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President Trump and Joe Biden’s dueling town halls couldn’t have been more different. NBC’s moderator Savannah Guthrie practically debated Trump, while ABC’s George Stephanopoulos was calm with Biden. Trump denounced white supremacy for the umpteenth time and was also asked about Q-Anon. Glenn proves just how left-leaning the executives at Facebook and Twitter are. Heroes American Café owner John Jackson joins after his diner was shot at, allegedly for being pro-police.

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Patriots election day is fast approaching. The radical Democrats are doing everything in their power to stop President Trump from winning and we want to make sure patriots like you are heard. This is the election of our lifetime, of both for peace, Donald Trump is a vote to save our country. We need you. to commit to voting on November third text poles. YO, Ella less to AIDS. RO due to to find your pulling location
man it's Friday and we have quite a show for yet come up tomorrow. We release to the general public, have three p m or podcast with Billow Riley. If MR conversations you're gonna get a great one tomorrow and Applaud cast if you're, obviously subscriber you get it, but you got it last night make sure you make sure you check that out. Today's podcast, we went through the debate. We talk to you and others have watched the debate. We are we just we over how good Savannah Guthrie and again, when you say debate you mean between Savannah Guthrie and Donald Trump could have salute way. It was whose inaccurate it it was absolutely crazy. We have that coming up. Also my twitter storm. That happens. You don't want to miss. I talk about the accomplishments of Donald Trump and Stew, talks about the accomplishment of the number of dead caused by Governor Cuomo all on today's about cast by the way, I think it's the last date and take advantage of the toad save our election to save twenty bucks off your police tv subscription. I will say that we are at a time where we seen unprecedented attack censorship without the subscriptions and your subscriptions. We are basically depended on all these big tech companies to exist, so we are counting on you. We are counting on you, save our election. Twenty bucks offer sufficient to please dvd com slashed. Let me talk to you a little bit about the debate. We talked about it all last hour. We played some clips from it
why is it that it seems like the Democrats always get an easier path and then when you listen to the news it like they weren't even watching it last night Donald Trump did very very well. He stayed com, they talked about how it was. Chaos was only chaos, because Savannah Guthrie kept interrupt being the president. And if you watch Joe Biden, oh well, it was a very different debate. It was Donald was hostile and yeah Joe Biden was not. It was a very different feel well, who made it hostile. it wasn't Donald Trump don't from was being corrected. that attack didn't cut off constantly and he pushed what you should do, but there is no reason for Joe Biden to push back because he was being questioned by a friendly. Yes,. So how friendly are they
We just give you. Let me just give you in social media now. Remember we trust the social media world to be able to. to share stories. Well, we learned this week. You can't share stories the blaze the place, was flagged for advertising a show about action. Fraud. We were throttled and flagged foreign. ad free of tweeting out a message that said you have to watch tonight show its on election fraud. How wait what we were flag because headlines can be misread. Headlines can be deceiving, you need more context here. Yes, and we have it at nine p M Eastern mean. Excuse me, So why is this happening? Well, let just go through some of the people that work at these places, Jack Dorsey.
He's the ceo of Twitter he's an active democratic donor. Oh the court has Stani director inexact If chairman, he, at five hundred and thirty thousand dollars with Jack Dorsey Donation to the ACL. You then, he donated thousands over the years to candidates and the deep sea Net Siegel is their CFO, he has a history of donating to democratic candidates. Evan Williams, former Twitter, CEO, current board member. He donated eight hundred thousand dollars and twenty sixteen two hundred and twenty nine thousand in twenty eighteen, four hundred and sixty five in twenty twenty he's up lodge eyes for twitters role in acting Donald Trump. Jim COIN Yea public power see director she's in charge of government election partnerships
leading global governments and political publishers, including content strategy for twitter she interned. Anne was pressed secretary for multiple democratic politicians, plus worked the Rachel mad cow, show Nicholas Priscilla, see your communications manager and former communications manager for Come Harris. He was the press budgetary, come Allah Harris Carlos Maloney, former director of public policy. He laughed to join Joe Biden transition team work the White House under the Obama administration worked under Laurie Clinton brand. in Borman VP of global communications. He don't I Thousands recently to Joe Biden was the media spokesmen for the decision to fact check trumps tweets.
Those are the people at Twitter. Where are the world? conservatives here's Facebook marks, Cooper donated some two Republicans, but mainly Democrats is currently donating all the voting boxes, so you can be go to a facebook box and just stuff your ballot in their chairs. and Burg. The chief operating officer donated primary primarily to Democrats openly. I'm a crack and endorsed Hillary Clinton and Stone, the policy communications directorate, Facebook. He joy. The Democratic House, majority pack, he was the press secretary to democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and the press. secretary to Senator Barbara boxer. Anna Mccann Jus. She is the
global policy. Man manager, she's in charge of global elections. She worked for Joe Biden, donated divided and twenty twenty and clean In twenty sixteen, Brian Rice, the director of public policy, was the legislative assistant for John Kerry for three years Probably or is the global public policy person. She was in the office of the EU, Us Trade Representative Executive office for the president for seven years, when the president was Obama so have Jessica hurts former Jim actor and Associate General Council she overseas the ethical issues and transit transition team for Joe Biden. She worked on the on principle, deputy council in that office under the Vice President Biden from two thousand twelve to two thousand fourteen. I don't know, Stu. What are you I mean? Is era
Have you noticed a trend with all of the people that are in senior positions at Facebook or Twitter, almost too far right. Is this what I'd? Well that's one way of, looking at it and I'm sure the press would look at it that way, you think there be some to something that this is a crazy concept? Diversity, diversity of food diversity. You now know it's not it's not necessary, no well, they they actually I believe, think they are diverse because they I have You know some Hillary Clinton supporters in there. You know so you know so. You you go from Antigua at two. Hillary Clinton wisely have the whole spectrum there, yet at its edge. I was thus into somebody been some pot costs. I think, and was a liberal who was talking about this bank, of complaining about the the Woke culture that sort of world and explaining to
in an interesting way, where liberals and then people in them left inherently understand that if you dont, have any black people or Hispanics or women had place theirs. Of diversity, you're, not getting all those different viewpoints, They inherently get that and if you were to say, I'm going to hire all white people, they wouldn't We say that's a terrible thing right here. when it comes to actual differences in thought. Not skin color, which is denotes, doesn't necessarily form your beer viewpoints, your actual differences in thought. They can't understand why you'd even include someone who's just moderately left, let alone a conservative, you dont any people around everyone has to agree. Everyone has to understand that sexual preference is now an insult like all
These things have to either of these hard core rules. You can't break any of them. Anyone with any different opinion needs to be. You know expunged as people Many exploit, that's not. How do you over pronounced spawn, there's like an extra You know what happened, but that is that I think that's the way they think- and you know I think, you'd think that Social media companies who again get half of their money from cancer. Of additives. clicking on ads what stand this and want to please that audience, but they seem to be doing because it's about race, the the Only thing that is diverse is sexual, dare I say: preference unlike Anorexia, you're about to Saint Ryan, sexual orientation, yeah that that's that's the Lee differences. They don't think that A difference in opinion is important. A dick
and, in opinion, has to stopped because they know the truth and that Ruth is all white people are racist, so ICE people, by which I mean they are they by definition, racist. not. You know clan sort of racist. I dont think, although when it comes to Jews. Many on the left are the Van see kind of racist. Are they? They are racist because that's the only filter they see they disagree with Martin Luther King and what Martin, the king said was judge me by who I am what I do, what my character is judged, me by my skills and my talent and MIKE character and what I can do is he set hate that literally just like that. You love sexual preference, and now they hated look at the writing. Abrams Candy, who could outwards
Explains this and says you should be discriminating against white people. I think you to cease its basic described. It is the people who created the system, he's Mean Alex implicit and explicit at times. That's just white people right so The only way to solve those problems that he sees from the past real and imagined is too as he says, discriminate in the future discriminate in the present discriminate he's advocating for discrimination and his book is on the shelves. The target in America right now on the respond by and on the cap by the way and most of them. So if you go Five you're walking through a target you're gonna, see antiracist baby by IRAN, Ex candy, and this These are the things he's advocating and targeting babies with baby white babies, Would the white babysit it's true. I guess people, babies of color do not need this.
information rights, but why does it is anti racist Brecht wiping out erases from birth, so you have to? teaching them that these are unhealthy practices, gonorrhea society. They really are really honest everything if, if you looking to destroy a society which they are its breathing than you would say you wanted to do. I mean it I saw the the pot. and his party USA from the night, seen twenties their life, of things they felt they had to do Destroy America, its We then it's happening right now, everything it's happening right now. All that, conspiracy, theory? because there were like fifteen things on the list every one of them have been done. What are the odds that that just mysteriously happen that way, Nothing nothing was done to stop the district and of America by its foes internally
all of the foes list. That was done wow what go? Windsor programme was quite near rodeo. That's why I wanted to bring Mr Pat Break from the pet gray, radio, roundup loaded Cowboy orchestra and I'll bet tee that's not the neighbors show. Nor do I have to reject that. You do I'm cowboys zoology band. They voted no big fat to precision nerdy and now we are no notice of Jerry. That was our are so do I I I you, when you watch what happened,
and then you listen to the report. The next day I swear to you. They were watching something else, ya. Absolutely I mean yeah it isn't it interesting that they just replaced the Trump Biden Debate with Trump Guthrie Iowa, that's down, just amazing, cheaper Twentyman, the president. First, twenty minutes, this post be a town hall. and you notice the day they passed. Joe Biden, all of questions about Donald Trump, not a single question about the news that broke this week on hundred by no, not a single question about all the documents, the compound abble unconscionable, all occupant sitting about the last four weeks, not a single question at areas with me on this. I actually don't have a problem with Savannah Guthrie going after the President, like that, if bite in all
who gets that? Yes, I I don't mind. I don't necessarily mind tough questions and then going back and even correcting aided him. Research was the best what you thought he hated that guy and then he turned to the other guy, and you, like, I beg you. It's him to. It was badly still it was palate and tough questions on each side and Trump handle her. I thought very easily when, when she was coming after me, well know you didn't know no really didn't know. I listened NPR and the New York Times today. Oh no it showed his ugly side. Loaded is ugly cited in. She didn't show any ugliness at all. We know shop in according to see, and Anna Brian still turn its the work of her career, yeah instead there is there is. This is lack of effort at this point to even attempt
for journalists to sell to retire family sort of object of a diamond ring to hide it in. Oh, no, it is two weeks left that you're gonna get the job done b. I once they get him out of office. They cannot try to fake that their journalists saying you know I'd. Even if somebody thought I should be fair. I should I should Ask him questions About Joe Biden, son gave me mine is a big news, even if they thought they should be fair. They never would because they know they return to the newsroom and they would be an outcast and they look at themselves from two thousand sixteen it I've heard. So many of them admit this Ipod CAS and articles anything else. They think they He spent too much time on Hillary Clinton emails and that's the reason why Hillary Clinton lost so we can't do it again, and they just given up on trying to show both sides like I think it you doesn't. Sixty in their mindset was hilarious, gonna win,
So, let's throw some articles out there about some, you know, look little scandal and will throw them out there. So we can say we we we criticised both sides are we covered both sides and now like war, would last time we did that it didn't work. So now we just have to go all out, but we cannot only for we can't even ask a cow Juno out Hunter bodily. It's not. What so scary is it's not just the press who feels that way? We know Google Facebook Twitter. They all felt the same way they set it right after we, to allow this to happen again. So every and is pulling out every stop and they don't care because they think Don. Tromp is so bad. The dead, the and justify the means it doesn't matter what in principle they violate, they will violated pathetic, then again and for the millionth time Savannah
Guthrie, acting as if the president has never denounced white supremacy and again for the millions that we just played a thing this week Maybe you guys it to the seventeen times have been documented. Do you have any stated announce Sarah go and pulled up? If you have it, let me die mean over and over and over and over he's denounced white supremacy. The K K, K David Duke I mean he literally got out of a party in ITALY you're, two thousand, because diva do got into it and took it over and that's when he left Africa Reform Reform Party, yeah, and so again last night. He clearly and definitively denounced at all, and she acted like why have you waited so long? It's unbelievable w easy did it that of in the interview that they said
he'd ever he said just good people on both sides. He sailed ass. He said the sentence before look at talking about the White supremacist right should be damned I'm not talking godlike supremacist and nazis, and people like that re should be condemned what I'm saying quiet I was there. I saw the same things you saw. There were good people on both sides that were their rank ass, a right. How is that different, then? Every tee for when they're saying no there there are. There were good, people there. That was a protest. You know how it's different. They were say that x, I'm not talking about the rioters in those rowing molotov cocktails and cry and for the shooting of cops. I'm not talking about those those people be condemned. I'm talking about the good people. That were there to March FF, or black lives.
I would say that you don't have to say they don't have to everyone imply if everyone understands, of course, NATO, they dont, think anything bad and we keep forgetting that. Even during the debate. The first thing he said what question was asked about whether or not he D Ve, he denounces white supremacy, was sure sure he said and then to more times yet later on. I look, he said it three times. He denounced it when they say he didn't an end again rehashing. I guess this stuff again, like the wording used in the question during the debate was, will you ask them to stand down and he said stand back and stand by which seems like he basically butchered the
was trying to disclose language ever butchers things, and he always done and no no, he didn't I made last. They now doesn't want using her faked core advert versions of perfect door and when he crapsey his words, he thinks he pauses. Yes, he's deliberate and we all know that yesterday they asked and the like. You know the ESA healthcare question and he said the problem without bomber care. Is that its very bad? the problem in the same answer about the thirty seconds there and the problem with about Bulgaria. Is it's not good? It's not great Barboza I agree with both those things. It's not quite that detailed again. This is who we all understand that about Donald Trump. I think the press tries to use that against him fact that he doesn't work things in precise ways like stay. Back in standby makes no sense to turn it into some sort of a hard arms stand by if anything, Please don't do anything right, it doesn't make like it here: quoting there
usually jailing dying. There are used in the quite right and he beyond this, he's done it as we just talked about a hundred times already like he didn't want to do, white supremacy, he wouldn't do it over and over and over again, and if he secretly did like white supremacy, he wanted just it. When it during the debate for the first time? None, makes any sense. I have to tell you too. I dont know why Nobody asked Joe Biden to denounce and teeth which is currently. burning cities down and making threats on line that they are going to be even worse. After the election, he's not asked a single question Q and on I don't even know what cure Non really is. I don't know the whole thing. I don't anybody else. Nobody knows nobody knows this, and so, when he's asked about it, will you condemn them? I dont know anything really about him, another against pedophilia pedophiles, DR yeah. That's
That's about all I know, and they also think that there is a deep state were islands right, but I dont know very rightly about yeah exactly. I have no idea what does it and he actually made this for disadvantaged three, which was in a just because you say it doesn't mean its fact. When you talking? I think it is about Q and on what are you saying it and it's like well, if I just cept your analysis of this group. I don't know anything about them,
I am denouncing a group- and I might find out later, that you're lying to me about it. Well, I guess, has lie with proper boys threat was our he doesn't know anything about that raises their leader. I is black. Hair leader is black. How? How does that were plenty? A black leaders at the k, K, Caitlin Doll, their working hours are building were the ones those will they had a stake in it. Yes, they were tied to the stake and bore a thump me see again. Do I think he knows a little bit more about Q. He probably does he knows it's built out of his supporters. Doesn't like a mountain bashing, there's probably some element of that, but again no one knows or cares about this topic. This is not an important topic. Theirs Paul. I sought today that it's something like Twenty five percent of Americans have ever even heard of it. I miss her was Mozilla presidential debate. I mean
if anything you're just drawing people to go, look at what the hell does is, and some percentage of them are going to find it and think it's true and get involved in it and how many would deal references. Are there? It's like their everywhere review to listen to the mainstream media, and I never see them that Europe may never see a whole. Why did you see that video journalists, but he say that those people are both cycle? Tortures both You mean you haven't, king dies the racism that is in you you're on the light nine year old races. So your auto, whose voice approaches it is, I don't know, look in the mirror white and meanwhile, over on eighty see, George step. Annapolis now now think do you think Bill O Reilly would end. Be allowed to host a debate. Now he's. just a guy from facts. But what are you in fact bill O used to piss me off.
I mean he would say things and he would support things and he was so up with veto with Burma, go they're, turning the Obama administration seeing any these connections he's a guy who actually, I think, has given people affair shake when thereon Geek. you kidding me they we never let him hold a debate or or hosted debate. They would never accept it. George Stephan, not police, the guy, who was the spin master in thy Hillary Clinton campaign and been there's, been master forever. He's asking the questions amazing. I mean. Russia, who is also a Democrat, but hey man ever came from that perspective, and you know, maybe you could make that transition, but has Stephan Apple is successfully done that now the last guy they were gonna have you know, do a debate got suspended because he was
lying about being hacked on twitter one, we usually only irritate with scar, Muti yeah he's trying to he's trying to get dirt on Donald Trump. He was supposed to be the moderator he's from selling ban and he's trying to get dirt on Donald Trump. So he can add that dirt from scary movie, her height wow, then he says: that's not true. Someone stole my, and I am the fbi- is on it in their open to find out who hacked into my computer. Will the FBI he'd get on it and it shows now that he was lying about it. So yesterday he had to admit that he lied about his computer other I think he was going to jail. He was still should go to jail for lying to the FBI. He was supposed to moderate a presidential debate last night, yet this man, it will now be suspended. Unready was lying and trying to get a bird upon the president. This is how add. This is this is not a made up problem. It is
legitimate proch watch. Those two debates are to town halls. Last night Donald Trump was constantly being attacked, tending Rueda, three uninterrupted constantly nest. early posed to that, but I am opposed to it when the opposite and the other channel Joe Pie, basically being hugged, knows no? It was a warm gathering. He had plenty of time to explain himself. No one called out anything He said as wrong: no they came out with tough questions about the main news stories that we're out there. critical, hastened his China policy, nothing, they they act. we came out there go take a break. They act we came out this morning and say what Joe Biden is saying about the Supreme Court he said, he'll have to wait and see what happens when he saying is. This stem is so broken down
If he's going to fix it. Yes, he may pack the court but he'll take they hits for it and he'll be a four year. President, an area They can hate him, but that's what you, to do to fix America It was their analysis on on the New York Times daily. Today I became it's incredible. This is the best one big programme, John Jackson. He has the honour of the Heroes American CAFE this is in Portland Oregon and he has this Faye that supports heroes. I mean he's a former marine, he's a black guy. So you know and he support the police in any of the first responders, etc, etc. Well and anti for doesn't like that too much so
and Tita last week began compiling a list of all of the non friendly businesses in Portland, a company, I'm quoting them any company. The tank blue lives garbage in their store or anything else. That's Anti Belem Movement well somebody said heroes. American CAFE on South Park blocks gives profits to. our heroes cops wells, many call them and then violence began and we we talked to him now welcome to the programme. John, thank you for. She would you have me on your back so tell the phone call came in a few days before You were shot at. Tell me about it. We got a phone call that we cannot just thought it was. A kind of
Random kind of Craig CALL, so we would just dismiss daily. We really didn't think we gave no validity whatsoever until after the event them, then we can look back. you say: well, maybe we should about thought about it, a little more. What would you have done I mean you, can call police there. Do they take it seriously, the police are understand. Overwhelmed and and and somewhat misguided on their focus, so all around and cheaper Leah. The rioters in answering name one one call, so they would have responded in any case they didn't respond to shots fired. So they never responded to shots fired. They eventually came out. But two days later, oh my car hire yeah. They dated spot we are. We called nine one one.
report times that we watched him drive around the block just following the protesters and eventually we flag there a supervisor down he jumped out very friendly covers three other officers with them we show them and he was concerned. He called it an and still no response what what what? What? What does that tell you what what's happening there? You tell me the leadership is misguided. The focus is misguided. I think the tolerance for violence is, is at an all time high. I think, then, that shots fired at all absorb a lot of people that they would rule what my window or through a cheer through it. That's one thing but to seek bullet hole in in your storefront. That take you back. You know about fifty years in this
country- yes, it does so tell me You were sitting right where one of the bullets went through just before the shooting up and right you and your son. here. We were we. I worked that day with my son, my eleven year old Son, and we were right where the book one at a window. Panes the bullet penetrated couple hours earlier. and this happened on the indigenous Peoples day of rage. Which was Sunday I what However, that is she had had yeah. That's it that's a whole. Another story. I get, so. Are you to tell me about yourself? If you don't mind, are you a conservative in word lend I didn't think they had any. Or are you were an independent? What you tell
about yourself. You know when it comes to politics, so I'm really more of an independent thinker, idle curio card or any party good for you? I voted, and this would be my tent president. your election and I'm probably right down the metal on one side or the other. This time lifetime is gonna. Ask me sought, yeah right into a ah. I really vote it Hilary more than about it for trot, be quite up right. This time it's quite different. I called at the honeymoon period this time would marry me. And did this play a role in that others, this we always I leaning toward tramper, just looking at her regular it about Joe Biden,
seven years in politics and just couldn't see landmark phase that very accomplished over these years and then think about strong and the things are present and chop is dead a very hostile environment I wouldn't want to be to be quite honest. Man is not perfect, just like on my perfectly you're, not perfect, but he's got a pretty damn good job So why do you have you been for this movement or just tolerated, or a kind of numb inside with this movement. I mean I really, and I think most Americans don't understand where, The people of Portland are who don't believe in
burning the city down to the ground, or I could tell you this this Pritchett experience, has shown me I didn't know the answer to that question to just three very four days ago. The people of port men are the same as they have always been. The pit pour it. Man really are good people and the people of Oregon a good, solid people. These are the people of Portland. These are all end the people of these are agitators instigators and factions better, better focused on Portland, but the people of port men have on their written to the occasional appears. To be honest, I got one one hate email from anyone in point. I believe that more from so it really does show me that the people of Portland are against violent. These are the people affected
so you have, I mean we ve release in the other partner countries. Think you have a really bad mare, but you I mean the woman that is now running for mayor- is even worse. He sees full fledged Antigua a full fledged marxist is. She gonna win, that. I don't know how that happens. You know it's better. Jumping out of the pot into the fire I would agree TAT Wheeler, he really really we better Anne and be more deliberating what he does and more focused in clean this mess up, but I've heard exactly which you refer to measures of which
in sent. No is there something there's our line that that will be crossed or could be cross? That would say I'm out I'm just out. I'm not gonna have my family or any more for me yeah. I would say that lie doesn't exist. because we're we're not made that way. Marines aren't are made that way, and families that made their way we're not the victim eyes and terrorized to believe even a week for different reasons, I won't be deterred by the these ever go on now. As far as the city goes, I think that the people of Portland They will put random up or they can do something we need to get a strong. There will bear that mainly and
we need to turn its back into the beautiful city it once was. Portland is beautiful, really truly beautiful? Thank you so much. I really appreciate your time. I'm glad you're safe and it's good talking, you John stay safe up their important as they were less danger again, please One get out in both and once we vote, let's dandy, I knew everyone's, but let's stop this divisiveness and get some stuff. Thank you so much
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