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Best of The Program | Guest: Bill O'Reilly | 3/4/20

2020-03-04 | 🔗

If many people get the coronavirus, will we run out of doctors? The Young Turks’ Cenk Uygur declared war on the Democratic establishment for what he saw as a rigged election. But Biden’s night wasn’t without its mishaps: Vegan protesters rushed the stage, and he mistook his wife for his sister. BlazeTV’s Steve Deace discusses Biden’s extremely fast comeback that looks like a DNC plot. And in today’s coronavirus update, the WHO has announced a rise in the coronavirus fatality rate, no young children have died, and the mayor of San Antonio isn’t happy.

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Its super Wednesday because its super super super. We start with the coverage revolutionary versus Progressive ISM. What happened on Super Tuesday now the Democrats are stuck with an old guy who can't think or speak and another old guy that when he does it's all, I love Fidel Castro. It's crazy! What's their future. We need to talk that with several people, including a bill O'Reilly Steve Days, Padre all of them. Numbers and all of this stuff from stew from from Super Tuesday plus We also get into our special that's happening tonight a little bit and that is, can you even trust the numbers, because people are trying to not just hack in Russia, etc, etc? But now you are losing your free choice, your free will
without even knowing it has. Your vote been influenced for change by I tell you too much for free on Youtube Library and at police TB, dot com, Slash, Glenn who's, the protocol, Gb Twenty have twenty bucks off, which is bigger than the normal savings. They should take advantage of that. And what you do to get pumped up for a special like that that area nine pm Eastern drink. We give Drink during students, America, which, as the previous at eight p m eastern here and then an exact, show alive a definite makes a tolerable. For me, go to go to Youtube page or, if you're, on the podcast app. What you are right now look over to stew. Does America and subscribe get every episode for free on podcast? Give me something to listen to that's, not the Glen
the only thing to do is use the problem. Patches came in. And he's s got a coffin sniffles and he said I think I have the colonel virus, and I said right, I think I have to That's when Stew said. I think I've had it for a couple of weeks a few weeks, so we probably got it from you, we prose gossamer. You now is either allergies. You each Akerana, viruses you eat, you did you eat any chinese food yet last night we had here by the way. May I just say to see if I can pick this up with the pencil is that I want to touch it.
Look what I found in our studio, I stews desk body, its aim and her own a light. So maybe that's why we don't have fevers. Maybe we just have coronal isles light. Yes, though, Somebody's drinking would overcome their yeah scary. It is funding is at what point do you go and say: hey, I'm one of the corona virus, because you they keep saying that a lot of people are habit and No symptoms at all or big, very light symptoms that they would even go to work with the person and washing post got an Abed from a guy who was on the princess ship there in Japan came back, has been quarantine for weeks. First of all, up
that he pointed out. You know where I was on the ship with my wife fur of liquor, but a month and now I ve been in quarantine separately and I think it is the alone. Time has been good for a while, but but he said, look at odyssey have had it for a month and it hasn't been that big of a deal I she he said. If I we're home. I probably would have skyward gone to work through it all, while so alive. People have it in that way. That's what I've been doing all week, yeah, guide, ornament or to an end have been a mean. Have you
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