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2020-04-14 | 🔗

Stu and Pat fill in for Glenn, who insists that he’s coronavirus-free. Is anyone desperate for sports yet, or a return to the good old days of ridiculous news stories? The New York Times admitted that its article on the sexual allegations against Joe Biden was changed to appease his campaign. First Liberty Institute’s Jeremy Dys argues that our religious liberties are being targeted as governments forbid church attendance during the pandemic.

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Welcome to the park ass today, posted by myself, stupor here, corrosive stewed. Does America and Pat Greg Patrick unleashed. Why? Let us out with covert nineteen? Well one of the comments we don't know which one actually he saying it's, not over nineteen he's not a doktor or use a doctor sterling actually eyes. So so we don't know he may have covered nineteen he made out. We don't know the answer that, but he's not here. We do know that we talk a little bit about the feud between Anthony felt. She in the president. Is there one or is this a media creation? Is there a difference between the way the New York Times is covering region by. Accusations and the threat Cavanaugh accusations. We noticed a minor difference there, just one not just one little teeny different. Yes, it was horrible. I got two there's one or two, but to really look closely to suited for its real, real slight nuance. There will pointed out: I want you, throw it it's very difficult Jeremy
toys, r us he's from First Liberty Institute and he's in these lawsuits against It's in the cities who are trying to ban people from even doing derive it services at church, not ok, and we talk about China and how they're lying to us about covered nineteen and so many other things. It's also and the podcast don't forget to pick up Glenn to book. It is arguing with socialist is available. Now I know I always say myself and I don't have any time to read that a lot of people have plenty of time to read right now. If you're, one of those people pick it up, arguing with socialist by Glenn Beck, the only thinking so stew. How hard up are you for sports right now,
The measure- but I am almost as if we were I just can't take it anymore- which is why was a Saturday ethics. Saturday, it was an old beware. Football Games Day watch both before you. You will see from last season and then the man Gmbh miracle at Memorial be why you over Nebraska in two thousand and fifteen at the last second Hale Mary. Today, my plan is to watch be where you Miami from nineteen. Ninety, that's how desperate I AL or any kind of sports right now just give me a sport. I spent a very long time watching nineteen, any threes world Series game, six, the greatest baseball game ever play, or did you yes, where the tunnel Jays did beat the Phillies and elastic Lester walk off home, run by John Carter. Obviously,
schemer played walk on my world series, one as it buddy video. It's amazing, you just your diamond anything. I also watched a good chunk of the Eagles Giants game when the miracle, the Madeleine's to where she was actually monitor resist. This has got two thousand so what Superbowl year now it was a game where the Eagles were down twenty four thirty one to seven, they seem all allow tied the game. Then, on the last play the game. The giants had upon pundits dupe ITALY to Jackson, who for fumbled regain control than ran back for a touch down to win the game in the last play. Thirty, eight thirty one I may have water some of that money. Have you remember, you remember exactly are ready the details of the ape, but it That being where we are back. For anything. Just please sports give assent to the point of like I'm, not a big Gulf guy, all
I urge the masters, maybe in the final round, I've been to a couple of tournaments like in person which are really fun. We lasher two new year. I should thus yet latin layers of the PDA championship witches, but how old were you last year gave when people with the life sporting events, I feel tat. I thought I was born. Last year, I just think about what you were like you know. I was standing there would, like thousands of people crowded into this little area, I mean, doesn't even impossible to ever gonna happen again. I know it will, but it doesn't like it right now. It really doesn't, but the That's the one sport that there's no reason they can't be doing right now gone is like there's automatic social distancing, yep right yeah it's so social distancing you, you could even put for a pro tournaments. There's, no reason you couldn't put one person
in the course of one hole at a time and just tell fans they can't come cuts, but generally a tv event right right right and you Papa down there. You can play all these tournament. I'd want all this island, I didn't go, I would get in the Gulf absolutely you know. I think it's silly thing that cities, states have been trying to take away from people. Because of the Eco, social, distancing and everything in their thing, it's not an essential activity. Even Texas did it and, of course, It's not an essential activity, but that's not the way to look these things you need to look at them is what can we give people too keep them saying that will still remain safe Clearly Gulf is in that package. Could even say to people one person on a whole at a time no for sums can be wanted the time it's gonna, it's not gonna be fun. You would ease due to remember
those golfers sock, so these sites, the ball, the opposite woods every time anyway, there nor near each other for standing sixty two way at the tea in the tea. Only is not a big challenge so but they're, taking those things away, their taking and with a dongle driving, don't go up. Her drive back yard. I do care for DR, why we're in a car with people were already living with? Why can't we out for a drive, does the virus smash through when shielding if you're driving around town takes? I don't think so either you have. Those are basic. The church at the drive and church is a good example of it. Yet, owing just letting people loaded argue that come on California think it is closed down every state park. Why on earth with all a territory with all. Room to keep separate, really want to put a police officer or seven down there to make sure that a huge gathering to break it, I'm on state property. Are I mean it? Ok, we'll California essentially shut down the Pacific Ocean cause it wouldn't let a guy paddle bored. I am self himself in it. That's amazing,
you could see a situation where the gathering maybe gets out of control is everyone's at the beach. I know. Obviously, Florida had an issue of this. They have now is spring break in it and in patent separately. This on privacy concerns. It's amazing. How much information they already have releasing. They release a whole article about how they ve tracked all the people who were spring break and where they went after something, of course, people are visiting from all over the country and they showed it now get its aggregated data, and that is different than anonymize data. These things get completely not we're like anonymize data, take your spear information and take your name off of it, but they can still see everywhere. You travelled as we pointed out multiple times, there's only one person on earth that drives from my house to this place over and over again. So if you call myself and you have no, where I went right- yes, a not aggregated data is a little bit different in that you're. Just seeing patterns of travel
I know you can see if you see where you know where to people walk on a walk pathway report. Where do they travel on the weekends? You can see traffic patterns and things like that? That's a little! You know it's not quite as invasive and it's something that's been around for a while, but have a lot of access to it and getting get a data can be useful, but Cases like ok people Spring Break and now they all went back to all these places in, and you see the break out start in those areas, because people were hanging out. You know shoulder to shoulder on the beach most people. Making out with nineteen strangers everyday yup. That's the pattern of her from spring break. My spring breaks we're never like that, but I'm sure sure, I'm sure people who aren't losers had those weakens Nanda. You know you look at that and you say well, I can understand, I'm not wanting to be crazy. You weren't they most people are doing this on their own. You know that the EU might you mentioned golf well Gulf. Would that be
cancel the budget tournaments, because the Pga wanted to cancel the tournaments that in future they can guarantee the safety of their players or their fence survey, cancer The NBA felt the same way they said, and we can't guarantee their safety. Fans or Players we're not doing it in a more cuban, wasn't CNBC the other day and they said hey Mark when the maps coming back when it. What does the NBA come back and action? He said the man are playing it. When I can guarantee their safety that wasn't like when the government said it was ok for them to play or the NBA stardom again when I, feel comfortable that my players will be safe, then You can play right vat, that's the attitude most Americans have and it's a good answer. That's that's a strong, but you I mean the other hand? You can never guarantee not. We can already safety. He may not advisable guarantee, may believe. They're gonna be safe or something like that, but I think that that's what it that's. That's the kind of,
false part of the argument that we ve been having- and it's not very an american approach to it, not at all. When we say oh well, are we go, open up the economy or are are we going to stay home and protect for the disease as like war? The way we keep talking about that is. Will the government allow us to come out and work or will the government forces to stay home, yet we ve already seated that to the government leaders and whether they are going to allow any argument to, and it's like well when you look at the data around this, you see that bulwark going to bars and restaurants before they were closed by the government. Why? people didn't feel safe, they didn't feel like going. There was a good idea, so they didn't know. The same thing was happening. You know with concerts, enlarge gatherings and aye, but events that were being cancelled, people were nervous about getting this, so they were like you know, I'm skip it this time, and soon the same thing happens on the other side of this, I think that
We will wind up being country, with an open economy. Again when p but I believe the cooking making go to these places without die. If you can make people believe they will not die for the most simple thing like going to church like going to a movie like going he bar going to a restaurant, then they'll come out. That's The government tells him yes or no they're gonna come out in that you can't keep peopled locked up if they dont believe their risk. It's gonna be interesting. This fall win. If things are opened up again and you can have fans go back to say football games How many are going to go to football games? How many guys are going to feel comfortable enough to go to a stadium was sixty thousand other people that will be really fascinating to watch, because I'm guessing you're gonna see a lot of empty seats, levers
at least there now people start to feel comfortable again this turkey to take some time. That's true, I know they started. I think it's in Taiwan sort of their base Bali, either to all they did. So. I would say this yeah Taiwanese Bayswater watch. If you wanted either that where can I find out how now I think we gotta find that being thirty sitting ex aspect that ten european regular right now get out of it also air sure, but they did it with no fans. They did have some a cardboard shouts of fans and the stance which is just going to kind of funny little by little weird but via the internet. I think that there is a there's, a level there that adventure that happens. I will tell you why I said details like you know what I wanna go: look Superbowl flight because- the Superbowl every item of another spent nigh on you never manage information. I will get straight so low every year to tradition, and I was like you know what what, if the flight eighteen dollars, it's worth the risk to go. It was not. Eighteen hours is actually pretty much normal price for the flight, which I was surprised daily. Although the strangest thing I've never seen this at all,
my time travel going to websites going all these sites to try to find out, didn't get afloat never seen this happen before before class flight was cheaper than coach. It was cheaper. I've never seen it before in my entire life. I've never seen a bizarre right why I must have been some cork. I mean I will say this. I got a first class fight to the civil and that's ever happened. Did you ready book as of right now, I'm the only person on the flight that I could find time, but I would like to know what that's like this thing and now and where's the Superbowl next. Is it but this year I figured it my might be. I think it's Tampa the Zodiac as that's right is Brady's gonna, be playing in town, gosh and they're, saying that they could be the first home team to ever make it to the Superbowl based on please I can handle arbitrating wouldn't, but at least you got a first class flights, that's terrible cut at their worst, they their worse problems. To have yes, there are. It is it's an interesting thing going through this in watching it happened? I mean a
at times we should talk about this is well. One things that Cuba is dismissed here is people say? Well look it's! It's really only hitting older builder people and people. Pre existing conditions or our chronic illness and in a look who we know that sad, we protect those people, but we need to open up the economy. Most people just dismiss it is that's not me right. That is really what be our guide round me. Is somebody else's gotta get sick and diverse easily to that is the mechanism behind the claim is an yes at some level, that is what we're all throwing up
If you happen to be born of people without the priest and conditions. This is the best of the blend back programme. Hey it's Glenn, and if you like what year on the programme, you should check out pad gray unleashed his bought gases available, where ever you download your favorite pike ass, I it's Glenn if you're a subscriber to the pod cask, any deuce, favour and rate us on Itunes. If you're not a subscriber become one today and listen on your own time, you can subscribe on Itunes bags So the New York Times supposedly looked into Joe Biden, sexual assault, of the woman back in nineteen o three. It was on its staff. Many was pretty blatant. When you listen to her story, she sounded
She summoned really believable. I thought, I certainly believe her yeah. I mean it's tough right because It's an accusation from twenty seven years ago, twenty seven- that is the problem, and I you I don't know how you can lead gate those things twenty seven years later, sauce impossible. Now I know there is one system to do it, which is the Cavanaugh model, which is you just believe anything the person says proof or not, and say that it's in unconscionable for anyone to allow My per capita ever existed polite society again, that's one model into the model that the left has adopted for every conservative or republican. Until now, not least because people like I don't know, Alyssum Olano were saying: oh yeah, women in historical women deserve to be believed. Ok, wall,
Do men not deserve due process because are being accused of something pretty serious here should at least go through the process he tried, and that was the case with bread Cavenaugh, but now, all of a sudden, oh yeah, wait, wait, wait, wait, minutiae he can seriously, but you don't believe him automatically yeah. That was the illicit mulatto line. I love that because it's what you arguing for the conservative standard here. We're saying is when someone woman says she's been abused, you take that clean seriously. You encourage it, and this is very important. Important part of this union urge it to come out as soon afterward as possible. Dealing with authorities did not through the media and go through the evidence and try to understand what happened. If someone is guilty after due process situation, then you're very excited to throw them prison for as long as possible that what the conservatives have always been asking for it, what we descended, we wanted for brick avatar right
yeah, there's, no one that I know of that was like gosh. I I mean bread. Probably this, but you know, I hope, gets away with it. Cause he's gonna be a good vote of the Supreme Court. I know no one who thought that I know there's a tons of Supreme Court Justice, Frank. Others that I would have picked besides Brett Cavanaugh just because of his voting record. Nothing to do with his is higher drinking habits. But like it was unfair. He was obviously qualified for the job and you can give in to the left and the media law. Piling on bread Cavanaugh without any evidence right, there's much seriously much more evidence that Joe Biden did this then Bert Cavenaugh did what he was. You stuff, thou, yeah, it's not even remotely close a she asked really told one, friends at the time and ninety. Ninety three that this occurred. She also told her her mom, which we can't, quantify because her mom is, is no longer with us
So while we can even throw that went away but told to other people as well, why in two thousand eight and another back, I think at the time. So you have Laval corroborated. There must be no one. No one said, unlike you know, for example, one of the Michael ever naughty accusers. Said you know who might knows this person and they asked the person there like. Actually I don't know who you're talking but whose this I don't know the name your referring to then even now I did not know, but the incident but didn't know about the actual. Certain who was faking the accusation was, that this is one where she is seemingly is is backed backed up by as they would call it contemporaneous, testimony and it is a situation where, if this was a Republican. It would be rock solid one hundred per cent proof that they did this. That's it That is absolutely true. If This is Joe Biden was a Republican, the media,
we'll be handling. This completely in and assuming guilt at every level. No doubt, It was important to know it's not just some flimsy wild eyed accusation, but that beings even though I don't want your white and to be president, he deserves due process. He deserves a presumption of innocence and the that you come out. Twenty seven years later, and say something occurred, there is no way to show any evidence of that. To me not enough to destroy a person's life, a person's career persons, political aspirations and its, Particular you suspicious when it's a guy. The powerful figure. In running for president right now is the democratic Many for president and, of course you have to have some level of suspicion as to whether it's true an enemy, be the media now after that, during Cavanaugh, what why would bring
bite and will not allow for his gaze quote was like any woman. Would stand up in the fire of the of the poor. Look I deserves to me. The assumption needs to be that the essence of their story is correct right now. According to his campaign, no Joad to cut normally denies that this happened. What Joe has never he's? Not addressed it in its, fascinating to me that nobody asks allotted. Thank you. Nobody asks for those listening to the New York Times. Did a big story on this finally took twenty twenty days, so from the accusation. They decided to finally follow up on it and understand which is interesting, because if it was a made against republican Day, one there's an or about the next just eight out lining the allegations out question the very end there be like the Trump Administration denied the claims right like that's all. You from the other side which speed and it would be a cinematic telling of it. You know
She walked into the dark room with fire burning into the corner, the cold steel of the table with a guy with a view to the hall, it would have felt like a movie. You have been able to picture yourself. There would pick your Donald Trump doing this to this woman instead, its police blotter of an article she claims, She claims ass. She closed as they claim as they claim this. It's like it's nothing, it's just it's even a story. It's like a bunch of claims and and the fact that people who currently work for Joe Biden or people who work for Joe Biden back in the day say they don't remember anything like it began it of course disprove it. But they do, then I remember anything but there's no pattern. Mobs sexual songs in Joe Biden Pass. I love us and then, at the very end they out in the pattern of Joe Biden, sexual assault, the innocent people, women who have been you know, uncomfortable oh and who have me
it claims that he he did sexually salt them in some way. Right, then, whether through a kiss that was unwanted or touching, that's unwanted, here's the initial tweet in this is it. This is also in the story. You should know initially and then was changed. Here's what they said. No other allegation about sexual assault surfaced in the course of our reporting. Nor did any former Biden. Staff corroborate reads: allegation we found Oh pattern of sexual misconduct by Biden beyond eggs kisses and touching women previously the pattern that we newfound right, that's actually with patterns can't all previous evidence in ever have a patter right pattern is something that is repeated. So if you throw out all the other examples you have of it nothing be a pattern he has this, isn't they had? Obviously, there is an issue that Joe has with being a landing. It's been joke
for a very long time and we ve seen the pattern repeat itself over and over and over again. It is a pattern bike women sitting on his lap in a bar I mean there's all kinds: the Senate greeting thing that he does yet the new senators and and congressmen who had come in and eat all over their families and stuff. It's weird yet been we're and it was a joke e thing for a very long time. Among conservatives and Republicans who just do it was weird? Yes, it changes to something else. When seven individual women came on said it really made us feel uncomfortable, but it wasn't a joke to them. They did really didn't like it, and especially this one person who's on the and she was one of the half yeah. So the near times talk to her back when they are doing this initial story and they To claim that she brought up additional things? other than just a little hare sniffing and you know, uncomfortable touching, but because
couldn't get any corroboration. They didn't put it in the story. Well, here we are. You know why, one as we have from Cavanaugh yeah corroboration at all remain reported in the stories. Anyone here remember with Canada, while not only did we not have the time it hasn't. Even have the location, it happened right and if my memory serves me, I dont know that we ever had any information that they ever met. Do. We know that the cabin I and men Blasi Ford met when they were in high school I don't remember em, it's possible forgetting details there. I don't remember that being the case, so there's much more information here, the time I was ass, an end and actually get some credit to to bend Smith, who he is to be. The guy ran Buzzfeed he's over the New York Times now he did it An interview with basis with the times asking the times as an employer. What
happened here exactly hiccup in his first question was to remain here Alex allegation on March twenty fifth, why not covered then, is breaking news. It is an interesting one, because you have a full investigation down the day. She makes a destination, but you don't even report on it right. No past story. And listen to this answer by this the EU wants as actual position here. Executive editor of the times. This is his answer. Lots of people covered breaking news at the time. First of all, come on right wing blogs. There were not a lot of people who covered it that way in the mainstream media slots people covered is breaking news at the time, and I would argue the paper of record. I wouldn't want to be part of that. Breaking new course right. Advance lots of people for that reason is the time
just thought. Nobody other than the intercept was actually doing the reporting to help people figure out what to make of it. Like so near times, is now seeding its authority to the intercept why to say all well look the inner cept tat, and so we need to do when he pronounced intercept, says it's a. I think. It's Glenn Green Worlds, thing which, unlike again, no knock on the intercept right I mean it's not like what they say. You know what book we, just as we saw the blazes covering it you're, just like the places- God just let them have this one, but that's what you do in a new business. No one is everyone writes about the same stories everyday, just like that you're times there every day, then the other, in that they ve made is Lately, staggering stunning will tell you about that. Ensue de seconds, unbelievable, dishonest, incredible, actually. Is it just
it's not the fact that it happened. It is that their maximally admitting it yeah. It's crazy amazing. This is the best of Glinda Programme and don't forget raids on itunes patents do in four Glenn who is out sick today he claims not from covered nineteen that was claim in the email this morning he said, Maybe I'm not feeling well and then in all capital letters. It's not corona! Hearts, yes thus did. How does- and I don't know how you know this is exactly how it started. Someone close, I don't have it and then it spread all over the place: is basically a horseshoe battened. Whew Hahn is, however, glimmering tough, but he's tease patient zero. Stay at home do not and for any reason, I hope we will be back on the air tomorrow from a sea distance from you
and and his microphone Germany ice is with us. Germany is a special council. First Liberty Institute. And also of were well known. Earnest goes to camp aficionados he is on the brook, what has now been presented at the first thing that you mentioned, because that is that's the bigger issue at their head is we could spend a stagnant, any variation of earnest movies if you, if you prefer Jeremy now, three, the disguise of course, but it has been known for my might might by profound knowledge about culture in this regard. But let's get on the things that I may want to be more respected or as possible So there is some pretty obviously series Duff going on right now, outside of just what we're dead with with the with the itself. There is an instinct by a lot of people who have a new grip on power and and seemingly know, nothings stopping them from wielding it.
And what we are seeing now in the world of faith and the restrictions from people work shipping, even when it comes to driving their car and doing a car based service were seen. Restrictions on that, and it's something I know you're following very closely: we are, and I think you framed is exactly right- that there is a lot, but I think all Americans understood the need the kind of on the brakes first. Second, during this pandemic, because Americans are very tolerant people in Ireland at the very loving people they want to make sure their fellow man is safe in their neighbors, well loved people, and not only that the very loving people they want to make sure their fellow man says in her neighbours well loved and insight MR willing to slam the breaks in some respects to make sure that everybody is safe, but when you give ere. They understood the lessons of history when you give a little but a power back to a central form of government that that becomes but more than a little after the wild, your aunt em, so you ve got
this power is around the country and don't forget there? Some forty thousand or more of these municipalities rather country cities were counties are what have you there are then imbued with more power to try to be. You know that demonstrating a hell of a more authority than the last guy comes down. People like the mayor of Green Deal Mississippi. Where are you he's put in order there that says that churches Cannon, maybe even with the drive in service in Y Y. You said yesterday at a press conference reaffirming his commitment to this unfair. Additional order that will people to friendly vacant? They get out of a car and we're gonna talk to each other. Specifically, Christians are too firmly and again stay in their cars. For this a real problem in Europe. In your card number one, I don't think we have known that, though the virus can actually travel through glass in steel. Yet at night it specifically targeted cars. Part at church parking lots not a persona dry, I not at the Walmart bargain, not now the liquor store, but specifically
and on top of all that last They wouldn't our client in Greenville, went to have his driving services on Thursday evening, entire shift of the police force for real, Mississippi, showed up It's done that's concerning them and when all the police officers that are our duty, that ship show up to a church to possibly take it. We in the video in those cars, five hundred dollars for daring to drive from their own with the windows of park in a church parking lot to hear their path, your preach through the open air five hours per person. Is this. Is America anymore? This is the kind of thing that bit has to be to could put up with. That cannot be put up with to put up with reasonable restrictions for a temporary of time, This is not a reasonable, nor is it equally applied. Wait when you can carpet a liquor store, but not at the church parking lot. That is clear. Evidence of discrimination
is crazy. You know, I think there is an aspect of this where the american people can understand at most churches. I think our saying look. We watch us online for a few weeks, and we know it's ok I think most people are choosing to do this. In another part, turnip practices as safely as possible. To me. It makes me nervous if there's any restriction from government on worship at all. I know that if they came and they said, look we're Could I allow you to buy guns during this period? I would have a huge problem with it. Just because No Christians are sort of in other, as you point out nice people and wanted you the best things for everybody else. Doesn't necessarily it it doesn't make it ok for them to be restricting this in any way. What is the? What is it additional role here in this type of situation we know for, the state to be able to intercede this. Why do they have any right to do any of the south,
Certainly, the blue state does have a compelling justification. You're right, I got was necessary for the state to enforce or or to kind of put on her old, our armed forces and rights, or any of our constitutional rights, for that matter is a worldwide pandemic is going to almost always be upheld in an equal. There is one country, but the debt that that justification has we met very narrowly at very equally applied. In other words, if there are less Europe, these border control the pandemic. The government has to follow those, but on top of all that and much more basically, it can't say well worth cars per cattle liquor door are fine church parking lots are wrong the same issue in Louisville Kentucky last weekend, sought a lawsuit last Friday and overnight, but judge their judge, Walker turned out it really fabulous opinion to remind everybody and of how old are reaching the city of Louisville have become an input refrain, order against and back looking at a hearing in the few minutes year at the turn out, and we hope
a plumber injunctions to fully and enforce that boy, but its again it demonstration that the city of Google, it was gonna, send other police officers to take down, license plates numbers and enforce anyone didn't, hurt parking lot on Easter Sunday morning into a fourteen day, quarantine period, I mean: let's go issues. That is not the kind of thing that we expect our police popular feeling in the United States of America in two thousand and twenty that that's. That is certainly not the level of freedom that we should look you got. There may be some reason for a temporary restriction on some large innovation gathering. In America. Wonderin wait a minute this temporary anymore, then how long's is going to last and on top of all that, why they ve been so targeted at churches are not anywhere else. That doesn't seem to make a whole lot of sounds as if the buyer somehow targets themselves. Liquor story well there
couple of instances where their been some other weird restrictions, like the Chicago mayor, said that if you found outside you. Then you can be ticketed or like in Philadelphia the other day where ten cops dragged a guy off a bus because he was wearing a mask, is it law enforcement really in force frictions. That severe I guess we're gonna find out, I mean I simmer was it was Stuart out one of you guys that we're out of order on the Pacific Ocean and sore things as well. I mean it, it's it's incredible where or the police are given the greater authority, somehow right now during the middle, the pandemic made it with a virus has done for all of us has provided a bit of the cultural Truths Europe to find out exactly where
were they believe about freedom, and what does that mean for us all? Let alone how can the european legislators and that's gonna, where I spent my life? You know leaving out the West vision for religious freedom or what they call them. The freedom to worship. Right now, Georgia, home inside your house, and maybe you can access it virtually? Why don't you bring it in your place of worship in place, work or take the school or in the military with you, don't don't get outside the four walls of your home, keep it locked down. And, if you appear in public, the police are gonna, come out and and disperse your reuben ticket you. If you do this, another in the funding fathers this. This is not what we intended to have as religious liberty in a long haul- and I think, is important for US look around this issue another left right now. This is not a vision Not a founding fathers had is another vision. Even a living for tuna plus years, the United States of America? This is not the level of freedom, but you- and I are not only expect but
or do under not only that the constitution, but our declaration of independence is not the freedom that we have had the order a large by part of us do as and when they talk about essential businesses and by the way they are like any government has is daring enough to not include alcohol, which is really bizarre. I mean they liquor store. I think that every state is protected as an essential business which either and we're stressed out here, but of another method unnecessarily as important as other constitutionally guaranteed rights when it comes to church in that I think, has in effect, as far as constitutionally, and what the right thing to do is to allow well to worship if they're taking? We know now precautions and doing the best they can, but in a dish If you want people to voluntarily, we do these Of this large swaths of of restrictions and life changes, giving them a foundational thing, they can still connect to is actually
help us all of a brutal. If we're in the middle, the shot in it's gonna help us, because we have some outlet. We're gonna have some way to say, seem to have some sort of foundational basis that we can get to, and me king, an enemy out of the churches and the passage from this country strictly terrible idea for the government or end in from the culture at large. Looked at the government is not really very capable of providing care, call on comfort actually the domain of the church in our houses of worship have proven millennium of the ability to provide that level of comfort and chair and calm image, pandemics and inhabited wars and everything like that answer for the government. Gonna kick them aside as if there's, sort of needless appendage the the appendix out the culture around us that is ongoing, need an agreed on a wider there even here. Me as extremely narrow intolerant of religion, but in some
respects really hostile towards religion as a whole, and I gotta go to viruses, revealing your some biases. That word it hidden among some politicians in our coming out but mayor to block you a couple weeks ago? We're gonna feel badly of pushing against her who has had a lot of stuff gone out of inner city farming he comes out and says: hey you know. It's me the synagogues german abide by my orders. I'm innocent Superman Outward APOLLO. Sharpened down permanently shut down, synagogues this american and twenty twenty. That's never going to fly the worst thing is that to my knowledge, outbreak of mayor has actually walk. Those comments back the US and its it's interesting when you think back, to what's been going on in this country for a while from someone on the left, they have been setting the stage for this kind of thing. I know Tammy Baldwin Senator Baldwin from Wisconsin set a couple.
Ago that your ear rights to freedom of religion, dots, extend much beyond either. Church, Hauser, your own house and that's pretty much where they stay, so they ve been inserted, sorted Debbie, Waterman shall say virtually the same thing, so they ve been setting up this attack against religion and in trying to minimize the first amendment as much as they possibly can now. I think they see opportunity with this with this pandemic, that they can Maybe take some steps to shut it down It's a shame in one way: shut down the process will roughly a bow a trillion in our hands in socio economic relieved that be based organisations, churches and guys like provided, country wind when those terrible dollars in those channel actions dry up that has to go and fallen, something them somewhere else and probably go to central planning again at the idea at the governmental,
boy, that's going to result in what the greater taxes less opportunity in less good being done to our community here. That, I think, is very critical for the president to Klute over the Congress to include within the cares. Acts are morally sword. These are non profit organization than yet migration. You with authority, without them over mountain in order to be able to have passed her, the ability to define relief for their churches within limits, others that this Europe of ours outbreak or faith based institution you ve been children around the world, be able to take part in the release of the Cares act. That was it. That was an incredible fight within the Congress and in with an administration, will be somewhat in the rules afterwards in. Thank you. Is that all resulted in relief are going to be able to continue those terrible act. Otherwise you and I ex dollars are going to be able to pick up the bill and german ISIS Special Council. First Liberty Institute in the middle fighting all these battles right now so Hosty, first Liberty, briefing German, we're gonna, show them my place.
It was good of your dad,
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