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2021-12-03 | 🔗

Glenn exposes the Chinese government for interfering in our politics and attacking our satellites, and he shares documents proving the genocide of the Uyghur population. Bill O’Reilly joins for his weekly news recap, discussing the recent Supreme Court abortion case, President Biden’s newest approval numbers hitting their lowest point yet, and the latest Chris Cuomo controversy. Pat Gray joins Glenn and Stu to discuss how much more restrictive the abortion laws are in other countries than in America. 

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Bill O Reilly is on today's podcast lots of things that we disagree on when it comes to the abortion, stand that's a supreme court is going to take, but he's worth listening to because it is a very different. Take we also at the ship Roy ON is Fan ass, Dick. It is worth the price of admission, which I remind you of your lesson, is pod gas is free, make sure you don't miss a second of today's podcast young thinking as the United States or tolerated more harassment, more soft, more spying and more blue. and hostility from any nation then our tolerating right now from China,
really rhetorical question does the answer is no? At the height of Cold war, the Soviet Union? Even in its, wildest dreams net. Got away with the hostilities that China now gets away with on a daily basis. I want you to know the last thing we need is a war and a war with China would mean world war. It would not be good for anyone I think China even knows that at this point, but China's fingers are in everybody's pie and is not good. Yesterday a came out from the: U S, space force General said: african satellites are attacked every. day by China with Lasers, radio frequency jaspers and cyber attacks rush
also participates in this. He said the tactics approach, acts of war- that's all just acts of war But our Congress and our President, the Democrats obsess over building back better the right to kill babies, and global warming. That's all their focused on. This is China, poking jabbing shipping, you under the table, while smiling for the cameras and getting ready to welcome the world to Beijing for the winter Olympics in just two months. Need I remind you that we boycotted the nineteen eighty summer Olympics in Moscow in protein. stood the soviet invasion of Afghanistan bodies. Seem quite now. we have known what China Is building and doing and their real intent towards the west for
wait too long and we ve all buried our head because we don't want a war with China. we also know you can't to trade barriers, because that would mean war that would just throw everything out of line didn't seem to do that? Would Donald Trump did it instead we elected a president who we now know. Is literally Making money from the Chinese Communist Party its being Ronald through his son. he's made millions of dollars from the communists. And we're not really saying anything: are we we have known for years about the concentration camps yet its business as usual, John Kerry just told us what we, doing about concentration camp because we really need them on global warming. They're not going to do anything on global warming.
Our building, one coal fired power plant every single week, they're not going To do it and really Global warming with China. That's a bigger deal then the erasing of an entire group of people, s more important than genocide. This our priorities, America, If they are, I begin to wonder if I want to be Part of this. There's no serious consideration of even boycotting the Beijing Olympic Olympics. We are on the wrong side of history this week. Leaked documents from China, were published that directly link the states, brutal policies towards wiggers, with top chow
These Communist party leadership, including present Z, and it has always denied any wrongdoing against the wiggers. Now we have documents that show Official state policies of a forced internment, be mass sterilization, see education programmes d, slave labour. All of this was done with the top. thirty officials, including president Z. He is quoted in the documents as telling officials to respond to meagre separatists, with quote so loudly no mercy. End quote. Apparently, his command has been obeyed. Earlier this year, former the weaker detainees detailed how they were systematically raped sexual
abused tortured Sterilised, and then thrown into the re education camps, the way they can free themselves by working as slave labour and report back to the camp. Every night. Speaking out about abuse in China gets you cancelled, I mean And in a more literal sense, executed If you are not executed your stashed away in some camp or an undisclosed location, now that What's happened just this week to Chinese ten, a star pangs way. Don't You ve been following this, but early last month she dared accuse a senior chinese government official of sex. assault. And now she's been disappeared.
Now let me ask you all those on the left that say meet me to enough of this. What is your response to administration that won't eat? stand with this woman. Who is accusing a high party official of sexual assault, and then she just disappears. The International Olympic Committee claims to have to video calls with Pang Second one earlier this week, but even if the calls took place it's only because the chinese government is trying to save face with the Olympic starting soon theirs Proof of paying safety or her whereabouts. Even with so much proof with China. I mean.
Never again is now even with the proof of the human rights abuse american government in business continues to turn a blind eye and groups like like Google and Facebook And Microsoft are doing or all they can to partner with China Apple Partners with China Apple makes some of their products. In the weaker territory, With weaker slaves,. Billion air raid, Galileo. He runs. The world's largest heads from here long time investor in China.
I want you to listen to him trip over himself this week when he was asked on CNBC about China's human rights problems, their human rights issues. There's questions right now about this chinese tennis player. Shhh Way, there's been questions about Jack Mamma. How do you think about that Piece of it when it relates to investing there, can't be an expert in those types of things? What I'm basically do, what I'm from fifty years, understood all over the world? I looked out too whatever the rules, either at the government sent as a policy that I do a certain thing and so on, but I can't be an expert in all of those those particular dynamics of of that, and I really dont know why the EP stop. Then. Do I mean. that is our go to excuse, No, I don't I'm not an expert in that. I have no idea. we know
We know genocide is happening in China on massive scale. We know China is much more powerful than the Third Reich ever was We know China is an enemy of ours. We know China is attacking us on a daily basis. We know our administration is in bed with China financially illegally. As long as the money is flowing, we're fine. I guess. History is littered with tired Send oppressive regimes that the word old failed to confront before the mass atrocities occurred. This is the information age we ve known about China for years, but what did
prince. Does this information make if no one does anything about it and I'm not talk about going to war, I'm talking Bob saying we can't do business with you any more. Of this information that we have one. you have to make a choice. But this information not only. Could save the people in China, This information? If we don't act on it, will will do whom our souls you can't know about this and go by an apple product. I'm sitting here with an apple product, it's hard Let me give you one more thing about China quickly. consumers, research.
There's been around forever? They there A non profit, they share consumer information, so you know they just shared a letter that they have said to ten governors. The ten. Governors of Washington, Florida, New York, Nevada, South Carolina, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Montana, Nebraska and West Virginia ten states with the top and pension fund investments with black rock. What is black rock doing black Och is fondling billion in; U S dollars to China and their due I'm through your pension fund, they are investing in China.
Well, I don't know what China is doing. I can't be an expert on this. Believe me, black rock is, and black rock has our administration by the throat they the economic divide, advisers for the President, the vice president and the Treasury. Do you want your money going? To fund China, these are going to offshore accounts. Lack rock insane hey, we only invested what we invest in and just doing what's right for the customers, you know what that's exactly One of my financial adviser said to me the other day when he said got to invest in black rock. If you invest in blue Brok, that money is just off the charts, and I said: do you know what they're doing do you know that are buying houses from the american people.
They're coming in with seventy five thousand a hundred thousand dollars more than the asking price, so they can own. All of and we're all renters no. He said you're not going to make any money. If you're gonna have these kind of standards- and I said then I don't make any money this is a hard decision, but they are. only going to get harder? How much Is your soul worth how Much? Is freedom worth? How much is? What is the cost of stopping genocide? What are you willing to pay pal? Yet what are you willing to not make? What are you?
owing to not have as an increase. All I made fourteen percent on my dollar, because I invested in war concentration camps. My souls worth more than fourteen percent city. by the way is applying for chinese securities Licence City group he another They want more business in China if you don't have your money out of the big banks at this point, please please do it you must send a message to these banks. I can do business with you any more because You are working for, build back, better you're gonna come and have the e s g scores. It's all in your plans. Now I want nothing to do with it and city group you're now doubling down on China, no put your money in a local bank. Please do it put your money in a local bank,
There is somebody who made this decision about ten years ago and I just met him yesterday and we did a pie cast with him. He buyers Winthrop he is. The ceo and the founder of Amerika in giant american giant is the company. it is known, for this is the actual thing that they ve been They ve been calling these sweatshirts not accompany the people who reviews that it is the greatest hoodie ever made the greatest city at him ever made. This is the all made here in Amerika all this stuff done here, real real quality. and a can giant is doing just fine with the way the slow down, there's no slow down. There's no supply, in problems, and we talked yesterday for the podcast it's out now so please
he's get it, but we too about the supply chain, he don't have any. Jane problems- and he lays out a plan for Americans and american investors and companies to stir Reinvesting in Amerika ends all of this talent, all of this skill is now idle and if we don't know. Now that cheese No, maybe just maybe we should dark making some of these things. So we're not sitting ducks for China and the rest of the world. you need to hear this podcast going to love it. from the ceo and founder of american giant and by the way it is not a commercial. I just met this guy. yesterday and I love his. I love his clothing, but I have to, he is great. His company is great. If you're looking for a Christmas gift go to marry,
Can giant and order some things for your family on american giants great? This is the best of the Glenda programme. This terrible, O Reilly is with us now today, the this will decide initially the case for the Supreme Court in the last couple of days. Today is the day that, though, made around one o clock. If you're a praying person you pray for this meeting, because they'll make the initial decision on this case, which we won't. Actually you're until probably June or July. on where we stand with Rovers Wade. I can, wait to hear from Mr Bill O on. I assume this is the biggest story of the weak bill
in some precincts, I think the Trafalgar five pole on Biden, you know The country is a bigger story. Okay, so, let's let's come. Can we come back to that? Lets you whatever you want start with abortion Nokia so I don't think Aerobie ways of your return. I think they d, five, maybe six the justice will say the states have a right to regulate abortion under public safety provisions. So that's why The case is about its. Mississippi warning to abortion at fifteen weeks, and I think that that's gonna happen. At this stage will be allowed to do that and then you'll know you get certain states that puts the aid We saw whatever and I dont know how the judges are going to deal with that. But there were still be states like New York in California,
Illinois where you can have an abortion up to ten minutes before Furthermore, any real than I bet you it goes after birth in in some guy is barbaric. There's no doubt about right interesting, it was interesting to see soda. My or just the sort of my on your arm basically try. Hin who are pro life- as religious zealots You know that's what you said. This is a religion question a you know she did that big, sure separation between the government and religion in America. Does which he was trying to do, but you can. an argument- and I certainly would have I ever got to speak with her bed- is a human rights issue. So is sort of my you're saying a foetus is any human. I like to hear me say that I think she is, though she saying that I want to hear only words yeah. Well, I because
if you say that I feel this is not a human being, then you have to back it up, what're, you gonna back it up with that you're Indian, would you don't we all our opinion, you rule on facts- and there are just as many facts that say that a fetus. is a human being, or at least a potential being so gay bill. I I talked to MIKE Lee yesterday and he said he really believes that Rovers Wade is gonna, be overturned and you know he's peace. Clerk for two separate justices any browser know them real well. He said however, through Things can change, and I was. I went back and looked September. Fourth, ninety ninety two and article in the washing imposed from Robert Novak this
in court on June, twenty ninth affirmed instead of overturning the Rovers wait: abortion standard, because justice, Anthony Kennedy changed his vote. A flip, turbid to court circles, to liberal constitutional scholar, Laurens Tribes pulling strings backstage so too they're going to vote, but then they have all of these months in between and that's what happened in nineteen. Ninety to that this Kennedy flipped his vote? Do you deal I mean I am concerned because of John Roberts last time with the the flip, of his vote on Obama care. This kind of stuff happens. Doesn't it yes, I again be very surprised if this I am going to overturn it or we wait. Will it's kind of the only area surprised that happened then there? But there is, according to my clear, there is no middle ground and it's not
So this is well hang on. Just hang out just a second here it's important understand whipping row verses Wade is not an end to import to abortion. It just means the states get to decide. You don't have to even bother with it, but give the states more power, all you. They do is rule that Mississippi has a right to cod. a boy at fifteen, we ice, which will be an effective and, moreover, says why meeting were arguing the same thing here, It's gonna be an effective ban, because Roby Weight is a federal law So if you were an Roby way than you could go to, for New York in Illinois can basically, so you can't do it, and I Just don't see that ever happening. No not really way way way way way way way that, but this is according to the the attorneys for The abortion clinic there
their statement is and its true yoke cause. Rovers is weighed, says this number of weeks. It has to be. If you take that out, then you returning the control back to the states and their right. That's what Rovers way did it took that power away from the states? so in a faggot, so stay could not banned aboard Corona Roby Way correct that guy, that's Gus, that's gonna, stay I am almost a hundred percent, Cannot that you cannot ban abortion right? like MR be Alabama Lama. the state legislature passes law. We don't want any abortion on our state that goal up against Roby Wade, federal, takes a precedent and that's how it goes so Roberts and end the others. They're gonna try to give the state
more power to regulate a boy, and I do believe that will happen. And the word it in a way that leaves Roby Wade is established law but allows a stage to have limits. That's what I think will happen. Ok, bill views that the the new pull out The most important story of the weak right tell me about out, Zog, is a pretty accurate, pulling oh yeah yeah they don't get along. Publicity, but their their fair and they're pulling their sample. Oh you know takes due account Republicans emigration independent. Yet they they have. They ve cracked, the code on how to get people to spawned in today's world and they balance it they ve been you were the last to elections, the most accurate So now you got Biden that thirty six percent job approval approaching Richard Nixon territory during Watergate, while and unlike tromp
whose numbers were always below fifty job approval, the Trump people people liked or fanatical about liking him. Ok. Well binds thirty six. There are no fanatical vitamins, I mean thirty, six percent of thinking who think he's doing good job as president divided into two categories, the progressive, liberal zealots, okay and the people don't even know what state they live in. Writing. If those are the two crews that when sample argon based not like love this Joe Biden. I mean you know we ve thought about this before, but I have a lot of liberal friends. I mean unarmed and I'm like pointing them, and bill, O Reilly, dot com. I have a bumper sticker, indeed Regret your two thousand twenty vote yet and so on,
doesn't have kind of real firm backing. And for approaching the United States after I have in mind to have no firm backing. I mean the Democratic Party looked a dump him do you realize that or they love to, but who they get to replace him with their own. Have anybody I mean in some way? If you look, you cannot replace him. I mean they ve gotta, get him on steroids, Disney Animatronics, I dont know what, but you can have him leave before the end of the first body else. Now as if there were a reincarnation, of k, yeah, there's now; ok, they dump Biden annoyed, beat yeah, because I understand and we're talking Democrats now they under and this is a disaster a disaster, so I went back to do I research and I looked at the first year of all parties, expressions
no one has been won. Than by then our history no one could millard more it I'll get three names and an end is getting worse, getting worse, because had not process information. That's the key to Joe Biden, Yet the process information, so it's like us student in class and the teacher says, hey George Washington was the commander in chief and then he was elected president and ten minutes later he asked the kid. What was George was no and repaid in it. For me, so, therefore, if you can't we information you can't strategy eyes, disarm? the problems answer
for the problems are gonna get worse politically economically, and I think that the democrats- they I mean it's it's it's like they ve lost their mind, did you see the the chart where ass. Prices are down one point, eight cents since, when, since thanks giving they founded a couple of days where the price went down by one point, eight percent they put a charge on only shows it in decline- were showing you if you're watching blaze. Tv only shows the price of gas in decline, so it's only like a three or six day, chart and I mean it's humiliating? What they're doing do they really think that they can get away with this stuff in people? Don't know? No. They don't think that The IRA argue. Democratic parties is panicked, big. They have less than a year to the midterms, and it's gonna be
wipe out and report cancer going to assume both houses in Congress and that'll be the end of the by diminished ray anything passed. What happens? What happened to the election. If just go with me here, if rovers Wade is overturned. I dont know I got you a an amount of speculative gonna guy. I think that would give me men are you The progressive left because, say or women. You know you're securing the women and women aren't full citizens because, as they do anyway, so big gender war. That's what they cannot bonnet ok, that's gonna, be if active. I think I think the day of the gender stuff in the race to I just think it's just so it so right. Now that you're, like our shut up shop in certain parts of the country, but in the big cities that
still alive and now well I'm here. I believe if you feel that way, you're not surrounded by people like that move move. Move to Texas bill orally is with US bill. I want to ask you a couple of questions on things that we found out about the media. This week I want to start in Wisconsin, where NBC was poor. Over one of their producers pulled over after going through a red stoplight. He was trying to follow the van of the jurors thee. The chest came, the body cam of the police have just been released, Emma S, envy or NBC said they weren't trying to follow the jurors. But I want you to listen to this tape. It is shocking. They pull This guy over the police of where were you doing? He says I was following somebody who are you following well, I was just following directions from New York, my producers in New York and they put the user on the phone,
Listen to this, the cop never says that you were following the juror or the jury? The key? never says that listen this is a view reporter producer yeah. Do you would you following a vehicle? I was trying to see how to be binding on. Maybe try you ok. So here saying he doesn't know, I was just following orders: ok yeah evolve here's where he hands the phone over to the police.
Officer. Listen to the producer from Microsoft. Those who most loose from twenty four girl was gone. All your work you have reported for producing following vehicles are your whole patrols, move all divisions, America to describe to you do or do not leave. As I read about looking pretty service be mere just strangers. I suppose you raised about the case, and so we were having richest just like where people involved in the trial are marked by trying to get in contacts with numbers were stop bill.
clear evidence, boy look. What NBC was doing was following the jury, bus in so that when it stopped and the jurors got off the producer would bowed, introduce himself and say. Would you talk to me after the trial? Is all happened over time and should happen, but whose disingenuous PS but look and collapse is collapses. News agency on other. Does anybody in the country the believes What NBC says for this way wanted it this way. I wanted to ask about this because their several things, a the New York Times, is doubling down on the Russia Gate Stuff this week. I think there was a historian today about it. You have CNN and Cuomo which is crazy and it didn't fire him and bright stealth said he's coming back after the new year. They can
I'm back, then why is that bill How much do we have? You ve got three minutes. I think ok, so now how much time- and I want him to start- you. Have ninety seconds do and await near. What's, let's way to break but I'll set it up for you, then so almost contract right in the contract, he their closure such if you do this, that the other thing we can dismiss you and not pay your contract out moral to turpitude well, some of that and other things to say, but what and ended, was allow those Cuomo to do it at all our explain it very vividly Lincoln back on the brake to see a man really is the villain Cuomo it? Yes, doesn't know journalists he has no under standing on how you're I'm not a journalist- and I know so-
giving them your benefit of the doubt, your brilliant back, I mean right now. I will come back with that, because I really want to hear you're a numbers guy, and I want you to tell me about the ratings collapse of these places, because I think there are still a lot of people that get their news. From either their orbits Sickly thee, you know, but twitter feed or the Facebook feed, which is all really controlled by many of those people by the way bill O and I and Donald Trump going to be in Florida. Next Saturday, you can. Go bill, o dot com and find out all about it. I think I think I might be there in the front row heckling. Drain and try. The best of the programme
you remember when the elite said we have to be more like Europe gosh we have to be more like Europe, Europe is in our rear view. So far behind you're about to see it slip over the horizon, We are so far beyond the liberal attitudes of Europe. In fact the French are now saying, don't go and try to be more like America and not because of our freedom because of our insanity. Let's look at abortion, stats where we are heard to Europe because a fifteen months, fifteen weak ban on abortion is me closer to Europe now moves for example, there's a bunch of states that there are no no time
when its at all completely legal, any point: Norman's pregnancy, Washington, New Jersey, New Mexico, Colorado, Vermont, Alaska, she's right. Alaska. Now Alaska is you know onto rail, hey. You know you be dinner, for you no idea of second course: polar bear. So whenever you want to do I mean it set out so called it's really unfair to let it be born he at length. I think- and I am I think it's just this- you do what you do leave me alone kind of attitude. My baby has something to say about yet, as it does, but some other states just to give you I d, where we are in the end, Erica New Hampshire up Legal up to the twenty fourth Weak Virginia twenty fifth weak, South Carolina, twentieth, weak Iowa, twenty second week every state basically is twenty weeks or later with the feet. Would that obviously, Texas is in a kind of a weird legal status right now, but what does Europe like let's start in April,
and here for just to give you a sense of that region? You have torn twenty four weeks in England, button no time limit if their substantial risk that woman's life or massive problems with the pregnancy. Okay. So that's, that's, that's Bob our policy be roughly mere congratulations. The Netherlands on demand, portion until the twenty first week, if you can get it up to the twenty fourth weak with medical reasons. Ok, rightly Army policy, but that's where we are now so list Sweden, which is not really socialist, but what they loved to say allows abortion so the eighteenth week of pregnancy, bans most after the twenty second like gosh, whether they hate women in Sweden. If you are enough, week gray period the woman can get abortion only if it is approved by the National Board of Health and welfare. Can you imagine telling women in this country on the left that they have
go to the National Board of Health and welfare to get approval for their abortions. That's Sweden, for you, Spain, fourteen weeks they will allow up to twenty two weeks with few pieces of fetal deformities in Denmark, abortion, available on demand up to twelve weeks afterward exceptions made for cases of rape threats to women's health and a risk of fetal defects, Germany, abortions. After twelve weeks ban, except for cases of serious threat to the mothers, physical or mental health women who want it. first trimester, abortion are subject to mandatory three day waiting period and counselling session you know is this: is that in Germany, because I dont know they were you know Giving any anastasia just taking the baby out of women, you know back and then Teen fortys- and I, like you, know these kinds of things- probably don't work out. Well, we should probably conduct
down on that yeah. But if you think about that that that makes Germany more restrictive than you tall wow, right I mean so. This is like, while not close. Well in in Belgium its abortion legal till twelve weeks after conception, and it is required for women to have six days of counselling prior to the abortion. How tear you imagine that being proposing this country wow, in fashion forward, France yes, it is a legal up. twelve weeks later saying: portions can be allowed if two physicians certify that abortion will prevent grave permanent injury to physical or mental health, from the woman or child will cure, suffer from incurable illness in finland- abortion also available up to twelve weeks again. These are all more restrictive, not only than the United States, but of the Missis
hippy law that is controversial right now it may or may not be approved. We are in the category of me we're just out of this category, but we are closer to North Korea and China. Then we are Europe. Yes, I mean, as far as the west is concerned, we are way out of step we out of step Finland. Abortion available up to twelve weeks again, more restrictive than the Mississippi LAW and a woman has providing social reason for seeking to terminate her pregnancy, such as
stream distress or having at least four children while he sat? Why are you trying to stop women's Reproductive rights rocket, wider women's health care man rely and, if you're, a fifth kid you gotta be like wait a minute. Wait, I'm a reason for an abortion like every well meaning over. Forty sprang has rightly make that case, unfortunately, only and only around the time, their teenagers right in ITALY, a woman has ninety days from the date of conception, to request an abortion under the law in ITALY, the two donation must be due to social, family, health or economic reasons. You can't just do it. In other words, you have to come up with a reason and look people go in. There are given bs reasons, idols can't afford it and getting it probably, but we don't require that get it whatever you want in Switzerland. Abortion is legal up to twelve weeks. If a woman miles a written request stating that she's in a situation distress then the doktor has to give her copper,
and of information about the procedure, then the doktor as to discuss the decision with her in detail, then the doktor has to give Information Sheet with the addresses of cancelling services where sugar moral and material help to be informed about adoption. Wow Can you imagine that proposal no in this country in Portugal a woman can get an abortion only up to the tenth weak and that's after amended it three day waiting period. Abortion is legal in Poland set for rape, fetal, malformation or serious threats to the women's Health and DORA? ocean is illegal in all cases,
in the vote on the Big B, which more that's real, freely and reared bodily. No, she had her own country. I did me there yet plus then she went aboard the bewitched lady. What the hell is indoor, where every tiny you know. Ok, I think when we get down to Andorra, we got the point about this. Ireland was the illegal completely until very recently now they ve been into the twelfth weak, but still there was this day win in Europe. It leaks Stein brother exceptions got no this policy's great god. Now you gotta hear this policy because its illegal in Malta to I want even give you that our that Indonesia, it in time it is illegal unless you have been raped. and you're under fourteen years old, so if you're fifteen years old and you get raped no abortion for you. But if you're
fourteen or younger and get raped than its legal. Only every other case, it's ITALY that would cause I'm rioting. Getting writing of cities would burned to the ground. Now you see learn at ground when you don't have pop tarts Israel shape Mister Lorry winning NBA champion. To writing. I mean good or bad. It's an american donation. Let's burn everything. We love and make our life great. Let's bring it to the ground- and he initiated some amazing about the american people have any idea. That's status around the world. No, they don't no they don't because they don't even know that we are the greatest place to live even today with all of the crap. We are still the best place to live as a human being and Nobody even knows that so I mean we can I ask the Jeffrey Epstein thing,
he visited Bill Clinton at the White House at least seventeen times. And you know it at times he made a couple of visits to the old Bill Oval Office a couple of times a day. I think I think this whole thing is being swept under the you now to go out on a limb here, but I this isn't. There is so much It is in this Epstein case that no no one is willing to touch and it is its evil. It's really for? They have cds full of information that are actually labelled with the celebrities name and the young. For all that they were with em Why haven't we heard it meeting, but what they ve got the kinds of information that they took a treasure trove out of his out of. safe long time ago and we ve
still not heard anything about who those people are while I am not even heard not heard that so yeah yeah, where, where did you actually labelled where'd, you get that? national inquired weekly visor, see redefining ok. So yesterday, CIA files, that from the inspector general of the CIA, they were declassified yesterday and they show a pattern of abuse and repeated decision by federal prosecutors, not to hold a prick, agency personnel accountable for child sex crimes now This makes the cue q and on thing very it keeps being flesh but fresh blood into stuff like that, because there not going to do anything about it and they?
is the kind of stuff that built q and on and now that is out and because nobody will go into it, they won't actually do anything about it. It just gonna make those conspiracy theories even worse, because we have you and I both how do I think you're with me, got Philip Hany right. Phil Hany yeah, the guy, who used to work for the Department of Homeland Security. He was one of the most up standing eyes. I've ever met he was killed on this I'm sorry he come did suicide on the side of the road one night, California, he told me that he had a disk drive I've or a thumb drive that he wore all the time that the evidence of Hillary Clinton's State Department Cover sex crimes of our ambassadors and people that worked in the embassies,
said it also went to the CIA when he died. There was not a thumb DR found around his neck, I've seen the thumb, drive that he to somebody, and it had none of this information on it. I don't know because Phil is dead now, but we, heard, credible information about some of this stuff for a while and no one seems to be willing to go into it, and don't know why that Pulitzer is not being Nobody's willing did go pick up that Pulitzer by going into this stuff and exposing it Is it too dangerous? are the me: is the media involved in the cover ups? Have they known for a long time like they did with Epstein? In the first place, Why wasn't covered in the first place? Nobody's
to see now, I'm out all limits, I only eyes your life contemplating. Why I, I think it's, because there are too many routes. The famous really well people involved. I may we got pray. Andrew and Bill Clinton who were probably you know deeply involved in there are people who don't want that to get out and united to do everything they can to make sure. Doesn't you know they say that he was a CIA operative. he was there to get dirt on people. So the United States government could manipulate him. That's one theory idle No, if that's true or not, but there ties in to the CIA. You know turning a blind eye to sex crimes with children in their own ranks. Fundamentally, though, this is just a it's a lack of trust of institutions. Yes, we dont believe that when they say it's not a big problem, because we ve seen so many times, they don't tell the truth and only thing that will correct. This is an open.
honest, transparent viewing of this. You know if you wanna do the trial, then put it on television and let everyone see it, let it we see it. The in house verdict if it would have come and we couldn't see the trial. We only maybe even heard the the YO or we relied on the mainstream media to give us the report from the court room every day the written house verdict would have set everything on fire, but it was because we could Julie watched, the questioning and the testimony and the event, and Bavaria and the events in question, which is really if, if all of those things did not happened, he probably is in prison for the rest of my life. I think almost certainly does you would a body into all of the other, the judgment and not always spewing. You
No, no and that's that problem all of these cases if they. have him so they're, not televised now We trust nobody trusts. You ve got to open everything up. You have to the only reason we even knew about the Epstein stuff initially is because eventually in Miami papers got, it got hold of a lot of the documents underlying that, but he is a local paper here. A local paper was not a net national now and they covered it up. He was partially was partially the Miami New times. Wasn't it and then also the Miami am maybe Harold as well about my me, Harold was one that really, I think, cracked the case, but but Still a minute ill, local yeah, and you know how many cities do we have now that don't even have papers like that those sorts of resources. I mean that you know that it's all a lot of its got.
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