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Pat Gray joins Glenn and Stu to discuss the transformation of transportation as green energy takes over. Glenn and Stu review some of Vladimir Putin's recent actions. U.S. Senate candidate for Arizona Blake Masters joins to discuss what's at stake as the midterms get closer.

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we ve got a tightening raised. There he's rees within striking distance, and I really hope he listens to please, please, where please everybody that you know get them into your car and they have. They got a Democrat. Put him in the trunk of the agenda that this is the sort of thing. This is a civil war years advocating, for you know that is coming now now you doubts government now have to leave well! You should hear the rest of the show, because I'm going to do, but again, and we here in the arrest of the show Democrats basically calling over and over again force for which is weird because they give accusing us of doing it, but they keep saying it's happening already. Yeah I've, I've kind of figure. This out, I think all of america has whatever it is. They say we're doing. you're doing it. So we have that and also the latest from the fed. You gonna love it
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Gold line, eight, six, six goldmine, eight, six, six gold line or gold, dot com the only thinking, blender programme were very glad have you here, including mr pat gray, from pack, pat gray, unleashed the podcast that is on blaze tv just before this programme and can be heard wherever you, your podcast, hello, pat, local and how was your weekend cause perfect in every line of perfect perfect. We get me to me too, So what we have today well I'm kind of interested in air canada, ordering thirty electric planes that can carry passengers, maybe a hundred and twenty four my whole.
We carried out a hundred and twenty two miles. What is it about eighteen miles from here to new york? City is broadly it's about their about, so I mediaeval easily get you to new york city paris's, another fifty miles or so from maybe a little bit like you might have to stop in greenland to write fuel. But this should cover just about every thing. Yet I would feel so safe in an all ill prick plain. Wouldn't you ah can you could go wrong with them known have solar panels on top. No, I don't believe do actually think so. Just really pensive and environmentally unfriendly batteries. are there not only unfriendly batteries? You stiller, you know, burning coal to be able to fill that tank up. If you well right near now right, so you got that. I can't Imagine oh and here's another really good feature of these plans, which are
very soon by twenty twenty eight. It seats up to get this thirty past shutters up to thirty. to not too I mean not more than if you want to fly more miles than a hundred and twenty four they limited to twenty five. Then you can Oh two hundred and forty nine mile, two hundred and forty nine mile, and if that's not enough for you, get walk shot up. My I don't want us to go further than two hundred and twenty there's no reason to have. Our writing is too far. Why try the type of security you could have driven it right? we should draw early zesty miles an hour two hours, you're a hundred twenty miles. That's me whole thing right. so you have then you'd, be earning carbon
yeah and I'm not being a friend of the planet right, sir, and worshipping gaia nedlloyd, then what you don't know his it. Your cars not gonna run anyway, so you won't have any choice: you're, probably right, walk to the airport and then could I get on this plain. I I have to go to work. it'll take well it'll. Take you to the airport. With a hundred and twenty miles for you work and which is all you need really all you need than you and so long ass. You walk to walk to the office. This electric thing where everything has to be electric cars by twenty thirty five in california, planes we're going to get our first dose twenty twenty eight. This is good, work out really well, I feel I feel, like I'm pretty sure everything that their working on it's gonna work and working and early well, yeah yeah, it's one of six when you're driving an electric car, let's say or low and battery, and your I have been street and you run out of power evil coast to stop
you don't like thirty thousand fat. You got up in a different, indifferent feel only actually, when your car runs out a battery, you dont coast it just just stop us. Stop like told you about the the and the original tesla one, then they made, which we covered. Backup cnn headline in his back in the day was a hundred and ten dollar sports car to cedar looks like a lotus fucking coroner, you know it definitely has. It was an amazing technology, particularly at the time, but I was I I'm, but I just think
the other, pretty cool cars, and I was talking to a guy who owned one and- and I was like I- this would be cool thing to have like if your car car collector the first tesla like four people, even the company existed, and so he was telling me he said there was a minor incident, because there is a factory that that does all these like old parts, because they don't even really mean the service the car. But it's not like you know. It's not easy to get the parts anymore and they did have a fire at one of the factories where they lost forty five of them. Now I think there was thirteen hundred made him the united. eight so like losing forty five is kind of a big deal the average hit and at
pretty sure the the still burning to this moment, but it was new. It wasn't due to batteries or electric now something totally different, ok button. The other thing is: if you is kindling they left around then leave we were cleaning error, clean. It lay samuel, I didn't throw in that its at tesla repair, slash kindling factory car and makes a lot of really bad combination who start those batteries on with kindling, but he's saying that if you have a one of these cars, and me you gotta, keep it charge right. It's our car you're, taking out all the time right, like it's a collector item, so how to keep it charge, but you can't over charge it does. It'll Burnett could burn out and if you, if you let it not burn out, like a bird preamble? But if you let it go to zero percent better, yes, car is now a very expensive paperweight, because you yeah right, we'll, never charge it again once it
those two zero battery come lately toast- and I soon they ve, probably prove this over the years, but with tassels This will be having a lot more often like this was why I was set up so that maize and the new battery ethic is forty five thousand dollars and you have to wait lumps so now, I'm not like twenty grand twitter guys that that I don't think that's been changed today. if it goes to zero. I have to I: have solar energy may have a fifth teen: frickin thousand dollar battery one day and a row of all bunch of other batteries, and I can only use it to be safe. I can only drain it too about forty percent gotta have forty percent left in it once you start getting down lower and if it ever drains, you're done you done in my garden, yeah yeah
scrape, I'm totally the guy that would have. Why would would have this thing plugged in and not drive for for three weeks and think it would get supplement. The kid goes in there so that the garage knox, the plug out. I don't notice carstone yeah, but totally what I would do if I hadn't starts to you not thinking I mean you're you're, much more responsible than that you like you'd. Never ever herb. Had your phone go out of power, no one has ever done at you. I always turn it in before. It goes out every single, every saying I never let mine get below forty percent highly. I say I just have to stop working in talking or doing whatever I'm doing when it gets to forty percent and not to be clear. You can't get it we charge and leave it plugged in either
That would be very bad would be very well that news is in my case with solar energy. It never fully charged satin and great yeah, and so we have that hey speaking of sunshine no dissent. Is this guy this guy guys over this ash, is so bad yeah. Would you use that because that's the label, I use forum, is fashionable to get strong enough. You gotta! Well, I think you might even be the anti christ. Good pass. I dont know what you expect. Would you expect design it is to be the anti christ. Now, no, you wouldn't know no end maude newton who we all know and love. The mai is mine maud. She describes yourself as a writer, a critic, an editor and occasional speaker
is she so she's really should actually all the time we allocate only rarely conversant right? I think she should speak, maybe less okra about she tweeted that florida governor, rhonda santas used the word biblical when he describing the hurricane storm surge as a in evangelical dog whistle evangelicals heard it then yeah cause only dogs hear dog whistles. So that's weird, oh no, it means weary of evangelicals were dog, would hear it they're, the only ones who hear yes, they're, the only ones are. She said this lady which is an evangelical dog whistle I e it's not climate change, its god witches which he course that's what he was saying dog whistle as what is you like, I think I
I'm curious if she heard it how at an even gelatin had arrived rider, she's legal, poor. She deeply evangelical is that what were learning about knowledge you test has special skills oaken. She just as special here and he can decipher dog assholes now and she she did delete the tweet, but she came out and said some dimes ice and by a tweet but deleted, as I've spent enough of my life amid the ranting and abuse of rapture, obsessed, evangelicals, ok, so She sounds really friendly too, even if she's very open minded friendly enough to hear the dog with it or the angelic newcastle. Well, she's special. You know what I mean: she's got the special skill and she knows better. I would describe her especial now you will not make now. You know me. I wouldn't do that. It seems. Very special
And finally, let me give you this this great story and near to find this stew important. killer you're going to find this interesting. In turn Materials now show dolt former democratic legislative aid who incur students to say that transgender youth will kill themselves over a reply the current policy, you know was, was kind spearheading the national walkouts, and the walk out. Students, where they were some. You know objecting to transgender policies from Glenn yanking, but There is an internal video now that shows the student group That was led by the former democratic staffer and that he and the group new
A large portion of students had ab absolutely no interest in the cause? They just want This gives a shocker. Now I can say, is I get this dog whistle. I was in this group and walked out of high school for literally any cause any there were many many walkouts. I remember when I was in school and every single time, no matter what the cause was. I walked out when I passionate about whatever it was at that time now, know what it was each time, but it was always passionate about it, because if you passionate about it, you could walk out and then All the teachers would number one. Let you out of class they would. They would excuse it and number. they would look at. You is like, while there's some loosed, the these, kids are real italy tudor tuned in their taking their with their civic duty. Serious. Who said that this was by but the teachers riding arrive more like hey, like they didn't get me
you forget, the artisan, warlike rock. The vote like sees kids are involved were proud of. These was it just? Was it me and my family, because I ever walked out of school, because I knew my dad would say: what the hell you're doing negotiator had is back in school, but I don't even like iron, the where remember it's been a while he Roma, hundred years old at this point. But what I remember is they wouldn't need that wasn't even in like they wouldn't tell the parents hey your kid: was out of school were upset, it was just like everyone will walk out. They do the thing walk around. Many of us would branch off for the convenience store and then join on the way back into the protest, and then he walked back the school, and I will be like wow that better be like a local news item students walk out of school to support, I don't know, probably lead term abortion or whatever we were walking out over I ignored, and that was it the d, just
it's a bunch of classes and it will be over with inadequate. He. I don't remember the student protest here, really montana yeah. We protest. Did it being too cold once in ohio? That's about it and state haunt you wouldn't! I walked out. Eighty below you would want to walk outside in Montana. Now you don't now they had side, no matter what there's august, but they're, not in school right right. That's right! The water after labour day there's a couple nine months in connecticut and you just walk out and then you know you walk out till you get to a place. You want to go and then there's from you buy something there maybe have Madame Walt was a little bit. We usually tip for mcdonald's. We'd have to pay a car. The very we'd have to walk. We'd have to act like we were walking out with a group but then walked to the parking lot. Get the car then drive to mcdonald's. That was a little bit more of a trek, but you could do that too, and we did. many many times well. All of us here on the Glen back programme are
shocked, shocked, shocked to hear that last week's walkout, apparently very few kids really even knew what they were walking out for hard to believe? Shunning yeah, it's shocking you're, listening to the best of the Glenn Beck program, so stew- and I you know- I spent a couple of minutes just wanted to know check in with old, lad and see what he was thinking and you know he declared the land- invaded now russian soil and then me up italy lost them right like it here. their russian soil and then, like a day later ukraine took over one of the key cities in the region, yeah yeah, that's it album because here's what putin said
I will defend our land with all the powers and means at our disposal in nice. ninety one in the beloved s forest, without asking the will of common citizens. The represent the lives of the then party elites decided to destroy the ussr and people suddenly found themselves selves cut off from there. mother land this too, or apart and dismembered our nation become a national catastrophe so that the deal when all of the soviet leaders got in and went and melt and met with. I think Yeltsin right and they were in the middle of this forest and they Ok, what are we gonna do guys and they did side to make the the russian federation, and- the soviet union went away, he said I admit they didn't fully understand what they were doing and the cons
quences that this would inevitably lead to. In the end but this is no longer important. There is no soviet union. The past cannot be brought back and russia. today does not needed any more we're not I for this, the battle? field to which fate in history has called us. Is a battlefield for our people for great historic russia for food, your generations, our children and grandchildren, and great grandchildren. I, the keys authorities to know their real masters in the west. I will them to hear me so they member this people, living in don't ask in these other places are becoming citizens, and they he'll be our citizens forever. We call on the key regime to immediately and hostilities and the war that they unleashed back and twenty fourteen return to the negotiating table? We are.
for this, but we will not discuss the choice of the people in those areas that choice. It has already been made and russia will not betray them, say: since now listen to this. This is really important that you hear this, because this This is how the Other side is fighting the great reset Quite honestly, this is how you scoop a lot of people who are anti great reset and push them into the russia camp. Gay. Sanctions were not enough for the anglo saxons interesting, choice of words they moved on to sabotage it's hot to believe. But it is a fact that veil, organize the blasts on the Nord stream international gas pipelines. Which run along the bottom of the baltic sea. It.
is clear to everyone who benefits from this The west began its colonial policy back in the middle ages,. And then followed the slave trade the genocide of the indian indigenous tribes in amerika, the plunder of india of africa, the wars of england and france against china. What they did was hooking entire nations on drugs dil. Liberally exterminating entire ethnic groups for this. of land and resources they hunted. people like animals. This is contrary to the very nature of man, truth, freedom and justice. Okay, now so far If you are on the right, you're not into did in any of this correct, direct, the united,
States is the only country in the world that is twice use nuclear weapons destroy. the japanese cities of hiroshima and nagasaki and setting a precedent either today they occupy germany, japan, republic of korea and other countries the same time cynically calling them allies of equal standing? They beg for to stay, but it's the a whole whole story. Ok, so I don't worry. I've lads analysis of the situation Listen to this. Now they ve moved entirely. To a radical denial of moral norms of religion, and of family, the dictatorship Of the western elites is direct it against all societies, clouding the peoples of the western countries themselves? This
The challenge to us all this is complete denial of humanity, the overthrow of faith and traditional values. Indeed, this pressure of freedom itself has taken the features of a religion out right satanism Do we really want here in our country in russia? Instead, if mom and dad to have, Number one in parent number, two in parent number: three: have they gone Please lie insane Do we really want it drilled into our children in schools that there supposedly genders besides men and women, children to be offered the chance to undergo sex change operations. We have a deal for in future, we have our own future narrow straight out of the alexander, dugan playbook there right now. Yeah I mean it. earlier on. All sides are one apparent to us.
We know was G. We just talked about this with the situation in italy with the new prime minister, who this was the speech. She actually use the exact terms, parent one of hands, what happened and she won and be a lot of people here, united behind her. Now she is not tied to this by effectually supporting ukraine. We should point out and the elites are calling her a fast. the other calling your fascist and pollution. Interest is calling the elites fascist and notice, he doesn't say even the governments. He says the elites of the west. He knows the language of the west and I believe, That's alexander Dugan! This is absolute lee the playbook of Alexander Dugan. They play on the morals and thus they can drive a wedge between us because
most americans will listen to that. and they ll say well actions. They say most americans, many americans I just said that on the air and didn't tell you at Vladimir putin of americans would go damn right. Now I tell you about vladimir that came from Vladimir Putin and you're like wait, a minute wait. What. Why are we against him? Well heard, his opinion of america before He said that his opinion. the west that Why he's looking again to dugan for the worth political theory, the heard was fascism. The fourth is, dugan and euro asian euro, is it euro asian policy,
to where they unite the entire or asian continent with europe. Andy lead. The way in russia Thank you is there the notice of them, pointing out the the the precedent nuclear weapons. Do I let me significant, I do for you thought. So when I think it's I get another sort of veiled. We might just you use nukes threat, which is not what what you want for multiple reasons, the obvious the obvious ones. Are there the secondary ones? Are we currently led by a bunch of idiots. So the fact that the air, Do you know that the reason we are avoiding nuclear war is, I guess, the
strange of lot of your pollutant, which I don't have much faith in or are the competence of our current political leadership, which I also have no faith in. So that's good budget, a gender should end up pretty well what could go wrong, but the problem is, is it is with the elite It's it's really not with our neighbors. Our neighbours have been conned. you if you ever wondered? How did the german people go from you? No good decent people to vat? How did that happen? Over a slow long period of time, groomed to accept that kind of stuff and then all at once, we have Ben groomed. We are approaching that all at once part. And our neighbours we still have a chance to embrace our neighbours and get them to wake up much as possible, but at this same time. We have to renew our commitment to
We know is true and the way to do. That is to start Speaking up nodded angry way. But just speaking up and saying that's not true, sorry, men cannot get ignorant- and I know you- this is a little word game, because what you are saying is that woman is now a man, but that woman is still a woman period? and no man has ever become pregnant. Playing your word game. I understand what you are saying and you have a right to say it I have a right to disagree with you I, for one, will fight for your right to say that Will you yet most likely will be no, but that is fascism, hiding for someone's right to speak and say what they want to say.
and especially those things you vehemently disagree with, that is freedom. That's classical liberal liberalism. this is fascist, your listening to the best of the Glen back programme? This is the global programme welcome to blake masters. He is running for senate in the. U s in arizona forty days about forty days left thirty, seven, I think, but there is counted, seems like you are seven days left? You are neck and neck. Or the the role of u S. Senator. What is happening in arizona, not a whole lot, that's good! You know we ve got this wide open southern border. We
Every county in america is a border county at this point, sentinel illegals their flowing everywhere, but, of course we bear the brunt of it with this territory run on the southern border and then We are also bear the brunt of the other crisis. That Biden has caused this inflation crisis. We were talking places the worst in the country in the greater phoenix metro, its thirteen percent. What do you think that is it's awesome. You know to the extent you bake housing into the into the calculus phoenix housing. All the californians are moving and driving up housing prices, but probably few a few factors for, although I think, inflation's a devastating across the country, it is, they say it's eight percent. It's like no, I think if you measure it properly, it's probably between one and fifteen percent. What's the solution, because if the fed continues to raise interest rate which it must to suck the money back in and burn it it'll it could perhaps the economy. They don't Oh, you got hyperinflation. So what's,
please if a great choices that Biden is giving us rather there's no ukraine version of this? It's what do you do? You know? How do you saw this and I just zoom out and and real, we're only in this because of binding never would have invaded ukraine if it weren't for Joe Biden. The weakness in the white house- and we wouldn't have to be making these hard choices, do high, creates and cause a recession. Or do you not do that, and Allow potential hyperinflation that that choice would have been unthinkable. Three, ago when inflation was one one and a half percent. This is it's really dangerous. You know a barrack Obama famously said, elections have consequences. Yes, well, you somehow Joe Biden got into the white house and what it is sir, it's been not just for arizona but for the whole country and actually for the whole world. So the guy you're running against was you know up in Space for a long time, and so he's these known, etc, etc, but
he's not even as do said cinema, because it is as if this impression he's a well known, die there. Some sympathy for his family that the stuff they ve had to go through court and then there is a situation where Pearson cinema, seen by the nation, at least as this unkind, a moderate leeson words, if not actions, and they cover Why that to mar Kelly, but kelly's? Not that way, and he has earned you know two years ago he promised he'd be independent. He, he. He said, I'm not a partisan, I'm an independent, ok, some people bought that and he got in not by much, but he got in now he saying the same thing, but it's just a flat out lie, because if you look at his voting record people fight dizzy, vote with japan eighty, five percent of the time or ninety eight percent of its. I know it's a hundred percent of the time where it counts never have to wonder which way he's going about and actually do, respect cinema annexes two. You too, anxious to left wing I'd rather have too conservative republicans forgot credit where its do she's
it should be independent and where it really counts, like on protecting the filibuster yeah or on nina, build back better. She spiked that she, hold shimmered go pound sand and she took them. As for it and then takes guts, and that is the kind of india of mind. Arizona, wanna see that's the goldwater John Mccain cinema, No she's on the left side of the iron and that's what I'll do mark Kelly. He he? he'd be independent and he lied and he's just now. rubber stamp in the senate for whatever chuck humor and Joe and tell him to use chuck humor most jackson, it's hard to tell them apart at all he's the third senator from new york he's the third senator from California and as old errs on only has one senator had now I mean it's really really crazy, so help the out on the border. What huh ass to happen here. What is the difference?
it's between you and what we have going on. You know it's not that complicated. We we had a pretty stable, secure border three years ago, again, like you just have to. I think we need the wall. We need to finish the wall. We need double or triple. The size of border patrol give those men and women at the border, all the resources they need, but but really it's just political will assist hey. Let's have a policy, here's a radical idea for you when illegal aliens try to break into our country, catch them, Turn them over to ice and deport them back to their home country or some other country that wants them that's what we need to be doing instead, Biden and mark Kelly he's voted. every single time they like catching release where few catch anybody? Well, it's gotta! Let him out, Kelly wants to resettle these people in working class cities and towns throughout arizona and throughout the country. And so ass a result. Just in the last twenty months we ve had five million illegals come here, and it's not like guidance in mark electronic trying to catch these people in china
You're not trying to enforce federal law rang will we violating it, which I think is Impeach block called for binding and my workers to be impeached. For this. I and my colleague just for this dereliction of duty at the southern border he's voted against border security five separate times just for that He deserves to lose his job. Only to say will be your allies. Are you hope to ally with in the senate? Certainly, josh, hawley, rand, Paul ted cruz, and you know we have some good ones. Tom cotton still a bit more hawkish than me, but I think domestically he's is excellent and we we have some good ones. What about what about ukraine. What would you be doing with ukraine? I'm very uncomfortable with this automatic reflects to just keep turning twelve billion. I have a couple of weeks just keep sending twelve billion euro and I tell people mark Kelly, apparently care more about ukraine's border with russia, then on border with mechanical cause, he's really focused on that.
he's, given them all the money they need, but he can't even find ten or twenty billion for border security here at home, right and people's hats appropriate and talking point now. It's ridiculous putin's, a madman, I think, is a murderer. I'd think the invasion was unjust. It's bad to really bad. But again, how do we get here? We got here because in a potent g, their bad guys, but they're not idiots. They look at what happened in afghanistan there yet Binds weakness and biden, surrender and putin felt emboldened. Do that right, germany they shut down other working nuclear and they made themselves too and on russian oil and gas. They gave up the leverage to putin in your attack. I so you know how how complex, systems are, I believe we can and go green, not all once and not at this rate, but I'm fine with going green if we're actually talking about going having agreed in car that you plug
and to a coal fire plant is not going green. Raising people think that electric cars or just so so green? Will the battery is storage Knowledge is not an energy source and ours being powered by car to your bride right. You ve, seen someone California's power grid was about to go off. You saw people with very expensive electric cars, plugging them into gas general just to get the says, denied I'll electric cars. great, but, like you know, ultimately, I think we need nuclear until we have nuclear and who knows how long that's gonna take, although we should be making investments now we have oil and gas, God bless this country with abundant natural resources. The stuff actually gets cleaner, clean coal fracturing we should be drilling. We should be frank in what you can't do. Ideologically rush into the green new deal with germany dead now they're gonna, you know their begging begging for heating the heat their homes this winter and that's the kind of energy future.
That mark kelly in arizona and Joe Biden or trying to drag us towards it, doesnt work. So what what can be done? What can be done, should be done in the senate on energy on anything. Well, I think it's stopping the were on fossil fuels like wanted, binding. Think we're going to happen this country's mostly power by fossil fuel still by oil, So if you declare war on oil and gas, you think that might make the cost of energy skyrocket course. Of course they took gas from dollars to six dollars. Now they want a metal, because his back down to take five dollars in phoenix only by dint, of course, is selling out oil from our strategic reserves, which national security, that's crazy! So the war on oil and gas rights, repeal the crazy relations and start investing start. Granting new oil and gas drilling permits right, invest in nuclear we need be building nuclear power plants and endless rating d. Think things are changing enough to be able to do that. I mean we unaware haven't built. A new even
refinery since, like nineteen, seventy nukes are wage dangerous it'll. Take you twenty years to their there with modern technology there not dangerous at all, but we have I saw this in the private sector with it we very often we would find a nuclear tech start up a town to nuclear physicist who wanted to be an entrepreneur instead of a academic and had come to us, with a small modular reactor design. You know, and it's innovative and x, Y or z, and so they could prove on a blackboard with math that you couldn't get a runaway new your chain reaction, problem is, and we way we're hungry to invest right. But then you do your diligence, including a regulatory dillon, yeah turns out yet and arrests and our sea has an approved a new nuclear power plant ever basically and they ve made innovation illegal. There is no military pathway to actually build a prototype that you can convince the governor. I see it safe. We did it because this kind of technologies, basically just outlawed by fear. So what do you think's going to happen when you declare war on oil and gas, but then you make new
sources in a nuclear. The cheapest must abundant safest source of energy right. It's the only carbon resource of energy that works in twenty four hours. Would solve eighty, global warming problem and would also solve our energy problem? And you know it's. This is not new technology, but we've made it really really hard to to pursue and that's the culture in DC that I want to change. I know it's going to be frustrated in the in the air, I'm going to be one of one hundred senators. I can't just snap my fingers and the country's powered by nuclear, but we to be trying now so that in thirty years, when my little kids or my age in others should be mostly power by nuclear you are. You say that you can't just a snap, your fingers and do things in this country, which was my understanding of the system the whole time, but we do have a president who thinks you can take. You know a trillion dollars in loan relief and just with a snap His fingers just do that without going to congress, we have set up, I think, a ring weakening of our system the than I rather think we're constant
national republican. Why? How could you is there anything to be done? first of all. This is. This is incredibly on consequences, especially you're right, of course, and what's especially wild about that is five months ago. Nancy policy agreed with you policies. Biden gonna do this. If congress doesn't get its act together and she has oh, he doesn't have the authority to do that, his own department of education and they didn't have the five months later Biden, just as it is just like he did with the cdc right halting the eviction moratorium yeah, his own white house lawyer said sir, you can't this is the cdc has nothing to do you can't just have them. You know not allow landlords to collect rent kind of unconstitutional and Biden literally said. I dont care. Let's do it, let's let them litigate it later supreme court, said hey, look if you try this again, we're gonna shoot down. Many did it again anyway, and they did sleep, I'm eventually we saw the right and there, but where I feel a great, or the situation where we have the courts, that are the gargoyles
Real fur, entire system of government and that's it that's a terrifying place to be I'd. Swipe I don't think I'm exaggerating when I say that Joe Biden, whatever forces, are behind Joe Biden right. He doesn't know where he is half the time, but I'm going to say by naming the white house that they are tyrants, they really are like. When I read about the osha vaccine mandate, they were using the I'm sorry occupational health and safety bureaucracy to push a federal vaccine mandate on everybody in the country? I thought it was a babylon be headline Thought it was satire cause like they can't do that constitution. I'm grateful the courts of course held that was unconstitutional, but no, they don't care. Member my my are rather position moment on on how little the Democrats care about the constitution was when they were passing, obamacare yeah. You know they asked nancy
Pelosi well where's the constitutional hook for this he used to be. You know the Democrats had make some arguing- oh it's necessary and proper for X, y Z, or it it touches commerce and because of the short game, forty one. They would always pretend that this was constitutional. While they asked nancy pelosi word in the constitution. Does it say you can in a tax somebody if they don't buy a product on the market and she laughed and she said, are you kidding me I remember I was just like wow now they don't even pretend that they have to follow the constitution and how dangerous is that if somebody wants to help your campaign out blake masters, or do they just go to blake masters, or can I go to blake masters dot com? They I in a patriotic spirit, get out their wallet and they donate lots of money to my campaign, because this stuff isn't isn't cheap. Mark Kelly's bombarding me with the the most vile vicious slanderous attack ads, but you know we're fighting back David, tight type dynamic. But if you shut its close, the republicans tightening alot
helping at all the senate with the in a scott and his senatorial committee. The intricacies actually been very helpful mitch. Mcconnell, of course, has the bigger of money with us, I laughed they ve cancelled advertising, so there I'm trying to be helpful, but but everybody who can ship in five or ten dollars had dug out. It is within a couple of points, so every dollar will make a difference here. Blake masters Dot com, that's blake masters, dot com will see again gutless. Thank you place when please please lilies after to it's future of the country, the
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