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Pat joins Glenn and Stu to discuss the woke takeover of Disney and Disney’s new CEO being punished for not being woke enough. Glenn and Stu discuss Hunter Biden’s laptop, the corruption behind the cover-up, and Biden’s Supreme Court nominee. John-Henry Westen, the co-founder of LifeSiteNews, joins Glenn to discuss the fatima/pope inviting bishops to join him in the consecration of Russia and Ukraine.

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Hey everybody: it's a Tuesday and a great Tuesday. It is you know why stews here, yes Suze here and he said, like seven words, only on tuesdays limit to seven words on Tuesday. It's a stew, seven word Tuesday on that Glenn Beck Podcast and it's great people have been waiting for it. So we talk about war, nuclear war, what's happening in Ukraine and Russia, and why is the Pope doing something that he's doing this coming Friday? What Catholics should be paying attention to it's kind of a big deal in the catholic world? If the pope is actually catholic? You know the old saying is the Pope,
what I dunno I dunno this one. I dunno I dunno the new saying it's a new thing. By the way we also talk about Peter Schweizer and BS in the news today about a possible indictment of Hunter Biden on a student's America about his father yeah. Well still, though, that yeah, these things take steps and it's important to to follow this and make sure that progresses are going to talk to him on Studios America tonight I I'll probably only say like seven words again but I'll. Just let him go because he knows this stuff better than anybody yeah. That's a tonight on students, America, tomorrow night on my Wednesday night, special we're going to talk about the future of your money, digital currency, what the FED and the Treasury are actually planning right now and what it means to your future. Here's a podcast
the Disney hoo boy There is a new ceo, his name is Bob Chapek and He is a pair currently somewhat of a conservative. I don't think you, ladies conservative conservative, but Disney in Hollywood. He's, like I don't know, gang Scotland, I dont think, was really conservative arrivals, others may and Bob wanted to take the company was after taking over from Bob. I guess he was like, let's out of politics. Enough of this enough of them well, you can't do that to a company like Disney, who has let the left
just run roughshod over all of the company We control the company now, so he wasn't going to take a public stand against the Florida legislation that would stop class. Through orientated and gender identity. We convert Stations in Keene, garden, the third grade and give parents the right to say no, but that wasn't thou know that's not Disney enough, and so the employer started to really have up a problem here. He immediately gave five million dollars to know some algae Bt Q. I two plus two by your whole pass yeah he tried and that's not not not enough, not enough. Never enough nope. He applied a now he's going on a listening tour, gay, transgender and non binary employees.
I know so's I mean how dumb is this civilization? At this point, what do you mean a listening tour? Like you, don't know anything about these topics. No, might old understand now, he's just he's being punished jealousy what is being punished publicly being trot out and a square and having him be yelled at, and none of these things mean the things they're they're publicly designed to meet like the five million dollar payment isn't eat, people would say: oh you're, just trying to pay if this organization to to to to you know give you a pass yeah, it's not even really what it is. What it is is a hope that they will go after somebody else. You are paying them, so they go after the next company instead of you, there's is no indication. Nobody believes that they're gonna stop do these irrational things I trying to close down companies because they didn't support some bill. That says the opposite of what they claim it does. Pat gray is joining us from Pat Gray unleashed
talking about Disney having their big meeting and boy there. The liberals are very upset and they They are absolutely in current control now of Disney and every the parks and everything else. Conservatives have finally come out as a coalition, and they said they've had enough they're saying this is a hostile work environment. And there called names, their ridiculed by the other staff members and they said enough is enough, wow yeah, so the employees have had enough now the conservative employees, yeah and yet Bob and Steve- and I think Kathy now, Kathy's she's, very aria. So no there are. You know there are enough conservatives not enough to balance it I'm sure there are a lot of conservatives. There are just keeping their mouth shut and the now
if the conservatives are not keeping their mouth shut. Did this start with the Buzz lightyear thing where they're, with a reinserted the same sex kiss knows? Or that know, though, that that was in response. That was like. Okay, we're sorry, we're sorry, we're sorry we'll get, because the liberal or the woke, plays a Disney were pissed off that they took it out of it and when people heard it was in. There was some uproar and then they took it out and then there was uproar apparently from employees at Disney, and they put it back. In well. This is interesting because I mean is it time ever to just say I'm not going to Disney, because I won't. I think it is time I won't go to Disney anymore, and I don't know me am I I love Disney. I love Disney file. Yes, I am, and I I love it love it love. I love the history of it. I love the imagination of it. You know
love everything about it. I will not take my kids there now I'm lucky see, because my kids they're getting their boy, cowered or kids turn twenty know it is, you know, had I go there by myself or your culture, I mean I go by myself I will not do it anymore now, but I think Disney has become, but this what happens when you don't focus on business? You folks on politics. You They have play gated implicated in placated. They ve lost control of their company So now now the ceo doesn't run the company the employees, run the company, and I don't think so. It's going to be good for business. So let me ask this. This is an honest question, because I think we talk about this. and we simplify it over simplified as you, you just
about Europe solution. Was they stop taught thinking about business? They just sort of thing about politics. There are definitely companies that that work. That way, right that not just our, like legitimately political organizations, just mean donations and that's what they want to do. Their super woke there are about companies. However, that are just thinking about business, and when they think about this, this is not defending this, but I'm just giving you the actual of these the eels. These see these things pop up, they realize is going to be a problem for them and they just want to go away. So if you're, a company like Disney, which is filled with liberals, filled with them. I mean this, creative company there, tons and tons and tons and tons of liberals working at Disney Correct when they they actually decided to put in a ceo who was relatively conservative, who wanted to but a policy of
Hey realities rally. No politics, like coin base, did right yeah Bob to pick your talkative. Yes, he wanted to institute opponents. Iraqi yeah did that's. Why deleting yes cause. He has not done well with. That sense is not. Why didn't immediately respond to the don't say gay thing though, and they didn't come out strong, we opposed to it like you, kind of would expect from Disney suppose at least the reporting is on this that they decide did not to say anything about it, because it's not our business were Freakin Vienna Theme Park Company, for I make an move. It there's no reason for us to do this. That was there turn or fought there. Employees revolted their employees basically said, we're shutting down your entire company. If you if you go this direction so then they throwing money at everybody and everything else ongoing. How do you manage this? As you see, we enjoy their that? That's it, the death throes, your now, you ve lost your company. You lost your pressure, so all of this-
Companies that went down this road and are going down this road- and you know I don't know- is Coca COLA doing it because they actually believe it. I think they do. I think they heart or will I know they are their big part of the great reset, so they buy into it a hundred and ten percent men also yeah, I don't think you're going to they're, not going to worry about it when they lose control of their company but Disney, lost control and if you want a company that just stays out of everything and is not about politics, it may be too late may be too late- You know our young girls modify it. What Joe Rogan they ve held the line, though on Joe Rogan, but aid you here will ensure in raising he go. Did you hear what Joe Rogan said just last week he's not going to have Donald Trump on he's, not going to talk about politics anymore
I didn't hear that yeah. He does not going to talk politics and he's not going to talk politics any more, and you know part of it is so he's caving. You said: well, I don't know he said I don't want to be that guy and boy do I relate to that. I don't want to be that guy. where I just want to be an observer. I don't to be the guy. That's right, you know pushing for one thing or another doesn't mean you stop talking about politics. That means you have Joe, Adnan and Donald Trump. On that. That's what that is. You know I mean but the kind of thing he was doing exactly right what he was doing, that any more it was day out and I get it. I think it's always been. What's interested him right, he had, if I remember right Andrew Yang on, I think I'll, be totally data, but he did have every Democrat on Bernie Sanders on in fact endorse Sanders, but he
Also, can you please credit? The guy who endorsed Bernie Sanders is in this position now think about what the right wing is right. Now, the right wing, Israel, a guy who endorsed Bernie Sanders and Tulsi Gabbert, a guy who ran the campaign for Bernie Sanders and those that these are hard core conservatives. That is where we are in this world and Russell Brand and press on most extreme. Let zeal March two thousand are like lead their lives them for twenty years is now a conservative two's credible. When you know I've moved, I think I could hang out with both of those guys get along now. I think so too. I mean that that showing how some common sense bright, All you need is some common sense, he's just a little bit at all events, I know you don't eat olive now, now, just a little bit of a modicum it's crazy. It is crazy how how nuts it has truly become to wear
what was it I was reading in the the New York Times that did you see what would happen with with Candice Owen I don't. Oh, this is fantastic, so Canada's gets a note from the New York Times and the New York Times says hi, I'm writing from the New York Times we're working on a story about russian messaging. That lose some of your comments. We note that you advance the idea that Ukraine was a corrupt country which match comments. We ve seen from Russia still media there. Now is not the real out on a limb on that. What I am wondering, if you have any contacts to further comment to add about your comparison, finalizing the store today. So she wrote back I'm really confused by this email, I learned about the idea that Ukraine was a corrupt country from
the New York Times you guys, have covered the corruption of Ukraine extensively for years. As one example, here's a piece from the New York Times Editorial Board entitled Ukraine's unyielding corruption self about both of NEO Nazi problem in Ukraine and the unyielding corruption by eating your newspaper, not russian state media. Is there something specific? I said that was different than what you guys have written about in the past, four reluctant for more good measure. Here are some more passed articles written from reputable sources over the past few years about the corruption and NEO Nazi problem in Ukraine? For clarity, are you now suggesting that the western media covered extensively over the last few years is now
Well just russian propaganda. So are you suggesting? All of these articles were sponsored by Russia? State media again to provide you with a quote for the article? I just want to be clear regarding what you, what you mean when you say I'm advancing ideas that Ukraine was a corrupt country when info I got all of my ideas from your publication, but out of them ass old member states, but they it's his it's as if they all have all timers its If they all literally don't remember. Why they were saying just yesterday right, because Ukraine can be the guys in a war that was were attacked across their borders and always do her up a tree which they are, which are they had HANS? I mean it's, it's almost a joke that Ukraine with some rub. The whole reasons Olenska got elected was because his entire platform was fighting the unending corruption in the country. You look
some of the moves he's made recently like right and there he couldn't he ain't gonna eat no one day I mean he has no there's no reason to argue he's. A saint either has done if you're getting attacked, writin you're going to do all sorts of different things. the only thing we can say about zalewski in this period. To my mind and correct me, if I'm wrong is that handled the public facing part of this war? Well, yes, he has tier Angli road job messaging to his people and yet World Europe about budget, particularly on a conflict that is about what we can say no and we can say that they seem to be fighting well. They. Seem to be fighting well and unlike look, is he a great military technician? I doubt it he might be, but I mean they are fighting really well it strongly, and if these reports, even from Russia, are correctly Astro all right back in just a minute. Thank you pack, gray form. We should mention by the way the brand new feature for blaze, tv subscribers with Pat Gray, unleash patois. But how does this work? This is everyday right. It is every day
pack re overtime, nice, where the Chevalier right after the show. This is big. Well, it's you know: it's not live, so it's posted separately. So just look for it where you find the pot gas Coca replaced, you be some writers rely on time. Just on Facebook suits such as out there immediately rely that's what I myself tat I might do, or I might just to wonder if you have some say this nightmare laced, he beat Outcomes life Glenn to get to the Pat gray unleashed overtime brand new starting today. This is the master, the Glen Back Programme, and we really want to thank you for listening. This is the Glen background. Let me give you one more story on Wednesday. That's tomorrow, night, nine p m. I my Wednesday night Special is on the EU. as dollar and what you need to know about. What is coming
and honestly. I really don't care what other people think don't do the show took for people who do not listen to the show I do they show for people who listen and people who are smart enough to do their own homework and understand just because I say it doesn't make it so Don't deal in conspiracy theories on this program. We deal with facts. We will tomorrow, give you the facts of the new digital dollar that will be unveiled by our Treasury Department and what it means to you give a flying crap what anybody says you need the information, everybody else, can you know me, get on their own. I guess when they get there. That is tomorrow, but I just want to give you a real, quick reason why you should pay attention this tomorrow told you that
It looks like the FED is going to increase the the interest rate, not another quarter percent they're now talking about one point: nine percent! for the year that will is crippled us. How much is it still per point? Was it so every point? Was the interest rates go up on our national debt? It costs us thirty trillion dollars over thirty years, which the same amount we would spend on entire national defense over that time period. So if you think essentially every time you hear that point goes up by one point we're adding an entire new US military to our budget and that's just in debt. We're talking. about one point: nine, so that's too militaries in thirty years and again you are not.
Getting anything forth. This right, this is not like were actually getting. Our defence doesn't get twice as good you're paying more money to service that debt and by the way, how do you get me to buy that much debt you have to increase the interest rate to say this is what we're gonna pay you for us and borrowing, that amount of money where we're going at the we're kind of at the and here of people just being aim? don't look away from what is absolute mass mess, story. The? U S has been extremely trigger. Happy happy with stinging economic measures and central banks may decide to diversify their portfolio of foreign reserves instead of relying heavily on the US dollar according The co director of the institute for the analysis of global security is this from CNBC Central
We are beginning to ask questions said gal looped of the Washington base. Think tank adding that they are wondering if reliance on the dollar and putting all of their eggs in one basket is a smart idea. The united NATO has extended itself. It is an extremely trigger happy when it comes to the use of sanctions and other economic punishments, loves at the: U S took unacceptable and unheard of steps in recent weeks effectively freezing central bank reserves the overall picture is really not good. He said one in ten countries in the world is now under some form of US sanctions remarkable one in ten that has a cumulative effect and as a result, we see that the dollar playing less and less of a role and portfolios in central banks. It does seem that, like
At the very least this is, and in some sort of axis allies situation with half very world, very lazy voiding, avoiding the dollar you know, I mean a that doesn't seem like this is going to stick around for a long time, and you know look. This is arguably the the president has say: there's gonna be a new world order right. This is those or his by the way, not mine, but he there. Believing that this is lost. It does That is what the conceit is here. I think he was making that point honestly in his first address, I mean he he is just leading people, their managed decline, yet managed decline. He was just leading people there saying you now. The real question is whether a democracy like ours, can survive. I mean, I know the answer, but I mean it's the real question: can we defeat something like China, these authoritarian company countries, that can move so quickly? Well, I think didn't know the answer and his,
answer is different than my answer and probably different than your answer, but not to the elites they Think the way to go is to be more like China and that's when he said yesterday: humming a new ruler, that's way more energy than he said it. new, his memory speeches like what would happen if someone told you you had to say like twelve paragraphs, but you could not inhale so you have one of the beginning, and then you join the speeches. Left, so bad, so bad, so that what is that's. What happening now with the dollar will give all of the details on the Wednesday night Special now, can we can we go back to President Biden and and Hunter the
the thing that is incorrect, but to me is that no one is really talking about the real damage. The rule you'll damage and will it matter. If we, Heathrow Hunter Biden in jail, because that's that what will happen, the press they'll indict him and the press will make it all about him, and his scandalous pictures they'll make it all about. You know crack fuelled. Parties and everything else and make him into a bad guy and make him into a bad guy but make it only about him being a bad guy, then I am is constant: crack use and stealing money from all over the world and impregnating women and leaving them. Let me that were bad thing. Why that watch? The meanwhile do it. But you know- and we all know people have been caught and pictures sang sex. We all know
I'll take the crack rocks, that he was smoking off the hookers belly it make. It seem bad land this autumn, the nebula into How is possibly happening all no and in your right what they will do. If it gets down this road in they lose control of it, they will make the hunter and into the sacrificial lamb. He will play the role of the pursuit. The person who goes to, A minimum security prison for a year and a half yep and they will say up, we know what to wash their hands of it and it'll, be it at all, be there is no clearer impeached while the nest one theirs clearer, impeachment trial. This is a high crime here he was taking money from countries, while in office millions all areas and millions of dollars early million. When we say he we're not talk, about hunter that
is what this is all in the Peter Schweizer book. It's all in the in the laptop and all of all of the emails you have. You have people, confirming that worked with underarm. These programs confirming yep so it mean we're, sell it. We were sending money to job, and to the media's unending, eternal disgrace, all of This was known before the election. These are people who are coming out two national media sources before for the election the media made up their mind that two thousand and sixteen. They were all too tough on Hillary Clinton and her emails, and they Just you you guys, remember how tough they were on Hillary Clinton right there, literally how they saw that situation? We were
fine, Hilary and that's cost her, the election and Donald Trump one. This time we can't make that same mistake. It doesn't matter if it's true or not. We have to stop this so happening again. May I just say that we were talking about Disney and its problems with the left right now and they held Yesterday they had a big meeting and they're going to reimagine their future. No. That is the first time. I've heard those words in the last few years and I haven't had a coronary because that's what Disney should do is re. Imagine vagueness very often the land over imagination. Everybody else is re imagining the police re. Imagining this my favorite this this is coming from the loss Angeles times. Listen to this, the fight by play. Is anybody really fighting against this? and this judicial nominee
think there's a real effort. Yeah cause, there's a green or wise they're not going to they have no chance of star at her. So don't don't overplay your hand. This is their theory, but what ya don't overplay your hand? Dont give them a moment. They're gonna be able to come back and say, look what happened with X Y and see in some ways. Don't give them a cavern off, because that debt correct. created a lot of energy and the right the way they acted in that zone. What's crazy is it's like the if they're, not throwing flowers at her? It's too much, listen this from the LOS Angeles Times the FAO. over the nomination of judge, can cut Catan G, a brown Jackson for the support im court is powerful evidence that our political system is broken like never before there is no plausible basis for opposing Jackson, who has in a qualifications. About whom nothing controversial has been discovered? Oh, that's! Pretty all encompassing yet her
confirmation hearings which begin on Monday likely to be highly that this is written before the hearings. Okay likely to be highly content likely it's real likely to be contentious. So here's what they found she he is unlikely to get the votes of more than a Republican. Senator too now should get bit Romney lacking. Any good double basis for opposing her Republicans are turning to unfair smears smears in the world of law. Kid credentials don't get any better than hers. A graduate of Harvard College Harvard LAW School. She clerk for judges in the federal district court, blah blah blah but lacking any grounds for opposition. Republicans are resorting to slime. Some are criticizing her because she worked as a public defender.
I didn't even know she worked as a public defender. My gosh she going to be on the Supreme Court? I didn't know that. Did you know that stew, that's one of the worst things that could possibly happen to America, a public defender? That's now on the Supreme Court, she represented poor people who have not heard one, not one person to take care that she was a public defender in a negative way. Nope Why know? Why? Would they? Why would diminish is part of legal Sis we all understand as part of the legal system to the LOS Angeles time. What's really going on here is a Republicans believe that they can appeal to their political base by opposing any democratic pick for the Supreme Court that there are willing to resort to whatever it takes. Oh, is that would Republicans didn't exactly they accuse her of rape yet because I I miss the bolted on that one have accused her of a murder have accused him of her
I mean you know, I will tell you I do here. I now that Lindsey Graham, is going to question her about a test took in the fourth grade- oh my god, oh my god yeah, and we can have somebody cheat on the test she cheated on that test. She cheated on that data. Out of there get her out, it was the you know her, test on that. What happened on little House on the prairie, and you know she was supposed to read the book. Apparently Didn'T- and you know it because it's full of white people how understandable? Yes, that's the fight, we're gonna have a systemic, yes, what they did. It really is unbelievable and forgive believe Is it just me that, just as like move on, because you can't it's hard did not feel that way they have to have to job, but I I don't think it does not feel like a real effort, if you're looking for full out, you know not cavern
like I know, no one on the right once a cabinet like attack, at least a serious push back in an attempt to win over a couple of Democrats establish nomination, you're, not gonna, get it here yet you're, not if the absolutely not- and you know what Unlike the Democrats that think that everyone who opposes them has slime in their closet not everybody has slime in their closet fine slime you should expose. It knew dark times Hunter Biden, you expose it and she's going be, Don't make it up terrible Supreme Court justice and be wrong on every single thing, but she is qualified for the job. She it similar to cabin on the way. The cabin, I think should have gone, which is okay. We disagree with everything you going to say about the constitution, but Obviously qualified. That's capital, that's her, but that doesn't mean you don't push back against those things and make sure that people understand where she stands cause she's going to be. She doesn't
where's the constitution in the way that a Supreme Court justice should these destinations have caught at the best of the good that programme, I am surrounded by an the family of people who have their life back because of relief factor, I'm one of them. I was in pain and got to the point to where I just couldn't, do it anymore? I also feel, like you know, I just I can't get up another day and we have our life that because of relief factor, not a tv commercial. It's a it's a group of real people with real results that had real pain. Try. It yourself really factor this.
When he started completely bald. Look at him now doesn't do anything for your hair, but it will help you get out of pain. Give it a shot. Try the three week, quick start, doesn't work move on, but we're here to tell you it works relief, after dot com. All right, I want to introduce you to somebody. His name is John Henry, a Westin. He is the co founder and editor in chief of life site news, dot, com and host of the John Henry Weston show John Henry. How are you, Sir Glenn? good to speak with you. In fact, it's an honor for me as one of the original pioneers against cancel culture, a you're, a real hero wow. Thank you very much. I wanted to talk to you about something that I don't think a lot of Americans know about. I think Catholics might, but they I don't know if they know what is half and how important what is happening with the Pope.
I believe this Friday. Can you take us through slowly and explain as you go along absolutely so as as you've covered? Actually very often, we have seen a global revolution for all her last hundred years, but but especially in the last hundred years and very often, Heaven is very helpful in warning us of what's going on now
One of the things that I want to do is I want to encourage your listeners not to trust what I'm saying to go and verify for themselves, because they can do that nowadays. So in nineteen seventeen there was the most stupendous public miracle in the history of the world after the resurrection and ascension of our Lord Jesus Christ. In Heaven it was in October of nineteen seventeen October thirteenth, in fact, and you can go and look at the newspapers. Reports from all over Portugal happened in Coimbra, Portugal, in the in the at the Cova day area at the time in Portugal, and that, go and look at all the newspaper reports, trees, shepherd children, poor as church mice, couldn't read, couldn't write or were receiving visions actually from Heaven actually didn't know what they were seeing. First, they saw an angel a in ninth in the year before and are teaching them to pray in reparation
for since being committed against our Lord and all the things that we deal with normally, but in nineteen seventeen starting in may they saw one from a Heaven. Are they later learned that it was the mother of Jesus who appeared to them? She asked the three little kids to show up on the thirteenth of the month for six consecutive months, so they started this and the rumors started to spread the you know. No one saw anything except the little kids, but they would hear these messages and they were secrets to be held, and so on. One of the first messages, one of the first vision that they saw was Hell It was opened up before them and they saw many people falling into hell and they knew it was for all eternity and how horrible that was, and they were told that this is hell were sold a portion,
so. This is what happens, means unbelievable stuff, seen by little children, seven, eight and ten years old at the time. And what happens is this? if more, more popular in always things are people are interested in the stored Neri D. They think this is happening, but or showing up first by the hundreds, then actually by the thousands but other things. Three little kids kneeling down in a field middle. Nowhere and they're just praying but they're, saying all sorts of extraordinary things and rumours started. Well, MR so eventually thousands of people start coming such so much so that the government, at the time beer, which was leaning communist against religion hated the catholic faith wanted to do away with it were like. Oh we're disturbed. This is terrible. There's many people coming out to this nonsense. So in August they forbid the three little kids August, they ve forbidden to going to their normal appointment. If you will at the covert area with
the woman from Adam and these they have to skip because they're they're basically arrested their threatened, and then they go back and they are told that in October it would be a miracle so that people could all believe what they're saying- and this is superfluous, because the government, at the time that again hate Craven- wants this proof has seen these thousands of people racked by two tarried. Tens of thousands showing up for this thing has decided good will let them show up in October, because we know that this is all be ass and well let these little kids make a fool of the catholic Church and will show everybody at this is all nonsense, and so
The government restrict the crowd, but they also encourage the media of the time set. So your doubts and the media are ready to absolutely bland base this and take a town as as their wants, to do and yet what happened so calm noontime way was posed. Habit is waning. Cats and dogs. Already people, we know what a sham, besides I'm sure, the and the photographers are going nuts with all but history. This is going to be. It's really juicy here. Are these idiots standing out here in mud everywhere, because in the middle of a field- and it's just disgusting.
and do the little kids kneel down in the middle of this mud in disgust and a Lucy one of the three kids yells look at the sun. The sun begins to spin gyrate on it's axis and then throw off various colors, and then it starts to dance in the sky. Can then it comes hurtling towards the earth so much so that people know there's. Seventy thousand people there can there's waters from everywhere photographing this and you can see in the photos the rain people all standing there and umbrellas, and it was horrible like a muddy field and then use you you what happens? Is the sun hurdles toward the earth, they think they're all gone
Dai people start kneeling down in the mud screaming out there. Sin thing you know repent. I repent their pets because they honestly think it's the end of the world and then all of a sudden just as fast as it started, and this by the way only takes less than a minute. Everything goes back to normal. The sun goes back to where it belongs. Everything is back to normal, except one thing is weird: everything is dry like there was no rain, so is it stood pen this miracle witnessed by seventy thousand people and photographs, and I would crude your readers to your listeners to go and check it out, check out the newspaper articles they're all over the net, because it was so stupid, but this was headwinds warning in nineteen seventeen about what was to come to read for you, the exact words of the woman from Heaven or lady
as gatherings cover or the mother of Jesus, as if she would be known popularly. She said- and this is the count from the three little kids, the oldest of whom was kept alive, actually sister, C a joined a convent later and lived in Coimbra, Portugal or in the convent, her little cousins. Your Cinta and Francisco both died at the time and they died of plague and and they suffered actually horrible deaths, but they offered up. all of their sufferings in union, with Jesus, his own suffering, on the cross, to expiate or to to to repair. Lord for these outrageous, mankind. John Henry. There are three secrets that they were, that the kids were given and the first two, I believe, have been revealed and then the third one is the prophecy of nuclear war or.
Or is that another that the second yeah it's a little bit complicated because of the way it is worded, so the first secret would have been division of hell that we already described okay in next or second secret. Is what I'm about to read to you exactly what the explanation of that vision was. The third secret, if you will, is a another vision that a receive and then there's a missing part because notice how, with the first secret or first was a victim and then came part. Two explanation. Part three is another vision, accept, there's no explanation this time, and that is what is thought to be
the missing components and we'll get into that. Okay. So these are the words directly from our lady, the mother of Jesus from Heaven to the children. She said you have seen hell with a souls of poor sinners, go to save God wishes to establish the world devotion to my immaculate heart, and that is the end emotion to the heart of Mary, which beats for the love of Jesus. So if What I say to you is done: she continued many souls would be saved and there will be peace. The war is going to end up as the first mover worthy soon, banking, simply so the wars going to end. But if people do not cease offending God, a worse one will break out during the reign of pious. The eleven. Now that very interesting,
because of course, there is no pious, the eleventh at the time. This is nineteen seventeen, so they don't even have a pious, the eleventh and then she's, obviously then predicting the Second World war. She says, and she goes on to prevent this. I shall to ask for consecration of Russia to my immaculate heart and the community. Reparation the first saturdays and I'll. Explain that isn't she says, and this is where the prophecies of doom come. It is requests are heated, Russia will be converted and there will be peace. If not, she will spread her errors throughout the world, causing wars and prosecutions against the church. The good will be monitored. The holy Father them
various nations will be annihilated. In the end, my MAC, you hardly triumph. The holy Father will consecrate rushed to me and she will be converted and a certain period of peace granted to the world. Okay. So who is the pope during the first question? Who was the Pope during World WAR? Two that Pius, the twelfth is the Pope from a. I think it was forty two and very interesting Lee she tries to do this now in you're too heavens request. There have been a number poacher tried. A lot of them didn't bother
not a lot. There is the only rarely talking about. I could leave this eight popes, but Pius the twelfth twice. He could see the build up and in in October forty two already he does a consecration, but he doesn't do it exactly the way our lady requested, if you notice in their request and he said. I will come back to ask when she comes back. It's it's actually, one thousand nine hundred and twenty nine and I can read for you the request she says twenty nine. So now the first two children died sister Lucy is in the convent, and our Lord appears to says the moment has come when God asks. holy Father to make union law bishops to the world the consecration of Russia. This is our names the controversial Russia to my immaculate heart promising to save it by this means now the keywords our moms crumbled. God has asked for the Holy Father,
I spoke to make any union with all the bishops of the world, the consecration of Russia. Tonight I can target so here's the interesting part. So nineteen, forty two you have Pope Pius the twelfth try it in nineteen in October. First, so he tried it. He does the conservation, yes of the world, not a Russia and even by the other. Their sister Lucy already starts to write. Wait a minute didn't work because you didn't do it exactly as we asked for he tries it again. It December same thing not involving all the other bishops, not mentioning Russia in in fifty two in July of fifty two. He actually does mention Russia, but doesn't do it with all the other bishop, and so you know, there's tries, but again it's not done exactly no to to give an example of how severe it is to not do it exactly. I point you to recent articles. If you go to license,
and check these article about recently there a couple priests who are watching videos of their own back to them and in about ISM the priest baptizing these little children who are later priests says we baptize you in the name of the father and right right, and yet it's invalid. Why? Because the words that Jesus taught for baptism that are used throughout the scriptures are absolutely to be used and if they're not used properly, the baptism is invalid. It's the city I that type locate so think of how small that is so the work so super important. So let take another break and I'm going to come back and now I, when I ask you what is the Pope doing and is because of as you wrote in one of your articles, this this plays a role somehow or another Ukraine, Kiev and Russia, something
about that. We think, and the Pope all of a sudden has said: hey. We have to do this, work, he doing, and is he gonna? Do it right, and we'll we'll continue our conversation here in just a second, you can read all of these stories on life site, news, dot, com, life, site, news, dot, com, I know we have a lot of crisp. Listen to the programme, a lot of people that are are not catholic, I'm not catholic, but I think any time. I do believe that God, Knows what's going on, we should put our faith in God and not in man, and any faith that is trying to appeal to Heaven We should be aware of and pray for ourselves as well well the
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