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Glenn opens the show with a tribute to Martin Luther King Jr., but are we as free as we once were? The left used MLK over the summer to justify the riots, out of context, of course. Glenn tells the story of MLK’s closest friend, Bayard Rustin, and his complicated but highly impactful beliefs in the fight for civil rights, nonviolence, and LGBT rights. But would the Left still accept him? Tech expert Jeff Brown joins to discuss whether digital teleportation proves Einstein wrong, the future of 5G, and the possibility that we’ll soon have proof of UFOs.

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Are on today's programme. We do talk about history and off a lot. It is Martin Luther King Day. We we also have a guest for the last hour of the broadcast. Jeff Brown, who is a technology really really bright, has worked for some of the biggest high tech companies. We talk about censorship. We talk about. How do we be this? How do we know they're coming after podcast now? How do we stop this and remain free enough to talk to each other? All that and so much more on today's broadcast
The only thing we will be able to speed up that faith when children, men and white men choose unturned, pot of comfort and capital will be able to join hands and sing and aware of the only growth spiritual we arrived from the dark and desolate Father segregated until the sun. Let pass the ratio of now is the time from the quick sands of racism. In turn, a solid rock now see the promised land doktor. Martin Luther king had been wounded, probably critically wandered in mental Martin Luther King, the apostle of Non violence and the civil rights movement has been shut down in member states. Bulletin for a world rushed young White man's running from the sitting running for centuries. Man's freedom has been crushed contained or at best discouraged, and sometimes in several ways. In the days of Solomon, He D cried. The man could learn too much
One shouldn't dig too deeply, nor read too often saying that Much reading led to the weariness of the flesh, the search for knowledge is where Adam and Eve went wrong, thus proving that learning leads to man's downfall or his sin. Saint Paul centuries later said, basically the same thing fifteen hundred Francis I wrote to the king trying to convince him that man, You could never learned too much that knowledge could not somehow also contain the serpent. Yet free thought. Continued to be squashed. Annual, called the man who first described the milky way, is a collection of sons in the fashion that we now know it. In seventeen sixty there are many things that I believe that I shall never say but I shall never say the things that I do. I believe the courage
to speak once more, in seventeen sixty our most precious freedom. The freedom of thought had not yet born yet just a few years later on the other side of the globe set a man alone in a hotel. His wife died in bed hundreds of miles away from him. As he said words on paper We find these troops to be self evident that all men are created. Equal With certain unalienable right given to them by their creator, among them life, liberty and property. It was later change to the pursuit of happiness. Sure the slave trade would finally come to an end. I'm not sure. If we really understand the impact of those words, man has never been as free to think
man is now the time These dissidents didn't make a statue of liberty in Tiananmen Square out of happenstance arrogance changed the world our four I'm a thought allowed men to discover electricity. The light bulb the car, the phone, the motion picture, the radio television, the computer, to put a man on the moon. You may well have a spacecraft on more prominent. It was in the american century. The theory of relativity was conceived, leading Einstein to say the thing that strikes me about America is the joyous positive attitude to life smile on the faces of the people is one of the greatest assets of the American he's friendly self, confident optimistic and without Envy the American, leaves more for his goals for the future
life for him is always becoming never being he's emphasis is laid on the we and never the eye? So today, as we are free to celebrate, relax, think Reed say anything yourself. This are we still more about the goals for the future? Is life for us always about becoming and never being, and are we still part of the weak and not the eye
you know when Jefferson first wrote those words. They were words of treason and certain execution, but today they are free to echo throughout the land as words of the American Spirit and our hope that we do hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created and endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights and among them, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and in support of this declaration with firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence. We mutually pledge to each other our lives our fortunes and are sacred on our founders changed the world with those and over two hundred years later, a black preacher from the South Doktor Martin Luther king helped make sure that the promise of liberty was real for all American free at last free at last got all. Might we are free at long last?
last year the left did the unthinkable. They tried to convince us that Martin Luther king had approved riots over the summer. They took one of his calls out of context riot. So the voice of the unheard said, Martin Luther King and people use that over the summer to justify the riots in their completely. I believe intentionally missing the point that there too Can king statement out of context. There disingenuous because did not support riots, he didn't noughts them, but he stood the psychology of rioting and, more than anything else, he wanted to give a voice to the voiceless here? Is that comment he made in nineteen sixty six other we ve got to see that a riot is the language of the unheard, What is it that America has failed to hear failed at here that the economic plight,
although the Negro Poor has worsened over the last few years a so, this is how many summers like this one. Do you imagine that we can expect well out This would not have long the mood of the Negro Community now, is one of urgency, wanna sand and we're gonna wait. Then we ve got how about freedom we were, it too long. So, I would say that every summer we're gonna? Have this kind of vigorous protests? My hope is that we'll be nonviolent. I would hope that we and avoid riots, because riots self defeating and social, the destructive. That's what Martin Luther King actually said he's not saying rights are the solution. He saying there a tragic symptom of a bad society. Now listen this carefully because this is all repeating itself and for those on the left. They,
to learn from their own history. They know this. Why are they ignoring it He says it's a symptom of a society where people feel voiceless and alone strategic violence and upheaval is a part of Amerika in some ways it's. Why were an independent nation free of tyranny, but now Really. They didn't use violence, seventeen, seventy three, they say the Boston Tea Party that was not violent, it was violent in me. Cases. They had the attention- and even compliance of the the ship's captain they went in. They didn't, kill anybody that didn't beat anybody up. They dumped three hundred and forty two chests a british T into the Boston Harbour, and it was active political defiance because a piece of an Englishman you take ways tee in crumpets or the fat that they were given
a massive tax on tee at America couldn't do its own tee, so we don't want your t. We want your tea in our constitution? says we, the people in order to form a more perfect nation, to establish justice and to ensure domestic tranquillity To provide for the didn't common defence promote the jet, rule welfare and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our power. Steady dossier, wish this constitution the grounded in the promise of the words a well regulated militia being necessary to secure free state, the writer people to keep em bare arm shall not be infringed. But needless violence has
no place in civilised silence society, so what is needless violence,. Well, we're seeing needless violence. Is caused more needless violence. What happened over this summer, was kind of an endorsement of needless violence and now everybody's upset. Because some, I believe, rat calls on the other side decide their going to go in and march on, the capital. King was heavily influenced by Henry David, throw, and I want to talk to you about thorough because I learned a lot in my research. For this. Two years after I'm ok, said a riot is the language of the unheard too.
Long years on April, fourth, nineteen sixty eight from the balcony of a room at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, Tennessee away, supremacist aimed a Remington seven sixty at more Luther king and fired. That night Bobby Kennedy, Gay one of the most astonishing speeches on the back of a flat bed truck. He told a largely black audience who did not know about the killing of Martin Luther king. This we will have. Forgot times we had differ, times in the past but we ll end. We will have difficult times in the future. It is not the end violence. It is not the end. Lawlessness, and it's not that and of disorder, but the vote. Majority of white people
boss, majority of black people in this country want to live together. To improve the quality of our life and Watch it is for all human beings by in our land. This is the message that the global programme- and we really want to thank you for listening when you look at the left, the I've learned nonviolence from Martin Luther King, but their rejecting, Martin Luther King now and this summer was not nonviolent. It all right, medical leftist. Radical Marxist are really who's running a lot of this and the ends justify the means and we can never become those people
but it's interesting to me how the left says, therefore, all of these great things, but there art and they run away from from things. I want to talk to you about a complicated guy, really complicated. Your PA probably not going to me, and I agree with some of his beliefs, you monsieur they will agree with others. Some middle. Some people were like his ideas. Whatever the political ambiguity of the sky is part of the reason he's not a household name, despite the fact that he was Martin Luther kings, closest friend and confidant, He literally shaped kings, take on civil disobedience, Not only did he organise and speak at the March on Washington, but he all who played a crucial role in the formation of I have a dream speech.
The introduced king. He said The social movement has to be based on the collective needs of the people at this time, regardless of color, color creed or race, His name was Bayard Ruslan he was black, he was openly gay, he was wake her. He was a lifelong socialist, an unabashed pacifist. He's. One of the reasons why people said you know: Martin Luther king was surrounded by radicals. It is pretty radical but he's a pacifist and he was a Quaker and he was a staunch critic of I Kennedy, politics and reparations and informative action, O n supported. Israel he's a black guy, a radical so
half of the country doesn't know em, because while I use a socialist- and so nobody wanted to talk about him, does that uniting at all the other half. Want to talk about him, the left and want to talk about him because he's against identity politics he's again he'd, be against everything that is happening today, he's widely considered by scholars as the second most important figure in the civil rights movement here in Amerika, read after I'm, ok, a deck aid before Rosa Parks was arrested. He did it. He's too He said: stood up in a boss, he was arrested twenty four times in his life, two president's loved him. President Barack Obama gave him the posthumous, metal of freedom.
An Ronald Reagan figure that Ronald Reagan, praised him for his moral courage now A large reason why he's excluded from the history books is that he criticised so many of the left sacred cows. He d, the hostility of identity politics. His rallying cry was humanity over racial politics. He opposed reparations the. Was based affirmative action. He are against black face minstrel show whose he once said you know it. Let us be enraged about injustice, but let's not be destroyed by it. Even in the Socialists leanings, he saw the world not through the lens of race but class. He was of. He was, after all, a socialist
he's most likely responsible for coining the term white liberal syndrome. Do you know what that is That's when white people, who are liberals condescend to black people and they see Secretly can consider them inferior. And they see themselves as saviours many entire democratic platform, as that would revert to get pretty mild pretty much pretty much. He said, if we desire a society without discrimination than we must not discriminate against any one in the process of building this society. This is the Hocker. I see that the right feels right now you Aunt say: violence is ok. All summer long and then say violence is wrong. We ve been saying. Violence is wrong then, and violence is wrong now, would we can't say: hey. We want to be treated fairly and equitably, and then say, oh and by the way, we're not gonna we're. Not
give any kind of federal funds to white guys that own business, but wait a minute. We aren't we all in this together. Now you will see an article or a video or something you know, Buzzfeed washing, impose PBS, but most of the time, you will only see him talk about his left, his beliefs and causes. And he is now being re, framed as an algae bt, hero I don't think you'd have a problem with had it all, but that's Why is that the only part of him there talking about an that's right question. I know. In the late nineteenth sixties, he veered towards conservatism new year. Times described him in a profile, as quote a straw, digest without a movement
he had a move and because he was a movement. It's just not a movement that fits neatly into the left versus right, dynamic. He had been branded Uncle Tom Especially when he spoke out against Anti Semitism or the when broke out cause. He disagreed with some of the black activists. But this guy was an amazing guy that helped chain. Our nation and a mark Luther King Day. It's worth spending just a few minutes. Late. Learning about what he really did an believed lie Tell you this guy is the skies. Fascinating. Bayard SK in He wrote, poetry played football. He was right by his grandparents, the ninth of twelve children. You believe that
he was a member of the Un De Lacey P, and w e b D boys and James Weldon Johnson were frequent guests at his. House and he was growing up, these things all made an impact. He said later, my activism did not spring from being black the racial injustice that it was present in the country during my youth was a child to my belief in the one this of the human family? This is what the left is leaving out now. V one is of the human family. They leave it out in their expectations for cove id. They just think that have to force everybody to do it. Instead of making a good case to the american people and the America People will do it because we're not bad p. But we don't want to kill each other now there are Dobbs out there that might do this or that, but for them part. We are one family through
Wild college. He was arrested over and over again needed sit ins and marches and one for the communist and one for the Quakers, nineteen, forty one, he met President Roosevelt in the oval office he impolitely yet confidently. Ruskin told Roosevelt that if he didn't desegregate the military Ruskin, would lead a march on the capital and that's. When we got executive order, a NATO to the fair Employment act banning discrimination in the military. By the way we didn't have, we didn't have segregation in the military, until Woodrow Wilson Woodrow Wilson, Ree segregated the military and then it took this guy meeting with empty are to say, can weaken. Can't. Can you please stop there he also let a move to desegregate interstate boss. Travel in ivy ready to? He got on a bus and level headed for Nashville. He talked about what
was like he said I was. I was going by the second seat to go to the rear and oh. Child reach out for the ring of Maya, necktie and pulled it and his mother said don't touch Any word He thought about that. The whole time and here is this child that was innocent and didn't have any of that hatred and was taught that hatred and probably was taught that blacks. To sit in the back of the boss, and he it bothered him outside of national police. Stop the bus. He was arrested, beaten and hold to the police station, but not charged with anything, but why did they stop it because he sat right behind the white person. You didn't go to the back of a bus. He wanted kid you know we do like sitting in the back and we're not
print than you is way way. This is nineteen. What is in nineteen, forty two. This is way before anybody else. He grew to dislike Ty WAR activism spent. The kind and Vietnam war. He was repulsed by activists who cheered for America's defeat. He was deep disturbed by the prospect of Vietnam's people coming under the thumb of a totalitarian regime? He add the soviet model. The chinese model are wrong. He said People on my side, who are willing to work with communist in Maoists in the name of peace, are politically naive at best. Where is this guy now we is this guy now I did agree with a lot of what he believes: But a lot of what he believes still believes in America. He had reason not to
still believes in Amerika can really look at the situation and go no. These are bad, guys doesn't believe in violence, believes in freedom. It's it's amazing. He was the chief organiser of the March on Washington for jobs and freedom and so the I have a dream speech shortly: After four young black girls were killed in a bombing the baptistery church in Birmingham, a reminder of what happens when Who peacefully speak out. It's usually met with extreme violence, but I have a dream, speech change things and the bombing was followed by the Civil Rights ACT of nineteen. Fifty four he saw the rise of the black power movement now a fan, he disliked
identity, politics founded counter intuitive divisive, alienated. Any one on the left listening to him alienating divisive he came to despise communism and you know he became you know he's He's not a guy that the left light they ve scrub, in largely from the civil rights movement. Nineteen. Eighty seventies rushed to the emergency room of Lennox he'll hospital complaining of abdominal pain. Next day, went into cardiac arrest and died. It's only in the last fifteen years since Obama that they re. Reduced him to the american people, but they introduced him as just an icon of the algae. Bt Movement.
He was never act, or involved in any way with gay rights activism until the v, Harry End of his life. And he used to say. If both sides hate you, you must be suit doing something wrong, but Nonviolent tactics, constitutional means, democratic procedures and a respect for human personality and a belief of all people being one is what I stand for. This is the best of the blend back programme. Jet Brown joins us. Jeff fears a bees, the founder chief investment analyse for brownstone research here twenty five years is high technology. Executive II was working at the executive level at Qual COM, annex b, seven,
conductors. Juniper network sees a regular on the programme and I really I freely fascinated every time we have him on because he knows a little bit about everything in a lot about most when it comes to technology. Jeff on want to push you a little bit on on a story that came out and I dont even know the meaning of it and we don't need to get into the export? You no explanation, because we're not talking about beat me up Scotty, but I believe it. Even the Fermi labs that have trends transported digital transport transportation from us information digital information from one place to another, no story, attached. Well, for the string theory and the article that a red said that They believe this proves Einstein's theory of relativity incorrect
does it moves faster than the speed of light? It is have you seen this story at all or know the story at all. Yet and many others. In fact, this is then, proven several times over the last five yours and believe it or not. What for me, labs did what even the greatest accomplishment? Of course I loved Einstein's comments about this college the action at a distance varies I didn't make way for him to explain, something very strange happening, but what he was really referring to. Is this concept Quantum entanglement very complex subjects, but this simple way to explain it is that if you have to clients in part cause and their close to each other.
Can become entangled with one another? become connected, and then we can separate these two particles and if the state of one particle changes Late in the entangled particle off changes instantaneously at a speed that faster than that of light, which is precisely to your point. Why This theory of relativity was wrong on this. Particular So so so is What is the application in the future for this? Well, there are some obviously some very incredible potential applications if we wanted to have completely secure communications between two physical locations. Say in the United States may be it sir
the bunker under the White House in some secret laboratory under a mountain we can a series of entangled particles. Where are we separate them in these two physical locations and can have completely secure impossible to hack communications between these two locations, By changing the state of play he's in one location, which would instantaneously in the same size, changing the other location and information can be transmitted. That way. Just like we transmit that sound bites over the internet, but there's no wires or anything right. There doesn't need to be- and in fact this crazy accomplishment that I alluded to actually took place back in two thousand and fifteen and get this China
was able to demonstrate this phenomenon between a satellite based location in Tibet and satellite in orbit. Hundred and seventy five that even the seventy miles away. Fourteen hundred kilometers. So last question is, so is the quantum theory now quantum fact quantum entanglement is absolutely a fact. Quantum teleportation is absolutely factor both proven now. To be fair there very hard to use at a practical level, because very soon, Four conditions in environment need to be maintained to enable this phenomenon to happen to send information, but it clearly works and over the next few years. Believe me, this is going to be an area of intense development. Is
actually by such governments, China and the. U S important So I will be leading the way so you eat them most people are not paying attention, and I of you remember Carl Sagan last book the demon hunted world, but I think the These are the days he was predicting and and showing in their seats to be some really big things that are happening. That I'll read about a small little article and we like. Why should this be a big deal Should this be a big deal? What are the things that are on the horizon, that our game changing, let's say in the next year, is or anything. The outside I'd I'd by the way. I share those thoughts. Did you have every single day profits because Why do yeah? But next here literally the next twelve months. We will see the next major breakthrough in quantum computing, we're going to see some extraordinary breakthroughs with genetic editing and
also MESSENGER Rna technologies which are related we're going. See tremendous breakthroughs and artificial intelligence. Why Most people don't know is that the customs semiconductors, the hardware, had been manufactured to accelerate. Development on the software aside, so we're gonna see some incredible breakthroughs. Twenty twenty one on natural language so saying, and also the use of artificial entails. Just to make new discoveries example example would be. New. Molecular compounds are new drug discoveries by using this text Would you this hardware and software go ahead? I was also going to say will see an explosion. Five. You are less technology this year. That will affect all of our lives. Is the network's continue to be filled out, we'll see
simple difference in terms of the quality of our connections our internet connection. Speed, there won't be delays. Things will start to feel nearly instantaneous and never touch all aspects of our of literally The last thing I want to time and I've got a billion thinks, but I'm out of time after this. I dont know if you ve been following, because it seems like such a whack job thing, but it not now. Been watching what's been coming out of the Pentagon over the last few years? Less like three, especially, we are the Pentagon? Is now verifying that we are tracking other worldly ships, they are still studying to see if anybody has this technology, but the latest revelation from the Pentagon was that they were tracking
some sort of a ship that came it was flying super fast and then stopped down into the ocean under the ocean and was they were tracking it under the ocean. At four hundred knots, Are you following any of this because it seems kind of important in its remarkable. These stories that are coming out are remarkable for my technology standpoint, and none of it surprises me we ve already identified. Thousands of double actual planets, in our own galaxy, capable of supporting life. So to me, it's coming and to think that other brother life exists has reached us, yet you know, I'm not sure I'm excited to find out, but The big, very interesting, but coming out at a few days, lobby law is the cheer oat straw Harvard Yes in his book is going to
talk about that object. Mysterious object, oh my oh, that entered our own solar system, our inner solar system, nonetheless, and its beads chain Does it was coming through the solar system and then accelerated when it wanted to leave and they weren't explainable by simple orbiting, mechanics, and so the theory is that there was some form of jet propulsion air to cause These changes, didn't speed and attitude and saw his whole backwards excited to read will be out on a few days, and you hear what he asked I I pre ordered it cause, I'm fascinated by it as well, because Lee saying there's nothing natural that Travels the way that thing travelled, but I will Couldn't understand if he thought it was space junk, something that some other being or civilization or something had used and head jettisoned or, if It was
currently really active in probing surveillance. Give it some correct here Jeff! Thank you so much! I really am. I really appreciate it. I do want to say: are there more people in Silicon Valley like because I used to talk to people at Facebook in and Google that were that, were inside and they were like we're libertarians. We don't believe in love. We don't believe in the left or the right way rotarian and will never let this stuff happen are. You're, still those people there. Absolutely they exist and they exist in numbers especially in the libertarian camp, but right now, what I'm saying is that they have to. They feel the need to sit, virtue to the left, and it's really breaking too to see this happen, but they they exist. I obey, I hope they surface again. Now I do too
he's so much Jeff? I appreciated your welcome. Always good. Fun the editor of the bleeding edge, and we thank him for being on Jeff Brown is isn't it?
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