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Pat Gray joins the guys to discuss Alex Jones and the utter lunacy of his recent lawsuit verdict. Glenn and Stu play a new game reviewing various stories, including the failure of the new woke Superman and a group of people wearing neon green bodysuits robbing people in a New York City subway. BlueRibbon Coalition executive director Ben Burr joins to expose President Biden's unlawful land grab in Utah regarding monuments.

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Holy cow. What a what a program for you today, huh! Little bit of everything here today show a comedy, you know a few good grants, there's some things did actually make me a little angry. Today we talked about the government, land grab and gave you some really good news on politics. Owens do and I made a bath: We did. We made a bad, we made a bath and it's it's a pretty important bats. One that I cannot lose for multiple years, but I might collect on in just a few weeks, and if I do, I will be miserable, you will be met, and this is the only time he's ever made a bat where he will be. I want to lose miserable if he, when I want to lose this bet, Jabba play you don't think you will. I do not think he asked of it the first part of it, I'm pretty confident I'll be. You will not be paying me in a few weeks. However, in a couple,
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the only want to just gonna give you another gideon, Souci press. Breaking millions of so security recipients will get eight point, seven percent boost in their benefits and twenty twenty three historic increased by high inflation that is raised the cost of everyday living. John Heyward rights, Annie says who wants to at the white house, press secretary potted plants, towns, historic boost in social security as a benefit as a
major major achievement of the bite administrator. Hopefully she's going to do that today, one hundred percent certitude korean jean pierre, will come out and said. This is a wonderful thing for seniors. You already have RON klain ah claim coming out mocha and he said first time in a dec. We're social security benefits go up. Medicare premium, go down seniors to get ahead of inflation and twenty twenty three got one ready doing it incredible. I mean how predictable and pathetic daddy these guys such that's amazing spent. Can we talk about something that I can we just be? Adults Your first second all absent and recognise new wants. This is how cancelled when you say something like that: yeah you're about to get cancel. So,
you know how much I despise Alex John. I don't love, you despise them as much as I do not get angry. I love you guys are kind of like my work, wives and alarm, and so I can have more than one. Why always says I have to work with our work. so you're, like my yeah you're, like my work wives and you get more protective of me sometimes than I am, and we all know that Alex Jones said but after september, eleventh that I was the cia government operative was on radio, oh, because I was a cia agents and I was covering I was leading the media to cover up nine, allows while this our location here is a cia sub station, yes mattel aimed yes, and you know people used to ask him about you and he in whether or not you were actually for obama yeah
and he's like no, he is the obama administration, so that was all in the first year. Remember that you remember the tour with christmas sweater where, where Somebody had a gun was going to kill me member. They had the you know Traders must die with years times yeah five times that was Alex jones driven yeah I mean not. He didn't do what we should be clear right. No, but yeah he was the one that was fueling it on the air and there were people who turn yang so yeah. I have no love for the guy. None, however,. peeled in cairo come on. I mean, first of all, on a real. He doesn't have a billion dollars no way. Gay knows that. I am sure he does really well with his supplements in and what not yeah. So what do you think really well is betty makes me personally,
although between twenty fifty million. No, I I don't think it's in no way, and only then the only example. Now no really now. No, I think maybe I mean you skewed by their estimates, because that's what they ve kind of sir, yet again, where one of the things they can maybe five million dollars a year, one of the things they do amy is they they're using revenue numbers you know you sell a product, pat pat, you may know the sexy cookies. If you sell five million dollars or we can get those or kelsey dot com. If, if, if you sell five million dollars of cakes and cookies, you don't keep five million dollars, that's not how business works right right, like I wish, did you spend more than five million dollars per batch and just butter. So my my son looked up how much is Glenn beck on the island and Google, how any claim to ease alien. I think it he said like three hundred billion or some like that.
Comes around dad and I marry there's there's more feathers than chickens in the back button and vat I drew all they did. was take, how much by companies and then suddenly start gonna leave me now. What's out there This was ended. It is nine hundred and sixty five million dollars was the penalty against Alex ancestry. in addition to that, he had fifty million from a texas suit that he was supposed to have got a third one coming we're at where he also has a third one coming in connecticut, which will probably be even more because this is the guy who's like the highest profile person. Who's been talking about this for the longest and he still has. I can't remember if it's his it is. In the other in penn, satori or whatever it is. He started the other one coming in the suit where he lost nine hundred and sixty five million. So it's going to be even more out of that suit. It's to the point of complete and utter
absurd, its lunacy hitler and if you're gonna start holding a person accountable we're saying things that are his opinion on the air and you're gonna, them accountable for people who, for instance, one of one of the big things they set in the trial was somebody peed on one of the graves of the children, and it was one of his supporters or whatever and well and to prosecute that that person, that's the person malik stones, did not tell the guided. Do that now, Jason. I now ask just what s going on in my kid bs four hundred for exactly right and you cannot you can. fine, somebody like that freedom of speech thing right, I believe I am defending this. I know, but you have to allow people to say, are
well, think thing, even things that are wrong right, yeah. Now, if you haven't intentionally wrong yet I feel that some degree that was the standard the founders yes talked about and with grief cover that before but, like you know, I don't want to minimize what some of these families have gone Oh, my god knows heroic, I mean the similarity ranks for those who believe the sandy hook. Conspiracy theories have done horrible things. City people like If I was one of these parents and lost my six year old in a mass shooting, I would be out. I would be impossible to understand how angry I would be in and want to come after anybody. I thought I could get. I could hold responsible but like if Alex Jones comes out, He says by where this is not our main focus of the show. As far as I know he talked, but I didn't He was a nine eleven conspiracy theories if he owes sixty five million to the sandy hook victims. What does he owed to the nine eleven victims like he re? He talked
who about these things, I think. Sometimes I don't. I watch the show, listen to the show every day or anything, but Wherever I see clips you, nobody, even the clips, like I never thought of Alex Joseph the head conspirator about that particular story. He had gone son who said things he did say things that were. Wrong that he's apologized for but the fact that someone in his audience, who do may or may not have heard this romantic it's all over the internet. So you can get it a million different sources, these these conspiracy theories and then may have gone and harassed one of these families that person should be held responsible for those out Alex Joe now and at the person who you said, here's heard it from, but here's the problem, the guy killed. Himself after you killed their children. So they have no one to punish. They hurt nobody to punish. You got it, you its network to want to punish somebody, and if you watch the pair
since when they got the verdict, nobody was celebrating like aha we're gonna get rid those people broke. And sobbed immediately We ve seen this closure for them, but that that's that doesn't make it right it just doesn't. Right and it's not the right thing for a country that has a first amendment and encourages free speech. This is gonna, yeah he's a very damaging and its first, it's the first amendment for a reason near right, we'll let me schools. I feel that if we go after, if we go after Alex jones, don't we a very strong, not us, because we we'd we weren't affected by it, but don't the people that were riding, though horses on the border decay not sue the federal government for a billion dollars, which the government has a billion dollars, can't they soon because the d, a chess. What came out yesterday is We now know D,
chess and the border patrol centre the email to my yorkists. An hour before any read it an hour of forcing this that these pictures are very misleading there, weren't whipping or anything else, our later he goes on television and says our entire nation saw horrifying images that don't reflect who we are, who we are Spire two or the integrity and value of our truly heroic personnel in the department of homeland security. Then he darted a in. instigation investigated, these guys harass these guys Biden got on television. You wanna talk about the power of somebody saying something forget out jones voodoo our men of homeland security and the president pointing you out with a picture saying you are despicable
imagine what those families went through right and there's no recourse for them, don't they shouldn't these. These families sue my orchids and the president, for knowingly lying about them, smearing them destroying their life. I think there's a really I mean you want to hold this up. You gotta tell truth all time good. Then we can, to the federal government, but that will never happen. That will never happen and even apologized for no red leather jill, investigating it's incredible incredible They continue to do it every every single opportunity they have yet sandman. Another good example of that, Now he was able to sue certain entities, but he sue. While the Democrats who came down on him all the Democrats, like me, Joe Biden, who are protected, from prosecution or
from lawsuits like that in the first place you gonna do get the permission of the federal government to sue the federal government wins out of your system. I think it is this that god says the earth's really well filled with the federal government when there's no change. When did that she has been the case for a long time. I know, but I mean they couldn't have been. From the beginning shall be sure not there's no way. I do. I don't know when that was instituted, but its ludicrous, fascinating and the press. seen all pretty protected against any cut a lawsuit like two. While he's in office saw stuff like we know back when Harry reid was alive and you go to the senate floor and say things that were blatantly false about his political opponents like mitt romney has never be as taxes right and he can't get sued. By that I mean, if I were to say you know: Glenn Beck has never paid his taxes and who made a big state stink about it acted as sure as Harry redid. Then I would glimmered sue and indeed, when right might, but senate in congress are protected, their protected nod
in their everyday private life right. But whenever there on the floor, which is why he is at its on the floor, he became ethan long. He was lying out. She's later admitted he knew he was lying. He knew if he said it is in an interview he get sued for it, and is justification was well metro you didn't win very right yet well! Let rather than I like I today, I like carry read more than I like mitt romney, least, we knew who he was mitt romney, as you know during this, where he's not supporting he's. Not I've never seen this before and you ever it. I don't think it's happened yet The juniors senator of state who want doors. The senior said, because he's friends with both of them, I don't care who your friends are right, you, see you're saying it will be it's it's, not big deal. If you use, if you lose my glee and you the guy who is going
devote most times with the Democrats. Really that No big deal mitt romney, obviously just doesn't care about that. Mitt romney is at his ease, I'm tellin you! He is not going to win his re election. He will not win reelection, I'm can in southern man, that's dry, thou, the act of theirs. Does too many he's old age, pensioners? Yes, a cash I mean Now, if you are assuming he rise with I've by be interested in a wager on this guy, I mean I should be interested in a way to run it, because I just You know what it's like. I will believe. Lisa Mc Caskey loses when we summer caskey loses that's the day on which a hundred dollars on that mitt, romney mitt romney, losing mitt romney louis, it's a bit right, you're supposed to say ten thousand dollar bill. That's not a betting man. You know I went to vegas once put five dollars on the table. They took it. I said that was in five dollars where the fun I did it, I never done it again so you're on your hundred bucks, utter box, mitt romney, now
yes to run right, if he decides he's gonna retire, that wouldn't lie in their I'd, help paying you and you're, not paying right. You have a point of honour by all of us are under botsey runs and he loses, and you know what it will be. There hundred, I ever have an apparent floral yeah, give it to you again ways- and I will glow not because I take your money it, but because it so damn sweet. This is the best london programme came the weekly play that term very exciting new game called lulled. Does it have a Yes called no shirley. There are some really exciting things that are happening now, for instance, I was opened the theme now. It's kind of this is where anyway
The white house is come out. I'm sleepy. I had a very long day yesterday. Can I can I why to you for a minute. Oh sure, I know I'm not going to. administration yesterday came out and said: hey they thought Let you know we still don't have inflation, we're not really worried about it, but home heating costs are gonna surge This they don't know why. I mean it's probably Putin but you're gonna. to pay up to twenty percent more justice. He's your home this winter freely. Because I didn't. I didn't see that when common at all I mean here's an here's another one superman son of kal EL will end with issue number eighteen, but fans of joy. can't do not need to worry writer too terry and artists. Clayton Henry will be telling the new john kent stories in the adventures.
Superman John kent taylor said. I John I'm I'm superhero geek, but who is John John and his? The gay superman I thought superimpose clark- kent The who is John is yet another other sources, and that is also see a ban and he's gal yeah. Ok Thirdly, the writer who remember when they came out with gay superman. I yes, I did not at all. It was a different person. I just thought there they thought clark. Just came out of the closet: no lower museum, misled John can't it's very anyway the writer says I be more excited her john can't to headline the iconic adventures of super man. It's a real. testament to the fantastic response of fans to John is superman. This year he's going to be the most action packed books, I've ever written at johns gonna be tested.
More than ever, I dont, know tested for monkey pock, I'm not sure. But while we can tell you the super ban earth to vowels odd and johns nemesis ultra bam will be key. Characters in the early part of adventures of superman, what work reveal at the end of issue too will have every one talking now this then, out for a year, deasey announce it superman. John can't would come out as by sexual sorry, it was gay, but he's not he's bisexual, and I heat, but the issue has you know a male love interest in its really really great. Now the problem? Is nobody bought this superman? Wasn't wasn't in the top fifty comic books when it first came out so to speak. indicating what what deasey com said was left than satisfactory sales. The series was only five issues in when they're like this
working comic is still not present in the top. Fifty. and and moves so they added something really special to John can't, not only as he bisexual, but he is also a climate change activist, homer yeah. I will hear about climate change. We can either bullets, he didn't blow his cold breath and freeze things and also uses laser eyes to heat that. What is this guy does more than this is super ban man. ok, this is an urban he's, got powers in one in one the comic books. He was seen protesting and holding a sign up. It said school strike for climate. So here this wasn't successful. This is not successful, which I have who would have seen the scholars seated covering not me I'll, tell you that right now, not me now a couple of things. you know the guy who smashed up the manhattan mcdonald's with an axe
yes, you remember he's. Like cities starts, I don't What is problem was, and I dont know, if that's an exact quote, but That's what I that's what I recall from the seen him in Manhattan. I got an axe and threatening a woman with it unleashed rage. Fast. Food establish exactly right. Exactly rest well will do you know he was led out immediately. he immediately? I mean he is already at an ax gay threatening people into mcdonald's. New york grow up he's been busted again this time for graffiti and stealing by cycle so which is not straight its by so Anyway. Now there is another thing: that's happening, a big mistake for
the soros backed prosecutor in Virginia, who would have seen trouble soros, backed prosecutor in virginia accidentally. freed a murder suspect He was charged with murder, he apparently stab, his brothers girlfriend death. How many times is that an eu and then there is a mix up and he was released, but they found him. They ve and I asked for he murdered somebody else and so are not as good yet not quite so. Optimal sebastian? Then you got the then you got the the great the coming out of new york today, which I just love, knew who doesn't I heart knew you work, you know mean
tal song about. It is really a mug cows have now gone to work as gangs in new york. So people are out there. They're making friends are getting together. That can be a sense of community. That's exactly right there these! This community is wearing neon, green full body suits bring in a green man situation Well, I think they live. They think they live in a green screen world where their envision both may be right. Ok, I dont know that is not the case. That's not the case. There fully visible, fully visible, but other where these green body suits and they get. You know cod and large and their right back on a right back on the street in a gang of neon green bodies, kind like aliens, three, four or five six years, six of the picture of six of them on the subway than they rob. They rob everybody on the subway than they run then, because it's not
a good disguise gowns ratio at me like I could member. What was a point break where they had, where the pit they were robbing banks in the masks of former presidents of the united states. Re s, yeah, that's a! I can understand a criminal gang haven't a thing I'm not I'm not going to besmirch them of the right to have a thing but, like, I think, limitation of a full body suit is how difficult it is to remove correct so you're running, but few were actually in a green screen. Room spur two scott, these yeah. But as you can ask you stand there like, I don't move if again hear me breathing If they were looking for you on the cameras instead of in yeah I mean this is particularly well thought out. I guess my point here: hey, look. They problem went to an art, school, ok, they're, not deep thinkers, but they re learn a little something about green screens are creative yeah, not enough about green screen technology nod
so anyway. So I think Cathy's going to do good job kathy governor of new york gets was a good decision. There was a good decision, there's a pull out from trafalgar that has Kathy hogle, only two points in her race. If you're only up only two points, I really want to believe this poll. I desperately want to believe it it's hard for me to believe, but I desperately might leave it clauses, meter is going down. I need some. I need some help. and cheer coming from you, oh yeah yeah acme daya. I mean, I will say, that's pretty cheerful to see a new york governor. Only two points and as a Democrat, but is it's hard for me to believe this, I'm gonna make you have? This is gonna. Make you happy too you ready. George soros has just reached in. Do is giant beg of threegs go ahead, reach for it.
Yes, I feel your anger letter file. Fourth flow through you thinks his friends are going to see gave him now like stacy abrams, so he is. Add. chin to his additional money bag. And pull out another one million dollars to help support stacy abrams here only if it this point when you have george soros, you knows. and behind you. Like yes Yes, I mean it go out. Give a speech tell them how. Last time it was stolen from you when you have that guy on stage and everybody is alike- I don't think that's a good thing I mean. How is it that the country is not really. Obviously this is an honest question.
How were we not all looking at you know the evil emperor giving money to all of these prosecutors are just letting criminals out there. It is about the murder in Virginia yeah letty these criminals out he's going to govern stacy Abraham she's, the best. Ah, you might wanna Nada I was hoping for the other than you might. Maybe maybe american needs a movie theme threatened. As you know, soundtrack yeah. I guess I do think every cecy abraham speech should have behind. It doesn't feel like that's he's just waiting over her for her. He is by far I am interesting to see this because america has rejected this right. It's not!
just conservatives that have rejected the defined the police shtick. Everybody thinks this the terrible idea even minnesota, packed off of it after they said they were going. Do it, and yet you have candidates who have like who rose in that era and have found their way into these races, like mandela, barnes in wisconsin, like Stacey abrams, in georgia and Still there and night none of them are performing particularly well, but it is up. Maybe Maybe it would be a positive if these candidates get defeated and get defeated handily. Maybe the demand will bail on this philosophy. A little bit. Realities, egg. But we are losing the only that moves. Democrats is losing the they always have a win. You watch them we'll be aware way that they actually win win. Stacy abrams loses nor she's gonna say she won, I will say that will be the most fun when
these candidates claim these elections were stolen. It will be just so fun to watch them all. Do it. Molly had eaten mantles. We have to make a list because we're doing election coverage on the blaze yeah and gonna be fine, yes, not to be fought, and it's going to be fine. We ve got we're going to wish it into exist. We have lots of things: you're not gonna, find this election coverage anyplace else, but we should make a list of those where we deserve to gloat. when when stays here, we deserve some glow time. Yet we do we do her. Walker. You see the latest he's up again. We That's an internal paul, but it is, it does show them up, which is good. Maybe if you care about the control, the senate, at this point. You know I I I I that point we're now we're like that control. The Senate is so important that these
candidates. You know they're, not all my favorites, I, like Hershel walker he's been here, he's been. He was very nice to us. I mean I don't know him personally, but he was very nice when we talked to him but like some, candidates in these races. I don't particularly like all the punch and I'm still like please when I'm like, I thought whatever I may. I went made a meat loaf and delivered its doktor august the other day. I love you. I love you, so I really I'm really at that point, because it really we talked about this a little bit on the election preview. Specially did I'm glenn tv last night in that, like we can't we're not gonna get all the laws. We want pass the next couple of years, Joe Biden org well. Harris is gonna, be president of the united states, and so the things that we want. want to improve. Things are going to be very unlikely to occur and that time period when they can veto it. That being said, as a number one, the the the positive. Being able to block the worst instincts forage wilderness, the next
We encourage justice right, huge, huge you to edge huge, and Second airily, we talked with Steve is about this. Who has a bit more optimism lot a lot of time to think about kicking you out for the next couple of weeks. That's what everyone always wants to do, but then that you know at the end of the day. How will I just want to feel good? That's why a sofa he same he thinks maybe fifty four seats for republic, which is is not its not crazy, he's not saying, oh, I think, they're going to win in new york. You know that chuck Schumer is going to be defeated. He's not saying any of that he's. Taking the toss up, races and putting in the Republican can a category. Maybe couple that are lean left a little bit in the walls, but he's thinking. You know, they're gonna come through in any. We get to fifty four c The reason I say from a positive sampler, that's important is because of the way the Senate breaks. This senate breaks as a third six twenty nine democrat advantage when it
for this even starts. This is the best land back programme. On october, twenty nine. We are having a virtual event and we would like you to join us this year is when an amazing ear for mercury one. We have continued our help in detroit by rebuilding ruse there we ve helped around the world helping those you know on the ground. In ukraine, we had been work Will our partners there currently there now in florida, just trying to help clean up and rebuild? We ve had teachers conferences, family conferences, pastor, students and legislative conferences. At the american journey. Experienced help, teach the truth about a mess. can history and strategies
every time that I ask you to support a fond mercury, one, your money, it's directly to that cause one hundred percent. It's a promise that I I made to you when I started this over ten years ago, and- and I too Be able to do that. I have to have one fundraiser. Where You know, I have an auction and you can buy stuff or donate and you're going to watch. You know watch this online we're going to have a special, very role, event, which was always really really fun and that is mercury, one dot org. So the FAO razor is happening october. Twenty ninth, I think there given away a car and everything else find out about all of it mercury, one dot org and help us keep lights on and pay the staff, as we continue to grow and do good his name and in your name, mercury. One daughter go there now, our eye.
Do you remember the I dont know what it was, the barriers of the big barriers national park yeah monument kind of debacle and obama, sort of a back in worse situation? Actually, so obama took it and took all this land and then came in and said you can't do that and so gave all the land back. Joe Biden has, just come in said yeah. We want that lad federal, but away there doing. It is absolutely illegal. Salute the illegal and the people on the ground, including the indigenous peoples, don't want the federal guy are meant to take this land. Will this happening all over the country and there is an organization called the blue ribbon coalition that is fighting against these land grabs and the executive directors Ben bird? He joins me now Ben. How are you
great Glenn thanks for having me so there's a couple of things in one is in colorado: one is in utah. Can we start with a what? Is it the big barriers of the pit, the barriers, monument? What. What is that one year for they? They called the barrier national monument of gets out, the eastern knew tat one point: three million acres of land. They decided to designate as ass reminded? Went under the antiquity? Lacked okay, so when it's a national monument that be like for a battle field or without klute historic sites. Well, how do you define a a national monument, but is the definition of that well antiquities act is very clear. They wanted. It was enacted to protect native american. archaeological cultural sites. There period of time. In the early nineteenth hundreds were, you did, have people looting these sites, and so they inaction
to protect these very limited, discreet sites, and when they passed the law they said it needs to be designated to the smallest area compatible to protect the actual object which is situated on a landscape fast forward, days and with the strength of the environmental movement lived I did that a landscape can be an object situated on the landscape. Well, they say. The whole atlanta escape is an important, significant value, so we are going to designate something that's bigger than some states to be a name, national monument and then they We ve been in the meetings on this. When they put the plans in place, they just restrict all forms of activity. They closed off the road. If you are a branch with a mining clan, which is a property right or one of the partners, are those on it,
It was a native american woman who own private property and holidays within the binary, but like all of your rights to access those lands, whether they're, private property or I'm, the other permitted uses all become heavily restored is this? What we've seen so that's why we have challenged this monument, the Biden expansion, we've challenged it in court. we join the state of you time doing out. We bear we ve seen strong signals coming from the supreme court that they have concerns that the antiquities act is being abused, and we hope to see the supreme court finally reign in what I think has been decades of abuse of this ancient Little water with designed to fix a really small problem, okay, and so they did it again, just what was at last week in colorado press biogas yesterday is a yellow zau when the one where he was talking about his son, they are that was in colorado? Wasn't it we're
gave this region is like my son, have one the bronze star and died in Iraq? Know dude? No, but way, he was designating Yesterday, that's another fifty three thousand acres and he's claiming that land. How so there's an if the military base at camphill in colorado and that's where the tenth mountain division went to train during world war two. So there is historical significance. There are questions about whether that still qualifies under the antiquities act. Ah, but that base is like two point: four square miles in size if we were to designate that other national monumental there that there is a further size. We could say you know what two point four miles is the smallest area compatible, but you always get this scope creep where they add in all. The surrounding landscape is the valuable, and in this case they also withdrew two hundred thousand acres from mineral entry, which means
do you can no longer? The lands are no longer open profiling, mining claims and for that is how this turns into a big land grab, and if you think about that for a second glenn this is a day after we announced were cutting off their my conductor, exports to china already get all of our rare earth? Minerals now right now from the ground, but we won't dig for it that we want for them here were removing all of our wine from exploration and utilization. Through things like these national monuments, things like the thirty by thirty agenda and my group I focus primarily on the recreation access to these public lands, but all of this happens in the bigger context of what makes us a strong nation, or how does the land become a base of our economic strength and national defense strength and the recreation values hugely
important has become a major economic contributor to all these rural communities. We react these monuments, they just throw everything out of whack. You did you did franchise local governments from being able to manage what's going on in their counties in states. That's why the state of unita is opposed to this, and so our point was to try and bring the actual voices of the folks that are hurt by these designation. So our case include. recreation users. There is a rancher with a grating allotment as part of our case. We have a binding claim owner a native american, private property and holder, all of whom will be devastated by this national the designation, especially as were saying what their proposed plans are for it. I have to tell you, I want you to not not: u banks, you other, so do, and I am sure you know the story, but I want you to look at the front of thirty rockefeller centre, just google search it for a picture.
The avenue of the americas side of thirty rock, when you look at it. You will notice that there are two eighteen hundreds buildings in beautiful collection. Twelve blocks twice of new york blocks, it's all highly art deco and there a jewel in the crown. Thirty rock there are these two buildings that are from Eighteen, hundreds most people want by them and never ask why were those two buildings left because a feller bought up twelve blocks and had to negotiate with each house each apartment, building everything he had to negotiate them individually. There were. Who one guy who, because he said this, is my family's on irish bar my family to this end, the eighteen hundreds prohibitions gonna end, and I am not selling my family bar the other guy.
was greedy and was just holding out in holding out to the point where can feller said screw you just build around. You, couldn t those things you can't just take them. Property is property. You pete, oh, that property and quite honestly, federal government state owned the lands in the states. Not you, This is so critically important, How? What is the fight? How can we join you on your fight? Then? No, so I agree with you. four percent on that. That is exactly the basis of the car. Of these ranchers the mind clay models, as this is private property taking to come in here and do this and what I say is I wore protecting the ballot existing rights, but if you're mine and clay motor that next time you get in the male is by the way here is a new here's new regulation. After follow that cost you a million dollars to comply with right at the nice little minded claim you ve got there,
and I ve worked on cases glenn as a private consulted before doing this job, where I've seen private property owners with homes and cabins that a deal, I'm saying you can no longer access your home because a road washed out more We're going do the environmental studies to rebuild it and it is just completely backwards and wrong and We have thus the private property right as the basis of what makes america work, Our organization is called blue ribbon coalition. Go to our website its share trails, dot org, When, when you go there you'll see on our homepage, we have a project called the fight for every inch campaign. This is our effort to push back against the thirty by thirty. Initially in all of these things, like the national monuments, were for our natural resources, in our land, is just being stolen from us. There are many cases, unaccountable executive action,
The way thirty by thirty is part of the great reset and the? U n agenda agenda, twenty thirty. It is a really evil and it's happening everywhere. And nobody's paying attention to walk or other like nothing grows ever say you know what this is. What we're gonna do. Yet it is, has really slick. Marketer say this is a good idea. When executive order later it like now. This is the official policy of the united states tat other acting it's really really bad at so. Can we? How can we help? You do need people what we really need support Anybody who cares about these fighting the administrative state- and these unconstitutional land grab needs to be a member of the european commission. We are We were one of the few groups that is in litigation all the time against the environmental groups and we have a legal fund. People get done into our legal fund incredibly helpful
That's the only thing holding us back. I think we ve got a good team and good connection than a good experience. What do we got worked wordier so quickly? I am running out of time. Where do your senators stand MIKE Lee and mitt romney all. The utah delegation is supportive of the state of utah's lawsuit against the binding designations. Anita and there's been a pretty consistent voice. Elected leaders in utah against these national monument designations when, after the trump move to shrink the boundaries happen, you can, We've had some discussions about what congress do to make permanent and things fell apart or I was working for MIKE Lee at the time. I know he was pushing really hard to get utah exempted from the antiquities act like wyoming and alaska are yeah. Okay, so now they're completely weird
and why do two states operate differently under federal law and all the others yap like ben. Thank you so much for all the work you are doing. It is really important. This is not just the one state. This is the west in this eventually will become your land. all across a marrow. It's gotta, it's gonna. Some and what the owners are, there were those who live in the west, no gap abreast of the country figured out under covert. Imagine Finally, what the administrative state is capable of under fallacy that then this historic, the west and the seventy right it's gotta stop Ben! Thank you very much blue ribbon coalition executive director, the web. I too share trails dot, org that share trails, dot org yeah the
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