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The Democrats are scrambling to make excuses for the worsening inflation, but Americans aren't buying it. News flash: It's not saving money if you still have to spend it. Glenn and Stu review the debate between Herschel Walker and Raphael Warnock. Glenn asks his wife out on a dream date: door-knocking for Sen. Mike Lee's campaign.

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The what what? What what is it, I think, you're falling apart you're losing control you're, losing your ability to associate with reality. What just because I was have an ice cream in portland this weekend right and I think the economy is booming, but that makes me touch with things, yes, the like, if you were to think for ample that the economy right now, the one we're living in his strong as hell strong as hell. That's that's I mean, I don't think anybody who says that is out of touch now. I will meet with an ice cream going in there There is an association with Hell. I've noticed yeah, it's just a different one. Yes, yes on today's on today's, broadcast on our programme show you are going to you're, just gonna love, it did. The the economy. Is strong is hell, and if you're wine in about it, is this because you don't know that you can save money, I'm not making this a yield.
able to save money on a coffee maker next year, because the inflation reduction it. So I mean right who doesn't want their coffee maker savings we talk about the herschel walker debate. He did I thought really really well banks, now, cancelling people data they're not saying why is kicking you out of the system gee. Anyone religious pain, detentions are now being banned at chase get it. To that end, I decided I am going door knocking for candidate find out. the information on today's broadcast brought dubai built bar now. Here's how you know that build bar is really really good. Stew, look up to the look at the script
You know it's really good, because nobody is even thought of worry writing this right. It does. Begin with summer- is almost here yeah and technically it is. It is almost summer twenty, twenty three isn't around the corner. Throw it around the time is flying, look, here's the thing built bar is obvious it is about their about a hundred and thirty calories, all kinds of really great flavors. I pick three or four of my favorite flavors. And now there's a glenn back box. There is Is a blaze box? There's a steve de spock's. I don't mean you trust the ace pick your food. I don't really know why not well, first of all
you, and I are food site when we ve we've been known, we're we're probably best no for our science science dinner science, deep science, and does he have that? I don't I don't think so. It's talkin talking about obedience is you should get our box at built to build dot com use the promo code back fifteen ten per and off your two right now use the protocol back. Fifteen built dot com. The only thinking locker these no man's dummy he It came out a couple of weeks ago and said: I'm going to get killed in the debate. I'm going to get killed. This guy is a preacher he's used to talking all the time. I I don't do this, I'm just a country boy, I'm a country, boy and
country boy taught the city boy a few things. I think it went shockingly really well for- and I say shockingly because he said Andrea suck, he did suck I think it was. I declare knock out by well did really well there's a way that you have occurred it was a celebrity, never done this before in its first ever debate like this there's a dirt. There, the story that goes, unfortunately, that ends in his campaign being destroyed when he gets on stage. Isn't what he's talking about he screws up whatever that did not happened at all in this effect that they don't have a potato thing. Like you know Dan quail, we're here on this guy's first debates and only debate is quite a victory that he did well. He was prepared for a line of attack that he expected to come from warnock, which were very predictable. Weena warnock, I came off his incredibly slimy
would be the word that I would use to describe his performance he's somewhat. Polished. He says he is he, as were hershel walker pointed out as a preacher he's been speaking publicly. His entire life right right So he was not. It was not like you. He worked hard stumbling over his his own words. Are, he didn't know he the heat more he looked for, do all the time, but he went Arguments that were obviously not real, he avoided. he was asked about what does he have any frictions on abortion and as usual even though he was asked be clear, be specific or do you have any restriction on abortion? All the way up to the last month did not answer the question of voided it and He just filibustered these times and I think the only the average person enjoy. I could look at this and be like alright. This guy doesn't want to answer this question. I mean that's the problem. So let's go through some of the cuts here is warnock cut thirteen talking about black.
I've matter, he told me black lives matter, and if you think by senator in Atlanta georgia to have more blight baby? There is a border anything so bright. Last matter, why have you not particular note baby instead it? Why are you not tat those babies, what a great lying, probably the best one and here he is on life that's a lie and well, most thing, output put it in a book one thing about my life. Is I've been very transparent, not the senator he's here things but same time as ursula in bullshit. You I'm a christian, I believe in life. I tell people there's. Georgia is a state that respects life be a synergy that protects life that was a lie and I'm not backing down We have set a warner people that would do
and they say anything for you see But I'm not gonna back down to the sea is too important to the georgian people. Familiar. Down right now, here. He is on also not backing down on support of donald trump walker, former president promised also considering a run for the white house in two thousand and twenty four. If you can give me a simple yes or no answer, that's on the plane as well. Would you support a trump two thousand and twenty four? Yes, I would and limited to president trump. As my friend has Do we have nothing to do that. He's not me, and I won't leave my allies, which is worth so we're not endure binding in afghanistan. They left their allies. She deserved the allies and right now on a foreign state, a lot of these people trust us no more. They don't trust to be strong anymore so there wait and see who's gonna stand up who's, gonna trust. And they have no one to trust right now, because, as a present from my friend- and he-
stand up by one year, voting within ninety six percent of their time. Let me real It was interesting because that when he says he does want to stand up with Biden that comes from a moment in the debate where he would not say just right before this question was ass, he would say whether he would support? bite in running and twenty twenty four he wouldn't say that he was sure he run and twenty before he was a god. I'm not thinking about. I haven't put one moment of thought in just twenty twenty four. Are you kidding me? This is twenty twenty two. It's a few weeks away. I haven't even thought about that crossed my mind. One time now. Does anybody believe that the senator from georgia is not thought about the two thousand twenty four election? Everyone watching that knew he was lying and look. You you may or may not like donald trump at what you do know when you watch herschel walker answer that question is he's not lying he's just telling you yet I want you might not like trump. You met him I'll, be your friend. He might not be your kind of guy I support him, he's my ally, I'm sticking with them. That was.
They got a really powerful, pardon and and talking about how how both warnock and Biden were arguing that everything went well in afghanistan as we abandoned all of our allies. There was, it was a really power, four way of time. That altogether I mean it again. That's that's something that a guy who's never been in. A debate before can usually pull off, yet he did but really well, because it seems totally natural or to cut for herschel walker. You believe in reducing insulin, but at the same time, gotta eat right because here may not know, and I know many people- this isn't a lesbian, yeah eating right didn't he's doing you know get these, so you have to get food prices down. to get gas thousand wouldn't go get insulin and you continue to purchase your phone back, but right now families are stored. Right now. Families are heard in their herd and because of the bills in those you pass in right now,
I don't do you know it's. Six out of ten americans are living paycheck to pay check Just are barely making it. They ve had to cut back on everything six out of ten and the economy roaming yeah. I know- and this goes to this is a new york times article today with an amazing headline, its democrats, two trillion dollars to save the economy. They, don't want to talk about it with figure this is the central accomplishment of the bided administration and of war knox. First, two years this two trillion dollars and spending, and none of them will even mention that it occurred. he warnock avoided it pretty entire our never talked about this too. trillion dollars they spent shouldn't, be all they're talking about. Here is the biggest spending plan. Any of us have ever seen and He doesn't want to acknowledge it really mark market here is herschel walker
war knox church that seems to be throwing people out He won't answer doubt about evicted. Do people from the church in autumn I will pay their pay their server you victim them right now we have. This is why we have not evicted. We have now victor delight and right article weak with you your most of my time and I would say I shouldn't we start talking to each other. We really have now. Did you think you didn't? I am at these and and and should take that money and pay it back to the veterans that he expects it won't rosy unity that he's now desperate, if he had reared. In that thing, you ever saw that I had nothing to do with it, but he is out there but right now he really want that see he's I'm telling you I didn't it. in one. It is written in a paper. I didn't do this well senate.
you d. It is ok to speak the truth, wow what a whole and finally herschel occur and the police one thing I have not done: I've never pretended to police officer and and I've never never threatened a shoot out with the police. I have found a way of living on respond today and you know what so funny. What we mean to produce evidence honour this. It was no longer willing to leave me. Mr walker, really proud of nourishment needs to. Let you know monsieur walker. You are very well aware of the routes tonight. Yes, and you have a problem that is not allowed, sir. I ask you to put
proper way. Where's multiply real visa problem, more rob, Mr Mr walker. Oh my god, I can't believe you're very it is it's. It's definitely not a prob ly. a pen and a piece of paper. If the I says, and you can even right and then I write down with his pen in paper. Yes can and hold it up. Is the paper a prop if he's sitting there and his his badge is in his pocket. Now you can see him reach for it yeah, so it's not It's my wallet now he's my wallet. A prop he's saying that I don't have these privileges. Now I don't know the store behind it. There now writing it as if it was a prop badge like he got it from hollywood is now It is an actual badge. Now I dont know what what that guy I him, but that's not a prop. I think he d
extraordinarily well yeah and like I, he think he needed to prove to people the people of georgia that he was able to do this right. He was able to right in these circles and talk about these issues and nobody was talking about. I think he pulled that off. That's a big step for a candidate, again who's running his first campaign like this. you know? We do not see that at a john federation if this happens right, I mean it's katy hobbs at arizona wanting to go out on the debate stage with carry lake. I mean I herschel walker showed himself to to do to be some one to be reckoned with, and that's it. That's a big step in a race like this, if you're afraid of your candidate, the one you're running against, if you're, afraid of them, Are you to stand up to Putin? Are you to stand up to Biden how you gonna stand up to trump. Are you to stand up
you're showing me you're, afraid of of a debate, a being exposed will being exposed for what, for what pretending to be a cop, having an abortion. I hear Wasn't afraid of that? What are you afraid of your record. is I wanted his the people. you a line yourself with. Is that what you're afraid of. Well, then that should tell you something maybe you're on the wrong side, but if you don't believe you're on the wrong side. Why don't you have the courage to stand up and defend the things you're for assist its its cowardice cowardice all around.
Stand up for what you really believe? This is the best one by programme? Okay. So let's, let's stop in saudi arabia. Shall we member when the press? Whenever it should please, it's more oil and they said nah. I mean well pump couple rid thousand gallons. You know four barrels for ya. That's all we can do cause. You said you were gonna, destroy us any. Don't seem to be a friend of the oil industry. Can I what we do and then he said: okay! Well, can you just to hold until after the election, and then they came out. and they cut it too one hundred thousand barrels and said you know your president wanted you to to I know that it was go away before the election. We thought you should know that interfere.
With the election who Biden or the saudis, sure which one you mean So then he said: there's gonna be repercussions for that. I'm not gonna. Tell you right now what they are, but saudi maybe they're gonna, be repercussions Here's, saudi arabia's response this week in anybody the challenges this existence of this country- and This king them of us, we are broke of jihad, marker and martyrdom that's my message, hand, you did the things that you can threaten us. Ok, ok, that's good! That's good! By the way that just and so what does he know right? What does he know? Just some guy up the street prince. Maybe can play the guitar. Maybe I can't I don't know this is the prince of saudi arabia around jihad and yeah Adam? What could we walk
I will go wrong, certainly theirs. more than any other previous consequences when saudi array- It has decided to embrace them or jihad, no not with any real effect. No, no there's a there's a thing in september. That happened one time yeah it was once it was a long long time ago. I don't even remember it yeah. Let me give me another story: Utah candidate, owen mic malt muffler tat has been over one point: six million dollars to democratic firms, and uses the fund raising platform act. Blue we heard yeah well, he is, he has said, he's an independent he's, an independent wholeheartedly and independent, not a democrat at all. At the point in his life, yeah yeah where he's way he you said he paid point six million dollars to welcome, so he gets donations and to get them he uses act blue
so as the fund raising tool for the democratic party, Z tallies via partisan, lube act blue, not like sad, but like a democrat act, blue campaign also paid seven hundred and fifteen thousand dollars to break something that sounds like it. Conservative Lumumba sounds just like you talk to when I asked. I think you want to go. There ring make savings, YAP break something a quote: full service, digital advertising and political, consulting firm. That specializes in- and I am quoting electing democrats- furthering causes and creating change, and quote so that's whose help him out on that and then he paid two hundred and eighty one thousand two precision strategies: a democratic, consulting firm cofounded by
if any cutter top adviser on the pro Biden outside group, building back together, so Zob. Old back better its building back together. so he's doing also he paid hundred and eighty two thousand dollars to impact research, democratic research and pulling firm. That includes president Biden as a client along with other self, several left, obliquely, leaning groups So he's and he's got more than that, but I you know, I think that's enough. That's enough! For me, I mean, don't you think, there's no held. Is it s, gone, yeah, There's no way the people utah are this? Are they I Don'T- I don't think so- but here I mean I am I'm really concerned about this, so they may be? I am it odom. Can you get my wife on the phone? I I I emailed her this morning, and I said what are we have planned for the weekend
and she said nothing, and so then I texted her and she has texted back but you wanna go door, knocking for my. I can't take it anymore. I can't I can't I cannot take it. I just want to sit down with some mc muffler for and say what tat s wrong with you. What is wrong You honestly, you don't. This you don't get that what what their try to do. Is a run away from their disastrous parties? symbols and there and their packages that they ve done run away. they can't run somebody that can actually stand on anything then Do they do romney, I'm guessing hoping that maybe there'd be a fifty. Fifty split split. You know forty, nine, If you are in some way that and that way, romney could have a swing boat go his way come on now my swing over our way, which is their way just so you
so really our way it's their way. Hey honey, sweetheart below you talking to me utah gonna. Make me you talking to me, but on any you I'm thuggery you hey, listen! What do you say we. What do you say? We live the life of a jet centre and we we fly some american airline or something, and we just we set off into the sun and we dornoch MIKE Lee this weekend. Oh, come! True right, you know anything likely is just like action, packed with hope, I was waiting for you to ask me for this. I don't know hey one of the perks of marrying me that you never thought you'd see. Yet are you if you like manner, and we all kinds of twists and turns in this relationship and
is one of em area. So you are. We will you come with me. I want to go. Ok, I can go orders. The two of us. Are you all in it? Well, I you know maybe possibly say remain Madrid heads rafe, the EU will leave gun he's got the dog he's fine to occur? Something happens here. Using honour the dog, whatever don't use the gun on the dog and then in our cheyenne she's, fine, he's financing or whatever I I'm most worried about the dog. Actual more worried about, okay leaves the boy with a gun, the dog and some dog food. Maybe now I hope like aren't. I love you. I love you are now. I'm gonna call my kids
If I can go door, knocking down. Does MIKE what you d d or not for him? No, I don't think so, because everybody you endorse loses the. I know That's why I'm not endorsing now you're, just door, diving for him door, knocking for I'm just going insane. I'm not gonna. Do the typical hey I'm here to talk about MIKE. I'm just gonna ask you: are you from muffler they say yes, I'll, say what the hell is wrong with. This is probably not the best way to approach this nuclear. Maybe I should do a big rally. Who did this is mike speed. Mike is nothing mike I am likely and I did not endorse. The exit has no idea. I obviously want to ask people in Utah who are considering this. You ought to come with bacon, have an extra. If you know ticket you'll have to go as a woman with his tongue, at the same night. Here too, if look it's one thing for you to go doctor
there's another thing for me and addressed to doctors for my own, just a ban on our only if I live to ticket in her name, you just have to try and resolve matters, have to vienna public airport in addressing I'm happy child I really do want to ask people of utah, though, who are considering this I get like you might think you might Leave what Mcmahon macmonnies saying about beatnik mufflers saying about being an independent. He won't be behold in any one but think as him. kids to think about what gone just read just the ink radical amounts of money coming through democratic power. These pipes that fund democrats all over the country, millions and millions and millions of dollars going back and forth between the who. Do you think this guy going to be beholden to write when this is over. Do you think he's go to the republic in part. You think he's gonna vote for lower taxes. Do you think he's going to do any of the things he
he's snow he's going to do when he gets in a sense going to he's going to end the the the partisanship. That's it I mean he's a cia agent. He knows how to do that. It's quite clear because we know this already. The guy ran for prayers in two thousand. Sixteen any sounded like a completely different human being. Yes, he's moved completely since just two thousand and sixteen when he was already running as an anti trump candidate, he's moved completely Lee from that. These changes all these viewpoints from back in that at that time, what we possibly make you believe he will not. It directly beholden to chuck Schumer if he were to get that makes. You believe what he says I won't caucus with the Democrats will win course he will or see he's using all of their infrastructure, thereby is a he's, He is why he's a c, I a guy that has info,
traded, so many minds of Republicans that oh no he's not that the guy is a ghost. He is a I'm a cracked. They are either a democrat democratic party is currently attempting to buy. him a senate seat. Yet, if you do I think he is going to do everything he can to pay them back if he gets this You are a moron This has no. Not even I don't even want to do. Not even that to you, you don't go. To their carcass and have throw off their their Democrat can that wanted to run yep and have have him speak. and then the caucus is like yeah we're not gonna. Have the democrat run we're not gonna run we're picking this guy. What why do you think they didn't that war Do you think the Democrats did that this man will o the jet
credit party, his life. He will owe them. Every single vote. He oh whose them he's entire political future? If you put this guy in the senate, he will chuck humor That is how we will be if you to elect chuck Schuman in you. Then you can do that that up it is currently available to you gotta come you gotta, come with me now think of sentences. The conversation we need to have in people's living rooms that are thinking about mc muffler, If you want to have jobs issue, then so be it! You can have em. That option is available to you, but I might get crazy. You know a lot of people think well, independent, well and well down another. We harness with yourselves. Another reason said that their thinking, that is because This story, is not in the salt
tribune, it can be found in the desert, news gay so People who read the papers, they're, not hearing any of this you're watching Levin are you hearing any of this? What they ve done in utah, is what they ve done to the rest of the country, and I ve just block all the information about the truth and their spinning and their buying it, and this is your life rest of the country if this works, this is your life in every election cycle, you're in a red state and you want to have. It normally have a republican, a democrat that debt, the republican wins by fifteen points. Wait until you see some bs. independent candidate on the ballot they're going to try this in every red state. If this thing works it
is not just a utah story. It's not just the Michael. This story is not just a constitutional story. It is the story of what the Democrats will do to try to manoeuvre the election system and manipulate the parties to try to get people who are not following things all that closely to vote in democrats in deep red states. This is what they are trying to do, and this is also the beginning of them, shedding their democratic label. That's what's going happen in the future. They have destroyed the word democrat that they will shed that label and become something new and improved. You know kind of like build back, better becomes the inflation reduction at its the same in crap different label? america buys it. That's It's happening here. That's what's happening here. I suppose I should probably call mike
lie before I suggest to you that you want to come knock doors with mayor you want to. I don't know, I have no idea, I'm doing something. Yeah. Just thinking MIKE may not want me to come out because of my record. He may want you to go campaign for Evan mcmullin right owen, mc muffler, with muffler. Thank you. Sorry. You can't get that right. Can you know it's a tie of the ones that have the problem with the names here you are calling him whatever you're calling yeah? No, that's! My famous! Oh, wouldn't make muffler hello it's an amazing thing that they're trying to do there and they will try it all across the country of this. success, if this is even close to successful yeah I'd so hard, pullings all over the place on this race most of the poles have mightily up by actions durable margin. There are a couple of poles have magala up slightly? hard to know where my guess is. The truth is that Michael EAST, the winning this race, but who knows with theirs
at the time to be complacent about it, yeah, I'm user, and this? I mean there is that there should. There should be no question on this this, this should be a blow out nationwide and of course, there would be no no question If they ran a Democrat with the de next to his name and it would you're running one with an iron extra stand. If everybody on the media wasn't shutting out the truth, they were actually telling both sides that I don't care. If you go ahead, but you know shovel all the lies for the left just happen. Shovelling, some of the truth from the right. What are you We try that you think there Oh flies great shovel. Both let america decide what is true that the only reason they have scared people. done everything they can have. No, for fear, walk through through a wall of fire. If you have to
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Than any other human, and that's the only thing I like about a year. You likes ice cream. That's the only thing I have in common with job. I am so many he was asked, are you concerned at all about the strength of the dollar in the midst of rising inflation. Harry he his answer, the questions why worldwide or like the other countries, not so much the okay? So he's not concerned about any of this. I'm not concerned. I use concern about the rest, the world, our economy as strong as hell. Let them eat cake or ice cream. I mean The ice cream. It's right here, plenty of it! Thirty two! ivory what's wrong with you, come on aiming at some ice cream? Okay,
I then he says inflation is worldwide and that's impacting everyone. Yes, it is worldwide. The question is why? probably because why why everybody is in massive debt and when I say everybody, I'm not talking about you, even though you might be in massive debt, I'm talking about The sovereigns are in massive debt. Massive debt, like the kind that no way no way that kind of debt everyone else is doing terribly, because they all imitated the bite in power. Sees in the bite in approach to the past couple of years right and not only the Biden policies, but they also mirrored the obama policies of let's daylight. Everybody out. How did we win in previous examples of this
the other way. Yes, when every one was trying, socialism and communism, we said no capitalism, yes right as one over and over again, because we did the opposite of what all these other terrible governments wanted to do was the globe. This time we did the same thing. I wasn't workin out its work. It out really well or not Let me let me just show you ok, so he's eating ice cream either to have time to talk about the dollar. The relation to the dollar, with inflation cause that had just get messy, he's gotta now kin for ice cream. Not for questions like that. so here's the Biden economist talking about what their plan is, make sure that were as strong as hell cut to you. I guess I'm just curious A lot of americans are curious when the so called inflation reduction act will really start to bring down inflation juries so
The many parts of the bill will start to take effect next year. For example, there are cats credits for energy to help people, whether your home and also bring down other forms of energy costs, so we are focused on helping to make that transition to clean energy, in a way that bring energy costs for fair goodness. So now, next year? If you want to spend money. Why the rising your house, you'll, get it axe, break If you dont have money too, Spend the money will, then you can't earn the money, but we all know it takes money to make money right. So come on people work with me here you got some whether stripping coming, but also, let's not forget the coffee makers, cut nine same way within watching their inflation reduction act has adieu,
your ability to be able to get tax credits for fine. Have you need contribution, coffee machine, wash new reform, guy and efficient. Four director efficient confirmation? You get attacks credit for cost. You less money is estimated level. Femoral save five hundred dollars years? Well, just as for whether in your home. Loser windows, people, oh and by windows or stop stop. I can't I can't even imagine the savings we're nap if bought a new washer and drier occur few machine and a refrigerator and they were the right kinds, the average, we can say five hundred dollars. Why are we all not out right now, buying refrigerators, washers in dryers and then, and there listen to this issue You buy a new front door. The dozen the cold erin? you're gonna, save even more.
If you, whether rise all you have to do you gotta home depot, they ve got refrigerator They ve got washer and dryers. Ok, while these guys were open during covert to that, another story, I'm sure you they got washer dryers. They have coffee machines, they also they also have refrigerators and I'm sure the kind that you could get a tax break for you could also by the weather stripping and a new front door think how rich yoga its ice cream for everybody. It really is its ice cream comes from anybody. We certainly are on the precipice of cocking. Ourselves into prosperity, and at any moment that's gonna. Kick Antonia people to understand that right around the border. Now it like, when you're spending money on a washing machine on dry, on drier on what rising home people do realise that yours, spending money right by giving have too little money now and you decide to go and buy all these things and then in
in Europe than this weird world. We're gonna say you ve saved five hundred dollars on it, but it's incentives five thousand you're spending forty five hundred eyes right. So that's not like that That way, you can. I save money right see. This is something that I've tried. When I was younger, I tried use this with my wife. You honey it's on sale so worth saving money, and she would say is on say: she'd, say no. It still money, we don't have an I'd, say: but worse saving money and that I don't have a ferrari. Ok So you never save money, care how much the ferrari is on for sale. You still have to buy the ferrari online. Ok now I am You have some good news, we're not talk Just whether stripping ok,
I am so glad to hear this president, Biden has signed congress. Consolidated appropriations act, twenty twenty two. He signed it into law at that is providing funding for a five year, research plan to be cut, coordinated by the white house office of science and technology policy,. now. I believe this is the same guy. That was. Was just sanctioned or the same woman that was just sanctioned by the actual academy of science for lying, but don't worry about it they are going to look into. Ways we can dim. The sun sets out for global warming and they ve got a few ideas that I think I think, it's worth millions and millions of dollars, because I don't think some people would say you:
You want a what that could turn out horrible me. What are you excuse, you wanna what but I would say we work capable of knowing all of the ramifications of this, so the words what we can do is we can put gratis fearing aerosol injection in about two The sixteen miles above the earth- and they see that will accomplish what volcanic eruptions have otherwise achieved in locking the sunlight and that will temporarily cool the earth. Now, don't worry, vegetation don't worry about anything else. Okay, this is we're pretty info five years from now, we're gonna be pretty sure. Now they don't absorb sunlight, and so it just its
god giant mere just bouts. Is it your rubber? I am glue Kay Whatever you say, bounces off of me in do something like area, okay, anyway, the early cost of the programme to cool the earth by one degree would be ten. In dollars and that's been corroborated by the gates foundation. South so we have that you know had been corroborated by the Montgomery burns foundation. I think I think I think so now, say: that there might be a few problems with this, it might Do some really bad damage, that's unforeseen to global region region. climate and that could affect
the sea, water, temperature or the participation, are persistent precipitation patterns or it could make the ocean get very, very acidic but it would. They say it would come down for ten billion dollars. So we've we've we've got that the other things were thinking about doing just cloud seeding particles to the lower atmosphere to increase their reflectivity of the low hanging clouds over bodies of water that bring some temperature right out or there's another idea. Just Canada get rid of the clouds because then? The heat won't be trapped in this the opposite of their old plan. Of doing this, which was too to spread soot over,
for the north, the north pole, north pole. That was when we were worried about global cooling, and this is global warming stew. So this is entirely different. Thankfully they didn't go through with with that particular land would have been very bad, but now I think we've learned the lesson, and this is the g, engineering, movement- we know when talking about these ideas and I think it is important to point out yet the jew. All the things you just disgusting, r, R and d are not good idea to me. I don't think we should to them. That would be clear. at that. Are you a scientist? No okay. I certainly follow the science yeah. I don't think we need to listen to somebody like you know. It's true that's pharaoh, but over the american, people deserve our scientists, they're nuts. I some some other work but yeah, but click. Quite this it is quite clear, yeah all the ideas you just discussed are far more seen, then what their acts proposing. Oh I you know what I compare legally agree with you and that should
tell you something should asking all first to reverse civilization and technological process, progressing and make everybody all the poor. people in the world. Their energy more expensive is a far worse idea. Then. doing some research on potential geo engineering projects that might happen. I'm tired of hearing you justice, just just why, in over and over again, are you better off than you were two years ago a whole beppo? Definitely now lots of people are. Not you perhaps button, but vladimir, wooden taliban. There are much better George soros better off. Ok, so I don't want to hear about you: haven't ice, cream combining family binding family. My search is so much much so monkeys, artists now
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