debates, they run a bunch of ads in the democratic debates for this movie. The hunt- and I, when I saw that I was like I'll I'm in I can't we. I know I like these types of movies. It is a movie about Essentia Lee people called to wake up in a field and realize there be
hunted by some other people and it's it's the way they kind of explain it is they. It comes off. The the previews are are great there, just like it looks like it. You need to get away to a up scale, experience where it is like a hunting lodge it's like a commercial for a hunting lodge, and then you realize about halfway through that: their hunting, actual people, it's a horror movie and pretty intense and from Blumhouse, which is they made a lot of the big horror movies of the past five to ten years, and then they actually make a lot of money. Make a lot of money. Cost very little and then make a lot yeah and they've had some. I know some of their movies about put up for best picture yeah. That yeah I mean the had some real success and they've told great stories. The issue here, though, is that people you don't get this from the previews, but the reporting about the movie they're saying that Essentia Lee what happens is the people in the field being hunted are
have were called in the movie deplorables and they uh here to be essentially red staters of some sort. I don't know that it's specific to Trump, but it's some sort of like red stay others and they are being hunted by like liberals- and this is apparently like- I apparently to somebody- I don't know who, but apparently this uh buddy. This is offensive on the conservative side. And because they're saying well, these people are being hunted they're going, and this is a bad They a message to send now. There's been some controversy about the movie, because in the echo of the shootings in all of this sometime. These things get rescheduled. Some places have pulled ads for the movie because it's obviously a violent storyline and this happens It's happened a million times in the past I mean I can remember Arlington Road. Remember that Movie Arlington Road had TIM. Robbins in it, it was in the mid 90S was post to come out. I want to say it was a week or two: maybe it was a
they're two after Oklahoma City, the Oklahoma City bombing, it was a movie about a white terrorist who is kind of Timothy Mcveigh Ish. Who was you know, setting off bombs and such and the people were like a. I don't know if we were released this right after they want of delaying it in the came out later. So this stuff does happen and yet there's not it's there's nothing. You can do if your movie company right, you can't predict the news what I keep coming back to, and I just don't understand how you could you could look it any other way. Is that there's ever been a movie in history in which this This setup is the same. Let's say there is a a bunch of really rich evil people that kidnap a bunch of throw them into a field and start hunting them. Who is good guy in the situation? It's it's it's not the leader in the field right exactly this is
movie that I think quite clearly is set up, that the the Red State team is the good team. Yeah right, the other people have kidnapped them, they've drug them. They've left in a field that have started firing without explanation at them in the field, It's not a movie that is set up to vilify the right. This is movie in which you have to imagine. The right is the hero of the movie. Yes, the people the field are the ones you would think so. Yeah I mean I can't imagine like that. You know it's a five. Second, it opens up there in the field. They all fire them, they're all dead and it's over like that's not a movie. And again this comes from one. This is the same company that produced the movie, get out and It was, I believe, nominated for best picture and a bunch of other things. But if you ever that movie, it is a movie quite clearly about white girls and their racism. That is what the movie is about. It is the topic of the movie, and you know it in there. The most
evil people in the movie who are trying to do really bad things to black people at one point actually say he defends his racism. This is a guy. Murdering african Americans defenses ray somebody say uh by saying well, but I voted for Obama. I think this is now It's saying that blood houses some right wing outfit, it's not, but there willing to chase a good story, no matter what, when it comes to politics, that's what they will do and they showed this over and over again, it's a really interesting concept for a movie. It's ball z. I mean the idea, though, that conservatives they won't complain complaining about to be pissed off exactly because I would expect liberals to be pissed off at that concept. Not conservatives I mean I mean less movie takes a really strange twist. I can't imagine the people in the field getting shot out of the bad guys like that would be a very
way beyond M night Shama lawn when it comes to the twist. You know what the liberals, with all the millions of dollars, that kidnap people, are doing the right thing: innocent women in the field. Now that was right, the end Vote Elizabeth Warren. I don't think that's how this ends. You're, listening to the best of the Glenn Beck program, he had stood for Glen, eight hundred and eighty eight thousand seven hundred and twenty seven Beck got a new study, outta sugar being the poison that it is the can't it well. It's made it's it's a cancer poison or a poison to cancer. It tastes good, but it's killing you dead and you're going to drop over from any minute. Now. That's basically do I basically,
but you do a small glass of juice or soft drink a day is linked to increase risk of cancer. In case you didn't know that a small glass of juice or soda days, linked to an increased risk of cancer study finds from here is there anything not linked to an increased risk of cancer. Everything is there anything I can ingest the doesn't do that this is like the the yeah. I don't think the answer that is is, if I I think there is anything that's life like they had a uh one thing: they do all the time it will be like did you see that cell phones are linked to cancer and cancer brain can I don't like. The UN has, as said that it is pause, be carcinogenic and you're like ok. Well, that sounds pretty bad until you realize that the UN has, I think, tested three hundred different substances through this program and they have. How many have they decided are not carcinogenic, none, not really not one of them they have
now this is a cause. Cancer. It right wow, because I mean who at whites and any at some dosage right, who knows like things like pickled vegetables, for example- are possibly carcinogenic according to the? U N, yeah? It's it's it's it's like to that level. Every single thing that pops up as could possibly carcinogenic, notify you just raw Kale rocket, will well that that's possibly suicidal you you've you'll kill your right. You will kill that sell you just from the taste. Yes, I don't know if they've tested K, if not, I do have a really good recipe for Kale. Okay, you put coconut oil in the pan. You know and then there's some of these are really good. Actually, when I was at work, it's just like a drizzle yeah like a drizzle yep, and then you just kind of swirling around her no and then you put the kale in the pain, in with the coconut oil Hi High died, the you don't even turn on the heat. Yet then you take the pan, and
you put it over, a garbage can and the cal slides off right into the garbage, while wow quickly 'cause. It doesn't even stick to the pan at all costs with that oil in there as I said a lot of times- I have that issue where the tail leaves are still on there. I gotta wash it off and it's like it because you have to touch him and stuff. You have to do this with my recipe so so that works pretty well really gotta. Try that when I get home, can you would you put that out on your twitter feed the web pages kind of so we can walk people through it. I think that would be really nice another one are cancer risks should not be sugar coated. You see what they did there. All well, you see what they did there. I do a new study points to a possible link between higher consumption of sugary drinks and increased risk of cancer, Then you get soda and fruit juice linked to cancer and major study of sugary drinks over and over and over and over again. If you saw these, if you have had hassles from family members that have now said you could never have another cookie or another glass of soda in your life or juice, yeah, right
if this happened to you its interest a look a little bit deeper into what the study actually says, because if you think politic reporting sucks in this country- and I do wouldn't even imagine how much worse health and science reporting is. It is because you know at least political reporting like if, if someone comes out and says something about Republicans right, Republicans will at least fight back against it, though lately hey wait a minute. No, that's not true. Here's our argument with health and science stuff, there's not really like you know the only people who make any noise about this stuff are like the corporation that sells you, the soda, like they're, the only people who sounds like we at wait a minute actually like look at the study and no one believes them right now is going to leave them because they're, the ones selling you the soda and they think oh there's a profit motive there and not pure scientists, that are just saying saying this, and I largely it's not even a, some of the scientists a lot of times. I think we say the scientists
You know, give us these crazy studies. You know we always say this about like first is broader battery and then margarine is bad for you and then it's none of its battery. Then all this bad for you or what really is true, but that is the reporting on those things suck. It's not the studies lol. It's the reporting on it. That makes you the reporting presents it as if The study says butter was bad and now margarine is bad and now, but is go to now. Margarine is good when you look at the act. Well, studies a lot of times. What you find is very nuanced, it says it says things that probably are true a does, it make one of the two things of the devil and the other thing. God like the reporting to us so we'll come back. In sixty seconds and we'll go through. If, if, if wife or your husband has said: hey you Never have another glass of orange juice, because you're going to die of cancer will give you the truth. You
The second, this is the Glenn Beck program, so the study about sugar and cancer involved, a hundred thousand people. They asked me a bunch of survey to be well, it's a big wow that has some credibility to it. They monitored them for ok, so hundred thousand people in France monitored over a decade. That should be a solid study. Yeah. Now it's in survey. Tional study in an observational studies are different than the highest levels of scientific, like when you have yeah the blind studies and like there's sort of a higher okay of scientific study out of control group did they do all that or not such as. This is an observational studies, a lot lower, but basically taser, lower quality study, the large they split, the group. That is what the people in the groups of how much sugar they drank, either from June
so sugar, sweetened beverages. This is just drinking sugar. This isn't ingesting sugar through, like candy bars. Take or what, which is a major thing like yeah, it's going to be a person who drinks a lot of water, but then nine slices of cake a day. That's me right. Lot. Nine slices of cake or there's going to be some pie in there too spread it around in front already baked groups, and we can't leave out ice cream would be ridiculous ridiculous. So so researchers found that people who drank more sugary beverages were about twenty percent higher risk of cancer, which is pretty significant, Twenty percent higher risk. They also found that drinking just a little bit of a soda like one bottle of coke per week, could increase your risk of cancer.
Ending. This includes a free one is cold a week. Right increases your risk of cancer. They used when Jess fifteen today or whatever randomly used. Are you saying I'm generally I'm? Just generally, I tell you a guy who might drink a diet. Coke well get My fascinated is Pat just did the thing that people do in the with them yeah why they write stories like this right just wants to get cancer. Yeah click share right, three, twenty you know like and that's what happened and what they write. The stories like this and you're saying that's what we give actual perspective and look. There is something here, but let me tell you what it is. Ok, first a few issues with the studying the first thing to note cancer isn't one disease. Cancer is a huge group of conditions that we love together. They a whole range of different cancers, including prior
post menopausal, breast cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer and bowel cancer, and while there was an increased risk from drinking sugar for all cancer, it was only true for one specific subtype, pre, menopausal breast cancer. So the idea being that every other type of cancer it didn't show any increase at all. It only showed an increase in premenopausal breast cancer. Now right off the bat you think yourself, I you know, is it possible that drinking shit he drinks and I'm I'm looking? I probably don't have a respect for premenopausal safe. I feel it's life first feeling and I'm going back to juice right off the bat you're going to live in a bunch of people here. Yes, I don't want to go into identifications here. I'm nervous about that. If you will, I don't that, tell you how you identify, but you know like, for example,
happen to be post menopausal drink up right. There was no increase, their no increase for any of these other cancers, just premenopausal breast cancer, and I'm writing sing to that why they are different in some ways: premenopausal breast cancer, huge effect postmenopausal breast cancer, no effect now look they're a little different, but still, you think they'd at least be some effect for both ok, so it found no increase from any of these other cancers. The absolute risk- and this is the biggest thing you'll find in these studies more than anything in the world, to look for when you look at health and science reporting. Is this the difference between relative risk, an absolute risk. Every headline will tell you what the relative risk is. Relative risk is different, absolute risk, so here's the difference they said a there was about a twenty percent increase in the incidence of cancer
sounds really scary and it does sound really scary, but the apps Luke risk is about what percent so put it another way when they say. Okay, it's about a twenty percent risk in Que in cancer. This is how this works out. Our average beat with the people who had the lowest incidence in the in the study. Three of every one hundred people had these effects of cancer. With all that, if you were to go to the highest risk, which is, I think for sodas a day that gets it to four out of one hundred. So It was three hundred with no soda if you drink, for sort of the day, goes to four out of one hundred chance of getting cancer so it's not uh. You think people think twenty percent, like you're, going from three percent to twenty three percent know it three percent to forty four percent. It's it's a little bit, there's fractions in there, but the base. Thing so, there's a slight uptick and you wonder over a hundred thousand if they can really measure that accurately, because there's other things that go
this is an observation. Ull study, first of all, its people just telling yeah and their doctors they're not only they have they're, also not looking at any of the rest of what they're doing well yeah exactly they try to control for some of it. You know so like when it comes to income and there's certain parts of it but forward. Looking at what else is in their diet, though they, I think this partially. They are the interesting But that is when you talk about an observation, Ull study. I come in your doctor, Pat and I come in, and you say to me: hey Fatso, how many sugar sugary drinks, you have pretty good bedside manner. Obviously, you're pretty you're, really not the best doctor, your little really yeah when you say hey fat. So you look like crap today how many sodas, if you had- and I say A2- and then I go home and have nine or I go home and have none there's no way. You know that you're actually measuring when I'm drinking I'm just telling you and think about this is like a v you know once a year, I'm like well, I've have about two per week.
So does do you have per day per week how many glasses of juice? If you estimate that now out of nowhere, you wouldn't be to do it accurately. So that that's just one of the things, the false reporting major problem in these studies all the time, but it's entirely pos even likely that some other factors might be causing both the cancer and increase you're drinking. For example. We know that wealthier people drink fewer softdrinks and we know we also know they are reduced. Risk of many can't so being rich might be confounding the relationship between cancer and sugar drinking and that's just the examples they try to control for these things, but you know they're, they're, they're, doing estimates, that's kind of a strange thing to since. When do we- people not drink soda. Is that a thing is Really, I think again it's on average, so some people do, but I think a lot of times you find that wealthier people wind up spending more time on their health. You know they spend more time going to the gym. They spend and you know they're Bella for the organic
You know salad that, instead of Mcdonald's right, like there's some of those things that wind up being true over long periods of time but they're, not universal yeah? What is the again basically like if this he is right and is a million questions about it and it's not the highest quality of study? If it's right and you all the soda you want in your entire life they're saying there's, it goes from a three percent of getting premont menopausal breast cancer to a four percent chance. Now what I as a person, love soda, but I I should give you this because you did mention a path. This is everyone who who writes these crazy things about. You know these headlines. They say everything the these are sites that live off this cancer. Cancer, scare websites aren't entire industry and one of the things they always fear monger on is artificial. Sweeteners they always saying those things are going to give you cancer all the time, and they all put this study about sugar, giving you cancer in their headlines. What I will put in the headlines is this part of it? Even
which is associated with an increased cancer risk. The only safe option, aside from water, were artificially sweetened drinks which were not associated with any health issues in this research Denny's. I've been so likes Akron or sacrifice aspartame. Any of that splendor any of wow is no effect at all. Now, that's very consistent with scientific research over multiple decades, but these these sites. That would praise this If it showed, if there was a artificial, incur sweetener increasing cancer, that that would be all over every frigging new source, it's buried in paragraph like ninety, if it's mentioned at all in these studies, s stories about this bottom line is you should not be read about how much sugar your drink and if it affects your cancer. I know it's a person who loves soda. If this said to me- and it was completely true. If I had twelve sodas a day, it would increase.
It creates a risk by one percent. I still have to also today by like soviet model, you with it yeah. I got it it's better. It's better to have the information. You can actually make decisions and not freak yourself out, but I feel like people beat themselves into a panic constantly about what they can and can't eat, or the Canon can ingest what they when they have to sleep at certain times and get up at certain times, and and do all of these crazy. Things, nine million pills- and it's like guys like the human body, is relatively resilient. Try not to dip yourself at a vat of acid you'll, probably be fine more in one minute.
It's Glenn, and I want to tell you about something that you should either end your day with or start your morning with, and that is the news and why it matters if you like this, show you're going to love the news and why it matters it's a bunch of us that all get together at the end of the day and just talk about the stories that matter to you and your life, the news and why it matters, look for it now, wherever you download your favorite podcast the blaze radio network on demand.
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