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Best of the Program | Guest: David Nagel | 8/11/22

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Former President Donald Trump continues to be one of the most persecuted men in America, as he receives backlash for exercising his rights. Glenn and Stu discuss House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's astonishing net worth growth since taking office. David Nagel, owner of Black Metal Firearms, joins to explain why he's calling for an investigation into the ATF. 

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podcast. We talked about the possibilities of what I think are coming. What's going to happen, this fall with this election and due to the raid on Donald trump's house, we gave you the update on all of that plus we talked to. We talked to a firearms dealer, and this is happening all over the country where the a tf is coming in and they are taking pictures of all of the purchase information. They are making a national gun registry, whether you like it or not, they're just doing it not worrying about any consequences. What do we do on that? You have more information on that as well and we'll talk about what the latest is going. This that's happening with the economy. It's as far as I know, he's got a big winning streak that Joe Biden, you know everything's going swimmingly yeah. So we know that you know. As he said yesterday, inflation rate is zero, which, as we explained on yesterday's podcast, is absolutely not true, but today we also went into the incredible job creation, something that I got hammered for saying a couple of weeks ago. Well, I just went in and make sure that my research department buttoned up absolutely everything and I'm going to represent the evidence of the amazing job growth in america. On today's podcast on Saturday's podcast or, if you're a subscriber to the blaze, you get it now. Eighty is ron de santis by one in what one on one with Ronda santas. That is saturday for everywhere. Wherever you get your podcast or you can subscribe to the blaze and have that right now, gold line is our sponsor and tons of americans still don't know that it is possible to use your retirement account to acquire precious metals. They could be saving up for retirement, but also building a protective wall against inflation and other forms of economic insanity that might pop up from time to time you know like now or in the nineteen thirties. You know it's a really big deal and something that Goldline could help you with right now. Goldline contact them tell them the blend censure and tell them your listen to the podcast and give them the promo code m Y b. Just for calling and letting them know that you are listening to this podcast they're, going to give you a mind, your business silver bar. It's just a thank you for calling in thank you. Let them know you're. Listening on the podcast, you can also request the information at their website at goldline, dot, com, goldline, dot com or eight six, six goldline, eight, six, six goldline call them now tell me or listen to the podcast, give them the code m Y b and get a free silver bar. Here's the podcast,
The only thinking I just want to play apple have couple a pieces here: and I don't have it on my she'd, but I was understood. I understood that we have. audio of the attorney general in new york? this is the person whose king him questions and the media. He's he's saying I plead the fifth who I would you do that unless you guilty well. First of all, that's not what the fifth amendment says. It's like if you're guilty, say plead the fifth. It is so you aren't trapped to something, especially if you have a nasty ass
attorney general go and after you now what What I say: she's nasty ass- you never really looked around, Have you no haven't? I haven't, however, I have listened to, what comes out of her mouth. Tell me if You had a republican, saying this about even Joe Biden elect because that the the left and the Democrats would say oh they're gonna, get a fair shake in a deposition. listen to listen to this. What is fueling my soul right now is trump. Will you sue him we're going to be a real pain in the coal mining? Personally, okay,
Oh that's! Who he's facing somebody who is in his soul? She lives to put him in jail. She is going to sue him and then go home and the next day sue him and go home. Donald trump I dont think has ever Think there's any one in american history and I'm seriously asking if you think you know of somebody, let me know don't think there's ever been a politician or anybody in the public view. That has not had any charges brought against sorry has not found been found guilty. Or had any kind of real solid evidence against him is gone through? What he has gone through? We know about the impeachment we we know that they have been accusing him of russia stuff. We, you know a perfect phone calls. I wasn't a perfect I'll call I'll show you a perfect phone call all
the stuff that you know about. Well. Let me just give you the The law suits that he's currently dealing with he's dealing with the one in new york: He has g carroll, the defamation and federal tort claims carol suing trump for defamation after he publicly accused her of fabricating rape allegations against him. some reserve owes a former contesting for the apprentice, has filed a civil suit against former president for defamation. After he claimed her allegations of his on property, it is sexual contact, we're we're lies designed to help Clinton campaign, ok them, reed trump fraud. negation, mary trump and susan donald trump for defrauding her out of millions of dollars and inheritance dispute really about comes up right after you, I mean how long is that been going on Mary?
Emma hotel fraud and tax litigation, he has the John doe versus the trump corporation class action. of anonymous plaintiffs, filed a class action suit against the trump family and their businesses, alleged Their trumps use their brand, a scam investors into paying for worthless business opportunities. You have the dc civil suit over misuse of twenty seventeen inauguration funds, you have the representative karen bass et AL incitement, suit for january. Six. This, Ten members of the house, represented by the end of a lay c that are so tromp rudy, giuliani, to white right wing militia groups, for spiralling to forcibly prevent congress for counting the electoral college votes in january six ex wall. Well, you know Fang fangs thing:
The incitement suit he's suing him for along with more brooks and rudy giuliani, Donald trump they're, all being sued, for the same thing he's incited this. The cap, no police to capital police officers, both on duty january six, insurrection, sued donald trump for his injuries that they sustained. Then you have ten capital, suits from January six. Second group, capital police officers filing suit against donald trump. The proud boys, the old keepers then you have a third but all police suit over the january six third suit, one polite capital, police officer, alleging physical and emotional injuries. He suffered then you have, of course the metropolitan police suit. So he's got all these individual cops and then The union decided, you know what we're going to sue him too.
Then you have the and w c legal defence fun over the voting rights for posts. Election actions, Then you have the new york tourney general civil and criminal investigations. There tons of that. Then you have the scotland unexplained wealth, orders law suit. You have the trump tower assault suit, then my cool Cohen, is Suing him for retaliatory imprisonment. Then you of criminal investigation into trumps finances, let's see here, there's a whole bunch of updates on then then you have the Dc Agee incitement criminal investigation. You have the fulton county, georgia, criminal election influence investigation. You have the westchester new york criminal investigation of the trump organization. Golf course you have the national archives investigation that he mishandled classified material
I don't think I have all of them. I don't think I have all of them. I don't know of any one who has ever had this kind of a coordinated attack against them. you? Don't think a lot of these are funded by you know: the laughed and soros in those kinds of people you're full in yourself. Your fooling yourself. They are- doing everything they can just to get this guy to give up? This is what it means to stand against the machine. I have to tell you- Oh, what donald trump would do with a second term. I dont know. But I know they don't want him to have one. I know for sure he he knows who they are and I can't imagine anyone more motivated to,
but this machine up than him. What is it about him? That Despise and don't tell me it's because he's just he's rude he's, yet that's what he's rude really is that it. so wait. Let me see you guys are hanging out with occurs in criminals in the chinese communist party and you dont like him, causes rude. I don't think so. The rule of law, is an absolute joke in amerika, and I I want to show you Have you seen any one who has come under this kind of purse the after he leaves office and trust me if he would have won a second second term, which I think he did. But I don't, if he is, he,
one is second term they would be doing all these lawsuits. At the end of that this is not some moral outrage, this just to stop him by the way. Talk to some sources in new york last night, it came out early this morning or late last night that His attorney was kept. ten feet away from the warrant. They flashed the warrant and said here. Here's the warrant. Let me see it now. After they held the warrant away ten feet away. She was not allowed to grab the warrant and read the warrant. That is and the law That's against the law there after they left, they handed her the warrant. Now she
get the attachments, and I think that is legally. You don't necessarily get the affidavits attached to it right away, but Do eventually see that. They now have that but she wasn't allowed to see it. Nor was she his attorney allowed to go in to morrow logo. When they went in they, they, went into his bedroom, spent an enormous amount of time in maloney is closet. They broke into his safe in his office that warrant. Damn well say that they can break into that safe because the law is you And go into somebody's house in search tear it all apart. You to have a pretty good idea of where things might be located, you ask for permission for those areas and you have to know exactly what you're looking for,
if it's in a safe, you need to specifically say it's in a safe and we're having a safe cracker come in. If I didn't say in the warrant that they could crack is safe. it's the fruit of the poison tree. By the way there was nothing in the safe what they broke in two was a safe room that he had shown the the national archives and investigators as we're talking about no, the the archives that they said should be in the national archives. He said it should be at home, where working it out between our attorneys. They said fine, you just have to have this in a locked room so he made a safe room and put to Locks on it at their request that They broke into this. Doesn't sound good for them. B, I
and I think that is why merrily merrick garland now is suddenly like I didn't know about it. I know I did, this is christopher ray. You didn't know about it. You should be fired by the president if your staff, underneath you just says you know what I'm gonna go into the house of a foreign of in a former president, and do it search. Before we issue a subpoena That's insanity. This is the best of the bloodbath programme. So with Nancy blowsy comes into office, she has three million dollars. You then by the time, obama gets in office, that's ballooned, thirty, one million dollars by the day he leaves office.
That's balloon to sixty one million dollars. Are you getting the trend here?
I mean just in eight years of she's good at this is what you're very good at that. She knows. She knows the markets right and then, two years later, two years later, her sixty one turns into one hundred and fourteen million. It's incredible, I mean great she's afraid to leave office. Yeah. Can you imagine I mean I would invest in a hedge fund that was doubling their money every two years now here's the problem, she's just too interested in public service calls. This is the thing if issues are so good at investor that, if she had just le refuge, is leave her post yeah as speaker of the house, she could make trillions of dollars wow, but she's she's, sacrificing and staying there. Despite the fact, she's able to double her money every couple of years, it's incredible now. She did it again with that five million dollars in computer ship chips before congress voted on their semiconductor bill. I don't even know why I put that last part of the sentence in because it's completely unrelated because she's so good at picking stocks. She will
to predict this legislation yeah that that affected this industry in a major way I mean, if you are an investor that would be an incredible skill. Now here is Nancy Pelosi because you've got you say to yourself: wait a minute wait, a minute. Why did Nancy Pelosi go against the gone go against the present and what is the driving force behind nancy policies, just great desire to go to taiwan. she said here it is listen. Spam is a little girl. I was told that the beach I dug a hole deep enough. We would reach china, so we ve always felt that combat can Action there? What you do what what is it? What is connection to taiwan. Why do you find it so why do you have such as deep connection that you had to go to taiwan because she was at the bush as it is a little girl and she was told if I could
my way all the way? If I dig for long enough, I will go to china and I've always had connection, Now, if you question that yours such a cynic son a cynic. It has What are you gonna say it had something to do with the stock trading of the companies that make computer chips as Taiwan is the largest source for computer chips. Nancy sure she was working on the semiconductor bill when they bought all of that, and it has nothing to do with the largest semi conductor manufacturer tee. m c being in taiwan? I mean she. They there to show support american support for that country and the people of taiwan. She didn't take her time out to meet with ts, m m c official. She wouldn't be anywhere near,
taiwanese semi conductor. Manufacturers right! Oh, oh gosh! oh just up on the screen. It just came up while a horrible. That's bad timing, wash impose policy to meet with taiwan's biggest semi conductor manufacturer. ts m c, Well, I mean it's being such a cynic. Ok So she had of sit down. You know one on one mano amano, you know maybe with her son, I dont know you know they: they met with the t s m c boss, but is, but she doesn't own any tm s, ts, m c stock. She doesn't so she's, not well. Ok,. She does have quote a significant steak: in the asset management firm, which is Alice alliance Bernstein,
alliance owns one point, for six million shares t s m c, she's only making money alliance makes money, not if tm Ts m c makes money. I mean She doesn't care if they make money or don't make money. She's only got one boy for six million shares in the company is the asset management firm? So I mean you know it's like I don't amity teslas stock. I only make money. when he lawn musk makes money what why would I I don't have a single share in tesla, ok, whose role with you. This is what is happening in our government and Mitch Mcconnell. Is not free of connections in china. These the people that are
in charge. This is why they don't retire. This is why they don't go away. This is why their families, their sons, go on trips with them. No, he was just being. There is an escort for mommy. That's it we cuddled colored on the plane. You know I'm sorry. We didn't colored wee wee. Wee, wee sat word, okay, to say I did they red sky mall magazine court as a whole. That is a lot of orders from the sky mall they get. Those pillows that cover your whole face. Waiter pillow. The comes your face, always at the one that he was holding down over moms face her eye and the door Noah. Ok, so anyway, he went and he met with people he went separately on his own business deals. What is his business who is he meeting with that
exactly like hunter without the cocaine, the crack or the hookers, and I can say that he didn't have cocaine, cracker hookers I know that he met with business people. This is What they do, and no one is even will that'll be the last question. That'll be the Question nancy policy on this. Oh, she said no, and doing anything. Ok, all right. As he cop said yesterday on CNN that this is ridiculous, do we have that cut by agents is just ridiculous. I mean there's no way there. no way that the people actually even care about this raid, Don't think that this is a bad thing, no s e!
in your little group of friends now in manhattan,. at the cnn headquarters. You may not think it's a bad thing, but I Aren t you if exactly the same conditions were reversed and donald had done that two Hillary Clinton if he would have followed through with his locker up. Where there was evidence there and clear laws. Broken would have gone out of your mind and all of your friends would have gone out of your mind, This is not about hey donald trump is the of peace? Now, if he did something illegal venue bust him, You certainly don't bust him over a bunch of papers that he's already talking to the national archives over. You don't do that brought
obama walked out with thirty one million pieces of paper. And he put a up in a furniture, an old furniture war warehouse in chicago I don't, seem to safe. Now does it, thirty one million pages. You didn't see him arrested. Digits Are you didn't see him under scrutiny where they break down the doors without subpoena. This is going to backfire on them, but it is also going to backfire on the republicans Mitch Mcconnell right now. worth worst. We always pressure. Is it worth were not blow democrats look. look how bad the Democrats are. people will like us come to organ hatch, two point: zero or,
had said to stew- and I do remember this meeting- we had a meeting with our hatched two thousand eight two thousand nine and jason chief. Its was, just starting to gain steam and he's like our duration travel far Nobody really. Also. You know he ate or in the world is changing now, and he said broad. All I have to do is just too to bring up a flag burning amendment on riles up the base and soon I looked at him went. Are you serious or done a million times of royal up the base, get some syllables. Ok, all right or an hatch didn't get it we're, not least In two thousand ten, the publicans, have one chance one last chance.
I'm gonna give you the what I think are the three possible scenarios that are right. It around the corner and you tell me if they're, not all plausible, I don't know which one is more likely but It's going to be one of these three or four things that happen in the next few months will give that to you coming up also the eyes the fraud of
bite and harris administration on trying to hide the deacon. I'm a truth from you, your listening to the best of the Glen back programme are we have we have a guy who, I think, is very very brave. He is the owner of black metal, firearms llc, His name is David nagel. Welcome how are you excited to be on you? I bet before you posted that video, yet it probably was very difficult and you probably had a little prayer or a lot of thought on it. On whether or not that was the best thing to do. Am I right to be honest, the video sat in my phone since january
and for the longest time it was just kind of a game of keep your head down and hope they leave you alone. But the ads started. Hearing more and more news coming down through the industry. It became pretty well apparent that keeping her head down it was not going to help us has, unfortunately, everyone prior to us also kept their head down and up, losing their licences anyway. So at a certain point honestly was because we added I re customer that was upset. The coming rulings that the idea is putting out regarding some of the stuff that we sell and you know. If is showing a rather, rate level of concern for, the legal troubles that he could face after listening to him blow up it myself and my wife over something that we have no control over. I can't have felt it necessary to lead
everyone no like. This is what we are actually dealing with on our end and it was This kind of a spur of the moment like you know what yours ears, which really going on, and we the video I didn't expect it was gonna get nearly as much traction as it did. I was hoping it would get something, but, as youth known to this point out, we did reach out to a lot of different entities. Prior to that I'm up to including discussing with the state attorney general. Who is your state attorney general? What state are you in arizona? and your state attorney general didn't help. You, though, kind of it was kind of earth. Indirect meeting where we started. turns to another ever felt it was meeting with him and the
the impression that we got was sorry, it's a federal thing. I can't help you now to be mean grant tempted to be direct. What was this just at that point was more about saving relations. Rather than look tend to the video. So the kind and the video with something it sat on for a while, because, obviously it's really difficult to say. Yes, this is not ok, When you have a federal agent sitting in front of you, and we did in fact her about it when she was taking place of our records, after your hey, it looks like your creating a registry, and she said no. That would be illegal. So we did. What we saw was the best we could do was recorded and we have quite bit of recording a lot of it. We were not able to share because there is person one for me. invisible in it. Contact numbers things of that sort, so we didn't want to put people on blast like that,
when you said cause, if I'm not mistaken, you said to her look a lot of people will have a problem with this, because it looks like you're doing a registry and you're taking all of this information and didn't she say something about your customers. She said quite a few things about our customary but ah to get to what europe two, we should aim. You know what our customers think. This looks a little little off The loud sounds like your customers, you just being paranoid. Maybe I should look into them all, but more, which I thought was really creepy. That's a frown, that's a threat. It is, and I mean I have, I have a customer who is a of iranian birth, he's been living in the united states for decades then came up because he's purchase firearms were several times you know she was on his list of interesting people
at one point you know she when she was discussing with us about our interesting people. She goes there and you have a few gun nuts in here, and I politely correct, We prefer the term gun enthused. Is she now they're nuts. And I thought that was kind of a back. added way of describing the average american. You know I can say: if, if we're all nuts, then what are, what are the you governing us right and what rights. Do we have in your mind too? we'll be able to have these guns, if, if I'm a gun, lecter, which I am. If I'm a gun, lecter and I have more guns. Then somebody in new york city does that me not to them, I think so, but I am Lecter of them and others who might collect something else or be really interested in something else they might have you know it a thousand pez dispensers. I might
That's not, but that's your passion and that's what we live with in america. People with different passions. And were certainly passion about what we do. A lot of our customers are. I would say that we have seen customers that are rather enthusiastic about supporting us and we're very happy to see the amount of support that we've gotten. Money has definitely come with its drawbacks, because a lot of people think that it is something that we did wrong, that we're not trustworthiness Isn't this that we allowed this to occur? If europe swap into any of the effort that forums where this has been discussed, I it's extremely prevalent. To the point where almost there if dealer that I've spoken to in the forums thinks that I'm out of line for even suggesting This is wrong because it happens everywhere and I think I've been newly happens, or is this something this been going on for twenty years
well. I've only been in business for about eight and to that end I have never seen anything like this. We ve been audited three prior times. To that end, you don't want, it is different than then is different. If I'm mistaking the the Eighty of we has arrived. To come in and should audit you, if there's any discrepancies, you work on those discrepancies, They don't have a right to Europe. Customer list and to see unless it's part of the discrepancy correct. my understanding. go ahead, according to their handbook, yeah they're not supposed to make copies of records and something of the sort unless it is put particularly pertinent. Their investigation, which you know. That would usually be a particular person or a clerical error in question, but
based on our close out of our audit, I didn't have foreseen an entry errors to cover all of the pages. she covered so I'm curious what exactly her snow was for copying everything illegally it wasn't part of my audit do you have an attorney I We have one are trying out retainer license. I have another one that roach starting to work with more for the site of helping our customers because of the breach of privacy. You started a go funds me. It's just go fuck me help. black metal firearms and do your own homework. You can follow them and see the facebook page where they posted this this woman clearly is not a fan of firearms or people that carry or want to use firearms
and you have her on tape, taking photos of all of the records which is illegal. I am going to reach out to your rum you're right, any general who's. Your attorney general, I dont know them. A very general is mark burn a rich and republican democrat He is a republican. Like actually just running for senate here, didn't make the er the primary, but ha I I I don't know what his rational was for. Everything that's gone on to this point. Now again, the this the scope What we are trying to do has changed since weakened Directly reached out to him I have been told by several other people that are line fortunately area, both federal and state that dumb his restriction on? This matter may actually be revived because
since she was using an I found for this particular action, Data was saved too, and I cloud storage of some sort that counts is digital transmission of personal information, correct that belonged to her, which is by itself a state felony. So There is something I think we should probably explore, but anyway, I'm kind of honest. I don't really know if I have much hope for the come on that, but well we have to have. We have to start demanding it from our attorney general's and you did the right thing and you keep being loud and calm and do everything exactly right, but I personally I mean I'm, I'm have our our producers look into this. A little more may will give an update here tomorrow. The next day there. gotta be a class action suit, I mean this is against the law and there has to be a class action as we have. We have a lot of us.
where's that were involved in this. We have been handing out pages that basically have the instructions to file a formal complaint against, at the atm website, particularly naming this event so pretty much. Every customer we ve had for the last few years equally going all the way back to the beginning from twenty fourteen m ballade I'm friends of mine from facebook, as they were a garage days and a lot of our people. I've been in and out of our story last several years, so we ve been. To let everyone knows so that they do get documented as complaining filing a formal complaint making sure they get the complaint number. So that way, there is some sort of traceable proof? We don't want the documents to go missing right. Thank you so much I went up we're gonna check back in with you, David
David is the owner, a black mental firearms, if you'd like to help them with their fight, keep their licence and also for attorney help. Even to go. Fuck me help black metal firearms black help, black metal firearms. Thank you. it will be, we'll be in touch again. Let us know if there's any updated between William thank you, and I will you bet. Thank you
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