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Cops are still facing harassment after the media tries to spin a new video of a car driving through protesters. A black pastor in Houston has a very non-woke message for his congregation. Acclaimed environmentalist Michael Shellenberger warns against “climate scare” tactics used by those like AOC and Greta Thunberg. PragerU founder Dennis Prager joins to talk about the future of faith in America, as the Left has abandoned God and others fear the Left more than God.

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Welcome to the park ass. Today we talk about Woodrow Wilson when peace that guy he is going to have his name taken off of the building at Princeton and it's hard not just cheer. We get into that little bit as well as we talk to Dennis Prager Dennis Prager is, of course, of fodder Prager University in so many other great things. Radio host talks about the future, not only the country but also faith in this country. A federal judge is he's going to have to leave their job because of a terrible, terrible slur they used against a person of color. I want to know about that story and Glancings Patsy climbed, that's on the show to welcome to the podcast it and we hope you enjoy. With the exception of the past decline, part fishery subscribed you, please tv dot, com, Slash, Glenn, immunity from afloat fight the mob for twenty bucks. Oft also subscribe rate review to this package, as well as students. America tonight is still does the climate apocalypse and we'll talk about it with little a little bit about this in the past as well. A environmentalist long term activist, whose come out to say hey this whole alarm ism thing is, is not right to get into that as well. Today, on the pot cast, you think I'm going to need to get an ape man, because you know I've been
I would say now, for the last couple of weeks, I've had a distinct feeling that it is going to be the african american community that is actually going to heal this country can't be by the evil white man can I get in a man Yes, it's gonna, be it's gonna, be healed by the African Americans that stand up and say we're not with you. We, on God side and we know what's going on and you ve lost your minds and you're starting to see that happen a lot lots of places, but none better than the gospel the gas. We'll church in Houston, where the master, stood up and just said this, and then the problem of death. Don't they regard your logically
the argument got a hold up on both linen community coming from white brute animals amen if we are killing one another people are scared to get out at night and community then scan why people they scare young brag boys on three may The law has gone all gone and revokes he's gone on sovereign inside wall. Cologne and Martin Luther king. Every
ST there's. A named after Martin Luther king across Amerika is riddled with crime and tat in the name of a man who still for non by the church, has got to accept some responsibility because we are saying in a south north on them on and let's get back and that young black we go to the south law. There. Somebody talk to paragraph eight, Joseph Royal fires, young master, for Karamazov, wouldn't get up in the morning background. You got good sense. Tax nobody's ways a lot of our problem.
Self inflicted People are regularly wish. I had a witness, holy cow Let's see what that man has to do and look he would that man does in his own community and whether he lasts in his own community. It sounded like the church was with him, but it is going to be the Bible, believing people that Sir save this. This nation is a covenant nation, and we're going to ask you to be a part of that and take the covenant as a personal challenge to you, and to all that you know
a personal challenge to restore the covenant in your life, and then it will show you how to take action and that will be on Thursday night? July second, the day they actually signed the declaration of independence, that will happen July second, and eight p m only ablaze, tv Pat gray joins us now, hello, Pat below Glenn. Returning. I just that guy on your show this morning and that amazing, fantastic, I'm in that's, it has to come from right because it doesn't mean anything come near mass they don't listen to us were raised, If we say we say that two black people pull your pants up, probably lose your job, but he can say it and did and thank you for saying save for saying all of that, because ass to be saved. What I have said to my daughter. I have had a metadata, not pull your pants about,
it's, your nasty project is in the hamper and in put some pants on before you go outside its rights have said. I have said that its it's really great, really great, that some really hopeful signs there are and meetings we need, because things are really weird right now it's it's like. If you a person driving around town in your car and you pull up to a stop light your car get surrounded by a mob, and they said beating on your car and breaking your windows you're in the wrong. If you to get out of there I know the dollars. I mean the Detroit Police story that they're trying to make this, and do we have the video audio of this year. You gotta see this is amazing, stuff watch
if you happen to be watching you use a police officer surrounding people, are surrounding a scar jump on top of it. Back windows been broken out: redress forward, and they re scream like a three year old girls because he actually drove through them. And what would you want to happen there? The guys Most wait until you break his window, pull him out of car and beat him to death. Know of we should go to drive forward and try to get the idiots off of your car and to be clear, he tries he's done and stop to try to get the people off multiple time as he does it, try to not hit them in her or hurt them right and another idiotic point of that video is that they continue to run after him, yet, which means he has to continue to keep going forward right, legates in just a job
I M parade of Idiot It's on this particular video, and this has happened in city atrocity and I love the article that where, where the video k from they called it, largely peaceful protest course system grounds that we had all peaceful protests as the tea party. Every single one of them was entirely peaceful and they were still looking for things that we did, it would via? What did you see the violence that that man did? I learn back the violence that he led the way he ate that hamburger from Mcdonald. It was violated and they're not doing this just to police, there was a mother and Fredericksburg Virginia, which is what twenty five thousand people terrified, mom called nine one, one about the protesters who were jumping. And her car. They surrounded her car another more and start jumping on our car and beating on it. So
because no one one- and she's told you can't hit people with your car, make sure make sure that you don't hit anyone with your car and she said they're all on my car right now or what am I most. Do we can't do anything MA? Am the city told this is a sanctioned event? Then our yelling at them get off my car. You know, This dangerous I've got a kid in here. Her daughter is just crying starkly in the background and the dispatcher said man. We would suggest that you suggest you call City Hall and let them know about your frustrations, pink, how How is it possible that this is going on and then the mayor of Fred Fredericksburg? apologizes to the protesters because She drove through them and she was having a fit about them, jumping on her car. They it's the protesters. Or apologize to knock that not the citizen who is being threatened.
It's just so out of control, which is why we need the pastor. To be saying these things, because you're right, think those are the only way this we get any healing, as if black people led the way here it's? The it is the only way by you gotta remember, a lot of these protesters are white Oh yeah, a lotta protesters in the people who are funding it and running it I think, are almost all white. I mean the black lives matter thing is? Is it mobile corporation. There they are selling wines, the wine and Teddy Bears, and and everything else on line how is Who is this? How are the people that are running Chaz our they running a global corporation that has all kinds of Teddy bears and wines, and and he doesn t shirts, and I mean that
Chaz doesn't have a gift shop. I dont know if you ve noticed that they haven't gotten around the gift shop part of black lives matter. How is that happening? This All this is all very well Workest rated. Is this some kind of conspiracy theory against George Soros? Is this your anti semitism coming out again is like ours is funding these things? It may it's my aunt, I it's my Auntie Progressive Ness and the and the hatred that I have for true american history. I blame this on Woodrow Wilson S. All that is so good, there's underwater would weaken thanks. I had the same. You started the show kind of with this at another victory lap. The fact that thirty at getting Louis, I would have had pad to do the happy days of here, because we made this point years ago that but when they started taking down these statutes, that how do you not take Woodrow Wilson Stature down? You also have a special
this week about how bad it is be removing statues and history he's does Woodrow Wilson. Just rise above this sort of lodge we'll consistency, or is it just that he is so bad that its different or what's? What's the generality, personal de personal hatred lines and stick up for him and when we were whatsoever? It's not my point. My problem was never that you know there was a statue at Princeton of him or anything else. It that was a statue and a building that was glorifying him yeah. You know, I don't mind, there are their bad people in history that have statues and its great. It gives me a chance to figure out, who they were, what they were good or bad, do my own homework and I don't have to glorify them, but this.
Was the Woodrow Wilson of International relations are you kidding me the guy who screwed all of this up either the Wilson doctrine which we are still operating on, less Saward Donald Trump. But the Wilson ideas. What we're just go in and tell the rest of the world how to live. That's. Not us, that's not who we were supposed to be now. Are you go to Princeton are ripping the Jersey ripping down the signs and looking for four statue, no general down to his leave I do believe that the act, lives matter. People have they have a responsibility
to send me the letters that were on the side of that building, let's build out with Woodrow Wilson, you have a responsibility to send those to the least like eyes lease it's the only here factory at least you could possibly do. Can I get in a man the best of the gun that programme aids? and you're listen into the Glen Back program. If you like what your hearing on this show make sure you check out Pat Great unleashed it's available, where ever you download your favorite podcast. So do you have been the the guy who has been watching global warming from the beginning Yes, sir? We ve been going over these issues for cash so long now, and I know that they did
Elements have been really fascinating and there's a huge one today, so this one today comes from the time gesine, hero of the environment, a green look award winner he is now the up the author of the book apocalypse. Never why environmental alarm ISM has hurt us all. He is frequent contributor to the New York Times. Washington, Post Wall Street Journal Scientific American. Other publications is TED talks, Global warming had been viewed over five million times still help me out on this one Is he going to write and for all those people? Half my guess? No. We can tell that from today when he posted a and operate on, Forbes and- and it does disappeared and was pulled down for some reason. We don't know exactly why. Yet we know that the daily wire was smart enough to go pick it up and in is now a hosted there. There's nothing
Controversial and it there's no attacks in it. It's just here as the here's, what I learned writing you know what I look at a zero, a a lifetime. Defining work. We know where he's talking about him, and this is a guy who's, been a an invite until us and still is, but has been for a very long time, a climate activist for multiple decades I who we first came across at least my first remembrance of him was for he helped it a documentary that but aired on CNN, which was about the environment and was very ex, took global warming very very seriously, but indicated that nuclear power might be part of a solution. To China and Russia Guess was so hateful. It wasn't Paypal enough for see an end to take it off the air, because its credentials were so good, and they they decided to Arid and was very, very good. He is now this book votes is, takes a tune. Other level I mean he is again
still a guy who wants to protect the environment once the world to be a cleaner place, and all that, however, He's recognise the alarm ism of the media of the EIA seas of the world of the gratitude of the world does not help actually build that let me give you what he wrote that was taken down immediately. Forbes published it in an apparently they got heat from someplace took it down on me, half of the environmentalist everywhere. I would to formally apologize for the climate scare. We created over the last thirty years, Joe that is amazing: com, the change is happening, but it's at the end of the world. It's not even our most serious environmental problem. I mean b. I may seem like a strange person to be saying all of this by been a climate activists for twenty years and environmentalist for thirty, but
an energy expert ass by Congress to provide objective, expert testimony and invited by the intergovernmental panel on climate change, the IPCC, to serve as an expert reviewer of its next assessment report. I feel an obligation to apologize for how badly we environmentalists have misled the public, but if I could only cow justice just to highlight what you just said. This is a guy who, in nineteen seventy nine worked on climate issues. Who was previous. Pc report as a whole. This is a guy who is invited to be a review of the next report. That's the high how high regard this guy is and the fact that he's coming out in apologising for the claim scared that, as you point out, he says he created not saying that you know this is the totally in the in the a shocking development when it comes to this war it's hard to overstate what a big deal. This is
he is a. He would be called a climate denier now at this hour and he will be any already seen posts on social media where there abandon him and says David, he does no longer agree, no speed. For us in and all of the the typical attack that you'd expect are already rigid online his credentials for the IPCC or evoked he'll, know the idle no and are not there not honest. This got, listen digest what, if I'm finished this, he said some facts their feet, that few people know human are not causing a six mass extinction. The Amazon is not the lungs of the World CUP, change is not making natural disasters worse. Fires have declined twenty five percent around the world since two thousand three decline. The amount land that we use for meat mankind. Biggest use of land has declined
and by an area of as nearly as large as Alaska, the build up of wood fuel and more houses near forests, not climate change, explain why there are more and more dangerous fires in Australia in California carbon emissions have been declining in rich nations, including in Germany and France since the mid seventies. Aren't we part of that too? bring to life below sea level, made the Netherlands rich, not poor, produce twenty five percent more food than we need, and food surpluses will continue to rise as the world gets hotter habit. That loss and the direct killing of wild animals are bigger threats to species. Then climate change would fuel is far worse for people and wildlife than fossil fuels. Preventing future pandemics requires not less industrial agriculture. Not requires more, not less. I know
that the facts will sound like climate denial, ISM too many people that just shows the power of climate alarm in alarm ism. He says I'm not some right wing anti environmentalist. At seventeen. I lived in Nicaragua to show solidarity with the Sandinistas socialist Revolution. Holy cow twenty three. I raise money for Guatemalans women's cooperatives. In my ear the twenties I lived in this semi Amazon, doing research with small farmers fighting land invasions at twenty six. I help exposed poor conditions at Nike factories in Asia I became an environmentalist sixteen. When I threw a fundraiser for the Rain Forest action network twenty seven. I help save the last unprotected ancient redwoods in California. In thirty's I advocated renewables and successfully help persuade the Obama administration to invite ninety billion dollars into them. While I was money well spent,
over the last few years. I help save enough nuclear plants from being replaced by fossil fuels to prevent a sharp increase in admissions. Think of that last year, I mostly avoided speaking out against the climate scare, partly that's, because I was embarrassed after all, I'm guilty of alarm ism as many other environmentalists for years. I refute review by referred to climate change as an existential threat to human civilization, and I call a crisis, but mostly didn't speak out because I was scared. Listen to this, I remained quiet about the climate, this information campaign because I was afraid of losing friends and funding the You times, I summoned the courage to defend climate signs.
From those who misrepresented it. I suffered harsh consequences, and so I mostly stood by and did next to nothing as my fellow environmentalist, terrified the public eye. And stood by as people in the White House, and many people in the news media tried to Straw, the reputation and career of an outstanding scientist, good man and friend of mine, Roger, is it pal he built a junior him, peel A lifelong, progressive, democratic environmentalist who testified in favour of carbon regulations, Why would they do that? because his research proves natural disasters are not getting worse, but then last year, things spiral out of control. A YO, see said the world's gonna end in twelve years that we don't address climate change. Britain's most high profile environmental group claimed China, climate change kills. Children
world's most an influential green journalists Bill Mckibben called change? The greatest challenge, humans of ever faced and would wipe out? Civilizations means a journalist reported repeatedly that the Amazon was the lungs of the world and that deep station was like a nuclear bomb going off as a result, half of the people surveyed around the world last year. They thought climate change would make humanity into the extinct and in January one of five british children told pollsters. They were having nightmares about climate change whether or not you have children. You must see how wrong this is I admit I may be sensitive, because I have a teenage daughter after we talked about the science. She was reassured, but our friends are deeply misinformed and thus, understandably frightened I, I decided I had to speak out. I knew that writing a few articles would not be enough. I needed a book to properly lay out all of the evidence
and so my formal apology for our fear mongering comes in the form of a book just released called Apocalypse. Never based on two decades of research and three decades of environmental activism. Four hundred pages, with one hundred of those pages being end notes, apart lips never covers climate change, deforestation, plastic, waste species, extinction, industrialization meet nuclear energy and renewables. Some highlights from the book factories and modern farming are the keys to human liberation and environmental progress. The most important thing for saving the environment is producing more food, particularly meat on less land. The more The important thing for reducing air pollution in carbon emissions is moving from wood to call to coal to petroleum to net, old gas. Fine, to uranium one.
Percent renewables would require easing the increasing the land use for energy. From today's point, five percent to fit de per cent piece, all the things that we have said for years still for years, We should want cities, farms in power plants to have higher, not lower power densities, that terrorism reduces ones emission by less than four percent green didn't save the whales. Switching from whale oil to petroleum and palm oil did free right Beef would require twenty times more land and produce three hundred percent. More admissions grew in peace, dogmatism, worsen, forest fragmentation of the Amazon, the colonialist approach to guerrilla conservatism conservation in the Congo produced a backlash that may have resulted in the killing of two hundred and fifty elephants so why were we also misled in the
I'll three chapters of apocalypse neck. Never I accept, the financial, political and ideological motivations invite Mental groups have exe, opted hundreds of millions of dollars from fossil fuel interest. Whoops motivated by anti humanist beliefs, force the World Bank to stop to end poverty and its make poverty, sustainable and status, anxiety, depression and hostility to modern civilization, behind much of the alarm ism. Once you realize how badly misinformed we have been often by people with plainly unsavory or unhealthy motivations It's hard not to feel duped. The idea ology behind environmental alarm ism Malthusian Malthusian ISM. Has been repeatedly debunked for two hundred years and is more powerful than ever
but there are also reasons to believe the environmental alarm ISM will, if not come to an end, have diminishing cultural power. The The virus is an actual crisis that puts the climate crisis into perspective. If you think we ve overreacted covered. Nineteen is killed nearly half a million people in shattered economies all around the globe sighing the big institutions like the W h, oh and the IPCC, have under mind their credibility through the reply. Did polarization of science their future. Existence and relevance depends on new leadership and serious reform because facts, still matter. He goes on and on and on This is absolutely fantastic. Stew has him as a guest on the stool showed a night student, environmental alarm ism who does the environmental apocalypse based on his book title, it's called apocalypse and ever and its width, it's one of those most
go back to a hundred times. This is the master, the Glen Back Programme, and we really want to thank you for listening. I read an article of yours. The other day America's Jews and Christians are failing the test of their lives, and I could I did. I mean this is the biggest truth that unspoken in America every single day. They should be run like a bell. Explain What Europe what were failing here, You can now go for a smoke make all, because I could spread the rest by my time with you answering this question
Are you not just keep no back away? You are quite right. I'll make us use your head. Oh yeah, exactly. Religion is tested for everybody, stood in time of crisis, but religion, People who have to fear allegedly presumably their first question. How do I answer TAT God, but are fearful of men? Are there. They fear as I right and the left more than they fear God then release and is worthless. Worse than worthless, because it's a facade, it's a masquerade and The guy just give a couple of examples it if there is any priest, Minister Rabbi, who not say that it is God's will or the bibles will too
I was raised blind com or blind the person should retire from the clergy, That's one of the greatest messages we are all created in God's image. God has no race. Man's is irrelevant. Hair color is relevant, as skin color, if, if around I presume MR, cannot save that, cannot say what mortal Luther king so well known for that. It's the content of the character, not the cholera. Once again that should matter then very they are useless in their role as clergy. If they cannot get up and say guess what the eighth commandment says do not steal. We are watching rampant, looting, a k, a stealing
violation of the most basic law ever given to human beings, Moses God, a committee, whatever you believe it's the basis do not feel I mean just. Those two examples and they can't even say that So why is why? Are they so silent me? Some of them are adopt. In all of this social justice stuff they are there in with black lives matter. I mean, is it? Is it really just fear, or do they actually believe some of this marxist nonsense? Well, first of all, you can talk here, off into believing anything. If it's in your self interest to believe it, it takes no courage whatsoever, none for me Bobby. They get up and go black lives matter. It's you It is well say, oxygen is important to black people. That's it, of course, in black
I or so it doesn't, does tell you anything, but they are even, but just on that phrase that it's a lie, they dont believe all black lives matter, I'm not even talking abortion, they don't believe born live black lives matter because they don't give a hoot about the number of murdered, blacks by blacks only the number of blacks killed by white policemen. That's what they're talking about which happens to be dead. Proportionately low. According to the harbour study University of Maryland Michigan state. It is widespread we'd. Anything ever Mcdonald broke. She sighed the data, got it from some of it from the Washington Post- will living a gigantic a lie, but why you ask why they go along with it because they pay no ice, and that is why I say religion. Failed and that these were than that, because Christianity always dealt a bad blow.
In Europe, a toy one of the reasons not the only by any means. But one reason so many Europeans are secular. Is that she already failed during world war. To excuse me people are simply where clergy crack Catholic or protestant in europe- very rare we spoke up even in interpret. Ways against the Nazis. Want those people took a risk. Speaking against Knox's work failing speaking against the New York Times, Dennis I it's interesting, you would say the failure of the churches, because they not only they not only speak out. In a year within by by nineteen thirty for many. Of them were actually considering taking the old testament out of the church because
It was to jewish me? They not only fail they jumped on the bandwagon, but I thought the failure to be interested in hearing, because there was another failure in in nineteen fourteen through Eighteen. Nineteen and that was the churches became political and Churchill said this is God's, will that this be fought and where it is and be fine and in Germany that led to the just decimation of the churches, credibility because they were fighting for one side so with which, which is This failure, like, saying that we have to fight against the american ideals and principles or they just going along with it like they did in the nineteen thirty's First of all, the United States is founded. It has three mottoes Limburg.
It's on every coin, liberty, Pluribus, Urim and God we trust in we trust is chiseled right above the the speakers. Podium in the house of the House of Representatives God we trust, means that God essential it doesn't mean in God we got in God. We trust doesn't mean, God will protect me from carbon. Ninety, in God weak just means that God is central to the american experiment. The left has destroyed all three do you know Thomas Friedman, New York Times columnist road and column just a few weeks ago, said we should change it from from many one too from many we, so it's a perfect acknowledgement that govern of God. Getting rid of liberty, obviously, and they're getting rid of employer bassoon on the left is the
this of everything America stands for not liberals had just coward, but but but they're, not through the evil that the left is, which is the devices of everything we believe. If a clergyman cannot see that, I don't care. If he's a Democrat stay a Democrat, I don't give a damn, but a few fancy. The left is immortal threat to everything. You're supposed The holder's adjure Christian, then or your seminary education was awaits So what comes out of this? Dennis I I have the feeling that that's the black community, the black churches that are going to make the difference here because some of them are the only places it behind a pulpit that your actually hearing. This is wrong.
And I think, there's an awakening in the african american community, What do you think happens to do our or churches? Wake up our synagogues, wake up, the for an american church, wake up what what happens from here Dennis. Well, that's why you're? Having me out on this subject too, were this is a call to wake up. This the challenge of their lifetime? It if you can pass this test, then it's your church or synagogue is worthless, it's worse than worthless its that you wanted it. I wrote. I'm writing a five vine commentary on the first five books of the Bible to arouse its It's called a rational bible. I explain casino biblical Hebrew. Well, my explain virtually reverse and saw not it will. Thank you
any by explaining the ten commandments, which is both an exodus and due to the people, misunderstand a totally understandably, but they misunderstand, and translate. The third commandment do not take God's name in vain. Some most people think especially Christians. If you say, oh, my god, what a hot day but you have violated the first commandment buck God is not an idiot, it's the we commandment. God says he won't. Forgive so gobble give murder, but you won't forgive your saying- oh my god, what a hot day I may I mean I my most. Glass from a statement is God has common sense anyway, It doesn't mean that it means do not lift. Do not carry God's name in vain. The word in Hebrew he saw for those might be interested. Is clearly what it means is. Do not carry
carries God's name in vain. Those who speak in God's name and do bad. What we're having now is the violation of the third commander. The only one God doesn't forgive because you may God look ludicrous. That is what these these cowardly or even leftist priest, by some ministers are doing to the name of God. That's how serious this moment is Dennis Breaker is always good to have yon. Thank you for everything you do Denison. Thank you for your Europe, your kindness in your friendship over the years. It's it's! I'm dunno you and honoured that call. You friend thanks Much well. Thank you for everything. You do
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