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2020-04-29 | 🔗

It’s official: YouTube is NOT for the people any more! Despite the trials, the media still hates hydroxychloroquine. How is Chris Cuomo a trusted source? Have you heard his own doctor? She’s something else, to say the least. Journalist David Steinberg joins to discuss his new exclusive article at TheBlaze about the latest in Ilhan Omar’s many scandals: immigration, marriage, tax, AND student fraud!

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Welcome to the Podcast Elizabeth Warrant and Ale see, are demanding a halt of corporate mergers during the pandemic to protect workers, and it just happens to align with something they ve been asked before for a really long time. Don't even look there. There is a new slew of ridiculous stories where the government is cracking down on people flagrantly three year olds were told to stop sitting on their folding chair at the beach There is a new case against IRAN, Omar it's up at the police, dot com. You need to see that the evidence is mounting against her. We go through some of the media. Vice would be binding and red story and the Chris Cuomo story. He says science is really super duper important men. You won't believe what is doctor is recommending and actually how they treat their covert. Nineteen in the Cuomo household is amazing.
And all the new economic numbers tat. By the way we have the full story on the Cuomo Tail and all the audio and video Do does America last night can check that out on Youtube for free, subscribe there or subscribe on this podcast cast at avenue rate in review this podcast cast as well as students, America. We really appreciate when you do that it makes us feel special and our wives, like us more, which is in you know it's hard to keep that up where we were not very good. Looking people go to place tv dot, com, glad he's a promo code, Glen get thirty bucks off your subscription Big show tonight another Wednesday special, so make sure to check that out. Here's the fuckin thinking so the chief product officer of Youtube. You know the leap
form that was created to let any one with a camera in their home have a voice. The thing that really changed and transform an empowered, but for the first time well, they they didn't mean to empower. You know BO peep, oh just the right. People they now said that you tubers, who share their opinion on the news, cannot provide context. This is why they need to be suppressed and censored when it comes to newsworthy topics. Are you Are you kidding me. Mohan, who is much smarter than you are and can provide context for everything. I made the comments during an interview with protocols editor at large, David Pierce, when he was asked whether he'll fest,
these changing their advice about the corona virus, such as the way they change their recommendations around masks? This is causing the Youtube, but it may be slightly behind. When it comes to moderating content will know hand said the changing guidance. Unmask reflects the actual underlying information that is changing in a fundamental way, really really rapidly. So he went on to say, as opposed to you know somebody espousing their opinions about a mask. You know in their basement. You know This is coming from an authoritative channel, a news source, a medical professional and that's the case when we think there's going to be some contexts provided around the question of Basques, even if that Changes needed will be reflected in sort of how that an authoritative voice or channel talks about it well,
and explain why you took the two e r doctors off and banned them because they were. To authoritative, very varying. Are they have treated five thousand patients and administered five thousand tests MO? Have you done that one Google done that. Has anyone in CNN done that No, no, no you at a smear them. Five million views and they were finally taken down now, Facebook is banning users for saying that their proud to be English. Ok, we'll normally. I understand that I mean look at their teeth, their prey, to be English. It was on Saint Georgia's day. That's the patrons Ain't of England that Saint Georgia's day, it's like Saint Patrick today for Ireland and so Nor were proud to be English. On Saint Georgia's day
proud, be an American on July. Fourth, crazy, so they They barred anyone who was proud to be English from posting and anyone who shared the image of a Saint Georgia's cross with a white lying on a red field. You know A banner associated with Anglo Saxons those the problem, They received messages informing them that they have been subject to various bands and suspensions because they had posted content which goes against community standards. Dangerous individuals and organisations of the Anglo Saxons, what Saint George. What's he gonna come charging you on his horse in his armor, the hell is wrong with people. I am so sick trust people, that's the whole concept of Amerika Trust, people that
the concept of the internet. That's the whole concept of you tube trust people, people will make interesting comments about content. People will say interesting things you may not like it. You may not agree with it. It may be wrong, but you're not apply, form you are now a propaganda arm for us, or attentive sources. So what are those authoritative sources? are not broadcasting from their basements? Of course, Chris Cuomo is an authoritative source. It CNN provide context from is basement for the last three months or three weeks, my gosh equality is particularly irritating because he's here's a guy who comes out and his preaching to everybody else. I have to follow the science you be. You have to be
we know in touch with the science all the time he was. He did a big monologue out about trumps disinfectant, this conference the outer shut up, shut up, who actually thinks that Donald Trump was encouraging people to know who inject clorox oral pine Saul and by the way was pines. Allah was implore ex. So so somebody didn't get the idea that they decided to rip on that. You know, I don't know Clorox. That probably is bad, but pine solves smells like a tree, so it must be a good it's from nature, its nose like trees. So just to give you a sense of what Cuomo coverage is like here is a from his show the other day take two shots index swallow this light, bulb and call me in the morning come on man from his since it refers to about Kyoto, bad so,
by Abdul blood too bad. I thought you liked to be idle. It's just he's so irritating, but again just mocking trump and look. You know you're, not gonna go to church Donald Trump for for health advice, he's the only person it goes to Mcdonald's more than me and you like, there's no, no one's going to Trump for health advice. However, if you had some one who was telling you that the should be the one to guide you for what you put your body that since you laudably definitely be responsible for what they're saying about health ride like a authoritative source like somebody like Chris Cuomo, whose mocking the president, you know, putting some lysol into your into your body, which is completely not what he said, but he's
authoritative source. So what is he recommending? Stew, one who, in a what kind of things, makes him and authority to understand that you need to go to his wife and her magazine called purist magazine. She runs this has her business and its basically like, like going to patrol goop, if you think goop is to too much for the peasants like if you're late, here let version of going to poultry right. The marble egg. That you're supposed to insert inside of your vagina is like not marble. It's cool marvel at exactly go it's like an hour, so if you think goop has sold out to the medical establishment right now, you're gonna love it so going through this. So she's writing on the blog. All these things that she's doing- and some of this got some some press that she was advocating for peace. But to take baths with
leech, now she's very clear, its only half a cup per gallons, which is a big bang Tom, I don't and other really really gave the peasant bathtub is only in the average, better ethics, thirty gallons, for what you actually use, but she wants eighty gallons of water and some of this and she, sir. All of these like a home cures and natural type stuff. So looking into this, and she starts talking about when she, criticise she mentions, while this was all done at the direction of of of my doctor, and the doktor is doctor, Linda Lancaster? Now, ok, it's a doctor like it's a doctor's Tony, do something a little bit out there. Ok well she's a natural pathogenic doctor. And these doctors are recognised by almost half of the states
united states as doctors, not including New York, where she was getting the treatment so's, you not licence there, but she about half the states. This is reckoned. Used as a thing now? Look, I don't whenever you can do whatever you want. If you want to try to put the village lush baths, that's all it's on you, but you can't. The guy who is telling us we have to stay close to the science. When this is your world and its not just his wife magazine, is it legitimately the way he treated covert nineteen and they call it treatments throughout the blog at times. They say well, there's no treatment. This is why I treated it. This way here are the treatments things like tie pepper and ginger and all lively, Josh and all sorts of we know these sort of nice feel good things no doctor- Lancaster. She, as you may know, Glenn, is the founder of the Light Harmonics institute. Note.
Light harmonic, yes, she's, ok, yeah, love that institute it's my favorite. No, no, I'm thinking the Light Harmonica Institute, we teaches you to play, harmonica does with crystals, and light refraction, aiming at the difference and quietly you play the harmonica lightly on their here is sure, Doktor, Linda Lancaster, describing how we recover from illness eight its it you're going ugly head. It's not medication! has any need ability to heal itself we boys- washes its cradle force, That knows how to heal ass. What? The fear is so what caused this illness good question: what causes illness Now you might say I got it just happened
sure that would be low, and that would be somebody with an opinion in the basement. That's not authoritative, we're gonna get to earth or a date of answer on what causes illness in just a second again. This is Chris Cuomo Doctor Chris Cuomo, of course, is an authoritative source. Us know him
Yes! This is the best of Glinda Programme and don't forget raids on. I do so a lot of power is in the news. She is introduce legislation to cancel rant and mortgage payments during the pandemic, but she's also in the news for paying her husband's firm one million dollars by the end of the by the end of the year. The husband is completely different story. This is her mouth third marriage. I believe- and that brings us to our Eli, no more update David Steinberg called called me a few months ago and said that he had some disturbing encounters that he was worried about
and I said you know best to be as in the spotlight with all of this, so he's double down and start in writing pieces for the blaze. It we're publishing these. First one has already come out on the blaze, tweet is if the media, by bearing news on terror, Red Pfizer Footnotes, MIKE Flynn, is orwellian than their male Brooks territory with villanous Omar. The latest on her felony spree is hard to ignore, but they do You can read this story now on the blaze He says: she's committed a felony and its provable three times we David on with us now to take us through the first part of the story? I David how area I'm due Well, how are you I'm good, I'm glad to hear that you are healthy and that you are you're not. Flinching or shying away from the truth on this seal Omar, although you must feel completely alone David.
I wouldn't say that, because the the reach on Twitter has been fantastic, within the local Minnesota community of some the voters. Just if you visit you know local Facebook sites, local message boards, I'm also getting tremendous. There it from the somali community- yes, yes, night and well As you know, one person did actually come forward and and the name of the person who is the original source on this four years ago, and he does also run a pretty popular facebook site message board. He does some videos. And I'm gettin wonderful supports over there in public privately, I also were have plenty of sports and am and talking with them. There's within the community there it just
You really nailed it by this by comparing this to how the media is happening round the Joe Biden evidence at this point that senior far studios the bite and evidence, I mean it is not enough to warrant get ill Hunt, Omar and and lucky, it's like everybody on earth. It has figure this out except the entire journalism profession, anybody land understand it. And you lay out the case in this. In part. One of you lay out the case of her marriage. Fraud that you say is now verified and provable that she was she was married to her brother for a while it was all it, was all for me no money and end and power, and to be we'll get him to go to college, etc, etc.
The case out and tell me the new parts where its verified we are well aware of. The evidence is verified. We have done and dozens of pieces of evidence that all point in one direction, we have zero pieces of evidence that point in the other direction or dear a piece of evidence, actually defend her side of the story, but little bit that she's given to us and the chances All of this can be explained away by something rational. I can't come up with another explanation at this point. It certainly seems that from two thousand and nine and two thousand Gee, Johann Omar married, her brother, either Kurt genetic brother or legal deadline to bring him to the United States for immigration fraud, they mediately enrolled in college. It appears they illegally applied for student loan. So now we ve got
loan fraud, immigration fraud, marriage fraud, we ve got perhaps eight years of tax fraud. I've got just for starters. During Divorce, I have a am a file she submitted to the court. If, in nine question form, it appears she committed perjury with eight of her answers at others were were up to. You know about a hundred fifty years of prison and doesn't it the felonies here. An order scratch the surface honestly I don't know how many times sheep illegally find her name to a document as ass, her husband This is really it's hard to imagine the entire journal.
The profession is ignoring the worst string of felonies committed by a Congress person in U S history, but they are, and so it's beyond a far too good it. It's just been for years for years of this and not not a peep. So why isn't the wise and the federal government doing anything about it? I mean that these are federal crimes wet. Where, where do we stand with the d o j? Is there any interest in this house? possible David Shore, oh yeah. I did discuss that earlier at the in January now I would say whatever had been going on, that was stalling nets with law enforcement. Has the situation has changed? I have been in direct contact. The FBI, unless I can tell you for a fact that the FBI, the
the Department of Education Inspector general end ice, has taken a look at this. I do know there's been some progress. I do know of some movement within the state and locally. There is law enforcement movement on this, so I'm no longer criticising their behaviour, whatever took so long for anything to get started certainly seems to be following the rule of law. Now it certainly seems that there are will involve now who who say they said miss you of a two tier justice system. So so that's been That's been very, very heartening, and you know she is now approaching her third election. Since this story came up third elections, unbelievable handily hand, and this this was open and shut back in the first week of August. Twenty. Sixteen
and this is still carrying on so, do you expect anything to decide? large and move forward before the next election for her. I'm extremely optimistic and hopeful that I don't want you get out over my skis, but I do feel the next thing we're going to hear about frankly I am not entirely sure she's going to be her parties, nothing by the time the primary ballroom I will you have, she has. She has three viable opponents. Just within the Democratic Party, there are viable call on the republican side as well. There is going to be an endorsement convention for the Democrats to see on the ballot if it says
they'll, be the four candidates and it would say, on Omar, the democratic candidate. I dont think she's gonna get the endorsement this time and that's coming from sources within her look. Democratic party- I think she's already- does not have the delegates to make that happen. Ok, away desire is that happening because they are not for her or she's, just not effective, now and they'll just find somebody else corrupt to do it right. This isn't exactly something to be excited about, because these delicate profited indoors in practice, I crept to the court, but right just just from poking around, I really do think she's lost the local support. I absolutely thinks she lost national support. I do think nationally. There is a favorite candidates and the democratic side ends is she died.
Have also a viable, progressive muslim female who today popularity going out David. This is what so frustrating about this. Is this is criminal and if they don't press charges. They will just replace her there with somebody else or elsewhere. They we have got to hold these people accountable just when they get caught and then they you know, don't get reelected. That's not enough it's not enough. There are real crimes that are happening here and for you did what she did if I did what she did, I go to jail, or she should go to jail. The point I want to make is again, I'm hopefully going to be publishing more this at the blaze in the next few weeks, but I've this this incredible streak of felonies committed the worst in rational yours,
I'm only talking there about two thousand. Ninety two thousand seventeen cents since that time a wealthy since she was elected in twenty sixteen world. There is a whole. There is a whole other. Did it hurt, it might be worse than she's been elected. Just put it that way. And a lot of the dock are you going to eat? Go, go. Go ahead none of you a lot of the documents we're alone, the documents that would need to be accessed are not legally available to me. They would require warrant, but I certainly Leave I have enough information now to show that he has done the issue of this activity since being elected. That word would overshadow even this ain't, your marriage of dozens of felonies,
does it involve her new husband No, don't answer. If it's gonna know: ok, ok! Now, what sickening is what she's doing with her husband is legal? as far as I can tell, which is, is sick is truly SEC correct. What's going on The husband right now is legal and in the least that one of the problems is it's not gonna be investigated, because the Federal Election Commission bore that would investigate it is not currently is staffed to the point that they can open a case that one issue there are not even I did it go at dinner. Let me like what we are discussing. The man who This is a level of criminality that that appears to be unprecedented and me, may I ask where you go ahead,
Maybe it may it? May I ask you called, and I don't want to get into any details, but you called maybe two months ago You were asking me some for some personal advice and you were dealing with something that was pretty scary. Have you made progress on that, and are you going to reveal any of that in any upcoming. Yes, story has been that I am hoping to publish the blaze in the next week or two. I have done some more digging into the person Associated Wicker campaign, who were that showing threats, not the only and has been threatened and, as is the only time, So there is certainly a matter of her staffing issue. There
have gone under the radar as well contained a week, referring to actually was convicted in that in twenty seventeen of a triple stabbing in Ohio. Yeah work, while he he was. He was on bail. For that, for the entire twenty sixteen campaign, the event took place in twenty fifteen. They'll have had him hired and he worked for her with a key figure for her entire campaign in twenty sixteen he was out on bail and a different state for a trip. That nobody cared? David make sure you get on the day, you're ready to release the next one. Let's, let's cover it on this programme. I thank you for your hard work and all of the other journalists that are involved that it's kind of partner. With you in a broad other pieces of the story together, it is its heroic work. What you have done,
and hopefully it is about to pay off and we get rid of a very, very bad person. To me. The pay awful be jail time not, just not being in office. Thank you so much I appreciated David at the best of a bad that programme aids, and you're, listen into the Glen Beg program if you like, but you hearing on this show, make sure you check out Pat Great unleashed it's available where ever you download your favorite broadcasts. So we are a pat gray, who is now quickly becoming known as the cookie king He has been his wife. May she is fantastic. Actually it like it is my wife she's, like the perfect wife, whose
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