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The Republicans in Congress must refocus their argument. The REAL quid pro quo should be called “the job of the president!” Bill O’Reilly takes on the news of the day: The Left’s strategy against Trump and Kavanaugh are the SAME, Don Jr. heats up "The View," and should the cartels be labeled terrorists? Glenn addresses BlazeTV’s decision to leave cable TV behind and go 100 percent digital.

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Hello, America, it's Friday, we got a great show for you. Bill O'Reilly joins us as he does every Friday. We also talked about what the President show saying everyday. Like a cuckoo clock, we talked about John Crist, the comedian, the christian comedian that is having you know, having some issues of his also an announcement from the blaze this week that we're leaving cable, but we want to hear why and our joy Behar update and her with blackface. Nobody seems to care about, and we have all that and more on today's podcast, the only thing tat the day, so I got up and I I did what you pay me for in your time, and
Amber time is money, so you pay me? read the New York Times, so you don't have to you pay. Aid to watch all other really nasty things ends stand here and look at this, this cancer, but is spreading through the body of Amerika and report back to you. So this morning I did my duty and I had the New York Times and their version of the impeach. Process that is coming next week today, the New York Times the daily focus, on us. What's his name sought saunter central and southern Sunland? He Is the the Ian Union ambassador from the United States, he's a guy who gave Donald Trump a billion our sorry billion a million dollars for his his inauguration.
And lo and behold he found himself the ambassador of the European Union. A miracle yeah you, don't know how that happens when every administrative sitters weird is just real, coincident Rhiannon, so he's not guy he's, not political or anything else. He just wanted to be the president of the EU so used to the EU and he's there now. This is the guy that the Republicans have been saying. No, he said, there's no quid pro quo. Remember he's the bees. The ambassador, who is trying to fight and say no all the way along. There's no quid pro quo well, apparently, in his first secret testimony, that's what he said demanded it. Earlier this week he amended his testimony with three extra pages areas like oh. Now that I've been reading the other people's
I do kind of remember, but he didn't say he said. Donald Trump never said that he said, but I felt that that's kind of what he was saying. So I delivered the quid pro quo message now how he was reading other people's testimony and oh my gosh, I forgot. I was the guy who delivered that. I mean that's ridiculous, so believe him now or do we believe him, then the guy's entire credibility is is up. Grabs, but so is the embassadors who said absolutely. There was quid pro quo she is now predator self, because Tucker Carlson release last night. Some documents that show that she was in touch with
The Dnc and shifts office- and she said under under oath never responded to any of those emails. I've applied. Are you in out of White House yeah, for in ITALY, the FOIA Act yeah, it looks like she did respond to like great what time you want to get on the phone, so so both of them have problems. Here is the real story, the real story is, is the he are still talking about quid pro quo period? That's all there talking about and the way the New York Times is spinning this. Is and president you know the president wanted State Department to look into the corruption and they would look into the corruption. But those are all just conspiracy theories
Julie, honest conspiracy, theory and so The ambassador's just thought the president is crazy and we're not going to look into these conspiracy theories. It's it's an embarrassment to look into those conspiracy theories, and so they were like. What to do with squid pro quo, I got to ring the bell cuz. This is crazy. That's the way spinning this and they are all of the things that we presented on the chalkboard now are conspiracies they're, not conspiracies. In fact, I talk to I talk to somebody who is a em. A multi show producer for majored network news shows and talking to her yesterday and I said
I have these things. I have these things. She said you. I know that you said you're gonna do a special next Wednesday and she said well, what is it you have, and I said: well, I'm gonna send it to you on Monday, because I just wanna make sure were really button up on this and she said well, what do you have, and I told her one of the things said she said: wait, you wait what and I said yeah she said, but you'd you can go on the air. With that lets. You have documents to pretend I said yeah we do. She said you have documents proving as I said, yeah and she said another secure, we also have videotape of them actually doing it. You have videotape of this yeah. She then said to me- and I quote- I'm sick to my stomach-
This is really happening. I'm sick to my stomach. I said yeah, you ve only heard one of these things. I've got a lot of them. This is not about quid pro quo, so I just, Mr President, you know, let's clip this please and put it in my twitter feed and please everyone send this to the president. Please retweet what I'm about to say, because the Republicans are honest. Goodness they're, like nursery school kids. Let's do a play. I can ride a play. It's going to be about a tree Hey here's a tree
Are you doing who is writing this stuff? Who is thinking about the defence of the President's a terrible poem? Two? Yes, I did a hint of egg. You need to be much long, yes, okay, so here's the thing the Democrats are making this all about quid pro quo Republicans, people who actually are paying attention- and I don't know if I could include all the Republicans on this- the people were actually attention to this and care your strategy He is all wrong. It's all wrong! Here's what you and the President need to say every single day like a cuckoo clock, every fifteen minutes
You should be on the microphone saying this and just saying this over and over and over again here it is listen to in the media and let me just speak directly to Americans. If you define quid pro quo Oh as hey you get dirt on my opponents or else the president's right. There is no quid pro quo and that's what the Democrats are saying this is you get the dirt or else. However, if you define quid pro quo as hey this, Ukraine in President, your brand new looks good, but I I want you to know your country loss, seven billion dollars from our taxpayers, your country convicted to ukrainian officials, one of which was the head of the Anti Corruption Bureau.
For interfering in the? U S, election, in collusion with the d, and see, and Hillary Clinton campaign to or investigator, generals, have been blocked for some reason by our Are you S State Department for giving the deal J evidence of this and deep? corruption surrounding oil and gas contracts that involve our former vice president and, as I said on the phone, call have a reason to believe the same people we're doing all of that and made this corruption SIMPLE, are still in your inner circle. It was a matter of national interest. I can't give you any more money unless you stepped to the plate and demonstrate that you're not part of this corruption and what's more Europe. Dedicated to cleaning it up. If that's the way you define quid pro quo,
Yes, that's all on the tape. That's all there in the transcript, that's what the president did, but I don't and I don't think the president defines that is quid pro quo. He defines that as the job of the president. And I believe any honest American Republic and Democrat independent- would not I agree with that. They would do exactly the same thing because what's at stake is not just this presidency, but it's the integrity of investigations, the integrity of our elections, the or of the president to chart our foreign policy and not some shadow group, our foreign policy itself along the credibility of our ambassadors and the integrity of the. U s in the programme and, of course the seven billion dollars that went missing. That's what this is about, so you can make
About Joe Biden in the election, if you'd like, but that's like making who York City all about its toll tunnels. We gotta be adults here. We are talking about truth, but we just gonna go get em. That is what. I should say every fifteen minutes like a coup, clock yeah, it's not about quid pro quo. If you up to find that is, go, get my go. Get my opponents. There's none! There's none But when you read the whole context of what that phone call was about was you're missing, seven billion dollars, there's all kinds of rumours about collusion with the Democrats some of them credible, some of them, maybe not so credible. We don't know and- Trust you yet! Mr President, we here. You are a good guy, but there and this what he said on the call, but I
leave. Some of the people that were involved in this corruption are still around you. Who have to show us that you are not part of this corruption. Isn't that the job of the president. We were all so excited about about making sure that the Russians did include have two people that were sentenced to prison. Co looting with the d and see and an Hillary Clinton to anti corruption, bureau officials They were bragging about it on tape and were convicted in the ukrainian court. Colluding with the Dnc and Hillary Clinton,
to throw our election and we don't care that make sense. It doesn't make sense if you're looking for truth, if you're looking for truth and by the way looking for truth. I highly recommend that you watch the the video of my special, the first one and the second one, because it's about to get ugly next week. Next week. Next Thursday, we are going to be streaming, live on Youtube, on the blaze tv next Wednesday, the Blaze tv Youtube and Facebook
and we're going to tell you what's really happening with the Ukraine and and what they're really afraid of, but they're. Really I this is the Democrats Hydra you cut off one head and two more appear, which is strange because I believe that's what the whistle blowers attorney said in twenty seventeen, don't worry, we cut off one, and two more will show up. The Democrats hide our special on Ukraine next wednesday- make sure you join us at blaze, tv dot, com, Slash, Glenn, Blaze, tv dot Glenn and thank you to all of our
scribers you are making all of this research possible. So thank you for doing that the best of the Glenn Beck Program hey, it's Glenn and you're, listening to the Glenn Beck program, if you like what you're hearing on this show make sure you check out, Pat Gray Unleashed is available wherever you download your favorite podcast, it's for riding, and that means Mr Billow Riley is joining us about. Bill I'm a little agitated this week with overworked. America's was we no, I mean I got a lot going on here back and I'm way ahead of all the stories.
You're, not paying attention, so I'm I'm happy to be here to enlighten you with the whistleblower who apparently has been plotting a coup against the president since two thousand and seventeen You know you know, I'm sorry. This is exactly the same playbook exactly that that was used with Brett Kavanaugh. There is no difference, so A woman named Christine Ford surfaced with terrible allegations against red cabinet, she brought them to. Senator Feinstein in California who took information did not say Anyone for months and directed Miss Ford.
To the most radical left attorney in the country. A woman named Melinda cats in Washington DC, whereupon they dropped the bomb on cabinet. Everybody remember that whistleblower take his complaint, To Adam Schiff, which does not include quid pro quo at the time, okay, whatever the complaint was, instead of filing or holding a press conference, is going in. There is a wherever he goes, that Adam ship who sits on a complaint back ass, editor, Feinstein it and then directs the whistle the most radical attorney political guy mark Z.
Washington DC. I close friend of Melinda Katz. Do you say it? Is it starting to unfold in front of your eyes? It's like it's like, like your Doug Henning, the Canadian so magical and I'm going to break out of a suitcase in the moment all right. Okay, now this is directed, and I can't see the group I'm here, but I know who the group is, because the group get it to me both Blasey Ford and the whistleblower. All of this was contrived and it was well executed in the in the way I just laid out to you. There is. Denying any of it. So the whistleblower really isn't a whistle she and I have named him and unmask him on bill. Oreilly dot com
taking my audience through. He is. He is a political activist working for the CIA I- and he knows all of the act of his groups- Washington DC, knows the mall, because they all coordinate all right and that's how he got into the and I'm going to show you next week just a side. Note, I'm going to show you next week, the CIA Chordates with all of the political act of active fur groups and why they know all these things, especially why the State Department knows this. Wait until you see the deeper connections there, but go ahead bill alright. Well is a cadre of people within the CIA within the state department. Is in national intelligence that are sympathetic to the liberal democratic agenda and that's what the justice by
is going to unmask with the John Durham Investigation, we've already seen it in the FBI. We already know it exists, but the whistleblower was part of that. Now. If you federal whistle blower, our masquerading as one would you real political activists working to destroy presidency. You are not entitled to any protection, spec, no protections, which is why my new service, I name, the man. Why Fox NEWS and the networks- and everybody else doesn't do? It- is beyond my comprehension they all know, because I told them exactly what this is. This is activism Blasi, for it is an act of it her own attorney admitted it about a month ago abortion
That's why we want to get Kavanaugh out of there he's not sympathetic to abortion. She slipped and said it so enter Don Junior going on the view, a huge mistake, even though I know I did it cuz I did it. I don't have you I have once who was memorable. You would have loved this one here you will have a claim was like dying of sickness that this day and then you get yelled at by what was a whipping. It would be over an hour was YO was Whoopi. Remember I did the whole thing about Barbara Walter's being like a bath and swoop in, and she was very offended, so I had to go up against Barbara Walters Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar, and all lied about something I had the goods on. In fact I had ever it was that they were holding a train in New York with their seats and they said how dare you say that nice it good. I was
there I saw you, I tried to sit in those seats cuz. I got there for you and that track? Wouldn't let me I even got Amtrak to go on record, saying: yeah, that's So what we did is right, remembered. How do I raised? I remember all right, so you remember when I was on a number of times: YO, YO, YO and and the big walk off when when they are and over walked off the shared with IRAN. I wanted, which I applaud. I did I know by now right now. Only reason that I went on that shows cuz of Barbara Walters and Barbara Walters, fair to me and I knew going on the view that those people watching if you are going to buy my books but it would get onto the internet and then that's. Why don't you did it? So you got a book at one to go by the book. You know nobody's going to buy the book watching view, but all of this stuff,
happen, any knew what was going to happen, but he wasn't prepared. It was a well prepared, unfortunately, Don Junior If you had called me, I could have gotten through it, but he wasn't well prepared so anyway, he goes on there and the first thing that happens is Abbe huntsmen who used the word, provokes news starts lacing, about the whistleblower, because Don Jr said his name in a tweet, all died. Junior added say was what I just told you and still is always always an activist aright that do we, title any protections and I'm a private citizen, Am I going to have them? There's no law that says I can, even though that ETA Idiot Hosty we are. You broke the law. No, we didn't only applies to federal agencies, individual, ok, so this whole I mean that's like into a opium den in Taiwan,
if they opium is going to be buttered, you're, not gonna, get any rationality there, any truth, any anything! It's you basically go in I may throw jello at you. Yes,. Well and enjoy. Bay are also is like a little Jawad that just the guy all the way, but you can't you Kaiser, like you could I would now like about that for now. Hang on just saying- and I guess I wanna play Gus Joy Bay. I said this about our yesterday. Guy got an she actually is made is to do so. Could you play the joy, Behar response show all this stuff
has now made the impeachment for next week and by the way, I think I'm going to talk to you guys on Thursday right after the impeachment. I hope we can work that out next week. Okay, so I can get away in with my perspicacity on it, but it is made this a carnival. Now it's a carnival, it's not a serious political hearing. It's not something that would improve the nation stellar exposition of democracy. It is a hard up. Ok, so let me take it. Let me take a one minute break and come back and ask you about the timing of this carnival. So it will go to Really. Why are they doing this? you don't really have a case? Why are they doing it? Why are they doing it right before the holidays, when everybody's going to tune out this
the best of the Glenn Beck program, hey it's Glenn, and if you like what you hear on the program, you should check out the Pat gray unleashed his podcast is available wherever you download your favor, ass? I it's Glenn if you're a subscriber to the pod cask, any deuce, favour and rate us on Itunes. If you're not a subscriber, become one today and listen on your own time, you can subscribe on Itunes begs so I too, to somebody on Capitol Hill. We Esther Day doctor a couple of people and- and I asked them I said so. What is it? What are the Democrats doing? What what do they have, and he said they don't have anything like there's nothing new here, it's it's really nothing for the president to worry about at this point. A do you agree with that.
What are your sources tell you, and if that is the case, why are they moving forward with it? And if it's not the case, why would they move forward with impeachment now and you're approaching the holidays, and so everybody's interest is going to be elsewhere, reilly- and I don't have an astute assertion likes to sitting next to me- wouldn't be that's meetings, do misted right, I'll get saw prison, anything that would rise to the removal of a president? Everybody knows that unless something else comes out right now, it's not even going to be closed, The Senate Mcconnell already as his game plan, is not going to tell anybody, but it's a quick strike. Dismissal don't even or fill out there. Just gonna get rid of it. They stopped. I stop yup. Doesn't that hurt the Republicans now
because a miracle the american public is to the outer this I'd now, cable those who get these ratings next week for the first hearing, but did they ve had enough? If you look at the polls, people home on biogas, Oh, it is eligible on it because they want em out right, isn't it but isn't it worth the Senate? Putting an end to this by bringing those people up to testify. They know what they're going to it always enemy at all. I do that, then. Why do they would already have done a deck there already have had committee hearings and subpoenas. If they want, rid of it Some of my billion ceo mistake your letting the ready and see use of foreign government to be able to influence our elections. We don't care about collusion anymore than back back yard, to try to get him back out to get him back. Stuteley. Do that ok,
Bookends know this is ball and they want to get it is fast as possible and here's how they know the reason this is happening at all is because the Democrats have one to run against Trump next year? They have no one so, to mask that disaster, to keep the unbelievably incompetent candidates away from the public they have launched. This impeachment with this very slender, hope that maybe they could get something which is not happening? That's why they're doing- because Kamala Harris Beto O'Rourke, stroll and clover jar. Nobody likes them Beck right. They have nobody
every time Joe Biden opens his mouth, we find out that his cousin or niece. Got. A million dollars from Tanzania are right. It they had put them out, so they started to get. Let me want to mask it. America, by this has happened erect, so why not a teach them a lesson that you cannot do this to a political? system. You can't do this to a country. You can't you can't come out with hang on. Let me speak all right wing back why not? Why not all expose what they were really doing and taking all of these lousy candidates. Bernie Sanders Warren and everybody else, and if you have the emoji
hearing in the Senate, they must be there. So you take them off the campaign trail. You discredit! All of the Dnc, you discredit, and you end once and for all, nonsense, love of Donald Trump colluding Because- number one. The press would never reported honestly to it would take all the oxygen out of the room for what five month, six months before all of this is done. They just want to get rid of it because they think That's Trump can take it on his own and ram it down their throats, which you will and at the Justice Department in the spring, Durham going to show all this and indict people. Apartments going to do it. If that's true,
Then I would agree with it. I do at the track back. That's that's why pomp pale goes to I'm sorry. That's why the attorney General Barr goes to ITALY. We talked about this last week. Do you not, Remember what we said last week. I still really don't play this game with me. I don't play this game with me You know if I have been repo and waiting for I g reports. We ve been waiting for that. I type of people on capital, hill and the stuff that they don't oh is going on is remarkable, and these are very well informed. People I'll believe it. When I see it, it's going to be the Wednesday before Thanksgiving Horowitz leak out whatever he wants, he's just he's a deep stator, but I have some confidence in are enduring the day, and I think that will happen why you think I got
IRAN on out. I could be wrong, but that's what the Senate, Republicans or banking, on building by the reports that a bar was asked to come out and say publicly that Trump did not break any laws and decided to refuse that request was at the Washington Post office. In one of your favorite sources. If it was in the Washington Post, I dont believe it might be true. I dont believe anything in that newspaper. They also reported the nationals won. The world series do believe them. Thou. My own eyes had a right to that report. I didn't even have to happen, you know and belief that wasn't an anonymous source about the nets. All right we saw it whenever you see an item is sources in the Washington Post, New York Times, CNN, don't believe it. With more from below Riley Billow Rally Dotcom. He has is new book the United States,
tromp how the president really sees America on sale. Now, it's a must read pick it up the United States Trump, how the president really seas America. This is the best of the Glenn Beck program to this path cast if you're not a subscriber, become one now, and I too, but while you're there was a favor and rate the shell you little bit about a story that came out, but yesterday day, before that you might have read probably not of great interest to anyone, but I wanted to address it. The story that came out in the Hollywood reporter and eighty and others that Glenn backs the blaze is good and on linear tv. Digital properties will continue.
If you remember- and you ve been listening to me for a long time about two thousand ten are rarely Fox two thousand ten early, two thousand Levin. We started the blaze in two thousand tat. And the idea was first idea- was just to pay for all the research that we were doing for my show ends. He started the blaze just as a offshoot of you know, just a news gathering place when we saw the state of the control of of table and the horizon of what was We knew that cable was not the place to be, in fact, I said to Stew every day and verify this is due every day from like two thousand nine. Until the day we left Fox, I so we have to get out of here. This whole
Industry is gonna burned to the ground. Yet you're never fan love of the cable sort of now thing, and you know you you made that clear on the air. Yet when we were in doing the right so we're doing it and we did it because in two thousand ten and eleven and twelve that still the major force. It was still a time where, in every time you tried to play a video on your phone, it would buffer for four minutes. You know you couldn't no one knew how to get things on their tv that were streaming, it was real. Remember it was still at the time when people would go. Do an internet shall yet I mean it was. It was not It was just not anything that anybody believed in at the time will technology has changed a great deal and when it comes to cable contracts, if you look at you know what is it foxnation, which I'm sure is a fine service? You can look at foxnation, they don't have any other major talent on Fox nation.
He's. Why is because they have cable contracts, we have those same kind of cable contracts and, it's why we haven't had a you to pay. I haven't had a Glenn back you two page until this year we started a few months ago. You know everybody else says you know four thousand million people. Some people have five billion people on Youtube. Well, we didn't have one because I couldn't post any of my material on Youtube because of our cable contracts. We now have. We now have Dave Rubin as part of our team. We have Mark Levin, you'll notice, Mark Levin, doesn't show on the blaze LINEAR Channel, if you're, watching cable because of contracts, the straw that the camel back at me. We have been doing this. We been going here for a very long time and we made the decision
I knew what we were going to do and then go all one hundred percent digital for a long time. But let me just give you one, story that really, I think I really truly says it. All. Att loses a whopping. This is this variety. Eighty anti loses Wapping one point for me: Leon TV customers in third quarter. People are cutting the cable in in numbers that are a death spiral we can. And I I love the cable people that have carried our show, and I am grateful for everything that they have done and I hope that they feel we have been good partners to them, and I, everybody who watched us on cable We are now being because of our.
Tracks and we live up to our contracts. We we have to make a choice. We either put these things on Facebook, Youtube and our own digital platform, or they go on cable and that's it. It's that's, that's the losing proposition, so we are We are exciting. It's very excited about the future. And we really truly want to thank our our cable companies that have been with us and we wish them the best. We really do but just in the last ninety days alone, on my Youtube Channel, which, by the way Have any subscribers because we didn't have one really didn't have anything just a few months ago. The last ninety days, a hundred and forty one million minutes have been watched of content over them
last ninety days on the blaze Tv Youtube Channel which couldn't post anything you know, in the days gone by. We now head in last. Ninety days is one hundred and fifty six million minutes Braun Blaze, tv too, hundred and sixty million minutes have been consumed. All online to make the decision where we going and where is the world going in the world is going Digital and our goal is to be with you wherever are and companies like Amazon, Netflix Disney plus that's the future. That is the future and we hope to be the news and conservative commentary and the liberty,
commentary that common sense. We want everyone here who loves the bill of rights and loves, loves America. If you agree with a bill of rights and you love America and in that doesn't mean your blindly loving America? You can point out its flaws. But you don't want to see her destroyed. This is the place for you and we are growing at exponential, wrote the growth, not only in subscriptions and everything else. Subscriber list when everybody said Glenn Beck's a genius- and I was like Oh no were really not is just common sense. Glad backs a genius everybody everybody. When I was winning awards for refugees, the blaze is bigger in subscribers. Now then, then, its vigour, now than its ever Ben,
and tell everybody who is counting us out, don't bet against people who have nothing to lose and don't care. So we are bigger than we've ever been and we plan on being here for a very long time and leading the way. We do also have to announce that, however, the the closing of our eight track tape division. We will no longer be produced Glenn shows a track tapes. Are we failing? We well, we have failed, and I was women someone about twenty years or so we really probably should close at a while ago, but I just you know I just kept thinking he's gonna make a comeback. Well, but a good news is, I am doing this show in Am Stereo Quad, ah sir, so we got that go in for a year now on when you get a lot you down doing well. Did you see by the way they do you mentioned Disney, plus the the amount of money they are spending, unlike on summit
show for a hundred million dollars for one series with there's one and its its tied into Marvel enemy the area of his own understanding of it, but there were the Marvel Series there are apparently doing and the endless and with how much money the gonna make over this they're saying. If you don't see this tv series, you not probably can understand the marble movies anymore, like all my guy- mean that this is unbelievable. Other gonna make so much money, but their spending think it's twenty four million dollars an episode. Oh my contacts on a television show, my god I mean you. Could I ready. I read a story about something that they're doing with the STAR Wars Series and the star Wars, series they're spending, one hundred thousand dollars a hundred million dollars, and I think it's for an episode Kelly. The graphics are all way: a
and it is so supposedly stunning Bob Iger has watched it now three times the first one to see a rough cut, to make sure the story the second time to see if his notes had been implemented and the third time, because he was just like I'm blown away, I'm just blown away just turn into a fan out. I mean this is the. Is this the the the banana he think even affect show, but it's really not about Bulgaria, but is about about two hundred like I keep, I don't know the name. It's a medic chlorine, which is always like. I dont want to watch that man the lorry Amanda, look we're getting a mantle or that I was like teasing plot I mean I carry out a couple of kids, I'm still I just want to Disneyland. I have no plans to guarantee. I just moderated so the second I saw the star wars thing about you, wrap United as I signed up and then me, I gave them
gotta knows how much money to buy like three years in advance as it was like less or bucks a month or something. If you do, I did it in a minute. I found a special offer on while I didn't among coupon cutter I cut. I got a year because it was cheaper for a year. I didn't see the four years was three or four years or something and then right after that, like all these phone company start saying by the way you get your free of Disney plus with yours, subscription to your phone like wait. What we're not dumb now they are not dump it, and now here's where this problem this, where it's gonna turn into a problem because All of these companies that own all this ip they own, all you know they own Disney. STAR Wars, all of the Disney movies, all of the touchstone movies all of the Fox movies they own all of that stuff,
so now, what are they going to do with the license with Netflix? They can't cancel the license because they have a contract with Netflix Amazon, but are they going to say to Netflix when this Contract is up we're pulling all of our material they'll got in places like Netflix, although by then Netflix has so much a regional stuff there indispensable to worry either You get a half a bunch of subscriptions for a while. I don't know how this shakes out in the end, this could be a lot of you know a lot of options to get your your already starting to see things like you know. I don't know PLUTO and and That was our Hulu. Now is Comcast. So that's com asked Universal but an NBC, but you we're seeing other things that are just saying we're just going to put a linear stream up of these channel.
And so, when you, when you start I have a linear stream, that's free and that you can go into an upgrade and say I want the whole Disney Plus, not just what they're releasing everyday in a linear stream. You know I mean and your replacing cable with things like PLUTO and PLUTO? Doesn't it's not me? It's like your cable company, but it's you not paying for it. There is no cable, service, their demi nearer you're, just going online and new. Seeing all these shows. What I need now is a way to ingest multiples shows. At the same time, because right now all I can do is watch one show at a time, and it's too many shows I want to watch. You like I need to wait like matrix like a plug in yes, They just insert all the shows as if I've enjoyed them cuz, I'm I'm kind of their. What I'm thinking is. I need a way to never go to work,
kiss my wife see my children just be able to watch all of the quality programming, and this is your wife and children. Approved approved It was the kiss, my wife, let him plug in. The blaze radio network on demand,
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