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In today’s COVID-19 update, grocery stores may not be safe, and can the virus hide in our cells? Glenn, Pat, and Stu break down why the media insists that hydroxychloroquine can’t be trusted, despite actual science. Technology expert Jeff Brown debunks the conspiracy theory that 5G caused the coronavirus pandemic as well as other theories.

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Welcome to the podcast to the World Health organization? police and lead time to China. We ve seen their actions over the last few weeks and they ve been really disturbing in the way they have acted. Protecting China has been lying to us, the entire time we get into that. A pat gray is on, and he has some great news about. Hydroxyl chloroform, which is showing some real promises are some doctors are out. There say- and this could be the big solution we feel we hope that it is clearly something steps into that role. We talk about whether five g is causing corona virus. There's a theory going around about that. We get into it with an expert on five g tiger. King is on the plate for today, with the actual sheriff from the area. Talking about the accusation
of one of the people in the show being accused of murder of her Ex husband and Alyssa mulatto has a brand new standard need to you're going to love. It also want to remind you of having to be available tonight, which is a Tuesday night. If you are listening on the day up, ex arguing with Socialists its launch day it's out today. You can get it on Amazon, of course, as well as going back to camp, not a great way to get. It is at Glenn Back and books signing dotcom. Why? Well? They can't you book, signings automotive notices that global pandemic going on or enough, but if you go to flow back for signing dot com
can you can join him in answer? Getting signed copy of the book anyway, will do an online virtual signing tonight. It's at seven p m Eastern. You can also get a question asked for Glenn he'll, be answering questions throughout the night to make sure to go out there, and I will say I mean you want to talk about a great booking stewed, as America has gone back on as well as well, Michael malice. Today, that's great show for us to do this America tonight as well. You can subscribe on your part cast up and should it join us tonight again at Glenville Book signing Dotcom hears about cast the only thing TAT the colonel virus update for the day here, the confirmed cases worldwide, one million three hundred and fifty nine thousand ten people, that's up
that is up. Almost a hundred thousand from yesterday total confirm deaths worldwide up five thousand seventy five thousand nine hundred and six. We now have three hundred and sixty seven thousand six hundred and fifty confirmed cases that is from the three thirty six so about about Thirty thousand cases new cases were confirmed yesterday night. Thousand six hundred deaths. Yesterday, too, ten thousand nine hundred and forty three: that's. Why hundred Sorry, one thousand three hundred more debt. That is an astonishing number. Now, in the motor and the motor city, more than seven hundred employers in one Detroit hospital system that have now tested positive seven hundred employees, seven hundred p-
both in one hospital system, This is the Henry Ford Hospital Campus. They confirmed yesterday. They have seven hundred and thirty one cases of corona virus among the employees at the hospital that accounts for two percent in the hospital systems? Thirty one hundred thirty one thousand employees there is as many as fifteen hundred at another hospital in the state that have reported. Symptoms, similar to the corona virus those numbers are not confirmed cases yet the doctors say If we are going to test the whole population, you would see large large numbers of people who are testing positive test positive as a measure of how contagious this viruses it doesn't mean how deadly it is
the hospital put out a spurt statement saying our team members, our greatest asset in the health and safety, is top priority as we continue to respond to this pandemic. That is remarkable number of people sick and this hospital we know we are not immune to potential exposure and we remain grateful for the courage and dedication of our entire team machines largest city has as seen a surge of corona virus cases in recent days, while the state itself has seen just over seventeen thousand cases of the virus. The third law, just total of any state in the: U S more than five five thousand of those cases were reported in Detroit? Where hundreds have already died. The visible enemy is over nineteen hiding in ourselves, covert ninety you may be able to remain in the body and reactive, eight later this
comes after testing fifty one recovered patients who found themselves with the same symptoms. The patients South Korea had spent time in quarantine while recovering from the disease, and they were they. Asked all the test and showed that they were corona virus free they were released within a cup of days? They were back in the hospital the centres? did not believe the patience had been re infected but that the virus had remained at an undetectable level in their cells, and for some reason later reactivated aim, runs contrary to the bulk of current evidence about how the virus works. Investigator say the most likely explanation was the clear and samples for the patients were false negatives. This is a common issue, now they're saying maybe we shouldn't go to the grocery store at all. Corona virus deaths are
working in LOS Angeles and with the critical weak ahead health officials have advised residence on Monday to stay at home and avoid shopping to limit the spread of the virus. If visual say you have enough supplies in your home. This we can next week, you should skip going out or doing any kind of shopping whatsoever officials confirmed four hundred and twenty new corona viral cake for colonel virus cases in the county and fifteen deaths on Monday. Have you heard that there is a surge now of corona virus with those people who were were. King in grocery stores. They are starting to get sick now. The biggest problem that I see coming from this besides the american economy and, what's going to be done with socialism, comes from Mexico, Mexico
This is the first time I've seen this story. Mexico, slow response may cause problems for Texas. As recently as March fifteenth some forty thousand concert goers crowded into a stadium for they Latino Music Festival tourist from Europe and the United States, were able to enter the country without any restrictions until late last week, restaurants, port subways grocery stores remain open in Mexico City judges and large markets have closed. The rapid spread of go with. Nineteen, however, has begun to increase the urgency of the government's response. Mexican authorities reported march, sixteenth country, only add eighty two cases of covert nineteen. Two weeks later, that we're swelled nearly twenty four hundred, including hundred and twenty five deaths, the health Mr Hugo Hugo Lopez get Tao who too,
weeks ago, dismissed. U S social distancing restrictions as an extreme tactic and errors. Possible. Is now urging citizens to stay home, stay at home stay at home and quote have enough food, stay at home. Still, quoting There is no reason good enough to go out period. The President, president, Norbert spent the first half of March dismissing the gravity of the virus, encouraging Mexicans too frequent restaurants and posting videos of themselves and in kissing babies, he setbacks spirituality is gonna, protect the country against the virus and he made a, public display of pulling out to religious amulets that he said would be his shield and finally, is this the virus? Or is this the big government communists in China, Hong Kong
is now close to all foreign travellers indefinitely The city has extended its ban on arrivals. After most cases over the past two weeks have come from overseas, only see of twenty four newly infected yesterday. Our local transmissions all are linked to entertainment, venues that are already closed. All energy mid venues are closed until further notice, Hong Kong recently issued a new state of emergency order, revoking travel into the country from outside the nation, including China, the order will prevent Hong Kong from opening up its economy through least early may there's one more story that we missed yesterday and that is when do you think we're going to open up our borders and open up our economy, weather is a group that has done a study on this on
when we are going to in things up at all It shows that if we, use the model used in China. It will be may sixteenth if we use the the Sars model we won't be putting things up until July. Eighteenth, sorry June, Eighteenth, the June Eighteenth but with China, opening things up and Hong Kong opening things up and it hitting again all bets are currently off
your listening to the best of the Glen Back programme. This is the global programme welcome to Tuesday. I want to talk a little bit about this matter. Agnes with the hydroxide chloric win debate, the the Press is treating this like, it is leeches you know the president so crazy, you ass, he will to use leeches. They go ahead and try to help Paypal or nanny says you know you got a headache, will put your head. Eighteen implies ya. What he's similar Hummocky path on CNN is sold nobody's. They are so invested in this in contradicting trashing everything Trump says they want,
we consider that there is an upside to this treatment. They wanted consider it and there is an upside, huge upside, absolutely listening Ellie Doktor. Now this is a doctor who is actually treating patients who have covered nineteen, here's what he says about that! You want to ask you about Hydroxyl clerk when the president was pushing it pretty strong again. Yesterday, you said you have prescribed this. I want to talk about the effects you're seeing and what it might do for people who take it. Normally, outside of corona virus and a possible shortage of medicine for them exactly where we're. Finally, clinically with patients that really only works in conjunction with zinc, so the hydraulic loading
possessing channel zinc goes into the sell. It then blocks. Replication of of the of the cellular machinery has to be used in conjunction with zinc. We are seeing some clinical responses in that regard. There are people that take it regularly for other disease processes. We have to be caught, cautious and mindful that we don't prescribed for patients who have covered Covid nineteen. Well, it really should be reserved for the letter. Really sick in the hospital or at home, very sick that need that medication, otherwise a blow to our supply. The pace that take it regularly brought the disease. From what boy you're saying is year, prescribing it and it is working for covered nineteen patients, every patient prescribed at you. Has been very, very ill and within eight to twelve hours, there were basically symptom free, and so genetically. I am a resolution but gravel mirrors. What we saw in the french study and some of the other studies worldwide, but where I am seeing, is that taking it alone by itself, is not having ethical
ok, while that is that's very interesting news, and and hopefully we can get that more widespread doktor Anthony Cardenio. Thank you so much for your information so Why is why is the media they: are they just do they care about being right, unexamined, Donald Trump being wrong more than people's lives, seems to be insane India Hannity, that's how much they hate Trump, that they they will bash this potential cure or not pure yeah, for because they have so much it's it's unbelievable, I mean Let's say you have a temperature of one hundred and four you can't breathe and you you like garbage and ask for hydroxide clerk went, but your doctor says well Doktor found she says it's
yet others just anecdotal evidence it works. Ok will then just give me ibuprofen what what do you have to learn where there's not there's not any evidence that reproaching me, so I can't I can't up. That is a bit is bizarre. It is, I think, a lot of this. Is they just? intentionally in. Equally summarize, what trumpets say cancer. It is look, we don't know if it's the answer we hope it is, I have hoped for it like and if you're in need a life and death situation. Why not give it a shop? That is what happened: sickly, trumpet saying every single time he's hopefully on and he's not say he's not talking to the average person he's talking to doctors, he's talking to doctors, Don doors should look into this, not you know me not? U, doctors if you are sick, ask your doc,
about it, and he says that he is like that's what he soon should be made in conjunction with your doktor. He didn't say just go out: it's a fish tank cleaner as our lab and Sardinia guzzling it. You know, Maybe this is this is comes from their understanding of universal health care, because the the press and could just make dictates and universal health care. By way of the vivid that you know, the government runs everything if they're like you know why we're not going to give this drug, then what the press and it says we do This is still a free market in a free country. We we absolutely can use it. There's no downside to using this other than it hurts people who really need it all the time we can't we just get burned, rule all of it lead, which is a big deal by the way I mean I, you know the yacht says significance. It is something that is used for four minutes lupus send in. Obviously, malaria is no one here. It is
it's a it's a it's. It's no longer a trademark drug. It's out on the open market. You can make a generic version of this if this action, Lee would get some support, our drug companies could spend hey everybody for a week. Make this and they could Oh yeah, I am, I looked into its it. It's it's on a drug. You can't get it at this point the- and I think this is this doctor seem to be taking a smart approach where that which is like use it. When you get to a point where it's really serious patient is about to die at the exile and at that point, right then they decide. This is the right treat. Then you're right when they can produce it like crazy. The question is: do produce finally crazy before you know that answer an ally honestly like we. If we If there is enough anecdotal, if the, if their it gets to point where it has to be proven to every last level scientific doubt put if they get to appoint The chinese study that set it didn't do anything now
its China on offer to trust that. No, so if we can get enough, over this line, where we believe it helps enough people or at least helps some subset of people. It may just be people that have certain conditions or it may just be people that take other medications or it may just be people with certain genetic make up straight, but maybe the heavenly helps ten percent of patients, but still a miracle, but if you're critically ill you're gonna be ok with that, not to show me, try it if I'm gonna die anyway. What's downside of trying. You know it's funny, because they're they're, all saying in a high doses of vitamin c is, has been shown to be effective in some patience and nobody The problem, without one that's you like which doktor, stuffed and violent immensely Marietta, tells exactly my mother would do more environment, say orange juice. What are the issues here? But if it works, it work right in trumpets summarizing a larger point, like Trump look, he's doctor as he said he does not know
the seven deep us medications they're doing clinical trials with all by name. He knows a couple of them. He's mention the other one which is from Juliet is well, Sir, times as potential treatment as well they're doing dozens and dozens of these trials at the same time, trying to figure out what works. Best. Luck the point is that we know we are hoping to get one of these things to catch on and actually work for people this, the doses that are required to help this particular problem. This is a drug that is already gone through FDA approval. It's already has already approved its not killing those levels. There is there, no danger to this drug no danger at all and if in if it works, with just, as you said, ten percent of the people. It's worth doing- but the sea and ends of the world are so vested.
Them being right and Donald from being wrong. They cannot admit it to end its it's sick it's really a sickness Patten hours talking off the air about a BBC radio that did this recently ABC podcast that that present This, just like the media's, been doing it looked boot. Donald Trump is giving people false hope. Yet look. Is there a chance of this working it's possible, but right now it's the wrong he's on handling this right and just gonna kind of trashing him one of them. A former radio executives? Actually Corona virus went to Cleveland Clinic,
he Cleveland Clinic Gavi gave him Hydroxyl Chloric went edit cured him cheese bids, one of their hormone executives, amazing, and that you gotta, if you're kind or even military out in the story, right check your leave ABC, but I would say every media source, but if you're ABC, don't you have dimension? Yes, this guy who worked for your gathering? Yes, it was. It was by this pen get it not. She loves you be happily. Twinning wouldn't she'll, be happy to absolutely key happy dimension that should be thrown you'd want real dramatically. Mad you'd want to be wrong as absolutely efficacy, because its help people in eight to twelve hours yeah. According to this l a doctor I mean- and you know that MR either really encouraging, rather where there are people who have used this with with really good success. Its promising, ok, yeah. Now, let's, let's look at that, Let's look at this law. Care how the media is handling friends
doktor, saying covert, nineteen vaccine should be tested on poor Africans mobile what not only in that ideal messaging there I would say no. No, I mean that was the message of the Nazi sitting and the progressive that era. Here, no halo just try it on some undesirables, that's a good idea, but you could Are you ok? Well, they have none, They don't have, I see you units, they don't have any ventilators, they are all we're gonna do them all to death. Why? Try this out, but that is being discussed as a much less hair. Brean idea, then clause. Hydrochloric win three, the way you're gonna, just tests, drugs that you have no idea what is nobody's ever put them in human bodies before yeah it is
set him down Africa and shoot those people up what I'm. That is a reasonable idea into the brass buttons Adra Chloric win all that's insane. I mean both of those things could be in one of the reasons why a vaccine takes twelve to eighteen months is they feel like? Ok, think we have the answer here, However, we should probably make sure before we give it to a hundred million people right as part of that's the reason why that delay at least part of the reason why the delay is so long because they can't give it to an entire population, without knowing if it kills people in six months right right now most likely it doesn't do. I know you do, but this this is the highest we now and we defend it all or at least not damaging right. You do know that right. It will won't, kill anyone these these vaccines. They they might kill somebody. Hopefully they don't, but they might, they might cause cancer. In ten year we do
no hydro, or when we know it's been around for ever. This is like when you take, you know, in fact, I think wasn't so the moment my land, every new, every shown America has this bizarre moments now I, like others, they started watching the windows we have grown, so the they ve gets. What's the little blue pale Viagra was it via grow for something else, and they realise that old man it's great for erections, and so started marketing it that way, you're right, you're right, it's the same thing with hydrochloric, we absolutely it was made for something else. I don't even remember what it was, but then it was moved over to Lupus because it wasn't is effective. What it was designed for, but it actually had really great benefits for people who have real
a bad, our thrice, the arthritis and Lupus ends. Started using it for for them? What is the price plumb. With this CNN. This is done. All the time This is the best of programme Brown is one or more fascinating men I have. I have talked to
and I really enjoy really enjoy getting his perspective. I am a technology freak, but no just enough to be dangerous. He really knows this stuff, chief technology analyse for butter and partners. A kind of a future is Jeff. Brown. Welcome to the programme. Powers are good morning. How are things fantastic son Jeff coming on this programme, is it kind of like go into nursery school? Is a kind like? Ok, I can talk down for twenty minutes. The kind of like that reality all that the violence being able to explain you know complex technology topics, in a way that everybody understands okay, so you'll have to do. Here. On five g, there is conspiracy going around now that five g in
If I may is, is partially to call of partially the cause of corona virus because five g causes the blood that circulating in your body to be unable to carry oxygen. Now you really now? Let me let me give you the whole thing here. What's especially horrifying about the critical care of corona virus patients, is there not suffering from viral button pneumonia, rather than an ability to absorb or carry oxygen in the blood They. They say that this is exactly what five g does. It kills. The ability of the body to carry out enough oxygen in the blood tell me about five g right right, as you know, of course, that particular can conspiracy is not its basis.
Not founded on anything really at the simplest level. Mobile phones and cell phone towers. They they met ready away so that radio frequency radiation, the key part understand is that it's a form of Region called Ma Am ionizing radiation, and so our bodies have been experiencing this kind of radiation, our whole lives It completely normal. It's all around us and here's the key point. The key thing is This kind of man I ionizing radiation does not dare. Dna or sell tissue, in any way whatsoever. So not only can it now have any negative effects on our immune system. It also can cause any forms of
mutations. I was another conspiracy theory I was asked about as to whether or not five g cell powers could cause. Run a virus to mutate and that's what created pulling nineteen in the first place, which of course is absolute not true in this, the same kind of stuff we have about every new technology did didn't. Do we have this about YO towers and then television towers and then cellphone towers, Absolutely with every success in generation. And I'm not ironically, these new generations of wireless technology to come along every ten years. These can their superiors pop up in over twelve to eighteen months. And eventually I go away and they come back the next generation of wireless technology so, but
g is different. I mean you're not supposed to stand in front of one of the towers right can can well. Can it cook you wait No and obviously no network would ever be designed so that we're carry around the base station right next door, our head, Yes, the power levels are higher Four, that's that's a natural result the evolution to operating at higher frequency bands, but these so powers are hundreds of feet. Sometimes miles away from where anybody would be using their their cell phone and also Mentioning the FDA specifies level is safe for the human body.
Regulations have basically a fifty fold safety mark, in them right now,. So, in other words, there is a tremendous amount of Christian. So you don't by any of the the so called studies that show that it causes mental illness that its causing of oxygen and the EMA glow, but none of that, absolutely there you go again with my own eyes: ionizing, radiation, theirs and there's no there's not even a pretence. For damage to dna or self issue? They're worth mentioning, that was a very interesting study done in Denmark, it was kind of the most the largest centres of a population they analyzed about three hundred sixty thousand mobile phone subscribers. Over a period of more than a decade. Looking for some kind of connection between, for example,
Thank you, my brain cancer and support usage and they were completely increase. There was no evidence whatsoever to indicate that there were any negative health effects. Now I saw study just a few months ago that shows that if you're using your cell phone and you keep it by your head it's actually causing like little devil, horns to grow out of the back of your spine S, is it the actual report online line I dont have you saw that, but I didn't really that went their way, so you might be interested in Their study that was done. It was actually conducted by the National Institutes of Health any happier and what they did they did what you suggested they put basically up there. Portugal transmitter next to rats and expose them to this radiation.
What they found was dead the animals that were exposed to Not nice. Radiation actually live longer. I think we're gonna? Are they really will leave it at that? I think we're gonna Griddle leave it at that. Leave it at that Jeff, tell me any updates on the dune. Do you know anything about the Hydroxyl Chloric win or, the updates on any of the medicines that are are going through the vaccines or or cures or anything. But you ve seen We had our seek work when combined with all my sin, the antibiotic and has produced inside. We must resolve within five days, almost patients actually test negative for com. My team
The only caveat is, is that only about twenty people were tested in that particular clinical trials The results were we're very positive, all Other tasks, right now are still in very early stages, were still waiting to get some day at which we should have by the at the end of the month. Since you, when I last spoke, there are at least five more vaccine. In development, to tackle Kova nineteen soda and it's all very exciting, very positive news from the industry. Are any of these coming from like socialized medicine these all coming from the free market, all from the free market, all from the private sector, with one with wine would one exception, University Pittsburgh, for example, University Eugene, get him both develop. Some potential vaccine candidates
the University of Washington as well a habit has been doing some great work, so there is some some devout. Coming out of academia that sir that's worth mentioning, Jeff. Thank you. So much do you have any anything else on the technology front, that is exciting, that you're, seeing that then will play a role in either. What's happening, with our society or anything having to do with what we're going through. Now, you see anything well if anything that this current pandemic his raise the profile of how critical our communications network an inch structure has become we ve, seen, for example, data rates the traffic over wireless networks spike by fifty percent and our Ford, you networks, are overloaded
really demonstrates. Why are five g networks which can have so so much greater capacity are so critical to our nations infrastructure. In fact, just any Do you, I've been testing the five g wireless networks and speeds are extraordinary as much as one point. And gigabits per second, which is more than a hundred times faster. You are, I would normally experience on a forging network, these networks are live up and running. Today we ve got over a hundred, and ten cities in the United States would have saved you network will how What's not coming back Jeff, I mean eyes. I saw this thing in Washington state. They said there they're, closing schools and they intend on coming back next year, but they want to make sure that
it can do virtual schools for next year as well the yadda. What do? What is some of the things that you think are just not going to come back I was just going to change ice. I like to think about this as a modification of our normal behaviour? definitely going to see a reduction in in. Business travel. This is definitely making it very clear that we do led to travel as much as we have in the past. It to get our jobs done would definitely see more distributed. Work forces so, rather than working from home being somewhat of a stigma and many corporations, I think, will see this to be encouraged, and this will also, obviously you know, say business expenses book in terms of travel and required office space. It saw it
forcing the private sector to rethink the distribution of the workforce and productivity levels and, of course, the expenses and social Without so we can see those changes, happening already. Jeff thanks appreciate it will talk again. Jeff brown chief technology analyse for butter and partners
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