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The DOJ ordered Apple and Google to release data on ALL the users of a gun scope app, and that’s just the latest attempt to watch our every move – for our safety, of course. Author Michael Rectenwald joins the show to discuss the onslaught of “smart” technology and why we’re dumb for trusting it. Joe Biden’s gaffes keep racking up, but they’re starting to sound more like aneurysm side effects. Kamala Harris laughed after a man called Trump “mentally retarded,” but then denied ever hearing him.

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Today we have kind of a roller coaster ride for you, the information on you that is being sold, the total information Awareness Programme, Harper and DARPA
coming to the? U S very soon also were talking about the new streaming services the plays we ve been dinged again by Facebook. Last week, thou this weekend, you tube demonetized my interview with Dave Reuben. I guess we're just too dangerous for them plan parenthood, a story that you have not heard anywhere. That should be the leader in in every decent journalist, paper or report. Today, Michael wrecked Unwalled, joins us to talk about Google more on alien. You lot Omar and representative Kleiber and says I don't think the bill of rights would pass today stood. I look at that all in today's podcast. Here's what broke last week that the department?
justice on Thursday filed a cart court order, stating they want apple in Google to hand over the information of more than ten thousand gun owners. That o J. Once information of gun owners who use the mobile app called obsidian for which allows rifle owners to calibrate their scope, using their cell phone the government wants users data as part of a larger immigration and customs enforcement investigation into breaches of weapons export regulation. This scope we stuff here in Amerika that beyond our enemies abroad, would love to be able to get their hands on and so we export bad guys export some of this stuff they buy it next boarded and the guy. Let's try to catch these guys. Now. The company isn't under investigation, but Investigators are looking for a quick way to find out where the app is in use. So if it's in use in Afghanistan, then they know,
They can track at all the way back to who sold them that so It seems like a pretty good idea, except there. Asking for a warrant on everybody: so anybody who is bought this you're, not you're, not under suspicion, but they're gonna all of your information. So did you die load, the YAP. What did you use it for? How long did you use it for all of your information? Is gonna go into the hands of the few? real government its now. Really good idea. This is the way we issue warrants in Amerika. But the problem is bigger than this. The problem, As most people don't understand that You are. I don't even know how long we are before we we get there if we're not there now. My guess is by twenty twenty twenty twenty one.
We too, on the outside we are to be living in a full social credit kind of world. We already are there now? Here's what I mean by that my ipod asked, would Dave Reuben has D, I've been demonetized last week, Facebook would not promote Brigitte fetishist podcast, which featured me so A digital wall went up. If you went to facebook- and you say I like Glenn back, you may not have that notice that I had done a new podcast. Even though you are there saying I like Glenn back. Because some have said I dont like Glenn back the mob has spoken. So we got a notice that it violated there community standards? How no answer
Dave, Reuben, wrote yesterday and said Clan of youth you ve seen this, but now the podcast that we just did has been demonetized. How is that happening? What Did we do to violate community standards while nothing, Probably my name is on a list, What can I see why my name is on the list? Can I see that lists? No? No! No! You can't my social credit score. Too low, and so They won't, they won't any advertising to happen on anything of mine well people will say well, yeah you make enough money. This isn't about me. First, that's not my podcast, that's Dave Rubens and if Reuben up until he signed with us, that's how he makes money huh Makes money through Youtube if they do
monetize him. He has no money. He can't do what he does and it's all right of a social credit score. He has. He has angered the gods, and it is God like MAGIC, because you can't there's no fair hearing? There's nothing! You don't even know what the algorithm is. You don't even know what you ve done. Last week the court has said that we can't just have no fly list. You can't be on the terrorist watch list without even knowing about it, you can't be on a no fly list as unconstitutional well we ve been saying that for a while, now the federal government has been told, can't have it by a court, but we haven't. We have those lists, we have those black lists.
I don't even know how to talk to my children anymore, to alert them of this problem. Lemme give you, let me Let me just start to break this down. Do you have a room? But by any chance this comes from a company called, I robot. The sea, oh colony, angle, Reuters recently that its data, a business strategy for the smart home start With the new revenue stream, that is, coming from room by what? What are you what revenue stream are they make me because we buy them? No because room by action The maps the floor plan of your home. And it sends that information back to I robot I robot. Then takes everybody's map of their home.
It sells it to interested parties. This is the beginning of the internet, Of things everything you have will be on the internet, everything, and if you, if you opt out, Well, then it won't really work for you still by room by, but it's not gonna work is well or would it Have they made it more difficult? Take a thing. Like see we're we're doing this to ourselves, because we think it's good, the sleet number bed, which is a great bed, but then- I'll have smart bed technology and sleep tracking. So what does that mean? well the beds base and mattress customizable with features that raise or lower the angle, the bad sensors that soften her firm up, the mattress others, answers now, measure heart rate, breathing and movement.
And every morning you get asleep. I q score representing your individual quality, a length of sleep, you're right, full sleep restless sleep time out of bed were just once you can make now the cat but he suggests that you connect that sleep app to your fitness tracker on your arm and the thermostat in your house to see how your work or bedroom temperatures actually affect your sleep. It sound. Great. Now, the companies, twelve page privacy policy, customers are advised that providing information is an affirmation of consent to use that information in line with policy which employ is the usual onerous terms? Third party sharing. Google Analytics targeted advertising and much more. If customers create a user profile to maximize the effectiveness of the app
company then also collects your biometrics and sleep related data about. Oh you, your child, and any other person that uses the bed, it gets All of their information- and it sends it out, including the respiration and heart rate, while sleeping it, all so collects all audio signals in your bedroom. Life. This is not This is not uncommon almost breathing will become a part of the internet of things. And the question you have to ask yourself is: what does smart product? No? Whom Does it tell. So, who knows. Who decides and who is it that deciding who decides. Where is all of your information going.
They are now monitoring recording there, Communicating behavioral data they have, Smart vodka bottles. They have internet, enabled rectal thermometers. And everything in between smart light bulbs, some toothbrushes, smart coffee, mug, smart, oven, smart users, smart utensils to improve your digestion, homesick already cameras with facial recognition, it's great home alarm systems that monitor unusual vibrations that happen usually right before breakin occurs indoors? GPS. Locators sense Is that attached to any object to analyze movement temperature other very rebels every kind. Of connected appliance cyborg cow. Crochets designed to detect sound, even the baby's nursery is
is a surplus of information. I don't think we have any idea how bad things are getting and we are just allowing it to come. Into our home. So what does this mean? How is it How is it we're supposed to function anymore? What coming our way. While there is no opt in and opt out kind of function, any more and the last bastion the human body to take a break in a minute. I want to talk to you about the total, information Awareness programme. It was start it because of the Patriot ACT right after September eleven but maybe the week of September eleventh, we should look at what has happened
in September eleventh the governments, down funding in two thousand for five, but we had already granted licence two other companies to start making these things, Make them they have and I'm going to show you how a visit to your vet could end putting you onto some social score that you don't like good. In the loss of your gun,. It definitely means the loss of your personal information just going to the vet. Ok, I told you last week about something called Harper. Harper is like DARPA, ok, but it's the health advice, against research, project agency, Harper Saul about your health, just like d, Is about defence? This is a gun.
An agency that that look over the horizon and says what can we do now remember DARPA, It is the one that really gave us the microwave ovens. They the mean that the things that DARPA has done from going to space to weapons, has been remarkable. One of the best group of. I think, inventors and thinkers on earth- I am not A conspiracy minded guy on DARPA, I'm glad we have DARPA how things are moving so quickly now. We have to have some way to watch what DARPA and now Harper is doing. Harper is something that apparently every time it's brought up in the White House, the president really likes he likes tech. Oh and he likes solving crime so so this is safe home from Harper
safe home, it's an acronym, stopping abhorrent fatal events. By help overcome mental extremes. Now what you wanna do? Is they want to identify potentially violent people potentially violent, people anybody see minority report we don't of the three women in the milk bath to do it. Harper is doing this. And it's doing this because we are being tracked by everything and it's only gonna. Much worse. This Foam plan sounds pretty great. I mean it's a way for us to make sure that the crazy people don't get their hands on guns and their helped, but or there is a problem except it means total surveillance now Harper says Their only gonna try this for a couple of years.
But I want to remind you what DARPA did here in a second. Their only to try this for a few years and their own. They do it with people who voluntarily allow Harper to access the data. Now They haven't answered whether or not that mean. That means like me. When I went on to Itunes and went, I agree without reading it. When I had my fit and I say: oh, I dont have I the gray is my ever am I now part of Harper, Is my information being used by Harper the that Syria is more. Likely now there, trying to develop a sensor, sweet. And this will have artificial intelligence. Identify changes in mental status.
Oh, it is looking for the sensitivity for early diagnosis of Neuro psychiatric violence, they're gonna. U apple watches, fit bits. Amazon, ECHO, ECHO and Google Home and other quote powerful tools are. I let me take you back in time for something called T. Total information aware we ever heard of this stew- this is in the Patriot ACT t its mission is to quote: detect, classify and identify foreign terrorist and decipher their plans and therefore enable the? U S to take timely action to success. The pre empt and defeat terrorist acts- oh hi, remember when we were young and stupid, it was the the
The logo of this was the pyramid with the eye of God. Above but sound familiar sound like oh, I don't know, I have Moloch so This was d funded in two thousand for de I was to strive to achieve human identification at a distance, including face recognition, iris recognition and gate recognition He also were working on odor recognition. So are you tell somebody by the smell of them. We have built in already right. It's It's so all of this is already be done, been done, and their goal was to stockpile as much information as possible on every one on earth to protect the government to protect us from? everything on earth ever
purchase you make with a credit card, every magazine subscription you by every medical prescription, you feel every website you visit. Every email you send and receive every academic radio receive every bank deposit. You make every trip to that. You book every event you attend. All of the These transactions go into the defence departments, virtual sensor centralize grand database, including your trip to the vat. Fluffy got hurt so fluffy is going to the vat, but we know is that your teenage son, who is also having trouble in school, has just booked point meant. Psychiatrists office, did fluffy get hurt from it external injury or internal? How did it happen at the best of a bad that programme? hey
its Glenn, and if you like a year on the programme, you should check out pad gray, unleashed his pot gases available, where ever you download your favorite podcast a man. I have an awful lot of respect for Michael reckon. World is joining us now. His twitter is anti PC and why you prof who's the guy, who was part of the system. Man you know, this teaching deconstruction and everything else, and we had a woke up and saw what was happening and saw that these left. It were serious about getting rid of capitalism and King Control, in shutting everyone up, and he started to speak out. He was shunned by all of his frenzy was pretty homeless. For a while, and he has come roaring back. He authored the book spring time for snowflakes, which kind of his story, but did its its intense Can you see it from the inside?
He has a new book out called the called Google archipelago which is about how we are building gulags. And we're allowing Google and others like that to do it? Welcome to the programme Michael Reckon, war, haggling, good morning could have Yon Michael. I will- and I want to have you down and really talk about your book, but I know your book, which comes out what, in a couple weeks, couple weeks or any day now is scheduled for the thirtieth, but it could be any day that only released smoking be waiting long, ok, so it is. I ve read much of it. I haven't read olive again, sent me all the chapters, but I've read much much of it in its really really good. It goes into how Google is is building this box for us
concerned. Are you that the government is now reaching out and saying? Hey, Google and Apple and Amazon echo? We need your help, to find out who the crazy people are. This is alarming. I mean we're talking about an unprecedented infiltrate. Of surveillance into the home, the likes of wood you know one thousand nine hundred and eighty four will pale by comparison and we won't need helicopters. You know, hovering outside your window, because you'll be voluntarily with a smile, application of your home. Turning virtuous and sent televisions and every other plans, possibly in your house into, an agent or an app for surveillance upon you, and so anything that is set in the harm can be recorded and sent to the agencies. The proper agencies, question so to speak and therefore they're gonna be thousands, if not millions, of false positives. Where
your, maybe even arrested, because something you may have enacted a shakespearean play in your home and there's a talk of murder and things like that. This would be enough, perhaps detour, the authorities the common gale weathers. There is as part of this Harper is what it's it's called as part of This they are monitoring. They want to be able to monitor everything, so not only the language in your home. What people are so. But they want to have access to, for instance, Your son has a doctor's appointment. It's a psychiatrist. He has moved his records at school. Show that he's starting to get into some trouble, and your dog just went to the vat and it had some external or injuries it had been hit by the car, or it is something that happened to it. That's enough to trigger Harper and say there the possibility that there is a disturbed child living in this house with real
I keep Patrick problems and these beating the dog we gotta get the guns out of the house and you I have no clue you have you're, not delete your guilty until you prove innocent. This is minority port report in action. You know they're gonna be collating so much information from, like you said, the Dockers records in a medical records activities in the home language, this using the home anything any data that well to collect will be correlated with other data uninterpreted as such, perhaps even I algorithms without even human intervention, though we have algorithms, determining whether or not somebody is about to commit a crime. Is the law? I mean we're talking about an abridgment ever of rights that could be quite unprecedented in this country, so I don't know: have you read surveillance capitalism? The book? Yes, I have ok
I've been reading that often on- and I picked it up over the weekend, because I was looking into the surveillance again and we just talked about They were where she really goes into look even room, but now is selling a map of your home. It goes It maps the floor of your house. I dont know who's interested in buying that. But they get a lot of money from people who are buying maps of homes. And it's it's everywhere. It's gonna be everywhere. How you possibly unplug from this matrix America, grape as a great questions. First of all, I would like to say that I call this Google Marxism rather than surveillance capitalism, because the objective is a kind of left distant. Bulgarian state, where its basic everybody under surveillance. The rest of the popular you have a series of monopolies. On top
the end and everybody else in a sort of actually existing social has met. The bottom all understood Let's all under the state, the corporate and these are fusing with fast date. Apparatus is to become less Ass of powers is governmental powers would do as I recommend stupor vacation or the stupidity vacation of your house. Everything should be done. The door knob otherwise, you're, dealing with your dealing with your tv, and your radio and your phone and your ear. Relax our your heart, Google, home. All of these things are surveillance, agents so easily. After get your house clear of of anything so called smart, because if it says smart, you're dumb to use it, and if he says a safe home initiative which should be considered. These are all myth numbers. It's a dangerous home initiative, dangerous for you, so I think that Michael people will say
This is conspiracy. Theory we are seeing were what we're seeing were happening right now a social credit score if you have said something that the mob doesn't like Who can lose your job if If you have a politically incorrect opinion, I can be. A demonetized and then DE platform, it's happening already, but people are not for some reason. Waking up and I think in in Looking at what the news is it just in the last few weeks because of the gun issue, and why The government is talking about doing now and what Google and Amazon, and everybody else is talking about doing I fear we are maybe two years away from being in a box that we can get out of.
That's right. I mean we're looking at already the spread of smart cities from China to the West. We have a city in Australia, Darwin Australia has adopted the smart cities model. This is an outdoor prison. If you will, because it is a kind of digital goulash, because every act as recorded area is collated with other data, all this data is fed into the various agencies. People are basically facing digital fencing. Or even digital leashes such that they can't move beyond such certain parameter getting and explain, explain that, because people will say not doing anything wrong. So I dont care it's not even you know China doesn't to come in and break down the door to get you and put you in prison. They now have such surveillance that you cannot leave your house. There's nothing, you can do outside of your house, and so they
keep you in your house choice will choose to do it. That's right. What? Whatever to be concerned about. It is not just whether you're doing something wrong, but whether you're doing company that has interpreted as dangerous because you know this is this- is one thing that no is that these are left, leaning or left authoritarian forces, they're gonna be controlling this, so they're they're gonna be looking at anything that is right, leaning as dangerous. I mean we ve already seen. Countries banning certain the visuals from entering the country, yes Laura looming in England and the other, like even an poultry in Australia are so there. This is not just as well seeing people being limited in their scope of travel? It's going to get there point, perhaps where we want even be able to leave a city or, as you said, people will be smart. I'll leave their home unless they're homeless, marked in which case year? Basically in here you ve, created your own. Digital
so Michael reckon wild. He is the author of Google Archipelago, which is a tough title for a lot of people. You just said it was Google, Marxism, Tommy it shows that name well, good, archipelago is a take off from Alexander. Solzhenitsyn spoke a three: I'm serious called googled archipelago, which was about the soviet prison system, during the Soviet Union and which Solzhenitsyn himself was imprisoned. For several years. What I'm saying is that Google sun and for a broader set of digital giants that are based, clay, creating a digital gulags. The world and we're voluntarily unfair,
voluntarily submitting ourselves to it. This Google, Google, Digital go logging is, is a kind of, as I said it all about surveillance. It's all about this smart modification of devices. It's all about these open air surveillance systems, better feeding information directly to the state, so there were their basically How collating how collecting, collating and and processing through algorithms, all this data and Is being used to basically it'll, be youth and has been used in China and its being used and Darwin Australia? used by Google Sidewalk labs in Toronto to basically record every move it made and I wrote in the book that much of what the ever what goes on outside the home will be recorded and known and much of what goes on inside. The harm will be, and I Correct because look at what is happening here where they're gonna use
Google, home and Alexa Amazon elixir echo to basic, the echo everything you say inside the house too? anybody in the cup in agencies outside the house. So this is a digital goo logging, that's why I've taught at Google archipelago. Google if the leading edge of all this in a Google was funded by the EU. By the intelligence agencies. In the first place it was developed by the government. Largely yes, it's a private interests, the industry. Makes it even worse, because now you have no freedom of speech on their platform they are algorithmic Lee differentially discriminating against right, leaning, people and all kinds of areas, including search result it shifting This is the most dangerous thing, Michael, I have seen because we have always stood for the bill of rights, but the bill of Rights does not the does. Does
that does not apply to Google or Amazon or any of these companies, and- These companies are becoming as big and is dangerous, as a government can and then we're getting in bed with a government, so the gun I can say, no, we are not doing anything to suppress those, they are and it doesn't cover them. So is there a solution to this? Is there something we should be doing as a nation is a corporate state, and I thought that we're looking at or a kind of what I call corporate socialism or Google Marxism. What we need to do first of all, is to turn off these devices, get rid of this modification of the harm in terms of what is it could we recording what you're saying and sending out have you? to do that. If you look the legal side, is there anything that the government you people are talking breaking these companies up You know, I don't. I just do Why take the gun
getting involved in anything- and I certainly dont want to regulate them. Because that's what these companies want. They want regulation because regulation makes the and cost of entry for other companies much higher right where they actually welcome regulation, so we don't want to encourage regulation. We also don't want to punish faster than the United States. We, punish successful corporations. However, I think that what has to be done is that Google needs to be understood and even called state Erasmus, and so once we acknowledge that it's actually been produced by the state and the great to a great degree we're talking about a place and facebook as well we're talking about spaces that have to be considered public, and so I think the move should be for the dumbest vacation of the home and the public
publication, every well of the of the digital round, so in other words, knowing that these companies have an amendment which helps to guarantee all the other rights that require them, then, to be known as a state apparatus which then the bill of rights would fall two under yea and- and we would have I write back- we would we would have the freeze speech that we are entitled to a citizens of the United States, the first amendment and the second amendment which helps a guarantee the other rights that we have. So I think it's Will the incumbent upon us to develop a movement for this particular agenda and I don't mean screaming in the streets, I'm talking about kind of response that legal, There is also no reason
and using evidence, rather than you know, left this type tactics to bring this to stop Michael. Thank you so much and you're what we will have you on again here in the next week or so about your book, a lot of this is in the book. You re really need to read it and know. What's going on, Google Archipelago that is by Michael wrecked and World find him. It Michael reckon walled dot com,
follow him. He is an interesting guy who thinks deeply about these subjects, and his book is terrifying. Bone chilling, hair raising Google archipelago. You can find it online now. This is the best of the Glenn Beck program. Should we go through the action? We are truly the gaps made by our vice president. This is all after he was vice president. This is only in this run up. I don't think by the time we get to the election if he is actually the candidate we are just not gonna make like have enough time during the show too,
actually I play the Gatt Atlanta now we won't work too. This is owners, I think, are seventh update so far, and we been doing of about seven weeks. Days really I mean I we just started doing the updates- and I know There is every once in a while. Ass, though, be talking about bite, some stuff. He said in atomic. We never even put that when in the original like direction of the gaff montage others more. To add from the path asked Anne current borders
just in season out. Ok, here we go. This is Joe Biden. We had this notion that some of your poor, you can do it for kids, you just as bright injustice, towers, white, kids, wealthy creature, unity over division. We, u sides over fiction, we choose truth over facts. When the kids parkland marched up, I met with them and then they went off up the hill as vice president. I want to support this. Like my generation, when the doktor assassinated seventies lay some getting late and I lost friends, I'm friendly she's, a friend she spent my friend life, forty kids shot state on the beautiful one. We should set up a system to propose which I will for if I'm elected president allows the folks h, H, folks, health and health Department in the United States to Jesse. I promise you, president, elect the president to see the single most important thing. This changes, America's we're going to cure cancer gobble up. Donald Trump is real.
Forty slam folks, if you reject join me, I could use a hell while I mean it goes on, and I mean some of those things are just we could go back to that one. The President Humph speech, add multiple Virgil. What would they occult partitions firm, which is that one? But one news anchor College just stop being able to speak for thirty. Secondly, home saying the word partition over an organ, the issue at multiple partitions during that run up to the momentary calls them. President hump. Nobody is talking about the aneurysm thing. Well, I mean there is it's a week, good thing right, you're, turning at some level, you're turning health into politics, but I mean in this case it's important right just like Israel, and it was They certainly had no problem mocking Donald Trump. Sir health examination were his.
His doctor? I gotta think he's dying to lose that cities like a doctor, a villain in some Marvel comic. He was also made these that most healthiest guy. I know you are thus that that's my magic elevate, yet in fact I was all wise and that guy average Joe you I do. I want that guy Wizened Netflix hired him. You know somebody with a medical condition. Can we play com Allah Harris, please we have time seventeen seconds on it during the next year to diminish the mentally retarded action of this well well said now. She says well said to what are you gonna do about this mentally retarded trump? She later apologizes and said she hasn't. She didn't really hear him, wait. What
that's not the first time, she's done that cheese or go to you. I didn't really hear it. She may have a hearing problem. We should have a hearing, the blaze radio network on demand
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