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Best of The Program | Guest: Jason Whitlock | 7/12/21

2021-07-12 | 🔗

Jason Whitlock, host of BlazeTV’s "Fearless with Jason Whitlock," joins to talk Vice President Kamala Harris’ claim about rural Americans and photocopiers, the fall of academia, and who’s worse: President Biden or VP Harris? The World Economic Forum’s founder wants to vaccinate the internet, and Glenn explains what this means for everyone. Democrats are now looking to federally control our credit scores, and more banks are adopting ESG scores.

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Hey podcast great one. Today, yeah yeah supported shocked me to first day that these shows. Yet today's with good, we had a lot of catching up to do in the news. In the last ten days. Some really important things, Jason Whitlocke was also with us. We talked about lacks with hammers and Xerox machines. Yeah yeah wait until you hear the blacks with hammers. It's very shocking art laffer as well joins us to talk about the state of the economy. Hopefully, gifts, maybe a little bit of optimistic little about terrorism, about where we might be going, and he is one that knows a long history of fixing economies he's great and on the pod, casta they dont, MRS Second
the only thinking man to make a photocopy of anything his in tire life, Jason Whitlock, is joining us now, hello, Jason. How area also Glenn thing Rather, we are in your new studio. The launch of fearless with Jason Whitlock happened last week can find it the play. Dot com slash fearless. Also you too, dot com, slash fearless with Jason, Whitlocke Jason How is the struggle going for you on finding a photocopier? How do you do it? You know what it's funny glam, I'm the one person who would actually struggle photocopying somethin, improve my biggest I'm just
good with paperwork but yeah Kampala, Harris's contention that You know all rule America, they just don't have Kinko's it'll have office max, oh my god. How could they prove who they are? At some point? The Democrats have to stop the they're making themselves look crazy and I I blame Joe Biden and for them Creating this narrative that they're all these eighty and helpless people in America who who just can't do basic functions that a city slickers segregation is paid. I think it's like it is though them saying you know what they can't. They can have beef out in the middle of the country. They can't they dont have forks
with her hands and hurried, it's it's so ridiculous. It's not like you know they bade, have access to virgin galactic yeah I don't know where I would buy a ticket to space I'll. Give you that I don't know how to photocopy things, how still they do. They think we are. I do think there are people who live on the coast. New York. Silicon Valley, California, they live on the coast and they We do have an opinion of fly over America in the rest of America that we're all areas and and the only justice could you set them straight Jason. I've dealt with it, my entire career. Though, glad because I am a good old, MID West boy and I've been on estimated and just in all he's a ball.
stay, I am, and you know he Didn'T- have a hygiene ba. No one invited him to an Ivy league school and end. They just make some assumptions about me and and what's comical, as does that as I've got an order and dealt with more people from the Elite Institute since I have, I keep losing more and more respect for them that common sense is just not taught at the elite universities and a lack of. Common sense undermines all the book says that they believe they had and all the programming they see receive from these elite institutions and from living on the coast Agis. I wish I could take my dad didn't gradually from high school
One of the smartest people I know- and I say that in all seriousness, one of the smartest people I know just fill my mother- is no rocket scientist filled with common sense that has served her and serve me and my brother and and family just incredibly well. At some point, America's gonna have to return to common sense. If we want to survive that this whole theoretical world and and this laboratory that the elites are building in and bay in all of their actions and solutions are of some theory or some laboratories- some I you know, I wish it could be this way. It's destroying America and its dividing America be just quite eyes with the that the handful of powerful elites are just
and serve to those of us in an order for the problem is not the problem is there is there is knowledge, and then there is wisdom there. is common sense and then there is a book sense and Those don't always go together. You can You can have book smarts and be dumb as a boxer rocks. We all. We all know people who work who are like that that are our brilliant. But couldn't work their way out of a paper bag if they were on their own, but brilliant, we know people who are really dumb book, wise What are very, very wise. You eat it. They don't all go hand in hand and Fortunately, I think in academia, wisdom is gone with, is absolutely gone. Common sense is gone. And their relying everything on board.
Smart and they're not even learning the book. Smart that we used to have to learn the they that would they're, not learning how to think their reading books now done by other egg heads that are in putting everything for them instead of saying I want you to read these original documents, and then you tell me what you think they mean they don't the original documents they go to a book. Betty already interpreting, whatever the original document is. Will that not the same. That's not this aim as actual learning there's a book if a totally avoid as well Glenn and is the greatest book ever written and it's called the Bible. and it is filled with thousands of years of collective wisdom and if you avoid that look you're setting yourself up, in my view, for failure, and
setting yourself up to believe that you- and we are the smartest people- that we are actually in control of this have created. This are running this it alive. a biblical knowledge undermine you're humility and a lack of melody sets man up for self destruction and that's what I see coming. Nonetheless there is something else and it it comes from, I think, living in big big cities and living around natures just off Some awesome beauty. I was I've been through the mountains last week or two weeks ago, some and through I see member where I was, but they had the geological. time line on the sides of these cliffs those you're going down like,
three thousand years ago, what hundred and fifty million years ago, and they showed the depth of of all the crap that had put on top the you know for a time and I thought how many, how many civilizations have there been that completely wiped out than we. No record of none I mean we're so arrogant to think that the the the earth won't cleanse itself. I mean look at the mountains, if Look at mountains. You have to understand many was worth thrust up. Can you imagine what the Richter scale would have been saying on a day mountain, came thrusting up out of the ground, things we have. Barely an understanding of- and we are so arrogant because many of us live in cities where you don't see, the stars anymore
There is something about being outside sitting around the fire. Why ITALY with a bunch of people in Europe oaken laughin whatever, and then comes the time a night where it's all kind of winding down in your sitting outside around the fire, and you look up in your like I mean what are you? think it's really all about that humility use gone because we don't see the majesty of how small an insignificant. We are lemme, I had a friend, then I went to high school- were in the college with He became a fireman he's an avid honneur. He helped me understand exactly what you're talking about he explain to me why he loves to hunt and there's a lot of words that are non hunters that we I understand the process of honey. Going out into the words being one with nature sitting.
Steel for hours, waiting for something to happen. and he helped me understand that his his unjust in the world, now in the woods for two or three days at a time the man. just in the magic of what God created you only really feel that, if you're outdoors, if yours, steel and why unobservant ff. hours at a time. It help me understand his ex risk I'm not a hunter, I'm not only that there are no access to a refrigerator, and then you gotta dragnet thing out of a car like I I mean I've done, although work sitting out here skin somebody else drag this thing back to be caught up in the meat. But if you set out there just sit still and observe Guy magic in his genius will reveal itself that's what this friend.
Me understand and in its I think, you're right in terms of what separates a lot of common folk from The leaders who never get out in the woods is just a bad experience we're talking to Jason Whitlocke Blaze, tv host, he just started his show last week, fearless with Jason Whitlocke. You can watch it on blaze, tv blaze, Dotcom, slash fearless also you to be coming out with a new article on Kampala, Harris and the lack of, access to photocopiers. That is going on apparent. I didn't know if such a pandemic, but apparently it is coming with that article today and you can watch his show on blazed heavy one last question, for it: Jason which is worse a ever decreasing mental mentally, capable president
or Camilla Harris. I I I would have to go with Joe Biden and just because Joe binds cognitive problems empower Kemal hares and if we had a fully functioning president in the prime with his full cognitive abilities, she would be the typical she wouldn't right now she's Dick Cheney. If, if, if she is Joe Biden actually was, fully engaged in capable she would be job I during the Obama presidency really irrelevant she, if she were present United States, I think she might be irrelevant because she so, unlike a ball, So, unlike able and and it's pretty much universal
I mean, I don't even know her husband likes her and I dont know em, but I'm just sudden speculating just a start: go back. I care power. I well, I would imagine you had to mere husband. You have to like her to put up with the cat union body else. Would just you gonna, stop Jason Whitlock. Thank you so much Jason. I appreciated gutless. This is the best one by programme standing firm support of the cuban people and There are their unrest standing peacefully see. This is what a peaceful protest looks like I don't love of our government knows. But these are peace people standing up in the middle streets just chanting. I don't know what was it was later.
cards or something real. Some people say there they're saying freedom in another language, but what language do they speak other than American? I mean have you, has so it's a peaceful protest at this point, it's probably not going to remain so seeing The dictator of Cuba has called on revolutionary forces too to reassure shun those people. Ah, ok, that sounds like a good good plan. Almost quite is good, but almost ass, good ass. Biden going door to door knocking on doors. Even if you have a no solicitors sign done matter, they can come Anne and other gonna knock on your door, Patty out a vaccine, yet nope closed the door. Nope haven't you know, I already had it map out a bad Kay
of. It still have the antibodies have checked. I've checked crazy. How I'm going my body work this one out up, but thanks for drop, by Jo O slam. So it's gonna get my house and our hearts gonna go over your house. I will go and get your guns pneumonia. so I think that's a really really good idea and the CNN medical analysts Doktor Lena when Sir that life needs to be hard for Americans who have not received a corona virus vaccine with twice weekly testing, while life now to be hard doktor, when I love it when, when with that start let's see what we could do with your anyway,
is. She said that it should be hard. I dont know what that means. How can the government possibly make our life hard if we don't imply boy that sounds kind of Chinese. Doesn't it than that doesn't sound like a little cuban Chinese may the former Soviet Union. Gluck Kenneth Spooky nineteen, eighty four stuff, hey, they won't comply. Let's make their life miserable. well. I don't have any idea how they could possibly do that. Oh by the way I want to make sure I get to the new bill in Congress. It is the protecting your credit score act of two thousand twenty one. It's gonna be great gonna, be great, Elizabeth Warren, is just push in this one through you know it's part of the consumer financial protection girl that she created under Barack Obama. And finally, finally, you know we're make sure that our credit is exactly right. We're gonna get rid of like Equifax. What is that
and trust that that's hardly working are geared to that. and put it into the hands of the federal government? Oh by the way, a chase, as purchase the e s. G start up costs dont know what s g is that some environmental social as injustice and governance so ear. Gee scores. If you don't have the right number of people. You know that our black or asian, or women or or men, You used to be what whatever If you don't have the right number on your board, you're gonna get a low g score. If you aren't pushing c r t and other social justice things. You're gonna have a ES score and, of course, if you do anything to hurt the environment. You'll have a low e score e est g.
So remember this is something that is a conspiracy theory, just a conspiracy theory. It's not real, of course, and A stone is buying this yes G company to help them go a little deeper down into the ninth level of hell chair. Bank, which has openly supported yes G and who CEO is a big time supporter of the world economic forums, stakeholder capitalism model announced it will be I the prominent yes g. Start up, company called open, invest now It's great about this. Is it just helps p invest in in the EU Gee movement I mean you want to invest your dollars into something that has a higher? Yes, score, that we know they're working for all of us and not part of those bad companies that
aren't working for social justice. Now, then is coming for your credit score. Coming for the credit score of the corporations in in Europe their way ahead of us, and you can't do business with another company that has a lower e g score than you. You know it's like. black mirror. Did you see that black mere episode where the lady was just trying to rent a car and choose, like my credit score, was perfect Tillier through two? Yet it's kind of like that, but definitely not like that. and definitely not like China's score for for social activity This is entirely different now, they have said that there are by doing this, they're not going to enforce these things. This is just for people, so they can invest and they can invest with more knowledge. That's weird, because that's
the plan at all. In the paperwork I mean when you, when you go to the World Economic Forum, that What they say at all when you go to the Paris climate accord That's not what it says it all. It says the banks will stop making loans to companies that have a low e g score. So chase delirium. in chase, don't worry, if those are good people, there now sir! I wouldn't even think about it. So Chase Bank is buying this. Yes g, firm and put that in their turn, help retail users create portfolios. That act currently reflect the investors values so In other words, will I be ok if I just invest in a company that has a zero zero ass Anna zero g. Can I do that because that would help me with my investment o night He groaned invest in that one
Is it really for me or oh? No get any s g score too. Also what I use my money for also and then, if we do it like they're doing it in Europe, then then banks won't give me alone, because I have a low, yes Cheesacre anyway, I have no idea what this happened has to do with the Good NEWS that federal government has has as a new protecting credit score ACT of twenty twenty one days, its long been common that we needed a reform for our credit reporting system? They say it's about. You know making sure that poor people get money notes, not no. It's not this is all about. Controlling you controlling how every one gets money. if they control your credit score by the way. If you have a something's? On your credit score? You know your credit rating and it's her
You don't worry about it. Call the government they're gonna, fix that right away for it'll, be fan task, reading just get online. Oh, you know there's something else it's happening. Do we have Klaus Schwab The guy you know that is the head of the World economic forum we like to right to the source on what their planning on the great reset here's here's Klaus on the internet, listeners mosques are not sufficient mask. We need vaccine stoop immune eyes saw ourselves, The same is true for cyber attacks. Here too we have to move from simper protection to immunization. We need to build. I t infrastructures have ditch anti bodies spit in inhabit key to protect himself. Ah, So we need to vaccinate the internet options
such a partner that, for a couple of minutes that I want to tell you exactly what tat this is the best land back programme. So I am trying to eat healthier and I am but the thing his. I don't like healthy food and, like any of it, you ve heard of a fact suit. Right I mean there's got to be: when are we getting a skinny suit, something that will make me look skinny because I just want treats all. I grew up in a bakery for the love of peat, the.
Knows is no skinny suit is coming. You actually have to do a word blah blah. That's why I am eating built bars. It satisfies my sweet tooth, but it's a protein bar, but not like you know, that's like eating stuff at the bottom of my chalkboard. Usually this is a hundred percent real chocolate, its low car blow sugar. If I'm eating a protein bar as a treat come on, you gotta know it's good and I am Mint Brownie, cookies and cream. The new flavors that are coming out all the time. They are fantastic, go to build bar dotcom and use the promo code back fifteen for fifteen percent off your order. Your mouth is going to water, just looking at them. Trust me built bar dotcom, promo code back fifteen. This is Glinda programme, so Cloud Schwab House Klaus? Whatever? He is. He wants to immunize the internet. Now this is a big deal. coming from the head of the World Economic Forum and if you
build back better. That is the World Economic Forum Slogan. Before Joe Biden had it yeah, believe it or not, ripped off ha or what given it as we old back better meaning we ve just Freud the world? Now, let's build it back closer to our hearts, desire and it looks more like China. You mean icing the inertia internet. What does that even mean? Well, It would be a digital identification system for everyone. On internet using biometrics, this is hypothesis. This is something that is already happening. In fact, let me give you something from the sales group these are supporters of of this, the nations and world bank initiatives aimed to provide everyone on the planet, with a legal identity by twenty thirty at the idea,
twenty twenty summit. May twenty. Sixteen New York, the? U N, initiated discussions around digital identity, Blockchain cryptographic, technique oh geez and its benefits for the underprivileged, four hundred Brits shared best practices and ideas, how to provide universal identity to every one so bad great soon after DE twenty twenty alliance was created based in New York, the ngos main participants, Accenture Microsoft Abby, the vaccine alliance, the Rockefeller Foundation, and I p, o dot org. Ah well. That doesn't sound bad at all so all they want, is biometrics and what they're gone provide. Now I know there's a lot of places in the country. While Kemal set at best law places in the country. They just don't, have access to Xerox machines for voter Idee and hold a second
agreeing to voter Idee. One of those compromises that use, I dont think We should act, estimate what that could mean. Because in some people's mine that means well you're. Gonna have to do, Xerox searched r r r photocopy your idea, descended into proof. You aren't, we are well. There are a whole lot of people. Special people live in rural communities, who don't there's no goals is no office MAX Van people. Have to understand the more targeted voter. I love what happens? That's why we need a new universal Idee, that's biometric that can fi you whenever, and this will help vaccinate the internet we will have complete transparency and will know who people are. That way will always know exactly what they're doing what their spending where there Spending how their spending, how their spending their time we'll be.
To get a much better look at every one on earth. The This is what this is really in play by the way last week- and I love this move tech giant, Facebook. is issuing warnings about extremists content. Now say today printed the story last week like it was a good thing has got there, what they're doing see, what they're doing Is there just worn and people hey Year, my room Girton, some extremist content, and then the algorithm looks at what else you're looking at and if you're Can I get a lot of extremists information will, then the algorithm will start pushing stories to combat stories that you're looking for. you're already doing this? This is something that we said. Google was looking to do
about a year ago. We warn you that this algorithm was being built by Google. Apparently Facebook also built it, This is going in to your facebook and it's looking. Who you listen to, who you read what you read and then altering your feed to be able to come at things that Facebook decides is extremist. I a news for you. when extremist urine extremists were all extremists so saw are you're already flagman you know. Just let me borrow a blanket from time to time when wherein the gulags www just once in a while. Guy colleagues are conscious, use my own, I'm enormous I'll lose weight. There, though padded be good. This is what is coming and it is already here in some cases we need our courts to stand up for the constitution. A judge Texas
Denied a: U S, citizen, her constitutionally protected due process rights choosing instead ordered for her too, appear: before in islamic tribunals, where her testimony we considered inferior her lawyer sounded the alarm and the judge has double down. There's a woman by the way judge and Thompson she or the muslim woman who is seeking a divorce from her husband to undergo the arbitration, not through the regular channels, but through an islamic court yet. I then I like a good idea, and so since, when, since when Does our court acquiesce to a religious court for something like a divorce?
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