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Best of The Program | Guest: Michael McCarter | 7/24/20

2020-07-24 | 🔗

Fox Sports will have virtual fans in its televised games, and the Washington Redskins have unveiled a temporary new name: The Washington Football Team. The media now claims that Trump will employ martial law if he loses in November and that the federal officers in Portland are a trial run. Can eastern Oregon actually join Idaho? Michael McCarter, president of “Move Oregon’s Border for a Greater Idaho,” is collecting signatures to put it on the ballot.

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The trunk campaign has a special offer. Just for you, president. Europe really wants to give you a signed. Twenty twenty make Amerika great again hat. He wants to make sure the lucky winner is one of the top supporters be shorter winter soon, because this is an opportunity you don't want to miss. This offer is only going to a select group of supporters and you're one of them. All you have to do is text back to eighty zero to two today for your chance to win assigned twenty twenty make Amerika great again had an owner piece of history. Again, that's be easy k to eighty zero to two twenty to win this contest and join president drop in the fight to keep Amerika great for former years. This was people. Why? Don't you try for President Ache AIDS,
Ray for still come up on the Glen Beck programme. Podcast. Today we see I've. I to the Washington Redskins end hello to the Washington football team. Why to ring to it are good friend red thought stops climb to talk about his new folk near dark and speaks with Glenn about this bizarre plain from the left that Donald Trump is trying to slowly moved towards martial law. Who would have thought that in the year twenty twenty out of all the praise units, we ve seen so far that a state or want to secede Glenn speaks with Michael Macarthur, president of Greater Idaho, that's a movement that trying to move the Oregon border to be part of greater Idaho, we'll Heath discuss whether or not that is possible. And finally, Charlemagne. God speaks out against Joe Biden by telling him to shut up for calling President trump the first races president. Although this greatness and a lot more come up on the planet, s so did you watch opening gave a full yesterday I did not. I was going to say, and I decided not to tired and go to bed, so I went to bed good for you yeah you. Well, you missed ever
player and coach on the Yankees and nationals kneel before the national anthem. Yeah I saw this morning is cleverly that was beautiful. That was beautiful, but it was before the national anthem. Besides, I did appreciated they did it before not during right, yeah, Well, I mean they. Ve got all the creativity. Now of you know the washing and I'm sorry if this is what Europe is at the Washington Football team right yeah, cod. What a stupid are you're kidding me, that's what you ve come up with, and I know it's only temporary, but that's even that stupid even temporarily. Yes, it is the Washington football team. Plus, if youve ignored, maybe the worst part the Washington, you're, gonna you're gonna, call the team after a slave owner How is that possible right? They should do We called football team, Jersey should say, kill the cops
that sort of mere bow. That's what America's that's America's! begging for you, just football team and kill the cops. I think that's a really good one. Oh did you did you see the Lee? add from Fox sports, can we play this? You read the title cards, sports Gaster voice. You do here's the eyes Fox sports, listen, what their promoting.
No vans, not on fox floors. Thousands of virtual fans will attend foxes. Avail begins on Saturday and their showing the digital fanciful while wearing their teams. Colors, yes, no even be doing the wave really gotten me had amid hello. They have learnt in he added it pay head, you it hello, it's probably not leaving the stadium empty, it probably is, and you know it now- emptiness eyelids just enough raining us to stay at home. There training as this nay at home, and everything is normal. This is not normal
You know, at least in England, the girl, I think in Europe. The soccer stadiums are empty. Do but their filling them with people like us, some a Bin Laden, the cardinal got out. I mean, I think, that's that's! Actually I kind of like that. Would you you couldn't we thought here, though, people would go ape crap over that right? I mean you, use the word. Why did you use the word ape? my god, I e, while were just talking about the Washington Redskins talk but ass they did do. It was even read his kids now talking not mistaken, but wow higher offensive eyes at America uttered it very offensive to me. I'm apologizing to myself for even listening to you. I I'm sorry glad that you listened and force me to listen and I'm
college ice. It's ok, it's ok, just don't let it happen again. I won't ok. So we're we're good with that. You really like the year, better than an empty stallion yeah I mean I would rather have real people in the stadium yeah, but I like it better than an empty stating with no. So, in other words, your line totally fine with the corona virus and ask Yes, that's it, I'm sure. That's what is America's hearing right now? Yes, I'm Tellin resign with desire normal this new normal is good for me. Let's I'm good eyes: I'm good yeah, yeah What exactly are you? Are you deaf virtual businesses, virtual restaurants and I'm good? Just you know, The hook me unto the matrix now that's exists, but what I just said I like it I know we heard the ISIS the problem is it is I don't like the normalization of everything? Well there
I know that I guess I guess I hadn't thought of it that way that that we're normalizing it, but I just want a feeling of normal during this time it. I know, that's exactly how lazy, in a in a marxist revolution that you don't care any more? You just want it to stop and you want it to go back to normal, and so I understand it is just something that you pat then bed, but by my side, coming research and and and warning people were we get there, don't do that yeah, but it's ok and sports. It's fine and just right o carrying more. I know I know I get it. I got it the best of the kind that programme AIDS
and you're listen into the Glen Beg program. If you like, with your hearing on this, show, make sure you check out pat great unless it's available, where ever you download your favorite podcast. So there is a movement now you know when from first got in office, there were all these liberals who were like. I ride the tents amendment I loved or tenth amendment. I thought it was racist knowledge way for us to be able to control state. You gotta make sense and then we started seeing the insanity of many of these states and covert has only made it worse. Well, Economic Carter started something move origins border for a greater Idaho, because each turn Oregon residence. Are sick to death of, of Portland and all of the things that are going on with our state and they would like to join IDA. How is that
impossible? It hasn't happened since Virginia. So seated and many other people have Virginia went to a place. We now know as West Virginia. That happened during the civil war because because of slavery, we now have Michael on with us, hello, Michael? How are you nearer morning from Crazy Oregon But here is a mean: are you guys grew up in the Pacific northwest Michael? So I I know about cascading and everything else that has been crazy for a long time, but this dangerous, crazy now in Oregon Well, you know Glenn this. This is not something that just started recently. Organs been going down here for years and the Ryan watching everything is taking place, started last all organizing move organs border.
Greater Idaho and then the Pandemic and then you know the riots yet, then stop We support this in the way, have any faith in organs. Leadership all period there were. There were great parts of California and Oregon that feel the same way. I mean upstate New York is is like this, but is there. First of all, have you talked to Idaho is Idaho interest? Are they taking your phone calls? Yes, they are. So we had to move your response from some of the representatives, but you know think there's a lot of people who are sitting on the sidelines just watching us, waiting to see what the boy like and whether or not it you know that The interaction we're word saw. Who are the people that the who
people that are in and how much land are you talking about these generally farmers and I looked at the map and there's a lot of national forest in their. So how? the people, how much land and who are those people the sickly you're talking to you in a lot of cases? Second, third, fourth generation or edonians that have an attachment to the land. A transitional people to move up and down the west caused by house there are three year sell it and move on these reports. Will they have their roots, in this state. And you know they are they're right now, they're ranchers there, like you say, farmers are out there and they They basically align themselves closer with Idaho's servitude values. Then what go on and North West Oregon it. You know,
worst organs got about seventy five percent of the population base and the boughs, and what that right for what they want to do? No matter what we say or ask or try to input on they also cement I am in I mean Idaho right now and by the way, If I am not a permanent residents- and I took a so- I dont- have voting rights, but I would vote to Europe. You ain't as you have ocean front property, which I think is very nice. Right now in Idaho. There try to get rid of their governor and We call him because, even though he's a Republican, they think that he is gone way too far, Idaho, except for the Boise area which is about eight hundred thousand people is, it is, is their ranchers in their farmers and there are people who have lived here forever in their common sense and
They even think that boys controls everything nobody's listening to the people in the rest of the state. The exact same way that Upstate new Yorkers feel New York City is different yes well off, the boat in Oregon oversight, Five percent of the vote is in the report. Metro, Lama, Valley and so control the whole works and dumb But there is some resistance in Idaho about us no want more people moving there in the liberal values moving there and when we agreed Eastern central and Southern Oregon is over sixty I percent conservative So we want a boost, that was already a value that you see a whole right. Now we don't want to change it at all
we don't want. A new property to Idaho simply a lot pilot. Just my between two states rang. Lock ourselves a king can be done, has been done since the eighteen hundreds, but it can be done. However. When you have the vote. On this year. You're trying to raise enough signatures is, as I understand it, maybe I'm wrong too it onto the ballot and if you get it onto the ballot, do people in Portland and you know Eugene, do they. I have to agree to a may because they have more people than you do so yours destined to lose if they are voting for it, were taken this county by county in Central eastern and southern a word. We want a heroine the county citizens think about this in it We're gonna, get that question
On the ballot for the November elections Do we want our county? commissioners to start working towards the possibility of more in their county to acres, We provide a whole now also team counties come however, about one by one as we give them approved, by the number of signatures. Then it goes state legislature and then the battle really big yet, but it is, it is possible for us to take place. I mean who would have thought years ago. Two thousand fifteen that dog I'll do comp would become the president of the United States, who would have thought, except for maybe people in oregon- that socialist in Marxist would be running of a city and a state
in the United States and openly doing it all. Well, look. Back twenty some years to governor moors? You should come visit, but don't stay he had that vision that we What those little policy appear in Oregon We will again and state were right now, it's kind of like the West Cole, California, organ in Washington on the worst All tied together can itself. It doesnt sit well with his eye car. Yeah you want to what that boat is like, and this this election coming up major agenda in November. It only happens. Once in every four years. That's why we're here? seemed to get on that ballot county by county then it goes to then. Are you how close are you too that well in we ve got
one county pause, the one currently at ninety percent of those signatures in several more lined up right behind that was of signature, but under cold night, key locked down Kate around it is it timely, hard go out and which signatures I mean, the rights of people or just walk up with a mask on and grab some pen and try to sign on the clipboard yeah, I I do know I can remember which state it was, but there was they were trying to put something on the ballot and they went to court and made the case that they can't give. You can't the number of signatures- big. Of Covert nineteen and the court did reduce the amount of signatures that were required and a it just happened last few days, and I don't remember what state it was. But you might want to look into that, because these ideas are already at that. Many cigarillos court files.
TAT grow core good already. That same reason, we're not saying that people are wrong with we filed against the governor, the Secretary of State in all of the county clerk in these counties, SAM, I'm in common sense that the locked down of cold night he had is restricting the ability to get them number of signatures. Of course it is right. Course some relief on that. Just like that, he said, are cases have shown, All right now here and you ve got a good judge. Do you know the judge yet? ass. We do we file June thirtieth, we gotta August. This deadline to get all these signatures in county by county, and so We ve only pile core. We leave to read use the number of signatures required and to it,
that date to allow us to get more. Nature was denied the first time and so we re highly two days ago. A motion: I do see the map of Oregon and it is reduces it almost to the size of what may a couple of road islands may be one road. I shouldn't pat, have you seen this this map Ye Idaho's huge under this plan? Oregon is just a tv little sliver zone. Idaho becomes much bigger than Washington State. Much right right now a lot of the counties in Eastern one again. Our revenue, negative counties for the state the spade Munemori removed?
Those counties from their budgets all of a sudden, I got a lot of money they can put into their liberal social nice like that. Now you should pay. Only keep that to yourself when you are trying to convince Idaho. How are you going to convince IDA when you use that with Oregon, but I think the whole looks at those counties in a different way. There, too, finally all certain like you did it happen you got a port into his bay. Where, where were the products from Idaho gonna ship through the glass to the pacific rim I'm across now. It's it's gonna, be able economically yeah, it would be, it would be
or I will buy best of luck, and will you stay in touch with us and tell us how it's going in? If there's anything we can do to help as I do. I just think it's wrong. California is, in the same situation, to wear There are the all those farm forms and farmland in California, there being listened to. They don't have any real representation and there, sick of it and, quite honestly, I think they should be allowed to to carve out their own, their own representation, it we're we're being controlled now by the big cities, absolutely absolutely If I can say anything more Glenn. I would currently many of its wording, solutions to this listening in our colonies, to sign a petition to vote on? we find out in the person can't make a difference. That is crap. We need everybody to vote on.
And then go to r r, r r- website greater the whole dot org and given the donation grass roots were totally underfunded what are you paid in this whole programme at all from the bottom up, and this is a real bottom up thing? This is obviously George Soros is not helping them on this. Greater Idaho DOT, Org, Greater Idaho dot Org, and I will tell you if you are, if you, in Oregon. Now Idaho is really sweet and quite honestly we need a few more farmers in here in a few more ranchers and a few more people that think, like the vast majority of Idaho because they're gonna come up here and there Readville wreck this state just as much as they wrecked Oregon for you. We need to stick together. I'm I'm exe
by the possibility, it's gonna be a dogfight. But I'm up for it anything. We can do to help you you just let us no greater Idaho dot, org your listening to the master of the Glinda Programme, Joe Biden, and what he said about Donald Trump being are first released race. As you know, our first refers areas is Europe's most races. Amaze, really, that's amazing, the eye I was thinking. I don't know, Woodrow Wilson yeah Andrew Jackson, perhaps Ex wouldn't be a very good one or maybe I'll be J. Will I would gray. What I mean there were
massive racist president. All of strangely Democrats but just Brenner vying for that matter. If I knew, if I may add, a potential one here, Barack Obama, with with his comrades among typically, why you calling that or you are- I am collating the president- a racist thought, there's some that's the most raises thing is naturally raises thing: I've ever heard used to be, but it doesn't anymore but with question or answers like this about his grandma typical white person,
typical white person well shaped chiefly somebody on street, but she doesn't know, there's only others, a reaction that it's been read it. It's been bred, that's when pride and tell her. If anybody said that about a black person, can you imagine they still thy heart that to this day you'd be Jimmy the Greek he be Jimmy the Greek yeah, a headset states remarkable and its remarkable. How maternal accurate. We were on our questions about Barack Obama, because he did harbour all of those things. He did listen to Jeremiah right, because Jeremiah right is practically running our country. Now lease the Spirit of Jeremiah right is. Do you see next hour. I think it's an ex our we're gonna get into the the new board planks of the lay democratic platform, My gosh,
I don't know how you can vote for these people, but good luck with that. In here is something that we played in the fortunate buzz watching watching this programme on blaze, tv at the top of every hour. We have the foreman above Buzz, and we go over some of the news- and I saw this- I did not see this yesterday, but I this is from MSNBC. I want you to listen to what This person is actually saying when they were talking about. Sending federal forces in to protect the at rule building. In Chicago and in Seattle and in Portland. Listen to this analysis. This is what would happen if you re authoritarian president, who was,
appealing to try to resist a loss in the election. You would be saying things dollar trumpet say and you would be gradually rolling out federal police power into the states against the wishes of the mirrors and governors in question. This is how it would happen. This is how the movie would play out at anybody who is not looking at this with a state of alarm and concern and worried about. Is this present going to have to to employ formally martial law at some point as wrong? Why the suggestion is that all the presidents might is there anybody having lots Donald Trump for the last three and a half years, who doesn't think the Donald Trump which try to employ martial law? If he thought I was the only way I could stay in power, That would be me a others me. I've watching Donald Trump and Donald Trump in most easily authoritarian time, perhaps in my lifetime not Take any of the authoritarian bowers,
and then I've seen crazy stuff happening in the states, putting with governors who keep crying that Donald Trump is an authoritarian, and yet they seem to be the authoritarian. No, I don't think this is what he's doing in putting soldiers on the street, so we can declare martial law for the election, that is, that is dangerous rhetoric and in far far beyond anything I ever said anything I ever set about Barack Obama. I take back all my apologies to
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