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Glenn explains why Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s announcement about busing illegal immigrants to Washington, D.C., is “all hat and no cattle.” Grand Forks, North Dakota, resident Ben Grzadzielewski joins to explain why he’s fighting a proposed Chinese-owned corn-milling plant in his small town. Will the government nationalize Major League Baseball?

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Great podcast. Today we talk a little bit about being prepared. What you need to do to be prepared for anything that might come your way like I dunno zombies or general economic breakdown of everything in the entire western world. You know things like that. That will never happen here. We also are are sharing with you, our lovely thoughts about the border, and I think we wish everyone all of those people that are involved politically in making the border what it is today. I'd say it was a love fest, oh yes, nothing, but hearts and hugs yeah yeah, all that and so much more on today's podcast, don't miss a blaze, tv dot, com, Slash CLA and the promo code is the Alamo this week, because you can get twenty bucks off your subscription. We talk a lot about preparation on the show today, Glenn to the big show on preparations on Glenn TV last night. You don't want to miss that you'll get the access to that as a police, tv subscriber, but also mentioned tonight on studios. America are looking for the first time this year ahead to the two thousand and twenty two elections, House and Senate. What's what's the baseline, where we start Nat? What are we looking at going or where he, okay, Paul, we're totally screwed? Now I mean you know I mean I there's some positive things to look at here. If the Republicans don't screw it up, which they will, but maybe we'll get into that a little bit on tomorrow's radio program as well, who don't miss it on stewed? As America is now, you can subscribe and get the podcast which is going to be available a little bit later on today, and you can get the podcast here everyday as well rate and review you wouldn't mind. Five stars is the appropriate number of stars. Here's pocket-
The thank you. Let me let me start with. Star borough jails, Scarborough yesterday, came out and was very upset? at the the by story. The laptop story had been suppressed, twitter and Facebook. He was very upset. Yesterday thought it was shameful here. He is proposed comes out whether they are the only one that comes with it, and then it is banned on social media, add or a thing. We do in fact bad because it again it is, I think we have to be. If you have to say it, it's a real. It's a real story. While that is big of you. Thank you, Dance Abrams, for pointing that it is a real story and you have to say- and it was
Terrific, what face, look and twitter did courting to Joe Scarborough. Now. Let me you back into the time tunnel tunnel tunnel, to a time when Joe Sky. Boroughs memory has been wiped clean, here's, a super classic from the same guy, who said it was horrific what conservatives think they can lie through their teeth? These right, wingers, think of Wall Street Journal editorial pasting. They can lie through their teeth and talk about Facebook having problems and twitter having problems with a story that
Then the new your post me always lie. They knew what was said shall lie we'll get. It is that they put a woman's name on this story. Reportedly didn't even thou. Wert aim is going to be on the story. The man who wrote TAT story, who it was such a law with a New York, pose no one was such a lie. he refused to put his name on that story? then publish a series of lies by Rudy Giuliani, who admitted that nobody else would take it, but Rupert Murdoch's, New York Post because alrighty. Thank you Joe. It's weird. It's like what you are saying there is horrific. Is that the same person? you're, saying now, or no that you're the first clip and the second clip the person it well, it's the same person bud he's kind of a chameleon.
Goes wherever the winds are going. You know what I mean, I'm a conservative. I hate conservatives, I love conservatives, I hate conservatives, you know, that's true. That's not true! That's definitely not true. It's horrific! It's an outrage. You should go to jail. That seems to be totally true. That's Joe, arbours. Those two clips are almost like a person who believes they can say, as is allowed me anything at all and will ever notice yeah. They just completely disagree with himself, as you know what it's true, because No one watching his I'm guessing gossiping is good reasoning. Then let me show you something that I was really kind of excited about. When I first heard I that yeah. And I'll tell you how it ends in a second, but first here is cut eight Governor Greg, Abbott, the great state of Texas to help. Local officials, Communities are being overwhelmed by hordes of illegal immigrants who are being dropped off
at the bottom. Restoration Texas is providing charter buses, to send the illegal immigrants who have been dropped off by the bottom restriction to Washington D C we are sending them to the United States government, where the bottom Especial will be able to more immediately address the needs of the people that they are allowed to come across our borders. I was done with such compassion, such I mean it was almost a low, a little Rhonda Santas. Wasn't it and when I say a little I mean maybe like his pinky I mean on his foot and I think you can walk without a pinky. I think you could lose the pinky on your hands and your feet and your fine So when I say a little run to send this, I mean the appendages you could lose and still not notice, that how much of RON Desantis he was okay
because what he said now listen carefully, listen very carefully to what, governor said because It was revealed later but he knows because listen to what he saying played again to help local officials of local communities are being overwhelmed by hordes of illegal immigrants who are being dropped off by the bottom. Is air Texas, Texas is providing charter buses providing to send these. illegal immigrants who have been dropped off by the bottomless, hey society. Washing what's wrong with that. What's wrong with that, that sounds great. Doesn't it The key word here is providing. providing were pro fighting tour buses. Okay, What are you were upset about paying for it? No, no! No! No, no These illegal immigrants need to vote
terror. To get onto the buses. Texas is providing to send them to the Hell Hole of Washington D C. Now I mean, even if Don't speak a word of English. You here, Washington, D C as they're pointing to a bus. I don't get on that bus. I don't understand. I've been told that illegal immigrants are treated terribly by Texas and wonderfully by one yet know we're just when they want to go to Washington DC immediately a wide. What be thereby has even and even if you're, not in America, you don't want to go to Washington DC. I don't understand we're told over and over again by the media. The people who treat illegal immigrants fairly yeah are the people in the blue states and the blue committed rice who are embracing them and giving them all these programs. Why? Wouldn't they want to go to Washington DC? I don't understand so now: Ronda Sant a Rictus, it Rhonda's Rick
run. Dissent is so well versed in the store you almost knows. Name now are we are getting to the point where no one is hit by well. I do know it by twenty twenty four YAP election, Goodnight RON Desantis wins the presidency. I calling you Desantis Yeah that that's how we solve this already to get the Rick and RON I've. Never, but eventually, if you become president, you could say that you should know you do govern, or to Santa Governor Descent Erika Governor dissenters so anyway governor. Are The scientists yeah governor. I dont know I don't know what you're a hang up. I'm usually did. I think it's Rick's interim. I dont know why I mean I never think of Rick Santorum, but that's the only thing I can, while every time that you get this name wrong, I think of one specific thing:
yeah go ahead and there you have it another example of why Glenn Beck is in the radio Hall of Fame there. It is Saturday or it is you're exactly right exactly right or do you do you get his name wrong? I get him. Are you in the hall of aim? I am not aware of certain and it me anyway, Governor Desantis. Oh, he said that he was going to send people up to Delaware and it was great he didn't because he tied it to those ghost planes in the middle of the night, and he said we don't know when they're coming in. We would have to be per add to meet them at the airport. So I don't know if that was a loophole that helped get out of it or not, but did say when these goes planes land. We are going to bust them. And send them to Delaware, all right,
If the United States government can, illegals and just dump them in to our border towns. These towns do not have the capability of doing it, I for one as a Texan M, sick, in tired of what government. U S. Government is doing to Texas. They are Intentionally doing this to Texas and the entire Your country, don't get me wrong. They're heading every snare, hitting every state, so they're doing it to all of our communities, but I really really don't understand why we Take people who the feds just dumped into a city have no connection to that city. I don't know why we can't pick them up, put them in a bus and feed them well treat them well, they can all be singing the Flintstone songs, along with John Candy and Steve Martin, as they take
train, plane or automobile some other place. A blue state, does seem logical to me, though I will say the village. The legal aspects of this are always an issue right like that, don't sit, don't toy dont dance around it then and then the governor shouldn't come out and say we're providing and then reveal the details and oh by the way, are the details right but like his run, descent is doing this by force know. So so we might know I'm. I know that I know that, but adult used car salesman the ways, obviously I think average person that wouldn't say he's when he finds an illegal immigrant he
He's going to put them on a bus and ship them to why, for I see when in reality finds them now, when he finds them, rights are being dropped off at city. I dont know rife seen the interviews with the mayors of these border tat other Campbell in their autumn or Democrats Railway and they are pulling their there. The ba Please cover his pulling these buses up and then just dumping them into these towns. There are more illegals in these towns than there are townsfolk. Okay right I don't understand why the state can't say yeah. This is out of control you're going over here and we're going to
dump you at seventeen hundred Pennsylvania Avenue. Logically, I obviously agree with you on this, but I mean I remember the Arizona case where Arizona not not just had an announcement by the governor but passed the law that was going to enforce immigration law and it got overturned in the Supreme Court yeah. Well, so I don't I don't. Maybe there's just no sorry, but this the constitution is not a suicide pact. No government does not abide by the laws itself when the government is is abusing the rights it was set up to protect. I do. I'm sorry leaving America Joe Biden's America left me, I'm still in America. I still believe in the constitution and the bill of rights, I believe in equal justice, I believe in the rule of law, Joe Biden administration and Joe Biden's America and the left they don't so
I'm still holding old glory. I'm still here with my pocket constitution in and declaration of independence, and I still abide by all of that. But the government doesn't win Is it going to be enough for states and governors? just to say I'm sorry, but your not going to collapse. My state, he just sit here and take it. Good news, though, is if Greg Abbott were to lose week, and I am sure Beto will handle this more appropriately yeah he'll nail: oh no he'll, nail antacid a little bit fantastic and by the way, even the They do say you can't that Supreme Court how many buses could we get to Washington D C before the court case? and an injunction I think, he'd get a lot so what load up all of them and then we just
and go in Washington DC they'll have their smartphone, so you can track them, and then you know when the when the federal government says hey, you can't do that. Okay, all alright! Well, tell us where they are with their smartphone and will Ask him to come back on the bass. It will give them optional buses. Yes, this is the best of the Glenn Beck program, and we really want to thank you for listening. I am surrounded by a new family of people who have their life back because of relief factor. I'm one of them I was pained and got to the point where I just couldn't do it anymore, I did I feel, like you know I just I can't get up another day. We have our life back.
Because of relief factor not a commercial It's a it's a group of real people. with real results that had real pain. Try. It yourself really factor this guy when he started completely look at him, doesn't do for your hair, but it will help you get out of of give it a shot. Try try three week, quick start, doesn't work move on, but to tell you, it works relief factor, dot com. Alrighty is sick twisted freak. Now I want to make sure that this is not twisted around into something. Like you know, you're of the Chinese you're, just China phobic. No, no, I'm not
and I don't think the guy who is standing up and trying to fight against this plant in North Dakota in North Dakota, is either It's been great. Jealousy, zero! Is that right? Oh my god, you have way too many letters in your name Ben First of all, let me just ask you a couple of quick questions just so I just so. I know where you're coming from and we're really clear on it. you don't have a problem with foreigners you're not you're, not Asia bake you're not like Chinese, people, I build trust them. Oh, no, not at all, okay good, because that You know, I'm sure is being said or could be said and I'd like to not Repeat the nineteen forties, hey, let's round up the Japanese, the p,
blurred different than the than the country, alright, so establish that. So there is this plant being built, and as I understand it, the community was not consulted by this is just going through. The city council and they're are trying to shut people. What were against it right it. It appears to be that way. Yes, okay, tell me what's happening well, so apparently the city leaders have been working on bringing this project to town for summer. Around two years before they even brought it into the public eye I came into the public eye late last fall. Early early winter. And then since then, they've just been pushing it through. There was never any. You know question to the the since the town a do. We want this manufacturing plant or something
want to put our tax dollars towards to to entice to come here. There was never anything like and there just seems to be a lot of issues with it. I hope that are coming along with this plant in and we don't have a say in it. So let's go through some of the issues I I would have to say, even though I asked those first two questions, I do believe this is different. is this a la Mina? I sure it is a a Communist party owned, or at least partially owned company from China. Well, the they. They say that it is they assure us, it is not a! However, there's been studies done that show otherwise by independent analysis. Ok analyse rather, you know so, okay, I guess, and that the people trying to sell the plans assure us that everything is a ok yeah there is no such thing as that in a communist country.
All so so tell me what the other problems are: you're putting out as I assume this is going to cost you guys in tax base out so there close to one hundred million dollars worth of taxpayer dollars, is going to entice company. You know through infrastructure, roads, gas pipelines, water pipes, sewer and water. And there is a twenty year payback program from this company company that that is what they are telling us how it's going to be so you know, They are adequately at the end of the day. If everything works out in twenty aren't you come down and Antonia ears and they stay. We should have our money paid back, you know and then some in the EU pretty. I would assume that it's going to create jobs, abs, how many jobs is it gonna create their time two hundred and thirty three direct jobs and five hundred or something indirect jobs. What they are.
Alright, you know, and the average wage on the direct jobs is Not that high I mean it's fifty it's in the MID fifties, but that's average across the board You know when you start getting your executives in top high dollar and there I dont think at the end of the day, they're gonna be real. I pay right, lady dogs and then, You have a problem because of the not you, but the the the people were standing up. You had a water problem recently and they're using this plant will use more water than entire town it in a day it will you slightly less. We use about seven and a half million gallons a day on average, as a city they're going to use about six million gallons a day. Okay and you have the water according to are studies yes, but last summer. They were real requesting that the citizens,
reduce their water usage, because we were running out of water and- and I have found different reasons why and I've got several different answers as to why that was last summer, and I thought they don't all necessarily line up with each other, so that that's kind of a big red flag. For me, what are the other problems. Well there's pollution, smell, smell, a big concern for a lot of people, their situating, this plant on the north kind of north northward side of town and that's where the prevailing winds come from around are so any anything they produce? exhaust or dust. Any of that will all be blowing right across town, okay. So this so So what's happening, you're you're, putting a petition out cuz you you're, just asking for people to vote on it. Don't leave this up to the City council right, that's exactly right
we went around we needed about three thousand six hundred and seventeen signatures to to get it to a v. I was fifteen percent. The holding population last gubernatorial election and we collected fifty three hundred and eighteen. I believe it was and turned them in to which the city leader the city attorney in the city leaders immediately went to work too. As I said earlier, it seems like they are trying their hardest to disqualify the whole thing, and how are they doing that? Well, maybe they at first thought they have a police detect. I have had a police detective, are calling around calling petitioners calling the signers with a with a couple of different questionnaires, depending on who they were talking to with a list of I. I don't need ten ten questions each or something I'm you know just trying to ascertain exactly what they were showing. How were they were asked if they were pressured it
kind of bizarre feels like they're, going way above and beyond what they actually need to do to verify signatures see. I think this is where people always get in trouble. It I mean If there's, if there's nothing unseemly about it. Just let the people know Just give him all the information trust the people, but I mean, even apparently in grand forks how big is grand forks It's about sixty thousand people. Six One thousand people and they don't trust the community. Evidently not It sure is not looking that way. It's I don't know it. Maybe there's a altar out of here. It's it's strange though I mean we ve had petitions down in this town in the past and they have never used police police detective. Anything like that. I mean sure the city city auditor has called folks, you know randomly to check, but I think a phone call from a city
got it as much different than a phone call from a police detective So if the petition, when will you know if the petition is going to be deemed valid or not? that's a little up in the air. They had said at the last city council meeting that they were hoping to have it done by tomorrow. Open I an answer by tomorrow and if it is valid, then it goes, for the election. It should to the John you and if it's, if it's not, then what do you do if they say it's not valid? I honestly don't know, the answer that I know if it's thrown out based on invalid signatures. You know if they cross off too many nature is. We will have seven days to go. Get those signatures rectified. come and get them returned in. If it's, if Due to invalid paperwork, which is what they were indicating City council meeting- I don't know if we have a recourse. I I'm not sure honestly.
So how can we help you? Well, we can use all the support we could get on our Facebook group grand forks community awareness of food Fu Fung F, yet the fact that it's actually spelled F, U F, e n g, but it's pronounced foo, fun so it's like food, Fang, Fang, Erect young with again. Ok. And forks community awareness of food phone project, yes Yes, just rolls right off the tongue I will best luck- is surprising. Ben. How long have you lived in Grenfell Forks, most of my life I spent about a year and a half elsewhere, but a thirty thirty, seven years, and is this surprising that this is happening in your small town like this.
absolutely you know back to the petitions we ve had the case in the past that we're down on the wrong paperwork in the city attorney actually help them to get it to vote and now it seems like we are going in one hundred percent, the opposite direction here so yeah, it's it's very disappointing that they're trying to suppress the citizens having a say in his own theory on it, Please let us know what what happens in and hopefully there will be a little ground shake in in your town, preciate. It we appreciate you having us on. Thank very, very much bet. He again, you can find Facebook grandpa. Community awareness of fufu Fang who Fung project you know. The only reason why this is such a small community in such a local thing that why would you be interested. I we have debated this story in our production meetings on are produced with me.
With producers for a few weeks, we've been talking about and it just was coming up because of a couple of reasons, I think it's important because You don't know, what's happening in your own town, we really don't and people that so easy for people to say I was happening here, it probably is. It probably is, would be surprised at the size of the towns that are part of the agenda. Twenty thirty project from the United Nations which falls right into the great reset you'd. Surprised money. and talk it screams and there's been a lot of these towns that are roped into it now, and you would have no idea. The thing that, are going on in our schools. You think that it could it happen here, it's not being taught it is. It is
and the people who you think are really good people and they probably are, but they are part of it. They are part it doesn't make them a bad person just makes them wrong. and a lot of those people are teachers. No matter what a teacher says to you. I firmly believe if you are in the teachers union and you know, what's going on, you are part of the problem. You're part of the problem because you are funding the group of people, and the union that is trying to sever us from our children. It is happening happening everywhere in America even a small town. That now seems to have something funky going on with chinese plant that coming in mourning.
Second, the best of a bad the programme. I read, today that I thought now this can't be true and the hint. and then, as I read it, I thought definitely can't be true and then, by the time I finished I thought. Ah I'm pretty sure this is actual. Oh, this is a New York Times editorial today. Okay opening play a major league baseball season which falls on Thursday after being delayed for a week by labor dispute is as good of an occasion as as any for fans of the game to come to terms with certain hard facts. I'm talk, of course about the inevitable future in which professional baseball is what.
The inevitable future. That baseball is. I crash that its now nationalized. the inevitable truth that bad, small, is nationalized and put under some authority of some federal entity? Why why on earth with that occur, Attendance at the games have declined steadily since two thousand and eight in viewership figures are almost hilariously bleak. An ordinary national primetime, Ammo MLB broadcast such as e espionage, Sunday night baseball, attract some one point: five million pairs of eyes each week, is to say roughly the number that are likely to be watching Heavily censored version of Goodfellas on basic cable movie channel at the same time, in the same time slot.
even the world Series attract smaller audiences than the average Thursday night football broadcast, the dregs of the National Football Leagues weekly schedule in nineteen would find the world series at an average of thirty six million viewers per game in twenty twenty one. It barely attracts twelve million per game casual away wave going to ok. million, a game. We're going to nationalize? Oh hes, can he hasn't started yet? Okay, casual observers may assume the that, despite the lack of popularity, baseball is still somehow insanely valuable. This illusion. A major league baseball generated around eleven billion dollars in revenue in twenty nineteen, but this figure does not accurately reflect the demand for its product, MIKE Trout,
Four hundred and twenty six million dollar contract is effectively being paid by millions of grandparents who just want to tune into Anderson Cooper or the antiques roadshow shows die as that audience dies off and younger generations of cord cutters take their place. Baseball's revenue will plummet. culturally, the game is increasingly irrelevant, the average- age of a person watching baseball on television to fifty seven and one shutters to think what the combatants figure is for radio broadcasts typical amiss can ten year olds or is likely to recognize Jorge solar, so so who it was named the most valuable player of last year's world series, as they are their local congressional representative college. athletes drafted by That's a ridiculous point in parts of the country. Participation in little league is decreased by nearly fifty percent in the past decade and a half when my
wife and I signed up are five and six year old daughters for t ball a few weeks ago. We did so partly out of the grim sense of obligation. We might have, we might have been irish parents, enrolling our children in step, dancing classes. This is your heritage and you're going to learn it and you're going to love it. Now. I don't think I'm like super bullish on the future of baseball as compared to maybe some other sports. I love baseball but This is a ridiculous piece that your take at a guy from the M l B, envy P, who, yes, he wouldn't be highly recognised, but like there are a lot of players in baseball who would be, and those are the guys that, when the envy p for the entire season, I think it's worth being honest up front. Come about Nationalizing baseball would entail while I'd like to think of the Biden administration- could just take all the thirty teams and dissolve the league by executive FIAT
I think the language froth is this is this is an egg. This who wrote this? This is written by Matthew, Walter he's an editor of the lamp, a catholic literate, literary journal rights rights, frequently about sport. He should stop writing frequently about sports Anthony's ever heard of sport, so listen to this it's more realistic to assume Congress would have to be involved. Legislation would authorize purchasing the teams at their current. Although absurdly inflated market valuation, player coaches and other staff members would become federal employees. General manager would be appointed blah blah blah, I mean this: has gonna be a joke right education? What was an April first, that it was, it was posted. I think this I just got this today in my show prep so no April April. Seventh, today, maybe he's just late by six days, maybe come on what. Why would we? First of all we
shouldn't nationalize it even if it collapses this kid has vetoed. It is not. We should not be involved in that in any way we're not nationalize anything. I would also note that one of the teams pleasing Canada, so I don't know why, how you be nationalizing The Toronto Blue Jays that'll be an interesting trick we came out April serial April. Sixth, The guest ass, a opinion New York Times April six. Now they ve been written these pieces about how the how the sport is dying for so many years. I came round from images since I was a kid and look its it, has dropped in attendance a little bit night. You look at last. You're obviously was a covert year. Many some these parts, one even open at the beginning of the year. So I was down last year, but I mean you know that their numbers are fine. If you can't build a business around sixty eight million people in the parks. in two thousand and nineteen sixty. eight million. You can build a bit. You need to be nationalized, forget it
not to mention the tv and the digital deals on top of it. merchandise and all the other crap that goes on. Yes, at times these, these we spend so much money that they can get themselves into trouble and there's some issues with. income. Inequality between the LOS Angeles Dodgers and every other team in the league, but still there's, no reason that there is not even an argument that it would fail, let alone be nationalized. It's completely ridiculous. I find it interesting that he says, and the average age of people watching it on tv is fifty seven. What's the average person and people that are watching tv right, I mean the cable news average audiences, like seventy two referee, but they would think about nationalizing that it would probably be iraqi. The you're right, the tv average age is people really old shudder to think what it is on radio, what most likely it's on a dot m.
Radio, unless you're a conservative. You don't even know where a what am radio even mean yes or there's just there's just a emery. There's news talk, radio and sports radio yeah, that's it! That's all I'd say is so that this is just this is the nuns this is Basically the word I have seven hundred million people get displaced by by global warming. Next year, like it's like one of those type typees, I don't want to be like as people that are far are posting on Instagram and Facebook stuff apology to George Soros guess last April fool's day, and there like what actual loudly apologize. I called him sincerely apologize to MR pepperoni eyes. That sounds like a sincere apology for the love of people are so stupid, but I want to be one of those people, and I read this I'm like
I don't know anymore I don't know anymore, I don't know, is this guy serious or not? Does he really? Just probably I guess it's serious. The only reason I think it's serious seriously, because this type of piece has been written long time, minus the nationals- Haitian, that's a new wrinkle like got that the base I was going to fail. It's not our national pastime anymore, it's well behind football and basketball. Now and there's. to some of that for sure I mean certainly footballs, the number one sport, but still This is equally freaking me busy on maybe. He's being sarcastic and he's actually writing an and pro ball piece, okay, saying you know, yeah, it's so bad, it's horrible! It's horrible! Now we should naturally NASH. We gotta get him on the phone and, if he hasn't come on the show will know
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