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Obamagate blows the lid off the Deep State, and tonight on GlennTV, Glenn will dive into the documents that prove Obama himself was the chief architect. What is “unmasking,” and why is it such a big deal? Dr. Fauci testified before the Senate, and while Sen. Rand Paul says he’s not the “end-all” voice on the coronavirus, many on the Left still take his word as gospel. Award-winning investigative journalist Lara Logan joins to break down Obamagate and the FBI’s abuse of power in the Michael Flynn case.

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Welcome to the forecasts. Today we go into Obama gate. Yes, the breakdown of the full investigation. What act without actually means- and is it helping trumps approval reading- will get into that? Should we be sending kids back to school, Patrick Peccary unleashed is part classes available to subscribed to you should do that for sure make sure you go and and and get that every every single day, but that he talks about that, and it really is an amazing a case. Mara Logan is on how she's talking about Michael Flint as well and all the crazy things media. Any Obama administration were doing on that one and waiting to be time to go back to the movie theater truth Disneyland a cruise. We jacket
that and Seattle police officer is saying, he's like an enforced. These crazy restrictions on people and he's already getting repercussions for that will give you all the details today. The pod, castor victory, subscribe to this package and rate and review at five stars being the appropriate amount of stars also go to stew. Does America as well, you can do the same on this point. This platform, for you can watch it on Youtube. Every night for free, just go to Youtube and search for stooped.
The first one there go to place TB, Dotcom, Slash, Glenn, pretty promo code, Glenn and thirty bucks off is to think that ends on Friday. So if you want to get the thirty bucks off, you gotta do it this week, police tv dot, com, Slash, Glenn promo code is gland. Here's the blackest maintain. Let me give you, let me give you a really great outlined. This is coming from the Wall Street Journal and Kimberley process says the newest Federal Bureau of Investigation documents in the case of former Whitehouse National Security adviser Michael Flynn are stunning in themselves, but the total How of Mr Flynn treatment shocks? The conscience mister in twenty seventeen pleaded guilty to a single count of lying. The FBI agents converse about conversations. He had
the russian ambassador to the Eu S. Thanks to new documents. The feds belatedly turned over to his attorneys. We know now the FBI engineered this crime hand, ridden notes from former FBI, Counter Intelligence Head bill precept. Made before the bureau's Interview of Flynn, ask the following what our goal here, admission or to get him to lie, so we can prosecute him or getting fired one frustrations, Kimberly Straw, rights of the Trump Russia Collusion narrative is the end of law enforcement abuse of power keeps emerging in dribs and drabs to grow The outrageous conduct fully the flint Documents need to be added to what we already know. The overall evidence paints a scandalous picture, having led
bird and a visibly abysmally failed in twenty sixteen to build a case that Mr Flynn was an agent of the Russians, the FBI, Justice Department change gears rifling through his communications, inventing a freak fate, crime and entrapping him on a lying charge. Now I go through in tonight it to do. Do not Miss tonight show tonight show is at the chalkboard I'm coming in, because I need the chalkboard to explore this to you. When you understand what is really happening it blow the lid off of the deep state, and it goes all the way to Barack Obama. Barack Obama is the chief protect of this, and there is argumentation to prove it. We now know this is why DOT Barack Obama came out so quickly. Last week it was This is ridiculous. I e the rule of law is at stake. The air, the rule of law is at stake
that's why we should pursue this. This overturns not only garage Obama returns, Brennan and Yeats have the power. Maybe even Joe Biden. Definitely Barack Obama. Is it over and the intelligence deep state it over. Earned Adam Schiff and everything that was happening in Washington and the media. This is the whole ball a wax. Now this This is coming together now, with these f hi documents, we're closing the Flynn case, and this is really important on January forth. The effort, eyes, crossfire hurricane team spent twenty
Sixteen checking all the databases for derogatory information on Flynn. They ran down every accusation that he had ties to the Russians. They struck out, in fact, Brennan was getting information from the Russians that showed this is So loudly wrong and he held back all of that information. So they struck out completely then January forth Peter struck, sent a text message saying hey. If you haven't closed the Flynn case, don't do so yet seventh floor involved, so the floor is the breast the FBI. So now something happened so wait a minute, the day before. They are closed. The case. Then Peter struck says hey by the way. Some new information
We we we, we D, close the case. Yet so what was the new information? Well, the new information was that Barack Obama had got it had gotten involved. The Obama administration, superseded all the stuff from the FBI and They were. They, were starting to unmask Flynn. Now, I want to go through unmasked because they did this over and over again, and this is how the media was involved you know the media. They are they. Co conspirators in this, whether they know it or not. I mean Cheryl Atkinson said that some of them probably were blackmailed into some of this stuff. Perhaps she said because I know they were wiretapping. The the lines of some reporters but other are going around. I think glad
they doing in either get sick office is one of those guys that whether he knows he's being used or not? He maybe you know, like the kind thing to say. Is he just believes in the people? giving him information, he believes there accurate and he just runs with it. This is against the law. Now what is unmasked- and this is really important for you to understand if you're going to watch tonight- show if you want to understand, what's happening, what what? What has happened to Donald Trump and the administration and dangerous our government has gotten when it comes to, any: U S, citizen when somebody is wiretapped or we come across an american, no matter where they live in the world if they are, if they are either being investigated themselves and are being wiretapped or they are just an extra person You know that just happened. Ass paths and is part of this wiretap now, because they're calling in.
Those names always have to be masked. It's for your protection. If they unmask your name and it gets out. All of a sudden. You look like you're. Somebody involved in some big international scheme is remember. The intelligence department, can not. Why tap in the United States? They can't do that. They, have to only do they're looking for foreign problems, so Flynn is talk, to foreign nationals all over the country, so they can wiretap him to see who he's talking to, but just because they suspect something you don't. Ever want to see the name of that individual, because that will make them look. Guilty and it starts to build in people's minds. Oh wait, a minute he's trouble. He might be trouble, so we never unmask. Now.
We never unmasked and release the information to the press, leak, the information to the press. I should say that way: we unmask all the time but here is how it happens, say: you're, a senator and You are going to deal with some one in Let's say England and you no there's something an investigation going on around thing in this area, and so you call national security adviser and you say: hey I'm gonna up to this person. Can you tell me where are they involved at all in this than they have to get permission to unmask? If that name involved, if it is then give that name to the senator and they say yes, he is involved in this- will be very careful great. That's It cannot take that name and do anything with it. That is for his information only for a very specific reason.
You cannot unmask them and then go unit. Did you guys know this guy over here? He's he's involved in these being wiretapped right now you can't do that. That is a felony. If you like, it is a felony I believe the minimum is five years in prison well looks like that's what was happening all over the board. They were on masking names and then using that to leak it Ben roads looks like he was doing it somewhere the power at the? U N, she unmasked hundreds of names. Apparently she denies all of it, but the Documents will show it but the These documents now included an email from the FBI lawyer, LISA page as well, and she debating ways for the bureau to get around its standard of form Admin admiral admonition against lying, so she was, but they were too
to do was cold flynn into lying about something that was at odds with transcript that they had now they The documents now show they tried to get him to not bring his attorney. He knew that they had nothing on them and he knew that there. The FBI was closing the case they, so we just want. I have one more quick conversation about something, but it the total set up and we have all the documentation and they we have occupation that they were trying to get him there without an attorney just letters. Guard down. We're gonna ask him about some transcripts, blah blah blah, so they asked him about his phone call. He talked about the phone call and in it he said I am not sure of my recollection is correct. I dont know I don't I don't transcript of the phone call. You apparently do well here something in there and it looked like he lied about it. So then they went after and they applied pressure and said we're gonna work
your son, we're gonna, drag, through the mud, we're gonna, destroy you was his son. That was the final, the final breaking point which is why Donald Which is why Joe Biden is so dangerous as president his son is dirty and we already know that he'll do anything to protect his son and his family. You can't have that kind of skeleton in a closet so anyway he was protecting his son. He admitted to lying to the FBI, but it was in that particular, a case where they were trying to set him up and entrap him. So Probably the most damning of this- is that the Fbi didn't have a problem at all that
Flynn was not colluding with Russia, everything they opened this case. For that, They got him for that. Get him for any of that and they closing the case and then Obama opened. Ace and had a meeting where all of the principles of his cabinet were there This is kind of kind of big deal kind of a big deal. He not only now not only new rights, Paul said yesterday. I completely believe that not only did he know- and there's of already said that he knew about the conversation and we have, we have the sure under oath transcripts of that now he knew about trying to go after General Flynn, and it was being directed from the White House. I have the expectation that President Obama is in the middle of this I
strongly believe that President Obama gave specific and direct oversight and direct permission for this. Think about that. The media have treated President Obama with kid gloves. Someone aids to ask him directly: did you approve of operation crossfire hurricane? I Eve said, ran Paul. The answer is yes. If you want to know what a gate is all about see it tonight, we're gonna lay it out on the chalkboard I'm coming in, for the first show I've done in, but what two months in our studios and I'm really act to share all this information on a chalkboard in a way you'll be able to understand, make sure that you are watching the blaze tv to night at nine p m it we'll be on PLUTO Tv first run only at nine p m and I believe it's on our you tube and Facebook page nine p m
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it's it's amazing, three journalist out of the five that I trust more than anyone else, Cheryl Atkinson Lara Logan are the two. Ass journalists. I think out there for investigative journalism and the one I trust to do, interviews and and actually ask all the right questions is Megan Kelly. We ve had all three of those on here in the last twenty four hours. Laura is is amazing, because she is like a bloodhound yummy. She was with sixty minutes and you don't get to be on sixty minutes. If you're chump, and she was with sixty minutes, and she just will not you we're a bone, and she just will to ensue in June to chew on it, and She is as I am. Why only concerned about what, happening with what is called now: Obama Gate. It looks
though President Obama, according to documents that have I've just been released. President Obama ordered up the road, should gate scandal it. This was built by him. We're not sure if it was just to get rid of Flynn, which he didn't like, I, my guess is its both or just discredit Donald Trump again, I think both of those where their Flynn is a guy who knew where all of the bodies were buried and there is a lot of bodies with President Obama, and I remember seeing in two thousand eight, because. Skies being allowed by the press to run unchecked when he leaves office. There will be a scandal with him at the head of it that will dwarf Watergate, I think this may be it Laura load,
joins us now, high Laura. How are you? I am right I'm good. I know this ban has been a little hectic this morning to to get you to Skype, but I appreciate your joining us via Skype is tell me you know last night the and one of our producers we're talking and and you are so passionate about this. Because you ve read all the documents is as have I and my staff and most people. Haven't the egg. Tell me what Tell me your overall view and then we'll get into specifics what's happening. I think the most important thing to me that I took away from reading the document, something that I, serve had a hunch about from the very beginning, but now you know, what's so frustrating it
we don't know what we don't know right. We don't have access to all of this information and there is still a lot of information. That's going to come out, but so so, when you finally get some of these documents and the pieces of the puzzle start to fall interface? What you realise is that as much as I really do respect my plan as as much as I am, I know from personal perspective, what it's like to be targeted and destroyed, I'm publicly, especially when its unjust, The most significant thing for anyone to understand is that this isn't about like blood, and it never was in that my friend and it's not just about Donald Trump. If you take, you know what they want you to do. Is they aren't you to get into a fight about whether or not Donald Trump is a good guy or a bad guy? That's the political trap is this about Donald Trump?
You ever have been elected you they want you to have those conversations. He asked the conversation they don't want you to have an. There was an attempted coup to unseat at you, re elected president of the United States. Microphone was just the first casualty. He wasn't even the most important casualty. And don't trust is not. The most important thing here is about the fact that in the United States of America is something that I could never million years have imagined that I would see here in this country that is, for everyone in the world doesn't matter It doesn't matter what party you come from. I grew up on the other side of the world. This country is a beacon of life.
For anyone who believes in freedom and who really believes in the rule of law. That's what this country is. That's what separates the United States from many other places on earth. Is this ideal of freedom and what we do to protect it and what and the constitution that entire document is written to protect that freedom, the rule of law exists to protect that freedom and all the right that flow from that accountability. The first amendment it's there protect the freedom and- and that is what is at risk. This is about to absolute power people who wanted to take power away from those who who exercise their rights and to install a government that they wanted. Not to let it go there, not planning on letting it well, and they will do anything to get so Lara. Let me
Let me back up here, because I want to make sure that we are on the same page. When you say was an attempted coup in the way: I read this: is that Obama, agents and justice in the state department. We saw this with our investigation that we did on Joe Biden in in Ukraine, and they were running things This they waiting wanted and bay. He put he tried to put some people into place that into place. That work We would become institutional there. Could run without the presidency and Sophie I would just never change their goals of the Obama administration would just continued IRAN as a programme underneath and that's they didn't want. Stopped Jewellery has suggested it wasn't just the Obama administration- I mean
You are not wrong in terms of the content and the principle. The principle was to take the lifelong bureaucratic that were in all of you departments to take their fundamental kind of foundation of our civil service and our institutions, like law enforcement and like intelligence, and to correct them at their heart. That's what the point was. What is the left do historical? they infiltrate, they infiltrate and they own it from the ground up right and so that the principle of what they were doing. But when you have, when you have five career bureaucrat from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, will ask by Right Rosen's
in to wear a wire when they went into the oval office to meet with the President of the United States to be interview for coffee shop and all five of those bureaucrat knowing that that was wrong and probably illegal. I e called entrapment. They all agreed that tells you there on the team in one way or another, and the thing is a plan. You know this right, you don't have to own every single heart and soul within an incident should you just have to have enough people there that are on your team to create a culture and an environment in which everyone is afraid to speak up or the and the consequences of speaking up the price you gonna pay isn't worth it so then happens. Is you have people who were born into the idea that Hillary Clinton was going to be the next president of the United States? and they didn't want to be on the wrong side of that. I e the email investigation. So yes or no,
and they want to send for the rule of law, but, on the other hand, their bosses, the you know the people with real power inside the F B. I not like you know just power on paper, the people with real power, because you're looking at counter intelligence and you're. Looking at the upper echelons of the FBI and the pony, Mackay, big cetera, these people are telling you which direction to take them. They are ITALY, departing from the nomes of investigative procedure and from the law right and they're, saying to you, wait a minute this. This is what we're gonna do here, so that the signal sent loud and clear and and what you you then moving on from that. You now have a whole lot of people who are complicit in the crime and in the cover up, because they now have a vested interest in making sure that the stuff comes to light. So you don't know we don't know at this point. Who is a hundred percent on the team who is an operative and who is the person who just
was sympathetic like there are many journalists to you know are I've said it openly. I don't even think in a revelation, because everybody knows that most journalists are on the left or a Democrat, but whatever you want, but those that's in natural condition that was exploited by political operatives and propaganda and the architects of this coup in order to get out the message and steer the conversation in the directions tonight you have, journalists were committed This lie because they ve gotten the Pulitzer Prize for it and they won T leave its fruit and there their digging in because they stand to lose personally and if they, if they admit that they were complicit in basically a cover up of a crime and- and so you ve got it become self forcing you dont have to own every person, then add the number of journalists.
Say well right. I mean everyone believes this is true, so it must be true and they just look for the pieces of information and they go to the same place. They got back the arab ship. They got back to job YO to clap and I go back to Brennan. They go back to the same people who are part of the prime, They use them to vindicate invalidate themselves only like living Obama right, an editorial you're, not asking a question you're not doing an interview with with him you not holding into account for what it is that he is doing right. You know, doing any of that you actually just getting him a platform to do a call to action or everyone who is on the team. That's what that was about me. The man couldn't even articulate a real defence,
you say this is about the rule of law. Listen to his words, he said well. I am concerned that what this is about is that a sun, our concept of what the rule of law here is going to be. What what did you just say? You can't even repeat, lie at this point. You know in it in the way that you are. I would you and I both know we're not complicit in its right. So. How would we had let? What would we do? We would do exactly what I right now we would say this is about the rule of law. Look at this and look at the evidence. We MT. Some kind of the S defence right, use right away the same tactic trial by media. It has to start, then we cannot do this any longer to ourselves. All of US It has to stop no more convicting people in the press without due process. In order to help the legal process.
I want to get. Let me take a break for a minute, and then I want to come back to you, Cosette that gets into what we now know and these documents that are just strangely just now coming out. That shows that they knew that they were just trying them in the in the press. They. On masking people and leaking names, and knowingly putting false information out there in the press to to do trial by the press and I'm wondering if you could take us through a little bit of that as far as your understanding, what you think the highlights our and Is anyone gonna pay for this, because this is, we just did a pull at the blaze. With all of this evidence coming out. Do you think what are the most likely outcomes Sixty percent of blaze of yours said nothing. Nothing will happen because of this, and that cannot happen
This particular case. This changes us. We know this information and if its under the rug it will for ever changes at the best of the best program, AIDS, and you're listen into the Glen Beg program. If you like, with your hearing on this, show, make sure you check out Pat Great unleashed it's available where ever you download your favorite broadcasts America welcome to Wednesday huge show on tonight. We want to understand what is going on tonight. With Flynn and the deep state we taken all on its first show. I'm doing I'm here the first time I've got up in the morning. I want my socks match Pants, I mean to go out anywhere, except Poem Depot, and I will give a flying crap and I look there.
Four for two months. It was weird get undressed this morning, but I'm going into the studios because tonight we have a huge, huge special that you really need to watch gray is with us. Now we were just talking off air about Fouch and his testimony yesterday, and how the media worships This guy, the other. Instead of building a golden calf, they're gonna build a golden found pretty soon. And we're just find out and worship their eye, I have to tell you pat two days ago, I was you know in doing these masked paintings. I thought you know I should do a golden calf. You know right on the side amount sign. I do a golden calf the face of foul us because that's exactly what's happening. Yes, it is they they
They look at him and this is really important. You don't have to be against. Fouche E. Have to understand that his job is to tell the President: don't do it because of health? do it because of health. There's somebody else in the room that is their job is to say. Mr President, you can't keep doing this because of the economy, so the eat ve got you know like. I want somebody in the war room when the president, you know somebody says hey, we should go to war with China, want somebody in the war room that says: here's how we do it and we ve the plan and here's how we do it, and these are what this, what we're going to need- and this is our path to victory, somebody else that says go, Mr President, if any of those things go wrong, this is it will look like. Then I want somebody else to say, Mr President foreign relations either demands that we do this or demands that we don't do this and then the prince. Decides
she is only one voice in important voice, but one voice and the press just treat when they say we can stay closed for a year or more their insane yeah, and we with all that, but the it's real troubling to me that the left just takes what he says right to the bank as if everything out of his mouth is the absolute gospel and it's it's not there's a lot of medical experts there that are, spewing what he has to say and are saying we're to about this, the exact wrong way. What happening with the Atlantic put the publish day a story about g may be heard. Mentality is the way to go that just happen. Hurt him, will you yeah same thing has heard and mentality go together so often heard it is viewed as they do
oh yeah, I'm so the herd immunity it may be the way there are people that are now saying hey. Maybe we should listen to the other advice. The deal is we don't know at this point, so we should be listening to all points of view, but nobody wants to do that right now, but we should be listening. You know there was a great thing that ran Paul said yesterday when he was bringing up children The death rate is almost at zero for children. Two zero. So why are we? Why are we closing the schools next year, its to grow a teen, its damn near zero die. Another was one university that just announced they're, not gonna, do a false semester happen. All was the whole Cal State University was but, but I am very surprised if they don't open these schools. The regulars been especially normal schools up a mean. Unless we have some massive, we know crazy flare up that work, that's not expenditure. That is like you,
school in the fall, and that was questionable in the first place. A lot of experts disagreed on there's like legitimate disagreement in the scientific community as to whether it was a good idea to close schools are not like any obviously too, The disease giving everyone stay at home and you know in bubbles, is gonna help spread. The disease is just not rely, its actual thing you can do to society, but there the question as to whether even there's any benefit at all of keeping kids. Away from schools. They there's a study. I know in Iceland that just came out that said that there are, they had no cases, no cases. Whatsoever that went from child to adult it's I slammed it's a small. In other words, it is only a sample, but it does not seem like its common at all, but we have some pretty good indicator indicators of what happens when you go back to business. As usual. Like Georgia, everybody said what Georgia was doing once crazy. They haven't had any sector the current spice, not all the lower limit, wait, wait! Let me shrank it's! Ok! Let me go back to that. Let me let me
back to that here for a second bloodstains on schools for justice and seven hundred and fifty media stories were written about Liberty University. They said that they were. Writing the death sentences for eleven hundred students, because after spring, break liberty said come back, come back. If you have elderly parents or people in your home that are at high risk, you can. You knows you can stay at home, but everybody else come back. Eleven students came back, they now zero cases of students on campus zero and everybody on him on to them. We go none of them have cove, and none of us do not know the faculty. As a matter of fact, that nobody, nobody, so now. Let's now, let's go to the other thing that we're talking about an opening states. If you look at this scientists and camp they are I mean it?
the pariahs right is unbelievable, that the Florida end Florida and Georgia are doing really well below the death rates of the national average of twenty five per one hundred thousand people in Georgia, its thirteen in Florida, its eight. Why You can say that you need forty, there are twenty one days for it to incubate, to really know, but so far there is no uptake in either of those states, and it's you I too, in other, it's all speculation, of course, but it seems like the warmer whether does help right eminent in that does in its an ice for me now, if you haven't Livin Texas and slice if I gotta stay out of the sun and of each yeah yeah. I know what that was always ridiculous, that the outside the outdoor stuff has always been ridiculous. There's never been an indication that this has been spread in any wide sense at all in any Door setting ate like theirs never been there's never the thing and
Its thing has never been a thing. There was never a time in which they were like all well, maybe twenty percent of kids will die from this is literally never been suggested by any never been whether they be, you can argue about the approach on how they go to these things. But this is these are not new discoveries. At the very beginning, they all told us old people, people with pride, system conditions, If I'm not mistaken, most kid and are not all people should those People should be quarantined if you want, stay save them. You should stay home, but unless you have underlined conditions I mean it just doesn't make any sense by the way. Here's another thing for it to show that Americans are smart enough to do this. There's new data on social distancing, no obvious trend over the last couple of weeks, University Maryland Social Distancing index stated, Fifty eight on May third it then, when things started to open up in some places it
down to low forties for a few days, but was back to fifty three percent on Sunday, that means People staying home is not changing We are opening the states and it's it's not changing. People are generally doing in the nobody is going to the movie. Theater is, if you open up the theater, I go to the moon. Do you guys know anybody goes to movies more than me now no absolutely not never, history of the history, even people who work in the industry? No thank you! Ok, I'll ride, and now so I go to the movies all the time, sometimes twice a week. If we can, I If there's movies, I love movies. Here's a problem there's they're saying their opening it up on July, first with Russell Crow and his new movie, I don't know anything about it, but either let's say the one, I'm waiting for his James Bond or Guns Godzilla even They come out with those. I don't go into those in sitting. Next to somebody, I'm not going
and I love the movies. People will decide themselves were not stupid and that's why win theatres? were allowed to open up here in Texas. They didn't I don't know of any theatre near us. That's open yet, not out there now the only possible what he's going to go over your either out. What is so, let us at the heart of it, but as an element of most of these steel companies are saying where we don't off its time yet, and I certainly do not want to open to twenty five percent capacity that I'm gonna lose money at that yeah, so yeah, it makes sense without opening we're going through this, and we know that students, America tonight, but it's like this. This data shows that it's just that in America at least the people the government not the other way around yes, and we ve been talking so much about government and its important to talk about like win emission. And does he's crazy things and they start arresting people at resilience and that's all important, but the american people. This decision. We got the data
there's a be no place. A beastly shows like the mobility of of how people, when our they're moving around us all cell phone data, so how much people moving around and you see people star before the government ever says anything about bands, people stopped going out. We look at all the states, all fifty states reached the peak. The peak of home before the government put in their beds, all fifty states it's incredible. People were just like. I want to deal with this and they stayed home and then changed back before the over they were so like almost none of this, has to do with it. Whatever dumb governor you have, that said, some stupid thing people were making up their own minds on this and that's the way it supposed to be in this kind of its gonna. Be really interesting is when we see two or three weeks from now what happens in Colorado after that restaurant opened up and allowed hundreds of people with no social dissidents, independence least today, a role it will
If there is a huge spike now because the they opened up the old fashioned well there, They are claiming that there is a spike in Colorado. Let me see where this is theirs. Did they already. I can call it right now. I know that I love you. I love this. This is what the the it's in one of these stories. Where is it one of those stories were there? Like? I look, you know we we got to be careful, you just can't open up everything. I mean, there's a there's, a spike in Colorado. I can't find it now I want to read it to you exactly buddy from a mushroom farm in Colorado, where the workers so much farm, you're, surrounded in crime, it's not like everybody where you'd like man, I gotta get to that mushroom foreign. Please, please give it a rest.
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