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Best of The Program | Guest: Bill O'Reilly | 8/20/21

2021-08-20 | 🔗

Glenn gives a miraculous update on the donation goal for the Nazarene Fund. While America is doing practically nothing to save civilians in Afghanistan, other countries are stepping up. This is not what America is supposed to be. Bill O’Reilly joins to discuss the Afghanistan catastrophe and Biden’s responsibility. The FBI released its report on the Capitol riot.

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Holy cow. What a great programme today we got the good, we ve got the bad and we have been rightly you figure out, which is which all of that on today's bog. The only thing I want to tell you about this audience. Tell you You are not alone, you are just not alone. We have raised now Eighteen million eight hundred and eighteen thousand dollars. We are two hundred thousand dollars away from Our goal that gave on Wednesday of twenty million dollars by the end of the week to help
gain freedom for about five thousand people, I don't even know how we're going to do it yet we are, I mean cash, our guys, please pray for our guys. They are I don't Doyle say they are in harm's way. they are in harm's way and so are others, and when I get the details I get I get updates from. The scene, if you will about five times a day and every time I hang up the phone and I'm like only God can do this. Only God can do this, and I mean these people are, I'm, I'm truly afraid we're going to lose a lot of of our of ours. half of our team as it is, oh dangerous, so dangerous.
But I will tell you this: we will get those people out. We will get people out, The churches have disbanded over their Chris, Things are not even there not hanging together there now hiding together there all hiding separately there. the Taliban, is stopping you checking your phone. If you have Bible app or you know anything, to do with Jesus on your phone, your instantly being killed there, They are setting Christians on fire. Those who have converted cause they're the worst according to the Taliban, it is it please pray for these people. I have the list of names, and I can't give you the name. I've asked for permission to give first names out and I'm going to be.
I'm gonna be giving. I have just pray on this more, but I'm gonna be giving the names the first names of people you know it's like going to ITALY and trying to find a Maria. I mean you're, not gonna have our time, you're gonna have a hard time finding out which one it is. But I would love people too have a name- even if you don't know anything about them and take them on as your person, because feel tremendously alone, but I wanted hell you how great the is the response has been unbelievable, and so you know we my donation, and somebody else gave three hundred thousand dollars. Then, I think there was a fifty, thousand dollar donation. and the rest of it has come in
well. Under ten thousand, there's been a couple of ten thousand dollar donations, but most of it is like hundreds twenties fifties, tens fives, it's you let me give you a couple of stories because, because leave the Nazareth fun DOT, Org has been so swamped and running. So slow people have been trying to get onto a phone, and donation, and you can do that. Nine hundred and seventy two four hundred and ninety nine four thousand seven hundred and forty seven, that's the phone number for mercury, one. If you we have the internet, God bless you. and you want to send us a check. You can send it to mercury. One p, o box, one four, zero, four, eight, nine Irving! axis seven: five: zero one for just check and make sure that set climaxes calmly but our phones have been ringing off the hook. Me tell you just let me tell you three people they called yesterday.
One was a donor. they called in she was so sweet. I'm gonna try to track or die, today. She said she was giving twenty five dollars. she said she had saved up her money because she needed to buy some new shoes. She said She knew she was poor. and that it wasn't a lot but cheaper On it- and she said, God told Her- he would take care of the shoes if she would just help his people in Afghanistan, the is the kind of faith that will restore our country. this is the kind of devotion that we need to have I will tell you our God will lead us to peace.
I'm I'm calling her today. I'd. you know- maybe I'm maybe I'm acting for God here, but it's just me acting as me, too I'll take care of her shoes. What faith Donor from look new London Ohio, he up donated his entire social security check for the month of six hundred and four dollars and seventy cents a pound stir called us said. Been trying all data donate via the website, but the bank was declining it so he called in desperation, saying please tell me I'm not too late. He may as a Czech thou his his church As fifty members fifty he Hold all of them yesterday and said: can you help
He's mailing us a cheque for ten thousand dollars from his entire congregation. the blessings. The blessings are going to be. God is moving God, Moving, we got a call. From a mom said, my eight year old gave me. Four dollars and twenty five cents all of the money he had in his piggy bank. He said he just wanted to help these people and then, after he said, here's all my money, mom. Is there anything I have that I could sell, and Can I do to earn money. This is such a good teaching moment for your kids, we use
keep our kids away from stuff like this. We don't want them to see it. I think our kids should see it. My older kids didn't didn't witness. September eleventh. They saw none of the footage. Until they were in college, and in some ways like I can't answer, in some ways that was a mistake in other ways it was good, I can't decide But this is one where we are to begin to decide who we are? Who are we. What is worse, what is worth living for. What is our money worth in our money is gonna, be so worthless soon As you said, you know that or you try to hold onto your money the more it's gonna slip through your fingers, suggest you know what you gonna do when the FED comes out. I talk to kneel Ferguson, you know who he is still of really rate historian me. Yes,
asked him to podcast comes out next week, I asked him what. If you're a historian from fifty years from now. What do you see? What how do you write it and he just it just. Came out it was beautiful, was poetry, but it was really sad. and you know it was the end of Taiwan and soon, as that happened in twenty twenty two he said Writing future history that the amount Dollar crashed and there was no coming back from it and the very first time. Last night, when I heard we were close, we read eighteen million dollars last night when I went to bed. and my daughter came over and she sat with me. And I said honey I. I and my emotions are also jumbled. I sit Very first time.
We're living in times, histories history doesn't just repeat itself, it is repeating itself And for the very first time I can understand how people who were trying to save Jews in Germany must have felt look just just let them go. Let them go here. Here's tierce money- here's money by the way, not doing that. But families did here just take the money. twenty million dollars we have. We have all all of the resources financially, that we need even air us three, eighty sitting on a tarmac waiting to go chartered ready to go. I gotta get the people there, to get people to the airport. we have all the money that we would possibly need and what
wrong with these people. They'll be gone there out of your hair, they mean nothing in the end to you, they mean nothing they mean something to us, we're just facing evil. The airport was. I can give you much information on what we're doing and I'm really sorry. I I'll tell you once we get these people out. I will tell you all everything that that is happening we are we are working, multiple angles. Let's just leave it at that, but the airport is crucial, for so many or every every nationality trying to get out of that. One airport. And the we'll government, it down yesterday,
For forty eight hours, no planes can fly in, no planes can fly out unless there there's British I mean military no other flights can come in or out so. That means all those people who are standing at the gate they have, they have to just survive. For Fort eight hours. and then maybe the we'll government will open it back up? This is the first Time the State Department has ever run and evacuation think that why Why would we give this job to the State Department when it's military operation, probably other success with bagasse. There's one everyone almost exactly right, you know all they have to do to settle those gates. All you have to do. I am too, old, and I believe this I am told. There is nothing new the sound of a warthog, you know those are the attention
things are flying led bathtubs and their tank killers and they tear they could tear in entire forest down, cut it down to the ground and Nothing sounds like those things we failed to do this because Clinton, our Secretary of state. She would not do it, they were begging. The navy was begging, let us Straight them- and you do have to fire the guns. You just take one of our jets and you fly em about fifty feet over people's heads. It breaks every window, for a mile You you fly those over the gates. It will scare the bat crap out of the Taliban. where why? Why can't we do that? Why. Why are we doing that, because the
and justify the means to these people, its peace, its peace at any cost? There is no peace. There is no peace. Peace at any cost we Leave people behind this is not us anyway. I just. I want you to know that we take I see the donations. I see the donations that have come in at five dollars. I've seen with this money means and We are going to do everything we can b as frugal with that money as possible, but it means. spending a little more because that the only way to get somebody out we're going to, but the
all was twenty million dollars, and I get an update here at the top of the hour were too hundred thousand dollars away from that goal, and it is. Sacred money and it Is to bless not only these people, but it will bring blessings to us as a nation and from them bottom of my heart. Thank you. I have never seen a better group of people ever. You are remarkable and you
Give me and millions of dollars you are listening to the best of lending programme was just the linkage just got the update. It is he who is just, three days ago. It was Wednesday at this time that I first said, we ve got to help these people Afghanistan and I had been working behind the scenes. With much DE the Nazareth Fund too figure out a way, we could go help these people and especially because the Nazareth funds mission statement is for persecuted religious minorities, so anybody
care, if their muslim and though the wrong Muslim. If there to be killed. Can we help them? We the list of about five thousand Christians alone, these christian These are the ones that are really marked for death, because most of them are the Christian that have converted in the last twenty years. That's on. There paper work and that's it death sentence therein hiding now. I said too you on Wednesday. My team tells me for five thousand people. It's gonna take about twenty million told me that on the air I didn't even know that was up. number that I didn't think we could make it I really didn't cause we needed to have the money right now. Let me give you the update. I just got it. twenty one million one hundred and twenty three thousand five hundred and forty one dollars in sixty cents on real.
As we know, outside media there ve been nothing. That is just this audience. That should give you great hope, people's hearts- have not closed we are not for what's going on in our country right now, especially with Afghanistan, Thank you so much twenty one million one hundred and twenty three thousand five hundred and forty one and sixty cents we we now bill O, who I think has turn to say about what's happening in Afghanistan and the debacle. oh bill. How are you well Congratulations, your audience! You know! That's unprecedented! I don't think it's on radio but don't think anybody on the radio in american history betrays that kind of money for charitable they're back quickly
Oh, I hope you get a press release out over the interest. Nobody will which actually report yet because you know how corrupt yeah. You know what that's a that's, not what we're doing for and be I'm just there only going. cover it bill when they, when they come up with an angle to smear me and a smear. This effort that that's the only time that report the report it so yeah outer you actually get here that you actually have them in a corner saw bay, ignore it. Their ignoring a big news story, because a new story now right and it they smear you because you're doing it, then can come in real heavy against. Whoever would do that. Don't think anybody which mere you on their worldliness abetting at all would be that you we get an even more urgent, and I know I know I know I know so
a good job, and now it just thickly you're gonna have problem. Is you know that we are? We already have people, on the ground we have all of the plains. We one. On final approach at the airport yesterday when they closed when the military closed it down and we had to go back and it's it's it's absolute mass bill. Tell me Is there a way this could be worse? Could he screwed this up any more than he has. I haven't even thought about that On dealing with the reality of what is happening in a two pronged to the story, there is: but progress being widely covered in America that a humanitarian disaster
how can one by the way, because the border which is not covered responsibly, extortionate last year. This is number two and seven months, but the story. The second prior to the story is, is clear now to any intelligent person that the Joe Biden cannot run this country. He just can't do the job, so we now know that he himself wide and that's. The word truly entry in July about the status of Afghanistan now when you say the word lie you have to take into account do you understand what he was saying to them? Make a better the bridge he did. He get blocked. My position from
say more to on- and you know this because we talk every Friday up. My position is that he is a diminished human being, but he does not have the mental capacity to do any job. Much worse. The president of the United States, Joe Biden cannot read pain, information right, so if you but worked with elderly people with no elderly people? You know that that is common. You can try them something, and then ten minutes later they won't remember what you said. I do believe that is Joe Biden State of mind right. now, so it will. Let me ass his mother. Let me ask you this: did we do you think he ran this because I think he did. I think this is here. I got you, don't I don't not. Let makes it worse. I don't think you can run anything right. I don't think he knows,
happening at the border. I don't think he knows either gas prices in food prices are up? I don't think you know Afghanistan one way the other, because he is diminished. But the frightening thing is hired people who should now boy now: we learn this week that he and his staff- and that includes a national security adviser, Jake Sherman, who look like a five a fifteen year old in you know some kind of student council meeting and Anthony Blanket and who is just an imbecile. I you hired people and their in business to basically tell him What do you want? The here are you still always what he wants to hear. You just can't remember three hours late. I have to tell you with everything they set about Donald Trump and the. What is it the twenty fifth amendment where you know?
we have to have him. We have to have been checked. We have to have him checked, he may not be stabilize. I know it gonna happen, but I have to tell you the other thing that should happen is Donald: Trump should run for a house. Seat becomes Bigger the house and lead the impeachment on on this guy. This is the first first non scandalous kind of you know No, Monica Lewinsky kind of story. This is plain to the american people, and I think this is all in peaceable. I think this is the most outrageous conduct of a president I have ever seen. However, while you're right in the sense that it's an outrageous display of incompetence- out about cake, but he'd never be convicted.
As far as impeachment, is concerned. It's not gonna happen. There too many Democrats in that Senate the house is another one ppm until you mean like me around me, get back next year, but what's going, Happen, if you want to look ahead on this story, is that up labour gator are gonna, be congressional hearings on Afghanistan and all information out. We ve got this week and they'll be more next week and in two September, led by more war, and his administration was warrior. All of that will come out under oath in the congressional courage now by themselves will not testify and he won't be cool. all because remember democratic control. Those here and I know, however, any Democrat sticking up for Biden signs there get one because, as you just said, most Americans a both parties noticed
they call last stop humanitarian disaster in. So you don't even appeal on that beyond that bill. This is Betrayal, of everything that America stands for. This isn't joy the humanitarian crisis, those things happen and they happen because they're bungled but this one on just a minute, hang on just a minute this one we are betraying the with the principal value that we have when we and troops in we do not leave people behind and we're leaving thousands bind it install true it's all true, but is it not? trail of the american people. Yazzi live in taxes. New MAC owner results,
one you, yes, will allow millions of foreign nationals to stream into their neighborhood. Yes, yes, it is in fact a betrayal. Yes, yes, it is city. Yes, it is, but they're not gonna get anywhere there, because the by demonstrating pro it right into tromp who wanted out to but well. I'm glad you honestly think bill. Tell me, because I know Dolokhov he'd would have ye would have at jets flying over those people. So fast I told you live I'd say about my conversation with him. Ok that he said, the Taliban leaders are about twenty of them? If you an american or don't participate a coalition government work, I'm going to kill you, that's what he told me. He said and I believe, die due to talk to that work. Would it
the Taliban leadership of doing anything while Was in office, but once they calculated that body would not do anything to them any war without here's the worst part of it, then everybody listen to us right now Should understand this, the best expert in the world on Afghanistan is general. David betrays the former CIA director. He told both the trap and by the administrations. If you are going to pull out of that. Country, you must leave behind a residual force of about three thousand capable of launching air strikes and protecting, people who may be in danger by doing rescue mission. That's what the trade called them.
Now. Trump, probably would have done that, but I can't say for sure, but Biden Yes, we need- and this is the worst support, not war, like a journalist, asked him about that question. Why didn't you just leave three, Thousand imbibed warm but could have responding to any kind but this is the best one. Big programme is coming from inside the truck. Yesterday police received a phone call guy sitting in his truck in front of the Library of Congress.
And he says I need to talk to Joe Biden on here and now causes baby It's awful and nine hurt nobody Joe I'm not pull the trigger. On this thing, I can't there's. No, for me, the blows up only you can buy shooting a bullet through my window, you're the only one that can do it, Joe this land, and we got a few options here. Ok, so immediately, oh my gosh, its domestic too, as to the crazy man is leading a call to needs, got all these people, and I told you I'd be home on Sunday can for all the other patriots come out here and help me, because I got stand and I got the foundation built here so he's there with his truck and he says it's full of explosives and now putting out the call for all the other patriots to come out cause he's, got it Guph,
yet. It all worked out all worked out and about you, but I don't, he had it I'm under alarmed by the planned. So so far you haven't even told me his motivation so well. He said about the foundation, I'm here they know I'm. Here John told them of done. Told them matting good, wait, a phrase that they cut off my health care. I can't get it am shots from our back. No more, but hey they'll give them to superstar athletes to give it to them. Oh he's our sebek, they produce Foma Gordyeeff. I think they do to that Obama CARE Is deciding who get shots and who doesn't then interesting. I don't love superstar. Athletes is the right example for that, but that now, but still it additional he's upset about universal health care. I'm NIT picking, now to my share? The general point we understand me. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
We're not really. I don't think we get down to the nitty gritty in his manifesto here. ok, he said I'm up here in Washington DC in their capital over there there's another capital over here now There's really only one. I got the police common and I'm trying to get Joe Biden on this phone on parties on the sidewalk right beside this prick stuff and they don't realize I can't set this thing off, but when a boy- it hits these windows, it ain't, gonna, be my fault and they ve got the roads. They know I'm here I see the snow. over on the building, their better, listen before they shoot better, listen before they too, knows there is a change shortage for a reason here we get into the manifesto ok I'm buying fascinated by the sea I buy. I wasn't that affected by the change shortage,
about you. I am he's starting to lock me in here. Ok, I well you earlier more, I really closer to the people. You know, God knows, there's a chain shortage for a reason cause. got it all. I got lowing got all got. Oliver he's got all the change. I got loads of it Biden and they don't take. Half a rolling nicholls to eat through a fifty caliber bullet. So I think he took roles of nickel, and take them to the insides of work. I don't know it was also, but that's could be actually a serious thing because in all seriousness, because if he's got an explosive and then he's has like this a shrapnel right, I'm in this
Probably do some real now. I think he was theory. I think he was that's a good point, but I think what I think what he said is that the EU is using it not a shrapnel by, I think, has he says it. It only takes half a roller nicholls to eat through a fifty caliber bullet. So, in other words, you shoot and the role of the the role of Nicholls will we'll stop that. I think I dont I dont know again we're getting down to the nitty gritty, but he said I got em all. I got loaves of it loads of it button, but I'm Tellin M them snipers come in. They start shooting this window out. This body goin out because it was built by Yawls people buy people your head in the military. Your were the ones who trade them trained the man to build it and he blowed his legs off building it ok, probably
doesn't sound like the right person to be building a ironically right, So this things right and when he tells me that when the decibels hit certain peak, it's gonna go, it's gonna, go, don't do it Biden, don't do it. the roads, you block and I'm waitin on your cell phone call it's your call, got the option. You can shoot me kill me right here, blow up two and a half city blocks and let the patriots out in the country just know it because they in here to blow nobody up. They here to hurt nobody. If I was, I would tell them But I believe I would have gone this mother row right up to your front door, but I'm here, for a reason, Joe I'm here for a reason I'm here for the american people, if you want to take me out, take me out, but when the patriots, your ass is in trouble. Ok, virginal, never heard of any one who wanted to actually talk to Joe Biden before so then I added I owed is allowed enough. None and our prime Minister of England tried for our way yeah yeah,
I am not surprised that I've down was feel like this guy would give him on the phone faster than than Bourse Johnson yeah. So he says no. He was now he was. He was numbness our for Joe Biden, so didn't get how easily slurs numbs anyway. My Can people sent me? I love this world. All I wanna do set this bomb down and go home. They told me how to deactivated Joe and little button right brought their works off decibels. You come up with your little Billy act bust up my windows and he's gonna go boom brother, You don't want to hurt your own people, you know. What's yours who, in his skill in America, you're killing market making people want to leave America this both to be applied? Some people want to come. Let him come black white, lesbian, Gay, Yale, G Bt, it don't matter, We're Americans boy, he sounds like a right wing, not job. There doesn't look. Here's the thing! He's crazy, he's crazy!
The FBI release today the report on January six. There was no coordinated effort, every thing The media has been saying has been. now provable as Alai. Yes, pretty amazing report. Actually is it says that there are a few people in some of these groups that seem to want to storm the capital but had no real plan as to when they're gonna do once they got in there. Everybody else was just like had no previous communication and no planning they were It has actually realise what we said. It was what was right. Yeah, that's it to us. wasn't. It wasn't an attempt to overthrow the government, no one. There believe they're gonna stop the counting of votes, and maybe they maybe there were a few people, but they weren't you everything These guys are like this guy up exactly it's to say it was. Nobody is wrong, but to say that it was the general theme of the
audience or the people who are their informal level who had just voted, not for jobs, And calling it an insurrection, is bananas This will end. The FBI has just released that report this morning. Go ahead, try to find it you can find in my twitter attitude as America Hive linked to it. There, There is also something really really interesting going on that we should check in with CN, and this is CNN, reporter at the airport in Kabul. Listen to this ban at the airport, now for a twelve hour and on the eight or veal or a hour
and, during the last eight hours with pride that we ve been waiting here, not as a low you as light as actuated people, partly why you might take Bob about cap and aren't you an hour ago, but it was filled with both men and women, the people who have been waiting time back while ours have not been able to get on applied these days, because the order of the day but the other bottle back our now even more child, because it was quite dark moving and the people are moving, then they can bring in more people. like the merging. Merely here. You know it's a chaotic people lying on the floor there baby
in writing, while here obviously want an air of the elder of northern aircraft around a mother to tighten up their aunt em for their baby. Here is one thing to be here for a couple of hours, But if you don't belong here, you don't forget our before that today, to date the try and get rivers airport, beginning with the crash at the beginning of the Taliban checkpoint at bad, very, very bad, getting through the various. yeah checkpoint before you get the airfield star, and this is CNN This is c n n reporting this thee this. I can tell you the same could be said by me. We have. I have my.
personal team on on the phone with people who are on the ground at the airport. I'm getting updates all the time from the airport. And it is a mess. It's a mess, the! U S, soldiers are so frustrated and its at what she saying there is of the? U S, so any plain that the government is doing he's not coming in and worse post to be bringing soldiers in, but we would be those planes in and then we would fly them back to another base full of the people that we're trying to evacuate. That's not happening. So the government is in a log jam. seeing this coming.
there's another one. Here we can. We apply the one about the throwing the baby's over the razor wire, which is one of the ones you guess pulled this. This is another incredible on MRS Kroes, Clarissa Ward from Afghanistan in Great Britain think about this and that the people are right now you're holding their fate. oh man named the wire hoping that an american soldier might take it a better future, I believe, tat danger tat. Lie back and translators Edward Meters and libraries and cook and at the end of that bank, began and I understand that everyone working really hard beside feel evacuating people now by ANA of what was being on them
now and in the eyes of many more, I M talking to you on the ground to let all took away the gale and in our enormous, beyond the capacity, an email with very but even beyond the capacity of the. U S, military and endless baked or eight thousand troops. are now here and there. It is high time bring my which they have been. You did the boy, gay twelve hours in the airport, eight hours on the airfield and I am being a single new wine- take off our. Are you going to evacuate? Eight thousand people in the next two? We can happen
pray for us. I have so much to say- and I can't say it right now, but please pray for the Nazareth fund. Please pray for ever one of our operatives. They on the ground at the airport. They are in the air in planes they are outside of the airport and they are all over Afghan Stan. You know I when they started. I said you watch for the person that will be on the stamp and remember We never saw one. You remember that Stu I said, look for the piano that will be heroic and will be on the stamp of the new country rent and it never happened. never happened. I have seen so many people that should be on the stamp of Afghanistan. And it's all happening now, because we train them to be this way
we gave them the opportunity to be. He and you know what they're all women there. All women. I saw a teacher to day said I teach girls and I'm in all girl school and I will die for those girls. They are going to school and I will die. I saw three way and this week out with signs right in front of the Taliban protesting for their jobs and their rights- I have, I have text messages with the first mayor of F understand this week that woman right, she's, a woman, ailment first female mayor in Afghanistan. She says they're coming. I am waiting for the knock on the door. Weary hiding, I'm not afraid to die. I worry about my children, those amazing heroes amazing, heroes,
and Americans. No, we know bogus lies and bogus. Here, oh you're, so brave, Ah, you came out ass, identifying ass, half animal hampers you're, so brave oh crap. All of that is bull. Crap. all of our money, all of our jobs. Everything is bull crap. This is coming all over the world, become as people of screwed up. And I am proud to be, With so many people in this audience that our wide awake you were gonna save You are going to save the world
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