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Best of the Program | Guest: Bob Arvin | 3/31/22

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Former Disney artist Bob Arvin, aka PolitiZoid, explains why he decided to come out of the closet and gives his firsthand account of when the “internal hostile takeover at Disney” began. Glenn unveils his new “Weenies” T-shirt. BlackRock is now mining for Bitcoin. Glenn reviews a chalkboard of all the things that "could never happen," but already have.

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Great podcast today, you'll hear the Voice of America. You'll also hear the voices from the World government Forum yeah, one world government and digital currency you'll hear it from the horse's mouth on today's podcast The former Disney artists found and creative director, political aid. If you dont know what political it is. Yes, you do about, I think about a year ago. I've lost track of time year ago, two years ago, He came out with a with video of it's a small world. Here it is
the ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls welcome the small world. The cooperation of the party, the reimagined tomorrow, the itemization, the animation is tremendous. The production value is tremendous. The end it's done by a former Disney artist and he's on with us. Now hello, sir. How are you I'm doing well, good morning. Glad it's good to talk to you. I have heard that you are coming out of the closet.
And I don't want to out you is that true yes, tell you that I identify as Bob Arbon Marvin? Well, that does it just because you identified Bob Arvin doesn't make you bargain, but I'd. I digress. My parents made me Bob Arvest. So Bob you have. You have been out of Disney and you have been making these things that go really against what Disney is doing and you've you've. Not attached your name! Why? Well when I started about twelve years ago- I I did put my name on there and I will. It was a doing some publicity on it or I always just branded it. What is the way to never really took that on my own. You know: as things per
whereas I I took a little bit of a break because we had funding during the twenty ten election cycle that lasted about a year and a half, and after that we weren't able to additional funding, so I went back to just doing quiet work and the world changed especially, ah when I jumped out- or you know, during the Trump administration and entered the the piece shit- hits the fan once once so Grey chaired by Donald Trump shift to forget nasty nasty yeah. So it tell us what's going on how long has Disney been like this. You know that Half the characters need to be L. I a narrow, leaving two plus. By the end of the year and it not seem like a tolerant place. If you disagree with that, as your mission, it's real
changed over the last decade, or so I mean it's been, over twenty years since I was there, but I know other people that stayed with the company and actually the world good deal on my last appearance on your show, I'm going to a lot of Disney artist reach out to me a real just say, thank you, others are I'm working with now on projects a and a I have been able to get a little more of a line on on can avoid what how this developed I really think the turning point was the passing of boy. I is me who was two thousand died I had heard of the ruler. When I was at Disney against him, The late ladys that there is a film and development called wildlife and
a few of the artists that I reached out to yesterday, when I was going to be on your show, were able to confirm what I had heard a and and this film that was going to be one of the first. You know this was only a couple of years after toy story, but first get that right. So Patriot about was wanting to do CG, character, animation and they were eloping this film and ah yeah, I mean they probably poured millions of dollars into it and they did a test clip and it had some homo erotic, jokes in it, and ah Disney was watching the screening and from what I understand he stood up in the screening room, told the pretty action is to turn the projector off and he announced he says we do not make sounds like this, well and he shut it down, and that was that he and ah, but I think in that sense
passed and then also you know, as the politics have changed in our nation. I think that you know, I guess it put it in a not to say return, but were sleeper cells, have these kind of bullets at activists within the company that have been activated now and and they're embolden, and there using the smear campaign against the bill in Florida too. Their agenda and really is kind of like an internal hostile. Takeovers is as what's happening. Right now so. It used to be that way. You know people like me would go to work for Disney because you're such a huge fan and I'd sweep the street. If I had to, because I was so in awe of what Walt had done and and the Spirit of the place that it was a just a. the place to be could leave the world behind
that's not it anymore. what is the percentage, do you think it is? Is majority of the employees on bandwagon or just the other employees, just too afraid to say anything? I think it's though her. I've spoken to several that still work for the company capacity or another They are afraid to deviate daddy, shape or form meters in some hard corkins I know that work there, that HR will them on gender pronouns, if they don't say they prescribed answers, You probably not going to continue working there. So
the company is like, do you know exactly like? What's happening? Get alone country? It's like a small active minority is steering the ship and the. are afraid to speak out, or only now, this kind of waking up what's going on and trying to figure out what can be done we're Doin above Arvin, former Disney artists and founder and creative director of politicized, which you ve probably seen many of of these digital cartoons and their fantastic and and rare, because they're done with real skill and there they kind of hold up the right. interview, if you will and you just don't see that very often by the the impact on our society me right now we're fighting this stuff in our schools, but I think Disney
we'll have a much bigger impact than schools will even have, and I see parent stand in up to Disney like their stand up to the, to the school boards. Well, I think, before people Canada, an inkling that some of this, but then going on, but it was still gonna hit and so you still willing to subscribe to Disney plus and go to the parks, and still waltz from the past, but now. It's like you know with the foliage they're just came out this week. There is no doubt about that kinda and what's going on- and I I don't it- it's those people in the the footage are living in a bubble. It's like they're, all just kind of you know a little circle.
say in all the same fangs encouraging each other. They do and say the same things and they don't know their core audience they are abandoning their core audience and favor this agenda and there's a drawing it they were. If they don't destroy it, it will be damaged for generation m. It's a and it's fans me to say that I mean you know I I was Passover I would go down to the park just to listen to the piano player on the main street yeah. While everybody else was in line to ride you know it's like do me. Then then want to southern California residents because they get it out, they can really built for the tourist coming from out of town for thousands of dollars where, as you know, those of us who total California, where's our discount are you kidding me will that for a long time,
you know you would put up with it in you know: you'd put up because it was, it seemed like it just became all about the money, and it was and what's happening again, it's about the money. They just don't want any trouble, and you know that well that they've always wanted at the park or, the angry militants. It is just the average family and I'm I'm hoping that this is a line. The families will draw we've always had Disney. I mean it's gotten much or dicey in the last ten to fifteen years. This is now fifty percent of everything they make is going to be Lgbtq. A remarkable statement for them to make and come out with and fully people will say you know what I'd I dont want. You teaching my kid. Anything I watch. I just want
wheat stories Kay. preserve my children's innocence, please stop with jamming this down their throat and I don't care what it is. I wouldn't want them Talking about you know conservative, hey everybody. You gotta go to this church, I wouldn't want that either leave My children alone Disney. Hopefully, people will see that way, but I don't know if they will well, I think, coming to the realization that this is another part of the attack on the american family and you know what alpha family intact, I'm you. We start to crumble, over the whole tourism nation yeah. You know bidding Warner brothers didn't go after universe. They didn't go after Sony, they went after Disney Course as they knew that that was the one and only studio in Hollywood that upheld traditional,
values and the family entertainment. And they know if you capture the kids you've got it, you win, you win thanks. so much Bob. I appreciate everything that you do if you If you want to see his, if you want to see his latest, it's a it's pretty You can find it at bull. It is annoyed political, it dot, com! Bob! Thank you. This is the best I don't know who made these Beck really wrong the breakfast cereal that remembers when men were men, wake ease with Leah Thomas on that and champion Leah Thomas. I have. I have the the breakfast of female champions. Weenies. With Leah Thomas. On that front,
by the way it would be so wrong of you. If you went a new body bought the new weenies t shirt. You know Breakfast cereal that says: hey where your pride you eat, you eat weenies, For breakfast, you can go to weenies for breakfast dot, com and get this a new breakfast cereal. Don't have any idea what it tastes like, but butter, breakfast of champion. female champion not going to eat it, not going to you that decision I can well you want to you really what I really want to get the t shirt. Now we have the t. Shirt. Yeah is great the t shirt not going to eat the cereal, though I don't know what they've put into it and I don't want to know, don't know by the way. There's something else I have. I would so much so many comments on something that is based on Lady Colombia, which all explained by the time, but I
was thinking about american justice and I painted this this woman, and she's draped in a flag and when I posted online It was reaction like I've never seen before. So I made this into a poster and every dollar that is raised by selling this poster is going to go directly to buying is that are of historic value. Things that just need to be preserved, but it's also a great thing for you: If you leave you like this poster you can find it at Glenn, Beck, art, dot com. Glenn Beck, art, dot, com, it's a limited edition, think we're also selling I mean at, and I bleed price it's shameful. I might as well be, Disney world, but but if you want a signed edition, you can also get
it's a little more expensive than the than the regular poster homage cost of four posters, a print you think they're cheap until you print them near like what while you're printing them at like super high quality like you, that is really high, are really nice. Let me let me see if I go to arrive two minutes Eric. Can you make your point in two minutes, hey! I got the chance to talk to someone. Who is building data centers in taxes, and he's building data centers that are carbon negative and that the big investors are black rocket. Somebody other companies that you're talking well in their sole purpose, is to mine, Bitcoin and Crypto currencies, so these companies are not diverging or divesting out of these they actually
more involved in you know I, and I think, because I've often wondered about black rock is black rock is part of the FED coin. There I mean they are. They are all over. This? and then they just recently took on cryptocurrency They were gonna start investing in Bitcoin, etc, etc, and I thought why would they do that and then I realized, oh, Well, that's something that the largest hedge fund in the world could always hold over the head of governments Oh you know. What do you got that yeah? Well, we edged are bad with Bitcoin it's a way for them to hold on to some power and not to mention make a lot of body yeah right, the even Exxon is now doing this. I know they're axon is not a thing mining for oil. There mining for Bitcoin how
saying. Is that yeah there using run? I mean a lot of this- is, I think, really cool their running, but the biggest They would normally burn off. Or use to generate electricity. You know for minor projects are now converting into Bitcoin mining. About a people jumping into this is raising footing interesting and what is Bitcoin. Today I seven thousand forty seven thousand. I mean It is a roller coaster ride, but if you, if you bought it early and you held on today,
east is a really good day. You know, oh no, it's forty! Six thousand, no forty salad all jump off the top of the bill. Remember they were talking about twenty nine. It's going to break twenty nine and go down. I mean it could be over. There was like a month like you're, listening to the best of the Glenn Beck program. Alright, let me go to James in Virginia hello, James, morning, gentlemen, good morning, gentleman Minister beginners adored me just for a moment he ever getting you're fine fine I admit I was very sceptical when I heard a vulgar economic arm break resets until it started hearing other independent news reporting on all but comical non essential. Without being said and like I went searching through their website and I found him,
the bizarre stuff? That's just very blatantly open the other one and a half degrees. temperature in the world going to end by twenty thirty means going to disappear, rob and eat, we're all gonna like it kit I watched her special. While I was on the treadmill and the building That across the world, from Joe Biden to who figure die in England to New Zealand. It's all hair raising and. we have heard your other it won't come onto your show, only talk about you know: Russia, Ukraine. This time? The other Alex? Do you his book and what is the US's biggest export its culture? Now I get Russia from there like me to want nothing to do with what we gotta go, not that nobody in France doesn't want to France, the President of France has said: don't take this culture coming out of out of the United States, its boys in France, it's crazy.
So anyway, valuable so my question to you: The two, both with the convention estate, that's kind of looming. Is it possible that we can get ahead of this? I personally don't, but I also look back what our founding fathers think of what our nation has has been doing to its own citizens abroad, what what would their actions to be taken? back to one thing in a you mentioned and many many months ago, say: I'm not ready to give up on this nation get, but all The indicators are pointing towards national divorce and it sounds bizarre, but, as I I swore an do the constitution and all the limits that were set port to build the world's greatest superpower. But at what point is enough to be like you're. Not this is no longer working weed eat you bring What are federal government was supposed to be a small small, very small item, which is now
this massive entity and what point do we get back to them, I you know what nope no more bring it back to the states. Where we no longer worrying about the Woke, see those that are that are in Calgary having influence over the floor yeah exactly. I will tell you we can beat it, but we are running out of time and you know you mentioned the convention of states. That is probably the best thing we could do. If we got together and got the money we have now. Twenty two nineteen nine a nineteenth have just happened two days ago, which was South Carolina, Gay, so nineteen states, I think we need thirty. For for to be able avid convention of States- and this is this- is some. This is not a constitutional convention. This is one open on certain things that everybody the vote on before it even opens. So you can't is bring things up like I want to get rid of a second amendment, no one,
those thirty four states have already agreed you're, not bringing it up and we're not opening it up. We can It actually change things. If we can get those thirty four states- and it is it's close- the conventions is it convention of states and address states, Dakota, com, convention estates, dot com- you should get very active in in that and by the way for states just this year, whirling Marsh March was so. We ve had the just this year with sconces, Nebraska, West, Virginia and South Carolina is concerned. We Wisconsin is joined It is, you know it has to be joined for sure by every red state and there are red states that I have not on board itself. Dakota has not passed us yet IRA has not passed us yet, North Carolina sort of a purple State New Hampshire, another purple state hasn't done it. There's a bunch of states,
kind of surprising Ohio has not yet Wyoming has not yet yet. This is the way to do it. This is the found. The founders gave us article five and they said when things get so out of hand and Washington will not respond. Then the people have to gather in their own states and vote on certain things they want to do it get through the legislature, certainly thinks like a balanced budget. term limits, no he s G scores, no federal digitized, all in composting coin, that can rack, everybody. No spying on people, though things can be done and they're only going to be done by the people. and they will take a convention of states by the way Our last caller said he watched last night show. I think he was watching. Another show that we did a couple of weeks ago on e
g. It that's it full house last night, if you'd, if you side, you know it's weird, I watch it with my wife last night later after and she laughed and she doesn't laugh at me really animal she laughed at me. She didn't laugh with me very often anymore. It was a really funny funny show and in the middle of it. I I laid something out on the chalkboard and I think it's worth revisiting today and that's that next part of the decoder ring things that could never ever happen. Can we just stop saying that as a nation, the I wrote fifteen minutes before the program tonight. Flying airplanes into the World Trade Center ever would happen until it did the Patriot ACT.
Take your shoes off. Take your belt off, I'm going to feel your crotch for awhile and look at me? I got a badge and I make three dollars an hour. charge, they would have Never happened. We have the Vietnam WAR, but this time we had a toy, two year war that we actually one and then we handed the keys and our helicopters and Are billions of dollar of airport the people we we Fighting the whole time that's crazy. That will never happen. How about this one? two thousand and eight meltdown. Remember that what we have crash know I was there. I remember federal, never happen. Seven hundred and fifty billion dollar bailout tarp. Oh my gosh that's crazy! That's never happened before can happen again course. Not. Seven hundred fifty billion is chump change. We're now five trillion dollars ethical
it bail out and speaking covert another thing that will just never happen, shut down the global economy, then people in their houses and let joy corporations open but mom and pop businesses. They have to stay close by the way, need a mask when you're standing, but not when you're sitting never happen right. It did press colluding. The president is colluding with Russia, that's what they said about Donald Trump. That could never happen that we found out not colluding with Russia? Yet the press said that could never happen. He has to be guilty, even though he wasn't guilty, but then they move on the president colluding with Russia, China, Ukraine taking millions of dollars through come. Through his son, who is a crack, addict and or over time were expected, like oh, no, oil companies are giant. Banks in China
hey there. Of course, they hire him and it has nothing the guy he's doing blow off the belly of hookers. I mean I could never happen, it did happen and yet this time the press had no interest and the FBI. lost the laptop. Did you hear that one, Trump's family is clean. This is a guy who, business in New York. I don't know if you've ever been there. You know I'm saying but the Vinnie the nose will come by and make sure that construction site is, is operating the way it should be. You know what I'm saying that guy that guy who worked with those people for decades, he's been investigated by every top secret spy agency on the planet and maybe the aliens that the The gun gone said is real, but that whatever happened,
they investigated to nothing His family is clean, but the one that tells by the press. Biden is in a crime, family could never happen. Just like the left burning down our cities and the democratic politicians. plainly bill those people out and then the press as it's A peaceful operation to in dollars worth of damage that could now happened. The right then stormed the capital. The instigators lost by the FBI, might be with the laptop. I'm not sure. Where did I put re apps where I put him, the press then says is the worst sense. The civil war and the Democrats don't bail these people out. Instead, they throw the book it grandma that it never happened. p t a parents are terrorists,
The Supreme Court justice can define a woman, yet those who can our deep black formed in called haters just take this one one step at a time, the? U S is energy independent. The president did some I never thought was possible in my lifetime life, energy, independent and then could never happen right, but then the net. The president immediately shuts it down so we're not energy independent, and then we go we go to Saudi Arabia. The guys will take any they kill bull and put them in blunders, and they won't Take our president's call when we're like we'd like to give you billions of dollars, or some of your I'll know their pissed off at us. He won't even talk to us now because we're doing a deal with IRAN and
empowering the mullahs in IRAN. That could never happen. Oh my gosh. We don't have pregnant women. We now have a pregnant individual men in California are in female prisons. That could never happen. Washington state this this just this week said you know what no gas cars on the road by torn thirty check your watch. Did you ever think five Gas would happen in the middle of the country. I didn't hey remember when we used to say hey Disney is like I saw them picture the freeze, the frame and they spelled sex out in the clouds- touch ridiculous. We never do something like that Saturday. They came out with their very open sexual and gay agenda. Fifty percent, of Disney hits center around gates
and transgender children. Man, that's good that'll, never happen see our tee in our schools. Never happened. A ran. A friend is real, a foe war. Russia and my favorite. You know What I haven't thought about, since I do nineteen, eighty nine b. vaporized, thought about it? Since I was a kid Now we're actually talking about being vaporized again, so please shut the frickin pie hole with all that would never happen. We gotta stop saying that please that was just stuff off the top of my head yesterday I think anything could happen. Jesus could come back Jesus might be in the board room right now back in them, he might be. Somebody check jeez,
If you're in the building, please report to the studio, Jesus Jesus of Nazareth Nazareth, please report to the studio.
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