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2021-08-03 | 🔗

Pat Gray joins to discuss the absurdity of Australia’s response to the pandemic. The mayor of Washington, D.C., implemented a new mask mandate, and immediately violated it. Is America turning its back on Afghanistan? Research analyst Hayden Dublois walks Glenn through what’s actually in Biden’s new infrastructure bill.

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Welcome to the podcast today is the big show we go over. What's clean this infrastructure bill, a lot you're, not gonna, wanna from you're, not gonna, want to miss out on the terrible details of the trillions of dollars were spending. We also have what's going on in Afghanistan as we're pulling out no surprise. The Taliban is coming in and brutalizing the population. We will go into that today. We also will talk about the Andrew Cuomo allegations that big report has come out now and we have it we're gonna go through some of the accusations and their long story short. Even the democratic attorney general is saying he harassed. Women around the office is the details. There is well should remind you. Of course, Andrew Cuomo was awful. Dotcom go there and say the unquestionable shirts about Andrew Cuomo that is available to you will also be covering this in detail, going through the entire report on students, America tonight look. We ve been all over this story with Cuomo since the very beginning, going back over a year now and we're going to make sure that each piece of this sees the light of day shows available. Of course, right here on podcast, you could subscribe for free, follow the show and rate and review the show. If you don't mind, fantastic also available on Youtube seem for, of course, this wonderful radio programme to back to talk about this even more death tomorrow, thanks so much for tuning in here's a focused
The only thinking we from the incredibly popular pod casts What's pats, I was saying about another podcast. Well, even Pats Bobcat grandly shall agree. At least you know, from that podcast here. There's Mr Pat Gray elope, those funny it inside. I am left with eleven inside. So do you have in your play today? Did you ever seen what's going on in Australia? yeah, the military so yeah the lock down the military going door to door the look at this. I think we have the the video of the people in the park there
there's a guy doing yoga in the park out by himself, but he didn't have mass gun, so police car, and cut behind is behind his back. drag him off and arrest him. Can we play that its. Maybe I don't know I don't have it voted in earth? Piling up fears in my power grab here. Do you know, do you know how severe their situation is? the covered nineteen real bad. It's really had really bad was a wonder. They ve gone off to deepen till they're, not varies and ate it. Accelerating it all right, and thus nine hundred and twenty four people have died since this began in the other whole continent all got twenty five million people nine hundred tonnes.
For people, if that is outrageous, sets out very what are they doing? Like I mean enlivened everybody laughed, there is only twenty four million you, no nine hundred and fifty so anything of us. So so you know Good news is, is that I think the people of Australia are starting to feel the tyranny here and they don't like it at all, and so they'll grab Their guns and they'll start going well, hold on a second guns: yeah they desired at yeah. They darn dire darn it will. To me. This is just a precursor of what could be in store for everybody. I mean this is a free country. This is a country that She doesn't areas. Did they dont have got the legislative elections. Remember that these countries that don't have gone both Australia and the UK, yellow Lydia Gun Buyback programme
yeah. That with I bet they always they had that money and could give it back and get their gone right now. Are you I mean look that tunnel think that their necessary gonna go to unarmed revolution right now. Are you know what does it take? No serious! I mean yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, but I mean what does it take? Your country is being destroyed It's nine hundred people and now your own, your own citizens in the military are being told to, keep you inside at all cost. It's this. This isn't sanity well to be fair, don't do it! How do I yourself don't automatically Stuckey digests in all? That's like a kid member that guy in Colorado, that was was blue
in baseball. With this kid way, away from everybody out, yeah you're allowed twenty feet away. Good knitting, we put him in jail right, I hope he's not outright the bastard. I hope you know what I'd be pushing him since he was it before they put behind bars. Well, it's about time. We lost our beating people. Centuries, isn't, it sure is like we mention is earlier Glenn and in theory right you will you A continent of your own right is an island. Essentially you not letting anyone come you you're, not letting anyway, and you let me know when you can, I guess, crackdown enough to limit cases and limit the spread of the virus like there is some level of locked down. You can do this with. However, on the other side of that there has to be a strategy for this to end and what Australia has done is locked down super hard. Any time they see, any sign of the virus has been able to keep everything super low about me,
lockdown. U S style lockdown, where we all still kind of go, do or thing in its annoying. That's all you re Parlez, all peoples opening our like. They shut down hard line, you can't walk your dog, and so they ve done all that, and then they have twelve percent of their population vaccinated. So what is the other side of the ceiling? Is one thing if you wanna locked down until in theory, you get a pretty vaccinated, which again is it is a problem about another in another direction, but like what eventually you're gonna have to let your people go out, and there Can I have any immunity. Have any they're, gonna they're gonna get it. You can see people inside all the time. Now this is you know this is. As you know, this is the extreme example of
you can stop wearing mask. We go as soon as we get a vaccine. While soon as it comes down, we don't have. The hospitals overrun. Young ban is well when we get the vaccine wow. That act scenes not good enough that they always so they just cut right to the end. They just like we're. Never letting people released or being honest, and it is we are coming from Australia because we think of them ass, having similar sensibilities as us right in stating that in all any again, yes, I mainly honestly you have those you have spiders that size missed I'm staying in anyway, strode, there's no reason to go outside and I want a gun because I would shoot those spiders. Have you seen them they're like there? What is a three feet there, like three feet across, Spider, that's all I'm gonna despite or three feet a call. I oh I'll show you live in tax. It was no I'll show you picture when I gotta find it wherever affair, but I
picture of one. What does it do? I could not believe we're tell me when I went to Austria there like now, you see the one I just found in a barn like no they're like yeah, that's just barn. That was there, and you know these old people owned it and when the new buyers came in and they open up the door and I saw a spider web, You what no way last by to review the current round the spider. While that's And they suddenly decided, I put it like in a zoo or something like a big spider kill it. No wonder the entire country was on fire. That was probably smart thing to do. Is spider like that you like fire, like I'm. No. Thank you enough. Thank you So we have. We have the mayor of Washington D C, I don't know if you ve seen Muriel Browser Bouser. What she's done
but she had an in indoor mask mandate. She announced it citywide, Elvis. Indoor mask mandate, Thursday and its effective Saturday at five p m, which convenient for her, because she threw herself a celebrity studied birthday party on Friday night, so good, nobody war, the mass. Then she officiated on Saturday morning aims schools, outdoor wedding in Washington, apparently emasculate indoor reception. Now, the birthday party was not a surprise, so she knew that was happening, but the mass mandate wasn't in neither was the wedding she knew about the wedding. Do she'd she's, not just violating she is knowingly putting into action a mask mandate that she intended de violate again
Activity at an outdoor wedding is complete. the appropriate, even in the covert era, vascular online, to believe there is any problem with that: shit she's, the one who implemented the rule- and it was also the Lee Reception- was insight. Reception was insane so sandwich so, which is it she their wants to spread the covert nineteen through unmask parties and she's like I'm going to do it myself right or she believes that vaccinated people are safe and can gather together and she's playwright Obviously what it is. This is what so silly about it is like a licence. We complain about these celebrities. Doing these things and politicians, and usually what they're doing is something it's actually sense of its fine but its again, so that what we are saying rules, and did you see? Ok, so it's? It was a reporter, a journalist from the Washington examiner that took the photograph of her inside without a mask right, so the Washingtonian later,
the day had this update, update the Washington examined a writer who pub photos of Mayor browser masculine at a wedding. Over the weekend was invited to the wedding well are you. Yes, I negates the vote. It is our view crashing all information journalistic standard. They don't ever do stuff like downright it's, like the police, not having a warrant. None of the evidence counts right because you don't have a half dozen fleetly. Out of your mind, don't worry about the fact that Muriel Bouser was mask lists inside doesn't matter, work is a person should have been there any way to take the phone it's in the wedding crash or cause the constitute activity it is. It is right that they are actually insight three c or saving my plane site. You have to do the the lemon rub and the Rhine, Millennia Ben Franklin NASA blowdryer, that's really good one. What other thing these
American Federation of Teachers. The union president Randy Wine garden. says the kids have got to mask up this fall time, and they said you know, look I'm not going to promise that schools or going to reopen. But gotta be kidding not an AL. We're good at this quote we're going to try all well. So I don't know rye. I dont know there is no track. I dont have a home what what exactly they have to rehearse or try to I mean you get in a car. You turned the key. You drive to the school, use your key to get into the school Norbert up the door. You turn on the lights. You stand there, the chalkboard, no high kids, I'm gonna eat, something it's not that hard, They ve been doing it for years, but maybe they have forgotten in the last year and a half and allocate believe they are saying they're making a big deal out of the safety for our kids. They have to be messed up or the teachers are not coming in today.
I saw it MSNBC a long story The police officers are committing suicide. You dollar six police officers that committed suicide, January six now committed suicide, Paden and MSNBC very upset about the the Cairo, they love the police in early lobby. The Palacio report, in line with what is just cause them so much stress now, where's, I'm watching it I'm screaming. the tv exactly what all you love the police. They are worried about their mental health. Now and. there were very worried about suicide with these police officers. How about the epidemic of suicide? For our for his our kids These are going through absolute
hell. Suicide rate is up thirty percent because of the the schools and the mask sending me no social distancing and they don't give a flyin crap. You never hear about their mental health. You never really here unless you're reading, something from conservatives about how the test scores, what this is doing to them, not only socially but academically. You never hear of people, that why you, We still don't know anything. We have nothing. No one is talking about if you ve had it, you have God's vaccine This has been something we have always done. This is why who give a vaccine because it too, your body into thinking. You ve had it
and so you make natural Andy bodies for it. But how come those of us who have natural antibodies? We are like we're we're we're spreading the plague. Why Why, for the first time, is that not how the body works? Was it not others? Vaccine works, yeah, it's no long term. It there's a longer conversation on that, but I guess you're right. We have not focused on that night. All of all, my even heard anybody say yet
count it as if its anything play, they rang Ray it's when you talk about people who are vaccinated, they dont ad in the people who had heard mentality thereof, amateur immunities about heard immunity yeah. You notice we're not talking about heard immunity anymore, because that requires you to have enough people either vaccinated or sick, to get to a certain point where the Lee society has enough antibodies too pretty much handle it in a completely unrelated story. I know this has nothing to do with what you're talking about that they are not, but they just announced. Pfizer's gonna make thirty three point: five billion dollars from this it'll be the biggest selling drugs of all time. By far
I know that doesn't have anything to do with Taiwan has indeed there is no reason that you pushing this drug, for monetary purpose would be so well meaning to bully. I mean I would know, I would know the onset and Johnson is selling there's at cost. So if you are concerned of profit motivation, you can get it from. You, John said a giant ass orientated selling at a cost, because the White House came out said I don't know my kill. You know it does not guarantee that in two thousand is waiting at any rate it may it is a point of male, could give you let personally leprosy he'll, be in a wheelchair in your body will be falling out of the wheel on our no unclad can issue its detractors, your brain until you instantly Dorie about it all wrong about that. One space you! I know you do rolling your eyes like we're spreading this information, I found the thai leprosy you're listening to the best of the Glinda programme. Today I want to talk a little bit about the Good NEWS coming out of Afghanistan, and I know the press is all over this
because they're so eager to report all of the bad things in an in an ongoing war, and so That's why the coverage is practically non. Stop about how Oddly, things are going in Afghanistan, first, wall, There are thousands of people that are fleeing Afghanistan and going over to Pakistan all the p. That were living in Pakistan until we took over, and you know there was a chance that the Taliban would be out. They move moved back into Afghanistan. There now moving back out of Afghanistan, but the real people. I want to talk about all the people that helped us the translators, the people who believed that we be therefrom, yeah we haven't really made a plan for them. You know there's about about ten thousand of these people and they helped us for years and years and years. By this I mean, should we have
plan, failed them still. Why plan, when you can just do it on the fly as the Taliban is just taking district after district its One of those shows where they like Ree, they redo the home, like a home renovation, show and every every episodes like. Oh, my God, around the corner. Should we put up these last curtains? Any idea it s really a thousand close called migration is tell them like to stay out of their for another extra hour, there's no real rise and for the drama here, rats what's happening in Afghanistan right now, except it's not made for tv knows it's just that Ariel yeah, that the people who are saying that are the people who helped us there like home cause of man's right around the corner. They're saying now. Three hundred and thirty thousand Afghans have been displaced already many of them, leaving the country once again, realising that this is just gonna happen again, you know band that's terrible enough,
in addition, though, the people who actually helped us during the battle translators and all sorts of different types of people who ve helped the? U S military year to be here to study here this. If the Taliban gets controlled, they're all going to be murdered there it's going to be murdered because they shouldn't have been helping in the Talibans view. The american effort, so we have some- and so there is a group of they think about twenty thousand people who are in this category and we have a couple thousand that we ve actually been able to help them and get out of the country. Some of them have come to the United States, people, but the them reliably vetted of those have come so some of this has happened. They think some of the twenty thousand maybe are now really should qualify for this programme, a special immigrant visa type of situation where they can be moved not only either to the United States or to a third kind three, where we have maybe a base or something but again get them out of the way
of the Taliban and the knives their swinging and so they are now moving some of them to third countries and in in various places where they can try to do this, but there does not seem to be a plan for a budget point about ten thousand of these guys that are likely to lose. Its second may use them. Now it does law either the philosophy. I think it is the United States in way too many cases limitations Let me tell you a story about a guy named Raoul Wallenberg about him before- and he is one of my favorite twentieth century heroes and most people don't know who Raoul Wallenberg is a lady who roadie look on Raoul Wallenberg over in Sweden, and it is the minutes, the it's like what's his name's bond half her book. It is the valley look here, on on rail wallenberg and she came over and she had been doing interviews here in the United States. She didn't mean, oh good morning, american everything else
He came to do an interview with me and she almost welled up way through the interview She said. I cannot believe it you're, the only American at least is a broadcaster that I have talked to that even knows who he is and I'm like he's a hero of mine, he's absolute here also he would go out, she'd go on and do the interviews on and they had no idea who worry America. They have no it. This is an american hero in many ways that we abandon, just like we did in the tail up with the Taliban right now. Not changing our spots. If you know, and if Americans knew about this. We would say, let's those who helped us to safety but getting the blame for it because of weasels in the government, so let me tell you about raw wallenberg. It's ninety
Fortys and he's in Sweden. He is the heir to a a large fortune. and they are very high up on the ladder. Remember, the Nazis are involved in Sweden and so everybody's kind of nervous. The United States comes to a real wallenberg off the you know through the OSS and says: hey, We need you to go or two I think it was I think- was Prague. And just watch what the Nazis or doing we. We understand that they are rounding up Jews and we need to know if that's true, he says I'm here, I don't know, and they said just just ass, the king, if you can be appointed to the embassy and then just spy for us, they said. Okay, well, he got over there and he saw that. Not only was it true It was an enormous numbers. Every Jew was being rounded up. He couldn't
I buy it. He he would write letters to Us- you write letters to the king and queen of the king was like. I can't do anything that Nazis are right here and so Ral Wallenberg decided he was gonna, do something and he started issuing, what's called a shoots, pass my wife if gave one to me for Christmas, years ago, and she said she took a bash Amy the present, and then she took it back right away. She said I'll give it to you tomorrow. and I said why because you can spend all day crying, and I said I'm not it's Christmas. Everything's, fine and she said Oh, I know you you're gonna cry and I'm like I'm not gonna cry. I opened it. I cried all day It is such a remarkable piece of paper. a monument to what one man can do He would issue these shots passes, which means that who or gets this paper and their name was filled out on it. You get that paper.
You are now a under the protection of the king of Sweden and so Ral Wallenberg was claiming people as his. So if you are stopped for papers, you didn't after whereof, yellow star anymore, because you are now under the protection of the king of Sweden. Well, the king of Sweden, was getting all kinds of heat for this, and I mean he issued thousands of them. He would them all up, and then he would go to the trains that we're going to the death camps. Any woods, duff Amene between the slats of the train and then he would. Stand on top of the train next to the coal car need to stop you I have the wrong people. These are my people, and the train would unload and they would check the papers and anyone who, at a shoots pass was free he saved. thousands of people.
Towards the end of the rope end of the war. The Russians were coming in Some of people at the embassy said. Well, you got you gotta, go you gotta. Right now. Now we know now in history stolen, This guy knew what he was doing. It hated him and Raoul said no there's too many more. I can save. He was last seen running to the russian troops. The first brigade that came in, and that's the last we ever saw of him I have a cigarette case from one of the guy, in that garrison that came in that he was running too, it's really quite worthless. Unless you know that that's the that those are the soldiers that he ran to saying they can
be as bad as the Germans, because in Russian on the front of the case, it says, let's kill, the Jews and go home. He was taken, there's a few endings to the story. He was taken and shot and executed there immediately on. Likely, because Stalin is said to have wanted to talk to him, so the next version of the ending of his life was that he went, he was interrogated and later by Stalin and his people and he died in a concentration camp in like night. Forty eight. I The worst outcome is that he went to a hard labour camp in the Soviet Union and died in nineteen. Seventy two here's a reason. I tell you this story. Here's a guy, we asked to help here's a guy. That every single one of us should know his name
his name is Raoul Wallenberg. He is a he's a hero in Sweden. There are statutes to him in Sweden. There should be. statues of him here, because we asked him to do it and then at the end of the war, when we had clout with stolen, we didn't even ask where he was. We didn't ask to exchange. We did nothing to save his life, no matter how many times the Swedes and everybody else ass, the United States. Will you please ask them. We never asked about him until nine nineteen. Seventy six. We're doing the same thing. And it is not the people of the EU.
It states. It's an out of control, large government that doesn't We put the same priorities on things that we might. We're doing it again now in Afghanistan too, thousand people that helped us they are now living in fear and listened in hiding, as the Taliban will take over and we knew this you and I we all knew that the Taliban would come back. That's why we should have gone in killed, Osama Bin Laden and laughed. Instead, we spent twenty years and how much treasure and how much american blood in that place.
And what we all knew would happen has happened. The bad guys just waited us out, we can Not build countries, we can not pass on freedom hell. We don't even wanted our self, it seems. People have to want it Have to be willing to stand up for it themselves. Loves this group of people did
And we are letting them die. You are listening to the rest of the claim that programme on this score. three. This is man. I can't tell you how excited I am that our role and bridges and infrastructure are finally going to be fixed affixed, I'm gonna be vinyl, I mean she's sweeping we have been paying for this infrastructure every president has been lay our fair share of a structure and we give him the money and they went out area around they ever structure, except that we have to do more. So
Thank goodness. This is infrastructure. Bill is a godsend or not the senior research analysed foundation for government Accountability- Hayden do Blois is with us now I stay hidden come on, because this is twenty seven hundred pages long and it takes a team to through it. So what is what's in it Hayden? sure thing for me angle and well: what's it it is, We recognise that only about twenty four The new funding in this deal goes towards what you and I and millions of Americans think about as traditionally restructure, that is our roads and bridges. Reality to fix them gosh. I you know I don't know, but I do what I can say is this- that this is really time. To a larger package of what the Democrats are trying to push through. That is nearly five trillion in new government spending on expenses
fair step towards the new green new deal and other pet projects. That's really what's at issue here and we can excuse some small portion of legitimate infrastructure spending when its way overbalance by the priorities of the far left in Congress. Well, twenty billion dollars goes to Amtrak I own a why we keep baling Amtrak out, but we do Amtrak and climate change and related green efforts. What they're trying to do is to try to get us to go to electricity. but I dont understand this electricity, It doesn't come from the MAGIC Box in the wall, its most likely made by coal sure sure no you're, absolutely right. We ve seen I mean they ve just got tons and tons of invest it's an ear that they're trying to create a new clean Energy Office Department of Energy charging. They got two hundred and fifty million
grant for low emission stories, which everyone knows is such a big problem. As you know fairies, we really did you. I know at their horror. I am, but I mean each day. Will the deeper into this. I mean it's two thousand seven hundred pages. I tried to read what I could but case and point example page one hundred and sixty seven. It says and I that very nice enable and encourage children, including those with disabilities, to walk and bicycle to school and quote time enough with there. And are worried about kids carbon emissions when you're going to school. I mean: what's next, are they gonna put carbon footprint uncle monitors to make sure these kids are the quota of their carbon footprint? I mean, let's just out of control. Does it say how they're going to do that? Well, they're they're trying to create a new programme to their saying it's all about and sent devising you no help. lifestyles and making sure that you know
You are getting the physical out your site, like is really on. the guise of part of the climate agenda here that we're talking about. But how are they going to? Do I mean even with disabilities, get him to walk the school are they gonna say we're, not picking anybody up inside of this radio, sir or wide? Well, I you know I I think a lot of it is gonna, be with pressuring a lot of these areas with grants. It too, you know, encourage what I think bad incentives for ah forget to do I mean we wouldn't be sinister out the bill? I mean on a topic of energy. They they get another study in there about the effects of closing the Keystone exile pipeline, for example. Without restarting any that construction. We don't need another study. We know the effects of inspiration and we'll need a government report. Another one telling us it's a bad idea, and this is what this bill is filled with its filled with just you know
for spending on things we already know or things we don't need. Instead of private the roads and bridges and be a potholes. That Americans really think that when they think about infrastructure has talked of Michael yesterday about this, and he said that one of the problems that he has with it is it is. It takes were a lot of the things that belong to the states and to the local municipalities. He's asshole, right, yeah I listen interview in and he made a great point that you know what, while people say: well, it's good cause. They ve got interstate highway funding and that should be done by the feds there's a lot in here that is like world surface transportation grants that shouldn't be coming out of a centrally planned federal office. You know it's written up by bison senators, states can administer that much more efficiently than the federal government can be. Tired, you know, precipice and foundation of this bill is that infrastructure spending is best when the central
plan, which we know isn't true and then, when you realise, and their recognise, how that's all tied in to the other trillions or get trillions of dollars of other. Already set- are completely unrelated infrastructure like expanding Fair and expanding the childcare tax credit, and all of that really stretching the definition of infrastructure to appoint. It's never been there also there, provisions in there for Bitcoin and and crypto currency to wear. Yes, if you sell your crypto currency you'll be called a broker and then all brokers have to report all activities to the IRS right yet which by senator to me issued a statement on this actually any said it is virtually impossible to implement because you don't have the required information. You know the ten ninety nine to do that and the lot of the blockchain
I need your saying desert, it's ridiculous provision, because they're doing that to try to reach revenue through this, but they're saying that the revenue asked it's her way off dear to me called this a haste design tax on watching these actually right. This is just you know. Flying yet another innovation in the crypto currency fear that we don't need and really isn't gonna work and is gonna pay for what this bill tribes. they say that is trying to you. No help raise the funds to pay for this etc. But I disagree with you. I don't think it is to do that. I think it's to cripple crypto currency, because they know what they're doing to the? U S dollar and they need a d, you SD a digital. U S! Dollar! You know that that, Well could be the case because, well let me put it this way. The the underlying theme in this conversation that we can't forget about its inflation inflation, inflation rate we waited upon
at the centre for point excellence affiliated with fifty eight eighty, seven Anna Borders, including majority of Democrats, are either very, were somewhat concerned about inflation and Glenn. I keep thinking the three numbers. Thirty, thirty. Thirty, thirty trillion dollar? Now? National that three percent the highest rate of inflation for producers, goods and thirty years high of core inflation, this bill and they said, Those heated five trillion in spending is only gonna fuel. Your future inflation organ arraigned up with the inflationary consequences of this infrastructure bill. People won't be able even afford the gas driver cars on the roads that this bills, allegedly gonna fix how fast you think that would mean you know what it's really irritate thing to me. Is there saying they're paying for this with a lot of the coveted emergency money
remember when they just started an awareness. We need this family, we need all this money and then they never spent it. They knew. This was coming in and so their movement moving. All of that emergency covert spending over to pay all of this When does this money? Actually, if approved start to get pushed out into the system? Will here is part of the problem. with this, and this is really an underlying problem with this bill, as it relates to funding. We even know how much that is. Gonna cover them, ass- I mean they have yet to issue a congressional budget office score for this bill and are trying to get it read where nobody should read a patrol get past and understood and comprehended before Irish goes on summer recess, they don't even know what it costs. I mean that preposterous for anyone to expand, the Senate is gonna, be able to have a debate on this and, if you look at where the funding mechanisms you're talking about, I mean you ve got it You got the unused Colbert provisions, one of the most agreed
once in my mind, is their train a book, for nine billion in savings by delaying or rule from the Trump administration. That would have changed how drugs are paid for by Medicare instead of going to ensure they would pass prescription savings on the seniors and entered the truly media, but because, the way that war that rule will essentially be propping up billions of dollars on the spending priorities paragraphs which range from low emission fairies, the clean energy supply chains on the backs of our Medicare recipients? I can't be sure said it, but I don't I don't know good way to fund an infrastructure proposal, especially when you got these He is living on fixed incomes. When impatience so, I want to be charitable to people like Mitt Romney, but I have a hard time doing they say that this is this. Is this gonna make it cheaper? On the other end, if we give him this, then it won't be so bad in the end, but
has Pelosi. Essay should not pass anything in this bill unless she gets the full boat in this can bill yeah yeah, I mean that's what I think talks have today. the way from this. This is not a you know why you're the number five hundred and fifty billion dollar infrastructure back? That's not what this is about. This is about a five trillion dollar welfare filled, expire, in one of the largest in. U S. History forgets past that Nancy Policy you see and Joe Biden are attaching at the hip to the infrastructure package. That's what is at issue here and that the fundamental problem is that This is tied to unbelievable increases in spending in all the wrong areas that have nothing to do it. restructuring. The infrastructure package is just the tip of the much bigger iceberg that forms the basis.
What we're talking about here, we're Talkin new. I hated deploy, see as the senior research analyse for foundation for government accountability. Hayden. You know. The one thing that we saw in the O bomber bill was that it it would create these new things and then it would say at the discretion. the Vienna The head of we know the that of the department and it was just left open for all this new infrastructure to be built with outcome, risk being involved at all. Do you see that in this as well, Oh sure I mean this is this is a case study of You know centralizing power in the hands of bureaucrats in central planning. I mean that that's this. Is it actually and precisely what that is, and we know those are not the right people to make decisions it's for you.
Paving of state roads. I mean that we can have killed and there's no accountability. None! No there's no knowledge no accountability. Every time this is, happened. It failed. I mean it reminds me of the up. The Milton Friedman quote he put the government in charge the Sahara Desert in five years. There be a shorter sand. I mean really going for here. That's what's gonna happen, I think so much the odds of this pass. I would imagine, are pretty good right, yeah The unfortunate reality here is that there is seems to be enough support where this is going to go through and then there you know attached to the larger reconciliation process a process with, those democratic wishlist items but its unsustainable and You deal with it with a thought. Twelve, you. ago we had the Obama stimulus that eight hundred billion, or essentially going or place where that's considered a drop in the bucket Congress Feminist, is
but your package is being treated like rounding up for them. We need the demand that you can't really change. The way they look at these fellow expenditures in deficit wire everyday Americans, your fortune, leave women, their means when congresses intent living beyond it over the Dennis. The debt ceiling is coming up its expiring and they have to renew it. and raise it. Otherwise, we default, and already the Treasury Department saying you you to pass this right now. You cannot default on this and it is irresponsible for the United if we default are in straight everything goes through the roof and we're really screwed so what people do welcome to MIKE least We made a great point on your show. Yesterday he asked the question: why are we doing this now wire We doing this at a time when inflation is hitting new records. time when federal deficits and federal debt
or an unbelievable and really unparalleled records. I mean this doesn't make any sense that the bottom line is Americans should tell their congressmen. Listen. I can hold off on the potholes for now, if you, because it means a voice, bankrupting my kids in their kids and their kids after them, death would be no should be telling their members of Congress is that you are weighed on that now that the small portion of this they actually goes towards interest. it means avoiding the consequences of higher inflation higher taxes higher spending her debt Paden. Thank you so much appreciated. Thank you by the way was this kind of spending that lead Greece into the revolution, and you know when you see. What's on the other side of this, your wish you would have made that call to your congressmen and said If you sign up for any of this crap, I will make it my mission. Make sure you are never never real
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