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Pat Gray joins to discuss the sexualized assault accusation against CNN anchor Don Lemon. Andy McCarthy, contributing editor for National Review, joins to discuss the Steele dossier, Kyle Rittenhouse, and Biden's diary. Glenn comes back to a question Stu asked regarding cryptocurrency and shows how history is repeating itself.

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Hey great podcast today you don't want to miss it. There are some there's the best news I have heard in twenty years and- and I don't think, that's an exaggeration- something that I think he is going to make a huge huge difference in America and our society. We also we go through a lot of the Good NEWS, even though it seems kind of add our frustrating that doesn't seem like things are happening. They are you have the the Rittenhouse trial that we go into today. You also have Russia Gate and this weird project, verity story. We talk to any Mccarthy about all three of those. It is so important. Also CNN and a prediction on what Amerika is facing: you don't want to miss it all. On today's forecast
The only thinking you don't forget order, pre order, my new book, the great reset anything you need to know the great reset your find it on Amazon, DOT, com, is the rise of the twenty first century. Fascism, Joe Biden in all the players is coming out in January order it now, so you get it right away. We welcome the programme, Pat Gray from Pat Gray, unleashed the program that can be heard on the blaze, radio and television network prior to this programme also available wherever you find your podcast pat
don't know if you listen to the maiden Kelly Show yesterday, Stew did you I did hear at the end of a year. I listen to all of it this morning. When I got up, it is incredible. It is the story of the guy. that Don lemon assaulted in a hamptons bar. Oh well- and you know- I think I've read something about this, but not a lot. It's yet been around for several months in several years actually happened years ago, but you're, not hearing anything when anything about Fox. It was everywhere it was everywhere, but this guy's protected and see an end is protecting him and it I want you to hear the accusation and there are several witnesses of it. So we know this did happen and its true, this guy
in his name is just a high sea walks into this bar in the hamptons he's a bar tender. He has the night off his boss is with him. They go into this bar he seized on lemon their walk and by and he's like, hey Don T buy a couple, a drink, I want some lemon drops and done I'm in said, hey man, I'm just trying to be left alone in his like cool sorry and walks away stay the bar a few minutes later, like fifteen or thirty minutes later, Don Lemon walks up to him at the bar and I'm gonna. Let him describe what happened so I walk around the bar and five it goes by and walks he comes. the more comes to me, and he says for in my language, but he says you like me is that why you're with me and I said no. I just wanted to say what's up, and I was asleep what's this guy's problem in
I looked at my boss and in tat moment puts his hand down his parents and others here he s doing. start that around like a mad dog at yes after he says. Are you you like me? Is that wire a thing with me? I said no, I just wanted to say what's up in and I look my boss in the back and he has his hand in his pants rubbing himself impressively in each shut, two fingers off underneath my mustache, throw my head back says: do you like it Let me say a two or three times after that, and I just said what the hell men and I just ran up back door, so forgive my in delicate question, but but when you say put his hands down is his pants. What kind of pass was he wearing and how do you know what he's doing in there he was wearing shorts, and I mean it is pretty obvious to everybody that saw him when he did, just rubbing himself and
within two reached crisis hands up under my face enough to trust in my head, so this guy runs out of the bar. He doesn't do anything except leave the bar. He leaves with his boss, and they're just standing outside knees like I've, just like shocked, he said and its reminded me of me, when we had an incident, wasn't sexual in nature, but it was a violent incidents and I but when it happened, I said exactly what he did did do that just happen no idea I was hit by a guy like was I just hit by an adult? That's what I said just now to have the same thing. That's what he said he's like. Did this just happen? and I again he's like. Should I go back in and say something does always like. Now I ll leave it alone burn so
by and ass he points out in the interview. What is it what happened to that story? If he don't goes back it and punched him in the face, all he's all right he's a homo foe pathways races. All these things, you don't know you ve got no within the intersection allergy battle. They're here so he just leaves and- he. Then the next day he's at his bark is he's a bartender Jimmy Fallon is at the bar and there we at the end of June, is apparently a very nice guy and knows everybody in and he was talking to him and one of the guys who hated you here would happen too, Dustin withdrawn lemon last nineties like no and they start telling him the story and fallen, looks at him a ghost cheese. Why would he want
I'm sorry that happen, bananas, interesting because in theory he would be able to testify that that story was told in the next acts day young- and this is by the way, the hamptons. So you know lots of rich people, lots of celebrity celebrities and they're all not acting themselves, see the gazelle situation. We don lemons in a bar one night and Jimmy Felons and the next night, but that somewhat regular in that area and and it is a very tight community, One guy spoke out in his defence and his employer found out about it and fired him. He was a private chef for some celebrity and they heard that he had spoken out against on lemon and fired him for it. This guy, he said at first, I didn't know what to do. I just can't laughed about it. He said as the summer went on, I became the laughing stock of the community said every bar. I walked into their like about a couple. Eleven drops,
and he was constantly MA about it and I dont know if it was necessarily mocking like making fun of him but setting up a bad incident like one of real known as that guy and I am also he talks about it. He said you know, I felt that you after words I felt like my manhood was challenged and, as somebody who is a a lie, If time weeny, I can tell you that I don't have the ability to back, I mean if somebody was like doing that to me. I wouldn't even occur to me to punch back because or to punch, because I don't I don't even know. How do I think I would hurt my hand is. Why would area gun right now? That is why I would throw a punch- and I know I would be like out and everybody who witnessed it would go.
how you throw upon okay, we ve seen you throw a ball sideways wagglewiggle you about that guy. So it is really bad and as somebody who has you know who does have a lot of masculinity in the first place because of things like that and made fun of as a kid her it wouldn't really bother me walking out. and then not doing it, then everybody go and, like you know, you're the woman drop. It would have bothered me that I didn't do anything, well, he said He was trying to get past it until he heard Don lemon. Give monologue. There is no standard way. Survivors talk about sexual assault. It is always a police phone call and rape kit or report. filed with HR Sometimes aid all talk at all for years even decades. sounds a little comes out and a conversation with a friend partner or doktor
and sometimes it comes out. all at once. Why is it so high? to talk about what part of it is fear and part of it is doubt Will I be believed, will I be blamed? Will I have evidence Do I have to relive what happened, Well, everyone judge me and if I speak out, will it even matter people are tricky characters? innocent until proven guilty must remain the law of the land, but same time? Some guilty people do cloaked themselves and innocence after all, bill. Cosby was a mere Is that not so long ago? Are we rested? In truth, we address and feeling? or is there as well we seem to be these days. A political game being played with peoples live. Ok
so he said I could rentable. I couldn't do it like this. Guy is making him too. He said he had to move away from the hamptons you move back to Florida. He's like I could take it anymore, and I just wanted to start my life over again, and so we move back any said and that monologue happen any like this guy is holding himself up as being pillar of virtue and them he too movement again. Sexual harassment and that's what he did to me an in so his lawyers came up with. A hundred of us are one point: five million dollars to sue him civilly and He said in it? It's not about the money because she said: is there anything you would settle for, and he said it would happen, start with an apology. It admission of guilt. He said that's all I want is that I did and it was wrong and I apologize and
That's the one thing lemons not willing to do. Cnn is smearing Dustin yeah, and I just I just I think this is a really important story for a car love reasons. one hundred, and horrible story for four does denies and it's an important story that these people can't sweep these select. What's the difference between this and in what is good name, the guy in Hollywood, that did it for all those years and everybody knew Harvey why hardly wine sting while no railways returns? I know I know I let us but sure their responsibility. They know this guy. They know Don Lemon has done this and their protecting because he's part of their group gay, it's the same thing when people things and there in their group. They don't say anything so me too means nothing. The second thing is
This is CNN, protect in Don Lemon formal and Jeffrey tube in it becoming a. a sick, sexual club, because to be the end of its the price to get in my support, situations it's pretty creepy. I want other quit deed here Glenn another pet. If you heard this either he said Don lemon has already offered him five hundred thousand dollars for this to go away. Why so like that was really real, annulling evidence that this did happen? Oh yeah, Weena what're, you doin, and it happened. You know it's such a weird and sick thing to do is somebody that you he didn't start you don't flowers there than deadened didn't just that was the first time it happened. He said,
anybody that acts like that in public with and without any fear of what it might do to somebody or the consequences. It might have. That's a pattern. Yep he's done it before he's done so similar aunt em, again we're talking about arrogance, the arrogance the arrogance of Cuomo on night after night after night too, working as a hero and a champion of women when he has sexually harassed a boss, As soon as she wasn't his boss, she, he harassed her in and energy is held up as a champion to be the guy writing the words for his brother. who in saying I'm not involved at all in any of this in its all sexual harassment for Jeffrey Tube in two to do that. How can any one
kit him seriously, how could any woman that's worth it CNN look at and not think of him in the corner of their screen. Masturbating and. I dont lemon look in. Air arrogance. They will fail They are getting so arrogant, so arrogant. There's a dark side to that. but the only thing that happens is failure with stupid and criminal arrogance Failure fires every this is the best one big programme Farsi is with US friend of the programme. How're ya, Andy great one hour. I am good so
I am. I am seeing a collision course here of arrogance and lies. Come, up right up against the truth, and I'd like to get your opinion on on these three stories and tell me what's really happening, can we start with the written house trial, you're, ok, I want to play you some testimony from the Rittenhouse trial that came out yesterday here it is cut for rain, cracked. It wasn't until you pointing you're gonna advanced. I am your gun on your hands down pointed at him. Then he fire, cracked, ok, so this is, The prosecutors case, the price. Secures case, and this is I think, the third witness that has shown that there
here. This was clearly self defense. You know why One was like he only shot when the other guy lunged for his his rifle. You know this guy was pointing a gun Kyle Rittenhouse and that's when he shot him never seen the prosecution put people on that should be for the defense ever before in my life. Have you not? to this degree, and I think, when you know, there's two alarming things going on here, which upset people one is. There is obviously a divide that makes that should make you busy beach in what goes on in today's prosecutors offices, where social justice is as important as constitutional justice in determining who gets charged and with what, because this
the case I think we're. The prosecution was clearly driven by the mob to bring a charge that in broad and then the disconnect is in the four corn up a trial. If the judge is doing job in applying the law, then constitutional law still applies so you trotting when you take a case, but should never been the case in the first place, it's one thing to say: just up about it in the media is quite another to bring it into court measure seeing what happens in court where they have to. beyond a reasonable doubt that the person they charged with murder committed murder the cases collapsing lapsing in a spectacular fashion. I mean I'm hearing the testimony of the past the commission when that guy said that yesterday just put his head in his hands, I mean it was. It was a moment of incredible defeat and I I
I mean I just feel like. I know what happened, but I've just feel like the judge should be saying what the hell is this, even in my courtroom, for that, hopefully, that's the question ill asked at the end of the prosecutors presentation once they decided to go forward with the trial. I guess they have to let the prosecutors try. Make their case currently finish their presentation, but there is a bum. point of law in a trial where the defence gets to move for dismissal of the case be where they have to put on any evidence were defined. do anything, and so hopefully the castle and then You think it will do. You think you think that will happen, seated. There is at least misdemeanor charge which involves the end a vague charge at the judge may throw out for legal reasons, but if he allows them to survive, is an argument that a jury.
resolve. Whether written out is guilty of. Possessing a gun illegally because he was under eighteen under the statute, but its statute very clumsily written. It's not claret applies to him, but that's the only charge that I can see so far that you could the argument that maybe the jury should resolve that that the murder counts they should go So what does this tell you about Keith Alison, who took an ratcheted the charges up to murder You have to look at the motor statute, but that it is Bob. You talk about Ellison, he tell us and the attorney general yeah how'd. You know I think for example, when you looked at the beginning, was the attorney general in immense chauvelin trial. Yeah. I want to say that I too, am I talking about two different case. You have not that's Minnesota, so
Who is the prophet? Who was the it was lead prosecutor or the somebody above. The team came in and said ratcheted up- and I was thinking of Ski Felsenburgh chosen wrong state. Yet was a good arguments that I did that to but to be the year. I dont know what the name of the prosecutor is a phenomenon you're talking about, certainly happen, which is that the mob push to these arches and the thing is justice in a court. Is not a morality play, you know, you may look at the world and decide that we have endemic Sir, You may decide that there's a lot of things that are bad, that are one related to murder. Like you know, us Continual kid shouldn't have been out on the street in a may, lay like that on you, you can have all those views, but in a court room, the issue is the charges that you bring. Can the prosecutors prove the elements of
charges beyond reasonable doubt and all the noise is supposed to be tuned out. While we decide those very important questions, prosecutors is supposed to analyze. Those questions actively and dispassionately before they bring charges. But what you are saying is that political pressure, brought to bear on the prosecutors to bring the charges and look. Sometimes they get away That is good. I think, there's a lot of things that happened in me show trial, but without alluded to we're very disturbing that case May. He held up on appeal, but he's got a lie: arguments to make about due process are. I am, I'm gonna, take a quick break. First of all it. This is a federal prosecution, gets his murder charges, they say it ain't so can the feds come in after this. If this is dismissed and read, charge him. I dont see evidence of a civil rights violation blind, but that would have to be there. That would have to be their basis becoming, and I don't see it
Mccarthy is a former assistant. U S attorney for the southern district of New York. He was the guy who led the prosecution and ninety ninety five on the first World Trade center bombing. The planning of a series of tax on New York City landmarks, He has also been now contributor to the prosecutions on many many terrorist. He resigned from the Justice Department in two thousand three. and is a is a trusted friend in and guide here on some of these things, Andy, let's. Let's go to the Durham case I had than up hope that anything was gonna happen now, I'm not so sure. Can you tell me What you know about what the what the indictments mean and where are you
think they're headed Glenn. It looks like the dick. Indictment suitable for the last six weeks, one against the current camp The lawyer, Michael Saucepan, are one of the lawyers So the one against this guy eager Dent Shankar, who is the main source for the infamous steel dossier, on their very discreet, in terms of the narrative, even though the charges are pretty pedestrian there? lying to FBI agents, but he lays out a theory where it looks to me like where he's going. Is that the Trump rush collusion story line was essentially a concoction of the quantum campaign, which not only formulated it through the city the dossier among other things, but peddled it. to the media and to an all too credulous FBI
which enable them to argue that to the electorate that tromp was a potent. rapid and that he was under investigation by the FBI for being a potent puppet. So I think that's what happened here? The issue has always been. Is the government in on it or is the body dupes and DORA seems to be going with the theory in these cases that the FBI was duped? I believe that it will help I've always thought they were pushing on an open door. And, let's not forget, we have a when I say pushing on endorsing the people who brought this anti trump information to the FBI. These guys were predisposed against Trump and they figured that if they integrated long enough, the evidence would bear out their predisposition. I think that's what happened, but that's a different thing from saying that they be that they committed a fraud,
the court- and I think, one or other Pfizer stuff, yeah well, look, I think, They did here was utterly irresponsible because they didn't career. alright, the information I bore to defy the court. I would point out that what they bring to the five the court is called technically a verified application which they make on the road, and the reason for that is because they support corroborate the information before they go to court. Here they didn't interviewed Franco, who is the main source until January of twenty seventeen when they first went to court in October of twenty, Sixteen and, by the time they need to view the source they're looking for their second ninety day, war so it's outrageous looks as though they They knew, though, by twenty seventeen it did the
it looks as though, now that in twenty seventeen, the Washington Post New and it was kind of an open secret in the in the media, but they all continued to do it. What does that tell you while it from dorms perspective? I think what it indicators that the reason that bar made him a special council and remember when he started this investigation, he was the. U S attorney in Connecticut, so you just like a regular federal prosecutor, barred put him in the same designation classes mauler, and I think he did that because he recognized that there was a lie. Abuse of power here and a lot of potential corruption ear, but that it might be hard to charge a lot of it as criminal activity.
but a special council was allowed to write a narrative report at the end on my normal prosecutors, who just drop cases that they can where they can't bring criminal charges. So I think we're gonna get a report and it'll be comprehensive and what dorms gonna The thing is that the Clinton had been at the Clinton campaign is the main culprits here. But that the FBI was utterly irresponsible and how they handle the allegations is anyone from the Clinton campaign? Is Clinton, gonna, pay, all is going to be any real ramifications on this. Well I think only in the sense that you know you'll be a historical document that lays the said her feet and you know what I know what I always say when I get asked a question like that is we're not in the first year of the second term, a president. Hillary Clinton. I mean it's not like she hasn't done.
it's not like nothing happened here. She didn't get elected us. There's some justice in that, but you know. Look I think if people want to see You know a belgian whistles indictment of people get drawn imported at the end. They should listen problems themselves. Just that's not gonna. So people have asked me: why isn't this a coup? Why isn't this an attempted coup? They knew what was going on and they all they were trying to do is to get the president either impeached thrown out stopped whatever. Why is that a coup. Well, I mean for four trumpeted when the election, the objective was Stop him from wanting the election and he did when you have then when they knew they continued with the impeachment and everything else. Yeah Look, I think, it's fair to say that the law enforcement and intelligence apparatus of the government was used as a weapon
by the incumbent Obama Administration and the holdovers over from the Obama administration, who continued into the Trump administration to try to take trump out. I guess it's not a cuckoos, they didn't. Feed, but that doesn't mean they didn't. Try so punishment for an attempted coup depend on whether the Goin depends on whether they can find that he committed that they committed criminal. Violations and gross incompetence and political dirty tricks or Rubber ansible but they're, not necessarily violations of the criminal law? That's why, for example, with impeachment, we dont require a crime for impeachment right because a lot of time ray seriousness. Behaviour is not misbehavior. That's addressed by the penal code, so were even the fact. I have one minute. I get a break and I want to hold you overcome. I have one more case that I think is that the undoing of a lot of stuff, the shooting? Now, alas, my my train of thought
even the fact that the president now this goes to the impeachment trial that present Obama met with Joe Biden and they colluded against General Flynn. Against the FBI, even that that's not illegal. Why I think it could argue. We had been illegal but far stead during the Trump administration at that Burma and provide more were not subject to the investigation of aid, decided that I guess a higher Damage should apply if the law enforcement is going, have impact on the part of the best program. Yesterday, at this time, Stew there are still
question because he was noticing a trend in our society by the way Bitcoin, still at its highest level. Isn't it cigana seven real cool? We are really cool setting it sixty eight and change last night for an all time high, but that raising rare on sixty seven thousand AGA incredible and you started on on not Bitcoin but crypto curve. see so Ree laid out again one of the things that bed sparks. This was a tweet from our Cuban who noted that according to uphold- Four per cent of people have left their job due to crypto currency profits and when I look at an say, okay, well, they made a lot of money. They can leave their job, however, the ass majority of them were people who made less than the average salary. There were people who are making like twenty five to thirty five thousand dollars a year and that range and we're talking about this- a little bit about the sort of weird incentive. Our society is currently
sending two people I mean, gambling as a whole. Why don't you do it right? everyone loves to win a gambling, why don't you do it? Does you can lose everything? You could lose everything right, but what, if you couldn't lose everything? What if The government set a floor. Where are you you couldn't pass below. So, if you, the argument that we made and tarp forgets? Tar bright gives your incentivize being the ban riskier behaviour, because, if you don't If you socialized losses, privatized gains, you're setting up a really bad system correct and if you think for the for the average person, or maybe someone who's may be earning enough money to keep themselves alive, but not enough money too. Them the life that they want financially, I look at yourself and say: ok, I'm making twenty five thousand dollars a year and we have a lot of money.
Why? Wouldn't I take a little whatever extra money. I do want of getting a lot of times in government handouts, stimulus payments. Why wouldn't I throw that at the riskiest possible thing and ten twenty thirty acts of a monkey, and, if not, I'm left basically in the same position, I'm already in with a floor. The government is gonna, provide me with handouts and giveaways that it can pass below? So If you already think your life isn't, that great I would you save. Why would you even know make it rational purchases save for a rainy day. The pay for some health care bill off, when in reality, the government's gonna. gonna catch you there anyway, and it can It's this weird society that has the same problems as the banks had. If you hit some dog cart, crypto currency, and it goes up a hundred times. You could keep that money, but if you miss it needs
we'll get the handouts from the government on the other side. Okay, so I said: you're not gonna, like the the answer to this yesterday, and let me give you the historic context on this history is not. It does not just repeat itself: it is repeating itself right now and it more than rhymes thinking what you're asking your you're asking and especially if by twenty thirty. The thirty year old will have no recollection of Amerika at all, Before nine eleven thirty year olds K when I'm thirty year, you're starting to shape society. At that point, K You are the movers and shakers thirty year old, this happened before our nine eleven was.
world war, one to the Germans World war, one everything was was, o K in Germany. And they understood the republic and everything else they had some real wrought there, but the b the churches and everybody got on board and Raw Germany, and let's go in God's on our side. In once once World WAR one ended, and it was such a humiliating loss. the the report What kind of split and split between the people who were part of the old Guard, Kay the old, people and the younger people who really do No, the republic the way older people dead, guy and then they had all kinds of problems they had financial problems, etc, etc.
And then it seemed ass, though those financial problems were kind of a thing of the past, because it was this new era. In Germany it's called Weimar, and the Weimar Republic was all about twisted views on everything and dry, eggs were free flowing and saxon and cabarets, and and all this stuff, the Abbe each person couldn't keep up with it, because the average person had a family, and so they to take their money and leave the office and go to the girl, restore and cash. check as soon as they could. Ok, they got to the point where you are paid twice a day. and everyone would leave, go shopping, come back, get another pay check, go shopping, that's how bad it was does the inflation because of the inflation. Here's the difference. The ad
Person they had a family had to do that the average twenty something didn't The average twenty something that didn't have any children got rich Because when everybody else went shopping they went out. Grabs something, but then they went to the stock market, today's Bitcoin, and they put it all in Bitcoin pay put it all and the the society, had changed in a way that would and completely unrecognizable to the old guard and banker were now. Twenty five years old people were titans and became very, very powerful and very wealthy, because the average German was fighting for their life with their family and all a part of the old guard until this new kind of group rose up. That, I think, is
twentysomethings and thirty something's right now- and it came with great arrogance- Kay and they just knew they were right. Get out of here old man Mozilla. This sound familiar, get out a year old man, it's a new world and had great arrogance to get inflation under control, Germany elected new prime minister. Came in and figured out how to reset the rice mark and he reset it and he was old Guard and he came in and he was the same kind of guy You and I would probably vote for because her, like our he understands, Germans, that he understands Germany, okay and think odd we're going back, sir. He was in charge and things were starting to really come back, but there was a their problem
it was coming back to the old, Germany and common sense was being restored. All of the kids all of the young people that had gotten rich and powerful there suddenly losing their job to the old guys again there suddenly kind of in this. This to where now there on the receiving end of of things, socialism is rising up. At the same time and socialism says we'll take care of all of it. All of it national socialism is part of it more Germans don't want the Nazis the ones who were the most favourable for the Nazis, were the young that had become wildly successful because they saw that the Nazis, we're all in a hierarchy that you could by your way in or move in and kind of muscle people it was just the meanest of the main and of you were ruthless like
left is becoming now. If you, a ruthless. There was a play. for you You could be. You could be rich and powerful. You just work with them: okay Then the prime minister was it he I think of a heart attack. He dies. Now we go to a vote. Hitler wins because socialism. Socialism is important thirty percent of the population voted for the Nazis and I believe, a lot of those people. Also just kind of voted for socialism. This new idea was happening over in ITALY and there are tons of people that wanted a different world and no longer understood what it was to be a German. Kay they had this new definition of a German. So let me
world war. One in that story is our nine eleven. The Weimar Republic is really kind of right. Now. Where things the truth, doesn't matter anymore, all the old. Things are just being rejected because their old and you know, hey boomer- that kind of attitude They are also you have people who are doing really risky things. That was the big thing in by. If you had the money, you're doing really risky things. The next crash, the next crash is coming and we will have the downside. The Weimar Republic, with inflation, there's too, America's and you see them one It says hard work. Ethics, ethical behaviour, Ruth.
Put those things back in place and we'll be fine. The other side is done, falling down. They are becoming more and more extreme and they Care less and less about the people who disagree with them. We are repeating exactly. The same pattern you have to decide right now which- I'd you're on because what studious pointed out, we will most likely all of us- and I include me in this most likely all of us are going to struggle to put food on our table at some point if they change the dollar to a FED coin. If the world, stop using our dollar as the reserve currency, which is low. key to happen. Experts will tell you know, I'm telling you it's likely to happen
when that happens. We will all have trouble, putting food on our table and with the things that this administration is doing to our farmers, to Earl. Entire system, through the great reset it's gonna, be a tough flog And we're gonna need each other or we, will turn to the government. A lot will turn to the government. There counting on it.
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