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Welcome to the podcast today, big NEWS about IRAN. What actually happened there drone shot down trump. You know coming out and saying he was about to it. Back and then decide at the last minute, not too it's a fascinating conversation about. What does this mean? Where we go from here and the kind of perspective of this really escalating in era, we also talk about the around with Bill O'Reilly he's on for the hour we talked, he ran with him. What trump is looking for, I looking to do here is get a book out about Donald, and then get the back room sort of perspective. There what is going on in the media. As all the way they're covering this? check out will cereal give you cancer, the answer to that spoiler alert is no, but the ridiculous environmental study trying to convince you of it is what's really fascinating and how the media has embraced it
an ABC news. Picking up on Ukraine China in those stories that we talked about a few months ago, and there pick up on this too, with Joe Biden, Biden is is a little bit of trouble now we're going to cover that and this week and if you happen to be a subscriber to this podcast, where you are right now going to get a bonus episode going to come out, it's the Glenn Weekly podcast interview this week with Harris a guy who covered technology had no tent on doing a political book but realize a guy who is a multi, millionaire tech inventor? Was targeted and eventually fired from Facebook. Because he supported Donald Trump. Entire W happens this weekend right here on the podcast,
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dot com, Slash blaze, get started today when you use the offer code, blaze, they're, going to leave the activation fee for up to two lines: patriotmobile, dot, com, slash blaze or one. Eight hundred patriot is the place to go so last night I wake up, and I look at the news, and I see that the president has authorized a strike on IRAN and that we had dispatched. Excuse me military and we had this already the shot planes off and they were on their way, and I don't know what their target was. I would imagine their nuclear facilities said Herz and we had our ships positioned, also to attack. Now he gay The go order now when we found out about it is when the go order then was rescinded. Now
I'm trying to remember Stew: have you ever seen a a go? rescinded before in your lifetime? You if I'm sure there have been some, but they not widely reported the next day in particular Maybe you find that out in at night or in history book right, like ten years later, with reviewing what went on, I don't think I can ever remember seeing something where the next day kind of in real time. The night of that this was was sort of reverse switch. Makes me wonder is this exactly what Donald Trump wants them to think happened. Right like is this. Exactly the type thing where you're saying, wants to say, look he's he's. Warning IRAN. Look we were about to do this and that's how close you are to crossing this line I'll, give you one more chance
I'll get one. So there's a true yeah. Now there's a couple of there's a couple of ways to look at this, and I want to take this all apart this hour and I want to. I just want to take you through some critical thinking on, because you know, if you listen to the press, I listen to the daily this morning from the New York Times. I'm Michael Barbaro, and this is the daily hi I'm your host in this is the way you're supposed to talk on shows like this, so I listened and if you're listening to the New York Times, you're listening to the the the the left, hearing the story that Donald Trump is a warmonger and that people in his. Stration and the president is just been itching for a fight. Donald Trump is not a warmonger. Let's be really clear on that. There is no way that you can look at Donald Trump would say: yep he's a warmonger,
Where is the record of him warmongering? He has been against every action the United States is taken. I think, in the last twenty years. I think I I think he may have been for the initial strike in in Afghanistan, after that. He wasn't for any of that. He was one of the most outspoken people about your disk allies, the Middle EAST? This is stupid. This is bad. What are we doing time to end the war, bring the guys home. So, let's be very clear. Donald Trump is not itching for a fight Donald Trump is not a warmonger. Now you could say that the people around Donald Trump well they're warmongers, hi. I Michael Barbaro, and I want to talk to you about war mongering well that has to you have to take a very cynical view of people like John Bolton,
John Bolton, who I would consider a friend, John Bolton, who is a guy who I have talked to many many many many many times. I agree with him, probably ninety percent of the time full disclosure, because I think he is a truth. Teller he is a guy who doesn't put up with garbage he's very much Ronald Reagan, they're lying to you trust, but verify. Let's not be dope, here now, twenty years ago, when John Bolton- and I first started talking- you could say that? He might have been more warmongering when it came to IRAN than he is right now, because just like N Korea, if they get the bomb they are going to be on the world stage, whether you like it or not, and is the minute they have that they will do exactly what
with Korea is doing, and that is whatever the hell they want. Now. The Obama administration, embolden them Trump knew that this was a bad deal, so he rejected that deal pulled off the table, because that's the only way that you can stop IRAN, you either have. Do military strikes and hope you don't disturb is the entire Middle EAST all over again, you either strike and take come out and have regime change through a military action which I think we had twenty Now going that doesn't always work out so well
Are you encouraging you kind of do what Ronald Reagan did with the Pope and Margaret Thatcher? Now, let's just let's go through this. These were two attacks on two tankers. That's what happened. Oil tankers were coming out into the straits right there by IRAN and they're coming out there to tankers from due to two separate company country countries. Do you remember which ones they were still they were? They were not enemies of.
Hours and they this straight. Can you just look up where the tankers come from? Doesn't it Saudi Arabia and Japan wasn't was a Japan? Thank you could be a just look it up just make sure, but their their their their western. I know this I mean with it. They do business with the west over the Saudi Arabia. It's not a western country, but they do business for providing us. And providing Europe oil so now what would be the motivation for the United States to blow up to tankers to pin it on IRAN wow? That seems pretty dicey, because if we got caught I don't think that would workout well an in today's world. You generally get caught. It would be an enormous conspiracy, so New York Times and anybody else that wants to go.
And that may be. We were involved, which I haven't heard yet, but it is implied, I think, in reporting. This is kind of suspicious okay, all right I'll. Take yet that now the Pentagon says that they have the evidence if they can show what they can show everything about it. Now. Maybe they can. Maybe they can't. But let's just think logically, what would our motivation be? You would have to think how to get the United States going to blow up the tankers, so that will hurt our allies because that will disrupt oil. Coming now. We've got lots of oil, so we could be fine, but Europe's not now Donald Trump is a capitalist
he believes in making money. He doesn't want to disrupt oil, because that could collapse the economy of the United States if the economy of Europe also collapses, that's quite a stretch. I have to think this guy and those around him our absolute madman that there's no logic going on here's, a group of people that say there for the free market, but they're going to set up a ran by blowing up two tankers that will hurt Europe, especially if there's a war how's that going to work out for his election.
Now. What is the motivation of IRAN? Well, IRAN is being squeezed hard by the United States and their collapsing. Now, if you wanted to do the the Ronald Reagan, Pope Margaret Thatcher thing, you need a Pope and Margaret sat sure to show up. Can anyone point to anyone in Europe that has a spine to stand against the league in country of terrorism in Europe. Do you find the Thatcher defied the Pope for this to be effective? You have to get your up off of the fence hi, Mr Back, add so why the United States is doing it. Yes, but again you have to think that the people in our Pentagon and on our side are absolute mad men,
not willing to go there, I'm willing to be suspicious, I'm willing to say well, let's look at the evidence, but I'm not willing to say that the people in our Pentagon than the White House and the President is so war mongering that he would do this. It did because it just doesn't. It won't work. It not work. They need to send a message to Europe. We have you by the short hairs we have you right where we want you. If you stand with them, we can disrupt economy and your oil. That's why Europe didn't come out and say no array and didn't do it. Its wire is well you, nobody in Europe came out and said: yes around did do it. What did they say? France and Germany came out and said. Well, I think we should proceed with caution here. I'd I'm not really sure if this is
If this is, you know enough time to be able to really analyze. If it was them, they didn't say it wasn't they didn't say it was now the press will say well see. This is how much trust is lossed. No. So how much trust is lost? They know in Germany and in France that they are surrounded by people who are or like minded in their faith, who are terrorists? Who would like to disrupt France and Germany, and then Any war with IRAN will not go well internally. I also know any war with IRAN. It will disrupt their economy. So what you have here is a bunch of people without a spine, or you could look at it positively and say it's just a bunch of pragmatists. This won't workout well for us, so we're just going to play it.
Here on the side, that is what IRAN does not want to happen. The United States does not want this to happen. Either pick a side. There is no Margaret Thatcher an there is no pope, but there appears to be a Reagan. Now this Reagan has been saying. Well, look at you know, there's an evil regime. It's an evil regime. Yes, that when something happened, they blew our drone out of the sky two days ago
What was the president's response? Well, I'm going to let you hear that warmonger. So when we have the countries of origin here for these ships, there's been actually a total of six attacks kind of going back here. The four countries involved, Japan, Norway, the UAE and Saudi Arabia- were the four victims of these attacks and that have been largely blamed on IRAN right and I don't want to call those friends all of those friends to her friends and two are frenemies, but they do business with us. You would in this case you would call them friends and not friends of IRAN, so the United States would think that it have to get away with bombing or destroying tankers of those four countries get away with it. Now that does
seem like something that we are we're itching to do specially, since the president has a longstanding record of let's not destabilize, more all right, so they blow down. One of our drones, an what is the president's first response: listen, IRAN made a big mistake. This drone as in international waters, clearly we have it all documented. It's documented scientifically, not just words. Limited, very bad mistake. This find out you'll find out find a hobby ously. Obviously you know we're not going to be talking too much about it. Find out? They made a very big mistake.
Now he went on in that press conference to talk about how he has a feeling. I have a gut feeling and I could be wrong. Usually, I'm right, usually I'm right that they just made a mistake that this was somebody low level that just the mistake made the wrong call blue this out of the sky freaked out, and it was just steak now. We know that's not true, because we have them screaming. Allah, Akbar and the administration aran coming out and saying, you know, bar look what we've done to the great Satan. So we know that's not true, but the present was giving them an opportunity to say hey mistake, is that what a warmonger does. Is that what a warmonger does so too?
leave that Donald Trump is doing this because he wants war. What you have to believe is that our president is absolutely out of his mind and a warmonger Ann just once or, if you look at his record, you'd say: okay, he's not, but the people around him out of their mind, and they just want death. They want war at any cost and they're so stupid. They think they can attack the assets of four allies and get away with it or there's another option. The United States is just a jewish pond. Well that sounds a little like a Ocozzio Cortez and Bernie Sanders and
the else doesn't it. That's a probably a really easy one, if you believe in socialism. Yes, it's a jewish conspiracy, but why would the President come out and say it's a mistake: why would the President come out and order a strike and then come back and say: nope cancel it. I think the most easy Bing. To believe here is that the President means what he says when he doesn't want to destabilize the Middle EAST. Yes and this is a way of sending a very, very strong message without actually lobbying a single missile. Isn't this what we should be hoping for? Could this be kind of dramatic strategy here that the President is coming out and saying
You know what I got the guys at the Pentagon and they want to do something, and I want to do something: no, no nope nope nope last. Second, no, I'm not going to do it, I'm not going to do it. Don't make me do this, I'm I'm in your corner 'cause. I think you made a mistake. Oh I don't know, what's going to happen tomorrow. This is a president who, is signaling to our enemies? I got a twitchy I, but he's also at the same time signaling to you he's not crazy and out of control an has some sort of iranian bloodlust. That's what's happening in the Middle EAST, the best of the Glenn Beck Program- hey, it's Glenn
but here on the program, you should check out Pat Gray unleashed his podcast is available wherever you download your favorite podcast. Yes, it's Mister Bill, O'Reilly, hello bill. How are you yeah, that's me back here, yeah! It's you! you are just a number when I think of you Well, not personally, but I know you know you were seventy. When the beatniks yeah me and Maynard G Krebs, you, member Maynard G Krebs, No, the name- and I don't know why. Doe B, Gillis, Dobie Gillis, the my time greatest of all time, work No, I want to talk about IRAN right. Yeah, either that or you're going to end up with Fibber Mcgee's closet. So, yes, I'm going to go to yeah we can roommate about a fifty sitcoms first of all, you know you, you and everyone else are made
and the fundamental mistake of believing the New York Times and I'm I sit here and I'm just amazed that that the whole country, so the New York Times once again that would anonymous sources and says oh trump is going to blow the hell out of them, but then at the last minute he decided he wasn't and everybody came home. Ok, that might be true, but there's just a good possibility that it isn't true. Because the authors of the article have been wrong ninety five and at the time in the past, but they've written so I say: so they had. I will tell you this bill. They did I because I looked for the writers of this article and I thought ok average right or is it it, but they did now again, Just because there's more people that are usually wrong doesn't make it right, but there were about. In authors of this article they seem to have this come out.
Are you telling me this ten reporters talking to the same, ten, here's, what I'm here's, what here's? What I'm saying? Here's! What I'm saying I don't believe the New York Times, because it's the New York Times and I don't believe the administration, because it's the administration, I will look at the facts on the ground and this to me makes sense and it actually works in Donald Trump's, favor, okay, but not if I not if I just take the New York Times, but but the analysis based on your gut feeling in your frame of reference and what's happened in the past. So that's what you should tell your listeners that look. This is what I think based upon what I know about the Trump administration, but all morning long I mean power, an organization that has been absolutely dishonest in its report last last out, no no last hour.
Exactly what I did. I'm sorry in my introduction to you. I didn't do the I would. I mean not always like just to listen. I can't be can't be given these people any kind of validity. So I think the key question all Americans exist, what do we wanna do about IRAN? We as a country we, the people, alright, so use at the start there? What do you wanna do about them? So we have that same question with North Korea and to some extent China. So, okay, Trump doesn't really want to do anything with them? Eight, them to go away all he doesn't want to get involved because that's not going to help him. Alright, if you're is where Davis go at, that it is here's! Where the media is really doing a disservice to America, because they they continue to try to make him into a hate, monger and a warmonger
He is the exact opposite. I don't know of he never has wanted that. He, he hates that and and one of the things that trump I get to win the upcoming book is why and I'm not. To get into it now, because it's not important for today's conversation, but there's a reason that Trump does not want to have a confrontation in the Middle EAST. That involves me US military. However,. He's going to have to deal with IRAN, whether he likes it or not, you're going to have to deal with it now, if you think back two play Bush the younger dealt with Iraq. He lost control of it yeah, so That's a lesson for all Americans then lost control of it all right.
Lyndon Johnson lost control of it in Vietnam, easy to lose control easy correct and Trump knows this by the way I have some breaking news bill Trump just confirmed the reporting is accurate. On that he pulled back. Did he give any? Did he say he what he pulled back. Yes, so I have the I have the the quote here. What is that? What it says Monday, the it this is a quote from Donald Trump on he tweeted this. On Monday, they shot down an unmanned drone flying in international waters. We were cocked and loaded to retaliate last night on three different sites. When I asked how many will die a hundred and fifty people, Sir, was the answer from a general ten minutes before the strike. I stopped it because it was not fortunate to shooting down an unmanned drone So anybody in the air Vision that he made was based upon how many said
millions of people around the sites would die that makes is the New York Times which the New York Times she boarded? Yes, yes, that's what date. Well, though, the idea, if it was not in the initial story, they did, you know they reported on it since, but it was not in that it initial store right, yeah right. They they they had that by this morning, I think, if you know I saw what the New York Times was and, and the theme of their story was an indecisive president, who was afraid yeah because they don't know they are they have that story? Your and you're exactly right is what I've been saying all day today. This is a guy who does like war, but he he we'll go to war if he has to, but he doesn't want, do. The worst thing you can do is go to war with Iraq. People in his administration also know that the Pentagon has been saying that for thirty years is why I think George Bush went to Iraq instead of IRAN, because uh
and is the real problem in the Middle EAST that in Saudi Arabia, but you can, go to war with them so Bush. Ok was it freedom on both sides and pop the head of the snake for the purposes Helping the american people, which I know you and Stu desperately want to do. Every second you're on the air through alright. So let's get back to what do you want to do? 'cause? That's where you start when you develop a now. My opinion is you have to get that government out have to, but you can't do it militarily? at the right point because so will I said this correct- and I said this last hour I believe the Donald Trump would like to do what Reagan did to the Soviet Union. But what Reagan did the Soviet Union required a Thatcher
and the Pope tell me who in the world is a Thatcher or a pope right, but here's what you can do. And this is not that difficult, so Iran is a trouble country because it's a currency is a disappearing, almost like Venice so that so, when you're You're in IRAN and you're holding their money, their money is becoming worthless. And the unemployment for the folks is very, very high, tough to make a living, those are the two things that are happening. Becaus of the sanctions that the United States and other nations have imposed. So now, if arm trump, I say I look, we've had enough. These people are ingress and they're trying to disrupt the world, so we're going to have total sanctions, no one buys so the United States is going to do that. We hope NATO does. It were asking NATO to do it and if any,
Nato country continues to trade with IRAN on any basis. We will take note of that. We're asking China and Russia to do it. We know they won't, but we're asking every decent country in the no trade with IRAN at all. Nothing now you're going to get maybe six thousand five hundred and seventy percent compliance on that 'cause. You can put a hurt on the NATO countries if they don't cooperate and that's gonna be enough, I think after a year or maybe eighteen months to get these mullahs out. I think that the people in the Persian it would uh. Would IRAN as Persia so the persian people would rise up and throw because then I can have anything to eat. It's going to be like them as well. All right was only play devil's advocate on that, because the bill, I think, that's the only logical thing that we have yeah. I have to do
but let me play devil's advocate. Let me play the New York Times, which may not be the advocate, maybe the devil himself. So I'm not sure I'm going to be really pissed. If we go to war on a Friday, we can I go to work on a Friday. Cuz I mean a wreck my weekend. It will really wreck my weekend anyway. So let me play devil's advocate and I actually heard is today from the New York Times, I'm listening to Michael Barbaro and and the New York Times the daily and they're they're actually saying you know the same actions they're, making Iraq or IRAN more dangerous, because the tighter the sanctions they have nothing else they can do, and I,
Gee. That's like saying you know when you discipline your children or you want your children to behave a certain way and you take away their phone, how your cure, causing them to be more rebellious. No, what are you supposed to do with a group of people that won't do it so the press will say an many on the left will say this This is going to make things worse, total sanctions it little I have this line in a cage in the only way to get out is with its claws, Was John Kerry philosophy? No with the Obama administration did so I will give, will buy them off, will give them all these billions of dollars that we frozen hand them. Money which they did in cash and he'll give media have any problems with them. Did we we didn't no problems with it. Remember any years, your time find a couple of years in any problems with them
This is what I mean about the the the New York Times in the false reporting and then and tell you to search for the Everybody knows that are on and the Merry Guard has been behind this SIRI and stuff. It's been behind the saudi arabian stuff with The terrorism that's going on down there in south of the peninsula been, behind the triangle yeah undermine the Iraq government. These Well, I do they don't do anything else would try to foster terrorism in the Middle EAST really knows that so So all that is just garbage uh You can do the Neville Chamberlain Approach in a paese, a Paese. I think the United States has been very reticent and not aggressive enough in IRAN. I would have done this. This total sanction things I suggest in a long time ago, you're gonna have done in two thousand and one yes
you're going to have to do it, it's going to have to come So, once again, once they do get a nuke once they do become N Korea. God forbid, then your then, then you have no good options left He will absolutely no good options. There is employee has realized Bloser on alright, so it's as Balada basically can whatever nuclear weapon, they have, whether it's a symbol or a full, when do whatever they want with it So I mean this is this? Is a terrorist state? The mall is terrorist states that a rational government so New York Times knows that, but will never say it because if they said it that would then make President Obama look bad and So what do you say built? What do you say to the people 'cause? I got this when I worked at CNN and it was
Are you people insane? Are you out of your mind? They actually said to me that you know the the mullahs, don't actually believe it all the religious garbage they're. Just saying to appease their people and they would never really actually use a new in in Israel, etc, etc. I tend to take red, Ical crazy, religious people at their word. If they say they're going to do something because God told them to usually they mean it. Do you believe that they will assign eleven, or were they not here on vacation right, uhm looked It is no. There are two people, you can't reason with Stu. And no you got it made a list of people? You two people. You can't reason with idea. Magical political zealots weather there.
Left or right, no reasoning with them all right there, there, whatever mental whole thing is going on up there, you're not gonna, get through and people who are consumed with hatred. Now there is where, you got the mowers, I don't know where the mall believe it. They don't believe, and I don't to do and I don't care. I know they hate us. They do everything that America is freedom, secular capitalist whatever we are, they hate us and that's. That's what it is and you're not going to change it so what even discussing it. I don't even have discussions like that. You need it, get us Do you deal with IRAN or you don't I'm hoping present up in his administration can come up with one.
Right now, I don't know what your strategy is. I'd like to know what it is glad you know John Bolton right personally, yeah. Ok, I do too I like John Bolton. I think he is cut from the same cloth. Reagan he's not a crazy man he's not a warmonger, but he doesn't believe been fooling around with evil chinese Cheney. It? That's the problem so, so the ambassador is Cheney, they're, the same mindset and there, and said. Is you Who is american power when it's necessary and don't don't? for my eyes and don't along get it. Alright, and when he's on yeah is that so you think it leaves at horizon. Evil nations got to be taken off the off the map. Not I literally don't kill them all, but it has to be overthrown.
Bolton believing yeah, and but do you believe that he only willing to do that through bloodshed? Or do you think he's now? I don't know engines everything else but I mean he's in those discussions, so everybody right uh in the shop administration knows what his strategy is. Ci again, I would like to know what what the president's strategy is toward rock. Are you to try to overthrow them more you, I know you don't want to say that, because that could make things worse, but you've got to basically define we have this terrorist state causing a lot. Trouble. We believe it can't continue. That's all you know so the name it didn't. Okay, this summer's gonna happen. You don't what it is, but
right now. We don't even know if something's going to happen all right. So isn't that exactly though, what Ronald Reagan did he called them an evil empire and it can't last and it won't last, but he still was in negotiations with him. He still was friendly towards Gorbachev, etc, etc. I'll get your response when we come back we're with the one in the only mister Bill, Reilly we're talking about war with a ran, and you know bad idea, and I don't think the White House wants it. I don't think the Pentagon wants it. I don't think anybody wants that the ones who really do kind of want some of it. It leads to the store everybody up.
I think, is a rand. That's you know they go after four oil tankers and the reason why a France and Germany said nothing about it and the like to hear your opinion on this bill. They we came out and said: yes, we have the evidence that is ran. The the the foreign Minister of both France and Germany came out said well I mean, maybe I mean it's a little too early to tell they're just afraid. Of of IRAN ran causing economic disruption for them. So yeah course that's what they're going to say. Of course, I'm going to Germany next week I'm going to wise up Merkel, I'm going to actually hear okay I am actually going to go, I'm going to Berlin and I'm meeting some very high level people over there, and you're absolutely right. I mean I want business to be interrupted. It's always way. It's been always ways the american people don't want business interrupted either his Trump University,
I think I will be out of the same right. This would be the worst thing that could happen for Dodge until ever. To cooperate or you know, will buy their stuff. So that's the way to do it. Short term and long term, you you gotta figure out what your strategy is going to take a little bit you mentioned before the break Reagan. Reagan was obsessed with the Soviet Union obsessed and if you read killing Reagan, I know you read it twice back a year, it goes all the way back to his Hollywood days to Ronald Reagan's Hollywood days when he was one of the guys who actually inform. No communist in Hollywood Reagan was that an informer, and he was so angry That he was exposed in that area that he said look I did what
I thought I was right back in Hollywood, because these people are off the chart. Evil so is personal for Reagan to get the Soviet Union and that's what that was all about alright bill. Let's change! Subject: let's go through a couple of other things quickly. First of all, you just mentioned Angla Merkel. I was going to bring this up, but did you see the video of her shaking? Do you believe that was just a dehydration? What people don't know about that? is that, right before that video was taken, she was listening to chubby checker the twist and that's what that was all about back really really going to Miller jokes to later you know, you think your audience is like eighteen. Is that what you think to be here? No, I don't know, I don't know I don't I just like I just like making you feel old. I know I know I know I just like to make you feel old. You can let's go to Stan. Look on this cruise
people going to the main standing right next to you back, Negative chatter know Riley was ten years older or younger than back. I don't know that they're going to see with their own eyes. Trying to get right to the chase, the far left thing that that that Trump did on Tuesday night is very important for this country and for Trump, but care about truck, I'm not rooting for whatever I'm I'm gonna watch him. Always you know you're talking about his rally, yes He goes over the most of total waste of time. We got it, you want all. We need to hear it just five more times. Ok, Danny said plays into what I've been doing on bill, billoreilly dot com for a month. You've got to define alright the danger from Cory, Booker
from Bernie Sanders and from Kamala Harris and the whole crew you got to define it to Americans know this is a dangerous operation. This far left business and then he started to do it Shop with the cabin on the up and up and then he got in, but he didn't do it or not. This is the lead beside the economy. This is the lead. Here's! What's going on that everybody should know this far left Caballo has hundreds of millions of dollars at its disposal. Okay, number one not as big as you think. It's just wealth funded an well, organized all right there social media, there's five or six organ, stations and have hundreds of millions of dollars to spread their propaganda? What they're trying to do is
convince young Americans and minorities that you move in an evil country. America is he, not IRAN, not Russia, America, that is the goal, convince gullible, naive ill, informed people that they are living in an evil country and therefore it that's reparations is all about. That's what that social justice is all about. That's what everybody out of prison is all about. That's let the homeless overrun Cities is all about. It's all. America is evil evil. If you can get that mindset established, if you can get enough Americans believing that garbage. Then you can overthrow additional America, so now here's the thing bill. That's. Why did you not only get on here to
right now. You not only are trying to do that, but as a side benefit You also will discredit everything so much that the average person who is not into all of this and chest wants to do their job. They just become sick of it, and so you're not paying attention, and they don't know they don't want to pick a side. Because I don't want to be like that, and so people who have the most to lose, don't stand up because they don't know what to do, because they haven't really thought of it. I don't mean that just tired, I'm not feeling so I'm not feeling sorry for the morons. I'm sorry if you're, a lousy person who all you want to do is play video games all day long and you don't know anything that I don't feel sorry for you.
So I don't either, but I will tell you bill that I think that that is a a hasty generalization of who I'm talking about. I think there are a lot of parents out there who are so struggling with everything else. Their life school. I mean raising a kid. I got a fifteen year old people. You know your kids raising them in today's world is handful enough, and you think I am just overwhelmed. You watch this stuff on tv. You don't feel because This is the lie. You don't feel word change anything two words Bob yeah, this is important, Okay, if you want your country my my slogan on billoreilly dot com is take your country back, because this is the first time in history. If you have had a radical movement that is
embraced and enabled by the media, you have never had that before in America, never now closest to flow system. Close to redeem to that were with our if we read a satellite delay closest thing you came to, that is probably fdr where they were in bed with them, but they were not in bed with the riots on the streets, but it was. Fundamental philosophical agreement with Franklin, Roosevelt, not we hate, country for at understand the people like George Soros and these people hate the USA. They believe that Thomas Jefferson and George Washington were white supremacists. They believe that this country is built on the back stop exploiting minorities.
We believe it is wrong and immoral to stop anyone from coming here. Anyone. So what do you grow absolutely destroy this country in twenty years? Unless there is yeah, it will take twenty years. I I bye bye yeah. I bet we have another for I've left in this at this pace, but I I don't think I hope I hope it's twenty years. Ok, so to away from Trump wouldn't have been elected if it had tipped? If the point had tipped all right, so it's the the majority, still love their country But, if your gonna sit it out and you're gonna lose your country, and I'm so angry about this. As I see it better than anybody because I went through it, go ahead bill How what do you take away from Chuck Todd? Having
a moment where he's saying what should not be courageous by any. Edge, WHI is it. I can't critique a Kazio Cortez. What she said was was wrong was wrong and we shouldn't be standing for it. What do you take away from the lesson that everyone on the left gave to him on. Shut your mouth and sit down. Listen! This is it's even worse than Chuck Todd is by. Biden, can't even come out and say you know what I didn't like these uh southern senators, because I see there was segregation is, but I work with him and we advanced the good of the country he's a racist, but I've got apologize now cost Cortez. If I handed her my book killing the SS handed it towards ward. Why don't you read this and find out what concentration camps really
because you're lying you're, not just misinformed, you're lying there are no concentration camps. Southern border and there never were you lying. Here's the proof read it. She would not read it. She would not do it, she doesn't care about it, the truth she want. She despises her country. She wants to tear the fabric of the country down, and this is why you believe that I know but do. You believe that uh Mc Pelo Seein, Chuck and Chuck Schumer its address hate and despise is our country and want to tear it down or are now afraid of this of the left that they, just they're not going to do anything about it there in imitated because they don't want to be torn to pieces like O'Reilly was and what? they tore me to pieces. Two years ago everybody got the message.
All right, the corporation, aren't I didn't: ask you they're not going to back you and you're going to get torn to pieces by the media that despises you. Will everybody got it? plus? He doesn't want people going looking around into her life. You don't want that Biden is just. This is just beginning for Biden. They're gonna try to tear his throat out. Ok- and this is what I'm saying by the white man just because he's a white man he's not worthy to be president. Now you think If you think I'm saying this is what exactly what's happening? No, it is exactly. I were exactly right on this. Not let let me ask you this: does this work to his advantage with the independence yeah who are sick of all of this stuff when he says I'm not,
Judging for anything? Yes, he says that we're to yesterday. That was the first time you stood up to them by the way, all right, yes and he stood up to them yesterday, because I am, I know, somebody told them to do it and that helps him with the not crazy Democrats. Not all Democrats are or crazy or hate their country. I agree this far. I've got balls about fifteen percent, but they control the media and I've got unlimited funds. Yep yep, alright bill O'Reilly been fascinating. Conversation with you today, looking forward to it to next week, have a safe trip with Angela Merkel. And I'll talk to you before I leave, and you can give me some tips back in the mean time, when everybody got a bill, Oreilly DOT, com for wisdom, wisdom, wisdom and it's found there. Having a guest host next week. No! No! No! It's me it's me. It's me! Oh well, that's an interesting
long island, Riley dot com. Thank you very much. I got you these radio network on demand.
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